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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 25, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>3 a slow news stations. >>that breaking news happening in oakland tonight, oakland police reporting vandalism at the police department headquarters building on broadway in downtown oakland, the department tweeted pictures of the damage. officers say some within a crowd broke windows and you can see spray painted the walls of the opd headquarters. we're also hearing according to police fireworks and lasers were pointed at officers and also at a helicopter at least one helicopter flying overhead. the tweet ends with the hashtag wall of ma police say roughly 600 people were at
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today's demonstration in oakland earlier this evening, this event was peaceful you can see the hundreds of people walking through the streets there in oakland, the wall of moms the group was inspired by the mothers who are protecting the protesters in portland oregon, many of them have been arrested by federal agents and is. >>protesters see that as working against the whole effort for police reform president trump calling for those arrests by federal agents and also saying that those ages may be sent into other cities, including oakland. so this protest by the wall of moms was earlier today again it was peaceful, they were protesting mills federal agents the violence reportedly happened later tonight in oakland, this is video from los angeles in this particular scene that you're looking at we understand that. >>an officer said something to a woman who is holding up her phone before appearing to push or and then a man ran toward the officer and knocks the
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officer to the ground another lapd officers in a few protesters rushed toward the man. some of the officers waving their batons but beyond that we're also getting a report of other reports of other violent clashes among police and protesters in downtown l a some demonstrators marched onto highway one oh one to talk to block traffic. there others protested on the steps of la city hall and on the neighboring block at the federal building in downtown los angeles which we are hearing was left with shattered windows and spray painted markings lapd issued a citywide tactical alert. shortly after 7 o'clock tonight, so that is the scene in los angeles and of course we showed you the damage done pd headquarters in oakland, we will bring you more about these demonstrations and the violence and vandalism as the information comes into the newsroom tonight. >>i don't know how to rationalize that kind of behavior. >>san jose's mayor responding to video showing police
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kicking and dragging a woman on the ground. during an arrest tonight, an investigation is underway in san jose into the use of force by police there while they were arresting that particular woman san jose's mayor tells kron 4 this is another example of the need for police reform kron four's justine waldman joins us live in our newsroom now with the latest on this story justine well, san jose police are saying the video shows a small part of a bigger situation and that the car was wanted for evading officers on 2 separate occasions. >>and that the officer used force on the woman because she failed to comply with their demands. but now there's one officer on administrative leave. well going out to the video and it shows san jose police officer there kicking and dragging the woman outside of a silver car. the arrest came outside of a mcdonald's parking lot at 27th in santa clara streets has 2 children and another woman in the car watch dot. the mayor telling us he found this video deeply disturbing.
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>>a lot of concerns from the community and you know a lot of folks frankly been very supportive of the place we're concerned about seeing things like their son so we've got to take every one of these incidents very seriously i expect will be a full investigation will be very serious consequences and more importantly we have to move the conversation to how we change the model that is exactly why i've been pushing for reforms that we'll be taking to a rules committee next really too in the process to dramatically change how we do investigations of police wrongdoing in our city to move investigations outside a police department that an independent agency known as the independent police auditor. >>the mayor also telling us he lives in this neighborhood in the incident has really upset the community. also the woman seen in the video 39 year-old guadalupe esperanza moran of san jose was booked into the santa clara county jail for driving on a suspended license possession of paraphernalia and resisting arrest. mayor
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liccardo also tells us an investigation is under way and he expects serious consequences for the officer involved live now in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. thank you just staying in the lane hoa police union president is under investigation tonight after evidence connected to a very controversial shooting there was destroyed. >>the lieutenant with the police department has been placed on leave after the windshield of a police truck involved in the shooting death of sean monterrosa was replaced. kron four's dan thorn talked with the attorneys representing the monterrosa family dan joins us live from the tonight with more than one. >>well pam attorney john burris says the destruction of this evidence is a criminal offense. he said that this only continues to prove that the vallejo police department needs more oversight and accountability. >>police body cam video shows bullets blasting out of the front windshield of the truck facing 22 year-old sean
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monterrosa the windshield viewed as evidence in the case has been discarded and of a lay hope police lieutenant has been placed on leave. >>and raises real question if officer and destroys a piece of evidence what evidence may have been civil rights attorney john burris says the windshield may have been crucial to the case. >>video of the shooting never shows what the officers were actually seeing as one of them opened fire monterroso was killed when a hammer was mistaken for a gun all we know is that young man was shot and killed by he was sitting in the back seat of a car and he shot through a window front which absolves the regular that doesn't happen often so what caused him to do that what if he suits police officers association has strongly supported the officer's actions on the night of monterrosa's death the union president has even tried to keep the officer's name secret. >>investigators released in store security of the walgreens where monterroso was killed in a group can be seen
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smashing the drive-thru window and stealing prescription drugs but burress is more interested in seeing video showing precisely what was happening when monterrosa was killed in his on murray's the ball in a shocking and surprising for us to believe that all these officers and their body cameras on and none of them caught. the actual shooting itself. >>burress is planning on filing a lawsuit on behalf of the monitor rossa family against the city of les how next month he and house speaker nancy pelosi of asked for an fbi investigation into the shooting as well as the destruction of evidence, reporting live in vallejo dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you san francisco's ferry building is back open after some confusion over its classification the building was forced to close earlier this week. >>after being classified as an indoor mall indoor malls must close in counties that are on
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the state's covid-19 watch list, san francisco county is among the bay area counties on the watch list all of them in the bay area except for san mateo county. the ferry building has since been reclassified as a transportation terminal, although the closure was brief. business owners inside the ferry building say they were worried. we had set up a pretty good system and knew what to expect. >>and then just to really quickly couldn't rule that away and after trying to figure out a new way of doing things. even for like a couple days that we're close it was still. pretty scrambled to try and figure out what we can do what we can do if you just specially to be open in time for saturday which are of course i'd be these days and this is the day that we see a lot of our regulars a lot of folks who rely on the building who rely on the farmers market and the rest of the vendors inside. >>the farmers market was back open today as usual a reminder, everyone visiting the ferry building must wear masks and practice, social distance and the alameda ferry terminal is getting a major
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financial boost to increase passion, there's a passenger safety. the department of transportation awarded a 4.4 million dollar grant to refurbish the terminal the money is coming from a larger grant program for passenger ferry projects all across the nation. a community favorite in fremont is closing for good cloverleaf bowling alley is shutting down after more than 6 decades, a business. >>it's co owner mike hillmann sights high rent utilities and insurance. the venue has been closed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. >>in mid-march that bowling alley and fremont is just one of thousands of bay area business is not expected to survive this pandemic. >>a report from yelp found nearly 400 restaurants in the san francisco metropolitan area have permanently closed that is the second highest closure rate relative to total businesses in the united states lorrie thomas executive director of the golden gate restaurant association says she expects this grim picture
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to get even more graham she adds that the restaurant industry needs a federal bailout. >>the alameda county sheriff's department is mourning the loss of 2 employees tonight, both of them died because of complications from covid-19. last nights sheriff's department tweeted quote it is with great sadness. we can confirm that a professional non sworn staff member of our agency has passed away this evening due to covid-19 complications. this is our second employee to pass away in the past 24 hours due to covid-19 we'll put out further info later. deputy oscar roche a died thursday night after a month long fight with covid-19 need van in the icu and on a ventilator for more than 3 weeks. the deputies worked in the court system and at the santa rita jail where there is an outbreak of coronavirus cases among inmates the celebration of life is being planned for deputy but because of the pandemic it may end up being live streamed in tonight. we're learning more about the other employee of the sheriff's department has
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died because of covid-19 valerie leone, she was a sheriff's technician. she passed away yesterday at kaiser hospital in modesto she joined the sheriff's department in 1997. she survived by her children and 13 grandchildren. a police officer in los angeles also died this week from the coronavirus governor gavin newsome issued this statement in response reads in part quote the deaths of these 2 heroes is a very real and painful reminder of the risks these men and women face every single day protecting the people of california. >>a san francisco bus driver is expected to make a full recovery but that was after being attacked with a baseball bat. police say a passenger carried out the beating after the driver demanded that he wear a face covering. forcefully chagall reports tonight that suspect is still on the street. >>hughley bus riders in san francisco say when it comes to wearing face coverings most people are following the release about 99% but there always seems to be at least
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one bad apple something but i like the government telling me what to do. you know something was going to do what they want to get you to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic a city health order requires passengers to wear face coverings on public transportation but on wednesday afternoon, a trio of bus riders apparently didn't get the memo. >>we're simply choose to ignore it and did not appreciate being approached by the driver. >>was eventually attack to send best this year. esther's being ignorant police say the incident happened in the area 11th and division streets 3 young men jumped on a bus without face coverings and police say after the 42 year-old driver asked them repeatedly to put on face coverings the stuff the bus when they refused police say one of the suspects that the driver. >>and then beat him with a wooden bats have they been found. >>that should be the first priority. they need to be found police say the driver's injuries are non life threatening. he is expected to survive. >>some people get on there and
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they have it on and take it down. i move away from him say i don't want any trouble because i fight back yet again turn everybody else on the bus. >>and i've got children and grandchildren. family that need me and i want to be an aspect of the labor union representing the driver denounced the attack is absolutely terrible this happens on a daily basis to our transit operators. >>and it's scary because of the fact that this is one of the few incidents that actually. >>was reported district attorney jason to dean tweeted about the incident saying quote. ->masks help protect all of us muni drivers are essential workers and we will not tolerate the senseless criminal attacks the district attorney's office stands with muni drivers. >>in san francisco police today kron 4 news. >>news continues at 10 with the debate to reopen schools is fall at 1030 the new study
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that suggests children are at lower risk for covid-19 at 1045 we celebrate the life of the civil rights legend congressman john lewis how his friends and family and supporters started the memorials in his honor we are remembering him tonight. but first a wall of moms has now to protect protesters as civil unrest continues in portland. we when i have a breakout
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breaking news out of los angeles violent clashes have been breaking out among police and protesters in downtown la the los angeles police department has declared a tactical alert tonight and that means all police officers there with the department have been made aware of a major police incident and they are on standby if they are needed to respond. >>this video comes from earlier some officers using batons on protesters pushing them to the ground police say hundreds of demonstrators demonstrators gathered today to stand in solidarity with what is happening in portland oregon. they acknowledged the majority of the protests have remained peaceful but. >>officers have arrested some demonstrators from breaking windows and spraying graffiti at the federal building in downtown los angeles meantime here in the bay area there are 4 following breaking news in oakland oakland police reporting vandalism at the police department headquarters building on broadway. the department tweeted pictures of the damage. >>officers say some protesters within the crowd broke windows
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spray painted on the walls as you see here. and shot fireworks and pointed lasers at officers and to at least one helicopter flying overhead. the tweet ins with the hashtag wall of moms police are saying that some demonstrators in the area of 17th and lakeside are breaking windows and chanting racial slurs at residents, although exactly what they're chanting has not been revealed. police say roughly 600 people were at today's just demonstration earlier in oakland this evening as you see in this video people. >>peacefully marching through the streets of oakland. the wall of moms group was actually inspired by the mothers who are protecting the protesters in portland oregon they are all protesting the use of federal agents against protesters. the violence happened later tonight, this was earlier today you see people marching through the streets of oakland peacefully with their signs and chanting
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nonetheless there were problems later tonight by a small group and federal agents again repeatedly fired tear gas to break up protest in portland oregon this is from late last night this happened into the early morning hours. >>these demonstrations have continued every night for 2 months now showing no sign of letting up. >>all in the call for police reform. authorities say 6 federal officers were injured one person was arrested. president trump says that he said federal agents to portland to stop the unrest but state and local officials say those federal agents are actually making the situation worse. late friday night a federal judge denied a request by oregon's attorney general to restrict the actions of the federal police agents. in seattle police have declared a riot following large demonstrations in that city's capitol hill neighborhood police support flash bangs and pepper spray to try and clear the area. thousands of protesters had initially gathered peacefully that was
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near downtown seattle all in a show of solidarity with fellow demonstrators in portland oregon at least 16 people have been arrested. well for jonathan mccall talked with walls amount organizers here in the bay area above the difference they are trying to make. >>on the front lines of protest in portland oregon a group calling themselves the wall of moms are now using their bodies to shield protesters from law enforcement here in the bay area ruth robertson organized to rallies on saturday to stand up in support of the black lives matter movement and also the protest in portland oregon is a refreshing to see that so many have so many people have joined in on the movement that you guys have started. >>absolutely and when march with them in the black lives matter protests in the there are people of all ethnic riots is not as lily white as you might think it's about the fact that they're willing to stand up. and the allies that
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with black lives matter but even more importantly protect them from the forces that have brought into their city they stand and if in the front lines in order to be a shield you don't hold enough to have been in the civil rights era. i was a child my parents are very much involved in washington d c and i can see that my parents wanted to be out there but we're fearful because they have children you know as a as a parent. i feel like we have to create a future for our children grandchildren and we want them to come into a world where there's justice and peace and equality. so we have to be on the streets to fight robertson says that she and other moms will be paying close attention. >>to see a president trump could be sending federal agents to oakland and the bay area in the coming weeks. if so she says will be ready to stand up to protect. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>coming up a delivery man stopped from delivering food why he says a woman at this
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living at this building. there she is would not allow him to just do his job. >>the oakland zoo is reopening this week after almost havi we
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continue to monitor breaking news tonight along the west coast from oakland to los angeles to portland than this is a live picture from portland. we've been listening in it sounds like they're making some speeches here and
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every once in a while you'll hear the crowd, you're up to in roars and applause, there has not been any trouble that we've seen so far in portland however we've heard from earlier reports said when the violence does happen it you typically happens after midnight outside the federal building in downtown portland. but again we've had a vandalism targeting the oakland police headquarters in oakland after a large protest of about 600 people and we have vandalism at the courthouse in a federal building in los angeles and some arrests in confrontations in l a and again this is a live picture from portland. where you can see a crowd has gathered but so far it is peaceful will continue to monitor to this throughout the night. after several months of being closed due to the coronavirus the oakland zoo is finally ready to welcome back guests starting on wednesday. this is good news considering the financial burden of being closed for so long and almost 4 said zoo to close for good. we talked with the oakland
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zoo's executive vice president nick to haitian about what you need to know before you go to the zoo. >>we are an outdoor venue so when you go online and you're looking to get a ticket to come back with you. we have a lot of rules on there obviously want people to wear masks. well we actually need people to stay safe so we can continue to stay open. that's really critically important so we are limiting the number of people that are coming into the zoo. so that's going to be really important and with our time ticketing this is a new thing that we're doing people will be coming on the hour. and so we'll space everybody out that's going to be important so we will have a lot of signage around the zoo will have a lot of staff helping people again as long as everybody follows the marines, they'll stay in your family groups to the best you can wear your mask. again if you can be safe. we can all be safe and stay open.
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>>reservations for wednesday go on sale tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock by the way the san francisco zoo reopened to the public last wednesday, the zoo in the city requires face masks and reservations. >>coming up should young children go back to school in person, what researchers say children have that
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>>tonight a new study is suggesting that children are
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at lower risk for covid-19 this as the cdc is releasing new guidelines for reopening schools, a local infectious disease expert weighs in on whether or not it's safer for younger children to return to school kron four's gayle ong reports. >>health experts say children are less likely to transmit covid-19 because of the way they're built. a new study from korea centers for disease control and prevention found that children aged 9 and under were least likely to be infected. and that the infection rate is higher among teenagers epidemiology professor doctor george rutherford says children have fewer receptors that the virus binds to those of the receptors that the virus spike protein grabs on to answer like a like a key going into a lot. >>and locks and that is able to affect that cell. so if you have fewer of these receptors children under 10 seem to have. this the idea is that they would be less likely to become infected. it raises the question of elementary schools are safer to reopen them high
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school europeans have been going to school now per. so all summer basically and we really haven't heard anything from from them or from the asian countries that have that children in elementary school for quite awhile. danielle there is is a teacher and parent, she prefers virtual learning for right now that is the safest bet. mostly because the schools don't have the money to put all the safety things in all the safety features in place that would be necessary to keep everybody. >>safe happy to paying has young children and is open to in person learning down the road i would be for you know having my kids going in physically. i don't think all the kids all at one time going in for select 24 kids in the classroom makes a lot of sense. >>but perhaps maybe half of the kids all and a half of the virtually up at the site at the same time as for in person learning governor gavin newsom issued a state order prohibiting schools with think counties on the state watch
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list from reopening for in person instruction until certain criteria are met. >>gayle ong kron 4 news. >>we want our children to get back to the classroom to butte their teachers butte their friends and get back to learning. the right way. >>protesters gathering in sacramento, the state capital today demanding that the schools reopen this protest is coming as governor newsom announced earlier this month that most public and private schools in the state will not to reopen for in-class instruction this fall. governor newsome has laid out 5 requirements for reopening the schools, a county must to be off of the states watch list for 2 weeks straight. all teachers and students 8 years and older must wear face masks, the symptom checks and regular hand washing and of course social distancing will all be enforced tonight, california remains the state with the most coronavirus cases in the country followed by florida new york and texas
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yesterday, the state recorded more than 10,000 new cases. >>and a 151 new coronavirus related deaths. here are the latest numbers, globally there are close to 16 million cases in the u.s. are more than 4 million cases and in california there are more than 446,000 cases almost half a million. in the bay area there are more than 45,000 cases you can find a complete breakdown of cases by county on our website kron 4 dot com and as the cases continue to rise around the country school districts everywhere are debating whether or not to have in person classes for many. >>it's a tough call palo sandoval reports. >>we don't know and 6 months in to the pandemic in some of the nation's coronavirus stats are going from bad to worse as a nation surpassed 4 million covid cases in over 145,000 deaths this week, california beat out new york is the state with the most infections to date when we began to reopen
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our economy we so we focus so much on. >>when but we didn't focus enough on how to not only do it but to educate individuals. on friday california recorded its highest number of covid deaths in hard-hit la county health officials are warning the virus may soon become a leading cause of death among residents. covid cases seem to be plateauing in some of texas largest cities. but one small south texas border county patients may be sent home to die in the hospital ethics and tree os committee deems them too sick to recover. the local county judge says their hospital is at capacity. that's also a common struggle for health facilities in florida which sign nearly 84% increase in covid hospitalization since july the 4th statistics a record breaking highs in the south and west. parts of the northeast are experiencing lows not seen since march on friday, new york recorded its lowest number of
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hospitalizations in nearly 4 months. and with the approaching school year just weeks away, parents and teachers facing uncertainty about when or if in person classes will resume amid a push to open schools kids ought to have the option to learn in person and virtually i believe they ought to have choices. if it vulnerable immune systems they ought to have options as well. >>but we have to get our kids back into school in a safe way if you are going to bring the children back doctor anthony fauci the nation's leading infectious disease expert urging school districts, not to rush to any decisions. >>there are a lot of people with underlying conditions out there so i think when you talk about forcing teachers to come back to school you better be careful about that and make sure you pay attention to a keeping them safe and key keeping them healthy. >>fauci not ruling out outdoor teaching as a way to get students back to school and
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where this all the time and recommending face coverings be worn in the classroom. that was polo sandoval reporting this week. the cdc released guidelines which was strongly in favor of opening the schools. >>petaluma fire department has quarantine 15 crew members after firefighters tested positive last week for covid-19. >>the fire departments says firefighter who tested positive back on july 19th is currently in good condition. we talked with the fire marshal jessica power about how this is affecting the department. >>the biggest impact we're feeling right now is with a smaller number of people at the 15 is a big portion of our with just about 60 lie staff personnel. a large number of people to be out at one time. we also have one engine one battalion chief out or excuse me out of county on a fires our staff mean is is it's somewhat limited and not capacity. so we'll have a
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number of people on overtime. for quite a while. >>power says due to limited contact tracing its assumes the firefighter who tested positive contracted the virus while on the job. the fire marshal says while the station is closed in petaluma the rancho adobe fire department will assist the petaluma fire department in responding to emergency calls. >>in developing news tonight. the san joaquin county sheriff's office is searching for a gunman who opened fire and shot 7 people at a home in a house party this morning. it happened in manatee ca officers heard gunshots and saw several people running from the area. witnesses say the suspect was armed with a semiautomatic weapon of the 7 people hit 2 are in critical condition tonight and 5 had minor injuries 2 of the victims are minors. well the entertainment news tonight. fleetwood mac blues guitarist, peter green has died. lawyers representing the family reported today green died peacefully in his sleep to
10:38 pm
some grain was the best british blues guitars of the 1960's. he led the first incarnation of fleetwood mac before shortening his career because of his use of psychedelic drugs and suffering from mental illness green was 73 years old. >>tonight the entertainment world is also mourning the loss of tv legend regis philbin reaches her reach as many people knew him was part of american television for decades. his family says he died of natural causes richard roth takes a look back at his career. >>reach us here that search that's right frank takes a tight close-up. >>blessed with the gift of gab regis philbin spent his career in the spotlight. he co-hosted tv's long-running live with regis and kathie lee and later live with regis and kelly i won one and they've best host a daytime most. >>when when i was in between
10:39 pm
calls ironically enough we have right when adams fun, i've got to join get. >>his quick wit and spontaneous and lives charm tv audiences for decades, but allen he credited to his irish italian upbringing my mother had lot of sisters brothers and nephews and nieces and they all would converge on a home in the bronx, i think that gave me. whatever talking ability i have because if you didn't talk with them. you are going to get a word a word in edgewise. philbin was born august 25th 1931. despite his parents large extended family reaches francis xavier philbin was an only child until he was in college when his parents had another son. >>he graduated from notre dame with a sociology degree then served in the u.s. navy. >>that's wild to wear it like that what i said it's sunny special its second at 15 and that his team.
10:40 pm
>>a bronx native eventually landed a spot as comedian joey bishop's sidekick on the joey bishop show the gig gave him access to the rat pack, hollywood royalty in the late 60's. more co-hosting jobs and other television roles came along. he even share the spotlight with his second wife joy who often filled in as co-host on his live show. philbin racked up some huge camera time morning and night in 2011 he broke his own guinness world record for the most on camera hours on us tv. >>and you're going to wreck or 16,746. >>he proved he could charm nighttime or news is hosting abc's quiz show who wants to be a millionaire. let's play they get it right. >>one was a frequent guest on the late show with david
10:41 pm
letterman even filling in for him when the late night host underwent quintuple bypass surgery, you saw from the patella work down to one what do you think einstein. >>a guy called this morning, it will be a co-host will be something new plays place regions. >>until then often said it was his work the exchanges with his numerous co-host and guess that gave him lasting satisfaction for a man with so many questions is spent his life sharing the answers with us all.
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we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones.
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and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. news in oakland and this has just been tweeted by oakland police quote agitators within the crowd of demonstrators. >>have set the alameda county superior courthouse on fire please avoid the area we're calling for peace and to have safe spaces and safe places for tonight's demonstration. we do not know how extensive that fire is at the alameda county superior courthouse. but as you know that is near the shores of lake merritt said just a few blocks away from the oakland police headquarters sent of course we told you earlier tonight and will reiterate. oakland police are reporting have pictures of vandalism at the police headquarters building on
10:45 pm
broadway. the department tweeted pictures of the damage officers say some members within the crowd of demonstrators broke windows and spray painted walls shot fireworks and pointed lasers at officers on the ground and at least one helicopter overhead the tweet ends with the hashtag wall of moms now they are saying that some demonstrators in the area of 17th and lakeside we're breaking windows and chanting racial servers at residents in that area. >>and we should show you this is well this was from earlier today where things were peaceful and calm and look at this. hundreds of people roughly 600 according to police. participated in the demonstration in oakland earlier this evening marching through the city streets you can see people carrying signs and flags calling for police reforms and justice. the wall of moms group was actually inspired by those mothers who are protecting the protesters in portland oregon. they are all protesting the use of
10:46 pm
federal agents being used against protesters they were called in by president trump in or an argon a couple of days back and he has also talked about sending in federal agents to other cities around the nation, including oakland. the violence that we've been telling you about happened much later this evening. again as you can just said the. courthouse on fire and people that officials do want people to stay out of that area tonight. moving on to other news now as we remember a civil rights icon, the start of a weeklong celebration honoring the late congressman john lewis begins this way. >>today memorial services honoring lewis took place in troy and selma, alabama. reporter molly crane can was at troy university in talks with lewis's family and colleagues about the life of the civil rights legend. >>it was here at troy university that representative john lewis applied to attend,
10:47 pm
but never heard back from the been all white college now the university is honoring the boy from troy representative john lewis was born and raised in troy alabama and it was here that his efforts for racial equality began in dallas was less my hero and he was the best hero ever his humble is his love of his patients that's who he who he is every day traded and that what he told us and i believe each and every one of us can walk away and said that we are louis for a lewis was known as the moral conscience of congress serving over 3 decades in georgia's 5th congressional district john was more than just a colleague he was a dear friend. it's rare that you get a chance to thank your hero or even to befriend your hero let alone to get to work with him each and every day in the united states is john lewis led the march to montgomery in 1965 in 2 years later he along with martin luther king junior and other civil rights leaders
10:48 pm
led the march on washington advocating for civil rights he's the last of the civil rights. >>king is it to be around in. i just feel honored that i had a chance to know him that being is a lack. >>louis often said we need to get in good trouble necessary trouble a sentiment, those who honor him plan to carry on. >>and that was mulling quake and reporting after the memorial service at troy university today, the hearse carrying the body of john lewis cross the infamous edmund pettis bridge. that of course is the same bridge where john lewis helped lead a march for black voting rights back in 1965. he was brutally beaten to near death by alameda state troopers that event later became known as blood e sunday members of the public will get to pay their respects when he lies in state in montgomery in washington dc
10:49 pm
and in atlanta which lewis represented in congress for more than 3 decades. >>all right time for the weather let's take you to the biggest story in the country right now in terms of whether this is hanna another hurricane that blew ashore in texas south texas said today. south of corpus christi striking near padre island, a popular spring break spot in summer spot. for young people, let's check in with our chief who has the latest came on can as a category one we have some 80 mile an hour gust in and around the center of this hurricane you can see the eye still kind of rolling around it's going to weaken quickly now that has moved on shore really lost the source of energy out of the ocean waters, but it's going to drop a ton of rain maybe some places 10 maybe 15 inches of rain maybe some isolated areas. >>with as much as 18 inches of rain so certainly going to cause some problems of regarding flooding. 75 mile an hour sustained winds so it is maintain hurricane strength still moving west-southwest at 8 miles per hour. so kind of a
10:50 pm
slow track here and that's the problem you've got all that rain all that moisture from the system moving on shore then slowly dragon in northern mexico. so you my 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon still parts of texas but making its way to mexico and beginning to fall apart, we've got another one to be concerned about this one headed toward the hawaiian islands, this is douglas out there right now and just making its way a little bit closer but here's the very latest tracking this the good news. the track originally possibly having a landfall on the big island, but now the track is moving a little further to the north watch right here sustained winds of 90 miles per hour may be weakening a little bit as it approaches the islands but still maintaining almost hurricane strength as we head through monday kind of strafing the islands they're going to see as much as 5 to 10 inches of rain and kawhi he could be the one most affected by that storm system right back to the bay area temperatures tomorrow around the bay area going to be running up in the 70's 80's inside the bay, some 50's 60's along the coastline, so some hot 90's inland going to start to cool things off a little
10:51 pm
bit running below average as we head toward the middle of the week then warming up again next weekend. >>thank you lawrence, a delivery driver says a woman would not allow him inside an apartment building to drop off his order is happening in los angeles earlier this week reporter stacy butler talked with that driver. >>the delivered to somebody or your. >>you're not don't want you to get the truth i don't want you i don't want you here. >>you know you hear it all in a shocking confrontation 22 year-old jordan gibson was trying to make a postmates delivery tuesday night at this westwood apartment building. but this woman without a mask refused to let him as he dialed the renter who ordered the food. >>to paul there's a woman like at the door of just turn. lewis says gibson works 3 jobs postmates is usually one of them, it's his mom's job, but she sprained her ankle so he was driving for her she was
10:52 pm
sitting in the car with her son was rated and blocked from delivering one residents dinner, i'm not letting this man in can i bring your food to you i'm asking you to get out of my building because you don't live here not i'm i'm a black man i'm trying to deliver my own here and morgan from are the unbelievable encounter took a bizarre turn when the woman who claimed to live there accused him of having coached to the apartment to try to gain access. he doesn't live here and he's not a delivery boy. >>he had no there are no bike nothing the car. he up and that was on the nose. that's my work pizza my way car and a lot of black by walking around who have been coming here and getting and you can go north on gibson says he shot bin posted the video to protect himself, but i want to get arrested. >>genuinely a you know so i win and things are going right now i just didn't i didn't know how did you know shes by finally the customer came downstairs and picked up his dinner gibson says he's not angry at the woman
10:53 pm
unfortunately his use arrests like this a lot of people are very divisive right now so they're pretty firm on their stance and they showed he hopes everyone who sees it will grow from and situations like this situation i i was in. >>they don't make you they don't break you shouldn't break you this is just a we something went to you know resilience is powered i want and the one that hears near sees me talk about this to understand we have that same resilience and you got to stay patient and really just be resilient. at the end of that tunnel. you'll find and saturday. >>now stacey butler reporting postmates issued a statement saying the company denounces racism and is committed to the safety of its employees and customers it says it's also looking into the incident meanwhile, a friend of joran says started a go fund me page we continue our coverage
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
of breaking news in oakland tonight o can please just tweeted this saying quote at that 8 ers within the crowd of demonstrators have set fire to the alameda county superior courthouse. >>please avoid the area we're calling for peace and have safe spaces and safe places for tonight's demonstration. oakland police also tweeted pictures of some of the items well this is the police headquarters on broadway. that was damaged by the some of the windows were broken this was what i was referring to it
10:57 pm
looks like a broken potter, some kind of sharp object or rounded object that was thrown at officers police are saying a number of items were tossed at them used as projectiles to try to injure officers and you can see some of the damage that happened to the outside of the building at pd headquarters pam. >>earlier roughly 600 people were at the demonstration which was peaceful as people move through the streets of oakland all supporting the wall of moms group. >>in portland as well as throughout the nation. we'll have all the day's news again tomorrow. >>a good night everybody tonight.
10:58 pm
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