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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 24, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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destructive fire in the damage from that fire on your left the czu lightning complex fires, burning down homes and send the tale and santa cruz counties and then on the right you can see the damage caused by the l a new lightning complex fire which has forced thousands of people to evacuate in the north bay. very good monday morning to you thanks so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news on marty gonzales and i'm robin winston let's begin with a look at where the fires are burning across the bay area this morning once again we have it all mapped out for you. >>talk about your screen at the top is the l in new lightning complex fire. >>keep in mind that that's the largest in size burning more than 347,000 acres in total so far the scu lightning complex fire in the east bay has scorched nearly 344,000 acres and contra costa alameda santa clara status, la and san joaquin counties and then at the bottom of your screen. the bottom of the map there is the czu august lightning complex fire that's in san mateo and
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santa cruz county. >>let's zoom in now on the czu lightning complex fire. you take a look at this map on your screen. the red line shows the outline of the fire and it has grown so much you can see that spread now to the coastline. new this morning that fires turned deadly a 70 year-old man was found the body of 7 year-old man was found in the last chance area of santa cruz county kron four's will tran live this morning at the cal fire base camp that's a scotts valley. he has the latest will. >>marty so far right now as of the update yesterday at around 11 o'clock last night 74,000 acres have burned for this fire. we do know that at least 131 structures have gone up in flames with many others damaged. we expect a news conference in one hour from now they have thousands of firefighters spread throughout california. the moving forward the biggest challenge will be the resources heading to this
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location. yes, very dry very smoky. but the good news is i did not see any lightning strikes that's the fear in the overnight hours the dried lightning, not accompanied by any rain and we do know that this fire just like many other fires were started because of lightning strikes that took place 8 days ago. now this fire not only has it turned deadly. it has been very destructive a destructive of course it has burned through big basin redwoods state just race through there as firefighters are scrambling to try to save lives and try to save homes, but it went pretty much unimpeded for a while because it was in such a ragged hard to reach area that their biggest concern mardy and robin as you know their first priority whenever the attack of fire. it's to save lives and unfortunately this state as hard as they try they could not say that state park in santa cruz county. it is also ripped through many residential areas, many people
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have been told to evacuate. others have been told to get ready to evacuate the latest numbers only 8% containment. it's so it's not even double digits at this point hopefully that will go up and we get an update in about 15 minutes from now we do know that at least 3 people are unaccounted for and a handful of people have been injured fortunately we're not hearing of any major injuries, however, 2 firefighters keep it here. once a news conference begins at 6 o'clock he will carry that live for you back to you. >>and we've had reports of some some light showers or sprinkles around the area. do you notice or have you seen any rain where you are as the ground wet. >>no rain at this time actually it's a little bit humid at this time i was looking up at the sky because i know that dry lightning was a major concern and i was going through the santa cruz mountains and i did not see any lightning strikes. no rain whatsoever but very smoky
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conditions. i think this is reminiscent and i covered the fire 3 years ago in santa rosa. that's breathing conditions very reminiscent of that horrible fire that we saw 3 years ago marty all right, thanks a lot. we'll that's will trend. >>from the south bay this morning. now let's continue our team coverage on the lnu complex fires burning now in the north bay. >>take a look at this map that shows where the complex of fires are burning in sonoma napa and solano counties it's outlined in red on your screen. so far at least 4 people have been killed in those fires for others have been injured. kron 4 sarah stinson reporting live for us near healdsburg where the fire is now threatening homes, sarah. >>yeah i live in sonoma county where firefighters have been working all weekend long to try and contain the wall bridge fire and they are working hard, but it's still only 5% contained. take a look at video from yesterday you can see sort of the strategy that firefighters are taking
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their fighting fire with fire and they are back burning to make sure that it doesn't continue burning towards the nearby communities such as winds are healdsburg. >>you know santa rosa calistoga so many communities in this area that have been you know. threatened by this fire that is why there's been a lot of evacuation orders a lot of evacuation warnings and the weather forecast through tomorrow. >>has caused some concern for cal fire they said it's calling for dry lightning and thunderstorms that could cause erratic winds extreme fire behavior within the existing fires putting in different directions and it could it has have potential to start new fires so that is they're really on high alert they're fighting it rapidly trying to get it to stop and make sure they have it under control in case things do erratic in crazy now we did catch up with a person who was evacuated at the evacuation center in and
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they said they're glad they got out when they did. >>i stayed a couple extra days i floated much truck with all my tools and everything and waited a little bit and then it's are coming over the hill, the house going to so and to go you know, i feel really bad for the people that have lost homes and you know we're going to go back and there's places going to be there so it is hard enough like this, but if you go there's all your stuff in your house. the environment right now. and my opinion you know it's. and needs we've taken care of better. >>it's very true. some people will go home to no home at all it is devastating to see we know in the entire l a new lightning complex 871 structures have been destroyed in right now about 30,500 structures are threatened because this fire is burning in a very remote area. i mean that's kind of a benefit but the problem is when it burns
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towards the non remote areas, the communities nearby and that's what they've been trying to avoid but as we saw on friday when it just burns southeast and rips through a neighborhood there near healdsburg that can happens that's what they're trying to avoid stay tune. this morning obviously it's dark out right now we're hoping to get a good view of this firefight in see where they're at and this morning for now live in sonoma county sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right sir, thanks a lot for that live report we'll be checking in with sarah throughout the morning. now a wildfire coverage continues in the east and south bay's. take a look at the map on your screen that's outlined in red it shows where the scu lightning complex fires are burning now in alameda contra costa santa clara. and san joaquin counties. flames from those fires have burned more than 343,000 acres just 10% containment this morning, 4 people have been hurt in those fires and fry 5 structures destroyed. all told more than 20,000 other structures are
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being threatened. kron four's dan thorn has the latest. >>thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes in the eastern area of morgan hill fire continues to burn in the area of henry coe state park threatening several communities we saw lines of cars racing up to him coming back from their homes and jackson oaks holiday lake estates and along thomas grade people understandably on edge cars and trucks loaded up with anything people could grab. evacuation orders were issued because of a change in weather including wind which had helped the fire spread or send embers into these areas most of these homes are in hilly rural terrain. firefighters right now fighting the fire just east of these communities at 5 o'clock on sunday police were forced to close the road along east dunn avenue and we're turning people away from going up because of potential danger city officials saying staying behind is not worth the risk. >>as we look at what's happened in some of the other areas here in our state the past few years. want to take a chance.
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>>many of the evacuees worried about leaving their homes concerned that once they come back there might not be a house there anymore. >>a tactic. we are facing try to pack up all the pictures and stuff like that. yeah we've got to we've got to get going up their living in california. >>you know experiencing wildfires is certainly a obviously up where we live. they're in the hills police have continued to block residents from going back up into these areas, not only for their safety but to prevent other people from going up and stealing evacuees are being told to go to and some high school where there are resources available to people there and also to follow online at morgan hills city government website where there will be more information on other orders and other warnings reporting in morgan hill dan thorn kron 4 news. >>we have an interactive map on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com and actually shows all of the fires that are actively burning and the location of all of the
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evacuation centers, it's very helpful. we also have a list of up to date evacuation orders and warnings on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. >>and we continue to follow breaking news, the fires that are burning out of control across the bay area this morning. those fires of course having a major impact on air quality here that's going to show you of just how bad the air quality is through this map. now the darker the color, the worse the air quality and the worst air right now is in the east bay, especially in the tri valley area want to go ahead and get a check on the air quality would days far in the weather center day we had a little bit sprinkles over the over the overnight hours. that's going to help a little bit i would guess a well yeah and it would and if i'm right now we can't deal with winds winds would also clear it out to i think it's going to be more of a gradual pattern is what it looks like in terms of this. >>one thing we can say is we've had some light rain showers across the region overnight that didn't come with lightning. so that's the good type of rain to get and certainly could use the rain.
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what it appears like going forward is we're not going to get much more in the way of rain in fact the skies opening up. and that may provide instability going on upstairs to drive some dry lightning because the rain when ever reach the ground. here's the latest we have going on in stormtracker for a couple of lines you'll notice that the sonoma county. another batch will be here to a napa county it looks like that's going to be the focal point of anything that goes on will be large in the north bay. a little bit in portions of the east than peninsula, but it's going to be those points north is where most of the action today will be and certainly with the rain. that's been going on last night that's what's lingering as we speak. do still have the red flag warning that's in place it covers the entire bay with the exception of solano county. again without possibility of dry lightning and again those skies should open up. pretty quickly going on into this a late morning live shot for the golden gate bridge. this is the kind of moisture we really could use that the surface. it's not penetrating very far inland however, yet tomorrow
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probably will and that's going to help kind of settle things down a little bit better once we get rid of some of this tropical air that a lot because that tends to drive the atmosphere make it crazy that 71 going on at 09:00am by high new word, 86, we'll cover your forecast coming up in just a little bit marty all right dave thanks a lot. >>well, still ahead another police shooting leads to violent protests overnight. we'll show you what led up to that shooting that's coming up after the break. and as we head to break we're taking a look at the damage caused by the czu lightning complex fire in santa cruz and san mateo counties oh look at these photos they're just a heartbreaking this from boulder creek. so many homes reduced to rubble and ash as that fire continues to spread this morning.
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so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. >>welcome back everyone out to a big national story that we're following for you this morning outrage and protests in wisconsin. after an unarmed black man was shot by police 7 times in the back the shooting was captured on video but we must warn you. the video may be upsetting to some viewers. this happened yesterday and kenosha wisconsin, which is about 40 miles south of milwaukee. police responding to a domestic incident at a
5:16 am
home the victim 29 year-old jacob lake he's in serious condition at the hospital this milwaukee. and here is video of the that erupted overnight near the scene of the police shooting. police clash with protesters who are denouncing the police and police brutality. state officials are now investigating the shooting. >>and it's the republicans turn to make their case for the trump pence ticket the republican national convention gets underway tonight in a scaled down fashion karin caifa is in washington where most of the activity will take place this week. >>preparations at the white house for the convention spotlight, including the newly renovated rose garden where first lady melania trump will speak tuesday. and the south lawn where president trump will give his acceptance speech thursday offering a rebuttal to the democrats last week i think you're going to see a very hopeful. >>version for a vision for america that he's going to be unleashing you're going to see a real diversity, the republican party that he's built a president trump has been very involved in a fast
5:17 am
evolution of our nc programming over the last few weeks. >>since he announced in late july he would not travel to jacksonville florida for a speech. he said to want more live programming and fewer taped segments than the democrats and a greater focus on everyday americans democrats during their convention blasted the trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic he's failed to protect america. the trump campaign characterized the dnc is dark and republicans say they'll cast trump's pandemic response very differently that is something that many americans most americans and many voters will be concerned about. >>and the president has been leading the nation in this effort and americans can see that president trump is expected to make an appearance every night of the convention. >>in washington, i'm karin caifa. >>and in newly released audio president trump sisters reportedly heard calling him cruel and phony. she also accuses him of line. the president's niece mary trump claims to have secretly recorded her aunt, maryanne trump barry in 2018 2019
5:18 am
washington post first obtained the transcripts and the audio from mary trump who recently released a book that criticizes the president barry's more critical comments focus on how her brother has operated as president. >>good good he really it changed his story is a lack of preparation. the only. >>well barry is a retired federal appellate judge who has never spoken out publicly about disagreements with her brother the president. but the audio seems to tell a different story mary trump has made it clear from her book and the release of this audio that she's had major differences with her uncle president donald trump white house issued a statement on saturday night saying that while not everyone agrees with the president. he does continue to work hard for the american people. >>white house adviser kellyanne conway is saying goodbye to the trump administration conway says she'll be leaving her post at
5:19 am
the end of the month citing family as a reason for her departure. her husband george conway who works for an anti trump republican group called the lincoln project, we'll also be leaving his position. kellyanne conway is scheduled to speak of this week's republican national convention. but it's unclear if that's still on the agenda. well let's get an update on today's forecast we have some wet weather in store, let's check in with dave ward see how it's shaping up days robin good morning, good morning. everybody we jumped quickly to the radar here we have the set so that if we start seeing lightning strikes will see it up here. >>right now again that's been quiet that's good we're getting some rain up we'll take that as well. >>there you see where the latest bands are basically north of marion county, little batch of air to sonoma county also in napa county little bit of collection around the label looks like as well for the start and coupled with this at the surface we're getting a little bit of that marine layer i e e fog which looks like it's starting to clear out a little bit from this vantage point it looks like that fog will take care of
5:20 am
itself fairly quickly it's not as intense. as what we're going to see tomorrow. so that's not good. that's another reason for the concern with the marine layer evaporated quickly, no delays at sfo by the way temperatures holding in the 60's for now 74, antioch 67 meanwhile for san jose. now as we watch this and future cast for not a whole lot happens it kind of clears out pretty quickly but that just provides the sun to come out to provide energy to spark a potentially an isolated dry lightning thunderstorm that being the fact of that we have so much dry air at the surface any rain we get would evaporate during the day and we're just left with lightning speed a lot of dynamics upstairs that still possible overnight this marine layer comes back better and stronger and that will cover more territory spill into the inland valleys looks like by tomorrow and even by the afternoon tomorrow, it looks like our humidity levels will be increasing let's watch this as we go into motion. we have a little bit that recovery overnight gives us that marine layer up against the east bay hills and during the day today short dries off
5:21 am
a little bit for standing with numbers in the 30's in the 40's, not too bad on that front and that means also with sunshine too. this is what happens tomorrow morning more aggressive what the fog you can see by tomorrow afternoon now we're looking at 50's even some 60's so at the surface conditions are becoming more moist that's the direction we like to see. so for the low down today again we got the concern of some isolated thunder showers working their and perhaps a pop up isolated dry lightning events this afternoon again isolated then for this week pretty much the status quo event nothing really moves the weather patterns. so we'll see temperatures a little bit warmer than they are for this time of year with 80's and 90's pretty much covering us and more of the same expected as we head on to the weekend remaining dry too it looks like let's keep some clouds in there just for good measure, 73 for san francisco 78 for oakland, 88 san jose still looking at middle 90's in the far east bay up to the north bay most readings in the 80's 88 law for san jose. check and bay area roadways robin
5:22 am
phillips and what's happening there. hey folks need to slow their roll this morning on the slick roads around the bay area take it easy reduced or speed, especially on the on and off ramps. >>traffic heading into san francisco looking good moving well we are trouble free, hopefully it'll stay that way for you. this morning heading into san francisco. but if you're an early riser and early commuter come on in it's under 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze across the upper deck and over to fremont street, here's 92. it gets the award for the busiest bridge right now the crowding already starting here west of the toll plaza, it's mainly on the flat section is not going to be this crowded all the way across but we're good less than 30 minutes from the minutes to the bayshore martin ok robin thanks a lot coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the postmaster general be testifying in again in front of the house committee. >>to answer questions about the changes to the post office that could impact
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>>welcome back everyone happening today another congressional hearing for postmaster general lewis dejoy he'll be grilled about the changes that went into effect this summer that some say could hinder mellon voting this november. john lawrence has the latest. >>rally supporting the post office held in numerous cities, this weekend when >>why don't we stand. >>the protesters are upset with recent organizational changes postmaster general lewis dejoy implemented months
5:26 am
ahead of the 2020 election. it is a little bit disturbing to see the u.s. we touted as like a perfect democracy when this is happening critics of the joy and ally and supporter of president trump say these changes will hinder mail in voting. neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night. >>stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. but of course no one foresaw that any american president would willingly crowbar mail system to sway an election on saturday. the u.s. postal service got a vote of support from the house of representatives the yeas are 257. and the nays are a 150. the bill is passed. the bill would give the agency 25 billion dollars in reverse the actions that slow down mail delivery until the pandemic is over. >>however the usps released a statement sunday night saying parts of the bill while well-meaning will constrain the ability of the posial service to make operational changes that will improve efficiency reduce costs and
5:27 am
ultimately improve service to the american people. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>will tran life in santa cruz county in front of the command center mike hellfire this fire which has been burning for 8 days is not only destructive. ♪ book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at andso you're a smallheaded, choicbor a big one.ere. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together.
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>>and that breaking news this monday morning, the fires burning across the bay area have turned deadly. you're
5:30 am
looking at video that shows the most destructive damage from the fires on your left the czu lightning complex fires that have burned down homes in san mateo and santa cruz county and then on the right you can see the damage from the lnu lightning complex fire which has forced thousands of people to evacuate from the north bay. thanks a lot for staying with us at the half hour mark of the kron 4 morning news 04:05am, i'm marty gonzales and i'm robin winston let's begin with a look at where the fires are burning across the bay area this morning. so. >>check him out on your screen it's going to pop up there you go at the top as the lnu lightning complex fire. now that's the largest in size burning more than 347,000 acres in total, the scu lightning complex in the east bay has scorched nearly 344,000 acres in contra costa alameda santa clara status, la and san joaquin counties and then at the bottom of the map this the czu august lightning complex fire that's in san mateo and santa cruz county.
5:31 am
>>well now let's focus in on the czu lightning complex fire. you see the map on your screen. the in the outlined in red shows the outline of the fire and it is spread now to the coast. new this morning. the fire has turned deadly as a 70 year-old man the body of a 70 year-old man was found in the last chance area of santa cruz county kron four's will tran live for us this morning at the cal fire base camp. that's a scotts valley, he has the latest for us well. >>marty i keep looking over because i see more firefighters arriving to the scene because this fire is far from over only 8 percent contained at this moment we do expect a news conference to take place in about 30 minutes from now hopefully that number will go up and we will carry that news conference live when it happens as far as the fire, very destructive and you touched upon how it's turned deadly. let me show you video what the fire did over the weekend it has now destroyed big basin redwoods state park
5:32 am
in santa cruz county just chewed through that dry land did not see any dry lightning this morning but that is the fear moving forward as far as the acreage we're talking 74,000 acres that it's burned so far 24,000. structures are threatened at this time with more than a 131 structures, including homes of course have gone up in flames, dozens of others have damaged by the flames and we do know that 77,000 people have been evacuated from this fire along with the one fatality. they also are looking for 3 people unaccounted for this morning. so much going on there are checkpoints throughout this place and we talked about it over the weekend that looting now is a concern chp officers are patrolling this area just to keep a close eye on the neighborhoods and then over the weekend we also found out that a santa cruz county firefighter. he parked his car
5:33 am
in front of a fire station went to the front lines and that firefighter had his car broken into his wallet, stolen and information from his wallet was used by the people who broke into his car to drain his bank account so lots going on firefighters they are throwing as much as they possibly can at this fire given the amount of resources that they can possibly take there's so many other fires going on that moving forward the firefighters say they're battling 2 fronts this time one obviously is the fire. 2 is can we get more firefighters to be thrown at us. the good news is all the firefighters are already and they're maxed out marty robin that all the firefighters on the front line and they should there be a lightning strike on like what we saw 8 days ago, those firefighters are ready to go and pounce on that fire. back to you all right well, thanks a lot for that live report we'll continue to check in with well throughout the morning, robin. >>and moving in certain fire zones of such a big problem
5:34 am
that it's prompted a harsh warning from the santa cruz county district attorney. >>they'll burglarize your house take your property and i'm here to tell you i guarantee you. the district attorney's office is going to put the fairway of its authority and power behind the prosecution of those people. if you come to this county. if you come to these victimized communities. and you try to take advantage of them. and you are caught we are going to prosecute you to the full extent of the law. >>well the santa cruz sheriff's office says it is increasing patrols to prevent looting and officials say they will also prosecute businesses that take advantage of people with price county. well the lnu complex fire has been the deadliest and most destructive at least 4 people have been killed and 4 others injured. a fire has destroyed 871 structures and 234 structures have been damaged flames have scorched more than 347,000 acres and containment is only
5:35 am
a 21% this morning. a fire just continues to threaten homes west of the hillsborough area west of healdsburg. >>also in the north bay, the woodward fire in marine county has grown to nearly 2500 acres, it's 5% contained this morning. the flames continue to burn in a pool remote area of the point reyes national seashore the dense smoke is affecting marine and san francisco counties. 3 firefighters have been hurt, but we understand they will be okay. there are more than 1600 structures that are being threatened an evacuation warnings are in place for a number of communities in west branch. most places are closed to visitors and if you'd like more information just go to our website kron 4 dot com for the latest on the warnings and the closures. our wildfire coverage continues in the east and south bay's where you can see on your screen where the scu lightning complex fires are burning in alameda contra costa and santa clara and san joaquin counties. they burned more than 343,000 acres with
5:36 am
10% containment so far this morning, 4 people have been hurt in those fires and 5 structures destroyed. there are more than 20,000 other buildings that are being threatened. >>well we're getting some scattered showers around the bay area and we may see some isolated thunderstorm activity as well let's check in with dave spahr who is tracking the forecast 8. >>good morning. rob, good morning, everybody still have that fire danger with us the red flag warning in place till 5 today solano county technically, the only county not in this live shot coming in from the bay bridge toll plaza we are getting little fog and it's not real intense here but around the golden gate we can see it there and that's going to mix out fairly quickly. we did have some predawn showers march on through basically from north to south or from south to north. this is the kind of rain we like didn't come with much the way of lightning and you can see the rain up to the north a little collection there so watching it into motion you can see it coming from north to south from south to north clearing out in its wake a bit but that will
5:37 am
provide the atmosphere more energy once the sun joins us potentially a spark off some isolated dry lightning events there there we have 60's around the perimeter of the bay 70 far inland for antioch it looks like breaking the day down for you. it says sunny for all of this of course will be smoky skies and there is that isolated collection of clouds we can get tickets, sometimes the higher elevations, a little because you get some up sloping going on there and you might have an isolated dry thunder shower their work takes just a few strikes and boom you have problems an outflow winds. we have to watch for to marty all right dave. thank you we're going to to a break but first we want to show you. >>a camera just shows just the smoky haze that so many of us have been dealing with this is the smoke from the north fires that going on in the north bay our coverage continues right after the break.
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you know, if you turn on your subtitles... that's almost reading. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att >>all right time for bay area, baseball giants are hot they brought out the brooms for a 3 game sweep up over the d'backs at oracle park yesterday will pick up things in the 5th inning game tied my cues from ski hits a solo home run to the opposite way to left center field was the giants of byron's it goes in the bullpen has a great gift for yeah says his birthday he turned 30 yesterday and he gives himself a home run. turning now to the 7th that's alex going deep to a three-run home run almost gets into the water that would be all the giants need they would go on to win it 6 to one
5:41 am
it's the 6th straight win for the giants and up next are going to host the dodgers tomorrow night for allies. >>before the giants game yesterday, the team parted ways with longtime fan fan favorite hunter pence as pence was taken off the roster, the giants brought pence back in the offseason following his all-star season last year with the rangers. he had just 5 hits though this year tense of course, a big part of the giants world series championship teams. back in 2012 2014. across the bay, the a's were wrapping up a weekend series against the angels at the coliseum will go to the 6th inning. >>stephen piscotty would get things started with an rbi single to left field that was score chapman and then coming up, but sean murphy would tie it up with another right up the middle. this could now a score another run then it would go to answer an easy a's would end it all with a mark and a sac fly the drove home the winning run final score 5 for oakland the a's will hit the road to play the rangers tonight is. i'll be cheering
5:42 am
on the me too because i'm from oakland ca. >>all right before we have to break i want to show you this map from the bay area air quality management district. you can see just how bad the air quality is right now the dark color of course, the darker the color, the worst the air quality is we'll definitely keep an eye on this for you throughout the morning but just try and keep those doors and windows closed. >>try carpool and hop on mass transit if you can check in on i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>>welcome back everyone we saw rain and scotts valley and santa cruz county up there. it is this is video from the cal fire base camp. firefighters there of course still battling the czu fire and you can see the rain falling it helping out a little bit not a whole lot right also leaving the roads slick and leaving people pretty nervous about the possibility of lightning strikes. well let's take a look at this sunset, this is from a sell boat at the brisbane marina last night isn't that beautiful. the sky just all red and painful course that's from all the smoke and the wildfires so pretty sight to see, but of course. not good air quality around the bay area so far. >>no not at all and as the fires burn out of control this morning help is coming in from all over the country and as from far away as australia, steve large has the details. >>refueling time for this massive wyoming air national guard planes. now helping save the state of california. from
5:46 am
lightning sparked mega fires. this c one 30 water-dropping aircraft is now at the cal fire base at boland park. >>other out of state privately owned firefighting airplanes have also right to mcclellan. >>including the global supertanker. >>all part of the massive air attack to train game can team on the millions of acres burning. >>we've already received a 60 fire engines from neighboring from arizona washington. oregon, new mexico on the ground cal fire spokesperson, daniel berlant says fire engines are also arriving from out of state. >>and being deployed right to the fire lines or in the local fire stations to help with everyday calls for service, 96% of the cal fire fire engines that we have assigned here in california which is over 350. >>are committed to fires. so you can see just how committed
5:47 am
we are just how busy we are and so getting the state resources is critical. >>it all out attack on the massive california wildfires every firefighting resource in california is tool kit is already in use and then we have about 2 dozen more fire engines from from other states that are currently en route now more help is on the way. all right time to go ahead and get a check of the forecast one thing we've been watching all those lightning strikes dave's that's still an issue this morning. >>well, so perhaps with for today, good morning morning, good morning, everybody we haven't seen much going on however on the map which is good news. >>this being the low energy time of the day for the atmosphere at any rate once we get the sun out even though the skies opened up with that tropical moisture still a lot that can spark off potentially some dry lightning is what we're looking out for even though we'll see a lot of sun. there's little collection of some rain showers looks like in the southern solano county meanwhile other batch appeared
5:48 am
to sonoma county just north of moran and that's where the focal point of the year for most of the action the thinking thinking process will be up in the north a little bit off to the east bay and peninsula but points to the north is well we'll be watching for activity today live shot from sfo and no delays happening there. we did have some of that fog come back this morning. not quite the intensity though the we're going to see for tomorrow and that will be penetrating further inland, it looks like to throw some more moisture our way as we watch this into motion. it looks like the skies really open up for this afternoon. but again that's just daytime heating that could spark off again some dry lightning thunder showers there. we have the recovery. the marine layer for tomorrow morning and will moisten up some of those inland spots, it looks like into the afternoon tomorrow highs today, one '04 going on for fresno 99 for sacramento, one of 3 for bakersfield. bay area numbers will be double the double digits, definitely 73 going on for san francisco 79 for l a x and 86 meanwhile for san diego checking out of some forecast to get 73, san francisco, daly
5:49 am
city in pacifica at around 70 ish on the bay side upper 70's scratching at about 82 for burning game and out of the south we have sent carlos at 86 87 palo alto 82 for mountain view in the south bay upper 80's in place 95 from morgan hill 92 los gatos a 90 milpitas he's bay shoreline to the south into the lower middle 80's tri valley is looking at mid 90's 92 for dublin and conquer coming in at 9594 for walnut creek with 78 meanwhile for oakland. 92 fairfield very a vacaville of 94, 85 for napa sonoma at 9189 going on for santa rosa with upper 80's heading down south. in your 70 forecast we're going to stay in the lower 90's early on warming up to mid 90's pretty close to seasonality here. we don't see any major systems providing us with a good wind to help kind of clear out the atmosphere so we're kind of on a robot at least it will be dry in terms of drive from the dry lightning to kind of activity relatively uneventful check on
5:50 am
bay area bridges what's going on robin. >>well keep in mind that roads may be a little slick for some commuters. so this is just a reminder. i'll remind you a nag you throughout the morning just to watch your speed and slow down on the slick roads. but we have a full house at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to make your way into san francisco this morning. cash lanes fast track lanes carpool lanes are all stacked up and it's filling back beyond 8.80 overcrossing stretching out to west grand no problems this is just the start of your morning commute. it's going to get heavier the longer you wait so get out there now if you can under 15 minutes into san francisco off to the golden gate we go it's been covered in clouds this morning you may need the headlights and wipers with so far it's still smooth and at the limit so no problems coming in from the north bay to san francisco and i'll give you one more the richmond sandra fell picking up we definitely have more cars out there now compared to the last time we checked it, but no delays here at the pay gates, a quick easy trip into the north bay morning all right robin now to the latest on the
5:51 am
coronavirus pandemic as the fda just approved convalescent. >>plans but to treat covid-19 britt conway takes a look at how it works. today, i'm pleased to. >>make a truly historic announcement. the fda just issued emergency use authorization for a new treatment for covid-19 or a treatment known as convalescent plasma so what is it. well convalescent means anyone recovering from a disease fda commissioner stephen hahn explains plasma so plasma is the liquid portion of the book. >>that liquid portion contains the natural immunity that someone develops in response to an infection in this case covid-19 here's how the treatment works a needle will draw the donor's blood it will be pumped into a machine like this which separates plasma from the blood the plasmas that yellow liquid. >>then the blood gets pumped back into the donor and the plasma can be used on a patient who has covid-19 the day to continue to pan out a 100 people who are sick. this
5:52 am
covid-19. >>35 would have been saved because of the administration of a classmate to be clear though this is not a cure. this is not the same as an approval, but it's an authorization allows us to expand the access to this. >>hahn says doing that will help them gather more data and more plasma which is key doctor janet woodcock who is also with the fda says the donor pool is limited so as the pandemic goes away you'll have fewer people who can donate making it hard to standardize. >>hence the call on the fda's website to quote dramatically increase donations of convalescent plasma by the end of august britt conway kron 4 news. all right before we head to break we're heading outside to take a little peek at s f o no reports of any major delays right now, but it's definitely cloudy out there 59 degrees right now at sfo we'll be right back with your full
5:53 am
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the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. >>welcome back to kron 4 morning news, good morning everybody and we've had some overnight rain showers across the region without much the way of lightning which some good news. we'll take some of that moisture left over kind of frozen right here to give you an idea what's actually on storm tracker 4 don't see any flashes of lightning yet to deal with, but the possibility this afternoon is still there because it's with us. the red flag warning is in place for all the counties with the exception of solano county which is technically not in that live shot coming in from the golden gate bridge shows the marine layer is coming
5:56 am
back at least in parts of the bay area and pretty intense, it looks like from the shot here this is going to spill into those inland areas, a little better tomorrow 71 at 09:00am by high noon at 86 marty all right dave thanks a lot in napa county one woman stepping up to say thank you to the firefighters who are battling. >>the la new lightning complex fires and she's even bringing them a little gift. take a look. well more than 1800 firefighters are working to battle the lnu complex fires. this morning and we all we give them all our thanks absolutely we appreciate their hard work. >>coming up in the next hour 3 major complex fires are burning across the bay area for a week now we'll have the
5:57 am
latest on the efforts to contain the blaze plus team coverage on the containment numbers. and republicans are gearing up for the national convention that kicks off tonight but we can expect this week moving forward.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>3 a slow news stations. >>and that breaking news this monday morning, the fires burning across the bay area
6:00 am
have turned deadly. you're taking a look at video showing damage from the most destructive fires on your left is the czu lightning complex fires that burned down homes in san mateo and santa cruz counties on the right you can see the damage from the l a new lightning complex fires which has forced thousands of people to evacuate in the north bay. good morning. everybody, thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news on marty gonzales and i'm robin winston let's begin with a look at where the fires are burning all across the bay area. so we have a map for you check it out on your screen. >>at the top is the l a new lightning complex fire which is the largest and size burning more than 347,000 acres in total and then we have the scu lightning complex that's in the east bay and has scorched nearly 344,000 acres in contra costa. >>alameda santa clara status, la and san joaquin counties and then at the bottom of your your map here is the czu august lightning complex fire and that's


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