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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 14, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>we're following breaking news in the east bay right now on kron 4 news at 3, 2, people are dead after a shooting in oakland and this is new video just into our newsroom from the scene first though the map oakland police say 3 men were injured in the shooting and 2 of the men have now died from their injuries. it happened just before 1 o'clock this afternoon on 84th avenue near birch street in east oakland here is the new video in from the scene officers are still not trying to investigate what led up to the shooting. police held a news conference not even 30 minutesago calling for an end to the violence. but this. it's connected also.
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>>to just the ongoing violence that we've seen in our community even last night. 3 blocks away from this location. 60 rounds fired in a residential neighborhood. i've heard from those community members about how frightening work. about the traumatic experience they had last night of listening to bullets flying through their homes and into their cars. the violence in this community must stop. >>now this marks the 77th and 78th homicides of 2020 in oakland, this is a breaking news story. we're still gathering more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. we will bring it to you and the other big story we're watching now is that red flag warning that's now in effect for parts of the bay area, wildfire conditions are right there are hot temperatures and high wind gusts and they have fire officials on alert today. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman the dangerous weather conditions.
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also has pg and e ready to show off the power in order to prevent a major wildfire. utility company is saying that the potential power shut-offs could happen as soon as this evening, let's take a look now at pg e's outage map. this is the latest information and the areas that are highlighted in yellow or the affected areas. this includes calistoga napa eastern parts of walnut creek and eastern parts of milpitas this information is just being updated in our producers move around the map right now so you can see where these possible power shops could be happening and we do have team coverage of this issue right now and we will start with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she has the latest now on this red flag warning and what we can expect in the coming hours with the weather could afternoon marissa hi justine yeah, the red flag warning currently in effect through friday morning in addition to that. >>the national weather service just issued a heat advisory for most of the bay area hot dry and windy conditions in this heat advisory is going to go into effect thursday
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morning through friday, never we could see record breaking or near record breaking heat and wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less of the highest peaks in the north bay mountains and east bay hills pretty calm and breezy conditions out there right now, but during the overnight hours winds will peak shortly after midnight tonight through early thursday morning right around 6 o'clock in the morning. that's when going to notice the gusty east winds calmer conditions by thursday afternoon but a very hot and dry air mass will remain in place drying out conditions even more and then another round of gusty winds set to impact the north bay mountains and east bay hills starting thursday night through early friday morning sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. but the highest peaks could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less and we are noticing later today, we will notice relative humidity dropping into the teens little relieved during the overnight hours. >>with the relative humidity in the single digits by around your thursday afternoon
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because we are tracking hotter temperatures tomorrow compared to the day so today we're about 10 to 20 degrees above average this heat wave is going to peak on friday where we could be 1215 to 25 degrees above normal widespread 80's and 90's along the coast and east bay shoreline with low triple digit heat as you make your way inland for hottest valleys taking a look ahead at the next 3 day outlook the hottest temperatures will arrive in the bay area on friday. so we're getting another round of summer like temperatures returning to us. in addition to our peak of fire season justine back to you thank you so much. >>moving on now with our team coverage on this potential for power shut off for thousands of people in the bay area. we go live now to kron four's charles clifford he's in danville for us this afternoon and chuck you've been talking to people there. how are they feeling about this next round of pge possible shut offs. >>well people are anxious, you know here in danville right now probably the lower 90's
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mid-nineties pretty warm. it's very dry. we do have a light breeze blowing and of course we're expecting stronger winds later this evening which is the reason that pg and he wants to implement this p s p s here in the customers will be impacted probably have their power shut off or mainly along blow road. >>pacific gas and electric says that up to 1800 customers could have their power shut off between 6 8 o'clock on wednesday evening thursday, red flag warning for this entire area. they're expecting high winds overnight tonight and they're trying to be proactive about preventing a wildfire. now i talked to several people this afternoon in the area, including one gentleman who said he's very concerned about what pg and e is doing this because apd any infrastructure make them fed >>locally here to be affected. >>anyone in the danville area who has their power shut off on wednesday evening can expect that it won't be turned on until at least 10 o'clock
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on thursday afternoon and that is because pg e will have to go through and inspect all of their lives to make sure it's safe in order to re energize those power lines. all right back live now again we are expecting that pg e could start turning off power between 6 8 o'clock this afternoon. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>thank you and we just found out that pg is going to be holding a news briefing at 6 o'clock tonight for the latest information on this potential power shot off. we plan to carry that live for you right here on kron 4 news and also on our streaming app kron on's we'll get the latest information, ben, our team coverage continues right now with kron four's maureen kelly. she is live for us in the east bay in the berkeley hills for the fire department is now stepping up patrols in that area they are worried about fires in the neighborhood marine. >>that's right justine we've got a red flag warning here in effect i'll tell you it is very hot here at the wind it well though it has been super windy today. so far i am
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feeling a little bit of a breeze now picking up i can tell you that right now to fire engine companies are on patrol in the berkeley hills and tonight at 6 o'clock bill at a 3rd engine company as the winds pick up. >>firefighters from station 7 jump into a fire engine to patrol the streets around tilden park looking for signs of smoke and to safeguard against anything that can cause a wildfire. there are 2 engines on patrol during the day today is part of the protocol when fire danger is high they're red fire weather flag is flying with the warning in effect until 11:00am friday. >>berkeley fire will add a 3rd engine to begin patrolling starting at 06:00pm the weather pattern looks like that we're going to have an increase in win tonight. >>through the neck through the morning and so trying to maximize our units on the ground and at night time people are sleeping may be less attentive for people to call 911 in addition to keeping an eye out in order to get ahead of any blazes that
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may break out berkeley fire is reminding residents to sign up for a c alert alameda county's emergency notification system. >>they're also asking people to review their household evacuation routes for getting out both by car and by foot pack or refresh a go bag for everybody in the family. >>and because of covid-19 be sure to add masks and hand sanitizer and park off-street assistant fire chief keith may cause the narrow twisty roadways in the hills spaghetti streets and says they could be tough for firefighters to get where they need to when a fire starts. >>on both sides, the streets it's hard to get apparatus through let alone operate when they if they do get a fire. so we asked people they can at all costs back in their driveway because then you're ready to go if you have evacuate and leave the roadways clear for the emergency vehicles. >>more advice with this red flag warning in effect people should use extreme caution when barbecuing using powered
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equipment and even i d'alene your vehicles and of course fireworks are completely off limits. reporting from the berkeley hills i maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>thank you maureen and here is how we can prepare make sure to have gallons of water available with nonperishable foods flashlights extra batteries, portable phone chargers and if you have a generator practice using it before the power outage just to make sure it works and that you're using it correctly and since we're also talking about wildfire danger you should also have a first aid kit and a go bag ready. to go at a moment's notice and that red flag warning takes in much of the santa cruz mountains people they're also bracing for a power shut off if the winds get too strong kron four's rob fladeboe reports now from the summit right above los gatos. >>the winds have been picking up this afternoon here in the santa cruz mountains this area is under a red flag warning along with several other parts of the bay area as a result of a high fire danger in the
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possibility of high winds coming in later on tonight, i'm here outside the summit store on summit road above los gatos where i've been talking with residents many of whom are also expecting to lose their power possibly a later tonight, they tell me they've been stocking up on some ice and other many have a generator business as you might imagine fairly brisk inside the summit store i spoke with the owner been able and who tells me that while they have lost power here several times in the past as a result of these power shut down just not going to happen this time abel and took me out behind the store to show me that he has since installed 125 kilowatt generator and a lot of his rely on the story here for groceries and other supplies in the event of a power shut down neighbor says he is expecting some high winds later tonight, so he's taking some extra precautions by tying down umbrellas in his patio and some other measures more now the summer store owner of enabling. >>at this point. i'm for it
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because it's a safety issue we're almost hopefully in the rainy season. and i and i understand both sides of pg knee and doing what they have to do but it's been a dry long. hot summer appear able and some of his customers tell me that the power went out for about 10 seconds or so last night. >>they're speculating that this could possibly have been a test in advance of more widespread power safety shut down, although they're not sure they're just crossing their fingers that there won't be a power safety shut down and there won't be a fire. in the santa cruz mountains rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and we have continuing coverage on the fire threats in the high temperatures all on our website kron 4 dot com also on our kron 4 mobile app and the kron on app you can sign up for weather alerts in your neighborhood and also got details on the power shut offs. we've just learned the first lady melania trump has confirmed that the first son barron trump tested positive for coronavirus first lady
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released a letter on the white house's website where she said that while barron had initially tested negative. subsequent tests revealed he had a positive diagnosis. the first lady said bear and did not have any symptoms. >>she also said that both she and barren have since tested negative. the first lady closed her letter by thinking medical professionals and by sending her thoughts and prayers to those affected by the coronavirus now the president the first lady and their son have all tested positive at some point for coronavirus. >>we do have some good news now for parents and caregivers also kids in san francisco as covid restrictions continue easing in the city. the new section to now open back up our playgrounds kron 4 sanaz tahernia joins us now live from the newsroom with more on mayor london breed's announcement, i'm sure parents are doing a little happy dance about this mass, i know if i had kids i would be to just see now that san francisco has been in the orange here for about 2 weeks. >>mayor london breed announced that starting today more than a 180 public playgrounds, we'll be opening back up again early signs throughout the
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parks reminding families of capacity, limits and other health guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19 recreation and park department officials will also be stationed at the city's busiest playgrounds for the first 2 weekends to help educate people about the new rules and to make sure those rules are followed the mayor says she's excited but her excitement goes beyond the fact that the parks are reopening. >>today is so amazing and it's so exciting. because it's not just that we're opening all of these playgrounds. we are renovated a number of playgrounds in san francisco. and so kids are going to have an opportunity to just enjoy something new and exciting in the city. >>now as with any other post coronavirus reopening there are rules in place there will be limited capacity inside the playground, a limit as to how many children come use playground equipment at once and visits will be limited to
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30 minutes when others are present now have more on this story specifically the rules coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon which you can download in your app store for free just in. >>thank you so much not some coming up today here on kron 4 news at 3 the company quest diagnostics is now offering take home covid-19 tests, we'll find out how does this work and where we can get one and right after the break, we'll have a live report from washington dc as the hearings into president trump's supreme court nomi
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>>after a marathon 11 hour day of questions yesterday judge amy coney barrett is now back in the hot seat right now as senators are continuing to probe the nominee to the supreme court. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joins us now live with some of the highlights from today's hearing which includes our senator kamala harris got to question president trump's pick today. >>yeah and democratic senators today have focused again on health care and whether judge barrett will play a role on striking down the affordable care act. but judge barrett has remained measured saying that she will keep an open mind about any cases that come before the supreme court. >>senator lindsey graham says judge amy barrett is leading the way for conservative women in this is history being made folks. this is the first time in american history. that we've nominated a woman who's
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on a shame we pro life but utah senator mike lee says her personal pro-life views don't predict judge parents judicial rulings here record on the 7th circuit. actually shows that you're able to set aside your personal convictions still adjusts to spare it could be the final vote needed to overturn abortion rights and health care law's those who support republican platform are going to keep their promise to in the affordable care act. >>they need that night justice barrett told senators that while she has spoken against rulings upholding the a in the past academic writings are different the judicial rulings did you ever. >>white her speak out in defense of the ac a no i've never had occasion to say the policy question democrats also question there about voter suppression when asked whether or not the president has any authority to unilaterally deny that right to vote for a person based on race or even gender. are you saying you can't answer that question.
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>>senator i just referenced the 14th and 15th amendments that do prohibit discrimination on the basis of race in voting. >>now today's of final day for senators to question judge barrett tomorrow they will hear from panels of witnesses who will testify for or against judge parents nomination to the supreme court live in washington alexandra limon. >>thank you so much and bay area republicans have been watching judge barrett is hearing very closely and say that she's been handling herself pretty well. catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics talk to one of them. she joins us now live from the newsroom, good afternoon. catherine i just staying well democrats they know the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett. >>there's a foregone conclusion barring some huge surprise they've been using a lot of their question time to stress their own policies and priorities. i talked to harmeet dhillon about that dylan is a local attorneys who served on president trump's 2020 advisory board. >>these hearings are really
3:20 pm
for the democrats is extension of the biden-harris campaign they're using their time that this democratic senators and calm later he's on the ticket. >>you make some speeches campaign last question that they believe will the luminaid democratic polish missions on abortion, of all care on other issues and what it really highlights is that for too long or government has operated with me supreme court being a type of additional branch and legislature for up to the state policy we can all assume that this is question that it's really you know the policy >>a dilemma pointed first affair it is on the bench. she's saying the judge will be the first supreme court justice with school aged children justine. >>thank you catherine and we will check in now on our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at the golden gate bridge beautiful day out there it is warm for
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sure we're tracking those high temperatures right now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it's feeling like summer outside for sure yeah, 10 to 20 degrees above average just seen. let's take a live look outside throughout the east bay shoreline in over berkeley, and you can see. >>not a cloud in the sky fog tobar nowhere near the bay area because of that big bubble of high pressure overhead we're tracking widespread 80's and 90's not just along the coast, but also for inland valleys low 90's right now for downtown san francisco, san mateo flirting with 90's but 89 degrees palo alto in the low 90's with mid 90's for those of you in livermore oakland 84 degrees and widespread mid 90's for most of the north bay with napa and santa rosa, currently in the mid-nineties and this isn't even the peak of our heat wave justine overnight temperatures little relief during the overnight hours going to remain above average as well widespread low to mid 60's and tomorrow's daytime highs 80's and 90's and triple
3:22 pm
digit heat in the forecast expected to peak on friday with widespread triple digit heat inland more coming up in the next few minutes back to you just saying. >>thank you so much for risa and police in milpitas are now asking for help or help in finding a homicide suspect that they say is armed and dangerous. police say 35 year-old kevin james get man of gilroy is one for killing a woman on saturday night the shooting took place on ranch drive in milpitas just after 10 this is according to police and they say that the victim was known to get mad and that this was not a random act of violence that victim did die at the hospital and if you have any information on get meds whereabouts please contact milpitas police and san francisco police are investigating after 2 people were sent to the hospital in 2 separate overnight shootings. the first shooting happened around 9.30 last night to some golf streets in the hayes valley neighborhood. police say that a 20 year-old woman was hit with the gunfire and has non life threatening injuries. the second shooting
3:23 pm
was reported just after 1230 this morning near a lesson jones streets in the tenderloin there officers found a 51 year-old man with gunshot wounds. he is also expected to survive at this time police have not made any arrests in either shooting. still ahead here at 3. we will have a live interview with pg ad e on these planned power safety shut off so if you have any questions that you would like answered. you can reach us an e-mail or tweet me i just put out a tweet so you can ask me some questions because i want to get that out for so hit me up there. but right after the break, how you can take a covid test at home.
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>>an alternative to heading into a medical facility for covid-19 test is having a kit delivered to your home and then taking the test yourself kron force with google has the story. >>face coverings social distancing frequent testing and stringent contact tracing a little tools being used to stop the spread of covid-19 and with more vulnerable populations like seniors and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions resistant to leaving their homes for medical care concerned about exposure to the virus. walk-up and drive-thru testing sites may seem like a risky option. but there is an alternative at home novel coronavirus tests are available quest diagnostics is offering one.
3:27 pm
it's called an active infection test kit. it can be purchased online and shipped to your home or picked up at a walmart store. the kid has been approved by the food and drug administration under an emergency use authorization. if you suspect you have been infected or you're simply experiencing symptoms. you can isolate havoc. it delivered to your door and administer the swab test yourself ship the finnish test back to quest diagnostics or drop it back off at walmart quest diagnostics says result should be expected within 48 hours after their labs receive them. overall the latest data from the california department of public health shows nearly 16 and a half million covid-19 tests have been conducted in the state with about 92% of people receiving results within 2 days as for the kid, it costs around $130 but could be fully covered based on your health insurance phillipe
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djegal all kron 4 news. >>next up at 3.30 how the pandemic is threatening one of the largest convention centers in the country that's right here in san francisco. plus millions of people watched this viral video of amy cooper calling 911 of the black man in new york's central park. but now we're learning about a second call that she made after that recording stopped. and right after the break we continue to monitor the weather conditions across the bay area and pg e is planned power shut because of fire danger. several parks will close in the east
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>>so now 3 it's hot and it's dry and it's windy and that combination has pg ready to shut off the power in order to prevent a major wildfire. the utility company says the potential for power shut-offs could happen as soon as early this evening, let's take a look out pg e's outage map. the areas highlighted in yellow or the impacted areas of this does include 24 counties across the state but several here in the bay area. this includes contra costa, lake county napa san mateo santa clara santa cruz and sonoma counties all those counties have potential for power shut after shows us the pockets within those counties that could go in the dark starting tonight. so let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she is following that red flag warning and what we can expect in the coming
3:32 pm
hours, good afternoon. saw i justine yeah we're tracking wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less than the highest peaks of the north bay mountains in east bay hills already reporting gusts in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range. so it is going to peak after midnight tonight through thursday morning in addition to that heat advisory going into effect for your thursday morning through friday night live look outside from golden gate bridge. >>not a cloud in the sky marine layer, nonexistent and your microclimate thursday forecast tracking temperatures even hotter than today downtown san francisco flirting with 90's tomorrow at 88 degrees low 80's for those of you at half moon bay. daly city in the mid 70's with brisbane in the mid 80's for you burlingame 87 degrees. >>so 10 to 20 degrees above average san mateo going to flirt with 90's tomorrow at 89 degrees mountain view in the mid 90's for your thursday afternoon as is san jose and we are tracking near triple digit heat for most of our inland valleys livermore 96
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degrees, widespread upper 80's and low 90's as you make your way throughout the east bay shoreline oakland and berkeley in the low 90's there with conquered and walnut creek 96 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs as is napa but for santa rosa you could easily hit the triple digit mark tomorrow but novato you're certainly going to reach that by your thursday afternoon with widespread triple digit heat on friday that will be the peak of the heat wave we're going to notice widespread 80's and 90's along the coast and most of our inland valleys with our hauled hottest valleys in the triple digits in addition to that record breaking or near record breaking heat because daytime highs on friday just seen 15 to 25 degrees above average with little relief this weekend, not arriving until early this upcoming week with near average highs returning to the bay area back to you thank you so much it's going to be hot next couple days now in the east bay, several regional parks are going to close because of high fire danger. the list includes 10 park. so you can read right
3:34 pm
here on your screen right now they range. >>from tilden park to wild canyon reserve. >>and this red flag warning has breezes said stays in place until friday, so we're waiting to see if officials will decide to reopen the parks for the weekend. and we have continuing coverage on the fire threats and the high temperatures on our website kron 4 dot com. also on our kron 4 mobile app and the kron on app you can sign up for weather alerts in your neighborhood and give details on these planned power safety shutoffs that should be happening tonight. other news now governor newsom's administration and leaders of the employment development department gave an update on its massive backlog of unemployment benefit claims our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains some of the lingering concerns that lawmakers have with the agency. >>leaders of the state agency tasked with processing millions of unemployment claims during the pandemic gave lawmakers an update on its issues wednesday, a group working to improve the employment development department told members of the
3:35 pm
senate labor committee it's on track to clear its backlog of about 1 million claims by january 27th of 2021 one 0.6 million people were still waiting over 21 days for their home or to tell nation. >>this is what is referred to as the backlog. this is what refer to humans waiting for their money. of those individuals are no longer waiting the department credits its new identity verification system called id me for picking up the pace on benefit applications it started using the new system less than 2 weeks ago. >>but that improvement is just the beginning of a long list of department needs members of governor gavin newsom's eating the strike team brought up concerns of the department's man power at its core. the department has rely on a single group of people. >>colossal far highly specialized tasks to harm.
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>>and process claims lawmakers pressed ev-d leaders on the number of 80 workers needed in and out of a recession. officials told the committee can take years to train ev-d employees takes years train people policymaker something wrong here just some not only for injure but those who are providing department leaders say they will roll out a specific timeline on more targeted improvements within the coming weeks in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the city and county of san francisco took a hard look at what it will take to keep the musk only center as a top choice for business conventions. one business leader tells kron four's haaziq madyun why it may be tough booking the muskogee center even after the pandemic. >>the san francisco mosque only center is one of the top convention centers in the country. but the findings in this recent civil grand jury report plans to trouble on the
3:37 pm
horizon. like this finding unwelcome street behaviors and and cleanliness that bother convention attendees and exhibitors have been important reasons for convention planners of some medium and large size events to select venues in other cities. the findings of this report are based on research completed prior to the pandemic which is significant says jay chain of the san francisco chamber of commerce that say the pandemic magically that's this appears tomorrow. >>which is not but let's say it magically disappears tomorrow there's going to be economic lag between when the pandemic ends while moscow center's back up again but even after that economic activity comes back isn't going to stem francisco going to be a great experience that tracked and experience for people or we're going to continue to see social media posts from visitors about. >>homelessness and street conditions and streak witness and their concerns around that is if those challenges continue it won't matter
3:38 pm
whether the pandemic is here or not we're going to have with come mosconi center and having conventions that. >>francisco city leaders can either accept or reject the civil grand jury's recommendations. they also have the option to see further now this is in any area where they feel more study is needed has it made you kron 4 news. >>and this just in to the kron 4 news room alabama's football coach, the head coach nick saban has tested positive for coronavirus the university's athletic director greg byrne also tested positive. both men were notified this afternoon of their positive test and we're told they immediately left the facility so they could go home and self isolate saban says he does not have any symptoms right now he says though he will be taking another test to confirm his positive coronavirus diagnosis. number 2 alabama is supposed to be playing number 3 georgia on saturday night no word yet on the status of that game. and coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 finding joy
3:39 pm
in the scary and spooky moments, we'll meet a woman who refuses to let her sickness stop her from celebrating halloween. >>i will meet the newest and shiniest member
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>>and it's time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight show dolan joins us now live from chicago with a preview. what's the big story tonight show. >>hi justine we all saw the
3:42 pm
video yesterday from utah, the man who had that run in with the cool girl. he recorded the whole thing if you missed it, here's a bit of it 6 minutes worth of it. while he did all he could to get away just talked with our rob nelson. and you can hear some of what he said about that encounter. coming up tonight on news nation. also a story that will warm your heart put on your dancing shoes. marni hughes talk to the 14 year-old fighting cancer. only one person is allowed in his room so that's mom. the dad shows his support by throwing a dance party. outside of those moves and finally how great our dogs now they're helping us fight covid we'll tell you how experts are training dogs to sniff out the virus unfortunately justine our dog, his only interest in the back side of other dogs so she will not be part of that program. positive he said i'm sure i'm not alone either, and hopefully they'll be plenty of other bills out there who will do will sign up. the eagles are the best thanks joe we're looking forward to your show tonight. >>and news nation airs on wgn america at 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the
3:43 pm
channel's listed here more details are available on our website kron 4 dot com and still ahead we'll have a live interview with pg and e on the power outages that are supposed to be beginning this evening. so tweet us your questions and we'll do our
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3:45 pm
>>our top story today at 3 in just a few hours thousands of people in the bay area could lose their power. this is all
3:46 pm
part of pg knees planned public safety power shutoff high winds and hot weather combining to make some dangerous fire conditions tonight. so joining us now live. with pg e is spokesperson tomorrow serkis and she's going answer some of our questions for us thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3. thank you so we know that their 24 counties across the state that are impacted by this p s p s this includes contra costa. napa san mateo santa cruz santa clara snowmen also lake county. why these specific areas in these specific neighborhoods will be losing their power. >>this really has to do with the the severity of the winds we are expecting gusts of up to 55 miles per hour in some areas and so the areas that we're targeting we're really trying to stay focused keep keep these focused on the areas that could be most so it's really going to have to do with the weather we've got our meteorologist keeping a very close eye. the has
3:47 pm
tracking this for quite some time and that's how we sort of determine which may need to have their power shut off in this case we are calling the psp us for the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. so what time is this going to be starting or does it varied depending on where you live. >>it is going to vary here in the bay area, some customers may start their to energize as early as 06:00pm others may see it closer to 08:00pm i really just depends on where you are, but we are reaching out to our customers we keeping them updated and have been doing that for the past couple of days so those customers who may be affected will get the latest information on when they can expect their power to be shut off and then again when we're turning the power back on the receive notification so what's the time frame for how long power will be out for people
3:48 pm
who have weather goes out at 6 or 8 o'clock it's going to vary, but it is a process so really what we're doing is watching the weather and as soon as this weathers system dies down and were able to get the all clear we start our inspection process we go through and we inspect every single mile of line to ensure that there's no damage debris left on the lines from this wind events once we know that it's safe to do so we turn the power back this is a big process, but we have a lot of people out in the field walking and once you take a look at those lines we're also going to have up to 65 helicopters in the care contributing so we expect this process to take about 50% less time than the ps. yes offense last so customers were looking on the far end around 10:00pm friday because we're getting a couple of series of when the but many customers may see their power turned on
3:49 pm
significantly so you obviously people are working from home kids are trying to do school from home. it's about to be hot. we want to be running or air conditioning people or businesses are already having a tough enough time as it is with covid-19 and put them in the dark. >>they're frustrated with something like this like why does the power have to get shut off could there be some other way to to be safe at during these high wind events that well first and foremost we absolutely understand how difficult this is for our customers this is not decision we take lightly at all and especially now during it makes it. >>even challenging decision it's not something we would do unless we felt we absolutely have and in this case we do feel for the safety of our customers and our communities it is what we are doing to try and and and make the process smoother is remaking the
3:50 pm
shorter smaller and has mentioned we're trying to make this a much quicker process, 50% faster than last we're working to make them smaller as well so our goal is to make these a 3rd smaller than last year's p s p s offense, very close. so we know that you're giving an update at 6 o'clock tonight can you give us a little preview. so people who are trying to plan ahead to not have power for the next 2 days what they can do. >>absolutely we want our customers to be prepared if they have received this notification so flashlights with batteries battery operated radios would be great if have a generator make sure you know how to use it so that you can use it safely we also want to remind customers that we have our customer resource summers that are going to be throughout the counties that are affected where you can go to charge a phone to access wife i get food and some snacks and so those will those are all on our we want to make
3:51 pm
sure that that people know what their choices are have a plan place keep in mind the customers such as elderly neighbors or family people with disabilities to to check in on them if you if you're not we are reaching out to those customers very closely so need we are notifying the customers but if we have not received verification that customers on our medical baseline program has received those messages were actually going to go knocking on doors to confirm that they've received to this important information so we're taking a lot of steps to make sure people are informed. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 will be listening to that press conference at 6 to see any updates hopefully >>span of the psp s not only can be smaller in terms of the people that are impacted also shorter as 10 o'clock friday night a long time from today, thank you so much. we'll check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to learn a little bit more about the high
3:52 pm
wind event that is happening and also where the red flag warning is in the bay area. >>i just seen yeah fortunately it is going to mainly impact the highest piece of the north bay mountains and east bay hills elevations above 1000 feet could actually see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour less but at the lower levels sustained winds around 20 to 30 miles per hours specifically in the north before those of you calistoga glen allen and also sonoma going to notice the gusty winds tonight after midnight all the way through early thursday morning by around mid morning. but by the afternoon, calmer conditions fortunately, but don't forget we have a very hot and dry air mass is reportedly under way with this heat wave heat advisory going into effect thursday morning through friday night relative humidity is going to be bone dry already in the low teens and little relief during the overnight hours we're going to be the 20th percentile range for those of you in yacht bill the airfield just 90% relative humidity down to 32% relative
3:53 pm
humidity for those of you in napa and that's where we typically get our the most moisture but then back in the single digits by thursday because of these above average temperatures temperatures tomorrow about 15 to 25 degrees above normal temperatures out there right now widespread 80's and 90's possible triple digit heat starting as early as thursday afternoon with the widespread triple digit heat on friday. that's when we're going to see the peak of the heat wave possible record breaking temperatures and little to no moisture justine by friday morning through friday afternoon. so certainly going to keep an eye on that because that red flag warning in effect from now through friday morning back to you. >>thanks so much in other news now we are learning this afternoon that amy cooper, the white woman who was charged with filing a false police report for calling 911 and a black man in new york's central park in may made a second unreported call in which she falsely claimed a man had tried to assault her. the assistant district attorney expose the second call as cooper was being
3:54 pm
arraigned. cooper did not enter a plea to the misdemeanor charge. the first call was captured on that widely seen video. the second call was not recorded on video, but a 911 dispatcher provided prosecutors with a sworn affidavit regarding that call. coming up next here on kron 4 news at 3 how one woman's love
3:55 pm
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>>halloween is right around the corner and it is helping one woman get through her cancer treatment zach summers shares her story. >>susan whiter has loved halloween says she was a kid and she was determined not to let her fight with breast cancer keep her from creating what's known as the house by kids in her neighborhood. well some people decorate for christmas very says a wider goals all out for halloween, it's fun and this year also battling cancer susan began planning out. >>you can watch the rest that story on kron on our can coverage continues there right now i'm justine waldman wash your hands, th (upbeat music) - [narrator] this is kate.
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