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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 14, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are back time now is 4.29, let's get straight to the weather center at this half hour mark, if you're just joining us. >>we have a major heat event on tap for today and into the weekend. we've got john trouble now a full details yeah, not going to be a fun next couple of days, james temperatures today, even hotter than yesterday's which was the warm-up compared to where we had been today going to be the scorcher across the bay area's daytime highs rise well into the triple digits you look outside from berkeley here shows clear skies in the distance definitely no fog hanging out anywhere across the bay area this morning. temperatures are warm to start just look at cut 79 degrees right now never really cooled off overnight so a lot of us not really even getting a taste of that overnight for relief from some of our hotter temperatures remain hot last night still have that humid feel to we're actually in the midst of the remnants of a tropical system that is skirting up right along the coastline. that's why it's not just high. but it's got that
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sticky feel to it san francisco, 74% humidity, half moon bay santa rosa nevado and oakland all checking in with some pretty humid conditions again this morning. now extreme heat. a gripping the bay area today we are under advisories almost entirely across the bay pink areas are excessive heat warnings were daytime highs will be well in excess of triple digits. not a whole lot overnight cooling in these areas to orange areas are going to be under heat advisories through the day today and through the weekend that includes the bayshore the peninsula and portions of the north bay lake sonoma and marin counties as we work our way through the weekend you'll notice not going to be cooling off much although it will be a touch cooler come sunday compared to where we are about to be today as for satellite and radar there's actually some activity to be talking about including some light shower activity right along the coastline just south of half moon bay. this is that tropical moisture that is skirting up right along the coast that's bringing us that humid feel not going to be seeing any widespread showers
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here but evidence of just how moist the atmosphere is this morning temperatures in the 80's for san francisco's daytime highs oakland and san jose well into the 90's today. that's just the start we've got triple digits for inland areas like conquered at one '07 antioch at one '04 livermore and morgan hill at 104 degrees each while hayward at 97 oakland even checking in at the 90's today at 91 degrees. i've got more details in your 4 zone forecast on where exactly you're going to be headed temperature wise this afternoon still to come. james all right, thank you very much john time now for 32 wildfires are raging in southern california. take a look at this the lake fire has now scorched 11,000 acres. >>so far in the angeles national forest that's between santa clara and palmdale just north of l a it's about 5% contained right now. a fire broke out wednesday afternoon and boy since then it really has exploded in size to just 10,000 acres in just 2 hours and as a matter of fact 10,000
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acres in 2 hours. the fire destroyed 3 structures so far it's threatening about 5,000 more. firefighters say they expect the lake fire to remain a major fire for the next several days. the timing couldn't be worse. obviously with temperatures the way they are the cause of the fire still unknown this morning. and now let's show you video of the ranch fire this one broke out yesterday also in the angeles national forest there in la county. it was initially reported to be about 2 acres in size when it broke out, but now it's more than 2500 acres. firefighters in the bay area are also on alert because of the high heat that we're expecting this weekend after the tubbs fire back in 2017 and the kincade fire in 2019 sonoma county residents need to remember how fast flames can spread in dry brush, especially with temperatures as highs are going to be while many might take this weekend to trim some of the brush around their properties. firefighters are actually advising against it. >>we see a lot of people trying to do the right thing
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and trying to maintain their their seasonal grasses that have dried out get that second or 3rd cut in throughout the season. but all those type of activities or looking at that stuff is excessive temperatures like this or an opportunity did to ignite a fire from a spark. >>and fire officials say that you should have an evacuation plan in place in the age of coronavirus things like extra masks and hand sanitizer should also be on your checklist now. if you have to evacuate. this year fire evacuations will consist of large parking lots where people can be screened and then sent somewhere else to socially these are some of the changes are putting in place while we have this pandemic in the middle of wildfire season. on the peninsula, how office city leaders are considering a proposal to add a covid surcharge to customer bills. mayor adrian fine proposed the surcharge for the sub charge to help businesses struggling. with this pandemic while them new proposal was done with intentions of helping businesses other city leaders and small restaurant owners
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think that the ad the sub charge customers will actually be encouraged to stay away. >>extra amount on their bills and residents and visitors will be able to pay i think that is a way to cast their pockets i think. given the tenor and generosity her commute i think a lot of colton's will be happy to pay an extra 2, 5.10%. our local businesses to keep them afloat. >>i've talked to quite few russian owners about this comes up and the longer really worried that if they. they include mister trump's comment. you know 19 surcharge that people are temple lot less. so that means a walker to be a lot less money. >>so the words that will have the opposite effect. no word yet on if the proposal will be revisited at their next meeting. and that is crippling san francisco's tourism industry, the new forecast from the san francisco travel association expects to see a loss of nearly 11 billion dollars over the next 2 years and as kron four's maureen kelly explains it wouldn't be a fast recovery either.
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>>san francisco's legendary palace hotel established in 1875. now has its entrance blocked off by planters and plywood temporarily closed because of coronavirus along with 52 other hotels in the city. some of the city's most popular tourist destinations such as china town nearly deserted with shops and restaurants gated shot. >>last year was our 10th year in a row a record breaking numbers and this year, it's just all collapsed the president and ceo of san francisco travel has the grim economic outlook, we're expected to get less than half the visitors. we got last year and that's going to cost us all a whole lot of money. >>in 2019 tourists spent nearly 10 billion dollars. this year that totals expected to plummet 67% to just over 3 billion. a 7 billion dollars difference which we will feel because it's going to translate to fewer tax dollars that fund city services, but
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the pain will be felt in other ways to 90,000 people last year were employed in the street, the streets are neighbors cars to friends and family members who don't have a job this year and also lot of small businesses that really depend on that tourist visitor in san francisco, whether it's a restaurant or retailer store performing arts group or our calendar you name driving a lot of this the shutdown of conventions and large gatherings like outside lands they expect to see more visitors return next year but do not expect a full recovery until 2025. >>and even that hinges on a vaccine or an effect of treatment. the san francisco travel association says they support the city's cautious response. but they're hoping is banned on hotel rooms for leisure travelers to be lifted soon with so much of the city's iconic tourist spots outdoors they believe travelers could still get a change of scenery safely. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>>welfare east alcatraz island will start running again on monday for the first time since march about that the golden gate national recreation area which controls the island says it will restore access to interior sections like building 64 and the warden's house and outdoor areas like equal plaza. visitors are advised of course the by ferry tickets online and review the new safety guidelines that are in place people on the alcatraz trail system will also be required to proceed in one direction. only no cross traffic they want to promote physical distancing. and tours of the former prison will remain canceled until further notice so just know that you can't go inside there. in the south bay touch free cross walk devices are being installed along busy streets in santa clara county to try and limit surface touching. the idea of course is to help prevent the spread of covid-19 from now on instead of a button to activate the pedestrian crosswalk the intersection has a motion sensor just wave your hand in front of it. all audio visual and touch responses will be activated with that this is the first such
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application of the existing touch free technology anywhere in the nation. so there you have when you see this sign. >>on a traffic signal and it says way that the button. you don't have to touch the push back. we just wave your hand in front of this sign one to 3 inches away. and that is that the signal will tell you to wait until it's safe to cross that this technology can be used any of that it's already out there you know if you look at some of the you know paper dollar dispenser things like that. >>you know there's already contact-free you are able to do that today so, but we just at never talked about doing that on a protest and push button. >>so the touch activation devices will be installed at 25 expressway intersections with heavy pedestrian use. across santa clara to keep an eye out for those new signs. san francisco. a man has been arrested after a deadly shooting that shooting happened wednesday afternoon at 4th and mission in the city's south of market neighborhood. that's where
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officers found frank bell tran suffering from a gunshot wound police searched a parking garage in the area ended up arresting jose alvarez for murder. it's unclear what led up to that shooting. >>i'm morgan wright in washington coming up president trump is urging college football teams to get on the field this fall despite cancellations a major conferences and the threat of covid lawmakers are now weighing in. >>and we're also tracking a major heat wave heading our way starting today look at that inland this afternoon, a 100 and 5 by noon 93 look bay shoreline communities will be in the mid 90's as well not good for folks who don't have ac we'll have more on this in a complete check of that hot weather forecast with john in just a minute.
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i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. time now is 4.43 let's get to the weather center and talk to john about the hot temperatures we're expecting. >>what today the weekend and even john yeah, this isn't going to be a hot next few days and not a whole lot of relief mixed in there to your feel not right now you're stepping outside think him. >>why isn't it cool. it's really warm actually to start this morning. you can blame some of the humid conditions that we've seen during yesterday and overnight hours last night for not offering us much relief during overnight hours skies are clear over san francisco and elsewhere across the bay area except for some light sprinkle activity that you're seeing right along the coastline. now this is not due to marine layer, this is the
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remnants of tropical moisture working its way up from the western coast of mexico that is actually bringing us the humid feel that you're getting along with this hot weather that we saw yesterday and are only going to see more of today so there's that low pressure area that's bringing those couple of showers that you're seeing off shore that's not going to be anything widespread what you are going to feel as the humid conditions from that humidity backs off in the days to come as this ridge of high pressure begins to build back in. he's going to stay around it's going to be a drier heat at least, but we are going to see hot weather remaining and that's why we have excessive heat warnings for many of our inland counties, these pink areas that have highlighted in alameda contra costa. santa clara counties as well as all across the north bay are these areas where we're going to see highs in excess of a 100 degrees warm nights as well so not a lot of overnight relief. the heat advisories in orange all the way up to the coastline. just how hot are we going to be today 70's and 80's for san francisco with mission in financial districts. well into the
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mid-eighties at 86 degrees for highs today 70's and 80's along the shoreline with daly city at 80 half moon bay at 79. burlingame millbrae 90's for you solid 90's and san mateo san carlos woodside mountain view in the south bay, not just 90's but triple digit saratoga campbell let's get to some morgan hill all at or above 100 degrees, san jose close at 99. tri valley temperatures well into the triple digits to with fremont union city and hayward well into the 90's. san leandro at 95 oakland that 91 today concord in danville at 107 degrees for your daytime highs and really painful up in vacaville at one 10 fairfield at one o 9 pittsburg antioch napa sonoma even on over towards the nevado all triple digits. santa rosa petaluma ines sandra fell in the upper 90's tomorrow. we keep the triple digits around inland likely not to be quite as hot as today, but still excessively hot will still be under those warnings sunday
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will be our coolest one of the weekend but still hot with highs well into the 90's inland. monday tuesday and wednesday of next week temperatures likely to build yet again. we are like to see the return of triple digits early next week. so this is not a forecast that is offering up relief anytime soon definitely get ready for some hotter weather in pretty quickly here as temperatures warm up fast today. james all right, thank you very much john. so here's a quick check of the bay bridge traffic cameras we look at your commute conditions this morning still pretty early it's only 4.45 so. >>no surprise we have light traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems westbound 80 heading in the san francisco, there is an issue on northbound 8.80 right near the 5th street 5th avenue off-ramp looks like we've got at least one vehicle into the wall blocking a couple lanes of the off-ramp so other than that though you're right on 8.80 looks pretty good from here, let's go to the golden gate bridge. the one southbound right as you can see here looking all right we've got a few blinking lights in the distance that's
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just siege be helping with some overnight road work there with construction crews that should clear up before the morning commute gets underway. so far so good on your one o one right. the richmond sandra fell bridge looking pretty good here too we've got west bound 5.80 commuters making good time from richmond. out towards sandra fell. more weather and traffic checks in a bit as for the headlines, let's talk more about the grim prediction from the cdc. it's now predicting that about a 189,000 americans will die because of covid-19 by september 5th that's in less than a month's time. this graph shows the current tally is for covid-19 cases and deaths across the u.s.. johns hopkins university calculates more than 167,000 people have died from the virus. so far and with close to 1500 deaths thursday was the deadliest day of the crisis since may as whitney wild reports the escalating health crisis is also fueling a feud on the campaign trail. >>after a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic joe biden is advocating a national mask
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mandate every single american. >>should be wearing a mask. >>when they're outside president trump blasting biden's plan. >>well joe biden has been playing politics from the sidelines. he has no clue. president trump says the commander in chief can't compel people to wear masks if the president has the unilateral power to order every single citizen to cover their face an. >>nearly all instances. what are the powers does he have instead it's up to the governors to decide what happens in their state because the american people and the governors want to do the right thing. to make this more decisions and ah. joe doesn't more than 75% of states along with washington dc and puerto rico have some kind of mask requirement in place every governor should mandate. >>mandatory mask-wearing. >>still wearing a face covering has become political despite the science proving its effectiveness be a
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patriot. >>protect your fellow citizens, the director of the centers for disease control and prevention warns this could be the worst fall. >>public health perspective we've ever had if at least 95% of americans don't follow the recommendations like social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks we've all got to do it in washington whitney wild kron 4 news. >>well president trump is urging college football to play on despite the threat of coronavirus major conferences like the big 10 and the pac 12 already canceled their seasons. but a number of other conferences are still scheduled to play washington correspondent morgan wright reports. >>get out there and play football regardless of the pandemic president trump says he wants college football programs back on the field this fall. these are young strong people. they want to have a big problem with the china virus. but the big 10 and pac, 12 conferences are willing to accept the risks
4:50 am
and have already canceled their seasons in some more world. >>decision and what is the best of the health of all those involved lisa delpy near adea sports management professor says it's a major blow for fans and schools, but she doesn't think players bound for the nfl need to worry those players have already most likely been identified there still is a chance fans could enjoy some college football. this fall as other major conferences like the acc sec and big 12. >>currently planned to play on that i really hope that they don't regret connecticut senator richard blumenthal says he worries play this fall is an example of the nc double a exploiting its student athletes some of them now fear for their lives and mister endemic was. >>their teens are conference is designed by when they may have conditions that make them vulnerable blumenthal says the college athletes bill of rights he introduced what addresses health concerns also guarantee fair compensation
4:51 am
and improve educational opportunities for all college athletes, reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>well president trump appears to be pushing a fake theory that senator kamala harris is not from this country and therefore not eligible to be vice president senator harris was born in oakland and is constitutionally eligible to be vice president but during a news conference yesterday, the president referred to an article in newsweek that question harris's eligibility so i just heard that i heard it. >>today. that she doesn't meet the >>and by the way the road that peace is a very highly qualified very talented. a lawyer. i have no idea that you and i would have i would have assumed the democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president. >>senator harris, his parents are from jamaica and india. if elected she'd be the first black and asian american vice president. the last time trump floated a birth or conspiracy of course he falsely claimed that president barack obama wasn't born in the u.s..
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>>all right a live look outside at san francisco international airport as we go we've got a quick look here at well, not so much in way of fog, john's been saying it's more high pressure and hot temperatures that will be impacting us going forward the next handful of days to just and keep that in mind it's going to be a scorcher of an afternoon.
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>>all right we're back at 4.54, let's get a quick look at the weather with john trouble in the weather center morning john good morning james, not the most fun forecast to be talking about yesterday was already a hot one but today is really going to be the real scorcher here, let's get a look at where temperatures are heading this afternoon a lot of triple digits on the map today concord at one '07 for your afternoon high. napa novato antioch livermore and morgan hill, each joining you in the triple digits today 90's along the east shore hayward in oakland right there along the east shore of the bay in the 90's with hayward at 97, san jose 99 today, even san francisco checking in with some mid to upper 80's in mission in financial districts didn't see a lot of overnight cooling last night that setting us up for a really warm start to this morning. we have some of our inland areas just below 80 degrees right now in land area starting off the morning, warm and are going to be hot towards the afternoon. there's your triple digits already by 03:00pm extreme excessive heat
4:56 am
warnings in effect for our inland areas with heat advisories right along the bay you can easily see why. this is just the start of it all too as more and more heat is expected through the rest of the weekend. and even into early next week. james all right, thank you very much john. >>a 56 coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news temperatures as john just mentioned are going to soar across much of the bay area we're going to have live details on cooling centers and just how hot. it's expected to get. plus preparing for possible power outages during this extreme heat wave, we've got more information on what pg news asking you to do to prevent sparking wildfires and the south bay kaiser is looking for volunteers to participate in a covid-19 vaccine study explains how you can participate if you're interested.
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what're we talkin about... that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty! (whispers) gimme. (confused) give me the bag? get hefty ultra strong at a low price >>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>morning and thanks for joining us on a friday i never mess that up i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and boy we've got lots to talk about this hour did you see how hot did you feel how hot it well, i'm ready. yes, yeah that was bad enough i know as oh yes, and it was 50 to at on the
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east more on the way i suppose let's get right to the weather center we've got team coverage by the way will tran is out there keeping an eye on cooling centers that are going to be open today. we also bring a harvey tracking pg e's response to all this the potential for maybe some power loss we'll have to see john well versed not china fund guys nothing about talking about this triple digit heat is going to make any of us happy today don't think you're looking outside and a clear morning. there's definitely no marine layer to spare us from the heat. >>we do have some pretty humid conditions though as we are seeing the remnants of a tropical system pushing on into the bay, so it's hot and it's humid things you like to avoid here in the bay area 60's and 70's were temperatures are at currently antioch not really cooling much overnight, you're just below 80 degrees that makes it worse you want those windows open to let that cool air in not getting much of that during overnight hours livermore 75 right now while also in the 70's for hayward and oakland as i mentioned it's very humid most notably


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