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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 28, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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president trump says that he is defending a free speech with an executive order targeting social media companies. >>that move comes 2 days after twitter called to his tweets potentially misleading caitlin collins has the latest. >>it took the president more than 12 hours to acknowledge that the coronavirus death toll in the united states had surpassed 100,000. but this morning he marked the sad milestone on twitter and said to all the families and friends of those who have passed a want to extend my heartfelt sympathy and love so far trump has held no moment of silence or commemoration for the americans who have died. the white house press secretary denies that he's been slow to publicly acknowledge the death toll, the president has said one death is too many on he takes this very seriously. house speaker nancy pelosi called the 6 digit figure a scar on our nation. >>has to be a stop to this. >>today, trump so shared a tweet claiming that mask art
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about public health, but social control and that the image of joe biden wearing one endorses a culture of silence slavery and social death. so many different viewpoints the president added doctor anthony fauci says mask may not be 100% effective, but they're valuable safeguards sort of. >>respect for another person and have that of the president respect you tonight the president is expected to sign an executive order in hopes of limiting the legal protections that social media giants like facebook and twitter have when it comes to what's posted on their platforms he's hoping to make it easier for federal regulators charged, you they're suppressing free speech when imposing their own standards though it's unclear of his order will be enforceable and it will almost certainly face legal challenges i believe it is time to quote get the facts about twitter. >>and other social media platforms targeting. >>they're biased against president trump and conservatives trump's broadside came after twitter
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fact checked his inaccurate post about mail in voting. >>and today the president said it was ridiculous for twitter to say his claims are wrong because there are examples all over the place, but he declined to cite them democrats say twitter has in fact check the president enough seems to be very selective. that was kaitlan collins reporting legal experts on both the right and the left say of the president's proposal might be unconstitutional. >>they argue in part it could in french on the first amendment rights of private companies. another 2.1 million americans filed for unemployment benefits last week more than 40 million americans have filed first-time on him for first-time unemployment benefits since the pandemic led to shutdowns nearly one in 4 americans have filed since march. most of the jobs lost in april are in the hospitality industry. the may report that's expected to show a jobless rate of nearly 20%. a jump from april's figure of
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just under 15%. apple stores, beginning to reopen across the bay area. this is many counties are moving further into phase 2 kron 4 sarah stinson reports. >>the apple store here at broadway plaza in walnut creek is reopening along with 13 other locations across the bay area. you can see the tense up behind me they're preparing for customers you can see these employees using a tape measure to make sure the customers are keeping 6 feet of distance plus distance between them and the employees, however, it's only for store front pick up so it's going to be a little bit different for now, however, they will have the genius bar open in case you need something like a device 6 or you need help. some apple stores will be allowing customers inside including 2 in california again none in the bay area only in san diego in santa barbara for now once every store allows people inside the store will be
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spaced out in a way where people can keep distance from others. also customers and employees will have to wear a face covering and get a temperature check before going inside each store will undergo deep cleanings throughout the day. so the other bay area locations opening for pickup only our berkeley to in san francisco santa rosa and 2 locations in palo alto just to name a few who put a full list of the reopened locations in the bay area on our website kron 4 dot com head there see if there's a location near you, but again it's only for store front pickup and services in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>and time for another check on the forecast some stronger weather on the horizon here is meteorologist but recent rodriguez again, hi mabrisa. >>either catherine yeah, we're noticing the changes out there already we are going to see dry weather for our friday, but increase in cloud cover writing tonight as the storm approaches that the slight
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chance of pop-up thunderstorms for parts of the bay area for your saturday morning and afternoon but let's take a live look outside first right over the east bay in berkeley and as you can see not noticing that marine layer influences there, but a cool sea breezes keeping temperatures there near average highs at 68 degrees right now at this 5 o'clock hour low 70's for hayward but the biggest drop right along the san francisco peninsula coastline where there's a 35 degree difference right now between conquer in antioch in the low 90's and downtown san francisco in half moon bay in the mid 50's as you step outside right now for your thursday evening and overnight lows tonight, we'll still be a little bit cooler for those of you in the interior valleys of tracking that cooling trend with widespread mid to upper 50's as opposed to 60's. but antioch you're going to remain in the 60's for your overnight lows but cooling down significantly to 63 degrees so enjoy that really even tonight, tomorrow's daytime highs we are going to be is
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slightly above average temperature wise that the cooling trend will continue for most of our interior valleys cooling down into the 70's and 80's for the tribe valleys with widespread 60's and 70's along the coast and along the bait so downtown san francisco 67 degrees hayward 74 san jose 40 with 80's but 79 degrees. santa rosa degree cooler at 78 in antioch 84 degrees or your afternoon eyes. but we do have a late season spring storm set to arrive friday night through saturday bring about a quarter of an inch of rain for the north bay with the rest of the bay area getting but a 10th of an inch of rain and also showers arriving saturday morning continuing all day saturday but not going to be a big rainmaker. but right now i sunday back to you catherine, thank bruce out. >>well coming up as we head into summer why health officials say it's probably more important than ever to wear masks and for the dmv is reopening some bay area office
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and good news for disney fans but only if the
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major theme parks in florida are reopening the summer sea world in orlando. they're planning to reopen june 11th. >>disney world will begin a phased in reopen in july 11th. that's for the magic kingdom and the animal kingdom parks. but there will not be any
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parades and fireworks both seaworld to disable require everybody to wear face masks side get their temperatures checked will be more hand sanitizing stations. no word yet on plans to reopen disneyland and california. and if you have business with the dmv and
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>>the dmv is reopening more than 70 offices throughout the state including 9 in the bay
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area kron four's rana harvey reports from daly city with details. >>yeah that's right you can see the daily city location is open for business now on the line of people that came on with this is not the only location it's open for business take a look at your screen here. we have pleasanton santa clara fairfield oakland coliseum pittsburgh, daly city fremont san mateo in court a madeira. they're opening up these locations will ever they want to implement safety protocol so they're actually outside right now talking to people along with asking people to wear a mask if they are here at this office now again if you're down here you're trying to get some things done here some of the transactions are going to help him do what today payne registration for a vehicle impounded also reinstating a suspended or revoked driver's license apply for a reduced fee or no fee identification card. processing commercial driver's license transactions and processing real id transactions. now all the behind the wheel drive test
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continue to be suspended at this time we spoke to some residents out here today who said the are excited about the dmv opening its doors again. >>it's been really stressful because. >>i need to rename id since it does expire soon and i also have to apply for the real id since we do need that winds were able to travel again. i'm certainly relieved by the daily city the and the is open so i don't have to travel all the y to the city location again those offices that mention are going to be open monday through friday the hours of operation are 08:00am to 05:00pm with the exception of wednesday open at 09:00am on that day. >>and again they're encouraging people to come out and be safe, but they also when people to prioritize using their online services if they can for now reporting in daly city reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>alright time for a final look at the forecast this hour, let's go back to greece or rodrigues. >>hi catherine yeah, let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge mother nature's natural air
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conditioning system working in overtime right now we're noticing dense low and high cloud cover so please drive safely or your thursday night commute also known as boards day as i like to call it during this lockdown temperatures out there right now noticeably cooler for interior valleys widespread 80's and 90's so we are noticing that cool sea breeze extending inland and that's where heat advisory was allowed to expire earlier, but we still have that excessive heat warning in effect right now through 7 o'clock tonight or solano county and you can see antioch and parts of that right now he's in the low 90's out there right now but overnight lows tonight cooling down into the 50's which is another good indicator of why that heat advisory has been allowed to expire for our inland valleys, mid to upper 50's tonight. so enjoy the cool relief. while you sleep tonight, especially for our hottest in the locations and daytime highs or your friday microclimate forecast noticing
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that cooling trend slightly above average for downtown san francisco at 67 degrees but near average for most coastal cities happen bay, 65 degrees and brisbane to san bruno near keep that in mind the below advisory level san mateo cooling down a 68 degrees in palo alto in the mid 60's with widespread 70's for those of you in a south bay, san jose 79 degrees livermore cooling down to 81 degrees in just a few degrees above average for you with widespread low to mid 70's for most of the east bay shoreline hayward 74 degrees and oakland cooling down to 73 degrees and conquered 78 degrees for your friday afternoon highs mid 70's for those of you in napa in the north and santa rosa 78 degrees. thunderstorms on saturday drying out sunday with dry and seasonable weather. finally arriving next week back to you catherine.
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>>thank bruce a well as we get closer to summer a lot more outdoor activity health officials say it's more important than ever to wear masks to socially distance whitney wild has the latest. >>with all 50 states in some kind of phased reopening there are more ways every day to enjoy your summer but health officials say there's one message to keep in mind your actions now will have a big impact on the future of this virus from coast to coast local officials are announcing plans to revive parts of their summer economies in san francisco. the mayor says camps and youth programs can begin in june but with limited capacity in orlando disney world, universal studios and seaworld and others have all announced plans to open their gates disney world will allow visits to some areas starting july 11th pending state approval and we fight this pandemic is like a war between clean and was 3rd. >>and in this case i believe the do the enterprise as well
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as the other thing are to demonstrate that they have to call it mild ensure that a they could open up safely as you get ready for your summer vacation plan to bring masks whenever you're venturing out of your house or hotel room and remember to wash your hands. >>or when that's not possible use hand sanitizer. >>health officials say there's a strong likelihood of a second peak of covid-19 so remember what we do this summer will change how many coronavirus cases we see later this fall in washington, i'm whitney wild. >>researchers are learning more about the risks which cancer patients face if they get sick with the coronavirus north american and european researchers say patients with advanced cancer. we're more than 5 times more likely to die from the virus even if the cancer was spreading the infection nearly double the risk of dying. 13% of patients died during the study within 30 days of being diagnosed of
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the with the virus that new study comes with limitations, the authors say more research is needed among a larger group of patients. with more people working out at home these days, a new study says that listening to the right kind of music can make a big difference mandy gaither has more in today's health minute. >>listening to high-tempo music during a long workout may help you exercise harder. according to research published in the journal frontiers in psychology the study looked at 19 active women who exercise for endurance and 4 intensity without music then with music and tempers ranging from low to medium to high. during each trial, the heart rate was assessed along with the rate of perceived exertion which is how hard you feel your body is working. high tempo music had the greatest effect on the rate of perceived exertion and each participant during endurance exercises like
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running and biking as opposed to high intensity exercise like weight lifting. researchers say the study shows the benefits of music under stressful conditions, especially during endurance training, therefore they say music may be considered an important tool to stimulate people engaging in low intensity physical exercise. for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>coming up next we honor a nice pay teacher who's going we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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kron 4 has been saluting the class of 2020 today, it is key on a chloe soledad okay and is graduating from el camino high. and south san francisco there. she is she's headed to san francisco state in the fall and will study physical therapy. you can let us know about to graduate in your life just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads 2020. under the news tab. these are just some of the many photos, thank you for sending. i like the woman with the dog. i submit a picture of your grad let us know which high school that person attended and what's coming up next for us and we've been honoring people doing good things in their communities during the pandemic tonight it is brian jones sees a i t is that principle forum for product front would high and he's been helping deliver meals in that say i don't make sure i get the name right a entry in brentwood. he and 5 fellow
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staff members have been delivering meals to more than 40 families people who live quite far from the school and can't afford to drive into town each day in each delivery families get food to last them a week, various congratulations and you can spotlight somebody making different a big difference in your community. we have a section on our web site called kron 4 heroes just fill out a form let us know about your nomination and you can find the page on kron 4 dot com. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 our coverage of the pandemic continues at 6 and coming up next of 6 san francisco's mayor unveiling the latest plan to reopen the city. >>the summer time line and the new structure work are still have to follow in
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>>news at 6. >>we're getting you for what we know is to come. >>san francisco mayor london breed of laying out a road map as she calls it to the reopening of the city we now know it could be another month and a half before indoor dining and hair salons can reopen hello everyone, i'm catherine heenan the city will allow certain businesses and activities too resume over coming weeks with modifications and there are new and stricter requirements about when you have to wear a
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face covering outside your home. kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco and has the latest on this hi dan. >>i catherine you know the mayor pointed out today that people have seen reopenings in sonoma as well as napa and solano and they're wondering well, what happens here in san francisco. why are we waiting so long she made the point that the situation here in terms of covid-19 hospitalization and all the numbers it's different in this is a dense or a community here in san francisco that many of these other counties and that's why we have to wait a little longer, but now just instead of just saying wait a little longer she laid out her goals in terms of when certain types of businesses and other types of offerings can start opening for business. >>the state has provided us a guide and we are following that guy based on the data in san francisco to make informed decisions as to when we believe we will be able able to open safely calling


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