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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 28, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 7. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us this thursday morning. we appreciate your company i'm robin once i everybody i'm marty gonzales we begin this hour with a developing story we're following in the south bay. at least 5 men were injured in a shooting overnight in san jose and the shooter is still on the loose this morning. it happened just before 10 o'clock last night on williams court. police say a man walked up and started shooting at a group of people
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who are standing in a driveway at an apartment complex. the shooter then ran from the scene, none of the victim's injuries are considered life threatening. we'll have updates for you throughout the morning as we get them. another big story that we're following for you this morning. the country is marking a grim milestone. >>less than 4 months since the coronavirus pandemic began. according to johns hopkins university, the u.s. surpassed 100,000 deaths currently there are more than 1 million cases in the u.s. globally there are over 5 million cases, 355,000 deaths as a number of coronavirus cases continues to rise one infectious disease expert says the numbers are not getting the full picture doctor george rutherford is an epidemiology professor at ucsf he says the number may not be complete. the bay area has more than 13,000 coronavirus cases and more than 400 deaths, some victims who died at home might never have been
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tested and then there's the cases that have not been counted. >>we know that a substantial proportion of people maybe 30% maybe most of them said all than others to stand still talk of people maybe another 20% or so or 30% have very mild symptoms that might not they might not even go see their doctor about. >>cdc director doctor robert redfield tweeted earlier this month that the models are predicting an increase in deaths in the coming weeks and total of over 100,000 by june 1st. well here in the bay area there almost 13,000 confirmed cases check the numbers on your screen alameda county leads the local counties with more than 3,000 infections. the virus has been deadlier in the south bay santa clara county where 140 people have died. the complete breakdown of cases by city and county it's always available on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well happening today, the dmv will be reopening 46
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offices in california that includes 9 right here in the bay area kron four's rain harvey live in daly city with more details surrounding the reopening and normally the dmv would not be a popular place to go, but we can see by the line behind you things aren't normal aren't they. >>marty people have actually been here a little before 6 o'clock so that's several hours of waiting and you can see right behind me the line is actually starting to do a wrap around there. but i've seen everyone in line this morning wearing a mask that's a requirement if you're going to the dmv this morning so again there are several offices that will be open take a look on your screen if you're trying to visit one of them today, these are for you we have pleasanton santa clara fairfield oakland coliseum korda madeira pittsburgh daly city right here fremont and san detail. now again they're opening up, however they're still being extra cautious and they're asking people to show up that have existing appointments if you're in need
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of specific transactions that they can help you with a few of them are pain registration for a vehicle impounded or reinstating a suspended or revoked driver's license also apply for reduced fee or no fee identification card and processing commercial driver's license transactions now the behind the wheel driving test continues to be suspended. again dmv temporarily closed all their offices to the public march 27 now they've been cleaning their offices that all of the new protocols like the one you just saw behind me where everyone is wearing a mask and starting to re open these offices in stages now i got a chance to talk to one of the customers here the dmv this morning and here's what she had to say about the officers opening back up. >>it's 05:00pm be at the city's open because san francisco is the only offer that's been open this whole time. >>but honestly i don't have the time or energy to go all the way there so now today this u.s. open i can get my real id and i can get my
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driver's license renewed. >>all right happy customer. the air 90 hours of operation are going to be 08:00pm to 05:00pm except on wednesdays are going to be open and 09:00am in their monday through friday. they also want to encourage customers to use their online services, although they are going to be opening the offices and the line you can see here is pretty long the parking lot is i'm starting to fill up here one encourage you to use us online sources to keep yourself safe at home for now reporting in daly city reyna harvey clown for news all right randi thanks left a live report from daly city the dmv likely to be a hopping place from now on. >>robin all right. thank you marty well it's time to get a check of the forecast it's going to be another hot to warm day, let's check in with dave, so you can see exactly how kelsey it's going to be in your city dave. >>a good morning robin good morning, everybody and we're still dealing with the fog at least atthis hour. but top it's giving us a little bit of relief in the morning hours little colder this morning. we saw yesterday but make no mistake about it will still be
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plenty hot this afternoon got some sunshine trying to break through here is a good cheese see from this stop the shot from timber on way off to the different distance there you can see the golden gate bridge is completely covered up normally would be way off to the distance we can see it too well. our numbers are in the 50's and 60's now antioch snow up to 67. 62 conquered 61. for livermore we've got the mid to upper 50's on the east bay shoreline 61 for san jose and we are trailing some half a dozen degrees behind where we were this time from yesterday fairfield's backed by negative 11. and so we saw him caught up we were where we were yesterday but we 83 at 11:00am at 2 o'clock we're still talking 91. we won't see probably in the 100 degree marks today, however, tomorrow will be substantially not as hot we'll call it because the start of the chilly but it's going to be reduction of temperatures coming our way to a big way tomorrow and into saturday even talking about some rain so a lot to talk
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about we'll get into that coming up in a bit marty back to you sounds good day, thanks luxe in a few minutes. well, the recent hot weather around the state has prompted cooling centers to pop up all over the state including here in the bay area. >>and that made the california health department released some new safety guidelines to prevent exposure to covid-19 kron four's will tran live in san jose with more. and we'll even going to a close cooling center nowadays means taking extra precautions. >>right i mean you come here to be safe the last thing you want to do is put yourself in harm's way, but we live in the age of coronavirus so they had to scramble to come up with new guidelines. i did this story last year was covid-19 they didn't even think about coming up with guidelines. they are inviting people to come in there to be safe. now they want to make sure that not only are you cool, you don't put yourself in the line of fire with covid-19 so take a look at your screen. there are several cooling centers in san jose that actually popped
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up yesterday a day after the heat wave started because they spent the first day trying to come up with these guidelines that include trying to practice social distance. they also want to make sure they have plenty of disinfectants around to wipe down everything so people know exactly what's going on. they also want to talk to the staff members to let them know to take the temperatures of the people before they go when we do know that a jumping off point for possibly having coronavirus is a temperature of at least 99 degrees or more so they'll take people's temperatures before they head in there. and they also want to reach out to people who come out to these locations in their first language because a lot of those locations are located in immigrant communities where they don't have air conditioning or simply cannot afford to pay for air conditioning during a heat wave. keep in mind that those cooling centers will open up at 1 o'clock this afternoon and then close at 9 o'clock so in the heart or the heat. the
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heart of the heat wave. i should say so you should have some relief during that time fortunately is going down a little bit as far as the heat but we do know marty with the summer coming up this is a whole new age and they have to scramble not just at this location which is the 7 trees community center but cooling centers all over california because let's face it the heat and coronavirus not going anywhere. you got to you got that right, thanks a lot. we'll that's will tran reporting for us from san jose robin. >>contra costa county is making places available for seniors and people with disabilities who need to get out of the heat. the employment and human services department has opened its offices in antioch there's one of pleasant hill hercules and richmond face coverings are required and there will also be physical distancing guidelines that you have to follow and the county stresses that it does not want people who've been exposed or who have symptoms of covid-19 at these locations. in san francisco, the city's homeless account for a large number of
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coronavirus steps. the department of public health reported 48 deaths of homeless people between march 20th and may 24th, while the report doesn't include the causes of death. they speculate that closing shelters increased drug use and a lack of medical care all contributed to the deaths. now homeless advocacy groups are calling on san francisco to act faster and protecting the homeless. >>overwhelming majority of these deaths that happened out on the streets. i mean we're talking about people's last moments of life. instead it on it. hard cold concrete. and that's just unimaginable that san francisco can do better than that. >>the coalition is calling on the city to offer all the homeless a hotel room testing of all homeless who died during the outbreak. and publicly releasing the cause of death as the city continues to move the homeless into hotel rooms it has set up safe sleeping villages that have supervision restrooms and self services.
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>>2 key indicators of opening the economy are testing and contact tracing. but in santa clara county, a lack of contact tracers has affected that count. santa clara county executive doctor jeff smith is sending t a call to action. he's looking for volunteers to help trace or track down people who may be spreading the coronavirus the county is also hiring tracers reassessing existing employee reassigning existing him. employees and also calling for volunteers. the county is hoping to dramatically increase the 50 contact tracers that are now on the job to a 1000 tracers by mid july. >>contact trace seen really can be done from your home on the internet on the phone essentially what it is is collecting information from individuals who are covid positive finding out what medical problems they have finding they've contacted who's at risk. >>we'll take a look at this animation. it does a good job of showing how just one person
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who tested positive can spread the virus to others more contact tracers could help with the development or deployment of resources and decisions about testing and other strategies for staying ahead of the virus. and our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website at kron 4 dot com. we have the latest on the outbreaks in the bay area interactive map for you to check out and plenty of information on ways that you can stay safe. you can find it at our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a temporary tent city in san francisco for people who are homeless hasn't even opened up yet, but it's already heading to the courts. plus when we'll california schools reopened we'll look at a preview of reopening guidelines from the state superintendent. and as more businesses are opening their doors in the bay area economists say not to expect
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>>it's 7.15 this thursday morning welcome back good time to check out the weather forecast for taking a live look out at sfo this morning got some clouds in the background, some low level fog. telling us that things are going to be a little bit cooler today and let's check in from find out for sure from days bar high. >>a good morning. marty good morning, everybody and step by step we do so well we're going to start today with some of that improvement there that we see the marine layer is already coming back clearing its throat with the fog around the bay area which we see at the iconic golden gate bridge.
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we can't see it, but you can see the fog and that is causing actually a a fog advisory for what's going on at the golden gate, no surprise with that so that should lift off in the next hour or so hovering acosta looks like as late as about 1230 if we don't get that clearing you can forget about 70's at the coast of any sort of dopey 60's maybe even 50's. right now we stand at 67 for any aac 62 for concord 61 livermore and 50's up there the north bay with the east bay shoreline in the mid to upper 50's 61% jose. and his blog that you can see off down to the south. well that's going to be our next rain event coming our way which looks to be about saturday, don't you know it will get some rain here on up late on friday night through saturday and there might be some claps of thunder potentially with that as well. so let's go and get your future cast for to see what's going on first with that marine layer that we're dealing with today, the fog and such texas out mostly sunny and so forth. but then overnight tonight, the sides of the marine layer coming back we have some scattered
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clouds a lot and so we're going to be fighting to that the day tomorrow and it's going to be substantially colder tomorrow. friday night saturday i us let's throw in some rain chances in your scattered about again some claps of thunder are possible with all of that too with the change of the guard. yeah we have some winds going on because of inland heating. but then by tomorrow in earnest, we'll see some of those winds roy start cooking as we get into the afternoon and overnight hours. for today, mostly sunny still hot inland 70's 80's going on at the bay 90's happening in london for your friday, not as hot night it will be gone 80's going on for the bay and inland and then for the weekend. showers thunder showers saturday. mild temperatures both days by the way major the rain off a little bit on sunday and maybe a couple sprinkles to make note of on monday highs today 16 on san francisco oakland 7688, san jose for a high across the wider based on some blood red on the map there for today, shore 97 antioch conquer coming in at 93 a
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chilly sunday to delay a with more 80's up there in the north bay and 88 for santa rosa. coming up a little bit we'll check in your 4 zone forecast to see what's going on with that in your neighbors and everything and also take a look at some of the long-range forecast models marty back to you. all right dave see you then. >>more businesses are opening back up here in california but a bay area economics professor says not to expect the economy to bounce back overnight. kron four's jonathan mccall takes a look at what needs to be happening before a full rebound can take place. >>it's back to business for stores, restaurants and other retailers, looking to rebound from covid-19 getting back to the economic levels before the pandemic we'll take some time saint mary's economic professor jack rasmussen but it will be a very slow recovery. >>will open because they're desperate to do so he says people should be prepared for several ebbs and flows. >>not a v-shape return, but instead a w with millions of americans still out of work
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some industries like retail and travel could feel that impact for wanting to know are going to jump on their clients to a great extent and fly around and go on go long vacations and stay in hotels and ago to theme parks russell says that getting the economy back on track depends on one thing and the only thing that can really push the economy is the consumer. 70% of the economy. he says congress has to do more to generate consumer confidence with an extra $600 in unemployment benefits set to run out for out of work americans at the end of july. ross was worries that it could be a recipe for a long-term covid hangover business and consumers are going to wait and see what happens medium terhere they're very uncertain about the future and when businesses are certainly just don't invest and consumers are uncertain as they don't go out and buy cars and they don't buy homes and they don't do a lot of big spending in san francisco jonathan mccall kron
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4 news. >>for your money this morning credit card fraud attempts are rising during the coronavirus crisis and millions more have filed for jobless benefits. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more this morning, good morning. jane, my good morning t s 2.1 million americans filing for unemployment benefits last week is exactly what was predicted, but that does bring out the total to just shy. >>a 41 million americans since mid-march filing for jobless benefits will fraudsters are increasingly using stolen credit card numbers and phishing attacks through email to prey on overwhelmed, consumers and banks during the pandemic there's been a big jump in attempting credit and debit card fraud since the coronavirus shut down the economy that's part of the delta national information services know most of these financial transactions were caught before they hit cardholders accounts, but security experts say that people should keep an eye on their accounts anyway, a new college graduates might not have to pay student loans for 3 years that house bill with
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bipartisan support would allow the 2020 college graduates to postpone student loan payments for 3 years without interest accruing the lawmakers say students graduating now are facing unprecedented challenges and gas prices have increased more than $0.5 a gallon in the past week so the national average just $1.96 ago that's going to gasbuddy is primarily based on demand more people getting out driving around a triple a says the current average in san francisco. it's 3 of 7 a gallon live from new york, i'm jane king. thank you robin all right, thanks for the update jane marty. >>well coming up in the kron 4 morning news bart is laying out of 15 step plan to welcome riders back. we'll find out how the transportation agency is ensuring rider safety. and after the break governor newsome promising the guidelines for gyms to reopen are right around the corner. this is people up from people across the state are saying time is running out to save their businesses. and we'll take a live look outside cloudy conditions at the bay
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bridge toll plaza this is one.
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so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us. that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. businesses across the state begin to reopen some gym owners say that they're running out of time to try and save their businesses. >>a number of them joined in on a video conference from governor newsome and they gave him an earful as lonnie wong shows us. >>governor gavin newsom's covid-19 business round tables are essentially feel-good sessions meant to display the governor's empathy to their
7:25 am
plight. today he also dispensed some hope saying guidelines to reopen gyms are close in. >>a week or we believe will be in a position to make public the guidelines and i'm a tia the owner of fitness rangers jim in sacramento was invited to the session because of its popularity among the governor's staff, his high intensity workout programs promote a tight knit like le vine not so much now a lot more casas outdoors. >>we're starting to do parking lot workouts 3 provided a ton of free workouts online jim operators told the governor that exercise keeps people healthy and sane during the pandemic in recent weeks record numbers of people who want to maintain their fitness and mental well-being have been exercising outdoors but it's not the best idea in triple digit temperatures. the criminal jim's got a head start installing covid-19 protocols last week when county health officials gave them the ok to open only to rescind the order after the state stepped in were desperate. we're at a point
7:26 am
where i have to lay everyone all's i may have to close my doors permanently if we can reopen soon meaning fewer exercise options as we get into the summer iy think it's going to be 5, 6, months get your sense to bring back where you're a pretty shot down. >>we're not going to get back to where we were for the sea year that's a can start the recovery next week with state issued guidelines. he says gm's can be safer than restaurants and hair salons that were allowed to reopen the head of gyms. >>he pressed the governor hard willing to accept restrictions even if they are some of the year if i could have 10 people in a 10,000 square-foot facility i will do it tomorrow. >>and they will be much safer in in our gym than in any other business that has already been a lot over it. >>it was nice to be heard and would be better to get the go ahead to reopen in sacramento. lonnie wong. >>apple's reopening over a dozen locations in the bay area coming up in a liv
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>>good morning, 7.29 welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and thanks for staying with us this time to check in on the forecast now with meteorologist dave spahr. fighting through some of this fog but we expect temperatures to still be quite a lot to this afternoon not as hot as they were before, teheran checking in with the fog as we can see covering up the golden gate bridge way up to the distance toll there we promise
7:30 am
upper 50's along the east bay shoreline for now 67 antioch 62 for concord with 50's littering the north bay. but still this afternoon we expect the heat to build and we're going to be returning to high temperature still inland highs. this go around in the 90's at the coast lower 70's, maybe some 60's to know they never work in the heat advisory, though they were always out of it, but still with heat exhaustion and heat stroke still possible so just take it easy in the afternoon hours only one more day to get through this. 83 looks like by 11:00am by 2 we're looking at 91. coming up in a bit we'll take a look at your 4 zone forecast and that extended one as well robin back to you all right, thank you sir. well, a big story that we're following for you this morning, apple stores have begun to reopen across the bay area. >>this is many counties move further into face to kron 4 sarah stinson live in walnut creek this morning with the latest sarah for people who have iphones are we talking about coming in for photography classes can we get
7:31 am
repairs are not just yet. >>so robin it's basically going to be open only for curbside store front pick up so you're not going to be in said the door yet and by the way that's just in the bay area about 40 locations like the one here behind me this broadway plaza and this apple store at 11 o'clock this morning and you'll see a store front area where you can you know they get a new iphone if you want you can talk to them as humid genius bar area where you can get an appointment but we are going to be inside the store quite some stores will be allowing customers inside including 2 in california, none in the bay area only in san diego and santa barbara. but not in the bay area quite yet customers employees will have to wear a face covering and get a temperature check before going inside once they do open those doors each store will undergo deep cleanings throughout the day. some of
7:32 am
the bay area locations opening for pickup only our berkeley to in san francisco santa rosa. 2 locations in palo alto that's just to name a put a full list on our website kron 4 dot com again the doors here in walnut creek open up at 11 o'clock, so we'll be here and see how it all works but looks like they're not going to be letting people in in the bay area any time soon for now i'm live in walnut creek sarah stinson back to you all right patients is key. thank you sarah marty. >>well as safe sleeping site the slated to open tomorrow in san francisco's haight-ashbury district is already facing some strong opposition kron four's maureen kelly reports on a lawsuit filed by a group of merchants. >>lines for the city sanctions tent city for homeless to shelter in place during the pandemic are already drawn it's supposed to only be a temporary site existing anywhere from 3 to 6 months here on the location of the old mcdonald's and hate and standing for 40 plus tense campsites will be going to homeless already camping out
7:33 am
in the hate you can see here not maintaining social distance sunshine powers who operates the tie dye shop love on haight says many of those sleeping on her corner or young ranging in age from 16 to 32. she supports the idea of the safe sleeping site some of us aren't even going to be open by the time it's gone. >>the reality is we're probably not going to have a lot of business by the time it's gone. >>and i think this safer. and more humane. i mean these kids great out on the street but not everyone in the aight thinks this is a groovy idea. >>a group calling themselves concerned citizens of the hate follow lawsuit against the city tuesday. the lead counsel as a republican party official who champions conservative causes. the owner of a meal music adjacent to the site is part of the lawsuit. he says they are not against the homeless, but they think this is the wrong location be released a statement that says in part the merchants on haight street of long been on the front lines dealing with the collateral issues of the
7:34 am
homeless who unfortunately at times have drug alcohol and or psychological issues establishing this camp next to us exacerbates these problems exponentially another resident, not part of the group suing says he's not entirely opposed the idea of using this location, but he would like to see more plans in place to deal with potential overflow has this so it's going to get killed very quickly. >>and if there is no backup site then lots of people are going to spread out to the surrounding streets, and it could be come very dangerous for residents and for that the spokesperson for the city attorney's office says they plan to review the lawsuit and expect to defend what they call the city's sensible decision. >>to move forward with the safe sleeping site that site is still slated to open on friday. maureen kelly kron 4 >>the developing story that we're following for you this morning we could find out next month. what the new school year may look like in california on wednesday state
7:35 am
school superintendent tony thurmond says the department of education plans to release reopening guidelines in early june. they're hoping to reopen by late august or early september but thurman warns that there won't be a standard opening. it will be up to individual districts to open as they see fit. >>we've got 10,000 schools. there is no one size fits all for schools so local school districts and school boards make decisions about one schools open what we do with the department of education as we try to guide our schools. >>well new plans will include safety measures like face coverings physical distancing in classrooms and on school buses and temperature checks for students and staff. he also says reopening will involve a mix of in class sessions and distance learning. well as the bay area moves further into reopening transportation agencies are adjusting how passengers will be safely standing and sitting on board trains and buses bart
7:36 am
police to 15 step plan to welcome back writers. the cleaning process called fogging there it is right there and uses a spring of hospital great disinfected deep cleanings like this usually happen every 3 days now it's going to happen every night. bart will be running 10 trains every 30 minutes just to make sure that people have enough options to social distance from each other. and as our ridership increases they will increase service hours as well. bart general manager bob powers tells us a new seat configuration is going to be in the works to for the fleet of the future. >>yes so this is the existing consider configuration with the some of the seats perpendicular to the cars we're going to pilot a configuration where all the seats are on the perimeter of the car and the car is basically opened throughout the middle that will maximize the social distancing opportunity. >>a little different from what you're used to write, but we'll have more space the
7:37 am
removal of seats means more passengers will be standing. bart is also selling personal hand straps for riders. >>and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, the state supreme court will soon be hearing oral arguments in the appeal of scott peterson's murder conviction coming up on expert weighs in on what that legal strategy might be. and let's take you outside for a live look at conditions from the embarcadero we can see the layer of found fog and clouds cooling things off just a little bit around the bay we'll be right back.
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>>well a man convicted of killing his wife and their unborn child is hoping the california supreme court threw out his conviction for murder oral arguments for modesto native scott peterson his appeal is set for next week he was convicted in 2004 his wife's body was found in the waters of the berkeley marina peterson is currently on death row at san quentin. he will try once again to get his conviction put on hold for re trial. a member of peterson's criminal defense team strongly believes that he is innocent and that the appeal is coming at the right time. >>arguments are there grounds
7:41 am
are there for this conviction to be overturned and for this man to finally have his jay in court not just any day, but it's fair trial. >>oral arguments are set for next weekend. we will be streaming that live for you on kron on. >>we're dealing with some fog this morning as helping keep things doubt that however will warm back up again returning to the have your 4 zone forecast coming up next. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time now 7 43 we're in store for another warm to hot day. we've been talking about heat advisories and folks heading out to cooling centers if it gets too hot, let's check in with dave spahr and see what's in store dave. >>a good morning robin good morning, everybody and another day of that we have to deal with the heat advisory still in place is not going anywhere today, but it's going to change starting tomorrow and to add to this washing get some rain looks like as we head into the weekend and also to some winds to look out for tomorrow to make notice. we've got it all going on here. here's the shot for denver and again still waiting for this a fog cleared you can see quite a bit of fog. a french we have covering up the golden gate bridge which there's a fog advisory there. 67 antioch 61 for livermore at this hour 62 conquered, and over the east bay hills to the west. we're seeing the upper 50's along the east bay shoreline 51 up there to santa rosa in 61. meanwhile to san jose. high
7:45 am
temperatures today the central valley is still cooking beyond 100 degrees of looks like today fresno at one '05, 1, o to bakersfield, 99 for sacramento with the central coast in the mid to upper 60's at that 69 la x and 76 coming in for san diego. now all going to run through what we project in terms of cloud cover and rain for next at this the short run. this starts off tomorrow around noon issue or so as you can see so we have some scattered clouds not just the marine layer. and then during the afternoon we get to the evening hours here comes some rain tropical can hear very early saturday morning. notice it also gets up to the sierra to with some rain potentially maybe the higher points, maybe some snow but that will probably rain and we expect maybe for us a couple claps of thunder in there for saturday afternoon to look out for as well while range forecast models give you an idea where this rain is coming from that low down to our south. boom there's the hit we get might
7:46 am
have some leftover sprinkles potentially as late as monday. take a breather for much of the week and then we do it again look at that and the next weekend another about potentially some rain coming our way so that's kind of different as we watch for these trapped rep easing systems here. 4 zone forecast for you today, 67 for san francisco. for a daly city 6663 pacifica 67, half moon bay, northern end of the peninsula were in the upper 60's well, 73 millbrae 77 for burn again into the south end. we're in that some 80's now working here palo alto 8582 mountain view redwood city 83 for the south bay 89 san jose but still managed to 90's here los gatos it 9495. morgan hill. it's 88 going on for cupertino 88% a clear-cut the lower 80's in the southern end of the east bay shoreline may retire some of these tomorrow into the 70's lower 90's going on for tri valley today dublin and snow both 1991 walnut
7:47 am
creek in danville 93 going on for concord 80 san leandro 72. meanwhile for berkeley upper the north bay still the 80's but we have those 90's in solano county fairfield a 9397 antioch wow 96 for pittsburgh, but still some 100 i'm looking on the plus side here right double digits 89 for santa rosa in the 80's heading down south with 67 4 point re 59 stenson beach. so there we have a drop in temperatures dramatically. so for friday. saturday got some showers and potentially thunder showers might have some sprinkles on monday we stay in the 70's territory, little warm up next week. but the following weekend hopes to bring some rain showers again coming our way so we got a little bit of variety forecast here for you as we walk into actually june robin how those area roadways and highways better much much better we started off with a bit of a backup in the 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock hour everybody was looking at the tolls like what's happening what's going on why do we have all that traffic.
7:48 am
>>well the early birds are out of the way we are back at the limit so a great trip into san francisco. a quick trip. i haven't found any hot spots are major problems even at the richmond sandra fell bridge. it's wide open here at the pay gates you can make it to the north bay and under 10 minutes with no problems across the span. we're checking in on the golden gate bridge, it's giving us some fog this morning, a special fog advisory remains in place for the golden gate and for those of you traveling on one oh one near the waldo great so keep that in mind dense fog for you, you may need those headlights and wipers will check more traffic coming up in a bit marty. >>ok rhonda 7,000 boeing workers are out of work and there are more layoffs ahead with airlines losing money during the pandemic they weren't buying boeing's planes. so the company had to slash production plans for at least the next few years, boeing says it will be forced to cut a total of 16,000 jobs about 5500 workers accepted a voluntary buyout package, boeing ceo says it will take
7:49 am
years for the industry to return to what it was before the pandemic. american airlines is letting its passengers know when their flight is about to fill up and then we'll let you switch flights for free. american hasn't said just how full the plane will have to be before they reach out or what the max capacity might be. >>the major theme parks in florida are reopening the summer sea world plans to reopen its orlando theme park on june 11th and disney world plans to begin a phased reopening on july 11 for its magic kingdom, an animal kingdom parts. however, there won't be any parades for fireworks anything like that both seaworld and disney will require everyone to wear a face mask, they're going to check your temperature and they'll also increase the number of available hand sanitizing stations so far no word on plans to reopen disneyland in california. well ford motor company is cranking up to protect police officers from the pandemic the new company announced a new tool for police cruisers so it's a
7:50 am
special software and it temporarily increases the interior temperature of a car to at least a 133 degrees fahrenheit for 15 minutes. ford says that that's hot enough and long enough to kill more than 99% of disease causing germs hazard lights and those tell lights will signal in the process has started and when it's complete that's pretty cool right. then a cool town process the temperature will go back down and back to normal. i like it. >>you know, kron 4 is saluting the class of 2020 and this morning we want to congratulate. josh the heartland arrows so josh as a graduating from freedom high school. it's a no plea and he plans to enlist in the marine corps after high school. you can let us know about a graduate in your life as well just go to kron 4 dot com. find the salute to grants 2020 under the news tab. and then submit a picture of your grad let us know which high school the graduate attended and what's next in store for them.
7:51 am
it's going to take you outside for a live look at conditions at sfo some clearing skies there and no delays good
7:52 am
7:53 am
>>for this morning's kron 4 hero we want to recognize a high school music teacher who put together a trend, a fantastic performance during stay at home orders 8 spring students perform a high school musical on a concert.
7:54 am
>>and on the door valley high school in pleasanton but this year's concert looked a little different. perfect harmony right, they sound great students reported themselves playing interest instruments at home and it was case together to create a 40 minute long virtual performance. that's been posted on you to their teacher mark all bulls said that he's proud of his students for rising to the challenge and on president at times and there's teacher mark up their >>on the trombone look fantastic when you can spotlight, someone who's making a difference in your community as well we have a special section on our website called kron 4 heroes and it's really easy to fill out a quick form to let us know about your hero. you can find the page on our website at kron 4 dot com. all right, let's go ahead get a check of the weather forecast because the bay area's been sweltering over the past couple of days. davon about you but i've been
7:55 am
a hermit in my house with the ac go hunt over the past couple days haven't been outside at all especially the afternoon. >>you probably will do so today a little bit it's going out there to eastern contra costa county it's going to be still kind of kind of roasting although it's not going to be as bad in this fall kind of tells us that things are starting to turn up for what positive all this truck all the positive. so that's the good guy fog covering things up in the golden gate way off towards the distance. how those temperatures do and thus far we've got the 60's going on in the far east bay 50's meanwhile oh look at that new numbers, new numbers, fresh off the platter 64 oakland 57 for hayward 63 san jose and as we check things out as we get into the yet 2 o'clock at 91, although i think we're going to miss 104 the bay area you can still see that in the central valley. and then tomorrow big time improvements so more you'll be able to get out about a little bit tomorrow see what's actually going on in the outside world
7:56 am
back to you. all right, thanks a lot. >>coming up the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, the coronavirus has now killed more than 100,000 people in the u.s. in less than 4 months. we'll have the latest numbers plus reopening efforts across california. more dmv offices are opening up in california and in the bay area the lines are already forming we have a live report standing by. and another big business in california and the world is opening apple stores are reopening will take a look at what services are being allowed and to what extent that's coming up next in a live report.
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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news >>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning may 28 i'm robin winston good morning, everybody, i'm marci gonzalez. our top story this morning of course is the weather around the bay area, let's take a look out live now at walnut creek this morning it's going to be one of the toast, your places around the bay, even though temperatures are cooling down we expect more hot weather in some parts of the bay area today and i think for folks getting the jog on on the run on this morning, a better get out there do it now because it's warming up quickly, let's
8:00 am
check in with days far date. >>okay good morning guys, good morning, everybody and some fog is kind of helped out a little bit around the perimeter of the bay as we can see from the shot from u c berkeley a little mix out in the next hour or so kind of help out a little bit terms of warming us back up again as what it looks like taking those inland valley, 6071 rather an antioch at this hour 66 livermore 50's up to the north bay and 63 going on for san jose. still in places are a heat advisory that will be going on until 7 this after this evening rather solano county has the heat warning going on again this is the last day of it in those inland valleys will still be looking at blocking 90's. here's the breakdown for your 87 at high noon to 3 o'clock we're talking 91 coming up in a bit we'll take a look at that forecast which has at least in the next 3 days a mention of some rain there back to you. >>all right dave seen a couple minut. we begin this hour with a developing story we're following in the south bay where at least 5 men were injured in a shooting overnight in san jose


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