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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 7, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is wednesday. we're midway through the week on this october 7th. let's start the hour off with a check of the forecast and john trouble good morning john morning john good is yeah little bit of a cooler one ahead of us today finally feeling like fall for this wednesday, no 90's left in this forecast, nice stuff to be talking about you cannot blame that partially on the deep in marine layer which is pushing in across the bay just the very top of the sales force tower shining through this morning and you can notice here and fog tracker that marine layer low clouds and fog going to be staying with us for some time today lasting well to your morning commute and really only retreating into the early afternoon for the coast. it's going to stay with you through the day that's going help to keep temperatures cool in moderated well into the afternoon air quality moderate yet again today it is going to be another spare the air alert day. but air quality conditions as you notice this week are much better than they were last week and we're keeping that going today. 50's and oakland alameda hayward in concord all at 57 cool start and a nice comfortable
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afternoon which i'll get to still to come robin all right, thank you john now we're checking in on your morning commute which is off to a fantastic start i have not found any hot spots that you need to stress out about in san francisco. so we're checking in on the bay bridge you can get a live look at your approach to the toll plaza if you're about to roll in right now. >>you are looking good. no problems here from the oakland maze right on through downtown 7 minutes is a good drive time 92 is busy but not bad a little crowded west of the tolls but only 12 minutes to the peninsula. and here's one more the richmond sandra fell hot spot free a great time to get out there news at 6 minutes into the north bay more traffic updates coming up a little bit later back to you. >>thanks robin. so to our top story this morning, president donald trump abruptly ended coronavirus relief talks that would have put money in the hands of americans and small businesses but house speaker nancy pelosi is pledging a deal could still be made without the president's approval, washington dc correspondent anna werner key is in washington dc right now with the latest anna.
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>>good morning. that's right. the white house has cancel all public events for president donald trump as he continues to recover from the coronavirus that the president has made it very clear that he plans to continue working while he's recovering and we saw that on twitter yesterday when he called off all negotiations for a second stimulus package. >>president donald trump is calling on congress to pass a covid-19 relief bill hours after calling off negotiations until after the election we will have the stimulus bill and he won't win the election house speaker nancy pelosi said tuesday in a conversation with the nonprofit 92nd street and why that she's been working with treasury secretary steven mnuchin to come up with a deal since july. the president said on twitter late tuesday that he's ready to sign a standalone bill for $1200 direct payment checks but pelosi says that's just a fraction of the 2 trillion dollar package and democrats are asking for the look on the path.
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>>and workers need to do for america's working families, the democrats in the house just simply didn't want to negotiate on just the covid issues but missouri republican senator roy blunt says democrats are to blame for the inaction they so much to the package. we're so intent on getting to a number rather than solving a problem democratic presidential nominee, joe biden said in a campaign speech in gettysburg that congress should pass a second stimulus bill immediately 210,000 americans. >>could lose their lives by the end of the year. >>enough president trump has been sidelined from the campaign trail while he remains under quarantine isolated in the white house residence. >>and the white house physician did release an update on the president's condition late yesterday afternoon saying that the president has no visible symptoms and has some vital signs are stable, but he remains under treatment at the white house for now live in
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washington and in a warning key back to you you are i think very much anna and we're going to continue to follow very latest with the president and anybody else all the other people who have the coronavirus throughout the white house and the administration now download our mobile app. >>as well and you can get the latest there too. >>well happening tonight, we have the one and only vice presidential debate between senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence but some tonight's debate will look a bit different of course after president trump's diagnosis with covid-19 some of the changes announced include having plexiglas between pence and harris chip yost has more on what else we can expect. >>hello there due to recent events and the respective ages of donald trump and joe biden some are calling this the most important vice presidential debate in history, the university of utah has been planning for this debate for nearly a year in now the days here, here's what the debate stage will look like. >>president first with
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stand-ins acting as the candidates, the finishing touches were being put on the debate stage where senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence will square off wednesday night the debate will be held at the university of utah's kingsbury hall unlike the fiery presidential debate last week the vice presidential candidates will be seated. they'll be space just more than 12 feet apart due to covid related safety missions many expected viewership to be huge especially given the questions raised following president trump's recent hospitalization with covid-19 this is probably the most important vice presidential debate that happened in our lifetimes. >>i mean because up be good a job to presidential candidates. so i think you're going to have a lot of voters tuning in under this sort of muck all question in up what might we get no matter which one of these guys >>for harris part of that could mean pushing back
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against the most liberal senator in washington label. she was once given in 4 pence it could mean defending his work on the president's coronavirus task force. one of the specific topics will be chosen by the moderator usa, today's washington bureau chief susan page and in another sign of the times will the candidates will not be wearing masks. there will be plexiglass barriers set up between them in salt lake city on chip yost reporting. >>the vice presidential debate again will air at 6 o'clock tonight and you can watch it right here on kron 4 will also have reaction and in-depth analysis with catherine heenan the host of inside their air bay area politics don't forget to stick around later on today. we're also going to have a couple political analyst on the show as well to break down, what we'll expect to see tonight. >>5 '06 and today, thousands of nurses will be on strike in alameda county they are demanding better covid equipment to the strike is happening at 3 east bay hospitals with kron four's reyna harvey on the story for
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us live in san leandro reyna. >>good morning there also striking because of mismanagement and they say that they're understaffed and a lot of these hospitals when dealing with the coronavirus crisis it puts a lot of them at a risk for contracting coronavirus like you mentioned sealy and roll the other hospitals going to be a highland as well as several clinics across the bay area so you're going to see nearly 3,000 health care workers out there on the front lines are going to be there for the entire week, it's supposed to be a five-day strike that's supposed to happen now a few concerns that were brought up by the health care workers are they say layoffs and short stabbing or reducing patient safety. they're saying that without enough nurses to guarantee safe patient limits. the housekeepers to disinfect facilities from coronavirus and there's educators to teach workers. how to keep nation safe that everyone that's working there's less vulnerable including staff now we've reached out to the alameda health system and also
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the salient a hospital they gave us this statement this morning. they're saying while we are disappointed that the unions called the strike at a time when there are already extraordinary strains on health care providers. we encourage them to return to the bargaining table where we can resolve our differences and reach an agreement on a fear mutually beneficial contract now again the workers and the alameda health care have been in contract negotiations since the beginning of this year. no word on if they're going to be out here for the 5 days or if they're going to come to an agreement but we're going to be tracking this story now reporting here in san leandro reyna harvey kron 4 news, thanks a lot right now. >>well still ahead here on kron 00:04am morning news assaulted at a rally a south bay woman says she was attacked and even threatened for expressing her opposition to president trump will tell you why she says she's not staying silent. plus safari west back open in the north bay after closing for more than a week we'll tell you how
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the animals there are enduring the glass fire. and looking outside today we are going to be seeing daytime highs a lot cooler than they were yesterday only low 80's that are warm us. >>talking about that your forecast ahead. i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning we're off a good start heading into francisco are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza which is nice smooth and delay free that's all we like it look at 8 minutes into the speech or fremont street we're off to a good start we'll check more comi
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>>well in the north a safari west is back open after closing for more than a week because of the glass fire that was burning up in sonoma county. >>i love safari west concourse noelle bellow takes us inside. >>it's a great afternoon we're open eager to greet guests once again executive director of safari west cayo horn boss tell says the last week was a bit touch and go after the glass fire forced evacuations and road closures leading to the preserve it basically forced us to close down and then. >>just out of sheer prudence because of the smoke levels that we had we kept it through this last weekend and we open for tense last night and then tours are going strong today the preserve is home to 98 different species and nearly a 1000 animals. >>kao says staff stayed on the property throughout the week or animal staff stayed on site for the whole time we had that here just to monitor animal's health and the animals did find a a.
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>>during his during the smoke events they become a little bit more lethargic and don't move around as much. but they're fine and the vets gave us a clean bill of health in. and funny or animal stay lethargic when there's no guests here and they get very excited when they see the 2 are trucks coming through safari west nearly sold-out excursions during tuesday's return. the preserve does drills just about every month just to keep themselves prepared for potential wildfires. >>they say they also link up with calfire regularly to make sure all of their efforts to keep the property safe are up to date noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>love love safari west. yeah, when you stay over don't you do this farhi with the you know the big vehicle you're on yeah, still haven't done it i got to do i know i know that whether good weather hot. yeah animals like that. they're like the heat when it's really hot in their times and you can't them they're just like us they want a good and we've got good weather ahead of us certainly improvements from
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the heat and the haze that we're seeing around safari west over the past couple of weeks. >>we are going to be seeing an increase marine layer this morning you can make it out here from berkeley staying with us a bit longer some tropical moisture to our south a cold front to our north and ample changes across the bay area as both of these patterns converged to make for quite the interesting change of pace ahead of us for the rest of the week. this morning, it's fog and a slight cool down we are going to be seeing this cooler air pushing in from the west now it is looking slim those chances of rainfall on friday at this point could see a couple of sprinkles. but it looks like we should be saying at least some light shower activity for the north bay comes saturday, this will definitely help out with the vicinity of the glass fire. don't want too much rain on a fresh burn scar anyways so seeing a light rainfall out there just to dampen things in the north bay is exactly what we needed. heaviest of rainfall staying to the north across the oregon border on up into the pacific northwest. so
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a big change of pace in that regard but more so noticeable to the rest of us in the bay area will be just how much cooler temperatures are in the days to come and that cool down really kicks into gear today 50's 60's for coastal areas today while 60's and just barely low 70's for most of our bayside spots palo alto at 70 mountain view at 72 south bay temperatures in the mid 70's for san jose santa clara, and they'll peanuts you get it is a lot cooler and well whole lot more comfortable that we have been livermore just bear the low 80's same for you in concord yesterday was 90's in these areas so this is a solid 10 degree drop, oakland berkeley richmond 60's for you well low 70's in vallejo vacaville are warm spot in only at 84 degrees while santa rosa nevado at 74 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures fall another 10 degrees for inland areas that will take us down into the 70's at our warmest where we remain through the weekend as i mentioned friday, those rain chances, not really
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panning out so much just a slight chance of a few sprinkles saturday rainfall looks most likely in the north bay and it does look to remain on the lighter side of things which will be good news for the glass fire and other burn scars helping to just dampen things just enough without a complete washout robin. >>thank you john we are checking in on your commute across the golden gate, there is a fog advisory in place, but it looks pretty good this morning heading across the span sometimes there's just so much fog. we can't even see the bridge or the towers. so although the advisory is in place at least we can see the traffic and it's looking good 19 minutes novato to san francisco here at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west one of our busiest commutes during the morning drive and it's definitely picking up i don't see any big problems right now it's going to be clear across the upper deck, the skyway the central the james lick to aly all is well in san francisco. we're just looking at some drive times and looking at our freeways that are usually the first to start backing up in the morning highway force at the limit 5.80 looks really good for now livermore to
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dublin and i don't see the big problems on one oh one leaving morgan hill to san jose so we're off to a fantastic start we'll check more bridges and freeways coming up in a bit back to you thanks a lot rob and now at 5.16, let's give you the latest on the wildfire, the glass fire in the north bay it has burned now more than 67,000 acres. and as you can see containment has gone up now to 54% yesterday we're at 50% in the morning more than 600 homes have been destroyed and there are still over 20,000 structures. >>that are threatened by that fire. >>well napa valley wineries have been hit hard by the glass fire 17 that we know of have been destroyed or severely damaged kron four's will tran is live in saint helene off of deer park road with a look at what's left. well. >>what is left is a lot of broken dreams you can see right behind me is brehmer family winery the fire raced through this area. when it
5:18 am
started more than a week ago it is not smoldering at this time too dark to show it to you at this particular time. but we knew do know this is one of the wineries that was damaged when the fire came through here and james darya look at this. they're leaving the gates open just in case of fire comes back for the firefighters to come through if they need to again that's a precarious the situation is just down the road i want to show you video this whole area it's already being called the worst fire to hit napa valley and think about all the fires they've seen over the past couple years already even though this fire is far from over it's already been declared. the worst because of what is doing to the winery's not to mention the homes and the lives of course the winery's fortunately they started to harvest some of their crops a little bit earlier there in the middle of that they have been through so much. in fact, here's why the video of a winery in calistoga
5:19 am
called habit winery. they had to evacuate the owner of the winery didn't even know the fate. winery until she looked at surveillance footage and this is surveillance footage that she showed us. here's are reacting to the damage to her winery. >>by some incredible miracle. they save our winery. >>there's really no words from a still are winery is a 100 year old redwood barn. and tinder box he. >>the fact saved it is is is beyond my heart is just my heart is beating fast now telling you this story they saved it. >>sade is one thing but i'm sure her winery other wineries if it's partially damaged they will take it as far as the winery's themselves chains and area you know this this is not
5:20 am
just a company it has been in their family for generations, a lot of people. date back to grandparents and great-grandparents and that is why it is heartbreaking for them. we will find out the full extent of the damage to the winery's once they're allowed to come back to this location because it's still under lockdown i mean you have to show your media badge or be a first responder to come back to this location as far as the winery they simply don't know as far as the dollar amount of what this fire has cost them, but fortunately they do all say that the vineyards they are very resilient, minus the smoke damage and i told you yesterday, the grapes that are damaged beyond repair as far as making wine. they try to make that into brandy to try to get some money out of this year's hearts back to you james and mary. >>salvage which can all right, thanks a lot. well. time now is 5.20 we'll take a quick break but coming up on the kron 4 morning news, an all out brawl in the haight-ashbury district
5:21 am
captured on camera we'll tell you why business owners say fights like this happening more often. and here's a quick live look outside we've got a bay bridge. toll plaza camera traffic westbound 80 from oakland san francisco still moving all right. in the traffic center keeping an eye on any hot spots that might get in your way we'll get another check from her in just a minute. right now, aarp's work is more important than ever.
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we hear older americans loud and clear, and that's why we fight for what they and their families need. access to healthcare, affordable prescription drugs, opportunities to save for the future, ending age discrimination. a healthy, financially secure, fulfilling life. that's what aarp fights for because that's what everyone deserves. join us in fighting for what's right. >>take a look at this neighbors and san francisco's
5:24 am
haight-ashbury district capturing a brawl. >>and it happens looking to punch in swing in shoving this is broad daylight on saturday afternoon and now businesses and neighbors who live on haight street are worried covers taylor's sacking has more. >>video of the brawl in san francisco over the weekend is being widely shared on social media. a group of people without masks are seen throwing punch after punch the fight happened on saturday near hating clean streets and the haight ashbury district an area known for its free spirit, spreading messages of peace and love however, businesses nearby say sites like this are breaking out more frequently i've seen about 2 brought in the past the past 4 days. an employee who works on haight street but didn't want to show his face out of fear of retaliation says he had to break up another fight on monday it was pretty bad i have to i have to step in in yellow, you can guys stop can guys stop it was it got to the point where i have to say something what do you think's going on here.
5:25 am
>>i see maybe drug conflict i know i know they do a lot of feeling around here so i'm thinking maybe this maybe some of their people in the fairing within their business while it's unclear how the fight started some neighbors are pointing the finger at the homeless encampments nearby. >>a group calling itself safe healthy hate posted the video on twitter he tell kron 4 news that the city is using the hate as a containment zone by allowing tent villages. he later say this threatens public health and the survival of the neighborhood surrounding small businesses and some owners agree. >>tensions are high right now so even among the homeless population in san francisco due in. they to be acting out but as. far as the neighbors go around here and now it's not you know it's like to do their kids down the street, the markets getting out of control deadly getting out of control, however. >>the president of the local merchant association who owns a bookstore and he treats as surely recognized one of the people in the video as someone who's a local transients. meanwhile, san francisco
5:26 am
police say they're investigating saturday's incident they return to the area on tuesday, asking neighbors about the fight in clearing some of the tents, we also asked supervisor dean preston about what happened. he says he was deeply disturbed after learning about that violent incident. he says no one was injured and everyone seems to be okay. meanwhile, san francisco police are looking for more information in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>all right, let's go to the south bay now where a woman protesting a trump rally in morgan hill says she was violently attacked by trump supporters it happened friday on burnett street right at the overpass there along highway one oh one candice westbrook and her friends were protesting the rally when things quickly became physical and in the video that you're about to you can see here a woman coming towards westbrook and knocking the phone out of her hand westbrook says a man also kicked and stepped on or and even threatened her life. despite the violent confrontation, the 20 year-old first time voters says that she plans to still use her
5:27 am
voice. >>they can beat me they can do whatever they want to me i'm not going to be silent. i have a voice and i have just as much right to voice what i have to say as they do. >>you know westbrook took photos of her injuries. so far no one's been arrested or charged kron 4 did reach out to the group behind the event for comment. but so far haven't heard back. >>san francisco leaders passed a ban on evictions to help renters from being displaced during
5:28 am
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>>5.29 and we're taking a look at the weather early in the mornings are going to be chilly out there this morning that we think john yeah, a little cool this morning, not quite as cold as yesterday morning was low and that's actually partly due to the fog it's helping to moderate your overnight temperatures so most of us are starting off in the 50's. >>just barely the tippy top of the sales force tower seeing there through that foggy blanket that is streaming in across the bay visibility for most of us is just fine and we will see some areas in the east bay hills where you are seeing visibility falling below a mile temporarily, as fog remains for much of the morning. it's also going help to suppress temperatures into the afternoon that means a solid 10 degrees cooler for some of our inland areas compared to yesterday still under a spare the air alert with moderate air quality for most of the bay area to kick things off this morning. big improvement from last week but definitely not perfect 50's
5:31 am
for most of our current temperatures as i mentioned with oakland, dublin conquered and hayward each up 57 few 40's up in napa and towards cloverdale later today, daytime highs will only be in the low 80's that are warmest most of us in the 60's to 70's. robin. >>all right, thank you john let's check in on the traffic which continues to pick up around the bay area but still no major issues we're heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza taking a peek at westbound 80 which is doing just fine leading up to the pay gates, but of course we have more and more folks rolling into san francisco right now you're averaging a really quick 9 minutes, we're heading over to 6 ad because we the usual road construction found approaching still it's right around. just just had a problem there might. but we'll check back with robin a pretty soon right now want to get on to our very big story that we're covering the president president trump abruptly ending. >>coronavirus relief talks which puts in jeopardy money
5:32 am
all americans are waiting for to help their small businesses and everybody recover from coronavirus financially now know the president framed that claimed on twitter that house speaker nancy pelosi wasn't negotiating in good faith and so. >>delayed the talks until after the election, but then several hours later after offending the negotiations and the stock market tanking yesterday he seemed to backpedal a bit and sent out a subsequent tweet which read in part quote the house and senate should immediately approved 25 billion dollars for airline payroll support and a 135 billion dollars per paycheck protection programs for small businesses and then a few hours after that he tweeted again president saying that he would also consider a bill that would give americans a $1200 stimulus checks. a lot of confusion. there is the president ends the talks but yet still want something on his desk to sign. >>the president's decision to end the talks to end his back and forth with congress has a doctor at ucsf questioning if president trump is impaired from the drugs that he's
5:33 am
taking for coronavirus the second group of infectious disease specialist in san francisco are reacting to the president's diagnosis, treatment and subsequent behavior kron four's dan kerman has the story. >>president trump's covid diagnosis brought several ucsf infectious disease specialist together during the noon hour tuesday for an online discussion topic one how this super spreader event could have taken place in the white house rose garden, if you that were in fact the super spreading in fact that that there was somebody in there there's someone in there who has who either had symptomatic or now symptomatic disease. he was in very close contact with a number people and i don't think anybody's put that together yet. they also discussed how members of the public can reduce their risk during similar events. i think if you have a mask on and even even eyeglasses on and i realize we do. >>safety glasses clinically even i classes and i think that gives you a big leg up on
5:34 am
protection. >>i learned so much about coronavirus. and one thing that's for certain don't. let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. >>since becoming infected. the president has chosen to downplay the seriousness of the virus. well these experts agree there are positive outcomes they've seen plenty that are not in all ages. >>just because some people do well which i'm really glad the i wish everybody would do well but we know work for particularly they have risk factors. i don't like down my my cart and so i think we all need to have them live our lives. i have a lot of respect for for this evening to everything we can try to forward action. the president also tweeted he's looking forward to next week's debate with joe biden. >>but medical experts say it's too early to say if the president's covid-19 issues are behind him this shots folks at home. >>the magic day 7. they sunny
5:35 am
require a lot of box and they've come back into the hospital so i've seen few times medical experts here also not sure we're getting the full story about the president's illness. >>they continue to pay close attention to the information that comes out of the white house as the rest of us are. a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>again a reminder that happening tonight is the one and only vice presidential debate between senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence tonight's debate will look a little different however after president trump's diagnosis with coronavirus some of the changes announced include putting a plexiglas between pence and harris and the moderator. dean reynolds has more on what else we can expect tonight. >>the debate in kingsbury hall at the university of utah will be unlike any of its kind before borrowing a page from some other political faceoffs this year like this one in south carolina and bowing to the pandemic this debate will include a plexiglass partition
5:36 am
at least near the democrat. the republican is objecting calling it unnecessary. whatever the outcome of the partisan divide over partitions vice president pence and senator harris have agreed they will be 12 feet away from each other. everyone in attendance except the moderators susan page of usa today and the 2 candidates will be required to wear masks. last week at the presidential debate, the cleveland clinic advised everyone to wear a mask to but several trump relatives and allies removed there's once they were seated. the president tested positive for the virus 2 nights later. if anyone tries to go mask last debate organizers say they will be escorted out of the hall. in addition all staff, an audience members. we'll have to test negative to gain entry. the candidates themselves will be tested before the debate. >>well that was dean reynolds, reporting and again the vice
5:37 am
presidential debate begins at 6 o'clock tonight. you can watch it right here on kron 4 and we'll also have reaction afterwards in an in-depth analysis with catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics. >>and let's take a look at the latest numbers in california for covid in the bay area you can see that more and then 836,000 californians have tested positive. more than 16,000 have died and that includes 1531 people who have died of covid in the bay area. in our local first story this morning, san francisco supervisors have passed a new no-fault evictions ban to help all of those people having a hard time paying their rent during the pandemic kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco with more on how this ban. >>we'll work good morning sara. >>and they're good morning. yeah here in san francisco local leaders, they're stepping up and making sure that the thousands of renters who right now are being protected from evictions or
5:38 am
even further protected from evictions specifically from no-fault evictions and those are the ones. it's a tactic used by a landlord who saying i know i'm the move into my property, i'm going to demolish and i'm going to do construction to improve it and you have to move out and this would protect the renter from them doing that is basically a way for them to get somebody out without them not having any fault. the board of supervisors voted to ban this from happening in francisco through march of next year and this is really setting precedent from 4 other cities across the bay area in the state in limiting evictions during a pandemic data from rent board shows during the 4 month period between april and july the number of notices of evictions for non rent related reasons fell 69% from the year before the number of eviction notices for renovations also called an eviction ys has dropped 84% from this year to last year again this ban will
5:39 am
be in effect until march of next year the goal is to prevent people from being displaced during a time where many are still jobless and struggling to pay their rent i will say the trend, i'm seeing here on the streets of san francisco is just moving trucks on every single street and maybe landlords would actually be a you know grateful to have people move out because they're not paying the rent and people are just moving to places where it's just cheaper to live. for now reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>coming up we're going to take a look back at rock and roll icon eddie van halen. >>he passed away and we'll take a look at his life and legacy. and next as well it's win or go home for the a's today as they hope to stop the astros from advancing to the next round of the playoffs
5:40 am
will take a look at yesterday's highlights and the cooldown begins today and only gets cooler as we make our way through the forecasts. today's daytime highs in the east bay anywhere from the 70's to low 80's, i've got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning. it's not so bad out there, which means it's a good time to get on out there and commute now before it starts to stack up. here's a live look at 92 were traffic, it's filling and quickly on the san mateo bridge but only 12 minutes to the peninsula will say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings? that's yes for less. at ross. however, there is one thing you can be certain of. the men and woman of the united states postal service. we are here to deliver your cards, packages and prescriptions. and also deliver the peace of mind knowing that
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>>5.42 is the time right now and the a's. they went to bed yesterday saying tomorrow tomorrow has they have to do it yes today the astros beat them yesterday and now have a commanding 2 nothing lead in the american league division series yesterday's backs are certainly up against the wall again they have to win they had yes, 3 this afternoon. they have to win the next 3 basically game to dodger stadium in la started out promising. >>for the a's. in the second inning here chris davis sending the ball flying over the center field wall for a home run. >>but then a pitcher sean than i gave up 4 runs in 4 innings they scored next run in the 4th, after that no offense, the astros win this 1, 5, to 2 taking this seriously. >>well he's up to win tomorrow. and then worry about the next day after that. so we put all our efforts in tomorrow. and just think about
5:44 am
tomorrow anything further than that really is kind of a distraction so. >>you know we have to do is win a game. >>is another and then yeah. >>the best of 5 series. so the first one that wins 3 moves on which means of course the a's have to win game 3, 4, and 5 and you can see the schedule there on the screen. all right still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a battle against extreme wildfire behavior will tell you how crews are gearing up for a long fire season.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>>i 46 right now a battle against extreme wildfire behavior that is how bay area firefighters describe this year's fire season within 16,000 firefighters are continuing to battle 22. major fires throughout california. the area fire crews are prepared for the possibility of extreme fire conditions to continue for the rest of the fire season. while rain might help it could also hurt. >>yes and no. it's good that it's going >>hampered the activity of the fire itself on the north end of this particular part of the glass fire. you have very steep trained or hazardous conditions are dozers are cutting roads and trails in the dirt which turns into much instantaneously in these cases
5:48 am
which makes it very hauser's for all equipment and putting as well. >>the oakland fire department battalion chief predicts the bay area's fire season may last into december. >>all right, let's get a check of the weather. john trouble standing by we actually have a shot of some rain come later this week right which would certainly help in the firefighting efforts. yeah it's exactly the kind of rain that we would need guys is looking likely this this will be lighter stuff so not enough tipping super muddy up their results in any significant sort of debris flows but also just enough. results and dampening of the very dry soils around the vip places in the north bay as for this morning, it's foggy it's not much of a view from berkeley there's some tropical moisture to our south is actually going to merge with a cold front. that's descending from the west. this is not like the results and much if any chance of rainfall on friday. a better chance on into saturday though especially for the north bay as you see here in future cast, advancing through
5:49 am
this forecast. better chances of rain the further north you get in the state where is the bay area right at the edge of that rain potential does our rainfall totals like that to be a lot lighter 60's 70's and just a few low 80's hanging on across the bay this afternoon. a lot cooler than yesterday was when we saw 90's in your forecast for daytime highs and tomorrow is going to be even cooler than today with daytime highs that are warmest falling into the 70's where will remain through the weekend. rain chances really backing off on friday saturday or best chance of light showers in the north bay. robin. >>we're off to the richmond sandra fell bridge. john we're checking in on west bound 5.80 a lot of folks rolling into the north bay but not encountering any problems so it continues to pick up of red and easy 7 minutes off to one oh one here at the bay bridge. we also have a more traffic rolling into san francisco, maybe just a minor weights and some of those fast track lanes 11 minutes off to fremont street and a new crash for emeryville heads up for an accident 80 west at powell
5:50 am
street. a little slow for you out of berkeley, but only 16 minutes from crockett down to the maze. >>in brighton only way like eddie van halen mean come on you probably heard john is that what you want my favorite song ever drawn out yeah that hail and as you heard died yesterday a long battle with throat cancer. he was just 65 years old he was a smoker just hit so young kids and hala mitchell right right inspired a generation if not pick up the guitar. he wound up in the rock and roll hall of fame in 2007 absolutely we've got kang looking back at his legendary career.
5:51 am
>>and van halen the iconic guitarist and co-founder of van halen lost his battle with throat cancer. tmz goes on to say he passed away at saint john's hospital in santa monica with his beloved wife janie by his side. according to their sources his health spiral last 3 days and the cancer spread to his brain and other organs. van halen's fight lasted more than a decade. a heavy smoker for years, it's believed he got throat cancer from holding a metal guitar pick in his mouth which he did for 2 decades. van halen has deep roots in southern california formed in pasedena in 1972 with his brother alex on drums michael anthony on base and david lee roth as lead singer with sammy hagar taking over in 1985. iconic songs include a run-in with the devil hot for teacher panama, and job, inducted into
5:52 am
the rock and roll hall of fame in 2007. he spoke to ktla 5 news in 2013 about the importance of kids learning music for from music classes or through the first thing to get knocked off. >>because of budget cuts i think is just a big crock a. i believe it to be as it should not an elective should be mandatory. >>his son wolfgang tweeted this which reads in part i can't believe i'm having to write this, but my father has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer this morning. he was the best father i could ever ask for my heart is broken and i don't think i'll ever fully recover from this loss. i love you so much pop. jeanne came ktla, 5 news.
5:53 am
>>and everybody knows that song right everybody now that's 2 legends with anthems died yesterday and this is the other. musician great that we lost johnny nash, known for his biggest hit in 72, i can see clearly now and died of natural causes yesterday morning 80 years old started out as a pop singer in the 19 50's but in the 60's his career took. >>to jamaica and that's where he formed a record label sang with bob marley and the wailers and that reggae sound influenced what you see now in this video the eye can see clearly now version which was number one on the billboard charts for 4 street anybody not know a class that no age that would know this song so to great style on the
5:54 am
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>>coming up in the next hour for kron 00:04am morning news, the president is halting negotiations on covid-19 as he continues to recover from the virus himself we'll have the latest in a live report from washington and city supervisors in san francisco have passed a stronger eviction ban that will run through next year we're going to be live in the city with details on what we've learned overnight and wineries are
5:57 am
taking a major hit from the glass fires crews begin to assess the damage. we'll take a look at the destruction left behind. right now, aarp's work is more important than ever.
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♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher today is wednesday october 7th, we've got lots to talk about which we get to hear in
6:00 am
a moment, the first let's chat about the weather >>shall we think to complain about i founded perfectly i'd give it a 10. what that means a 15 later this week getting better it it's getting cooler that fall feel really taking hold for the rest of the forecast and today. >>it is going to be a noticeably cooler one for inland areas than yesterday was some cloud cover overhead in half moon bay that same cloud cover is streaming into the rest of the bay area too going to help to suppress temperatures into the afternoon. what does that mean for us daytime highs inland taking a tumble from the 90's down into the 80's at or warmest. air quality is still not ideal. we are under a spare the air alert yet again moderate conditions across the bay big improvement from last week though when we had very pour conditions so we have improved in that regard. and i'd say temperatures are improving as well if you're looking forward to some cooler things 50's for most


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