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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 18, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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our top story tonight--fires burning out of control in several bay area counties. the áhennessey fireá in napa county exploded to 27-hundred acres near álake hennessey.á the ágamble fireá also sparked yesterday--- near álake berryessaá and has now burned 5,000 acres.the third fire ----the á15-10 fireá is burning near áputah creek bridge and berryessa knoxville road.á that fire has charred some 45-hundred acres. in san mateo county we have the áaugust lightning complexá... in the east bay---the ás-c-u lightning complexá---spans across several counties. both of complexes---have forced ácal fireá to issue mandatory evacuation orders. (pam)we told you about mandatory evacuations in napa,
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alameda, and contra costa. there are also mandatory order tonight in san mateo county where another group of fast- spreading wildfires are growing in size...the order covers butano state park area including barranca knolls community...pescadero high school is the evacuation center for that area.also included in the order is pescadero creek county park areathose in the loma mar and the dearborn park areas are also ordered to leave. we will continue to monitor those fires here on kron 4,but for more current temperatures and conditions fueling the fires, we go to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow..
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our big story tonight, the power demand and rolling blackouts in the state.the state has an available capacity of about 50-thousand mega watts. the current demand is 45- thousand mega watts. this is still a stage two emergency.. if conditions hit stage three.. that is when
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officials call for rotating black outs.officials are calling on people to conserve power as much as possible.. after the first night of the virtual democratic national convention last night republicans are going on offense. washington, d.c. correspondent trevor shirley reports on the g-o-p's effort to push back against the d-n-c's message .... and that high-profile speech by a former first lady. michelle obama made one thing clear last night-- "he simply cannot be who we need him to be for us." she does not think president trump can handle the job.... "he is clearly in over his head." "she was over her head"the president fired back at the former first lady, during a ceremony to honor the one hundredth anniversary of women's right to vote. "i thought it was a very divisive speech, extremely divisive." the president also went after obama for pre-recording the speech. "and frankly she should have made the speech live, which she
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didn't do, she taped it." "because she had the wrong deaths, she didn't even mention the vice presidential candidate." coronavirus deaths increased by more than 20- thousand since obama recorded her remarks.... democrats also used monday night's broadcast to try to win over republican voters who might be unhappy with president trump. "im a lifelong republican, but that attachment holds second place to my responsibility to my country." former ohio republican governor john kasich was part of that effort by democrats to get disgruntled gop-ers on board for joe biden. "that's why i've chosen to appear for this convention." kasich's appearance was derided by gop chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, who on twitter called republicans like him "hillary supporters" and said the "never trumpers" don't matter.reporting in washington, im trevor shirley. and happening now, we are streaming all the main convention speeches on kron-on. make sure you download the
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kron-on app .. to stay updated. the u-s recorded the lowest daily number of new coronavirus cases in two months. as of monday, the u.s. recorded an average of 49,100 new cases per day.. that number is down from 65,000 per day in july. however, the death toll continues to climb to more than 171-thousand.. that is an average of 1000 deaths per day. california health secretary dr. mark ghaly gave an update today on the state's coronavirus numbers... and how california is preparing for flu season. following two weeks of decline in hospitalization s, california saw a áslightá increase this week, with 86 people sent to the hospital between sunday and monday. the state saw more than 4-thousand new cases monday... and 100 new deaths. as for the upcoming flu season, dr. ghaly reminded the public to get the flu vaccine ... and to continue
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to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. coming up... the c-d-c is now enacting a new program to monitor the spread of covid-19 in sewage water... details ahead on what sewage water can tell us... about the spread of the virus. and after the break what a u-c davis study is saying about coronavirus spread and old tissues!
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dust particles may be able to carry and spread the flu and perhaps other viruses -- such as coronavirus... that's what a new study indicates .. u-c davis researchers reported the results today.. in the journal nature communications. studies using guinea pigs showed, the animals could infect one another through virus painted onto their fur. also, tissues soaked with virus and allowed to dry... could send off possibly infectious particles when crumpled. researchers say... that means, dried influenza virus remains viable in the environment for a period of time -- on things such as tissues.this has implications for coronavirus, because like the flu, it is a respiratory virus. the c-d-c has launched a new program that will help monitor the spread of covid-19 .... using sewage. this comes, as studies show, the virus can be found in feces from people who are sick.... and also from people who do not yet have covid-19 symptoms.
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the system will help local public health leaders .... better understand the extent of the spread of the pandemic in their communities. sewage from house and workplaces will be able to be tested for genetic material from covid 19. (pam) next... the river fire in monterey county has reached over 4000- acres causing evacations and destroying homes in its path. a family shares their story of losing it all.
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evacuation orders are in place for several communities across the bay area ---- as wildfires continue to burn out of control tonight. in the north bay..sonoma county just issued new evacuation orders. they cover the following areas...south of stewarts point and skaggs springs road...west of west dry creek road and westside road...north of sweetwater springs road and mc-cray ridge road...and east of the east austin creek.... (pam) and we are getting reports of smoky skies in parts of the bay area. this is video out of santa can see the smoky skies... and ash falling. that can be a big problem for
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people with respiratory issues.. we want to take a live look at san francisco international airport... air quality is not looking good. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here now with one more look at weather.
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we are also tracking the 'river fire' in salinas .... it has burned over 4000- acres. one family in the area lost their home ..... a place they never planned to leave. kyla linville reports. --reporter pkg-as follows-- voice of efrain ruiz/lost home in river fire"in nine minutes, it took away six years of hard work on that house to get it where it was. it's our dream house."efrain ruiz recalls the final moments leading up to his family's departure from their home.that was taken in a flash by the river fire.voice of efrain ruiz/lost home in river fire"i called a few friends to come out and help us. started packing up some stuff. my wife had some friends come over and help." "before you know it, the flame was over the hill and we got
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out of there as fast as could." "by the time we got to the bottom, it was fully engulfed." still processing what's happened, ruiz didn't want to show his face on camera fortunately... he, his wife and two young children made it out safely and are staying with family.among everything theyve endured, ruiz says the hardest part of all this will be breaking the news to his three year old daughter.voice of efrain ruiz/lost home in river fire"she's going to want to go home and i'm going to have to explain to her we can't go home because there is no home.""i feel like i'm dreaming. like i'm going to wake up and i'm going to be in my house.""i hope i wake up and i'm in my home and this never really happened." that was kyla linville reporting. ruiz says, what also makes this difficult to process.... is that they never planned to move out of this house. it was a place they were hoping to raise and grow their family. in los angeles county,police have arrested this man áosmin palenciaá ....
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for suspected arson in the ranch fire that has burned almost four -thousand acres. the county district attorney's office has charged palencia with one felony count each .... of arson during a state of emergency .... and arson of a structure or forest. the fire prompted mandatory evacuations - and as of today - is only 19-percent contained. the first place a's... up by 3 games in the american league west... were in the desert again... taking on the arizona diamondbacks after losing last night on the final at-bat of the game... and again... despite the 113- degree heat in phoenix... the roof was open at chase field... whew!....>nick ahmed's bat was certainly hot...the d'backs shortstop made a crucial error last night that allowed the a's to tie the game... but today he
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went deep off frankie montas in the 1st for a 3-run home run... arizona scored 5 times in the frame to take control early.....>bottom 2nd... ahmed lines the first pitch from lou trivino... 2 runs score... 8-1 d'backs... this one was over early.....>final score... 10-1 arizona... montas gave up 9 runs in only an inning and 2/3's... the a's come home to play the d'backs again... tomorrow night at the coliseum.....> meanwhile... the giants doing a little social distancing in anaheim.....>how about some panda power?... pablo sandoval... turns on a pitch up at his eyes... it's not often you see him hit a homer from the right side... but that one is gone for a 2-run jack...>bottom 2nd... runners at 2nd and 3rd... david fletcher... with a sinking fly ball... looks like it will score a couple of runs.. but mike yastzremski makes a great diving catch to end the inning... yaz also homered in the game.....>giants roll from there... they win 8-2...san
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francisco comes back to oracle park to play the angels.... tomorrow night coming up next, the message an elderly couple has ... after finding love while in their assisted living facility.
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it is never too late to find love .... even in the time of coronavirus. a brooklyn couple in their 70's say, the pandemic brought them
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together. monica morales has their unique love story. (nats instagram video)first the balloons...(nats)then the bling.and he sealed the deal with a kiss .76-year-old jeffery miller popped the question to his true love 71- year-old gloria alexis, on august 6th surrounded by staff and friends, where they live, here at the amber court assisted living facility in canarsie.jeffrey miller: "there's something about her that makes me happy."we met the couple monday and they are completely smitten. (nats-smooch)miller says they have quite a love story.they met at the facility, have been friends for three years.staff tells us they are inseparable. during the pandemic, alexis got sick, and had complications with her kidneys. miller said that's when he realized he loved her jeffrey miller: "i told her when she was in the hospital, i have a surprise for her." miller says it was the thought of losing her that was too much to the world
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seemed uncertain, one thing became more and more clear to him.alexis was the love of his life. and he better put a ring on it. jeffrey miller: "i love her."gloria alexis: "he can't live without me."their message to others looking for love during the pandemic. jeffrey miller: "you are never too old to find love . im 76, she's 71, never give up. keep the faith. you will always find love out there." --tag--the couple say they have two big things in common--they love their families and watching t-v together.they plan to get married in september and their family and friends are all invited.and friends their family september and get married in they plan to together.they plan to get married in september and and friends are all invited. that was monica morales reporting.. today marks a very special and important anniversary in the u-s -- 100 years since women got the right to vote. the constitution's 19th amendment was ratified on august 18th, 19-20. the house of representatives and u.s. senate had approved the amendment the previous year -- sending it to the states for ratification. the push for women's suffrage had been underway for years -- starting
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in the mid-19th century. the long, brave fight for change culminated in the drafting, passage, and ratification of the 19th amendment. that wraps up kron4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station.
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what is it like being a guest on ellen? wait until you hear what this woman says happened behind the scenes when she was plucked out of the audience. >> definitely was humiliating. then, plane trip from hell. >> stuck on the tarmac for seven hours in the middle of a pandemic. >> this ain't right. we have people's lives in the balance here. plus, the story behind michelle's necklace and what the president is saying about that scathing speech. >> it is what it is. and violence across america. >> the apple store and whole foods targeted. uproar over what happened when this man


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