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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 28, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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loss clearly the property value is. >>not what it was. even after rebuilding if we do and right now kurt says that's a big if. >>in vacaville phillipe djegal all kron 4 news all right time to check in with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez snow on the conditions. firefighters are facing and what the weekend looks like in general bruce uh yeah firefighters are going to have great firefighting conditions this weekend tracking cooler temperatures inland. >>thanks to the return of the deeper marine layer that will be more widespread cooling down temperatures just a bit for most of our inland valleys by this weekend, let's take a look at temperatures out there right now already tracking that cooling trend widespread mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with 60 throughout the east bay shoreline and 70's and 80's as you make your way inland still a little bit toasty though for those of you in the tri valley, but you're going to notice cooler temperatures as well conquered in livermore cooling down into the low 60's antioch mid 60's
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with the widespread mid to upper 50's right around the bay area's shoreline. so let's take a look at your microclimate saturday forecast. >>your average highs along the coast downtown san francisco cooling down to 66 degrees half moon bay, 63 degrees winds out of the southwest at around 20 miles per hour less with widespread 60's from brisbane all the way into burlingame upper 60's for those of you in san mateo mid 70's for palo alto and mountain view in the low 80's with low to mid 80's for most of the south bay, san jose 84 degrees santa clara and milpitas in the low 80's and we are going to notice cooler weather for try valleys livermore cooling down into the low 90's at 91 degrees a few degrees above average there but hayward union city in the mid 70's and low 70's for those of you in oakland throughout the east bay shoreline orinda and mirage in the mid 80's and taking a look at the north bay quite the spread a mix of 70's 80's and even 90's vacaville 93 degrees and talk in the low 90's. but
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napa in the low 80's as his vallejo with mid 80's for those of you in santa rosa and avato in mill valley cooling down to 61 degrees. so let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we're going to notice little changed this weekend so either at to slightly below normal temperatures but then we are going to notice by monday warmer and hotter and drier weather starting monday peaking on tuesday, even continuing through the middle of this upcoming week with some relief by the end of the workweek forecast. no but firefighters need right now katherine with the hot dry conditions heading our way which is why this weekend really going to be important for them to get the upper hand on those flames back to you ok marissa thank you very much happening today is the 57th anniversary of the march on washington for jobs and freedom martin luther king junior led hundreds of thousands to the national mall. >>demanding civil rights economic equality for african americans and of course it was
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there that king gave his famous, i have a dream speech and much like the current calls for civil action. the 1963 march called for an end to racism. police violence against african americans and for fair voting as and of people did rally at the lincoln memorial today and again calling for racial justice, the march included family members of people whose names. george floyd breonna taylor now jacob like have become a rallying cry for change. emily schmidt has more. >>history echoing on the national mall, this is the commitment march in the spirit of 1963, but for many gathered on friday, it also seems to be repeating the progress we celebrated than is in peril yet again jacob blake senior says his father was at the first march. >>now he is here because his son jacob blake junior was
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shot multiple times in the back at close range conocian police officer last weekend. he's hospitalized and his father says he's paralyzed from the waist down and asking tough questions why did they shoot lisa leading to that. >>i said maybe that was was she to know to kenosha police officers are now on administrative leave in the shooting is under investigation. >>the blake shooting joins a summer of headline-making incidents between police and people of color that have sparked protests around the world. despite the growing chorus for change president trump did not publicly mention blake's name during the republican national convention, we must never allow mob rule blake's father says the family spoke for about an hour with democratic ticket nominees joe biden and kamala harris who are speaking out we have an opportunity to make history. >>right here. >>and right now the white house says efforts have been made to connect trump with the blake family meanwhile in
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washington history. marches on emily schmidt kron 4 news. >>the republicans are they wrapped up their convention last night president trump again was making it very clear his campaign strategy will focus heavily on law and order and a time of civil unrest. i asked 2 of our political analysts whether they think that will resonate with the voters he needs i talked to michael yaki of the crime podcast the politically smart ask. and jonathan madison jonathan is the bay area, vice chair of the california republican party. >>i believe it certainly can we live in an uncharted territory, we're seeing. the effect nationwide of what long order means and how we need to redefine law and order in many ways. i love that allison i was johnson got to make a speech in the end of the convention and she spoke with such eloquence and urgency as to the changes we need to make in criminal justice and criminal justice reform you
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recall she was pardoned in 2018. and though she made some really great points about criminal justice means. >>and by by fact what law order could mean down the road. so i think that it was a very good thing for the president to talk about i think we need to talk about it more in terms of what it could be not just what it is well i think it's really really interesting that the president is basically. >>campaigning against the very situation that he's presided over in created over the past 4 years. it's the same being that he's done with the pandemic which faith bicycle basically is apparently over according to the republican convention. but. it's the same thing in north deny responsibility. blame governors and mayors for what's happening. and essentially do nothing that will offer any leadership or any solution to jonathan is talking about which is a broader issues. i mean not even mentioning jacob blake at all not even mentioning george floyd was a real error unforced error by the
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president last night we get to your for years and years and talk about what the president could and could not mention i mean it's not just a george floyd's name out there, it's not just jacob blake's you going to tamir rice an oscar grant, i mean there's countless names so let's not do in justice by the previous names. >>who come before them michael. >>you know as speaking as an african-american i can tell you every name counts just as much. and i can also tell you that alice johnson's name house and she made a good speech and she talked about the criminal justice reform measure for her and what being part of month for the republicans had. >>the white house and the congress for the first 2 years. do they have the senate now he's still the president and this is occurring under his watch whether it's so you have to ask yourself why isn't the only in the situation because this is is. >>and of course we're going to continue to have political analysis throughout the campaign about 10 weeks to the election. coming up at 6 track
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your sleep track your steps tracked the tone of your voice. well there's a new smart device that does just that how it works and coming up in sports. the forty-niners held their first practice at levi stadium today ahead of their season opener in a few weeks sports director jason dumas we'll have the latest from santa clara. and neck. she spent more than 2 decades in prison for a nonviolent drug offense now alice johnson has been fully pardoned by the president. the emotional speech she
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>>so alice in central park has been signed. you might want to keep that one. >>well president trump he has grant of alice johnson, a full pardon. the action comes 2 years after he did commute her prison sentence. johnson was a first time nonviolent offender she served 21 years and an alabama prison after being convicted on drug charges and on the last night of the republican convention last night she did share her personal story. >>some say you do the crime you do the time. how ever that time should be fair and just 6 months after president trump granted me a second chance he
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said the first step act into law all it was real justice reform and it brought joy hope and freedom to thousands of whale deserving my faith in justice and mercy was reward it. >>the president again is unity on some sites in 2018 after kim kardashian west pleaded her case. months later the president did sign the first step back what you heard her talking about it was one of the few bills to pass with overwhelming bipartisan support walmart wants to team up with microsoft to buy tip talk the social media app is looking for us buyers to satisfy government regulator concerns, a chinese company owns that now you might be wondering why retailer like walmart once a stake in an app popular for short videos, but it does come down to shopping social commerce has been explode and worldwide including and china,
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>>the wildfire season and hit california early this year after lightning sparked fires spread out of control. cal fire says the fires have burned more than 1.3 million acres and that in a matter of 2 weeks 730 new wildfires erupted in the state destroying nearly 2100 structures. and while dozens of fires are burning dozens more were stopped in their tracks. that's because of a high-tech camera network been used to spot remote fires. the system was born out of a tahoe based a pilot program in 2010 as christians to most reports the cameras have provided information on more than a 1000 wildfires over the past 4 years. >>if you follow the ridge line down to the right to the bench over there. it was a 10th of an acre fire was a single tree that they ended up putting on the ground we watch as fires raged throughout the state what we don't see are the many lightning sparked fires just
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over the past week that have been stopped. thanks to a high-tech network of cameras on mountaintops like this one so we're at the top of 3 60 smokehouse at the summit of sera tahoe. 8,852 feet up here. an athlete named three-sixty smokehouse because of the beautiful 3.60 view we have that view allowing fire crews dispatchers and anyone who wants to lock on to an online portal to spot a plume of smoke fire far in the distance before it becomes devastating. last weekend when lightning strikes. this camera captured one of those early detection. >>fires and the firefighters responded quickly just just of how it was meant to be used. >>the alert wildfire system was actually created here in the tahoe basin about a decade ago and has since grown to 625 cameras across the west coast. 500 of them here in california. it is. >>an incredible an incredible tool and one of the most important tools in our toolbox right now. >>it also allows viewers at
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home to see how close the fire is getting to them. many watched last week when fire engulfed this alert wildfire camera in santa cruz county one of 5 destroyed by fire this year. >>and as they were saying the cameras do allow residents to see how fast and in which direction an active fire. nearby might be moving if you are interested in checking these out yourself you can visit alert wildfire dot org. a tropical storm or tropical depression alor it is still battering its way across the south toward the atlantic. the death toll has more than doubled today at least 14 people that we know of have been killed and texas and louisiana. the dead include 5 people killed by fallen trees, one person drowned 8 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning because of all the improper use of generators, the storm made landfall as a category 4 hurricane. >>devastating 150 mile an hour
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winds ripping roofs off homes, tossing cars around hundreds of thousands of people still have no power tonight. the storm is over but cleanup is just beginning. and we have a some dow down 4 schools. >>we have some breaking news to start off the sport cas the a's will not play for the second straight night in light of the jacob blake shooting and racial inequality in our country they were set to play the houston astro's downing houston both teams stepped onto the field took off their caps and held a moment of silence before walking back into their clubhouse switching gears the niners were back on the practice field today, but it most certainly had a different feel to it for the first time this season, they took the field at levi stadium. this was the niners 11th practice of training camp and the team are ready is pretty banged up george kittle brandon and deebo samuel are injured and didn't practice
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tonight is essentially played a full scrimmage today in jordan reed was among those who stood out he caught a td pass in the red zone from jimmy g who says he feels the energy amongst his teammates as the season nears. >>one thing that i'm really happy about him as weird as offseason as it was you know we came back an hour or greater all you could tell that ever had a good offseason even being away from everyone on their own you could tell guys are put in the work guys were came prepare aid training camp. and that's really the type team we have you know just guys who you know they're going to put in the time when they have to whether it's with coaches are on their own. that's what really you know when players can hold other players accountable that's one that's when your team's in a good spot. >>the raiders are still grinding away at camp as well and this is my darkhorse team to make a playoff run the raiders probably exceeded expectations. last season, even though they sputtered to the finish line. there are also really banged up towards the end of the year 2, but now they are healthy and prime to have a great year. >>we're a young team or
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improving our guys are working are. i think you seen at yourself. are young draft choices, a couple of them have taking steps forward a couple of them are still waiting on. we are getting better and i'm proud of the way our guys are are working together on the practice field every day. >>when the milwaukee bucks opted not to play their game in the wake of the jacob blake shooting. they started a chain reaction across the sports world that has resulted in the nba making a powerful statement. the nba will use our team owner arenas as polling places in this upcoming election. this will give access to thousands more of people to be able to vote safely. the league and players union also jointly announced a commitment to establish a social justice coalition and voting initiatives the nba will resume games on saturday draymond green was happy to hear about this new news. >>i'm extremely proud of what our brothers in a bubble have
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how accomplished over the last few days. no really made an were there will be 3 things happen right away associate justice coalition which i think is extremely airport. setting up practice facilities that arenas this as voting poll sites where it's you know we see what's going on with with voters or suppression today and the league is doing a great job better than also putting money behind our ties it to continue to bring i was in the knowledge that we need for what is going on to the world to so you know what i look at that. no nba has believe in this cause, i'm proud to be a part of that and continue to try to help but we care. >>they clearly will not shut up and dribble we'll have giants highlights later tonight, but for now saw have catherine back to you ok jason, thanks very much. >>coming up next tracking your tone of voice, there's new technology from amazon does just that how it works. >>and tracking a slightly
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cooler forecast this weekend before they he comes back to
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>>smartwatches they let you track your steps and your sleep and now your your tone of voice. amazon has launched its first wearable device called halo it can monitor your activity and sleep and the tone that on future use a small microphones to analyze your voice predict how others might perceive her tone. the
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technology looks at pitch in intensity and rhythm it creates time stamps of your sleep with little labels like content or has account and your energy levels users can opt out of the feature the amazon halo band costs about a $100 time to take another look at the bruce, i know how i feel what i need this watch telling me i'm content or has that and i don't know i think it's just another way to track you write big brothers everywhere now. >>let's take a look at temperatures for the 1st half of your weekend saturday is outlook cooling down into the mid 60's along the peninsula of san francisco with mid 60's for half moon bay in downtown san francisco. >>near average highs there even extending for most of our inland valleys, oakland, 72 degrees mid 70's for those of you in hayward with 84 degrees for san jose and santa rosa still going to be a few degrees above average for tried valleys warming up into the low 90's we're going to be at or slightly cooler than where we were today with near
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average highs all weekend long but then temperatures once again warming up about 5 to 15 degrees above average with near triple digit heat peaking on tuesday, not what firefighters need right now katherine is more hot dry weather heading our way so we really need to focus on this weekend back to you all right, thank you very much mabrisa and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 a full hour of news next at 7 on the kron on app you can download it not. >>and we'll see you tonight at 8 with grant lotus i'm vicki liviakis thanks for joining.
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>> mobbed. outside the white house after the president's big speech. senator rand paul and his wife. they say they feared for their lives. >> they were grabbing at us and it got worse and worse and worse. then did the first lady really give ivanka an icy glare. >> what the shocking new book reveals about their relationship. >> you're either on team ivanka or team melania and donald trump is the referee. and the ex-pool boy's first interview with his affair with jerry


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