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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 15, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>>now at 3 thousands of people are in the dark during pg e's latest power shut-offs customers are angry and the fire danger is high. plus in the east bay, there is missing mail what is being done now to find the stolen merrill male with election day just weeks away. and help find maki the s of zoo is now offering a sizable reward to bring home its stolen lemur we'll be talking with the zoo about how critical it is to get this. endangered species back. >>from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>now at 3 thousands of people
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in the bay area are in the dark this afternoon pg and e has turned off the power to prevent wildfires during this critical fire weather. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman 24 counties in the state are affected including several counties here in the bay area. so let's take a look out pg e's outage map this is the latest information all the purple triangles are the affected areas. that's where the power is currently out. here in the bay area customers in alameda contra costa napa san mateo santa clara santa cruz solano and sonoma counties are without power right now we can see that from the map. >>pg says some customers may not see the power back on until 10 o'clock tomorrow night. so we want to check now on just how hot and windy it is outside kron four's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now she's tracking the latest temperatures for us good afternoon, the breeze it's hot out there mixed really hard especially along the coast and the east bay shoreline tracking double digit warming this afternoon.
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>>compared to 24 hours ago in fact already seen triple digit heat in parts of the north bay specifically in napa and delay ho widespread low to mid and upper 90's for everyone else in the bay area little relief along the coast. in fact, half moon bay in the mid 70's, the one cooler location but still above average for this time of year that's what are currently under a heat advisory this is going to remain in effect through friday night. >>in addition to that high fire danger concerns because of dry and windy gusty northerly winds expected for tonight so once again wind speeds will increase right now on the calm side a little bit breezy for those of you in fairfield in oakland, but we are going to see sustained winds that 20 to 30 mile per hour range for throughout the valleys for those of you in the north bay and highest gusts will be with elevations above 1000 feet in the north bay mountains east bay hills, including the diablo range by around friday morning we're going to start to notice winds start to subside but still
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tracking gusts even along the san francisco peninsula 20 to 30 miles per hour with calmer conditions expected by friday afternoon. but we are tracking this heat wave peaking on friday and that's just going to dry out vegetation already dry little relief during the overnight hours just in the teens were parts of the north bay like sonoma and yacht bill including fairfield as well and back in the single digits so tracking drier conditions for friday afternoon even after the winds have calmed down with those temperatures actually increasing are holding steady from today our inland valleys could actually top out to 102 degrees by friday with little relief this weekend more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen back to you thank you so much we have team coverage on pg e's power shut offs and how people in the bay area are reacting to being in the dark and the heat. >>we'll go now to kron 4 s charles clifford he is live now in napa county how hot is it there right now chuck.
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>>well i i just checked my phone a minute ago and it is 100 degrees here in napa county and it feels like it is very hot just a slight breeze blowing that is good news, hopefully those winds will stay calm but as you mentioned earlier there are thousands of pg e customers still without power here in napa. most of the outages across the county we're in the hills to the east. >>the power was turned off wednesday evening at this point it's not clear when service will be restored. the outage is stressful for napa residents have had to deal with heat fire and smoke for months this couple was at the grocery store a nap on thursday picking up supplies they live near saint but had to flee to plaster ville in the glass fire burned through their neighborhood. they came back to check on their house which is still standing, but they say the power's still out because of the psp s so they won't be sticking around. >>right now it's under effect as you as you know. and we're just going to go clean at our house, a true friend rater and go back the plaster ville
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probably until we get some power, the genie has not said when full power will be restored to the area napa remains under red flag conditions until at least friday evening. >>pg e crews will also need to inspect miles of power lines and equipment before they can safely re energize those lines. all right back live now pg e says there's more than 9,000 customers in their p s p s area here in napa county but not all of those customers may be without power. they say many of them have generators. but for now in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news. thank you so much struck. >>we'll go to the south by now and now to the words of one boulder creek resident who told us we caught a break this time kron four's rob fladeboe is live for us now in boulder creek with an update on the power shut up situation in the santa cruz mountains, rob. that resident was referring to just how windy it did and did not get right. >>yeah, that's right the window the highway never
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really materialized here that's a resident said that at most he said it was a little on the breezy side. but a lot of people did lose power nonetheless pg tells me that and one point that expected to shut off about the 6,000 customers but then when the weather started to improve a little bit last night they downgraded that to about 5,000 so they did in fact shut down about 5,000 customers but many of those have been not returned to power of us take a look at a graphic this is as of about midday. i spoke with pg e spokeswoman era to and she tells me right boulder creek. there's still about 357 customers out here in felton 73 customers is santa cruz, 112 scotts valley 556 rather for a total of about 598 customers most of those customers are expected to be restored sometime later tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning now have been helicopters buzzing over town here this morning and into this afternoon pg e says that
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that's their crews and their audience pectin transmission lines looking for so far nothing has been relayed to me about any possible damage or anything that will stop them rstoring the power. it is probably is worth noting there are people and businesses running on generators up along some of road of highway 17 that's right was reporting from yesterday, i've been told that the burrell fire station up there as well as a veterinary clinic in some businesses and residents on either side of the summit. i was 17 are all among those that are still without power. as far as fires go nothing to the wins, but there was a a fairly small fire about a half an acre off bear creek road in a neighborhood called deer this morning versus me last night. cal fire says though that was unrelated to the winds but it was because of someone doing some illegal burning of all things but that's the situation here in boulder creek most everybody has the power back on if not they'll have it by tonight
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with the latest tomorrow morning justine. >>thank you so much rob and there's not only a psp s happening right now, but a flex alert it just went into effect at 3 o'clock and will last now until 00:10pm tonight. the state is asking all of us to conserve energy too avoid any rolling blackouts and we have some tips on how you can conserve energy all listed on our website kron 4 dot com and we have continuing coverage on the power shut offs in the extreme conditions with the weather all on our web site and also on our kron 4 mobile app and our 24 7 streaming news service. kron on both the apps are free to download in the app store right now. we'll go to the east bay because mail theft is on the rise in that part of the bay area police now one bay area city are saying that there appears to be a link to all that theft and the covid-19 pandemic investigators are telling kron four's haaziq madyun how a network of cameras are helping police track down mail theft suspects.
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>>you're looking at photos of 2 built that suspects being arrested by san ramon police. investigators say the pair targeted mailboxes in multiple cities across the east bay, so we recovered stolen mail from our victims from this prior week as well as. >>residents from within danville walnut creek and the lay the arrest happened within days of the actual crime as a result of the suspect's vehicle being recorded by residential surveillance camera represented by the green that you see here on this map. the cameras part of a 280 citywide volunteer civilian camera registry, san ramon police captain carrie goldberg says that the vehicles information was given to police departments in the tri valley area who then use their own police network of license plate reader cameras to track down the suspects vehicle and they'll head and with that vehicle into our camera system. and we received
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the alert when it entered our city the suspects were arrested a short time later investigators say there appears to be a connection to the rise in bay area melt that crimes and thieves targeting people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and are waiting for their unemployment checks to arrive in the mail since the pandemic began and since the checks started being mailed out. you know identity theft was on the rise as well as mouth of has it made you kron 4 news. >>a big story we're watching this afternoon is that the case against convicted killer scott peterson will head back to a san mateo county courtroom. this decision was made yesterday by the california supreme court peterson's legal team has been fighting for a new trial after claims of juror misconduct in his murder trial. court records show a juror failed to disclose her involvement in another legal proceeding during the selection process. peterson was convicted in 2004 for the murder of his wife lacey who was pregnant at the
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time with the couple sun. now we live in earthquake country and saturday marks the 31st years since that deadly tragic loma prieta earthquake. and scientists have been saying since then we are due for another big one kron 4 sanaz tahernia joins us now live from the newsroom with more on the state's effort to all help us be prepared for a big quake case knots. >>i just seen says californians we all remember the earthquake drills in grade school and alarm would ring in the middle of klaas you then take cover under your desk and wait for the or the fake earthquake to pass and today state officials conducted its annual statewide fire drill called the great california shakeout that the state's office of emergency services joined the state geologist the state seismic safety commission and the state assembly to emphasize the importance of earthquake preparedness and to highlight i shake earthquake early warning app now those who have them i shake app downloaded onto their smartphones received 1015 today. that
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earthquake was coming. participants were then told to drop cover and hold on average a state experiences about 10,000 earthquakes each year believe it or not and when the big earthquake does come around eventually being prepared ahead of time and having a plan for afterward is just as important as knowing what to do during the earthquake with the pandemic and the stay at home orders this year's shakeout played a little difference. >>we worked really hard with all of our partners in earthquake preparedness. those that planned the shakeout drill to give people options to give our educators options for how to encourage and practice drop cover and hold on for wherever you are. that's the thing is we don't know where we're going to be an earthquake. we could be in a building we could at a grocery store we could be at a technique that can be used anywhere you are. >>it's definitely scary stuff now if you don't have the my shape app downloaded you can find it in your app store it is supposed to provide if you
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second warning before an earthquake hits you can also find more resources on earthquake preparedness by going to earthquake dot ca dot gov. more on this later on tonight on kron 4 news at 5 and you can always follow this story on our streaming app kron on just in. >>thanks so much as a much more coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 thousands of people are without power in the bay area right now. we will hear from people in walnut creek about how they're dealing with being in the dark. plus you've heard of drug and bomb-sniffing dogs but now they are training dogs to sniff out covid-19 we have that story coming up. and when we return a live report from washington dc and how the last day of hearings went for supreme court nominee. judge amy coney barrett, how it all wrapped d d d
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>>today was the final day of confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett she was not there but things still got heated our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joins us now from washington dc with details so how did things go today. just in you know throughout the week the interactions between senators and judge barrett were mostly cordial. but today lawmakers didn't hold back. >>and they clashed with each other. >>ways on points. >>in the final day of hearings democratic senators continued to push against the nomination of judge amy coney barrett to
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the supreme court this is as sham democrats say republicans previously vowed not to move forward with filling supreme court seats in an election year louisiana senator john kennedy says he made no such promise you just accused me breaking my word i can. >>name some names the record will confirm that the chairman. in effect made that. >>commitment democrats pointed to statements made by senator lindsey graham and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell when republicans blocked the nomination of merrick garland in 2016, he said the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice republican utah senator mike lee defended both the process and judge barrett certainly there is nothing about this nominee. can be left. as suggesting that she's anything other than an extraordinarily gifted jurist but illinois senator dick durbin says he didn't learn much about their positions i would be afraid to
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ask you about the presence of gravity on earth she may decline to answer because it may come up in the case. >>the senate judiciary committee will vote to advance judge beds nomination that's thursday and then the week after we expect the full senate to hold a final confirmation vote live in washington alexandra le mon. thank you so much we'll go back now to our big story that we're watching here in the bay area, thousands of people. >>are being impacted by pg e is public safety power shutoff and having no power as frustrating a lot of people in the east bay kron 4 sweep to call has their story. >>families here on air is court in walnut creek have been without power since about 8 o'clock last night. they're among the more than 900 customers in contra costa county that have had their power shut off by the public safety power shutoff run by pj me and these families say that they could have their power restored by 10 o'clock tonight that's what they've been told.
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but pg e says that all customers should really expect to have their power fully restored by 10 o'clock friday night. these families tell me that they can manage their older some of them but their homes have been able to manage the heat and it's cool enough inside to where they're not really burning up. you can tell behind me that there is some wind but it's not as significant as many of these families thought it would be and thus they're a little frustrated with this public safety power shutoff they don't believe that this area needed to have its power shut off they say they understand when it gets more rural as you drive up north gave road to the north gate entrance of mount diablo state park maybe those areas are more prone to fires but here that is not the case but you can see the wind is starting to pick up. one woman tells me that pg e could avoid a lot of these shut offs if they do more mitigation throughout the year like cutting down trees that are affecting power line. she says
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that's where at least one thing that they could do. but in this case it's out of their hands the power's off and they just hope that returns at some 0.1 gentleman does have a generator running he wants to make sure his food stays fresh. we'll see in walnut creek phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>it is so frustrating to be without power, especially when it's this hot outside as we take a live look outside along highway 24 in walnut creek temperatures very hot there today and it's windy. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with more on the heat and the winds but today doesn't sound like it's the hottest day of our heat wave. yeah, that's right justine we are going to notice the heat wave peaking on friday with temperatures. 15 to 25 degrees above average in addition that high fire danger concerns tonight, so both the red flag warning and heat advisory set to expire on friday, so tonight all the way through tomorrow going to be critical for us here in the bay area live look outside from the east bay shoreline
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not a cloud in the sky in fact temperatures already soared widespread 90's out there low 90's for downtown san francisco, san jose in the mid-nineties with oakland at 97 degrees so flirting with those triple digits there but napa. >>you're hitting that century mark right now for your thursday afternoon overnight lows tonight little relief low to mid 60's. so we're even tracking above average temperatures during the overnight hours. that's why we have the heat advisory in effect from now through friday night and tomorrow's daytime highs just as hot if not hotter then today and we are going to see widespread triple digit heat mainly for those of you in the north to like the nevado in santa rosa with widespread low to mid-nineties for everyone else in the bay area and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we will notice coastal cooling on saturday things of that cool sea breeze we're turning to our immediate coastline still going to be a few degrees above average book back in the 70's along the coast with 80's
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and 90's along the bay and also through our inland valleys with widespread relief arriving on sunday and near average highs starting early this upcoming week on monday justine back to you. >>thank you so much and some sad news this afternoon. 49 are hall of fame defensive. tackle fred dean has died in was drafted by the san diego chargers chargers in 1975, he played 11. nfl seasons. he joined the 49 ers in 1981 and was part of 2 super bowl championships. he was named defensive player of the year in 81 and during his career. he was also selected to 4 pro bowls, he was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 2008. we're told that he was hospitalized last week with covid-19 fred dean was 68 years old. bay area health officials are asking all of us to fight the flu by getting our annual flu shot right now it's very important this year with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic officials are worried people sick with the flu may crowd hospitals that may
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already be strained with covid-19 patients. doctors recommend the annual flu shot for anyone aged 6 months and older. free shots are available at the santa clara fairgrounds the saturday from 9 until 4. no appointment is needed. still ahead we have new details on the reward now being offered to bring back this or tells us why it's so critical. this endangered animal gets back home now and after the break could dogs help slow the spread of covid-19 how they're being trained to sniff out the virus with surprising accura
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>>so we've heard of bomb and drug-sniffing dogs but what about coronavirus sniffing dogs it basically works the same way dogs are being specifically trained to smell if someone has covid-19 and they could be used large venues all across the country think about it that way brian entin has the story. >>these basset hounds and beagle puppies are adorable but they're not pets they're being raised to do an important job during the pandemic what we're doing we're training dogs to body's response to covid 1900 uk runs sent company near sarasota florida training dogs to detect the coronavirus these are sweat samples so therefore by 4 guys pads that are placed
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under the armpits of the person who is positive for covid. >>the covid human sweat sample is put into one container and regular non covid sweat samples are put in other containers. >>we say some apart. >>heather sets up the training and then brings the dogs and one by one. the dogs are trained to sit when they smell the virus in human sweat and while a few of the dogs were bit distracted a few times. every one of them found the covid sweat sample, the trainers say the key is using a variety of samples from different people with covid still fire to train the dogs with samples from one person i would only be training that dog to find that person i'm not really training that dog to find covid. >>so you have to use a lot of samples and then the dog has to figure out what's the common denominator in all the samples. >>and then they realize ok that's the common denominator that's what i get rewarded for your bio says they have 24 adult dogs and 26 puppies that
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they are training for covid once they turn about a year old that's when the training starts training takes roughly 6 weeks they smell 10,000 times more than what we do. >>so it's kind you can compare it to a dog could smell a drop of for a few and an olympic size pool, the international airports in helsinki finland and dubai united arab emirates are already using covid sniffing dogs. >>heather says she is in negotiations with professional sports teams and concert venues in the united states to use her dogs for the dogs, it's nothing but a game of hide and seek. so you had the sample, they know that surcharge voter they go find it. >>that was brian entin reporting now if the dogs alert, someone, a rapid covid test will then be used to confirm whether or not the person actually has the virus but so for the dogs have a 98% accuracy rate pretty good. next at 3.30 a homeowner concerned about the glass fire that's still burning in napa county why she says crews are making more fuel for the fires right near her home. also what
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california's republican party plans to do with the unauthorized ballot. drop-off boxes that are scattered across the state following the attorney general's orders. and when we return we'll take a look at our heat wave in the high winds that have prompted
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>>on this very hot and windy thursday pg and e has cut off
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the power to thousands of customers across the bay area of utility is saying this is all to avoid another major wildfire, 24 counties in the state are affected that includes several in the bay area. well look now at pg e's outage map it's changing hour by hour. the purple triangles are the affected areas. that's where the power is out right now because the p s p s here in the bay area customers in alameda contra costa. napa san mateo santa clara santa cruz solano and sonoma counties are without power. right now pg says that some of these customers might not have their power turned back on until 10 o'clock tomorrow night once this. a heat wave passes and the winds past than they need to go in inspect every single inch of line before they can turn the power back on and with all this extreme heat. there's also been a flex alert that's been issued for today, it started at 3. it's now in effect until 10 o'clock tonight, we're all being urged to avoid using any big unplug
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any devices that are not in use this is all to avoid a rolling blackou. let's check now on our current temperatures and also the wind speeds with our expert our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she's standing by with a look at the conditions outside right now heat advisories in effect for most of the bay area right now. yeah that's right justine and no burry layer inside solo un high cloud cover nonexistent along the coast as we take a live look at golden gate bridge when speeds a little bit breezy in the teens but we are going to notice winds in the 20 to 30 mile per hour range, not just along the san francisco peninsula coastline. but also most of the valleys for those of you in the east bay and north bay, let's take a look at your microclimate friday outlook because temperatures tomorrow going to be just as hot if not hotter compared to today downtown san francisco in the low 90's and half moon bay, mid 80's for your friday afternoon highs so 15 to 25 degrees above flirting with the 90's for
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those of you in burlingame cma till you're going to hit that low 90 degree mark with mount view flirting with triple digit heat 97 degrees by friday afternoon wind speeds will be calmer by friday afternoon but. >>it is these hot and dry conditions that's really going to dry us out bringing down a relative humidity in our inland valleys in the single digits and jose 96 degrees and we're tracking your triple digit temperatures for those of you livermore 98 degrees with mid 90's for hayward and also those of you in oakland richmond, 96 degrees walnut creek unconquered 98. not but 97 in santa rosa nevado hitting the century mark for your friday afternoon back to you just seen. thanks for us and with that red flag warning in effect until tomorrow, some property owners an app or feeling pretty generate which is understandable considering that the glass fire is still burning but it's close to full containment. >>kron four's brian kelly joins us now live from napa where she talked to a winery owner who tells her that she's upset because some of the fire
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breaks that were put in during the glass fire have been taken out murray did they explain why they did this. >>i'm still trying to get to the bottom of that just seen let me first set the scene here i am in saint helene bail grist mill park also which butts up against a both a state park here now the winemaker i spoke to her property is right up against this state land here now let me show you some video and you can see. >>the fire burned 25 of her 40 acres now her winery and her home did survive this blaze and and so did her crops during that time during the glass fire, some fire breaks were cut into the state park land. she believes by cal fire or the state department of forestry, which she credits in part for helping stop the fire from wiping out a lot of homes and wineries in this area. but in the last few days she says
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crews that she believes is working under the order of state parks has been removing those fire breaks by covering them up with chop trees and brush. now she says she was told this is erosion control. and she understands that but she doesn't understand why this is being done now in the middle of a red flag warning now she did not want her face or name shown. but take a listen as she sees one of those fire breaks covered up now for the very first time. >>honestly overwhelmed, i mean. this western most break on my property protected all of us in the community and. i didn't even know they were going to remove the break and cover it with all the trees i thought they were just doing the one down by my van you're by my house, which. i mean i can't if something happens here. we had spot fires literally just on the burnside last night in the park we can't put those out. we had a burn. that's fought for is
3:37 pm
right here at our pond. 5200 yards away last night. and they still completed the removal of the fire break. and i get it with of the roads in cultural i get it. but it is so dry we're still under a flag like why would they cover it up right now. and i will say they've told me if there's another fire event we would we would just come in and bulldoze it back out but. it would take 2 or 3 hours to get a bulldozer up >>now obviously she's very frustrated with this process here now and with good reason while i was there we saw plumes of smoke just about a half mile away from her property rising in the distance apparently another a hot spot that was kicking up. cal fire says they do routinely work with state for what they suppression repair and erosion control. state
3:38 pm
parks just email me back moments ago saying that they and cal fire been working closely together throughout the glass fire to protect public safety and property. >>a bail mill and state parks state park rangers are not directing anyone to cover the fire breaks. but obviously they were covered up they also go on to say that they have an agreement with calfire to do this sort of. suppression repair. so we're still trying to get to the bottom of exactly who ordered this work and why it's happening right now under a red-flag warning and i'll tell you, here's a piece of the trees and oak that was on that fire break used to cover it up and i can tell you it's it's extremely brutal. so you really have to question the timing here just staying. >>we know you'll be following the story for us for us marine and we'll have the latest tonight at 5 thank you kron four's your local election headquarters this election season in just a friendly reminder. we are now 19 days away from the november, 3rd
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election voter registration. the deadline in our state is october 19th and today is the deadline for california's republican party to follow the attorney general's orders to remove unauthorized ballot. drop-off boxes that have been found scattered across the state. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains and she has the latest update. >>the california republican party says it will not comply with the attorney general and secretary of state's cease and desist order which expires thursday the state's democratic leaders issued the order claiming the republican own ballot boxes violate state ballot harvesting laws. republicans disagree and so we believe that what we're doing which is providing safe. >>and locked receptacles for voters to place their ballots and. republican party volunteers or paid staff will then in compliance with the law delivered to the registrars of voters in multiple counties within 72 hours. that's what the law
3:40 pm
provides and for the attorney general and the secretary of state to claim otherwise is voter intimidation and election interference and we will not stand for it. >>a spokesperson with the attorney general's office tells us they're still reviewing the letter from the california republican party regarding these ballot boxes. meanwhile, the secretary of state's office tells us that they are exploring other options and that they reserve the right to ensure that the law is followed republican party officials couldn't say thursday how many ballots these boxes have collected they've been up for about a week gop officials say whether this results in a legal battle weeks before the election deadline is up to the attorney general in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and here kron 4 committed to helping make sure that your vote counts so if you experience any problems casting your ballot. let us know we'll look into it. >>email us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. tonight president trump ben the challenger joe biden will compete for tv audiences
3:41 pm
dueling town hall it's happening instead of what was supposed to be their second debate which has been scrapped. catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics is here now with reaction. you need to tv's kathryn's you can watch both of the same time you know people be jumping around they'll be taping of these if they have any interest but as with a lot of things in the pandemic this really is unprecedented. >>compean biden will be taking questions in different cities on different networks and bc meantime is getting some criticism for scheduling the president in a time slot the does overlap the biden town hall which was already scheduled. our political analyst michael yaki says he does not see and the reason for controversy. >>i really don't see any problem with it i mean again i think the timing is an issue and if nbc said we'd like to do in a different day. we're different time i think that might have that might have been better. but the mere fact that they're carrying it i think it's not a subject of condemnation. someone was
3:42 pm
going to do it i think that they wanted to do with the president said he wanted to do in nbc came up stepped up to the plate first and foremost, but again it's going to be really interesting to see whether or not. each other is in each other's minds during the town hall debate. and whether or not any of their handlers are going to be whispering to them during the breaks. you know what someone said about them. and nbc versus what what someone said to them on abc. >>yockey by the way he says the president's handlers did not want him to do his own town hall opposite biden tonight, the trump team apparently hoping biden would get undivided attention and then somehow do poorly and we'll hear more from yaki at 05:06am, tonight just
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>>it is time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight marni hughes joins us now live from chicago with the preview. hi morning. >>happy thursday, justine good to talk to you on the covid front tonight. we have got a story about rapid testing for kids in some texas schools. a closer look at what they're doing to keep students safe in the classroom. also we're talking to an expert about the upcoming holiday season during the pandemic their advice before you start making any plans to be with family and friends. plus it is breast cancer awareness month tonight, a woman from seattle who is the picture of perfect health. shares her story after
3:46 pm
being diagnosed she has an important message for other women this month. and finally justine another possible sighting of a person in a jet pack buzz seen around the sky. outside of l a at about 6,000 feet now the and fbi are investigating and i was talking with our friends at our news nation station in l a they said just another day in the city that doesn't happen in san francisco does it not we'll see it for news nation tonight on wgn america. >>thank you marty and if you want to check out the show tonight at air is on wgn america at 8 o'clock our time you can find it on all the channels listed here more details are on our website kron 4 dot com and after the break we will hear from about the search to find their stolen lemur we have new information on a reward that was just put out today and why
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>>a big story we're watching today is that maki is missing and now the san francisco zoo has just announced a reward in order to bring home its missing ring-tailed lemur that's key in this lemur was stolen from its enclosure this animal require special care and it's critical to get him back home. joining us now live from the zoo is doctor jason waters who is the executive vice president of animal behavior and wellness at the zoo. thank you so much for joining us. we want to help you find maki and we understand that you just put out a reward for $2100 that's
3:50 pm
a $1000 for every year keys life which means that he's 21 years old. what kind of care does this animal need that that can't be given outside of the zoo. >>there's lots of lots of specialist mission to take care of mach e we have animal care specialist to his steely. they're feeding sure he's able take his son home and see needs for we specialized veterinarians know how take care of exotic animals yeah, tradition tina provides his diocese and analyzes ties to make sure that they're up to snuff and we have animal behavior specialists who observe track what he's doing and his environment. >>so he is a beloved member of the san francisco zoo and he just vanished. suddenly this
3:51 pm
week it appears that he was stolen out of his enclosure. are you guys worried about him, i mean he's he's missing. >>yeah we're very worried about him, he's in aging and all he's a very actually pretty old for until later. he is scott special needs has aging individuals too. we we don't hear we make sure that we spend extra time to make sure that he guess what he needs and we're definitely very concerned about this. well us. >>and i know you can't talk specifically about the investigation but san francisco police told us today that there wasn't anything new to report which is why put out this reward trying to entice people to a return him. is there any security camera footage that might show what happened or is there anything that might lead to bring him back home. >>well that's that's in for view of the san francisco police department they're working with us to try bring
3:52 pm
him home. so there no investigation. >>and if you could say to the person who took him who has him right now. what would you say to them to have them return maki right now. freddie mac. this is home. you know. >>yeah. he's here and he helps inspire nearly a million people every year to care about the natural world. the city wants come home. >>you sound really upset about this. you feeling, ok. >>yeah well i i think i speak for. a lot of our staff here that we really like to see a slimmer come home. >>is there concern on timing and getting him back with for answers. we need him back as soon as is possible. we want to make sure that back in our care.
3:53 pm
>>that experience or their check on him as animals care staff are able to. you know make sure he's back with his family. there's there's a lot to it. well we hope that someone hears your plea and that this reward of $2100. >>entice someone to do the right thing and bring maki back to you as soon as possible. doctor jason waters, but the assets to thank you for joining us here on kron i'm greg, i'm 68 years old.
3:54 pm
i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>>now with all the heat that's out there comes some concerns for people the most defenseless to heat related illnesses. that's why the county of santa clara has opened up cooling centers for this week's heat wave. they are open today and tomorrow the list of where the senators are on the screen right now there in cupertino pill mill p s mountain view santa clara and sunnyvale we have all the details posted on our website kron 4 dot com and before we a breeze that has a quick check now at our weather forecast in just how hot it is and windy across the bay. yeah that's right just seen in fact currently under a heat advisory in effect through friday night in addition to that. >>high fire danger concerns as well from now through friday morning, but it may be extended if those wind gusts continue throughout the north bay mountains and valleys and east bay hills let's take a look at the future winds. they are going to increase once again tonight during the overnight hours of the valleys
3:57 pm
seeing 20 to 30 mile per hour wind gusts even along the san francisco peninsula coastline. but fortunately tracking calmer conditions by friday afternoon but a relative humidity will once again be bone dry in the single digits and hotter temperatures friday. think that wraps up our coverage here on kron 4 news at 3, but there's much more ahead on the kron on app as well as in prime time tonight at 08:09:10pm, but don't forget about 5.60 there. >>more news here than anywhere else. i'm justine waldman thank you so much for joining us, we'll see you right back here next time.
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