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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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brianna taylor in louisville, kentucky and happening now planned protests on the bay bridge, the golden gate and the dunbarton bridges you can see traffic slowing slightly it's not exactly clear if it's due to demonstrators who are in that area. thank you for joining us at 6, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the grand jury decision reignited protests across the country last night and activists are vowing to keep pressing for increased police accountability that includes several protests happening now in the bay area kron 4 sale of the sacking joins us live from san francisco. so taylor what do you where you are. >>pam ken not quite the turnout that we expected this was supposed to be a car caravan protests on the bridge where they're going to create gridlock. but this is what we are seeing those about 8 to 10 protesters up here, holding signs asking for drivers to hop you see some of those for briana brianna matters just as for briana. now these protesters got here about 30 minutes ago and they also
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expected more people to be out here but and i'll tell you. we have seen some signs and some cars that have driven by, but if you look back down over there police were prepared you'll see a couple of. police officers there that are making sure whoever walks through is being safe. but i'll tell there are no people actually walking across the bridge. we haven't seen that the sides are typical a bicycle riding down there or people just going to walk. now if you take a look at traffic again this was supposed to be a gridlock. type of protests a slow car caravan protest but you'll see traffic is moving very smoothly. slow down a bit earlier but we are thinking that's because some people did show up for the protest. also the bridge did switch from 4 lanes to 3 lanes so that did slow traffic for just a little bit but. protesters out here they're hoping that some more people show we're not exactly what's like on the other bridges but for now here in golden gate things are running smoothly and people like these these folks up here are showing their support back to you. >>there will keep checking in
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with you if things change thank you for that live report with this high in the air a group of oakland social justice activists spoke out against yesterday's grand jury decision not to indict the officers who shot and killed brianna taylor. the messages were shared at a rally titled we all matter in true open fashion they turned to art standing in front of a brianna taylor mural ensuring what they said was in poetry but the truth. >>black people have ever had always been the canary in the coal mine what to let them do to >>they well don't to you. do we. you. >>people talk about what could happen tomorrow. think all tomorrow. it's never tomorrow. >>the speaker also ask that people come together and what is what she called a divided states of america. in the south bay brianna taylor activists vented their rage at city hall in the form of
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graffiti and vandalism and as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now their actions may also have rekindled the debate over a controversial statue in san jose. >>the scene this morning outside city hall in san jose. crews were using a pressure washer to erase a large message that read justice for briana taylor. dozens of other tags denounced police vandalism was minimal, although a large plate glass window was smashed on city hall's rotunda and knowledge ing the activists right to protest peacefully but denouncing the vandalism was mayor sam liccardo. >>everyone has an opportunity to express themselves. next the size of first amendment rights but as soon as there's broken glass as their stand a listen as soon as there's any threat of harm to a person. we're not going tolerate protesters also vented their anguish and downtown san jose's controversial thomas a statue it was set on fire
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talent to raise the american flag over san jose back in 1846. >>california was still part of mexico. a former mayor of san jose fallon was guilty of atrocities against mexican and indigenous peoples says brody story of the activist group hero tent it should be anywhere it should be in a museum and it should have the true history of of. >>thomas phones saying what he did. to mexican and indigenous people. give the true history otherwise and there's a symbol of of hope when actuality it's it's a symbol of oppression the bronze and concrete statue was not seriously damaged, but it was doused in red paint. >>to symbolize the blood allegedly spilled by found. well he too expressed sharp disappointment in the kentucky grand jury's failure to bring charges in the breonna taylor case. >>mayor liccardo is calling for a dialogue and whether thomas fallen belongs on a pedestal or in a museum. i think this is a learning moment for us an opportunity
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to bring chain together to have a conversation with historians. >>to really answer questions and to have these difficult conversations around race and our past the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>the family of breonna taylor plans to hold a news conference tomorrow morning along with civil rights attorney ben crump. >>in louisville local media there say that they will talk about the grand jury's decision to not indict any of the police officers for taylor's death that news conference is scheduled for 00:30am in the morning pacific standard time as people across the country continue to protest the decision of how the taylor case was handled has struck a nerve. taylor was not a suspect and she was in her own home when she was killed by police american trail talked with experts about the trauma this is causing for people across the nation. >>and her being soft day and just kind of any notion we
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have a sea in safety iu school social work. professor virgil gregory junior says the killing of a 26 emergency medical worker inside her home triggered cultural trauma for some people when people have culture trauma, it changes the way they view the future. and when things do not go in a way that it appeared the latches goal or or sometimes we see you know be there have been protest and other other things as well. >>this was the reaction local after it was announced only one of 3 officers involved in the march raid would be charged for shooting into a neighboring apartment. no charges were filed for taylor's killing kentucky attorney general daniel cameron says the grand jury made their decision based on facts in the law all wall can do is look at the facts and a look at what color you are look at the facts there are a lot of good response this to to some of these these negative things. professor gregory says americans have the right to protest. >>in the past it's made a real
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impact in the past it has brought about changes in policy. it's sometimes you'll see legal. >>the charges follow for things afterwards law professor kevin brown says lasting change will only happen if the last change which starts with elected officials we really don't pay out. >>another avenue other then that the judge and the judges are typically people who are going to be appointed by the majority are political process. >>and our coverage of this case continues at kron 4 dot com there you can watch the kentucky attorney general's full announcement about the brianna taylor case a timeline of the case as well as reaction to yesterday's decision it is all at kron 4 dot com. the contra costa county district attorney's office has announced it will no longer filed charges against people arrested or cited for possession of small amounts of drugs idea is to divert low level recreational
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users out of the criminal justice system and into the health care system well for justine waldman joins us live now in the newsroom to detail why this move is being made and the response to it just well, pam and ken i spoke with the contra costa county district attorney on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today john affected told me the idea is to keep first time low level recreational drug users out of the criminal justice system and get them the help that they need in the health care system this would she says we reduce the strain on the court system and on law enforcement and provide treatment options for these low level offenders. now most people caught with a small amount of drugs and to commit other misdemeanor crimes, including theft under $300 and disorderly conduct will no longer be arrested. however, some people are concerned that this will lead offenders get away with crimes. >>people seem to get impressed than there would be no accountability that's not for there's a level cases they
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just name. they want the policy says it doesn't say no accountability what it says is that we will defer those cases into diversion so will be held accountable and that victims will definitely be seen. any compensation that's due to them. because of the on committee. >>the da tells me this new policy gives the district attorney's office more time to focus on big stuff like street gangs drug dealers and violent criminals. kron 4 still gathering more information on this story including how local law enforcement in contra costa county is receiving this new policy. we'll have that for you on a 07:00pm on kron 4 news on our facebook page and also on the kron on app live in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news justine thank you this city of san francisco's taking the fight against an open air drug market to the next level the plan involves banning drug dealers from a specific neighborhood and as kron four's has it been your reports the same tactic could eventually expand to other
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parts of the city. >>these lawsuits are designed to help stop the brazen the open air drug dealing that has plagued this historic neighborhood at the center of our cities opioid crisis. >>san francisco city attorney dennis herrera is cracking down on who he says are 28 known drug dealers by file in civil injunctions banning them from entering the tenderloin a tactic being used to save lives last year alone 441. people died from drug overdoses in the city and the tenderloin had the highest overdose mortality rate of any neighborhood in the city. enough is enough san francisco mayor london breed was raised a short distance from that end the line she says it has always had challenges but it is never been worse. >>it is never been worse, san francisco has become the place to go to sell drugs. it is known widely and that has got
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to stop because there has to be consequences the injunction bans the 28 drug dealers from an area covering 52 square blocks from then has to ellis and from gary to mission. >>and could cost up to $6,000 for each violation we are going to make a difference in the tenderloin san francisco supervisor, aaron peskin is on board with the injunction but acknowledges drug dealing is not just attend a line problem and if this works. >>this is a model that can be exported to other parts of san francisco has a kron 4 news. >>coming up an outdoor dining boom in san francisco's marina district but merchants worry how long this might last. >>hundreds paid their respects to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg will take you to capitol hill straight ahead and a north bay community in mourning after a suspected drunk driver kills a father of 3 the beloved business. he
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also leaves behind and get ready. we've got some hot weather coming our way he r
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>>2 deadly crashes in the city of petaluma in tonight's one the result of the drivers speeding running a red light and killing another driver and the other case, the north bay business owner hit and killed by a person suspected of driving under the influence
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while forced to leave to go reports the victim was simply taking out the trash in front of his home when he was hit. >>the 53 year-old mario gun gora died tuesday night in front of his home on south mcdowell boulevard in petaluma the husband and father was taking out the trash when petaluma police say 41 year-old james watkins jumped the curb with his toyota prius and hit done bora the car ended up in the roundabout police say watkins was allegedly under the influence of prescription narcotics at the time. >>none gore a family friend calling rieger says the collective feeling is sadness mixed with anger after learning this is at least the second dui walk ins has been charged with since 2018. a case that has been pending in court for 2 years sort of pressure lately i mean this is no way around that is the stuff like that can stand if you will tell law. >>and that other so much pain and hardship here like people can get all of their lives. it's ridiculous that in a
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situation where. >>the locks and other side. there's no justice in the sonoma county sheriff's office confirms watkins has posted bail at $100,000. >>and is no longer in custody. the petaluma police department says it is working with the dmv to keep him off the road that person should been the license should have been suspended they should have been driving. you know i don't know what's going on at the court case, but you wish that he was not have access to any card all gone girl own j j's burger joint in nevado and spent 2 decades working as a chef in the north bay they worked really hard to be wary was. this though the statement that triggers says mario is survived by his wife and 3 kids in petaluma police to call kron 4 news. >>enjoy look around words like that's nice. >>the outdoor dining is taking off in san francisco with more
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and more eating establishments building out patios as a part of the city's shared spaces program and it's not just popular with the restaurants struggling to stay open during the pandemic those eating out say they're enjoying more al fresco options from forrest maureen kelly looked into what would need to happen to make this temporary lifeline for small businesses permanent. >>the number of outdoor dining parklets have exploded here on san francisco's chestnut street in the marina. >>and on this warm afternoon, many of the table tops were filled with hungry customers steiner at just not is one of the streets now closed to traffic during much of the day under the city's shared spaces program and some of the outdoor patios there are very elaborate such as this one was hanging he chanda leaders i found many enjoying the alfresco experience is great we all the time like that it's outside now from the little part that's one of the color outside the slide is really that it's really cool.
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>>do this all the time. >>the sheriff space program was born out of a covid related emergency declarations the president of the golden gate restaurant association says. >>it was an example of city agencies coming together to get things done but just said hey normally this would take a lot of time but we're all know that if we don't make this an option certainly for restaurants and or resale that can take advantage of it. that we're just going to have a ghost town literally in the city because many of us were completely shot the board of supervisors are voting next week to waive permit fees for things like tables and chairs on the sidewalk until 2022 the already free shared spaces permits that allow commercial activity in the parking spots expire on new year's eve. there is a move to extend them, but making them permanent is not without controversy even among merchants since they take up valuable parking spots, however, the manager of the shared spaces programs says there is a strong appetite for them becoming a long-term fixture in the public realm.
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maureen kelly kron 4 news. san francisco's de young museum is set to reopen tomorrow visitor capacity has been reduced to 25% with timed entry to ensure proper social distancing face coverings will be required at all times and visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets online. >>the museum will also offer free admission for essential workers and free admission to the public on saturday is also happening tomorrow, this is good news yosemite national park will reopen to visitors the air quality there has improved a lot since. >>this last week when the park was shut down because of smoke from the creek fire that's burning in fresno county reservations are still required if you want to get inside the park will let's take a look outside right now on a comparison you just saw how red and orange and yucky it was still pretty hazy but boy it sure looks a lot better pam is sure does it looks like just what you'd want to go for the weekend lawrence yeah, i mean what a change we've try
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to show the shot last week but boy that smoke covered all a half dome. >>and that's my bucket list i want to climb this day one of these days just so you know. >>we've got some nice conditions ahead here is we've got the sea breeze blowing we may see a little more that haze developing around the bay area and watch our kron 4 weather alert. >>we've got a major heat wave rolling into town this may be the last major heat wave of the season, the temperatures 90's even some triple digit heat expected maybe even on sunday continuing into monday and tuesday of next week fire danger is also going to be running high into early next week as we're going to see those strong offshore winds some very low humidity around the bay area. so certainly some of the gusts maybe over the mountain tops above a 1000 feet not down the urban areas, but above a 1000 feet upwards of 30 maybe 50 miles per hour across some of the peak so some place that we're watching right now over the oakland range expecting some strong gusty winds or maybe 30 maybe 40 miles per hour this starts on saturday continues through monday morning. but i think it
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may be extended into tuesday as well slow county also looking at some very dry north northeasterly winds, 25 to 40 miles per hour. and in the north bay gusting as high as 30 to 50 miles per hour going more on that he we have coming up in a few minutes. >>thank you nice and coming up tonight at 6.45 president trump signs an executive order and outlines what his health care policy would look like in his second term what his plan could mean for the affordable care act. that's ahead of next united airlines will begin testing passengers from covid-19 plans to help travelers who are headed to
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>>the that we want to show you a live look at sfo people longing for a visit to hawaii may be happy about this news coming up starting next month united airlines will begin to covid-19 test. people at sfo worked palette planning on flying to hawaii and travelers can take a rapid test the same day of the flight or they can request a kid be sent to their homes days in advance for a do it yourself tess mike lowe has details. >>the pandemic has had a profound impact on air travel travel 50 miles a year its first time in 6 months of flying commercial flights are down 46% since last year in the united states according to a recent take is because of the funding. >>that's why it's the f of that is.
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>>if people people have been reluctant to travel because they see risks to their own health and the hassles of quarantine rules once they arrive at their different destinations is a lot international jurisdictions in some domestic for that matter. >>requirements in either for entry or quarantine waiver to show proof of a negative test result now united airlines is working to solve the problem becoming the first commercial airline to roll out a testing program for travelers but testing landscape is actually quite it can be confusing and overwhelming that we want to make it easy for folks to be able to. >>to get the test that they need the program starts in october on the san francisco to hawaii route. >>it's the test market because daily flights to hawaii are down 70% since the start of the pandemic and the state is willing to waive the mandatory 14 day quarantine for travelers with proof of a negative test. passengers will either be able to do a rapid test at the san francisco airport which takes about 20
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minutes to get results or a male and swab kit from color. health tech company will be shipping those tests to their home will submit a sample. >>drop it off in a same day san francisco airport and then will be returning results within one to 3 days before their departure. >>executives involved say the airlines coordinating test for travelers will take some of the strain off of the health care system individuals who need the sort of testing for entry into destination that they need to be n. >>don't have to burden you are united hopes that testing travelers could kick-start air travel again. >>i think he says smart all other airlines have to be doing the same. i feel pretty good them thinking airline days when they buy and you're in the area. >>and they're quick and easy to make but they could make you very ill so we're going to
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tell you some of the dangers surrounding frozen food dinners also a south bay congresswoman tells us why she is pushing new ethics reforms which target president trump. she says he has no respect for the law. morning washington today, hundreds poured out to say their final goodbyes to justice ruth bader ginsburg, the president also stopped by to pay his respects but not to pay his respects but not rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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>>in national mourners from all across the nation still flooding the steps of the u.s. supreme court to pay their respects to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg for the second day her body lies in repose at the nation's highest court she served there for decades or washington dc correspondent raquel martin has more on today's final farewell. >>i'm so glad to see her for the second day 100 lined up to say their final farewell to justice ruth bader ginsburg she's incredible all women are able to do what they do today because of women like her it blow in her mother made the trek from chicago here for one day i'm going to drive 12 hours to go back that's how important it is to us that we and terror suspects. >>this is trump also paid his respects thursday but didn't receive a warm welcome. >>like showing up at someone's


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