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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 11, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>news at 6. i even debatable. any longer. what we are experiencing the debate is
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over her on climate change just come to the state of california. observe it with your own eyes. governor gavin newsom not mincing words governor says california is in a climate crisis the terrible toll of the state's wildfires becoming more evident. >>block after block of destruction and now at least 19 people dead in what has become a historic year for california wildfires than 2 dozen fires burning along the west coast pushing mass amounts of smoke into the bay area the skies still as we are seeing some of the worst air quality on earth. >>thank you for joining us tonight at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne let's get straight to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow morris there's a lot of very unhealthy air still out there yeah we just can't makes it outlawed the smoke. >>actually made his way back in the bay area couple of days ago now has mixed all the way down to the surface what we need is some way to kick it further out of the area, but
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right now not see much in the way of wind at all in fact. >>fairly calm around much of the bay area's he gets guys like this looking to braun back toward the golden gate bridge this coming from the east bay hills looking back over the bay, the berkeley hills and you can see all that smoke just kind of settling into the atmosphere so certainly some very poor air quality in fact very unhealthy right now in purple here you see all the way from san francisco stretching across the bay in the berkeley and richmond and oakland hayward fremont all the way down the mountain view and then the areas shaded in red that is all poor air quality so nobody's escaping. the smoke today just some parts or worse than the other now by tomorrow. i think will notice some changes we're going to see a shift now of the were smoke expected to be in parts of the north bay stretching down into the bay along parts of the peninsula as well along the coastline and that someone who usually use when we're talking about the worst air quality is usually in the interior spots but now you've got kind of settling in there and really nothing to mix it out it's not only here you can see the smoke all the way along the california coastline on up through washington as
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well that will be in place until we really get a good win. the right now we're just not seeing that light breezes outside right now and again very similar to yesterday evening not much in the way of winds 12 miles per hour in san francisco. we need some good some 20 some 30 mile an hour winds. then we'll start to really see some improvement but looks like there may be something coming our way that could help us out of the air quality will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you lawrence in the east bay visibility was very bad along the bay bridge today look at this this is as well as look this bad as well downtown oakland today. >>experts say it helps to recirculate the air in your car and get a tight fitting n 95 mask if you are out and about but mostly just try and stay indoors for the next few days that contra costa county leading the public health department to issue a recommendation officials say people should stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. >>forcefully to gaal reports doctors say that short-term exposure likely won't lead to
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permanent health problems but if you have preexisting breathing problems the last place you should be right now is outside. >>the country costa health services says air quality in all parts of the county has been measured at unhealthy levels as a result of smoke from the numerous fires burning throughout the state john muir health urgent care specialist doctor frank schick says stay indoors unless you have no choice but to go outside you need to go out for that walk here run and think hey i wasn't so bad i did ok you get home and you're in home, the triggers potentially triggering asthma chest pain or even migraines doctor schenk says older people with pre-existing respiratory problems are the most vulnerable, but adds the bad air is unhealthy for young people to if you absolutely need to go outside take your some kind of businesses that are urgent matter. >>you should wear and 95 respirator mask if you have one. now if you do go outside
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we're in the n 95 mask you have to keep them aren't that the ones with the exhaust ports do not recommended to prevent. spread of covid-19 just keep in mind that type of face coverings less effective in stopping the spread of covid-19 on the other hand cloth face coverings don't provide protection against wildfires smoke. >>still some people try their luck anyway. the gophers still hit the links and driving range at buchanan fields, golf club in concord you can really smell a relief. >>the notices in the air kind of almost feel it though miller next as it was bad up mount diablo state park. >>but his crew had no choice but to work outside and heard you have hard to breathe out here it's not worth the risk that the smoke clear out before you go out in contra costa county deleted all kron 4 news. >>continuing our wildfire coverage although 3 large
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lightning complex fires burning in the bay area are mostly under control there are still dozens of wildfires burning across california. and that's where some of the smoke we're seeing is coming from you're looking at an incident map by cal fire. as you can see there's a lot of fires and fire complexes the crews are working to contain up and down the state from the oregon border, you can see the sierra nevada all of these shaded areas in that pink color, those are fire perimeters we're now up over 3 million acres burned in california. we're in the midst of a climate crisis. we are experiencing weather conditions likes of which we've never experienced in our lifetime. >>governor gavin newsom in oroville today insisting we must do more to fight climate change as wildfires get worse every year in california. >>some of the state's largest wildfires in modern history burned simultaneously state leaders say they're taking immediate action in response. kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains.
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>>wildfires have burned more than 3.1 million acres and counting in california. the governor is now directing state agencies to speed up progress on california's environmental goals, this is a climate dam emergency. this is real governor gavin newsome going off after touring wildfire destruction in butte county has 5 of the state's largest wildfires burn newsome friday ordered kelly pa and the natural resources agency to figure out how to move up mandated timelines to increase green energy use and decrease carbon emissions california originally aimed to be carbon free by 2045 which he says is not soon enough we're seeing impacts today. >>that we thought would materialize by midcentury on the front lines more than 14,000 california firefighters battled the blazes other states are coming in to try to contain the historic fires with west coast crews stretched thin newsome friday signed a new law giving inmate hand crews a path to becoming professional firefighters once they're released from prison
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this goes into effect in january will give those prisoners hope of actually getting a job in the profession that they've been trained as hazardous air quality chokes the state with millions of acres charred newsome not mincing his words about the trump administration's attempts to push back on california's environmental goals, the state has sued the administration 100 times the majority of those lawsuits are environment related and they're leading. >>the charge of keeping you protected and keep you healthy and safe. >>and they're in denial about climate change they're not truly i think position to be the kind of leaders that we need. >>despite their ideological differences. the governor says he's not worried the white house will hold up emergency dollars for these disasters. he says he spoke with president trump on the phone for about 30 minutes yesterday who seems committed to helping california in this time of need. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news at least 10 people are dead and several others injured in butte county that's from a fire that was known as the bear fire cal fire changed its name to the north complex west
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his own fire. >>is burning near where the camp fire burned back in 2018 more than a dozen people are still missing in that area tonight. the flames have destroyed more than 2002 buildings and today we've learned the identity of one of the victims of the north complex other confirming her 16 year-old son joshua williams was among those killed when an inferno tore through the foothills of the sierra nevada this week. jessica williams who earlier was pleading for her missing son joshua to give her a call. now says dna has confirmed the teenager's death. it is not immediately clear if the teen was counted among the 10 wildfire bass or the 16 missing persons reported so far by local authorities now to central california where the creek fire is burning in fresno county it's only 6% contained. this is the first containment progress reported since the fire started on friday, the fire has grown to almost a 176,000 acres it's
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destroyed 369 structures so far. >>more than 1600 personnel are helping to try to battle that fire. >>deadly wildfires in oregon continue to burn out of control as well with hundreds of thousands of people being told to leave their homes more than 500,000 people are under evacuation orders there which is more than oregon's population, 2 large fires are burning and threatening to merge in that state. fire officials say an estimated 600 homes were burned by the fire that started in ashland at least 4 deaths have been reported lindsay nan rich important with more on the evacuees. >>is >>that rate is nearly unrecognizable sandy elwood who grew up their shot this video on wednesday to sell very hard to to think that that's all gone now her mom's home along with so many others
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turned down it was sad, it was extremely sad and it was extremely. >>erie and a very different experience something i've never felt before robert proust who also lives in detroit. >>hasn't been able to go back but is pretty sure of what you'll find. >>i think it's probably gone, i'm not about 99% sure those cities gone pretty much. >>he said they didn't get much notice to evacuate and to get out they had to drive several miles with fire surrounding them on both sides of the highway he told me they could feel the heat on their windows scary because they didn't we didn't know is coming we didn't have any pretty warning really thousands of homes are still under a level 2 and level 3 evacuation orders in marion county sarah process home and stain is one of them. the fire is. very scary because it's like where i've grown up and my dad took me fishing at their detroit all the time.
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>>and seeing the stuff that's been going on and all that burning down it is very scary and million people have lost lives and homes. it's just and he does it here all week wondering if it's going to reach us has been very scary also she says they're packed and ready to go if things change the cars loaded so that the important paperwork blankets and clothes for a couple of days, least because we don't know what'll happen. >>that was lindsay nad rich reporting. coming up this evening on kron 4 news at 6 the california state university system say that it will continue remote instruction longer than initially planned. details on the school's decision plus amid the coronavirus pandemic how local fire departments and lawmakers remembered 9.11 today and when we come back complaints about an illegal dump site finally getting the attention of san jose city hall w
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands.
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stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. ♪ >>case of illegal dumping in the extreme a trashy 2 blocks long about a quarter mile is raising a big stink in san jose this kron four's rob fladeboe tells us it's days may be numbered, but the cleanup can't happen soon enough to sue angry neighbors. >>what began as an accumulation of tarps and trash associated with the homeless camps has become an eyesore here between the
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railroad tracks in monterey road in south san jose. >>the quarter mile long trashy just north of bailey avenue is by far the largest illegal dump site in the county. heading up a group of neighbors demanding some action is david net meyer this is sad for us and it's very. >>discouraging for people that have to drive down monterey road every day and they had to drive past this dump site that meyer says he has personally witnessed the illegal dumping along with bags of household garbage, there are piles of construction waste fluorescent light bulbs mattresses and appliances abandoned vehicles, hundreds of tires. >>painter and other toxic waste. residents say their complaints have been met with promises but no action you know we reach out to them and they keep saying it's. >>union pacific's problem is covid-19 our hands are tied in. well we're looking for is we want to plan how they're going to clean this up and how they're going to sure that this doesn't continue to be a dump site meyer was surprised
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but remains skeptical been learning today that the city union pacific open space authority and private property owners have come to terms on an action plan to clean up the mess. >>a statement from the mayor's office says coordination between the stakeholders has occurred and that wants on housed residents are safely relocated. a multi-day cleanup will begin along with actions to deter future illegal dumping. matt meyer and his neighbors say it can't happen soon enough i fear for the safety of the trains that come through here if anything it's pushed on the tracks for anyone driving down monterey road. >>it's already spilling over the barrier in some areas so i really fear for the safety of drivers on monterey road at this point to the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>police in san jose have arrested a man for a assault and they are looking for possibly more victims at assault happened in the st. james park area of the city which is not far from san jose international airport. the man
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arrested is identified as 41 year-old bashir tacoma police believe that he may have been involved in more assaults and they say he is known to frequent the downtown area of san jose, anyone with information on any of these possible cases is asked to call police. take a look outside right now this is the walnut creek camera along highway 24. oh my gosh, you know if anything pam it's not as bad as some other spots in the end that something bad and that is pretty bad. yeah, yeah, i mean you get inside the bay. we've got some very unhealthy air quality out there looking toward sfl right now it's even worse. >>out there and there's that thick smoke you can see now behind it. you can see the fog that's trying to roll over the hill just pick out and around the bay. so that's what we're left with some very dense smoke out there with nothing to move along. we are seeing some fog and some smoke moving to the golden gate bridge and we like to get that influx that ocean air more. >>that's a good thing today we saw a little more sun try to break through that tends to
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mix the atmosphere a little bit more and that's what we need to get things going want to see the atmosphere start to mix and that will begin to bring some fresher air in the bay area, but it's going to take some time tomorrow again very unhealthy air expected to the north bay out toward the coastline, the east bay unhealthy for sensitive folks got some respiratory issues watch out for that as you will see that unhealthy air all that smoke above so wanted to give you a look at our long-range forecast is what we need is good kicker in the atmosphere to really move this smoke along we've got this area of low pressure off the coastline. it's been spinning out there for quite a while out ahead of the we've had what's called a rex block that is a big dome of high pressure that generally last between about 14 to 21 days. well, finally it showing signs of breaking down as we get into saturday, still you can just see some clouds out there you're going to see that smoke out there and not much in the way of wind as we get into sunday though we begin to see that ridge gives way and you can already see the moisture being a roll up in the pacific northwest even far northern california. then how about that they've had all those
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fires up in oregon. they're going to see likely some rain moving in on tuesday we're going to catch the trailing edge of this front may not be enough to bring us some rain but hopefully enough to mix out a lot of the smoke around the bay area but that's about wednesday when that system comes plowing through and the models even try to hint at a chance of rain as we get into next friday that will have to wait and see how that all works out. but certainly we need that movement in the atmosphere to get things going along right now we don't have much to do it. temperatures for tomorrow with very hazy conditions again they popped a little bit today look at the 70's and 80's inside the bay in the valley, some 50's 60's along the coastline. the next few days we're going to see hopefully some improvement in our air quality into sunday, i think more so as we get into next week by the middle of next week i think a whole lot better. thank you lawrence. >>california state university classes will remain online not only for this fall, but for the rest of the upcoming academic year kron four's has a bedouin takes a look at the primary reasons behind the csu
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chancellor's decision the 23 campuses that make up the california state university system will continue with primarily virtual academic instruction through the spring of 2021 as for the timing of the announcement happening just weeks after the start of the fall semester csu chancellor timothy white states in this email quote there are compelling and compulsory administrative factors that require us to decide now how to best proceed in january 2021 unquote among them, he includes the need to publicize course is being offered for students who need to enroll now. >>the required authorization process with the csu accrediting body and of course the primary reason being the status of covid-19 pandemic and we look the spread within the state and it is either flat lining or decreasing, but we're not seeing that the campus is you know there isn't a vaccine at this point there is still in some of smaller
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controlled environments until those things it's easier for us earth better more efficient and frankly a smart decision to put ourselves in a virtual space making the announcement early in the fall term will allow faculty staff students and their families more time to prepare for the virtual learning experience despite the ongoing pandemic the impact on on campus learning and reports of potential layoffs being considered to offset a multimillion dollar budget reduction csu officials say that preliminary fall term enrollment is strong across the vast majority of the 23 campus system overall we get the full data later this fall will be close to where we were last year which is about 481,000 students has it made kron 4 news. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 a new study links a higher risk of covid infection to dining indoors at restaurants. but health experts say business owners can do to help slow the
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spread. >>up next san francisco's hotel industry it was just a get together with friends. no big deal.
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everybody felt fine. but now im super sick. everyone is sick. i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back.
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do your part to lower the risk. >>breaking news to tell you about the giants in the pond raised just cancel tonight's game in san diego. here's the tweet from the giants tonight's game in san diego has been postponed. we will announce additional information as soon as it becomes available. we want to point out since the game's not here in san francisco you might suspect that possibly it
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had to do with the air quality but since the games in san diego, where the air quality is a little bit better. we don't know exactly why the game has been postponed. there's of course covid speculation but we're not going to get into that until we hear more so the bottom line is the game with the giants and padres postponed until further notice. changes here in the city on monday in terms of the businesses that will be allowed to reopen and that includes hotels for tourists and of course is the biggest industry in the city, it's a big deal for the overall economic health of san francisco kron four's maureen kelly shows us what travelers can now expect. >>i'm inside one of the suites at the intercontinental mark hopkins hotel in san francisco's hill. now beginning monday they will be able to let leisure travelers stay here again it's a pretty big deal. but you'll see these rooms look a lot different
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then they did pre covid you'll notice there are no magazines or newspapers here left behind the mini bar is empty and over here in the bedroom, there are no. >>bath robes or slippers for the gas in fact there's not even any room service right now. all of this is in order to make these rooms easier to clean and safer for the gas. >>we have >>guidelines that were that were as hearing to one of course is the cc we look at federal state and city guidelines as well council has come up with a very thorough list of keening schedules. so they get this death for example, it's pretty empty typically you would have a you know lot of blood through the have a pen and some paper is have some envelopes. some magazines on the table and so on but with kindle that up. so the ladies in the coming clean the room between stays are able to spray this down really
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decontamination and clean the hotel to very high the mark hopkins has been open nearly this entire pandemic first having rooms available for first responders but it's estimated that more than 50% of the city's hotel have been forced to shutter during this pandemic including the policy see here. >>and this is a huge impact not just on the thousands of workers that have been laid off or furloughed but also the businesses that rely on tourism the hotel industry is expecting a slow recovery. the mark hopkins for example expects to only be operating at a 40% capacity for now simply because there are no conventions right now and no large events that might draw in. >>tourists not to mention the lack of international travelers reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>still ahead almost 2 decades since the tragedy of 9.11 how
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coronavirus affected memorial services today plus hyundai recalling thousands of cars over fire concerns find out which models are affected. and next at 6.3- wildfires and the next at 6.3- wildfires and the pandemic the story rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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