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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 17, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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last a few weeks, but the number of hospitalizations is rising. so the health department says that is because of large gatherings kron 4 sweet and all reports health officials are now considering a penalty for people who are not following the rules. >>as time goes on contra costa health services is learning more about how covid-19 is transmitted the latest research shows surface transmission is less likely compared to talking sneezing and close personal interactions that's why county health officer doctor chris farnitano says it's crucial the public at here to the statewide face covering water. >>local social distancing guidelines and more importantly businesses enforced the law currently through the health order. >>my there can be a misdemeanor felony charge filed that's a little more complicated than just issuing a ticket a little more of a. action the district attorney's office says its consumer protection unit has fielded
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nearly 200 public complaints si ce a plea. >>reporting businesses not following health orders but so far the da has not filed any criminal or civil cases against an individual or business. the county board of supervisors is exploring in administrative ordinance if it eventually passes a vote violating would be an infraction potentially avoiding the long and drawn-out process of a prosecution an infraction would allow law enforcement or a county to actually issue a ticket essentially right on the spot with an immediate fine. >>and that would really help with deterrence because we know folks unfortunately still are wearing their masks or complying with social distancing doctor farnitano says, although the percentage of positive cases for covid-19 is down at least a half percent this week from the week prior. the highest rate of new infections is in younger adults between 2040 years old. >>he says unlike older people
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with preexisting conditions that group is disproportionately ignoring gatherings restrictions and distancing leading to the continued spread of the virus in contra costa county phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>in national news now to more big box retailers will require all customers to wear face masks when inside their stores, a mandated all lowe's stores starts on monday and home depot stores will follow on wednesday. both companies were already requiring employees to wear masks. other major chains like wal-mart target cbs and best buy implemented similar practices earlier this week. and this comes as more than 75,000 new cases were reported nationwide yesterday. cases hospitalizations and deaths are rising in 38 states masks are considered one of the most effective ways of stopping the spread of covid-19 yet some states are still refusing to require them in public. the governor of georgia is now suing the mayor of atlanta
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over her mask mandate. and the roll back to phase one of reopening. >>mayor bottoms and they cannot be enforced. >>but her decision to shutter businesses and undermine economic growth. >>is devastating. >>it's unfortunate that in the midst of this pandemic that the governor of our state. we didn't know that this virus could be spread by asymptomatic maine's is continuing to spread misinformation. >>a new coronavirus task force report says that 18 states including georgia are in the covid red zone and should roll back reopening, but that report is an published its contents only became public because it was obtained by the nonprofit news outlet center for public integrity and the recommendations have not yet been discussed publicly. as we continue to see resurgence in coronavirus cases we're beginning to hear some familiar concerns not enough
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ppe and testing. that's too slow. and lawmakers are urging president trump to do more. our washington correspondent joe khaleel has the story. >>we still don't have the needed testing and ppe 85 months into the nation's pandemic response house speaker nancy pelosi says we are again running out of protective equipment and falling behind on testing sometimes 2 weeks in order to get the results. you know why because there's not enough equipment house democrats raised concerns that has covid cases spike the trump administration needs to take immediate drastic action for what reason does the president not fully implement the defense bill the democrats are urging president trump to use the defense production act to produce materials that would speed up test results, but the white house says. >>there are enough tests and now it's up to the states. >>there are various different types of test in this country some take longer to process
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than others but we have surged testing to the state's press secretary kayleigh mcenany says the white house will continue to serve as a resource for states delivering on ventilators and testing leading the world and the amount of testing we've provided she did the surging going to lose that we are better prepared. in addition to identify that a treated. >>house gop leader kevin mccarthy also defended the white house. he says democrats should instead focus their criticism on china trying to cook and started holding the pp he around the world that was all still lawmakers say at the white house can improve testing times it will help fully reopen the economy in washington, i'm joe khaleel. a developing story that we're watching now a federal judge has ordered the trump administration to begin accepting new applications for the dhaka program the program protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. >>from being deported. today's ruling impact hundreds of thousands of daca eligible
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immigrants and comes nearly a month after the supreme court blocked the trump administration's attempt to end the program. it ruled the administration failed to provide an adequate reason to justify scrapping dhaka. justice ruth bader ginsburg revealed today that she's undergoing chemotherapy to treat a recurrence of cancer. the 87 year-old supreme court justice says the treatment she's been on since may is yielding quote positive results. her statement indicates the pancreatic cancer she was treated for in 2009 has returned this time in her liver. ginsburg was treated at johns hopkins hospital earlier this week for an infection. ginsburg said that her cancer treatment is unrelated to that incident. the prospect that president trump could name a 3rd justice to the u.s. supreme court would be a major election issue. ginsburg says she remains quote fully able to continue in her post. we'll switch gears now take a live
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look outside here at the golden gate bridge. happy friday, everyone we made it to the weekend hope you have some nice plans to wear a mask. >>yes that's right got to be careful out there. i mean the virus is very dangerous and spread so easily, but so we get a spreading we've got that fog that is now moving into the bay right now at a sliding up bumping up against the berkeley hills right now still a bit on the patchy side that's going to fill in as we take you through the night that swirl already along the coastline developing out there right now in spending in toward the coast that will bring with a more clouds and the app certainly plenty of clouds early on tomorrow morning. then as we see that the fog been kind of load up overnight tonight into tomorrow will fill into some of the bay and some of the valley's to tonight and then tomorrow, they'll pull back to the coastline. they lots of sunshine, maybe a little warmer in some of the interior spots and then we'll see more those clouds continuing into sunday as well so really that fog looking very summer like outside overnight lows going to be mainly in the 50's and then by day tomorrow we've got some cooler numbers right along the beaches about 60
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degrees in the sunset, 65 downtown san francisco fog kind of flirt with the coastline all day long 60 degrees in pacifica 63 in half moon bay, 71 degrees in millbrae about 60 degrees in brisbane 78 in san carlos 80 degrees in mount view lot a tie-in to the south bay and then getting a little warmer inland in fact getting hot in some spots like the tri valley 93 degrees in little more 92 in pleasant about 87 us in on 79 degrees. in fremont and hayward 76 in oakland about 75 degrees castor valley 89 in concord 82 degrees in benicia about 77 degrees in blytheville back to the coastline we go we'll keep those temperatures cool in the 50's in the 60's with the fog kind of hugging the coastline you see some sunshine in petaluma about 83 degrees next few days looking good, although we'll cool down a little bit on sunday more cooling a little bit below average next week. >>thank you lawrence much more ahead here tonight on kron 4 news at 6 including the latest on a new policy banning confederate flags from all military bases. plus one of
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the suspects in the shooting death of martin arbery has now been denied bond as the district attorney announces he's being investigated for another crime and up next why a former game show host who
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. chuck woolery revealed on twitter that his son. >>now has coronavirus and then he deactivated his twitter account. well are you made
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headlines last weekend after president trump re tweeted one of his post that read quote the most outrageous lies are the ones about covid-19 everyone is line. the cdc media democrats are doctors not all but most in his final tweet he wrote quote covid-19 is here and it's real. he also said his son tested positive for the virus. in a recent podcast woolery claimed he never said the coronavirus is a hoax or not real but just that he believes that we've been lied to. the confederate flag will no longer fly over us military bases secretary of defense mark esper issued a new defense department policy today. it points out the importance of quote rejecting divisive symbols the policy does not specifically mention the confederate battle flag, but there is a list of flags allowed to fly and the confederate flag is not on that list. the new policy comes as the debate continues over removing confederate
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symbols nationwide. nascar band, the battle flag and mississippi lawmakers finally agreed to take the symbol off of its state flag. >>still ahead we still have some disturbing new details to tell you about in the death of a young tech
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>>in national news tonight, new york city police have arrested a suspect in the grisly killing of a young tech ceo for him was found
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dismembered in his luxury manhattan condo on tuesday. and today officials charged his 21 year-old assistant with murder who owed 10's of thousands of dollars to sew lay. police say the 33 year-old ceo died of multiple stab wounds and his mutilated body was discovered by a relative slay was the founder and ceo of a motorcycle ride share company that was based in nigeria. the 3 suspects in the shooting death of 25 year-old ahmad arbery have all pleaded not guilty. greg mcmichael his son travis with michael and william brody brian appeared for their arraignments via web cam the men, michael's are accused of shooting arbery while he was out jogging. bryan recorded the incident on his cell phone and prosecutors say he also used his truck to trap arbery a judge denied bond for brian and the district attorney's office announced he's being investigated for another crime.
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>>brian and the mcmichaels were indicted by a grand jury last month and malice and felony murder charges in arbery's death. we'll go now to portland where there is a growing backlash to the use of federal force on citizens billed as an attempt to clamp down and persistent unrest and protect government privacy federal agents dressed in camouflage and tactical gear have taken to the city streets unleashing tear gas. bloodying protesters and pulling some people into unmarked vans. what the organ governor kate brown is calling a quote blatant abuse of power. portland has seen 50 consecutive days of protests and president trump has threatened to take an assertive federal role and how cities manage these demonstrations. we're all
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sparked by the death of george floyd. we'll talk now about our 4 zone forecast center last weather here on kron 4 news at 6 tonight, here's a look at san francisco's embarcadero and some warmer days are ahead. we're certainly going to be warmer nate we've got a neat sight for you to just teen. >>as we're talking about the comet, neowise you may have heard about it. it is now visible in our skies in the evening. so you might want to check it out, here's what you got to do you gotta look toward the northwest is going to be about 10 degrees above the horizon, so if you're looking to find the big dipper right here looks just like this. you see the hand on then you see the dip or here or right below that is where you're going to find the common neil wise now that's going to be sticking around here not only for the next few days. but it looks like in the next month as well has made its way around the sun and now is headed back out in the space. but certainly a nice sight to see visible by the naked eye. but if you've got to put ocular maybe a
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telescope you're in for quite the sight over the next couple days the one thing that may factor into that of course is that darned fog of that fog rolls in of course that on obscure your skies are not going to be able to see the comma but a lot of the valley is going to be able to see you're going to certainly see some nice sides ahead so i think everybody's going to get a good chance as well ahead of the coming days and clear out your skies even near the coast line temperatures today, 60's in the san francisco, 74 in oakland 82 degrees in san jose 87 in liberating unconquered 76 degrees in santa rosa thunderstorms erupting over the sierra nevada low clouds and fog swirling along the coastline once again more the fall on the way for tonight as the sea breeze continues all the winds begin to blow on shore to 23 miles an hour now napa 22 in fairfield 11 in the san francisco overnight tonight, those winds will decrease and then only to return and increased by tomorrow afternoon as that sea breeze kicks in once again to see some 10 maybe 20 mile an hour winds temperatures very comfortable away from the coastline right now it is nice evening a double and at 74
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degrees 73 very comfortable in the concord 62 degrees little breezy in berkeley 67 to sell the winds and the napa 82 in fairfield overnight tonight, we'll see some low clouds and fog spreading inland tomorrow patchy morning fog then becoming mostly sunny and then this weekend it will remain cool right along the coastline, but still toasty in spots well inland as you'll see plenty of sunshine. lot 80's, some maybe some 90's to begin the weekend. 93 the forecast for tomorrow on live more about 79 in the napa valley 79 also in hayward and about 80 degrees in redwood city next few days will start to cool down the temperatures starting on sunday that cooling trend takes us well into the middle of next week. >>thank you lawrence after much back and forth and now seems that kanye west is still running for president and officials in oklahoma have confirmed that the rapper will be on the states general election ballot in november. also usa today is reporting a group called kanye a 2020 file the necessary paperwork for his candidacy west tweeted on the 4th of july that he was throwing his hat in the ring
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for the 2020 race. even though he already missed the deadline to multiple states to get on the ballot. just a few days later west told forbes magazine that he was running under a new party called the birthday party and since then he has not tweeted or made any comments about the progress of his campaign. the 6 will make some progress and you'll meet the newest sw well
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you probably heard or even done the doggie paddle but have you ever tried the kitty paddle. >>there's a cat in florida that's an expert at it and robert boyd has the story of how companies are now signing up that cat to represent their companies. >>he is not afraid to get wet and he's creating a big splash when it comes to recreational schools. >>he swims he too is the paddle boards. fisher is living his best life out on the water. >>there's really anything nothing he hasn't done yet and maybe not a jet ski we i guess get get him on the jet ski didn't williams and the rain ripped said it didn't take long to find out their kitty could swim like a fishing his first trip was in a pool and down he went on a little floatie and he jumped right off the started swimming and he just did like the doggie paddle very quickly and just. >>was on the wee bit for the caddie paddle that's true, but the cat the key to cap at the
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polls quickly escalated to the gulf. mark might be behind the wheel. but fisher is the captain of this boat, he sits on the hellman we're going like 40 miles an hour and he this it's up on the front is he's looking to win his hair is blowing the one and a half year old maine coon got so much attention marking rain begin sharing pictures with various outdoor companies and pretty soon. fisher was a spokes cat, a powerful airhead water i find a pet products they do a line of life preservers you know, he's got to over 13,000 followers on facebook and instagram now these proud owners say the best part isn't the fame. it's the reaction. what i love about her is just. how he brings a smile to everybody's face and they are hoping more cat owners think outside the litter box i think that people realize like after more adventurous and they fight and they you know they don't want to just take it home and be judgmental like judge year in saint pete robert boyd.
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>>the british world war 2 veteran who raised 40 million dollars to fight coronavirus has now been knighted by queen n elizabeth. >>captain tom moore walked back and forth and is guarded to raise the money as a challenge for his one 100th birthday, the queen made her first public appearance in months for this special occasion and of the event captain moore said he was absolutely overwhelmed about meeting her and worried that if he knelt down he might never be able to get up again luckily, he was able to stand as the queen performed this very special ceremony. now new at 6 we would like to welcome the newest member of the kron 4 families say hello. >>to brady vincent fontan our sports reporter kate rooney gave birth to him. early on thursday morning look at how beautiful that picture is he is 6 pounds 19 and a half inches. both mom and baby are healthy and doing great. so
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congratulations to the entire family and also the new big sister in the family. we're so happy for you kate, the last i saw you had that baby in your belly and here he is just cannot wait to celebrate with you and. new babies just they smell so good you just wanna. kids from all over. well that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 congrats kate we love you, i'm justine waldman don't forget to wear your mask wash your hands please. >>and we'll see you back here next time thanks for joining us. dear california...
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epicenter of the epicenter. >> the call to close all bars. >> are they the number one reason the pandemic is sweeping america? is it safe to use your air conditioner during the pandemic? >> is it spreading the virus? what you need to know. and a little boy's voice from beyond. >> i won't ever see you again. >> he pointed the finger of guilt at his mother. >> i would give my life. >> war of words. >> the mayor of chicago. >> the white house press secretary


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