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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 15, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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watching morning news at 5. >>good eorning and thanks for waking up with us is thursday october 15th, i'm false and i'm james fletcher in our big story this morning the power shut offs across the bay area and the high fire danger as well we have team coverage this morning sarah stinson is in the north bay will tran is live in the east bay and first we want to start with john travel and the weather center how hot is it going to be hotter one than yesterday guys which has you remember was already pretty toasty and especially hotter one for our bayside area, san francisco nearing 90 degrees today berkeley and oakland. >>well up into the 90's today which is much warmer than yesterday was. you can blame it on those winds is pushing some of our inland heat right out to the bay side now red flag warnings do still remain for much of the north bay as well as the inland east bay, upper elevations of the santa cruz mountains in there too winds will continue to gust
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into a range of 30 to 45 miles per hour, especially in the north bay. we're actually seeing that right now vacaville calistoga in sonoma have been seeing winds throughout the morning gusting well into that 30 mile per hour range, pretty consistently, those peak, wind gusts even more than that danville also on the breezier side right now 27 mile per hour winds. breezy in pockets across the rest of the bay area too winds remain consistent throughout the morning we're continuing to see power shut-offs for portions of the north bay due to those winds low humidity and the heat by the time we work towards 07:30am this morning calistoga sonoma vacaville still in the midst of some of those stronger winds. we briefly back or higher wind speeds early this afternoon before picking up yet again on into the evening tonight into early tomorrow. then we officially see things coming down and staying calm for the weekend after that point so there is relief in sight. today and tomorrow our hottest under windiest days though 60's and 70's for most of your current temperatures we do have a few 50's up in
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the north bay, fire danger remains high as we do see a mild morning and then a hot afternoon ahead of us. i mention those 90's in areas like oakland hotter than yesterday was san jose into the mid 90's in san francisco, some upper 80's. robin. >>all right, thank you john, let's head down to the south bay because crews are dealing with a car fire in san jose this is at the bird avenue on-ramp to northbound 2.80 that car fire has sparked a grass fires. so we have all lanes blocked at the on ramp leading up to 2.80 and traffic is starting to stack up here leading up to the scene it doesn't look like the lanes are blocked on the freeway but it's right at the top of the ramp. so it's going to be a visual distraction for you rolling through san jose let's zoom out we can see all of to your drive times still 11 minutes, it's been going up and down so i'll definitely be watching that for you, i'm also watching and tracking the bridges they are light and quiet but also filling in 9212 minutes and growing to the peninsula. we have more brake lights here on the flat section and still delay free
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at the bay bridge toll plaza an easy trip from oakland to san francisco in 8 minutes road construction wrapping up on the nimitz northbound approaching 29th avenue keep that in mind a little busy there. you can take 5, 8, if you want to get around the slow traffic on the nimitz will check more freeways and bridges coming up back to you thanks a lot rob and 5 '03 and happening now more than 24,000 bay area pg e customers have no power right now. >>because of the high fire danger. yeah in fact look at the map the areas in purple or what you want to be focusing on because those are the areas impacted by these power shut off. >>let's start of the south as we zoom in you'll see good portions of the santa cruz mountains and then the peninsula hills as it runs right up the spine of the peninsula we've got power outages there jumping over to the east bay you can see that on the diablo range out by a livermore the altamont pass and then as we scroll further to the north you'll see around mount diablo we've got some areas impacted by it as well the foothills of mount diablo and then lastly up in the north bay as it comes into
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view you'll see that we have both mountains in sonoma and napa county impacted by these planned power shut offs again these are the areas where pg has proactively gone in and cut power to folks living within these areas outlined in purple, let's go outside right now the kron 4 sarah stinson she's in calistoga with the latest there sarah. >>well it's so dark out here probably look like a floating head, i mean it's always dark but i'm saying there's no lights around me really i drove lena calistoga's school area in napa county. >>it is for the most part dark, but there are a lot of these towns cities that have either the city has them or pg need supplies generators to cities that are just used to this at this point so some have power because of the generators but pg e officially cut the power to the cities here in napa county around 6 o'clock yesterday it was something that we've been talking about since monday. so
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that shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone and then what was it like 2 got an alert from pg saying ok it's happening around 6 o'clock officially they cut off the power here in calistoga 2,277 customers without power saint helene a 193 customers without power. >>and then in the unincorporated areas of napa county we're talking about 6700 customers without power so it's definitely going to be rough for people that's a lot of people without power. as i said though many people at this point have bought a generator, it's just kind of the only way to survive through these power shut off if not using a lot of candles a lot of flashlights a lot of supplies we've been talking about how to prepare well hopefully you are prepared this is the reality we're going to be live here to kind of show you what's going on, definitely going to be hard i'm not seeing a lot of that's
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a whole really the whole reason they shut off the power, but i'm not also up in the hills where most of that with those wind gusts are a more down in the town and the monitoring the weather out here the power outages louis and talk to people see how they weathered all night in the heat for now reporting live in napa county sarah stinson kron 4 news live in in the dark art, thank you very much sara the santa cruz mountains are in the regions that are most at risk of wildfires. this morning homes in that area. >>have with no power people long some road stocked up yesterday on ice and groceries to get ready for the shutdown power shut down as you know to guard against any pga new equipment sparking fires. because they're down lines in that forested region they don't want down lines and that forested region. some residents are hesitant though about pg and e's prevention strategy. >>i would like for them actually fix the issues that they have as opposed to just
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shutting things down quadrant by quadrant. relatively small inconvenience. >>you know for a day or something i sure want more fires appear. >>one store a generator to prepare for the outages. this is because they want to lose thousands of dollars and spoiled food when the power goes off overnight. >>and in addition to the power shut offs of course the other big part of this story is the fact that the bear is bracing for high temperatures today, we're talking the potential in some spots for triple digits. i heatproof before i left this morning would that advisory goes into effect later this morning just when the air is going to warm up so. >>closed down earlier people we talked to are ready to conserve kron four's will tran is live in concord with the details good morning. well. >>james darya it's 77 degrees already in concord according to the will appeal and a lot
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of people are ready to go including officials, i'm at a state park here at lime ridge open space they have barriers up look at the sign right here is says closed because of extreme fire danger my camerawoman yulia sevens will move the camera over to the left it's dark right now, fully the camera will be able to pick up the trees swaying back and forth so it is gusty at this particular time and that's why they're fearful of wildfires take a look at your screen. we got the gusty conditions. we have the dry conditions we have the heat wave, you add all those things together and we are sitting on a powder keg a possibly a wild fire again. so these are things that you need to know it will pick up a little bit later today with the temperatures and some parts in the upper 80's to low 100's make sure your pets are not in your car be careful try to get your workout early in the morning don't walk your pet on. >>hot pavement i've seen that as one of my pet peeves no pun
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intended just don't do that get things done early have plenty of water because we do know that the heat is going to come and it's going to come. intensely as today moves on and over the next couple of days, john scher able has been all over that as far as the weather conditions and the wildfire. you know with the low humidity. it does not take a lot for an open area to just go up in flames and that's why cal fire there on high alert as well the fire departments have been told just in case be ready to go because you might have to jump into action. take a look at just 3 we built some graphics as far as a flex alert pg and e has told us that they might turn off power for a couple reasons one there could be a heavy load on the system with so many people turning to their air conditioner and to just in case because it's so windy that they might have to turn off power in case a power line comes down and then starts a wildfire, it will begin from 3 o'clock this afternoon until
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10 o'clock tonight, try to conserve energy as human as much as you possibly can all of this information is listed on our website kron 4 dot com. james darya i can speak to you personally about this having cover wildfires for so long. i am willing to sit in the dark cut my power off i'm willing to sit in the for prevents a power line from coming down from starting another wildfire all you'll see all my ball i get it i get it i will take one for the bin on too many front lines in the fires i get it makes a alright, and don't forget to stay tuned. to kron on throughout the day for the latest updates. >>with this high fire danger today kron on is our 24 7 new streaming app it's free to download so if you haven't already. >>download it today. >>5.10 right now and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news napa county sheriff's department releasing bodycam footage of a traffic stop that turned fatal. we'll see what caused the sergeant to shoot and kill the man he pulled over. and good news for san
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francisco parents playgrounds are open again, but there are new rules that you need to know before you take your kids there. >>and hawaii certifies oakland as a trusted airport partner we'll have that full story what that means if find it look at your wife. >>next and if you're heading to the coast here in the bay today you can expect highs in the 80's right along the coastline. it will be a hot one for all of us have got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to get into san francisco come on in it's wide open for you. 8 minutes off to fremont street that's a good drive time we'll
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>>5.14 is the time right now and today is the day that as long as you have a negative covid test. you don't have to quarantine when you arrive in hawaii, i know, and i know that you but i've got going for quite some time now and you're flying out of sfo oakland i love oakland a good way certified oakland airport has its first testing and travel partner we have proper. israel harvey live there at the airport to explain what that means rana. >>sorry about that as you can take me with that's for it, but it makes things so much simpler for people. we're
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going to be flying out so they're starting that testing this weekend you can go into the open airport. receive a test if you have a negative test result and means you'll have to quarantine for 14 days which i know that's all point you go to white allowed to stay indoors. for the 14 days, but what they are saying is they're telling people to make that test and lease 2 to 3 days in advance of your trip. that's because in cases test result take a little bit longer to be confirmed, you'll be in the clear so here's what you need to know starting this weekend here at the oakland international airport. you can make that test and again you're going to be on the schedule that that's online at the city health's website at bay area covid-19 testing dot god, the biggest thing you know it is free. so it doesn't cost to make those tests it's going to be located right here in front of the main passenger terminal complex of the oakland airport. now this is actually the second. covid
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says that's being offered here but the first one started in october and that was not for commercial flights so much smaller planes that left the airport here that you get your test. once you arrive here they want you to still be cautious and be safe because they're going to be a lot of other passengers here. so they're asking you to please wear a surgical or cloth mask without that exhalation valve in if they're saying you will be turned away. if you don't follow their policies. they have those posted online are also asking people to stay at least 6 feet apart while on testing ground here now this is also strictly enforce asking people to bring their id. if you do have insurance to bring that car as well, although they're saying they're not charging people for that test this is going to be for people who are flying out as well as the air point employees so it will be interesting to see how everything unfolds this weekend when they officially start that testing here for
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now reporting an oakland raider harvey 1, 4, 9 do want to add rain a big first of all i fly to open any chance i but i do want to add on y think as they did so much research >>getting this that were few go to their website hawaii. tells you and there's a million partners like. >>evs vault quest, there's so many ways you can get that test they're all approved so don't freak out if you can't get to the oakland airport to get your test. thanks a lot os and know okay, let's bring it over to john trouble he's in the weather center. >>it's going to be well almost hawaii like here in the bay area in terms of the heat but you know that comes with fire danger and everything else we are not enough the humidity that's true so dry yeah tropical field unfortunately comes the fire weather with that for sure temperatures will be hot all the way out to the coastline today so. >>not the worst one to be closer to the coast because our inland areas will be under another scorcher you can see
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from berkeley here skies are beautiful and clear all the way out to the coastline with high pressure ridge in place that's ushering out this hot and dry offshore flow. no fog expected all day long today marine layer going to be nonexistent for the bay that means humidity very low temperatures hot and winds going to be an issue through the day vacaville right now 31 mile per hour winds. sonoma calistoga atlas peak in danville right there with you with some very breezy conditions. this morning that will continue to stay with us through the morning before a brief come down early this afnernoon. then winds kick back up on into the evening tonight into friday morning, another windy start to the day but winds come down tomorrow afternoon and stay calm for the rest of the weekend after that point which point these red flag warnings were in the midst of currently will expire. the i was still in effect today though and lasting through the evening tonight for the santa cruz mountains all of the inland east bay as well as portions of solano county napa county is sonoma and marin counties
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winds gusting in these areas as high as 45 to 50 miles per hour at the peak today as far as temperatures go warmer one than yesterday near 90 in both mission financial districts while sunset district out to golden gate park all in the 80's 80's as well for pacifica elder not at half moon bay right along the coastline in trading in many 80's yesterday right along the bay shore with some 90's today so noticeably hotter one. redwood city and san carlos each up to 94 while in the south bay mid-nineties for san jose santa clara and milpitas east bay temperatures solid 90's from fremont hayward on over into the tri valley and up to concord in walnut creek danville you are hot spot today at 98 degrees. oakland at 91 san leandro at 94 sonoma also tied for the hottest of spots today. also at 98 degrees no triple digits at least but close enough. tomorrow's temperatures won't be much different will still be in the low 90's for both inland and bay side areas.
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tomorrow afternoon winds begin to calm down and by the weekend. we're still toasty but not as high and not near as windy at that means fire danger not much of an issue. robert all right. thank you john looking forward to that cool down. >>well let's check in on the morning commute a lot of you don't look forward to the commute right, but it's really not bad right now it's going to get heavier as we continue through the morning but for now we are trouble free on our bridges which is fantastic news if you're about to cross the bay, let's head over to a 5.80 we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell here. it is 5 was found leading up to the pay gates. and yes more cars rolling through the toll plaza that it's an easy drive 7 minutes. that's not bad right to make it off to one o one what about the bay bridge, 80 west one of the most popular bridge us during the morning drive more folks heading into san francisco as well, but no delays night right now it's just clear all the way across the upper deck the only problem i'm tracking is in san jose. the bird avenue on-ramp to northbound to 80 all lanes may still be blocked there at that ramp to deal with a car fire that
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sparked a grass fire. so crews are dealing with that a little slow through the scene but no major delays were still at 11 minutes for north to 80 san jose to cupertino just a little hiccup on the nimitz working your way toward downtown oakland northbound approaching 23rd the usual construction, so minor crowding there if you don't want to bother with it just take 5.80 west instead of the northbound them it's back to you. >>very much robin 5.21 we are tracking the latest coronavirus numbers across california and the bay area and beyond as you can see here on the list globally we have more than 38 million confirmed cases with more. with more than a million deaths in the united states. we've got more than almost 8 million confirmed cases right now statewide more than 865,000 with 16,000 plus deaths and in the bay area. more than a 107,000 confirmed cases with more than 1600 deaths now because of covid-19.
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>>it is likely going to be too hot today. but if you would like to send your kids to the playground and take him to enjoy the outside san francisco is allowing allowing if they've been in the orange tier. for reopening for about 2 weeks now and that makes it possible for san francisco to reopen more than a 180 of their public playgrounds mayor london breed says it's a good sign. >>it gives us hope the time that we spent in isolation the time we you know doing what we needed to do during this pandemic we know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. >>there are strict rules as you know, whenever you do something like the kids can't all use the equipment at once obviously and because they want everybody to have a chance visits are limited to 30 minutes. if there are other people present and waiting and too many people to go in everybody has to wash hands before and after eating and
5:23 am
drinking is not allowed that something to know when you go to the park for get the juice boxes and the graham crackers in the goldfish. and they say that you know if you're out there with your kids try to stay off the cell phone parents closely supervise your kids so that you make sure that they're not getting too close to the other kids on the equipment. >>continues over those unofficial ballot boxes around california place by the state's republican party, okay, how party officials are responding to the state's order that they be proposition 16 takes on discrimination.
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some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality.
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we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16.
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>>5 2519 days now away from the november, 3rd election the california republican party says it will not remove its unofficial drop boxes, republican staffers put up the boxes. >>in 3 counties over the weekend secretary of state issued a cease and desist order calling on the party to remove the boxes local attorney and party official harmeet dhillon says the boxes are no different from the ballot harvesting done by democrats and she calls the democrats hypocrites. >>some of the democrats are running for congress are right now running ballot collection centers. so the hypocrisy. this move by the democrats. secretary of state and the democratic attorney general is truly shocking democrats i think electing ballots on a
5:27 am
mass for what now the republicans are doing it they don't like was going to happen we're going to sit back and let the other side they weren't quite just >>the unofficial boxes were placed in orange county fresno county and los angeles county and they all have competitive us house races. >>over 50,000 people in california are without power this morning due did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair?
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>>i'm 29 right now getting a look at the weather and just like you predicted john it's going to yeah another hot one guys and our windy us one on top of that to which means fire danger of course the thing we've been talking about a lot this morning. a big concern, especially across the north bay in the inland east bay, crystal clear skies across the bay, no fog and that is a sign of a lack of marine layer as offshore winds continue to push any of that well out of the region, red flag warnings across most of the north bay the inland east bay in the santa cruz mountains in effect all day long today and all the way until 11:00am tomorrow morning. winds will continue to gust as high as 45 miles per hour at times in the north bay right now back to bill in sonoma seeing winds gusting into a 30 mile per hour range areas like calistoga in danville not much down from that so very windy start consistently, windy through the rest of the morning before a bit of a calm down briefly
5:31 am
this afternoon. winds do pick it back up again into the evening tonight, leading into a windy start to the day tomorrow and then we officially come down and stay calm through the weekend after that point from midday tomorrow on through the weekend as for right now temperatures are in the 60's and 70's livermore one of our warmer spots at 77 only falling out of 80 degrees just a few months ago concord at 76 along with berkeley. a pretty warm start to your morning later today, a hotter one for oakland, san francisco and san jose compared to where we were yesterday. another hot one tomorrow too. more your forecast ahead robin. >>all right, thank you john let's check in on the traffic. we don't have any hot spots are major problems out there so we're looking good. let's check in on the bridges for those of you crossing the bay this morning, we're starting off with a look at the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco where traffic continues to pick up here so more and more folks coming in. but they are not encountering any problems if you need to
5:32 am
get to san francisco go ahead and do it now while we're 9 minutes after fremont street. we're checking in on one oh one across the golden gate which is looking at the limit so far so coming from the north bay to san francisco. it's going to be wide open 19 minutes novato to the toll plaza we'll check more bridges coming up later back to you. >>thanks a lot rob and 5.32 and happening now more than 24,000 bay area pg e customers have no power and you might be next because they want to prevent a wildfire. yeah in fact you've got a map here on the screen all those areas that are in pink, those are the areas that pg and e has proactively shut off the power in fact as we zoom in. >>you see here along the santa cruz hill a line all the way up the peninsula. yeah, the range as well in across the bay to the diablo range you can see there and as you slide the match further to the top you'll see coming into view that's the foothills around mount diablo of the altamont pass between tracy and livermore and then of course some of the oakland hills to which saw devastating
5:33 am
wildfires in years past and then finally as we roll up to the north bay you'll see here sonoma napa county hills. also impacted again those areas colored in with the pink those the areas where the power has been shut off. and we've seen firsthand it's pretty dark there when there is no power kron 4 sarah stinson is in the dark in calistoga this morning. well there's a few lights behind to do that. >>i'd run them on with my they have generators here i'm live in the palace, togo where they have only the street lights on and all of them so it's very dark in some areas driving through saint helene and now in calistoga it is very dark and very eerie and the power has been off since 6 o'clock last night so we're in the first beginning hours of the power being shutoff ipg need here in kelso there's 2,277 bge customers without power
5:34 am
and is going to be until tomorrow night so we still have a long road to go on in saint helene others about 193 customers without power in the unincorporated areas of napa county 6,751 so a lot of people without power this morning there's also a ton in sonoma county. >>1700 in the unincorporated area and then in sonoma there's about 97 customers so people hope they prepared been talking about this since monday >>it's a lot of trucks going by me right now there's a lot of generators in this area and you can hear that they're very loud lot of businesses by generators a lot of people buy them for their home and i am starting to feel like. >>the heene i think feel that i think so too obviously just lost her audi we'll try to reconnect with sarah in a little bit but he's do when you prepare for an outage you
5:35 am
need to get gas for the generator and for car batteries charge everything up get the spare batteries the do we call those the old fashioned kind you know like an actual battery when i say better i think people think batteries like for you know kids there around look it up the batteries that you could never where one know those are the batters local mall or ones that always my flashlight seems to take c batteries and i okay so stock up kids. yeah, another big story that we're following in the bay area is going to be in the triple digits, so you got to prepare for heat that's a whole different thing that's where you need to have lots of water, yeah, and fans and deeper if you're house yes, right and try to conserve as much powers can so that you don't actually trigger a power outage in your area kron four's will tran life it conquered with more on that part of the story well. >>james at 77 degrees. i chose to wear black this morning. this morning being the key phrase and not this afternoon i will be on fire because it's
5:36 am
going to be hot already 77 degrees in concord they are taking steps just add to our coverage, many places in agencies taking steps you can see right there is says area close extreme fire danger we're at lime ridge open space. it is gusty this morning once the sun comes up you can see it with the trees behind me so too dark for us to show you on camera but trust me it is gusty in concord and then pretty much in most places in the bay area take a look at your screen. we built some graphics for you these are the things that you need to know to hopefully keep your power on try to conserve power as you guys talked about you don't want to tax the system try to get your workout done early as possible because the heat will be coming there could be areas in there upper 80's to low 100's, i mean john traber has talked about this being unseasonably warmer what we would normally see during this particular time of the year so here comes another
5:37 am
round of he weighs make sure that your pets are not in your car have plenty of lakewood lot water available to you. >>because we do know it's going to be hot for the next several days and hot could be nice for a lot of people but what we've learned over the past couple years hot could be downright dangerous and destructive with them dry gusty conditions, the power lines possibly coming down and that is why pg and e even though perhaps the system might not be taxed. they are worried about power lines possibly coming down in triggering another wildfire so be careful about that make sure you do your part. here's another graphic that we build for you i can tell you that the flex solar will take place not this morning. so you're good to go come 3 o'clock this afternoon all the way until 10 o'clock at night. that is the flex alert. they usually give you a text a heads up to let you know that your location could be without power. >>and conserve energy make
5:38 am
sure that your air conditioner set at about 79 or 80 degrees. if you didn't catch all of us don't worry about it we have it on kron 4 dot com all the information that you need and of course. >>kron on i am willing to do my part as well i'm willing to cut off the power. >>sit in the dark if necessary to prevent another wildfire and james you can come over you'll see me sitting on the couch. just like this i am tired of covering wildfires and more importantly people are tired of seeing their homes go up in flames. so you come over james you only live a few miles apart carry the door just like this that that's actually pretty scary thing i've seen this one actually got a look at the tape later well say >>because of thank you very much we'll time out place. yeah i think 38. still ahead are on the kron 4 morning news. it is the final day of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett we'll have a
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>>5.41 and happening today it is the final day of the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett, then today outside panelists will make their arguments about whether she should be confirmed. washington correspondent jessi turnure joining us live from dc with more on what we can expect just a good morning. >>good morning about a dozen people will be testifying and the republicans witnesses will focus on barrett
5:42 am
qualifications whereas the democratic ones will focus on topics like abortion health care and voting rights all issues senators have grilled barrett on this week. >>americans want to know your legal positions, democrats on the senate judiciary committee like richard blumenthal tried one last time to get judge amy coney barrett to opine on hot-button legal issues she would likely face if confirmed to the nation's highest court you're pushing me to try to violate. >>the judicial canons of ethics for advisory opinions and i worked through that blumenthal focused on lgbtq rights think of how you would feel. >>as a or. let's be an american to hear that you can't answer sure you. >>i don't have any agenda. fellow democrat cory booker pressed barrett on the role of racial bias in the criminal justice system in the system right now that so many people feel like isn't just that those words written on the building the supreme court equal justice under law. >>doesn't apply to them. i am.
5:43 am
>>fully committed to equal justice under the law for all persons republicans on the committee why john kennedy and marsha blackburn continued to defend barrett against democrats accusations are you a racist i am not racist senator kennedy i have appreciated that you have said repeatedly i have no agenda. during a campaign rally wednesday president trump told supporters he made the right choice that would want to run against her right now. >>and chairman lindsey graham said their its position on the court is all but certain you will be confirmed. god willing. >>the first vote on garrett's nomination will happen today, but it's more of a procedural one to hold it over until next week and then final approval on the senate floor is still expected the week before election day in washington, i'm jessi to nor. all right, thanks a lot of jesse. >>time now is 5.43, here's a quick live look outside our camera along the embarcadero giving us a look here at the
5:44 am
bay bridge with morning commuters heading into san francisco. we'll be right back.
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>>5.46 right now and we're checking the weather which is the big news today because it's going to be so hot windy and fire danger all right john give us the and we know what that combination means guys. yeah, i'm fire danger yet again today in fact all through the day today we're going to be seeing these stronger winds which means we are susceptible to a
5:47 am
potentially a spreading wildfire. >>as for this morning, skies are crystal clear these offshore winds are pushing any sort of marine layer well off the coast. and that means hot and dry air sitting right over the bay in addition to these strong winds which have been consistently strong throughout the course of the evening. now into our morning vacaville sonoma calistoga even danville checking in with some very breezy conditions. this morning winds will remain strong through the morning briefly calming down into early afternoon and then picking back up into the evening tonight now the good news is red flag warnings expire at 11:00am tomorrow and after which point the winds will be noticeably calmer throughout the weekend ahead of us but until then it will be red flag warnings for the santa cruz mountains all of the inland east bay that includes upper elevations and inland valleys solano county all of napa county and then on coastal areas of sonoma and marin counties where winds will be gusting into a 45 mile per hour range even higher at those mountain tops now this
5:48 am
is a pairing of the winds the low humidity and of course the heat's which you're really going to notice today. daytime highs warmer than yesterday whether you're at the coast or further inland areas like mission in financial districts close to 90 degrees while 80's solidly for some of our coastal spots like al gore not a daly city in half moon bay. in the low to mid 80's today, 90's replacing those 80's for many of our bayshore cities. foster city at 92 redwood city and san carlos at 94. well in the south bay back into the mid 90's today seen a clear at 94 while campbell at 95. today's daytime highs in the east bay, mostly 90's as well pleasanton at 97 while 98 in danville oakland at 91 enrichment up from yesterday's upper 80's to 90 degrees today. 90's consistently for solano and napa even over to sonoma counties with santa rosa petaluma and nevado each at 95 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures will be pretty similar to today's 90's back for inland and our
5:49 am
bayside areas and mid 80's all the way out to the coast by saturday winds, a thing of the past and temperatures beginning to cool down with this means for us is lowered fighter fire danger into the weekend but all in all just some more tolerable conditions to be getting out there into early next week even cooler yet with highs in the 70's by the bay and 80's inland. robin. >>all right. thank you john we're checking back in on your morning commute which continues to fill in on bay area bridges and freeways but it's still not bad out there so if you need to cross the bay area bridge like maybe 92. it's looking good. here's a live. look we see it's crowded but it's not bad. no major slowing leaving hayward it's looking good up and over the high rise into foster city so right now we're clocking in at 12 minutes here at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west, no delays at all it's been a nice trip throughout the morning heading into downtown san francisco. and a really quick peak at some drive times 5.80 livermore to dublin wide open. i don't see any big problems rolling south on 6.80 dublin
5:50 am
to fremont the nimitz just some minor crowding, you're looking at 24 minutes and growing 80 south to 38 to 2.37 back to you. >>thank you very much robin so the napa county sheriff's department has released body cam video that shows a sergeant shooting and killing an unarmed man last week. investigators say sergeant david ackman stopped 47 year-old juan garcia for not having headlights officials say garcia was a perceived threat when he got out of his vehicle and walked towards the patrol car. fearing that garcia had a weapon. the sergeant drew his firearm and fired 6 shots hitting garcia each time. >>a lot of that the very very collected person. work with a team player with our small space and so that's why the video. was just shocked >>sheriff's officials say the sergeant ackland was simply following his training. deputies never found a gun or any weapon on garcia. >>if you're worried about
5:51 am
having the coronavirus you don't have to go to a doctor's office to get a test. there are now kits that can be delivered to your home and one of them is new crown forcefully juggle has more. >>face coverings social distancing frequent testing and stringent contact tracing a little tools being used to stop the spread of covid-19 and with more vulnerable populations like seniors and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions resistant to leaving their homes for medical care concerned about exposure to the virus. walk-up and drive-thru testing sites may seem like a risky option. but there is an alternative at home novel coronavirus tests are available quest diagnostics is offering one. it's called an active infection test kit. it can be purchased online and shipped to your home or picked up at a walmart store. the kid has been approved by the food and drug administration under an emergency use authorization. if you suspect you have been
5:52 am
infected or you're simply experiencing symptoms. you can isolate havoc. it delivered to your door and administer the swab test yourself ship the finnish test back to quest diagnostics or drop it back off at walmart quest diagnostics says result should be expected within 48 hours after their labs receive them. overall the latest data from the california department of public health shows nearly 16 and a half million covid-19 tests have been conducted in the state with about 92% of people receiving results within 2 days as for the kid, it costs around $130 but could be fully covered based on your health insurance phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>5.52 right now and as we head to the break, let's peek at sfo you can see it looks pretty clear out there and they have the lights powers there but we are following
5:53 am
where power has already been shut off. >>and where might be shut off next because of extreme fire danger.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>welcome back 5.55 on this thursday morning, one of our hottest days of the week ahead of us and one of her windy us to see the flag blowing just a bit at the golden gate bridge here with clear skies overhead certainly no fog with offshore winds keeping coastal air away from the bay area, red flag
5:56 am
warnings remain through the day today and in fact on into 11:00am tomorrow as winds remain strong all through the day. today's daytime highs well into the 90's and not just for inland spots, but also right along the bay, shore oakland at 91 hayward fremont san jose through redwood city each in the 90's even many neighborhoods in san francisco rising into the upper 80's for the inland east bay as well as the inland north bay, this means heightened fire danger, especially for mountainous areas as daytime highs rise well into the 90's today. james all right, thank you john coming up in the next hour thousands are without power right now in the north bay we'll have the latest in a live report from napa county. >>and a heat advisory goes into effect this morning as well while details on just how hot we're expecting it to get across some of the east bay and the north bay to and hawaii's new coronavirus travel policy goes into effect today for live at logan airport where you can also get tested before boarding.
5:57 am
when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more,
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your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15. >>our top story this morning high fire danger across the bay area today. thousands of people are without power this morning as pg take steps to prevent wildfires and a power alert is issued statewide as temperatures continue to rise. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>morning and thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning, i'm darya
6:00 am
folsom and i'm james fletcher are big story this morning as we mentioned are the power shut offs. that are happening across the bay area because of the high fire danger. yeah we've got heat wins all of the things that you don't want in terms of fire danger and team coverage sarah stinson in the north bay will tran in the east bay. >>and john travel and the weather center let's start with the weather john yeah guys because that heat and those winds. the combination of which is making for that higher fire danger day today again we've been seeing the so much this season and now we're back to it and today one of our hottest and windy us too. >>as for sfo this morning, no fog as cloud cover has pushed well off shore due to the strong offshore winds that are keeping things dry across the bay area just look at how much of the bay is lit up in red indicating those red flag warnings that will be in effect all day today fact until tomorrow at 11:00am for nearly all of the north bay and the inland east bay and the santa cruz mountains and winds presently are very windy.


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