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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 28, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>with see a watch list on for the state of california and this color coded tiered system that's happening. the city of san francisco now considered in these substantial risk level tear the governor's plan coincides with san francisco announcing more businesses are allowed to reopen. but mayor london breed's office says the new plan by the state really won't change that much for the city right now beginning september first if you work and personal services in the be allowed to reopen for outdoor services the county health order allows for things like hair and nail salons to
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reopen. but both clients and providers they have to wear masks. although some business owners are feeling a somewhat good about this they're not sure it will all work in the long term. >>i don't know how that's going to work in the city because it's very there's a lot of hills, it's windy. and you know there's outside dining for restaurants and because the city is very calm path so we need have a plan in place and then implement it approved by the health department and then you know start from there. >>officials with the health department say outdoor gyms and fitness centers they can reopen beginning september 9th. the latest numbers on the virus there are 4400 new cases in the state. today 140 new deaths the bay area saw 870 new cases with alameda and santa clara county 8 reporting. more than 200 cases. there were 6 new local deaths from covid-19 and we do have details on our website kron 4 dot com. more than
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180,000 people have died from the virus and the and health experts are forecasting that thousands more will die within just a few weeks. the cdc says by september 19 3 weeks from tomorrow, as many as 200,000 people we'll have died from covid-19 thousands more deaths than projected just last week. the cdc facing a lot of criticism over its decision to ease testing guidelines. washington correspondent joe khaleel sat down with doctor deborah birx of the white house coronavirus task force to learn more about the changes. >>lawmakers are slamming the centers for disease control for changing its guidelines on testing the cdc for the oval office to determining. what the criteria are for someone to be tested the new guidelines say those who knowingly come in contact with somebody covid positive don't necessarily need to get it asked house speaker nancy
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pelosi says the white house and the cdc are discouraging testing president doesn't want any more tests because that tells us that we have more cases. how unscientific is that you don't think in the new guidelines run counter to everything else that we've been. >>hold for 4 months about asymptomatic spread asymptomatic spread hers. >>it's very important to find it when you are in the red and yellow zones we need widespread testing in those communities doctor deborah birx a member of the white house coronavirus task force says the cdc guidelines are meant to make the most vulnerable people a priority. >>what we want to be sure going into the fall as those with symptoms that are most likely to have a more difficult course are diagnosed first burke says despite the language of the guidelines, the task force is working to increase testing will see over the next couple of really expansion of the federal government supporting and bringing to states point of care testing cdc director
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doctor robert redfield released a statement thursday backtracking from the guidelines saying testing may be considered for all close contacts of confirmed or probable covid-19 patients in washington, i'm joe khaleel. another big story we're following the storm named laura it's now been downgraded to a tropical depression it's making its way across the south towards the atlantic. it promises not only heavy rain and flooding. >>but there will be a risk of tornadoes. laura leaving behind a trail of destruction from the into arkansas, at least 13 people that we know of have been killed and that texas and louisiana, hundreds of thousands of people still don't have power and with air conditioning out and water cut in many places people are also facing a heat advisory for many the focuis turning to the cleanup. >>very overwhelming you know, and you know. by laws they live here. notes first bought the property has been his
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family for. >>since the 40's when they say to leave leave this it's it's it's going to be worth the long run. >>the better business bureau is warning people to be careful about storm related scams before making a donation. they say make sure the charity is legitimate ask for details ask a lot of questions red flags include vague statements about how the money will be spent and claims that 100% of the donations will be sent directly to victims and their families. >>with me a virtual conventions now wrapped up the next big set piece in the presidential campaign will be the debates they began in late september. >>i asked some of our political analysts what they think about the fact that house speaker nancy pelosi has suggested the joe biden skipped the usual debate format some critics argue democrats are now concerned about how biden would fare in a tough debate.
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>>they should not change the format we want to see the gloves off of me and the american people are and about you know i will say i kept i think it's interesting that now we hear the speaker say things like the debate format should be changed. i will say even from an objective point of view i have high respect for the vice and what he's done and civil rights and what not but i have to tell you it's been very evident to anyone with eyes in years there's seriously been that cognitively there some issues easiest made disparaging comments about the african american community perhaps one or 2 that you may not even met. he's just made certain statements that would call into question. i would say his whole candidacy but i would say call into question his ability to answer tough questions on the fly and to be people in general and you know michael is not going to stay here. he agrees, but you know i think anybody with eyes in years and a conscience and say
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that holistic. >>you just can't say things like that and not understand that there are people psychiatry us around this country who believe the president suffers from severe cognitive defects when use think about some of the some of the situations that he's been in where you see his hands trembling and you can't walk down the store or you can't stand up straight with us and canada were talking about the substance of what it is and whether someone is competent to lead to lead this country. >>and i rather doubt that kind of debate that kind of that kind of discussion. >>in whatever you want to call that format. then what is going to happen which is. present troubles are playing that tape that he plays over and over again where spews out the same. also it's and lies over and over again and we know what those lies are. >>we've seen a couple of virtual conventions, everything very carefully choreographed and scripted in both cases don't people want to rock em sock em debate michael wouldn't you think that a lot of people would be wanting to say that it's.
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>>it's a good tv is a good policy. i mean was will seat while well this evening, i mean the fact is. where people are concerned about is whether or not this pandemic is going to get under check. they're concerned about whether their children are going to be safe in schools. the concern about about issues of racial justice. if those me brought up during the debate. great i think people do want to you know rock em sock em debate though everybody i talk to democrats republicans everyone in between they want to this matchup. >>because they don't i think the people that i talked to understand the importance of this election. and we may never seen one quite like this again i think people want to see a what you said i can't in sock in the day and i think we should give it to him. >>joe biden by the way he has said he's ok he's fine with the usual debate format and we will hear more from michael yaki and jonathan madison tonight at 6 o'clock.
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>>coming up new details tonight in the investigation into why police shot jacob like which sparked protests that continue to rock the city of kenosha wisconsin and a lot of americans say their mental health is
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>>the pandemic it appears to be taking its toll on the country's mental health because a recent poll says more than 30% of american
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adults are reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression, sometimes both of course the world as we know it changed dramatically over the course of just a few months, although some doctors say that does not always have to be a bad thing. >>i think one recognizing that he is a traumatic event for all of us and just putting the elysee out in the that this has been really hard and if you're tired and if you're feeling, hopeless sometimes that's okay. >>doctors are recommending that parents try to help children to feel safe and to secure to make sense of things they're saying things like masks and social distancing. >>from the white hat. >>still ahead 57 years after the first march on
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>>i was born into an activist family with my parents my aunts and uncles pushing me in a stroller through the area streets marching for justice in the years following the march on washington. this moment is a reminder that we must always honor the sacrifice of the leaders who made that march happen.
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>>vice presidential candidate and california senator kamala harris delivered a virtual speech of today's march on washington. this year does mark the 57th anniversary of the first march when martin luther king junior, led hundreds of thousands of people to the national mall demanding civil rights economic equality for african americans and of course delivering his historic i have a dream speech. today's march and rally at the lincoln memorial included family members whose names have become a rallying cry for change, including george floyd brianna taylor and now jacob lake emily schmidt has more. >>history echoing on the national mall, this is the commitment march in the spirit of 1963, but for many gathered on friday, it also seems to be repeating the progress we celebrated than is in peril yet again jacob blake senior says his father was at the first march. >>now he is here because his
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son jacob blake junior was shot multiple times in the back at close range by a kenosha police officer last weekend. he's hospitalized and his father says he's paralyzed from the waist down and asking tough questions why did they shoot lisa leading to that. >>i said maybe that was was she due at all to kenosha police officers are now on administrative leave in the shooting is under investigation. >>the blake shooting joins a summer of headline-making incidents between police and people of color that have sparked protests around the world. despite the growing chorus for change president trump did not publicly mention blake's name during the republican national convention, we must never allow mob rule blake's father says the family spoke for about an hour with democratic ticket nominees joe biden and kamala harris who are speaking out we have an opportunity to make history. >>right here. >>and right now the white house says efforts have been
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made to connect trump with the blake family meanwhile in washington history. marches on emily schmidt kron 4 news we are learning more details about the investigation into the shooting of jacob like the kenosha police union. >>says at the time of the shooting blake was armed with a knife and had an arrest warrant for felony assault from earlier this year, however, blake's attorney claims that warrant has been vacated. and extradition hearing for the teenage suspects in the fatal shootings in kenosha wisconsin. that's been pushed back about a month 17 year-old kyle rittenhouse he didn't appear at the video video hearing today only lasted a few minutes and illinois judge agreed to postpone a decision on whether rittenhouse would be extradited to wisconsin until september 25th. he remains rittenhouse remains in an illinois county jail. he is facing felony charges for homicide and attempted homicide accused of shooting
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and killing 2 people injuring a 3rd. it happened during a protest in response to the shooting of jacob blake. we're learning more about the people killed one of them identified as 26 year-old anthony hooper he and his girlfriend were at the protest tuesday night who was girlfriend says that he ran at an armed man to protect her and other people. the criminal complaint says hooper reached for the suspect's gun. that's when he was shot, 36 year-old joseph rosen bomb he was also killed. the victim who survived was shot in the arm. time to take another look at the forecast as we look live over san francisco's embarcadero and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has more on the weekend forecast. risa hey there catherine yeah, let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge noticing the return of that marine le are really helping to cool us down. >>but also trapping por air particles in and around that marine layer, so that's why we didn't notice. so more smoke
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and haze out there, especially along the coast and east bay shoreline overnight lows tonight though we're tracking widespread mid to upper 50's not just for the coast, but even for the east bay shoreline low 60's as you make your way inland with temperatures out there right now a little bit of a mixture of everything 50's with the san francisco peninsula coastline just because of that deepening marine layer with 60's 70's, and yes, even 80's as you make your way inland right now the warmest temperatures those of you in livermore 88 degrees about 30 degrees warmer right now from san francisco at 58 degrees. so let's take a look at your microclimate saturday forecast temperatures near average along the coast with downtown san francisco, cooling down to 66 degrees half moon bay, 63 degrees winds out of the southwest at around 20 miles per hour less widespread mid 60's from brisbane into burlingame those of you in san mateo warming up to 68 degrees foster city in the mid 60's but not view in the low 80's
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with widespread 80's for most of the south bay, san jose 84 degrees low 80's for milpitas livermore few degrees above average there but cooling down into the low 90's at 91 degrees with hayward and union city in the mid 70's near average highs for oakland at 72 degrees and conquered and walnut creek. still warm air mass there in the low 90's but as you make your way into the north bay. quite the spread sonoma, 70 degrees. napa in the low 80's and santa rosa 84 degrees for your afternoon highs, let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. fortunately, no pop-up thunderstorms, plenty of sunshine but hotter and drier weather after this weekend. not what firefighters need catherine to battle all of these wildfires in the coming days, especially by early next week but
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when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. >>cal fire has advice for people returning to their homes after the wildfires. they're saying oh you should make sure your driveway is cleared of debris and power lines check for tree limbs which could fall also check under decks and gutters. any outside events for hot embers and before going inside make sure you do not smell natural gas or propane. they say you might also of course have to throught spoiled food. cal fire is reminding people to maintain again defensible space around your home all year long. and that wraps up
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kron 4 news at 5 our coverage will continue at 6 o'clock as cal fire continues to look mandatory evacuation orders people are returning home monday to find devastation where their homes once stood, forcing some of them to at least begin to think about rebuilding and california is revamping its reopening process by some businesses might get to reopen sooner than expected others will still have to wait. >>the news of. coming up next. ladies... check it out.
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(confused) give me the bag? get hefty ultra strong at a low price when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. >>news at 6. how survived. the initial fired way and only succumb to embers and the wind blowing up new flames and no one here to. just dump it out. >>definitely survivor's guilt. we're. >>going through we have agreed as a family that we're we're going work really hard to help our neighbors rebuild.
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>>as crews are slowly corralling the historic wildfires. survivors are coping with what comes next some of them really lost everything others. i tried to save their own homes. thank you for joining us at 6, i'm catherine heenan around 50,000 people now have been allowed back home in the past couple of days evacuation orders are being lifted the firefighters are making progress here's where things stand tonight, the 2 biggest fires, 35% contained. >>the scu complete complex fires in the east bay, they burned 372,000 acres the lnu complex close behind 371,000 and the czu and sand the tail and santa cruz counties. it has burned 82,000 acres it is 26% contained. in the czu lightning complex fire. the focus shifting to lifting some evacuation orders letting more people return


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