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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 8, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>by the way. tomorrow come here tomorrow, we're going to be talking about the 25th amendment. forecasting a congressional action against president trump announcing today she will introduce legislation tomorrow discussing rules for removing
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the president from office under the 25th amendment. thanks for joining 10 everybody i'm vicki liviakis stand i'm grant lotus the 25th amendment of the constitution allows for the president to be removed from office. >>if a majority of cabinet members and the vice president consider him or her to be unable to carry out their duties. speaker pelosi didn't clarify whether she wants to remove the president from office but she expressed alarmed by the president's covid-19 diagnosis. and his recent behavior. >>and and young said was young. it is disassociating from reality. it would be funny if it weren't so deadly. and his people neighbors around who earn a billing death. the death toll to rise mister president. when was the last time you had a negative test. before you tested positive. why is the white house not telling. the country. that important fact
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about how spread into made a hot spot. of the of the white house. >>the speaker says that she plans to introduce a new bill tomorrow that would create a commission to determine whether a president is fit for office so what sort of power does the 25th amendment authorize should the president become incapacitated political science professor william, howell explains. >>section 4 of the 25th amendment dictates is that the vice president and a majority of the cabinet can. come forward to say no we're going to. the president has to relinquish his powers and they will instead be given to the to the vice president gore to the next in line of succession. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is set to make her announcement on the amendment tomorrow morning and we'll be sure to bring you that announcement live during our morning news as well on kron on.
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>>tonight, the president's doctor says mister trump is expected to make a safe return to public engagements as soon as saturday that would be day 10 says the president was first diagnosed with covid white house doctor sean conley released this letter about the president's health today it says in part the president completed his course of therapy for covid in that. his condition has remained stable since returning to the white house monday. it is not clear if the president has been tested for the coronavirus in recent days. >>joining us now doctor, peter chin, hong infectious disease physician at ucsf well i'm glad to have you with us again this evening a doctor that seems there's something new every day. >>there thanks having me on so the health of the >>we're moving things along it looks like he is getting better. what's your assessment. >>i think he's getting better
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clinically although again all of us worry that the cern said clouding it's true clinical situation and then when he stops the stories you may have a little bit over. you know not feeling so well moments but you know, i'm very encouraged. i'm glad he's doing well. >>and. >>the one thing i worry about is that he may still be he was moderate to severely ill when he went in basin is auction nice in the beginning. and he's on stories fishkin. >>let the virus a lot of the virus to shed little bit longer. >>so many of us one thing that's why days that actually be more appropriate than 10 days now the last of the benches out. you know i think he needs to wear his boss, everyone needs to wear masks around practice social distance and wash was doctor says he's completed his course of therapy you'll take that to. >>indicate that he's off the
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number one and number 2. you know you and i both know we all know that if the president had tested negative. the world would know that so we can assume that he either hasn't been tested or he still testing positive. so how can his doctor green light the saturday rally that the president wants to lead. >>great question and i think they're going after the cdc recommendation which is tying the sun not test face which says that someone had mild this each get 10 days. isolation before being released the royal if asymptomatic however like i said that's mild disease and i think the fact that he was on steroids suggest that it was more than mild disease. i'm sorry make you for long setting so that you are in fact just little bit longer all of these uncertainties given. i went to the fact that this is not a normal job you'd
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be in touch with a lot of people you know you'll be interacting with them shaking their hands. and that makes me just a little bit nervous. >>i guess it makes as speaker pelosi a little bit nervous as we've been doing stories on the speaker at least a discussion about the 25th amendment which provides for the succession should the becoming incapacitated and then in this case there. i guess there is enough question about his intelligent eli's thoroughly out of the woods. again we look to your a professional medical opinion. do you think there's a basis for this based on what you see. >>i think they wouldn't be obese as if we just had all the information but the fact that we're operating in a fog of clinical data. you know makes us just speculate about this so again it's hard to
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paint the full picture without knowing all the data. >>vice president mike i'm sure you saw him that the debate last night his left i seem to be read not sure if that was pink eye or what have you but he did cancel his planned events for tomorrow in indiana and is instead going to the white house's team says he's healthy doesn't have covid is basically tired, you know wants to to rest a bit of what is your hunch on what's going on with the vice president do you think that. he could be the next person to be infected. >>well it wouldn't be surprising vice president pence is the next person in the super spreading events there've been so many individuals have been and they all were at risk coming into close quarter as without wearing a mask. specifically
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an indoor settings that many others that functions were in the white house and elsewhere. >>and you know conjunctivitis or red eye no sign of covid together with tightness. it could be that the early tests was a false negative and then you'll eventually 10 positive alternative diagnosis is that sometimes people you know immune response to covid and it's gone already, although we should have been positive and it's in our areas. it's just that. yes pink eye and nothing but again think i shouldn't cause you to be that higher so again people just worry that it's was originally a false negative and then me to not to be of a positive test eventually. >>doctor much has been made of the regeneron the president is very high on it. it is comprised of it is stem cell. therapy. the question about
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where those stem cells come from i read somewhere to the effect that they're discarded embryos from ivf what's your. information. >>yeah, and that's generally one source of stem cells and i believe that this is a sources for the regeneron products, different. monoclonal antibodies immune in. different ways but the return us i understand i don't know all the information because much of it is proprietary. and does have some derivation you know he says. >>but real quick while we have the big picture how are you and your colleagues doing how san francisco doing with this pandemic in general. >>well we were just meeting this morning and you're just remarking that's you know we're kind of in a long now and it's no time has time to rest i think what we're feeling but not time to let our guard down dressed in terms of our clinical work.
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but i think we're all sort of resting because we expect to have you know at least an increase in numbers as we get colder in the winter sets in influenza sets in. so just like in june we had a law that's the way feels right now it's like calm before the storm. so i'm just trying to get maybe do some hiking farmers market socially distant. make some but not in brad you know got out my resources. ok doctor yeah back to the banana bread and the sour dough baking. >>pre she ate you joining us and your wisdom with us doctor, peter, chin-hong the infectious-disease that we are very blessed to join us here from ucsf thank you in to take care yeah all right, thanks doc thanks. well looks like the next presidential debate is not going to happen at all you know second one between president trump and democratic presidential nominee is set
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for next thursday as a town hall event instead. the commission on presidential debates announcing today that the debate will be done virtually to protect the health and the safety of everyone involved if that's the case. president trump says he's just going to skip it altogether. the chair of the commission responded saying that the commission will not change the format. meantime the biden camp announced today that he will hold a separate town hall on that day. but the debate was supposed to take place alluded to this a moment ago, vice president mike pence has canceled campaign events that were scheduled. >>he and his wife karen were supposed to be in indianapolis their home state of indiana day cast their ballots. but the vice president's spokesperson says the president alter those plans noting he has not tested positive for the coronavirus sen saying quote no one is sick. pence and his wife or in utah yesterday for the vice presidential debate, the white house says the couple would be returning to washington dc now tomorrow night.
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>>future of a popular san francisco gas station is in the middle of a tug of war between peaks auto care can be found at the busy intersection of portola drive in woodside avenue part of the debate is about whether the decades old gas station. she's remain or be replaced by affordable housing our kron four's dan thorn has that story from both sides tonight, he joins us now live. from san francisco with more dan. >>a grant and vicki this gas station is built on public land in the lease is about to be on the gas station owner would like to see this lease renewed for at least the next 20 years but as the city in the state moves away from gas powered vehicles and also housing continues to be a crisis in the city. some opponents say maybe it's time for it to go. >>for decades twin peaks, auto care has been a spot to fuel up or get work done on your car. now it's at the center of a debate over climate change uses for public land and
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affordable housing we need to be building more affordable housing and that comes at the expense of the gas neighborhood resident cody snell says homelessness is a major problem in san francisco and rejecting the proposed lease extension could help. >>other residents argue the gas station is a small business that's good for the community and also because there's not many gas stations left in the city with the use gas station for 30 years we have lived here and many times an emergency or you need gas in the picture a broken down car they've really come in handy who still need a stations of an ally on in the coming fun part of the on twitter supervisor matt haney blasted the gas stations petition for extending the lease. >>he said quote i cannot support a 2530 year lease for a gas station on public land state and city climate goals require phasing out fossil fuels much earlier our city has declared a climate emergency there are many other uses for this site, including
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affordable housing we understand that these deals will be gone in the future and that's good for the planet but in the meantime people do need to fill their carts the san francisco board of supervisors was set to vote on the lease proposal on tuesday. >>but that vote was delayed twin peaks, auto care has now left hanging in the balance i think if it's a choice between someone having adequate housing in me being able to get gas than the choice is easy for me for affordable housing and the need for that but you know there are still cars that mean a lot of around him. >>we're not all electric vehicles. >>san francisco supervisor normandy who represents this district has publicly acknowledged that the gas station is well liked in this neighborhood but did not respond to our request for further comment as for the rescheduling on the vote for this lease extension. that date has not been set reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news thank you dan as we switch gears now talking about 4 zone forecast taking a live
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look outside at san francisco's embarcadero. >>lawrence karnow here talk about what's going to be happening for the firefighters out there yeah they came really been getting a break over the last few days we've had that nice on shore breeze that sea breeze carrying with it very moist air from the ocean and pushing right up into the fire zone, the winds have been all that bad certainly we get the breeze in the afternoon pretty typical but. >>not seeing 3040 mile an hour gusts like we had this past weekend. so certainly some good news for them and i think it will be okay for a couple days but over the weekend things are going to change that was going to switch direction getting much drier much more dangerous much more gusty right now you look at 10 mile an hour winds in assailing the 14 in the po valley, a very light winds you make when the soda springs in the outfield but otherwise we're going to see some changes back to watch you'll see right here is we're going to but there's a motion now as we head through the time and right in the weekend you'll see the clouds are not probably going to pass on by bringing a slight chance of showers but after that system
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moves through we start to see that northerly component of high pressure starts to build in all of a sudden you're talking winds are gusting over 20 miles an hour. and then look at that you can see some orange and some red up here those are winds gusting over 30 and probably some 40 mile an hour winds over the mountain tops as well that will continue to be the case probably even stronger winds as we get in towards sunday night and monday morning you see 30 mile an hour gusts beginning to show up and you'll notice that direction coming almost directly out of the north that is that very dry northerly winds are firefighters want to get a handle on a fire in a hurry. they're getting couple more days where conditions are favorable right now you're seeing and on shore pushing the humidity already running high right now and we'll continue to do so into early tomorrow morning nearly saturated so you get that moist atmosphere very hard for that fire to burn and spread rapidly now by tomorrow afternoon things start to dry up a little bit and then that surge of moisture moves back on shore as we head in towards saturday morning but after that by saturday night things change again going to start to
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see that the northerly component win that is going to dry out the atmosphere and then here we go fire conditions going to be running high. but not tonight because that fog moving to san francisco. probably some drizzle along the coastline overnight looking from the east bay hills berkeley you can see clouds rolled in there as well and still a bit hazy around parts of the bay area moderate amounts of pollutants building up as you make your inside the bay and many of the valley starting to clear out along the coastline as generally find fresh air anyway right out toward the beaches. now tomorrow expecting some poor air quality in the north bay into the spare the air day for tomorrow, it's going to be good out along the coastline, but some more of smoke pot up articles to build up part of the east bay and also into the south bay may be in the first party weekend 2 guys back to you. thank you lawrence, turning now to that glass fire which is 70% contained. they're making progress on that the fire has burned more than 67,000 acres though in napa and sonoma counties. >>and it's destroyed more than 600 homes. it is said to still
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be threatening more than 3,000 structures. >>today marks the three-year anniversary of the deadly tubbs fire that tore through the north bay, one of the hardest hit areas was the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa kron four's gayle ong has a look at how the rebuilding. >>the coffey park neighborhood is about 97% rebuilt that's roughly 1300 homes. >>it was a night of october 8 2017 when the tubbs fire ignited it ravaged parts of napa lake and sonoma counties. the city of santa rosa suffered great losses. so many things that are in place now with fire calfire increase station during roadside mornings. >>all those type of things that spend you know coffee per cent of concern entire county is concerned there's also some mitigation that can be done just to help those in the surrounding areas, gretzky lost his home in the coffey park neighborhood the community was virtually wiped out. >>3 years later the
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neighborhood mostly rebuilt with mandatory coats to make homes safer from wildfires fire outside alarms. so the fire forced those offices, loud something school bell that goes off outside of the devices and landscaping front yards are filled with bark and less strawberries and trees the tubbs fire was active for 123 days burned more than 36,000 acres consuming more than 5600 homes. cal fire says the cause was electrical from the private system adjacent to a home help 22 people died at the glass fire press briefing thursday calfire honored the victims we would like to close out with a 32nd. >>moment of silence for the people that the 22 souls lost lives on. number 00:08pm tonight. >>the glass fire torching napa and sonoma counties santa rosa hit again, destroying homes in the sky park neighborhood an area between the burn scars of the nuns and tubbs cracking
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has since rebuilt and started coffee strong a neighborhood recovery group. he had this message for those impacted by recent wildfires it may seem overwhelming it may seem like a lot and emotionally can be at times but as we've seen in our neighborhood you can get through it don't try to do alone whether that is leading friends or professional health or find a support system of those drones court system support structure and you get through it. >>the coffee strong community they have been a coming together over the last 3 years just having gatherings sharing insurance contractors to help each other rebuild and they have volunteered to help the fire victims of the kincade lnu and glass fires in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >>into larry county crews are taking down some really big trees that were burned in recent wildfires, the giant sequoias are among the largest trees on earth. crews had to bring in a 300 foot tall crane
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when 100 foot crane reached less than halfway up the tree. many of these ancient trees are being taken down they were already dead, were scorched by this recent fire. the trees have to be taken down before residents in the sequoia crest area near fresno can return to their homes. >>a stunning alleged plot to kidnap the democratic governor of michigan we're hearing from the man who employ one of the suspects. >>plus u c berkeley students get to chat online with coronavirus pandemic doctor anthony fauci the discussion they had tonight about the pandemic. >>but first gyms and fitness centers in alameda county will be allowed to reopen inside tomorrow. what you need to know before you step onto the ellipt say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings? that's yes for less. at ross.
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oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you out" bargains! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. >>finally time to hit the gym again in alameda county starting tomorrow gyms and fitness centers will be allowed to open inside but at 10% capacity conference taylor bisacky gives us an inside look at 24 hour fitness in pleasanton and what jim members can expect. >>those anxious to get back into the swing of things in alameda county it all starts for this 24 hour fitness in pleasanton at 05:00am now i may not be where the most appropriate workout outfit but that doesn't matter as long as you have your mask wearing at all times. >>yes can also expect a new social distancing protocols to be in >>gym members in alameda
10:25 pm
county can finally revisit their favorite fitness centers after 6 and a half months here at 24 hour fitness unpleasant in the new contactless checkin process begins at the door to once you check in climb. >>hot south check all the questions that needed to get in and compliance with the health code city guidelines signs are posted at the front door and throughout the gym instructing members to wear a mask at all times guests will be admitted on a first come first serve basis to the fitness center reaches 10% capacity. >>well, the gym is reopening its doors, some things will remain closed, including basketball and racquetball courts and the swimming area showers will also be off limits. while working out members must remain 6 feet from others and the free trade area is completely open it spread out 6 feet apart, we've got cable machines. we've got don bows upstairs of the cardio machines, the social distancing requirements are even greater. >>signs like this are posted on every few machines to ensure there's 12 feet between each person and then we've got
10:26 pm
to close again so that allows. >>to comply with the county being 12 feet apart when we're doing cardio nnemkadi owes. >>once they're done using equipment members are expected to wipe down in sanitize the area. staff members will also be on site regularly cleaning the fitness center and at the end of the day a separate team will come in to do a deep cleaning in addition to we welcoming guests delay says he's excited to bring back team members during this difficult time, but what's really been great for is. >>the team who came back we put them on furlough get back. excited and now we're back in hiring despite its name hours of change here at this 24 hour fitness in pleasanton. >>new hours will be 05:00am to 09:00pm daily in pleasanton taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>by the way indoor libraries and museums in alameda county will also be allowed to open tomorrow at 25% capacity. >>2 months into the virtual school year some students with
10:27 pm
the oakland unified school district are still dealing with technical issues. well taking their classes. online district officials say many of the computers that were handed out to the students. don't work properly. >>when the issues we've encountered was seeing some problems with the the volume control and the microphone on the computers 40's houston in june another online or to shame platforms. >>school leaders are still discussing when to begin in person instructions. january of next year is a still a possibility. >>coming up independent contractors are full-time employees, the status of rideshare drivers is all going to depend on voters this november so coming up the debate over proposition 22. >>and we've got some clouds floating right now some big changes
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they do one of the most difficult jobs there is, even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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>>companies are behind prop 22 which is on the ballot they want to reverse a law that went into effect this year that classifies their drivers as employees instead of contractors. this is a direct response to the highly contested ab 5 which group all kinds of gig workers into that law. >>our kron four's ella sogomonian reports, although prop 22 leaves the rest of them behind focusing only on rideshare and delivery drivers. some say that it's a step in the right direction she joins us now live from the newsroom with that debate ella
10:31 pm
picking grant prop 22 looks like part of a piecemeal approach that we've seen all year long. >>as different attempts to take down a b 5 have taken jobs throughout the year. the difference is that this initiative zeros in specifically on the industry for which ab 5 backers claim that was intended to help. >>prop 22 takes aim at the highly contested ab 5 but giving companies like uber lyft and doordash which are behind the initiative a chance to reverse course. drivers now considered employees would return to being contracted workers. but hector gusty and those who drives for uber and lyft says he's opposing prop 22 because he wants employee benefits to remain which weren't available when he needed them most i we don't have any workers compensation i was a label for war on children i was super but for me at that time because of course all around if they don't help me. >>that's one of reasons why i'm fighting for these might that have to drop off a school started water came. so i it
10:32 pm
was a it was a very very bad storm and that the bay area council is one of many organizations backing prop 22. >>saying that it brings back the freedom of the flexibility that was a big draw in the first place, prop 22 proposes reclassifying drivers as contractors while meeting them halfway by promising an earnings of at least 120% minimum wage for the hours put in partially paying for health care through subsidies and covering costs of up to 1 million dollars in the event of an accident. >>a lot of these really support proposition 22 they want the flexibility so you know think you're you know a number of surveys of many of these workers and show 75% or more will like to have the this independent model. >>saw prop 22 doesn't address everyone affected by ab 5. supporters say that the nearly 200 million dollars behind the proposition at least up it
10:33 pm
giving the rest hope to free themselves to but i think these companies wanted to have to invest the time and money and energy that it takes to pass and there's an initiative like this in california, but they felt like they had no choice they were given no and so you know that it was they were left with no end of the draft tony measures under 85 and the follow-up legislation and you know they they were really given no choice move forward so this is the better, you know i think you know an attempt to to try and provide some stability security for independent contractors address many of the issues that they hav about tells of hours and those types of and this is not the end of the conversation. >>so just going to have to wait and see what voters decide on. in november in the meantime i spoke with a business owner who is still reeling from ab 5. she's a owner of a small dance company in the city that just can't afford to pay their artist says employees so the owner hopes of prop 22 will bring attention to the shortcomings brought on by ab 5 in her opinion by using that big
10:34 pm
money from news app based companies that contractors just don't have that's preventing many more of them from more effectively mobilizing against ab 5 live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news thank u we are now 26 days away from the november election kron four's york. >>local election headquarters this election season. >>they get the drills handy people in louisiana bracing for yet another major hurricane tonight talking about delta. now a category 3 storm that is threatening to hit the gulf state as early as tomorrow afternoon yeah, residents busy as you can see filling up sandbags and boarding up windows delta barreled through the mexican resort areas of >>can can yesterday causing some streets tony collapse and knocking out power to more than 260,000 customers chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
10:35 pm
has been tracking the storm we still have maybe a month and a half of hurricane seasons. yeah, go yes, sometimes it can go on and on for quite a while and running we're running out alphabet so we're in the greek alphabet now, but you can see this storm system here comes delta right now in weakened as it moved across the yucatan peninsula member was a category 4 hit the yucatan peninsula lose the source of energy all that moist air coming from the oceans to really provide the strength of soda dropped all the way down to a category one. >>then it pushed out into open waters we see that i begin to form right around the center of the eye wall right there in the middle of a hurricane this a large storm system now has its reform some 400 miles across hurricane force winds extending outward of 40 miles from the center of this hurricane so here we go again boy you there just some years where it how ends up, but certainly there right in the track there in louisiana and here we go as a storm system expected to move in already seen those bands begin to move on shore bringing some heavy
10:36 pm
rainfall to the coastal areas you see the areas shaded in green and red those are areas of all watches and warnings for flooding already and there's a whole lot more to come in fact sustained winds a 120 miles per hour moving to the northwest at 12 it is going to track toward the coastline looks like a really wants take a beeline again as it makes its way toward louisiana category 3 storm. possibly coming on land with a storm surge of 7 to 11 feet right there near the core that i were makes landfall and a category 3 with a 120 mile an hour sustained winds all right, let's get you back out west and you'll see our system point misses us looks like it's going to fall apart kind of moving out of the way another week system comes in late on saturday, bring a slight chance of showers in the north that's about it so slight chance in your tent and that comes on saturday after that we get to the strong offshore winds and look at the temperatures got a lot of 80's we might even see 90 by next friday and strong gusty winds late in the week too. all right. thank you. lawrence, another big story and this one
10:37 pm
got your attention when you saw this headline today, 6 people have been charged in federal court with plotting to kidnap the democratic michigan governor gretchen whitmer air at her vacation home. yeah, scary situation, a separately 7 more people have been charged with trying to target police. >>and the michigan capitol reporter susan samples spoke with a vacuum shop owner who employed one of the men arrested. >>tucked in a strip mall like any other along a busy business pack stretch a vacuum shop you might not give a second glance until this a federal raid at nightfall agents investigating this man adam fox a long time off and on back you shop employee turned militia leader these pictures from his facebook page him in his girlfriend broke up in kalamazoo. >>he came here homeless 2 dogs. so i let him stay here here was the shop's basement entered through utility closet
10:38 pm
and the door in the floor fox had a bedroom down here and according to federal agents, a plan. >>to kidnap governor whitman, the last 8 months with the covid with everything going on. like the riots. >>i notice he started getting on ads and stuff and i think the lady started a militia shop owner brian titus says he knew nothing of fox's plan. >>even so well i got scare when he told me you know he is fault unknown militia. the ad is all >>tommy at one november to get out of here. >>agents reportedly removed 2 assault rifles and a 9 millimeter from fox's belongings in the shop where brian titus began fielding holes from national media and regular people some angry some support as he tied us a 12 year marine veteran is scared of losing his business this is my life up 60 years old. this is really. affecting me the toes. there's more people out
10:39 pm
there it's not just him they're everywhere. >>and that was susan samples reporting for us tonight governor whitmer is placing some of the blame on president trump saying that hate groups took his stand back and stand by comment during last week's debate as a rallying cry and call to action. president trump is responding to that criticism tonight tweeting that rather than saying thank you for foiling the kidnapping attempt. she calls him a white-supremacist well biden and democrats refused to condemn and anarchists looters and mobs that burned down democrat run cities. he also tweeted that he does not tolerate any extreme violence and defending all americans even those who oppose and attack him is what he will always do as president. a former special in dc is charged with wire fraud in san francisco. prosecutors say 27 year-old dominic gregory set up a fake go fund me account
10:40 pm
that. >>claim to raise money for the family of a fallen federal officer. patrick underwood from pinole was shot and killed in oakland earlier this year. he was monitoring a protest outside the federal building. they're prosecutors say gregory raise the campaign's fundraising goal as high as $90,000 in continued urging donors to contribute using a separate payment service even after the campaign had been deactivated if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. state senator scott wiener of san francisco continues his push to legalize safe injection sites. he says he's planning on introducing legislation to do so and the state legislature reconvenes in december safe injection sites allow medical professionals to supervise drug users in case of an overdose. wiener has so far introduced the measure twice but so far without success. he loved the nation's top infectious disease expert was in the bay area tonight
10:41 pm
virtually we all know doctor fauci he held an online forum with u c berkeley students, yeah, the students were able to submit questions and learn more about coronavirus. >>kron four's michelle kingston listen in and has more for us tonight from berkeley. >>about 2000 people watched virtually as doctor fauci spoke to u c berkeley students and staff and answer their questions about coronavirus but what we're seeing now not only in the united states but globally. >>is a level of most veteran against each other as opposed to realizing that the enemy is the virus doctor anthony fauci the director of national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and a current member of the white house coronavirus task force answering questions submitted by students and staff at u c berkeley on thursday through an online chat hosted by the berkeley forum, a nonpartisan foreign that organizes panels and debates run by undergrad students, some of the questions focusing primarily
10:42 pm
on young people in coronavirus it had to handle campus outbreaks. >>but when they get infected don't send them home while the majority of u c berkeley students will continue with online instruction this spring. >>doctor fauci said one of the biggest mistakes he's seen colleges across the country make so far is sending students who contract the virus on campus back home which then could spread the virus throughout their family and their community instead he recommends they stay in isolation in a dorm. >>keep them there keep them comfortable when they recover get them back to class he also made it clear that young people can still get very sick and even if they don't get symptoms they can still spread the virus to others right now we're trying to say. >>that everybody even who's young and healthy should take very seriously not getting infected not congregating at bars not doing things like not having distance is not wearing masks and thing like that in berkeley michelle kingston kron 4 news.
10:43 pm
>>a construction company in san diego is using new technology to prevent covid-19 outbreak how it works ahead 10. >>and in sports is tom brady still have it is doing below still handsome under still play.
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i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here.
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if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19. >>tonight's we've doubled our speeds the fastest just
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>>the a's face their playoff demons last round when they took down the white sox for their first playoff series win since 2006. this round it felt more like a big brother little brother series with the astros being the big brother oakland had another chance today to get a couple lakes in all big bro and extend their season. bob melvin probably doesn't appreciate me referring to his squad as the little brother, but facts are facts houston has dominated the league for years now bottom of the second remote lori gets things started for oakland three-run home run off zack greinke e a's up 3 nothing and little bro gets in the jet stream capital carlos correa continues his hot play at the plate and blast that frankie montas basketball over the bay bridge for what it seems big broken hit hard, he's talking trash to next endings michael brantley makes history. this solo shot sets a division
10:47 pm
series record 23rd home run combine for both teams in the series in only 4 games 6 astros i'm sorry extend that lead to 2. houston was score 3 more times to making 9, 4, then jose out puts the finishing touches on this one that's like one big bro get you in a headlock and didn't do anything. the a's scored a couple of times in 9th inning but it was not enough. they come up short again big brother gets the last laugh, let's hear from bob melvin after the game. >>ramones homerun felt like a 1000 run homer the time we feel really good about where we're going frankie was pitching really well had good stuff, good below good breaking ball. and then all of a sudden a beginning kind of derailed a little bit and then we just couldn't hold him down after that unfortunately. >>all righty we're just 3 days ahead of kickoff and niners fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the status of jimmy garoppolo he practice again today in a limited capacity.
10:48 pm
we probably won't know until saturday if he is going to play this week if he can't go it will be nick mullens or cj befort under center for the red and gold both leave a lot to be desired but that's life in the nfl injuries happen, speaking of injuries tight end george kittle who missed some time with a minor injury earlier this year with that today. how jimmy g was looking this week on the practice field. >>jimmy looks very handsome. out in the field still got a rocket arm. he's still throwing the ball which is a good thing so i'm excited about those 3 things. >>well his nickname is jimmy gq meanwhile the raiders are prepping for a team that has been roughing them up for the past 3 years talk about big brother little brother. it's the dreaded trip to head stadium. they haven't won there in the last 6 times patrick mahomes is surrounded by perhaps the best set of weapons in the nfl and the chiefs have yet to even really be challenge this season.
10:49 pm
raiders defensive coordinator paul guenther knows his defense will have to be their best. this sunday, especially against the do it all patrick he's just a really good player for targeted fed really obviously if you know, everyone's only trying to defend the guy this offense with their playmakers they have on the premiere in this comeback. they have. >>it's a complete package. >>thursday night football tom brady in the bucks taking on the bears in chicago to byron left which is coordinator he needs to be a head coach soon. cairo santos kicked 38 yard field goal with a minute 13 left to give the bears a one-point lead so is on tom brady 4th down. you can't make it happen incomplete pass and i was wondering that's a pretty. high rates low for senate passed fourth-down evidently he thought it was still 3rd down who surprise when he was told it was for and that's the game. you know not very brady like he's not happy on the sideline. nick foles beat them again brady can't leave nick foles shame
10:50 pm
we grant grant knows a little bit about that nick foles tom brady rivalry back to you. >>all right, thank you jason appreciate that. now to a new piece of technology that aims to prevent covid outbreaks at the workplace construction company is the first to use it in san diego reporter jeff mcadam shows us how it works temperature checks pre screened questionnaires california-based dpr construction is doing all the right stuff for their employees we want to send every single person home safe every single day. >>now they've added something new to the mix. the first company in san diego to use it. we. >>heard about an opportunity to pilot a new technology for contact tracing and we jumped at the opportunity it's a bluetooth card called contact herald. >>and everybody at the company's got one just their name phone number and email associated with it. >>information you were put already have access to see are not for fitting privacy, let's say i test positive for covid-19 they say this technology they can figure out
10:51 pm
who have been within 6 feet of in the past 20 days all those employees are then sent an alert so. >>they can not only keep their employees safe, but they don't have to stop production in have to be shut down. >>franco speaks on behalf of safe don't the company who makes the tracker she says assembly bill 6.85 just signed by california governor gavin newsome requires employers to provide written notifications to employees within one business day of receiving notice of potential exposure to the coronavirus so besides keeping employees safe. the technology also keeps everyone working this. >>do they have the infrastructure in place well some don't. they can be cited they can be shut down. so dpr is doing the right thing by setting themselves up for success through similar technology already out there but most of those programs use an app on your cell phone of the concern is what other information like. >>they have access to don't have that concern don't have
10:52 pm
that problem with just a card like this from cardi mesa jeff mcadam. >>tobar is national breast cancer awareness month, but because of the pandemic many events to mark the occasion are being a virtual up proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that.
10:53 pm
it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16. about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously.
10:54 pm
and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. >>mommy shark is cruising in ohio there. she is this is how the city prof smith is raising
10:55 pm
awareness for breast cancer center in credit reports with ohio puts on its crews and peak of it every october for national breast cancer awareness month, but. >>because of the pandemic everything went virtual this year, but it's still pretty colorful visual the cancer center lit up it's building in pink in is encouraging neighbors to have their own. crews ins as it you can drive by and. do the shark out the moon roof whatever whatever whatever you can do to raise awareness and money. despite the challenges we're facing this year. i we little chance here for last weather lawrence yeah, guys hey close the weekend now friday just a day away and here comes the weekend again we've got some clouds some changes for the weekend. >>as a cold front coming in the cloud deck a little bit higher tonight, those pushing over the golden gate bridge and across the rest the bay area see the clouds flowing on shore right now just off the
10:56 pm
coastline little more impressive you get this guy sitting out here. this is the one we're hoping was going to bring us rain doesn't look like that's going to happen. but there's another one behind him overnight tonight, we'll see a strong marine push that means plenty of low clouds and fog well inland probably some drizzle on the backside of that we get a cold front coming through in here you go model start to pick up on a little bit by atm on saturday morning, maybe a couple raindrops will it's not going to be much. but certainly chance of you scattered light showers temperatures tomorrow san francisco, comfortable 60's outside to find 1516 up toward the beaches with some low clouds and fog then partly cloudy in the afternoon. mild inside the bay 68 millbrae 69 in burlingame you see about 70 in palo up to about 71. in san carlos, the south bay temperatures running up the mid 70's in the campbell about 74 degrees in santa clara, 73. in milpitas east bay generally the 70's inland, mid 70's, the warmer spots i think in that 76 degrees in walnut creek 74 in danville about 70 degrees in hercules 69. in bland the winds will pick up in the afternoon tomorrow, but that
10:57 pm
sea breeze blowing the watch this over the next couple of days. yeah we're going to see some big changes coming our way again for the weekend got that shot of a few light showers as we head in towards saturday that clears out high pressure builds in behind it all of a sudden those temperatures jump back in the upper 70's, the warmer spots that we're back in the 80's on monday and tuesday and look at that week ahead, maybe even as high as the upper 80's, some low 90's by late in the week unfortunately more gusty winds high fire danger. >>tried rain drops though we will take it, thanks lawrence tech companies that time, thanks yeah, that's half the fun of a new house.
10:58 pm
seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here. welp, enjoy your house. nope. no thank you. geico could help you save on homeowners and renters insurance. geico could help you save they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder.
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prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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