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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  September 24, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in oakland and san jose we're live with what's expected to be happening today. >>good morning, i'm darya folsom and thanks for joining us for this thursday september 24th edition of the kron 4 morning news, lots to get to and again we'll have more on that top story in a minute but first i suppose we should talk about the weather because things are changing on that front as well. yeah, big changes guys as far as the forecast goes these next couple of days today, obviously still pretty nice though. >>thursday and friday looking good then come saturday sunday and monday of next week and you may want to stay inside a bit foggier start to this morning than what we had yesterday visibility will be impacted at times this morning for your commute into work. so trading into those cluster crystal clear skies of wednesday for these cloudier conditions right now sunshine does reappear later on so not to fear we do still have a beautiful afternoon on tap. and hey good air quality on top of that remains as well a much more mild start to this morning when you see low cloud
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cover overhead like we have you lose less heat during the evening hours so we've maintained a low 60's through the evening that makes some more mild but a cloudier start than yesterday. later on today we're keeping about everything the same lots of sunshine highs still in the 70's to 80's. talk about toasty weekend been heightened fire danger still to come robin. >>all right, thank you let's check in on the traffic because folks have to get to work and for those of you heading into san francisco this morning we're doing find at the bay bridge toll plaza so no delays no problems. it is nice and smooth and you're averaging 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze over to fremont street, here's 92 which is always a little busier it starts to stack up first compared to the other bridges. so some minor crowding on the flat section but overall an easy trip here over to the peninsula and we're checking in on traffic tracker looking at more freeways and they look really good highway for west at the limit 6.80 south nice and smooth. no trouble spots for the nimitz freeway and an easy commute on northbound one oh one out of san jose to menlo
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park area. thanks a lot rob and 5 oh one let's get to our top story. >>protests across the country last night from kentucky to the bay area after the grand jury's decision in kentucky not to indict. the officers who killed brianna taylor. in the top left screen you can see the scene in l a vegas on the right and then down below that's richmond, virginia and providence, rhode island says you can see these protests were wide ranging. police responding in many cities, several cities had officers dressed in riot gear to meet their demonstrators and blocking roads across those cities. >>and some of the most violent protest of the night took place in breonna taylor's hometown of louisville, kentucky. we have video of the scene there from last night. 2 police officers were shot during the demonstrations. they're expected to be ok that shooting happened about a mile away from her womb or most of the protesters had gathered. we understand one person is in
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custody, involved in that shooting. hundreds of peaceful protesters took to the streets in the bay area last night, let's go live to kron four's reyna harvey for a look at what happened in san jose. >>good people were outraged by that decision and so you saw protests across the bay area here the front of city hall in san jose you saw one happened yesterday and there's actually another one that's rumored to be planned today out here in san jose. again we're going to show you what that protest looked like yesterday here you can see protesters right here in front of city hall, many of them have signs i knew they could be heard chanting no justice, no peace and carrying on a taylor signs, san jose is not the only city that had demonstrators take to the streets in frustration over in san francisco you can see this happen overnight. a very large diverse crowd. this is near 18 inland sea, a street you can see that crowd walking down street near the police station they are also now they're
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chanting justice for taylor also in the east bay, you know we're going over there over in oakland overnight see hundreds of people took to the streets downtown you can see the marching up the streets here now in all of the protests that happened overnight lot the bay area there are no reports of any officers injured here or vandalism well that happened overnight like i mentioned there are several other protests planned throughout the bay are today so we'll be monitoring that on and see how they are in the next few hours before now 14 out here in san jose harvey 4 news, thanks reyna. >>well all those protests started after a grand jury brought only 3 counts of wanton endangerment against former police officer brett hankinson for shooting into a home next to briana taylor's that had people inside nichole berlie has more on that. >>after 6 months of investigating an announcement from kentucky's attorney general on the briana taylor's death investigation, a grand
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jury voted to return an indictment. >>against detective hankinson for 3 counts of wanton endangerment former police officer brett hankinson indicted by a grand jury after the attorney general said he fired 10 bullets some of which went into an apartment adjacent to briana taylor's. >>the attorney general saying 2 other officers jonathan mattingly, and myles cosgrove both fired shots that march night, including what he called the fatal shot that killed 26 year-old taylor, they're not being indicted our investigation found that mattingly in cars grove. we are justified in the use of force just a few hours after the announcement we talked to some protesters in downtown louisville where people have been gathering for months has not right. it's not right out of the houses would be arrested we didn't get justice today, honestly was not surprised i think that all what we saw today. >>it is historic of how black folks have been treated in our nation and ben crump attorney for taylor's family writing on
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twitter quote if brett hankinson behavior constituted wanton endangerment to people in neighboring apartments. then it should also be considered wanton endangerment a briana in fact it should have been ruled wanton murder attorney general cameron saying the investigation took months with interviews as recent as last friday the case then presented on monday. so news nation asked how long the grand jury deliberated how long did they deliver a today began on monday or to begin tuesday. and that was of this week correct. i will that they started. >>early monday. in some time. before and so they heard everything they needed to hear the attorney general says it's unlikely there will be any additional charges related to the shooting and adds that he understands that some people in the community may be hurting criminal law is not meant. >>to respond to every sorrow and grief and that is that is true here. my heart breaks.
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>>for the loss of miss taylor. >>nichole berlie reporting in louisville, kentucky. >>well wanton endangerment is a felony and carries a punishment of up to 5 years in prison and possible. possibly a $10,000 fine. >>marriott is are weighing in on the grand jury's decision in this case bay area criminal defense john burris says despite being fired on first by briana taylor's boyfriend, the officers who fired back killing taylor were not justified. and should have been charged with manslaughter. but bay area attorney michael rains defends the police officers in most cases and he believes the grand jury was simply following the evidence which suggests self-defense. >>how could it be that they could find somebody shot recklessly seems to make reckless late and miss late into the building. therefore that's why get into the whole
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question of recklessness they get you into a mass case that easily could have been done. >>i think the decision was these officers were there they were firing in defense of their own life send out and they were firing until the threat subsided. >>president trump is praising kentucky's republican attorney general for his handling of the investigation when asked about the case and it's result the president said attorney general daniel cameron is quote a really brilliant star. >>and he made a statement that i'll just it just is not just this is often easy. it does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform. to shifting standards it. it says only to the facts into the law. if we simply actor in a motion are outraged is no justice mob justice is a chess is just a side by
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violence is not just as. it just becomes that they heard that i said write that down from a place because i think it's it was a terrific statement of he's handling it very well. >>so the president it's being handled very well and that was a terrific statement, the president says he will soon be speaking to kentucky governor andy this year. >>presidential nominee joe biden is reacting to the ruling as well and here you see a portion of it. he says quote we need to start addressing the use of excessive force banning choke holds and overhauling no knock warrants biden went on to add that he knows people are frustrated and they have a right to peacefully protest. but again reminding people that violence is not acceptable. and biden's running mate senator kamala harris also wrote in part quote, i'm briana taylor's family who still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister. we must never stop speaking bree on his name as we work to reform our justice system including overhauling no knock warrants. we'll take a break
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at 5 '09 still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news burglaries are on the rise in san francisco. we're going hear from neighbors on the alarming uptick of crime. >>and president trump won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election will have his comments coming up. and after the break firefighters are predicting an extended fire season, we'll tell you how they are doing in the east bay as they're preparing for the long fight. and plenty of sunshine after are gray starts the day and daytime highs back into the 70's, another pleasant one before the weekend warm-up. >>the judge got details about a hat. >>and i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area we're checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza which is looking really good. it's picking up a little bit but it's not bad at all now is your chance to come on in 8 minutes off to fremont street we'll check more bridges and fr
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>>5.13 right now favorable weather conditions in the past couple of weeks has led to a big break in the fire season in contra costa county yeah, but as kron forcefully to go reports the fire protection district says that that is about to change. >>dry brush, warm weather and no rain a recipe for disaster. the contra costa county fire protection district says the fire season started in early may and that the first 2 months were extremely busy he had 400% increase our grass and vegetation fires in the
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>>too much first team season, a sign of things to come so far this year the fire protection district has responded to 1131 grass and vegetation fires compared to 756 fires during the same period last year a 50% jump this has been a interesting and challenging fire season. i think the important for from paper this point. they are just getting going to be a it sits in the heart of the season fired his spokesperson, steve hill says the height of the season is expected next month. >>and this year he says the season likely will not end until december when the rains arrive. >>now standing dry lightning strikes a virtually every fire that we fight every grass and station the fighting the county made by human or so are all preventable at the moment, the fire protection district has 4 crews which amounts to
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16 firefighters providing mutual aid to other departments outside of the county and most of the 380 front-line staffers are on standby for the next big fight in her well staffed and i would or firefighter the morale is good karma there working overall cal fire says since the beginning of the year more than a 1000 wildfires have burned more than 3.6 million acres of land in the state in contra costa county phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>5.15 right now let's get a look at the weather. >>i'm kind of in for the long haul as far as you know whether fire season he'll hurt you that with the heavy side i let's get this there's nothing you can do about it now yeah weather on the way no way to avoid a john right and the focus on today which is still going to be beautiful after that i totally understand the side because it's not looking good this weekend at all i totally get it looking outside
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this morning there is definitely a lot more cloud cover than yesterday fog sitting across the golden gate this morning and some very low visibility for a few spots that's about the only issue today is going to bring us air quality is good yet again from our inland areas out to the coast. nother beautiful day in that regard. we have a cold front that is working its way across the bay really as we speak it's resulting in a few showers across northern california. you look at future cast you can actually see some of those offshore nestled up towards mendocino humboldt and del norte counties little too far south of the bay area to peep be picking up on any of that potential today now we are going to be seeing a lot of sunshine returning this afternoon after this cloud cover does eventually lead us tomorrow morning skies, crystal clear a lot like we were yesterday morning after friday is when things start to get a bit dicey we're going to trade in this nice ocean cool there that we've enjoyed for some time now for an offshore wind that's going to drag hot dry air from our inland valleys out our direction and
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not just going to be hot and dry but very gusty with 30 to 40 miles per hour winds for specially upper elevations of the east bay where will be under fire weather watches from saturday through monday. solano county also looking at those fire weather watches for the entirety the county as well as upper elevations of marine sonoma and napa counties where winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour so heightened fire danger this weekend hot temperatures you probably want to stay inside more so than not and planning any sort of outdoor activities or chores that you need to get done today because this is what we've got for one more day. tomorrow will still be pleasant as well 60's and 70's for coastal spots, well 70's and 80's elsewhere in the bay burlingame back to 78 redwood city mountain view foster city also each at 78 today. while the south bay upper 70's to low 80's for your daytime highs east bay temperatures 70's 80's continuing much like we saw yesterday tuesday monday this weekend to we've gotten spoiled lately and that's why
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it's so hard to be talking about the big warm up that we do have this weekend of course along with the hotter weather does come that increased fire danger later on in this forecast, so especially on sunday and monday please be mindful of your outdoor activities and practice extreme caution as you're getting out there. we definitely need to be very fire wary as we make our way through the weekend. robert. >>all right. thank you john checking in on your commute will start off with the drive to the north and west bound 5.80 approaching the richmond sandra fell bridge, it's looking good right now no delays at the toll plaza. it is nice and quiet so this is what we like to see 7 minutes here for 5.80 west from the tolls over to highway one on one with no the trouble spots that you have to worry about so so far so good. let's head over to the bay bridge were checking the drive into san francisco, 80 west and it's picking up, but we don't see any problems right now between the maze of downtown san francisco all as well 8 minutes off to fremont street and here's a look at some more
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freeways and drive times the e sure if that's one of your approaches to the maze or san francisco. it's only 15 minutes from crockett heading west down to oakland 24 is at the limit 5.18 i sunlight from castor valley to downtown oakland and the nimitz trouble free from to 38 to 9.80 darya thanks a lot rob, and it's 5.19 in national news, the late justice ruth bader ginsburg will once again lie in repose. >>her casket is on the steps of the supreme court building this morning again as we showed you yesterday when it was placed there. justice ginsburg returning to the supreme court for the last time the court that she has been a part of for 27 years and a part of so many landmark decisions or a dissenter in them. there was a ceremony inside and then outside people waited to pay their respects as washington is meantime battling to replace. her now vacancy chief justice john roberts remembered his longtime colleague there she
5:20 am
won famous victories that helped move our nation closer. >>to equal justice under law. to the extent that women are now a majority in law schools. it's not simply a handful. >>when rbg went to law school she was one of 9 women in a class of 500 to give you an idea of how far we've come tomorrow on friday that's when her casket will he placed across the street inside the rotunda of the u.s. capitol where she will become the first woman in our nation's history to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. >>on the political front. we are now just 40 days away from the election and president donald trump apparently refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election. the president told reporters yesterday that he would have to see what happens. >>will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful trance for a low power after the election. >>have to see what happens you know that i've been complaining very strongly
5:21 am
about the ballots and the dallas area disaster people are riding the you've committed to making sure that there's of these will work for all of you want get rid of the ballots and you'll have a transfer will have a very peaceful. there won't be a transfer frankly they will be a continuation. ballots are out of control you know it and you know knows it better than anybody else. the democrats know it better than anybody well the president has been saying for months as you know that mail in voting will lead to massive voter fraud. >>making those statements without any evidence to support that claim this year more states are encouraging people to use the mail in voting option in order to stay safe. during the coronavirus pandemic. >>5.21 and coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news it concerning crime in the north bay sends one senior citizen to the hospital with these loses will explain what happened when we come back first, let's take a live look outside here at the approach to the golden gate bridge up sorry bay bridge where's my head in the fog. a key member
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>>it's 5.24 in the north and authorities are increasing patrols after several senior citizens reported teens fired paintballs at them. and they got severely bruised. take a look. look at these bruises, a 60 year-old woman got in the
5:25 am
legs. when she was hit in the back. injuries so severe that she had to go to the hospital to check for blood clots marin county sheriff's sergeant mike broad valley says that extra patrols have been called out around marine city where this happened. >>so far the sheriff's office is you know we took a report. with this would be a victim we took pictures. and we are taking the incident very very seriously. the deputies were able to talk to a few juveniles. but like i said before they were doing anything wrong at that time because we didn't catch them in the act and for the county code we need to catch them in the act. >>while we are showing you the pictures we're not hearing from the victim or has a family of the victim because they are worried about retaliation. >>well in the east bay grocery stores in berkeley will have to display more nutritious food and beverage options in their check out areas. we know
5:26 am
what's there right now in the city council passed the county's first healthy checkout policy the ordinance applies to stores over 2500 square feet in size. the mayor says that impulse buying in the checkout line contributes to high levels of super consumption. in our diets berkley also passed the countries are the counties now it is the country's first soda tax on sugary drinks. >>starting on october 15 if you want to fly to hawaii, you can actually do a covid-19 test. right
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>>5.28 right now and we're looking at weather and traffic for you early on thursday morning any problems robin, no no problems looking good and moving well, which means it's a great time to get out there before it gets too bad okay really good day to wear red i did not get the a little red behind you bits of john more so than a good morning. john good morning guys, yeah, a little bit of rain to the shot. i foggy conditions are seen across the bay area this morning. you can see that there isn't much visibility down towards berkeley after yesterday's crystal clear skies. >>certainly traded those in most cloud cover sitting right above us so visibility is holding up just well for most areas watch your travel into hillside areas and then right along the coastline. for fox the thickest later today abundant sunshine will make
5:30 am
its return as for air quality we remain good for yet another day all across the bay area get out there and know that you'll be breathing easy as you hopefully enjoy the nice temperatures that today has yet again 60's for your current temperatures with double in at 64 oakland and concord each at 65. all san francisco and berkeley at 62 degrees each later today, it's back to the 70's and 80's we go and don't take it for granted because i've got big changes in the forecast this weekend that may make you miss days like today, i'll get to that still to come daria i mean robin. >>out you forgot last week i called the dave's far it's ok let's check in on the traffic we want to take a peek 5.80 and walnut creek as well because traffic is picking up out there, but we don't have any major trouble spots right now. so here's 6.80 traveling through wanted creek and i see some tell lights and headlights there but not bad at all we're averaging 12 minutes and that's for the southbound trip from highway 4
5:31 am
through the 24 split and won a creek and on out to danville so we're off to a great start, here's 80 from oakland to san francisco in all of your connectors are great 5.80 the nimitz 24 the east shore 9 minutes, but it's getting busier every time i check it so no big problems off to fremont street and then we are looking for hot spots but i haven't found any so you're off to a great start if you're crossing the dumbarton bridge 10 minutes to make it over to the peninsula 6.80 good 5.80 good livermore to dublin and one oh one 10 minutes from brisbane to san francisco james back to you ok robert thank you 5.31 is the time. >>big story in the news today, the fda says it's considering new stricter guidelines for covid-19 vaccines that could push the authorization of a new vaccine until after election day. president trump however says he could overrule the fda's decision in order to authorize a vaccine sooner. >>we're looking at that and that has to be approved by the way has we may or may not approve it. that sounds like a political move because when
5:32 am
you have pfizer johnson moderna these great companies coming up with these vaccines and they've been testing everything else i'm saying why would they have to be. the great links to the process. >>well the president has repeatedly claimed that the vaccine will be ready before election day but most scientists say that's just not realistic. >>so far the state has seen. we're getting close to 800,000 cases with more than 15,000 people dying in california of covid in the bay area that includes 1419 people who have died of the coronavirus. >>but there is good news see if you want to leave on a vacation which has been impossible pretty much to go anywhere, especially hawaii because you had to quarantine but now. >>as you know they are lifting the quarantine if you get a covid test. yes sir travelers coming to hawaii and now it's going to get even a little bit easier yeah test we've will
5:33 am
tran on the story for us this is all involving united airlines will explain everybody. >>this is not every flight that heading there but this is a program that united is starting off correct. >>that's right. it's united for now we've seen the covid test and i've done so many of them over the past couple of months, yeah. i have to go to your doctor or go to those parking lots filled with hundreds of cars like the one we did say at cal state east bay. how about a test. at the departure gate with your luggage or right next to you under united you can do that starting october 15th, only from sfo said don't say if you're watching this online what about say sea tac know sfo for now you can go to the airport it's a 15 minute test a will get your results back in that particular time from beginning to end and then if you're negative you can fly on the plane gets to hawaii and all the cell the islands in hawaii. >>you don't have to quarantine for 14 days, so you land get a
5:34 am
rental car. go to the beach right away. right now when you go to hawaii, you have to go to your hotel room and stay there for 14 days or if you're returning home to hawaii, you have to stay inside your home. under this program you can do that immediately and have fun if you can't do it on the day of or don't want to do it they can send you a kid 10 days out you can do the test at home so long as you send your sample back within 3 days they will e-mail you or text you the results and of course if you're negative by all means put on your aloha shirt your lay get on to the plane. this has the blessing of hawaii officials to are very strict about quarantine that island i used to live there if you bring you move there and you bring your canine your dog there. that dog has to be quarantine for 30 days before being let out to your family, it's very strict there. it continues to be strict but come october 15th, there is a good chance. james, i know you love a light. you can land and
5:35 am
get you 2 scoops macaroni and rice and chicken within 10 minutes of landing. >>back directors if he's right from the airport. thank you very much well. >>time now is 5.34 and happening tomorrow yosemite is going to reopen to won't look like this wow. >>that was a crazy that air quality member that what day was that. >>was wednesday. we'll hear was shut down because of all the smoke from the creek fire in fresno county it's been shut down. >>reservations are still required. but at least they're opening up which a lot of hikers can breathe easy to be happy to get in there that'll be good to see them get back. >>under way now to the south bay where health officials say that there's been a dramatic improvement in neighborhoods on the east side of san jose, some of the progress may be the result of an ongoing outreach effort with kron four's rob fladeboe to explain. >>about 2 dozen teams like this one are now engaged in spreading the word about how
5:36 am
to stop the spread of the coronavirus they are part of santa clara county's community health and business engagement team. the idea is to inform and encourage essential workers and residents about best practices to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the coronavirus all >>what you need and what's required to side like that protocol letting the public know that they are following the teams have visited more than 3,000 businesses already met with 1400 essential workers in the san jose which has been disproportionately hit by covid-19 is the kind of personal engagement that helps get accurate information out to the community says public health officer doctor sara cody. >>and we know that members of this community have had to make extraordinarily difficult tradeoffs between their health their work and how they will support and nourish their family it turns out most businesses are willing and eager partners the outreach teams have information about financial aid and other
5:37 am
resources as well. >>alum rock show rancho grande, a boot and clothing shop is having trouble keeping the doors open because of the pandemic says manager gigi sold in long i think it's a good program because i will have to pay the people in so they can be safety and indicated about the fire is so one spreads will and everybody can go back to her. >>normal. because that wouldn't take care of ourselves we get kids reading. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. well still ahead here on the kron 00:04am morning news details on governor newsom's latest plan to tackle climate change talk about the initiatives he's putting forward and next the giants are hoping to make a playoff push we're going to have highlights from their win over the rockies and some action from the oakland a's as well. and today, another nice one with daytime highs will be on the 80's for inland valleys. >>we'll be seeing a lot of sunshine after cloud cover that we've currently got your forecast is ahead.
5:38 am
>>and traffic is picking up out there it's getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza but still not bad with no major hot spots you're averaging 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street we'll check more bridges for with school back in session, xfinity is committed to helping kids continue to learn-no matter where they are. we're providing affordable internet access to low-income families through our internet essentials program. it's why we're working 24/7 to keep our network fast, reliable and secure. and helping college students study and stay connected through our university program. we're committed to helping all families stay connected. learn more at
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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>>and i 40 right now, let's talk baseball the san francisco giants took another step towards making the playoffs. >>they beat the rockies. yeah so let's get to the bottom of the 5th we go we've got.
5:41 am
riccio dubon. they're at the plate he hit a three-run home run to deep left field that put the giants ahead by well at that point they never looked back really in fact they win by final 7 to 2 giants now back in the playoff picture that currently hold the 7th seed in the national league with just 5 games left to play and it's always good to beat the dodgers even though the a's already have their spot. the playoffs. >>taking on la jump into the night. jumping to the where the game was tied at 4 a's outfielder ramon steps up to the plate hits that ball deep to right that's a 2 run homer the dodgers could not respond and the a's win it. 6 to 4 oakland will finish out the series against the dodgers tonight and the a's are now tied with the minnesota twins for the second seed in the american le trying to the v a's all right, here's a quick live look outside we've got a camera at the embarcadero looking back over the bay bridge few low clouds there in the distance you can see being lit up by these.
5:42 am
>>portable can lights will be back with more headlines and of course john with your forecast and rob with a check so you're a small business,
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>>it's 5.44 right now and things look pretty clear. >>that's good so far so good, nice and cool kind of nice start john yeah, definitely a nice start to what will be another nice day today and i love focusing on today and tomorrow because it's going to keep the good stuff around like we've gotten spoiled with
5:45 am
lately. unfortunately we do have to talk about the unfortunate weather that we have this weekend which will be hotter conditions and very dry conditions too just the very top of the golden gate bridge as a poking up through some fog that is streaming through the golden gate this morning that sea breeze that's bringing in the fog is the same sea breeze that's helped to keep us nice and clear the past few days. air quality remains good across the board so stepping outside breathing easy yet again in fact in the midst of some cooler air that's settling into the region from the north and west alongside this cold front some ports of northern california are actually getting a few isolated showers mostly up towards mendocino county not getting in the mix here today in the bay area, although we will see that steady breeze from the coast making its way and yet again much as you noticed yesterday and also that cloud cover we've got this morning skies clear this afternoon setting us up for another sunny afternoon with the great conditions for venturing outside. tomorrow we go back to yesterday's conditions clear skies to
5:46 am
start clear skies to finish. and we're also keeping the comfortable temperatures around today and tomorrow are your last days with these mild conditions tomorrow you start to see our seabreeze relaxing and after that we traded in for hot dry inland air that's going to be working its way out to the bay what this means for us is hotter temperatures. drier humidity and increased fire conditions as these winds start to push in. we will inland east bay here on the under a fire weather watches starting saturday lasting through monday as winds gust as high as 40 miles per hour all of solano county to be affected and upper elevations of the north bay and marine sonoma and napa counties exposed to those 50 mile per hour gusts. and that's heightened fire danger come the weekend that means today's the day to take care of any sort of outdoor chores that you may need to get done or just that jog outside that you may want to do with 60's and 70's near the coastline and 70's 80's elsewhere in the bay. we're keeping the steady good weather that we've had around around for just a
5:47 am
couple more days san jose similar to yesterday at 79 mid 70's in fremont and hayward as well as up to oakland at 75 today. concord in vacaville or too hot spots in the day and only at the 7 degrees. each 87 will sound like a dream even for a bayside areas come the weekend today and tomorrow, nice and mild come saturday, daytime high start to climb and by sunday monday and tuesday many of our inland areas will be well into the triple digits and upper 90's bayside areas in the 90's, yourselves and that high fire danger means that if you do head outside you want to take extreme caution. robin. >>all right, thank you john we'll start off with a bridge check over to one o one we're checking out the golden gate which is under special fog advisory that was issued by chp you can see karl the fog hanging out blocking that hours. so that means poor visibility. this morning across the span the drive time not bad at all you're averaging 19 minutes here at the bay bridge. we have a little bit of a crowd to see a line forming right down the middle so this is called a
5:48 am
minor wait nothing major 14 minutes into san francisco. and here's a new trouble spot that i'm tracking this is creek northbound 6.80 at ignacio valley, a motorcyclist is down injured your 2 left lanes are blocked. crews are on the way and they're already getting ready run traffic breaks leading up to the crash so expect delays for walnut creek before and after it may seal valley because of that trouble spot keep my eyes on it we'll check more slow downs coming up james all right robert thank you very much 5.48 the time back to the news now we have governor newsome announcing new initiatives to fight. >>climate change. >>the governor says the state will halt sales of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks by 2035. he says the move will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35% and he called on state regulators to come up with requirements to meet his goal. although other countries already have similar requirements, california would be the first in the united states. newsome says this initiative will have a huge impact on pollution and the auto industry.
5:49 am
>>the trends are in the direction of 0 emission vehicles, the trends are in the direction globally and 0 emission vehicles. if you are an american manufacturer how can you compete globally unless you're in that business unless you're pushing the boundaries of innovation unless you're encouraging that same mindset that we are trying to advance here in the state of california. >>governor's plan would not ban people from owning gas powered cars are selling them in the used car market but it would end the sale of all new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks in the state, california already has rules mandating a certain percentage of new car sales be electric or 0 emission vehicles. >>surveillance cameras are catching more crime in san francisco. so far the city's recorded more than 5100 burglaries since the start of the year that's a 42% rise from last year people in the northern part of the city like north beach russian hill and
5:50 am
pacific heights say they are experiencing break ins every day kron 4 s taylor bisacky has more. >>the big wave of prime right now and it's a home burglaries and this is scary we i cannot sleep at night anymore. unfortunately, you know gore isn't alone. surveillance videos like this taken over the last 2 months percent were from other neighbors after she made flyers and posted on social media in the next door app. >>focused in san francisco's northern neighborhoods like north beach telegraph hill russian hill and more years as the american april it's postponed. >>the next year and we had a lot of wedding gifts that were in there and they got stolen so there was a lot of miscellaneous things and a lot of sporting equipment as well, alex miller, and many other neighbors flooded grubbs inbox with similar stories thieves breaking into their garages or homes stealing expensive bicycles scooters and whatever they can get their hands on. >>that's when board decided to make a map i just started putting together all the said
5:51 am
write it down and to a app that eventually i join in too big a map. >>so to get in one more feedback now according to san francisco police. >>there have been 1079 burglaries in its northern district so far this year, a 58% increase from the 683 burglaries over the same time period last year as for citywide burglaries there's been 5,118 so far a 42% increase from this time period last year which reached 3,602 burglaries and it's not just happening to homes. this is video from the pacific heights, food market a week and a half ago 2 suspects only one seen in the video right now is setting up a blowtorch on the store's glass when it doesn't budge he comes back and tries throwing a planter to break in the lawlessness piece of it is really disturbing some people have seen second break in just recently, and it's just unacceptable something needs to be done and we need to see some actions not just the word
5:52 am
scored tells me that sfpd did establish a team to look at the suspects in the different break-ins but after they made an arrest the crimes continued. >>they'll hold a community meeting virtually on thursday to discuss the same issues in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >>it's 5.52 and as we head to the break, let's take a live peek at sfo. >>where with we're world we're living in where you know united is offering give free covid testing with play still will be right
5:53 am
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>>welcome back 5.54 let's get a look outside at some of the foggy conditions we are seeing across the bay half moon bay, not the clearest of visibility right now we are going to be seeing cloudy skies for much of the morning ahead so watch out for some lower visibility especially along the coast. now later on today fog cloud cover clears out we see gradually clearing skies returning sunshine and returning 70's 80's for your highs for san francisco, oakland and san jose it will be 70's across the board with san francisco at a nice 73. under some afternoon sunshine. robin thank you john we're checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza and what a difference 10 minutes makes now we have a full weight. >>at the pay gates officially packed at the toll plaza, the backup spilling the overcrossing and a motorcycle accident still active northbound 6.80 nacio valley
5:56 am
and water creek your 2 left lanes blocked its backing up to 24 james all right robin thank you 5.55 is the time coming up in the next hour. a call for justice as protests break out across the country, including here in the bay area after ruling in the death of brianna taylor will have the full story and we're also hearing from families affected by police violence here in the bay area as well we'll have their reaction to the decision in the breonna taylor case. >>plus senior citizens being targeted in the north bay we'll see why deputies are stepping up patrols. with school back in session, xfinity is committed to helping
5:57 am
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>>it's 06:00am this morning, a call for justice is echoing across the country as demonstrators protest, a grand jury's decision not to charge the louisville police officers involved in the killing of brianna taylor. here in the bay area protesters took to the streets in san francisco, oakland and san jose. we're live with what's expected to happen today. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday september 24th i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and we will have more on that top story in just a minute but first let's begin the hour
6:00 am
with a check of the weather. john trouble now with that good morning john good morning guys we have a lot of fog and cloud cover that's pushed back in across the bay today. >>big change from yesterday in this regard watch out for lower visibility right along the coastline as you are venturing on roadways as conditions out there in half moon bay and right through the golden gate have definitely been dicey as far as visibility is concerned. inland areas will get our first dose of sunshine and by the afternoon we're all getting in the mix with ample sunshine to be expected yet again clear skies and also some good air quality this afternoon so do venture out there and enjoy what will be comfortable temperatures right now we're in the 60's with hayward at 67 oakland conquer double in each of the mid 60's as well low 60's to upper 50's in the north bay, some of our cooler temperatures later on today or coolest highs will be at the coast where you'll find some 60's. well 70's 80's for bayside and inland areas talking or big weekend warm-up still ahead the rest of your forecast rob. thank you. jo


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