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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 6, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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do that i knew this danger to it but i had to do it. nobody that's a leader would not do what i did. and i know there's a risk there is a danger but that's ok ellen better and maybe i'm i'm you know i don't know. >>you have the message from the president as he continues to downplay the severity of coronavirus returning to the white house walking from marine one and there you see him taking off his mask. while he's still contagious and turns and walks into the white house we'll have the very latest from d c about the message. he's sending out to americans this morning. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 9. >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got weather and traffic update you on before we get to those headlines. let's start with the forecast john good morning, good morning guys finally some fall weather forecast ahead of us today already feel like fall this
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morning at least a crisp start and a bit of a foggy start to although things are beginning to brighten up now is that fog or treats towards the coastline. temperatures will be comfortable this morning before a warm afternoon before moderate air quality really takes over yet again that afternoon for the north bay, especially up towards mendocino and lake counties air quality at its worse with poor conditions still up there. well better green conditions will remain closer to the coast. 50's and 60's for your current temperatures we're starting to see temperatures climbing now as things get brighter and brighter pittsburgh livermore at 63 each fairfield are warm spot at 64. still 40's in santa rosa and say holding up. later today will be in the 80's for san jose 70's and oakland and san francisco. robin. >>all right. thank you john another problem on the bay bridge heading into san francisco this morning, one crash cleared on the eastern span. now we have a crash involving a motorcyclist west of treasure island sell 3 cars
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and the motorcyclists possibly blocking 2 lanes of traffic crews are on scene trying to get out of your way. meanwhile, it's just adding to the headaches that was already there check this out this is the view behind the toll plaza and it looks like those cars are just barely moving right, it's stacked up beyond 8.80 beyond west grand back through the bottom of the maze. so this is what's going to be dealing with right now trying to get into san francisco hold off if you have that luxury hop on bart that's an option for you if you don't want to do that just get out there extra early because this new problems in the way 92 looks much better after 4 earlier issues, several stalls at a crash back to 26 6 minutes, not great. but a huge improvement from hayward over to the peninsula and we're checking traffic. tracker we don't have any other hot spots working right now, but you're looking good out of the south bay check out 8.81 on one and 2.80 all moving well northbound from san jose heading up toward the peninsula will check more freeways coming up in a bit back to you. 9 '02 on our top story, the president is out of the hospital and walking
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around without a mask and with covid body says don't worry about it in fact he says don't even worry wearing a mask as he showed you from the white house. >>the virus, however is responsible for 210,000 people, dying and 1 million people dying around the world, so there's a mixed message coming out now. >>he says he feels better than he's ever felt before his doctors though say his prognosis isn't clear just yet we have our washington dc correspondent anna werner key standing by in dc with the very latest. >>president donald trump is back at the white house in says he's feeling good and now in better and maybe i'm i'm you i don't know in a video posted to twitter the president addressed the nation from the white house balcony. one thing that's for certain don't. >>let it dominate you don't be afraid of it he's back white house physician doctor sean conley says the president was fever free for 72 hours before
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he checked out of walter reed and he's returning to a facility white house medical unit. >>that's staffed 24 7 top notch shortly after returning to the white house the president tweeted that he will be back on the campaign trail soon i hope the president's recovery stripped the success of our nation's covered crisis thus far far from over democratic presidential nominee, joe biden criticized his opponent at a campaign rally in florida for not taking his diagnosis seriously now that he's busy tweeting campaign. i says i would ask him to do this listen to the scientists president trump is returning to the white house were at least 18 members of his staff tested positive for the virus. vice president mike pence as he and his wife have tested negative for covid-19 since friday takes in this election never been higher penn says while the president recovers he's heading to utah for the first vice presidential debate on wednesday. >>in washington, i'm anna warning key. >>and at the very same time
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that the president was dramatically ripping off his mask and walking into the white house. the nation's top doctor happened to doing an interview and he was saying the opposite doctor anthony fauci said yesterday quote obviously the message should be that we should try as best we can to avoid infection. no matter who you are how old you are or what your underlying condition is we should not trivialize it. and then doctor fauci pointed out that more than 210,000 people have died of this virus in the u.s. and 7 million people have been infected and he pointed to those is big reasons to remain vigilant when dealing with the virus. >>and this just in to the kron 4 news room as breaking news both twitter and facebook have flagged the president's comments this morning about the flu be more deadly. then covid-19 flagging it as untrue or misleading there you see twitter putting a flag on there now this isn't the first time twitter has done this before with the president's comments but this appears to
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be the first time that facebook has informed its users about the validity of the president's comments sees his original tweet there and then right above it that warning that twitter posted saying this tweet violated the twitter rules about spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to covid where could because he was >>in an die over a 100,000 of the flu and the very last line where he says you know covid most population is far less lethal. then the flu and when you at the numbers arrest, good numbers are the numbers, yeah. >>and this morning we're taking a look at the timeline what happened that with this white house. covid outbreak it started apparently on september 26 that's when the white house hosted 150 guests. almost all of them not wearing masks in the rose garden and about a dozen people at that event ended up testing positive for covid. and that same day the president went on with his adviser hope hicks
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they went on to an outdoor rally. in pennsylvania. a few days after that the president and first family went to the debate in cleveland. so still quite active. moderator chris wallace says that they got there late so the president didn't take a covid test their they work on the honor system said he tested negative and wouldn't say when they're not saying when the president tested negative. the following day the president held another outdoor campaign rally mingling in minnesota. it was during that rally that hope hicks showed then got back on air force one with everybody of those journalists on that plane and of getting covid and it wasn't until the next day october 1st, the president held a roundtable a private fundraiser in new jersey again mingling with people and then later that night he said that he tested positive for the virus. and your pictures of all of the people in the white house circle who have tested positive white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany now
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positive. she was the latest in that broke yesterday on our newscast. nyclu know one of the president's preferred a personal assistance has covid former new jersey governor chris christie checked himself into the hospital saturday. he said as a precaution. he was at that rose garden event. trump campaign manager bill stepien tested positive former special counselor to the president kellyanne conway has coronavirus has just north carolina senator thom tillis and as we said hope hicks has coronavirus rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel tested positive after hicks first lady melania trump's has the virus utah senator mike lee has covid and wisconsin senator ron johnson has covid now and the trump administration does say that they are doing contract trade contact tracing. however, many people and all of those various events, including the journalists has said nobody ever contacted them telling them that they should test for will make sure you download the kron on app because as new
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information comes into our newsroom throughout the day regarding the president. >>his health and the status of others that were at that rose garden event that seemed to be popping up with positive test results on a daily basis we will let you know kron on is free. it's a 24 7 new streaming service. so if you haven't downloaded yet download it today and stay connected. and we are tracking the coronavirus impact here locally for california and the bay area we know that so far statewide more than 836,000 people have been confirmed to have contracted it with more than 16,000 people dying from covid-19 the bay area specifically when we have more than a 102,000 people that are confirmed to have coronavirus or had at some point during the beginning of this pandemic and then more than 1500 people dying from it as well. >>and yet more people are considering traveling in oakland airport is now offering free covid test starting today now officials though say preferably you go see your doctor to get tested before get to the airport but if there's no way around that. they'll provide a test for uk
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4 sarah stinson live at the airport with what you need to know sarah. >>yeah the free testing site just open today here at the oakland airport at the northfield complex and people are always ready taking advantage of it you can see there's a line here right now getting these free rapid tests and these tests only take about 15 minutes to administer and then you get your results in 15 15 seconds for 15 minutes here on your plane you don't have to be a traveler to utilize this free testing in here you can see a better look at how this all works here. but yell line going out of the parking lot of people taking advantage of the of this you do have to have an appointment and i talked to a couple, they're flying to maryland, their flights at 1045 their appointments at 9.30 and the spokesperson i talked to said that's cutting it a little bit close you want to have your appointment. hopefully 3 hours
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before he said because it's better to be safe than sorry takes a little bit longer we're checking in. and so that's what he advised snow you can again can get your appointment online the airport is working with city health urgent care to make this happen. again at the northfield terminal complex has about a 5 to 7 minute drive away from the actual terminals and you can see all the cars here right now checking in appointments are available daily from 9 in the morning until 5 and the goal this make sure people feel safer when they travel. >>you know we're already seeing other airports and airlines make rapid testing available as you know sarah travel safety anxiety continues during this pandemic and oakland international airport is very pleased to be offering this again to keep our airport workers and travelers states. >>now this is separate from the preflight traveling to hawaii that starts on october
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15th. you have to get that test 72 hours before departing to the islands of hawaii if you don't get it in time they will offer you a test at the airport again a rapid test takes 15 seconds and then in 15 minutes you will get your results and you'll be happy on your way to the hawaiian islands now this testing site. already you know has a lot of people here so make sure you go online we put a link on our website kron 4 dot com for now reporting live at the oakland airport sarah stinson back to you all right, thanks a lot tobar 15th when that you don't have to quarantine as long as you have a negative test for why so. >>happy vacations if you take one thank you. now let's talk of the wildfires that are burning in the north and napa and sonoma counties. so we have new numbers this morning, the show the acreage and the containment they both gone up close to 67,000 acres have now burned but 50% containment is pretty good. only a few more
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homes than we had earlier this morning, the count right now is 557 homes have been destroyed still more than 22,000 others are threatened to that's why there are still evacuation orders in place. >>well this morning we're taking a closer look at the damage caused by the fire up there in napa county and it's been extensive for some. >>kron four's will tran is insane alina off of silverado road with a look at some of the damage done is it that spotty kind of thing again where the fire jumped or is it just the whole block. >>this whole area has been just mean the fire went through here it's gone now, there's some hot spots but it left behind just a trail of destruction and think about it behind every home every business. our dreams and lives and this is the glass mounting in office silverado trail. there are 2 buildings at this location and as you can see off in the distance on the hillside. it's still smoldering and we do know that the fire went through here in
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the hours or even the day after the fire started in the fire started on september 27th and it is still smoky here and look at this it look like the proverbial. >>bomb it. >>we know it wasn't a balmy was just a hot raging wildfire that raced through this area that's one building that's the other building there. the only thing left or chimneys chimneys that are still standing at this time, but that said it's just rubble. let me show you video of the fire. when it came through here we were here to capture it and as you can clearly see it is still racing or was at that time racing through here firefighters try their very best to save it. instead they were just fighting a hopeless cause because it was so intense, they are already declaring this fire. the worst fire that has ever hit napa valley and think about all the fires we've seen over the past couple years for them to already say that if we get back out live really quickly i want to show you we walk a little closer to this
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particular building. look at this. there is nothing to save it is just it's decimated is gone. this i'm sure at one time james darya we would all love to be here. have a good time instead once they're allowed to come back in the only thing left is just to bring the bulldozer to clear it out. >>thank you very much well,
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. >>welcome back 9.17 on this
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tuesday morning it is getting brighter and brighter across the bay area as that low cloud cover begins to retreat further and further towards the coast to that cold front that's about to switch things up for us pretty dramatically into the weekend we've been hot we've been hazy and we've been dry and those hazy conditions staying with us for yet another day mostly good to moderate air quality until you head up to northern sonoma county eventually up into mendocino county where we see some of our worst of conditions. so this cold front going to be dragging in along with that line of showers that's looking likely to impact us come friday and saturday along with those showers a big cool down in temperatures so it's finally going to be feeling like fall in the days to come. today is really the warmest day of the rest of the forecast and not all that warm as it is livermore concord in antioch just barely into the low 90's a range of numbers we won't be talking about after today and the rest of your forecast. oakland and mill valley in the mid to low 70's as for tomorrow, those inland highs
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average out in the 80's and after that it's 70's into the weekend, our warmest best chance of rain friday and saturday. rob. >>thank you john, it's still a very slow drive into san francisco this morning crews are working on clearing our second crash. and this one is westbound 80 after treasure island we have a motorcyclists involved it's blocking the left lane minor injuries reported, but it's just not helping your morning commute. it never recovered from the earlier accident so expect a big backup here spilling through the maze you're averaging 22 minutes into san francisco. a quick peek of the south bay santa clara police have blocked off northbound lawrence expressway between come brillo and monroe as they investigate and clear a they're diverting traffic over to carrillo avenue. so definitely consider that or you can stick with wolf road as an alternate there's also sent a mosque expressway. it just depends on your final destination but stay away from northbound lawrence expressway it's going to blocked off until further notice back to you. >>time now to talk winners and
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losers on wall street joined live as always by our financial expert, rob black good morning. rob. good morning james all right well let's start off by talking about the markets. >>and they're kind of math. this morning, what you're never taishan of that. >>well we had before down weeks. september was not good. we had one kind of week and now we're kind of figured out looking for stimulus from. federal government steve mnuchin and nancy pelosi, one big story there. then there's another story about democrats circulating a memo talking about going after apple google amazon. facebook if they win probably be facing more regulation is guys. in room palace and hate government. let's go back to steve mnuchin treasury to close the i've done my job trump all have the fed lowered interest rates a priest economy, so it should have no problem running. but you got to pass package show is the top stories today and those all how we think about
9:21 am
things coming down the road we're going to get stimulus james, i believe before the election or right after lunch. >>so we've got not we're doing okay liking it. it's making sense. >>okay, we are exactly 4 weeks away we'll see one thing i'm gonna keep an eye on is like consumer spending come the holidays if that's going to boost anything you're thinking the crowds are going to be obviously quite a bit because stores are limited. >>there's a lot in the all trucks could be down 25%. but spending to be up about one to one and a half percent year over year now we more like 4% upping spending that's hotter here in place number. but i'm happy with 1 one and a half after this year. if that's you know we're little bit more dry in our power 6 peak as far as money spent during the holidays that sound about right it's good. big winners fedex and u p s cares about 25% more e-commerce this year
9:22 am
than last year i can't believe i'm saying it again e-commerce is just a jog or not and usual suspects but i want to be afraid to go after dps or up i think they're pretty well positioned for the holidays. >>okay, well, the pandemic certainly helping to boost. online spending in that regard also getting a boost as we've talked about from the pandemic is streaming services and also video game. companies as well you're seeing their stocks really on a tear. >>not just in the short term in the long term i grew up plane pac man in arcades so this is near and dear to me because i was always told that i'm a loser my sales or 19% this year it's 45 billion dollars. if you look at hollywood's best year ever cells or 11.9 billion. so the movie industry is a 3rd of the size the video game industry is and if you invested in activision electronic arts
9:23 am
take 2 back in 2001 when microsoft introduced first x box, they're up about 1700% as stocks go wow versus the 330% of the stock market. i'm even look at some other players like trilby champion at video. but the new consuls are coming out and instantly sold out it's going to be good things long term for activision take you know a lot of new innovation comes with the new hardware you know if asked investing michigan is not child's play it is a serious growth in the street and it seems to be looking a good 6, 7, years but for us wow just another example of how i wish i could turn back time and. >>put money in the video seems like every major sounds wrong, you're not a loser rob. you're you. feel free to let ron he's a winner send them an e-mail please. he'll need it we've got tell you his contact information on the screen you can e-mail him directly robber about dot com you can find on facebook twitter and of course
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>>boulder creek crews with the epa are looking for hazardous materials after the czu lightning complex fires in this video you can see them searching what's left of a home and they're looking for ammunition. asbestos or anything like household chemicals gases anything that could be a hazard and then the debris removal is going to be done in 2 phases. they expect
9:27 am
to be in the area for 2 months inspecting about 900 properties in santa cruz and san mateo counties. >>they take a break here at 9.26 coming up next president trump is out of the hospital though his doctors say he's not out of the woods just yet. we hey, my twitter is blowing up! dear jack box, bring back the spicy chicken strips, still waiting for the spicy chicken strips, so many about spicy chicken strips. wow, i hear you. so i'm bringing back my juicy 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99!
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all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh.
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is it the juicy 100% all-white meat? or because you can spice them up or cool them down? or because a little birdie told me you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. >>9.29 right now and we're looking at the weather pretty nice pattern that we're in now good morning. john yeah i like
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it i think most of us are going to enjoy what we're seeing ahead of us in these coming days. >>which is going to be increasingly cool weather a crisp start to this morning. and a little bit clearer now than we were earlier this morning, san francisco starting to clear up a little foggy still right along the coastline. conditions out there will again be good to moderate for air quality if you head north into areas of mendocino northern lake counties that's where air quality is going to be at its pretty similar to yesterday in that regard. 50's and 60's for current temperatures, some of our more inland areas are really starting to warm up now with pittsburgh in fairfield in the mid 60's. santa rosa, lagging behind a bit in the upper 40's currently see a still need the jacket for just a few more minutes up there. 70's in san francisco and oakland. well later today in san jose, the mid 80's. robin. >>thank you john we're heading back to the bay bridge looks like crews have finally clear that motorcycle crash west of treasure island just add it to all of the slow traffic heading into san francisco this morning so they're slowly
9:31 am
improving your drive time now 11 minutes for your average to fremont street. but just keep in mind that it's still slow from the bottom of the maze just improving off to 92 a huge improvement here as well after 4 major problems 3 stalls and a crash are finally back to normal at 12 minutes from hayward to the peninsula. a delay free commute to the north bay, you're looking good at the richmond sandra fell 7 minutes for 5 in the west to make it out to one o one back to you. >>thank you very much robin. so at 9.31 our big story this morning is the fact that president trump is back at the white house now after spending 3 days at walter reed medical center even though doctors say he is out of the woods. he says he's never felt better. dean reynolds has the latest on his condition. >>the president's return to the white house may give his supporters renewed hope even as he continues his treatment and even though his doctor says he is not out of the woods yet after 3 nights in the hospital with blanket coverage from live television cameras be removed his mask
9:32 am
and tucked it away as he walked back into the executive mansion, where several of his deputies have lately come down with the virus that has infected him and killed 210,000 americans. the president released a new video one thing that's for certain don't. >>let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. >>you're going to be good when the president will reemerge on the trail is unclear but his opponent is not waiting to find out. joe biden campaigned in florida and the coronavirus was on his mind now that he's busy 20 campaign messages i would ask him to do this listen to the scientists the democratic nominee appeared in a town hall meeting on nbc and expanded on those comments i've you were in this mass. >>not so much protecting me. it is a patriotic responsible all a tough guy so i'm not worried about scott not afraid. >>we'll be afraid for your husband, your wife, your side of your daughter, your neighbors, your co-workers
9:33 am
that's protecting having this mask on and the former vice president critiqued the raucous first debate and said what he hoped for if there is a second and 3rd the one thing that became absolutely clear. >>he didn't want to answer the questions. >>he did not want to talk about substance you notice, not one single time that i can recall that he offer a substantive answer or criticism related to a policy matter. >>well as dean reynolds, reporting according to the cdc, those with mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus like what the president had can be contagious for as many as 10 days and it's recommended they self isolate. >>doctor peter chin-hong an infectious disease physician at ucsf is here because we just played doctor on tv we want to know real doctor, so james just said the cdc says that he's still contagious and that's because how could he possibly have had symptoms. you know the day before.
9:34 am
>>and be you free yesterday. >>is possible. he's definitely infections still and the. he's completely i mean problem president trump is that his home is his by sending and what we actually saying go back to work and you know that we are worried that the president will continue to work. as you see remove this mask to put pocket which again i'm worried about from an infectious disease perspective because it's like smearing virus all over the mosque in again with the service you don't know where that's going to go next is going to touch it. which members of his household. slash workplace are going to be infected so up and it's indoors some always worried about all the saints. nevertheless as a human to human i'm worried about his health because you can't just go from being i would call in moderately ill with covid. to
9:35 am
go back to to work and looking at some of those videos not the prerecorded ones, the ones way he i just come back to the white house he actually very short of looks like the patients who is recovering from covid definitely not ready to go back to work the to reasons one. you know again from a health perspective you need to called the last and then the number 2 most concerning lee is still infectious. >>now we have his and we can put it up on the screen and you know portions of it certainly raised eyebrows after he sent that out but in it he basically said. this morning this was the tweet as of this morning, he said flu season coming up many people every year sometimes over a 100,000 despite the vaccine die. are we going to close down our country know we've learned to live with it just like we're learning to live with covid in most populations far less lethal so again pushing forward the notion that the flu kills more people
9:36 am
will not that look at the numbers you just 700,210 1000 are dead. so far so what is the message that people should be getting about. >>coronavirus versus the flu and this argument that the flu kills way more why we worried about coronavirus. >>it's so not a debate in my coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu. coronavirus is much more you know in the flu for example spreading infection when you know someone is sick and covid ia spreading infection before she have since had symptoms so it's i'm not only covid causes all of in my toughest stations all over the body not only during the illness, but afterwards as well as seeing the kids that's off to covid covid toes long-haul us interim with chronic fatigue brain fog that happens after the infection. so to compare flu and covid is really
9:37 am
ridiculous. >>and then also and the president in his comments on video also said. i'm feeling great better than ever may be on the moon. well first of all he's obviously not and neither are 7 million americans who have already caught covid but secondly there's the address him feeling better than ever could that be of this cocktail of drugs and and all the other stuff that he's getting that of course you know regular people would not be on it would be able to get. >>everyone gets put on steroids sixers wants up a while but something short time. you feel you're for it you feel on top of the world and it's like. it's like taking ibuprofen a million you really feel the difference between before and after and that's responsible for us. some of that euphoria and feeling of well-being some worry that he's you know opt to use top stories you kind of crossed a little bit and so that's the worry. but the
9:38 am
second worry and probably the most since ending mara, we have as clinicians is that he's in what i call the honey moon phase is of people you continue to recover which i hope so but also crashed in that crash and burn comes about 7 to 10 days after the onset of symptoms so by over the weekend. i think a lot of the people will be looking to see whether or not you know he will need to be readmitted to the hospital hopefully he doesn't. but again so ball in real time, he's definitely not out of the woods yet and then on the very same day while he is producing this big, you know theatrical dramatic video. >>you have the top doc fauci and i'll show you what his quote was at the very same time. he's addressing the seriousness of covid let's take a look at what fauci has to say quote obviously the message should be that we should try as best we can to avoid infection. no matter who you are how old you are or what your underlying condition is we should not trivialize it
9:39 am
so anthony fauci coming out with a completely different message. but the question is who listen to the president or the doctors. >>doctor fauci a million he's my hero i he always stays true to the course and we should listen to him as should what politics should align with science and i think in countries where they have successfully overcome covid there's a close alignment between those 2 spirits and until we do that we're not going to you'll be successful as a nation. >>so this morning as we're hearing the president say things like you should be afraid of the coronavirus don't let it dominate your life you're going to make it through the worry is that it could give people a false sense of security a false sense of bravado in how they conduct their daily lives. you know obviously with doctor fauci reinforcing the message we should continue to wear masks. we should continue to
9:40 am
social distance like you said the other day it's a multi-layered approach to protecting not just yourself, but really to your family and your friends and your neighbors and the people you come in contact throughout the day. >>and not only for ourselves and i found i'm more worried about the social workers. i'm worried you know minority who kinds get access to health care easley who counts protect themselves always in the you know the more we are safe the more everyone is safe and you know because. this is infection without any conscious, keep ourselves safe in silos either we have community safety because if there's a hot spot somewhere it's going to affect us as well. >>all right, yeah has not not a doctor i say we're all piano in the same pool. i know that's not the way you would put it off if you doctor appreciate expertise this morning, those doctor peter
9:41 am
chin infectious disease expert, ucsf medical they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
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even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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>>9.43 right now and next month voters will decide whether to restore affirmative action in california. if they pass prop 16 government decision-making policies will consider race color ethnicity, and national origin, public agencies and programs could begin hiring and schools could
9:44 am
begin admitting. students based on those characteristics, but opponents say that this could basically legalized discrimination. they know that prop 16 reverses an initiative from the 90's that band preferential treatment based on race and, california is one of 9 states that currently bans affirmative action. analysts say if this is passed prop 16 would have no direct financial effect 2 local and state governments. if that is what you are basing your decision on in whatever you want to decide you can get all the information about the early voting at the ballots were to drop them off and the different initiatives on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>live look outside as we take a brief break here at 9.45 will b
9:45 am
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9:47 am
>>and we're back time now is 9.47. the house of representatives voted to pass a new covid relief stimulus package, democrats say it's a compromise republicans though say it's too scattered. we have our washington dc correspondent basil john with a closer look. >>democrats are optimistic they can advance their new 2.2 trillion dollars covid relief bill, i know nancy pelosi is very wanting to get to a deal. she made enormous concessions so far virginia congressman don beyer hope speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steve mnuchin will reach an agreement so as long as those 2 are talking. >>those logs, mitch mcconnell of that we will accept but the white house tells him to do. you know i think we're all
9:48 am
staying, you know allison on the ball's or feet ready to come back and vote republicans aren't as enthusiastic and say even this a less expensive bill costs too much. >>i really don't think we're closer to a deal i think we need to do things that are specific to covid not really partisan wishlist type of items, virginia congressman denver riggleman says the new heroes act still includes too many unnecessary items. >>pennsylvania congressman dan user says democrats aren't american we trying to transform our we trying to fix a problem and we've got to stay focused on recovery. we've got to stay focused on finding a vaccine and we've got stay focused on law and order after passing the house last week the bill is on its way to the senate. reporting in washington, i'm be-all jock. >>9.48 right now and we want to see what it's like how's it shaping up so far john pretty good guys. i mean we had a little bit of gray skies this morning but look at where we're at right now and timber on lots of sunshine overhead. just a little bit of that fog remaining through the golden gate right now. now we do have
9:49 am
some showers approaching the bay area believe it or not it won't be today nor tomorrow nor thursday but after the head to friday and saturday a cold front pushing through along with some shower potential will begin to impact us come friday and saturday this is good news obviously getting some of those dry vegetation on the wetter side helping to clean up. they're coming along with some cooler air. but of course also going to be resulting in the risk of some debris flows around burn scars from all the wildfires. we've had so far this season so be mindful of that if you are one of those affected areas. temperatures today in the 60's and 70's closer to the coastline 70's 80's right along the bay and then still a few 90's hanging on inland like in livermore concord in antioch today's the last day i'm talking 90's in this forecast though look at where we're headed for the rest of the forecast tomorrow, those low 90's on average inland become low 80's and by thursday friday saturday and sunday, it's just the 70's with showers possible friday and saturday.
9:50 am
>>in the buzz while the president is defiantly ripping off his mask and telling americans not to fear covid the nfl is saying smile you're on candid camera. you don't remember al infant and his crazy stunts looking up kids or ask your grandma. the nfl just told teams they are going to use a new video monitoring system to make sure the players are following protocol. they're also instituting a total ban on gatherings outside of club facilities you can probably thank the raiders for that new rule since almost a dozen players, including derek carr and darren waller we're caught mingling with their masks down at a fundraiser. the nfl just find them 15 grand apiece but the next time a team violates the covid rules, the penalties will be stiffer including losing draft picks or for failing a game and that's because the nfl doesn't want to see any more games fouled
9:51 am
up the patriots the chief said to play last night because cam newton and chiefs could not back up quarterback have covid and 20 people with the titans have tested positive in the last week. roger goodell says the nfl is clamping down quote because complacency is our shared opponent. the astros are proving to be a tough opponent for the a's in the american league division series. >>all going to an early lead in the second inning with a 2 run homer. >>by chris davis and in the 3rd inning sean murphy with a solo home run. he made 3 to one a's, but carlos correa ruined that fast he hammered his first home run in the 4th inning and hit another homer in the 7th and a run-scoring single and then and he made every play shortstop a's leave dodger stadium beaten 10 to 5 but not defeated. >>you know usually with. our team and how we end up
9:52 am
finishing games both offensively in in the bullpen. we felt like we had a good chance just didn't happen or not by means like panicking or nothing like states. >>when yeah just play the game play our game don't really worry about all the extra crafton. stick to the script. >>when you think you're ready. after letting game one get away the a's catch fire to even the series today dominate games 3 and they go on to win the alds and face. i don't know what you want to face the yankees of the race that's all i wrote so far and that's the
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>if you find the the kron 4 morning news is almost over but they never stop on kronon noelle bellow is standing by in the newsroom with what they're working on i daria we're continuing to cover the destruction that the glass fire has left behind we're checking in on some wineries today. but we're also checking on safari west which was spared by the flames. so tune in for that their reopening and we're keeping a close eye on covid-19 in santa clara county. got an update expected this afternoon for folks out there so we'll bring that to you live be sure to tune in to kron on all day long back to you and i guess we're both playing for the giants may go ways. >>all right and you may have
9:56 am
noticed a few navy ships out in the bay. this san francisco's fleet week kicking off virtually this year. fans will be able to take virtual ship tours and attend a tribute concert on weekly facebook page. >>and on youtube as well the virtual experience will feature a special social media programming it runs through sunday october 11th, the blue angels unfortunately, not part of this year's fleet week because of the pandemic not quite the same without know, yeah and i don't if you saw it the other day the u.s. is walt came through that's the stealth. care the stealth a battleship is pretty cool. it's oddly shaped yes, very distinctive you'll see it on the water, okay, well i want to distract me while i'm driving bridge. >>let's take a peek at the seven-day around they forecast. >>if it were fleet week for real mom, i guess sort of in pretty good cage while the next few days and then on this showers for talk about a couple things combining offshore that might bring us a few sprinkles by the end of the week and certainly some
9:57 am
cooler temperatures too all for that i'm i am ready for it to start feeling like fall. i don't about you. but i'm done with the smoke coming down the heat i got to ask about i was asking about the air unit in the wall erica. now i have doubts about the lawn furniture to that and so limits and we'll keep you updated. (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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