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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 16, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the big story today continues to be the power shut off so we're seeing all across the bay area the high fire danger, the red flag warnings all of it. >>still in play today. but if you're watching as you probably have power up unless you're watching kron on the phone and it's all charged up and lasted through the night. i sure was hot last night john so hot last night if you've got your little generator maybe you're charging your fan instead of your phone but hopefully you were able to keep both of them on. >>as we did make our way through toasty evening and yet again another windy start to the day today, no fog, no cloud cover as there's no marine layer president hot dry winds continuing to dominate your bays weather today we are going to be seeing red flag warnings now extended through 06:00pm tonight. winds are still expected to be calming down gradually into the afternoon. the winds that do remain paired with the heat in the dry humidity. we have is enough for those red flag warnings in high fire danger to remain with us. sonoma in calistoga year to very windiest of spots right now
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with winds. consistently all morning long having been to that 30 mile per hour range while 20 mile per hour wind gusts down into the east bay and even right along the coast in half moon bay. as i mentioned winds do gradually afternoon, this is by 02:30pm right here. definitely a noticeable difference but this is also going to be our peak temperature hours of the day. so still some high fire danger even with that lighter breeze winds continue to come into the evening tonight and leading into tomorrow for a much calmer rest of the weekend just around the corner. now 70's and 80's are some of our current temperatures look at alameda right at 80 degrees to start this morning. we're already off to a pretty warm start for a lot of areas in this sets us up for just a downright hot afternoon, 90's and even if you triple digits, inland with solid 90's right along the bay and 80's for coastal areas. >>robin all right, thank you john we have some heavier traffic rolling into san francisco right now so pretty crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup spilling out beyond the atv overcrossing out to west grand. but no
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problems no crashes no stall so very quiet into san francisco, but the drive time is slowly on the rise at 9 minutes off to fremont street keep in mind that we have the usual road construction wrapping up on the southbound nimitz as you leave downtown oakland and heading out to fruitvale so lanes or reduce their traffic is under the limit for about a mile or so it's not a terrible commute, but if you want to avoid it altogether you can take 5.80 instead of the nimitz will check more freeways and bridges coming up back to you all right, let's get back to the power outages then happening right now pg knee started to restore power to some neighborhoods that lost their power. but there are still thousands that are waking up this morning without electricity, yeah, and those residents are in these areas highlighted in that pink purple color. >>that's pg locators for where this power has been shut off intentionally it's still impacting the hills along the peninsula down the santa cruz mountains not so much in the diablo range anymore, but as you head out towards the altamont pass along 5.80 between livermore tracy we've
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got some outages there some of the foothills around out blow and then of course up in the north bay that's the largest swath of power outages that we have on the map and that includes the higher peaks there on either side of both the sonoma and napa valley's kron four's will tran has been driving around in the dark in napa to give us the latest situation there how are things this morning. well. >>i tell you what dari of i turn off the lights on our camera will there right now look at this don't see anything we have the headlights right in front of me other than that i would be in the dark because they took out power to this location, this is off of all of hill lane which is about a five-mile drive to downtown napa downtown napa has power this location doesn't pg any working to restore power to this location in other areas and here's video want to show you other areas within the north bay, including calistoga if you live west of the napa river. you probably do not have power at this time if you live east and the napa river
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you do not because pg any spared you. because the sap a microgrid system in that particular area because of all the wildfires over the past couple years that that system is in place to keep hospitals and fire stations and police departments open during emergencies but not everybody in calistoga has power not a lot of people have power. so that's way it is the hope is to restore power to everybody by the end of today and why did they do it because of all those wildfires. this was preemptive move to prevent another wildfire. and we did not hear any in the overnight hours so guess is hard according to pg e hard to argue with the results. >>when gus over 45 miles per hour wind speeds over 25 miles per hour in our weather stations or pg weather stations on not lena did record 65 mile per hour wind gusts really which is a big a big hassle.
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>>now we have to go through all of this if this leads from like another like glass and suddenly better to have power for 2 days and be gone for like a week or so. >>so to use a phrase that's often use chance of dairy is the lesser of 2 evils i don't think anybody's happy to have the power wiped out even if it's to prevent another wildfire, you just going to have to be patient because it's not as easy as flipping on a switch crews are going around they are looking at the transmission towers looking at the ground just to make sure that no power line fell the ground the last thing you want to do is flip the switch and there's a line on the ground that all of a sudden. sparks a wildfire which you are trying to prevent so the patient. many areas is just like a wild fire where we talked about one neighborhood is safe one home is on one home is off. that's pretty much it because you can drive through this location, james and area. there is a community which has power go another mile or so they don't have power.
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>>okay we'll just be waiting for the lights come on thanks lot. well. how about in the east bay and oakland's montclair village they started getting their power back last night. >>spent the majority of the day yesterday without power and the shut offs not easy because of course it was so hot. no a c and then by the way you have to add the fact that you really need power for social distance learning, right the kids are on zoom in a lot of parents have to work from home. like a woman we talked to she drove around and drove around and drove around just looking for basically a hot spot somewhere where they could get wi fi. >>yeah, i can live us. you know chain to take things one day at a time the game. >>we didn't have internet. we had a couple of things both of us had work. things that had to get tasks it had to get done. we drove around we came down here to start back see it was an open we actually ended up in emeryville a barnes and
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noble they had free internet at the book star. >>and pg says they're going to be restoring power this morning again it's not all at once just like will said it's going to take >>all right 6 '07 we have a new story for you this morning, the trump administration has rejected california's request for a major disaster declaration following several large wildfires. the request was issued for 6 different wildfires, including the creek fire in fresno county. the state says it will appeal the administration's decision. this was the second of 2 disaster declarations requested by the state in about a month's time the first one was approved. >>we are 18 days from election day and kron 4 is your election headquarters last night, the president to end democratic challenger joe biden. >>held dueling town halls and boy are they different yes grilled on similar questions and topics coronavirus of course the supreme court health care the economy. but
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as daria i can't that you have very different answers. we have jennifer mcgraw with the story. >>the president and former vp going head to head on different stages, competing for viewers during prime time, joe biden sitting down with abc's george stephanopoulos and answering questions about how he would have handled the pandemic in started with criticizing trump is a presidential responsibility to lead. >>and he didn't do that he didn't talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying in my view. >>about the stock market at the same time trump saying he was ahead of the game by enacting the first travel ban nobody was 2 months behind me and he told me is that a fall victim racist and everything else trump's town hall on nbc was dominated by testy exchanges with today show anchor savannah guthrie after she pushed him on a variety of issues, including condemning conspiracy theorists known as he went senator ben sasse said quote she would not is real leaders call conspiracy
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theories, conspiracy maybe right i just don't know about you know i don't know you i don't know back to biden he was asked if deemed safe would he take a vaccine for covid yes, i would take a night encourage people to take it then asked if he would mandated he said yes, but it would be hard to enforce adding this it. >>what's happening is there is no plan to figure out how to distribute it lastly if biden wins. >>take care of those who voted against as well as those who voted for me for and some presents to we've got to heal this nation and from the side voters trump saying with his leadership and for years we've had the strongest economy a vaccine is on the way and this next year is going to be better than ever before. >>we will the final debate before the election is next thursday at belmont university in nashville, tennessee. >>well some good news maki the
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lever has been found the animal as you may have heard went missing from the san francisco zoo this week i night never even seen him at the zoo, but now i'm i go visit now these bag of the zoo and police are still trying to figure out. >>how did he get out they believe that somebody went in there and took it kron four's reyna harvey live at the zoo this morning with the latest good morning right >>good morning. i'm always happy about good news and good stories and this is certainly one of them, you know maki has been here at the zoo for a long time he's actually the oldest about 19 lemurs here 21 so he's had his fair share and i'm sure he's seen a lot but these past couple of days key was certainly different. so wednesday. this all happened he went missing when they went to go check in on and you can see him right here how adorable he is using the cutest thing so wednesday. they were a year and he was missing from the lemur enclosure where they keep them. this was really a for this is why they were able to get him back so quickly the word went out they put
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information out about mach e and people are looking out for him and that's exactly what happened they were able to find and you can see here. this is from the daily city police they located him he was at the hope lutheran church near a playground area here. >>so they're still trying figure out how he got there in the first place now he was found within about 24 hours. so wednesday, he went missing. >>you might remember and then thursday around 05:00pm is when they were able to locate him someone called that in the police were able to go there get him safely back to the zoo, but you know with him being gone for that period of time they were really worried about him we were able to talk to some animal experts about why so important that he be in the care of professionals take a listen. >>something like this is just going to be so stressful i imagine in that he probably would have terrible diarrhea which means it's going to really dehydrated and so you know time is of the essence of getting back getting treated.
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>>rising the lemurs they have a very specific diet a lot of fruit leaves bark. and you know people might not be able to provide that for him so that's why they are really worrying, especially just went missing, so that daly city is investigating they're treating this as a burglary situation, they're still asking people if they had information about where he was over the course of that 24 hours before he was located they're asking people to come the zoo staff is really happy that he's back the community out here is also happy that he's returning from those pictures looks like mikey's also happy he's back as well for now reporting here in san francisco, you know harvey kron 4 news, thanks a lot reyna. >>we'll take a quick break it's 6.12. still ahead police are searching for 2 men tied to a crime spree that has really surprised neighbors a lot of the community will tell
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you what they're suspected doing plus the california supreme court has ordered a second look at scott peterson's conviction for killing his pregnant wife and unborn son. more on that story as well and with election day just weeks away mail theft is on the rise across the bay area we'll tell you what's being done to find out who's doing it what you can do to deter thieves. and today, another hot one daytime highs today in the 90's not just for san jose and oakland today, but for san francisco, too. >>talking these near record breaking now record breakers. still ahead. >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area pretty busy and crowded out the bay bridge toll plaza so the trip into san francisco will be sluggish year at least from west grand crew that hold up the incline some folks are starting to roll in we'l
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>>6.16 is the time we want to get a look at the weather and see when things are gonna cool off a bit and i don't the last high be less hot i like that we think john going to happen i learned that when you say expect 70 at least have it less high is definitely going to be tomorrow and then actually we can say cool off on into early next week. so we do even have that for the forecast ahead of us. >>that's just a few more days away though looking out there at berkeley skies still dark but crystal clear, no marine layer and certainly no cloud cover president as we've seen the setup of offshore winds. the past few days that does
6:17 am
continue today, although today is the day where the light winds begin to lighten up. this morning still very windy for the north bay, the inland east bay and even right along the coastline, half moon bay been consistently breezy all morning long winds do gradually begin to let up especially right around the middle of the day post noon today, a noticeable difference still breezy enough for red flag warnings to remain in effect though having been extended from expiring at 11:00am this morning. now going to be in effect till 06:00pm tonight now the reason behind that it is we still do have enough winds that when paired with the 90's and even triple digits will have the very low humidity. the fire danger is still a big concern so yes, a red flag warning still still till 06:00pm tonight in these deep red areas same as what we saw yesterday and then those peach areas right along the bay, sure enough the coast are heat advisories and no big surprise there because at the coast we're going to be even hotter than yesterday was golden gate park and sunset district each up to 84 degrees. 90's for
6:18 am
mission in financial districts while only one 70 on the peninsula. that's where you tara, half moon bay in daly city each 87 while beside areas up to a similar range of 90's as yesterday palo alto at 90 degrees, san carlos at 95, south bay temperatures mostly mid 90's with san jose holding steady at that 94 today. temperatures in the east bay in the low 90's right along the bay shore in union city to hayward in san leandro which are in the low 90's mid to upper 90's and both of these bayshore cities. oakland at 94 while conquered in walnut creek at 99 antioch in 97 and sonoma at a 100 degrees today. so you do see a difference and a difference for the warmer for a few of our inland cities. petaluma at 98 in santa rosa 97. tomorrow's temperature will be a little less not going to be as close to the triple digits. inland and then cooler come monday and tuesday, especially as we return closer to seasonal averages highs will be back in the 80's inland 70's by the
6:19 am
bay and 60's near the coast. robin, all right. thank you john we're checking in on bart because they're reporting delays this morning after having some track issues over in the east bay. >>so bart is reporting delays up to 20 minutes on the richmond line because they're having equipment problems on the tracks and this will impact those of you heading to berryessa or anywhere along the stretch that takes you out to millbrae so once again delays up to 20 minutes on the return line to various and millbrae because of equipment issues so plan ahead, but if you're hopping in your car and rolling into san francisco, you're good at the bay bridge toll plaza, minor stop and go traffic here from west grand up the incline but that's it 10 minutes into san francisco back to you. >>thanks a lot robin 6.19 and after being convicted of killing his wife lacey and their unborn son 17 years ago, scott peterson might get a new appearance in court the california supreme court ruled. there may have been juror misconduct during his
6:20 am
trial. one of the jurors rachelle nice was pregnant when the trial was happening and involved in a contentious court case and lied about it legal experts say that that fact could be pivotal in sending this case. back for a possible retrial. >>assess was they had to fill out your question years and one of the questions in the flesh in the questionnaires have you ever been a party in a lawsuit have you ever been involved in any litigation. he ever been a crime victim. >>and so to those saying she said no. >>and what was disclosed was she was a party to a lawsuit she filed a request for a temporary restraining order i mean system. you know is based on the premise that we are going to tell the truth and so this is juror flat out lie.
6:21 am
>>if it is determined that there was jury misconduct and then a new trial could be granted for peterson. >>on the peninsula, an early morning crime spree is putting residents of palo alto's adobe meadows neighborhood on high alert. police say 2 men targeted houses early monday morning during one break in the man snuck in through an unlocked window and stole a purse off the kitchen table while the couple was sleeping. a neighbor also reported their suv had been stolen and it was found a few blocks away. the thieves were seen on home security cameras. >>when not much happened in a short time during the middle of the night and they got into people's homes without being detected and it about injuring the occupant it was just about getting their stuff and a frightening. >>and one of the burglars tried using the stolen credit cards from the purse. here's an image of what police have so far police are asking people to take steps to protect their homes keep an
6:22 am
eye out for any suspicious activity. report anything if you see anything. >>mail theft is on the rise around the bay, a network of cameras is helping police track down who's doing it in the east bay, they arrested 2 men in san ramon, and they say that pair targeted mailboxes in a number of cities across the east bay. those arrests happened because the man's car was recorded by a residential surveillance camera. investigators say the thieves appeared to be targeting people who are waiting for their unemployment checks to arrive. if you live in san ramon. and you have home surveillance and you'd like to register it with the network for the police you can do that by just calling the san ramon police department. >>i'm more than ready washington coming up the white house and congress remain
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>>senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced that the upper chamber is going to vote next week on a smaller relief bill worth 500 billion dollars. washington correspondent morgan wright takes a look at the coronavirus bill. >>senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he plans to bring a 500 billion dollar targeted covid relief bill to the senate floor next week by a nose has not only where jermont senator patrick leahy says the bill doesn't do enough to provide relief. >>nothing on taking care of
6:26 am
people call it does not guarantee their health care bill would include funds for unemployment assistance schools and more money for small businesses but fall short of democrats demands. rhode island senator sheldon whitehouse says democrats want a deal but need a consistent negotiating partner the republican side. >>it's all fractured and arguing with itself and that makes it really hard for democrats republican senator john kennedy wants democrats to do more than simply reject their offer. vote to proceed on that bill. and then we'll start amending it. it was passed something. president trump says congress should go big on their next covid relief bill. but treasury secretary steven mnuchin doesn't expect any agreement soon getting something done before the election and executing on would be difficult the white house has introduced its own one 0.8 trillion dollar offer but only house republicans appear to supported i think the american people would want anything to have to go for house minority leader kevin
6:27 am
mccarthy says house speaker nancy pelosi. >>is holding relief factor own members the democrats have asked her to take this deal reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>in napa county and other parts of the north bay you're waking up this morning without power because pge took it away to prevent wildfires.
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>>6.29 right now and we want to get a look at the weather and see when things are going to be not so when we get out of that's a cool kuz fire to yeah it is good right about now because we're even going to be an upper 80's at the coast today guys you know it's going to be a hot day elsewhere when the coast is even that toasty and it is looking like much improved conditions for the rest of the weekend after today. still the heat today though, and as of this morning still in some of the strong winds too, san francisco all the way up across the bay bridge to the east bay all crystal clear because of these hot dry winds keepitg marine layer in coastal cool there. well offshore, so red flag warnings not just tell 11:00am but officially extended now until 06:00pm tonight and that's partly because even though we are seeing winds, calming down temperatures are going to be so hot today. we do still have very low humidity. so you do see a very breezy start to the morning for the north bay, the
6:31 am
east bay and even right along the coastline. winds will remain steady all throughout the morning starting to calm down into the afternoon. but even as they do come down. this is 03:00pm right here still enough that paired with the heat in the dry conditions. fire danger does remain of concern, so red flag warnings are still in effect really for much of the day today. so please do be cautious as you're venturing out there 60's 70's if a couple of 80's on the map this morning alameda you're 80 degrees berkeley were earlier this morning saint holiness sitting at 80 right now fairfield conquered, pittsburgh and oakland in the meantime in the 70's to kick the morning off so already a pretty warm start by the afternoon ahead of us. it's downright hot with potentially record breaking numbers yet again inland areas in the upper 90's bayside areas in the mid 90's. robin all right. thank you john checking back in on barred artists reporting delays this morning up to 20 minutes or having some issues some equipment problems on the tracks and that's causing delays up to 20 minutes on the
6:32 am
richmond line and it's impacting those of you traveling anywhere from richmond. >>to the station or all the way out to the end of the mill for in line so make sure you plan ahead, you don't want to be late this morning because of those 20 minute delays 92 is quite busy but still not bad we have some crowding on the flat section but you're looking at a 13 minute trip to the peninsula. so that's great and just a minor weights at the bay bridge toll plaza with no hot spots just some minor crowding here at 12 minutes for your average into san francisco back to you, thanks a lot at 6.32 and right now pgd says. >>if you have no power there working on it they've got thousands of customers they're trying to restore a by the day's end. >>yeah, we've got a map here and this again the one we showed you yesterday with the areas that pg e has intentionally shut the power off to its the areas in pink and purple and as we move the map around you'll see their portions of the peninsula hills little bit of the santa cruz mountains on the east bay side we've got some portions of the altamont pass foothills of diablo range. yesterday we had the oakland hills on the map lit up but again they've
6:33 am
turned those off this morning which means the power's back on there that's good news in the north bay, though you can still see we've got widespread of widespread portions of the higher elevations, they're both the napa and sonoma valleys where the hills on either side of the valleys are still seeing a lot of power shut off down closer into the city centers, the powers on but as you head higher up in the hills of course that's where you run into some problems, let's go to kron four's will tran the he has been driving around napa in the dark is standing there be careful don't shut that light off >>now we have our lights and thank goodness, there are cars driving by and they're the only lights headlights because other than that this community is in the dark this is off of all of killed lane which is about 5 miles from downtown napa downtown napa has power not here. pg and e working to restore power here and other places like calistoga let me show you some video so if you live west of the napa river in calistoga you are more than likely without power just like
6:34 am
here. friends here in napa because they took away power your neighborhood to prevent wildfires. if you live east of the napa river in calistoga more than likely you have power. not because you're extra special that because of the microgrid system which they installed the couple a years ago because of all the wildfires that they knew they needed to keep emergency operations going like hospitals. police departments, fire stations and because of that mets closer to the downtown area of calistoga that they had power the bottom line is pg and e they were anticipating removing power to about 53,000 customers yesterday because of high he strong winds low humidity in the end james, and area they took away about 41,000. customers take away their power, but they are working to try to restore it all together by tonight. what they're doing is once the sun comes up, i'm sure the work will be a lot
6:35 am
faster. they are inspecting the lies to see if any lines did fall to the ground and sometimes the wind got as fast as 45 miles per hour to make sure those lines are repaired in lines that are fine, obviously they won't touch and then they will flip on the switch and hopefully everybody will have their power by the end of tonight. i was thinking the hard part about not having how or if you're waking up in communities like this one, your coffee maker won't be running and let's face it we all drink coffee for the other person's safety. back to you. >>thank you well, i love the way we'll look system. a santa cruz mountains. they're wondering they're when they're going to power there about 5,000 pg e customers that loss to kron four's rob fladeboe reports. >>from boulder creek. >>one of pg and e's helicopter crews was inspecting transmission lines here in the san lorenzo valley thursday afternoon. a shot off wednesday night for roughly 5,000 customers across the santa cruz mountains among
6:36 am
those without electricity for a time here on rebecca drive in boulder creek was tracey lien bonds went out this morning 1010 30. >>my kids are on a zoom call for school got don't take off and then i no power. >>business is slow and resource centers like this one where impacted people can find water snacks and power to charge phones and other devices about a 1000 fewer customers than anticipated actually lost power and most of those were back online by midday thursday said pg and e spokeswoman myra to estado by phone we have to top we have been able to restart of with the burn scar from the recent czu lightning complex fire looming over town. >>border creek caught a break said one resident.
6:37 am
>>although helicopters buzzing overhead was a bit unnerving for some amid worries about the continuing fire weather. >>despite the heat marber cali was enjoying the morning on her front porch. pleased that she could step inside and enjoy the air conditioning if need be and the wind really never showed up so we're i'm very thankful that they did not turn off the power one time a few years ago. >>they did turn off the power when the wind did not come they had warned us they turned it off and then we never had any wind and that was that was rather irritating. but this time. they they would literally they waited until whether or not the wind came and when the wind didn't come they left the power on in boulder creek rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>let's head over to the east bay now where the power shut offs are want creek neighborhood that residents say isn't prone very often the wildfires. holmes risk or to been without power since wednesday night one homeowner picked up a generator to keep his food, fresh and he says he's frustrated by yet another
6:38 am
power shut off and he thinks pg and e well they could have done more to avoid it altogether. >>utilities for they painter guys that we don't have this problem or try to start putting things and around why is it that 2 blocks over there on and they're against the hill there on her >>no power there is not expected to be restored until sometime tonight. >>with a red flag warning in effect until late this evening, some property owners in napa are concerned about the possibility of wildfires. there are downed trees covering fire breaks at that were cut in the glass fire in saint alina the logs were placed over the last 3 days. and the property owners upset about that they were displaced because it, you know they saved her vineyard and the other homes in the fires and she's worried that having that all covered up now the fire breaks there. it's going to
6:39 am
create a dangerous community. situation. >>honestly overwhelmed, i mean. this western most break on my property protected all of us in the community and. i didn't even know they were going to remove the break and cover it with all the trees i thought they were just doing the one down by my van you're by my house, which. i mean i can't if something happens here. that's fought for is right here at our pond. 52 yards away last night. and they still completed the removal of the fire break. >>she says that it was the marine firefighters from camp pendleton who did the work to remove the break they said that they got the direction from state parks but state parks said they didn't say anything of the sort. >>well an authorized ballot boxes scattered across the state are still up this morning, the california republican party did not comply with the attorney general's order to remove them. >>that's despite the
6:40 am
accusations that the boxes are misleading and illegal our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. >>the california republican party says it will not comply with the attorney general and secretary of state's cease and desist order the state's democratic leaders issued the order claiming the republican owned ballot boxes violate state ballot harvesting laws. republicans disagree and so we believe that what we're doing which is providing safe. >>and locked receptacles for voters to place their ballots in. republican party volunteers or paid staff will then in compliance with the law delivered to the registrars of voters in multiple counties within 72 hours. that's what the law provides and for the attorney general and the secretary of state to claim otherwise is voter intimidation and election interference and we will not stand for it. >>a spokesperson with the attorney general's office tells us they're still reviewing the letter from the california republican party regarding these ballot boxes. meanwhile, the secretary of
6:41 am
state's office tells us that they are exploring other options and that they reserve the right to ensure that the law is followed republican party officials couldn't say thursday how many ballots these boxes have collected they've been up for about a week gop officials say whether this results in a legal battle weeks before the election deadline is up to the attorney general in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well early mail in voting is under way already in the bay area as we know so far hundreds of thousands of ballots have already been cast. and here's a breakdown by county of how many they perceive we've got contra costa, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties all reporting a combined 282,000 ballots received so far. alameda county hasn't reported exactly how many mail in ballots. they've received just yes, we're still looking for those numbers meantime all 4 counties in the north bay have received a combined 110,000 ballots. so far for all the information you need on early voting in your local ballot drop-off locations just go to our website kron 4 dot
6:42 am
com we've got all that information there waiting for >>and 6.41 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news mayors from the state's largest cities are calling on the governor to release plants to reopen schools, safe place. and general motors gets the green light to expand its self-driving cars in san francisco. without any drivers behind the wheel just in case, we'll tell you where you're going to see them. and a vote is set for the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court will have a live update from the capital. >>and it's yet another hot one today, daytime highs back up into the upper 90's if not triple digits for inland areas after what's already been a warm start to the morning and red flag warnings extended for in the various 06:00pm tonight, i've got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your friday morning commute around the bay area and has already thinned out at the bay bridge toll plaza look at that no major delays leading up t
6:43 am
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6:46 am
barrett is confirmed she would actually beat her predecessor justice ruth bader ginsburg has the fastest confirmation hearing in recent history, but unlike ginsburg barents is happening during an election year and she won't be getting a near unanimous vote. >>i believe americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court. >>after judge amy coney barrett made her case to the senate judiciary committee, democrats tried to delay her confirmation to indefinitely postpone the nomination american or not despite chairman lindsey graham's objections, connecticut democrat richard blumenthal push forward we do grave damage. to the supreme court by politicizing it in this way but louisiana republican john kennedy argued the committee has an obligation to confirm president trump's nominee, the constitution zone affected by the electoral calendar. when it deals with filling supreme
6:47 am
court nomination. the democrats attempt failed and republicans scheduled a final committee vote on barrett's nomination next week i don't think she has any conflict at all in doing town halls thursday night president trump and joe biden addressed there it's all but certain confirmation biden was asked about court packing in a town hall moderated by abc news is george stephanopoulos if they've done before the election you are open to expanding the court. i'm open to considering what happens from that point in a town hall with nbc news president trump was asked if he expects spirit to rule in his favor if the election is contested it would be totally up to i would think that she would be able leave it for me or against me. >>so the committee will vote on barrett's nomination next thursday, the same day as the final presidential debate. >>and the senate is still set to give it final approval just days before the election live in washington, i'm jessi eaton or thanks jesse. >>time now is 6.47 let's
6:48 am
revisit the weather center say good morning to john once again i don't find out when is going to daria because i don't have the ac and it has been brutally hot these past few evenings. >>this morning not a whole lot down just yet either we're sitting in the 70's and even 80's for some of our current temperatures berkeley here in the 80's intel really just a couple of hours ago so not a whole lot of overnight relief and part of the reason for that is those strong winds where winds are the strongest. we're also seeing some of our warmest temperatures this morning also some of our driest of conditions and winds will remain pretty steady throughout the rest of the morning ahead of us sonoma calistoga vacaville down through danville in half moon bay, some of our notably windy areas this morning surrounding areas are all pretty windy too and going to remain that way through the morning. now as we work our way into the afternoon winds will be noticeably. calmer but not calm enough just yet that were out of red flag warning territory in fact these
6:49 am
warnings have now been extended through 06:00pm tonight now even the winds are you can see daytime highs in these areas will be significantly warmer than yesterday golden gate park and sunset district mid 80's. that's right there at the coastline. daly city in half moon bay at 87 degrees each likely to be seeing records broken from the coast tour bayside to our inland areas. 90's solidly for bayside areas today mountain view at 97 sunnyvale at 98 while san jose at 94 degrees. temperatures inland in the upper 90's for pleasanton livermore and hayward and san leandro right along the bay in the mid to upper 90's too. oakland berkeley and richmond 90's for your highs well conquered in walnut creek, 99 sonoma at a 100 degrees for the afternoon
6:50 am
high upper 90's for santa rosa and petaluma as well. now tomorrow will be a little less hot temperatures start to work our way a little further from the triple digit mark and by sunday, the most comfortable day of your weekend even a little bit of morning fog starting to work its way back in a sign of that relaxing offshore wind by next week, it's back closer to seasonal averages 80's inland 70's by the bay and those 60's returning to the coast. robin. >>all right. thank you john we're heading back to the bay bridge toll plaza where the trip into san francisco looks fantastic earlier we had a backup that spilled all the way out to west grand. that was about an hour ago, but now look at this delay free into san francisco that happens sometimes on a friday. >>we don't have any hot spots or so far it's looking good. here's 5 in west to the richmond sandra fell this fridge is picking up we have busy air traffic now heading into the north bay but we're only at 9 minutes for your drive time which is right on time heads up for an accident in san leandro this is 5.80 west esta below looks like a
6:51 am
driver spun out so we may have lots of debris and other items scattered across the lanes there are no major delays getting through but the lanes are blocked with debris, so just keep your eyes open your drive time looks good. it's only 14 minutes from castro valley to downtown oakland, minor crowding on highway 4 west for pittsburg bay 0.19 minutes to make it to concord so that's great and minor slowing for san jose northbound one on one between 6080 you're looking at 33 minutes quick to make it to the peninsula back to you. >>thanks a lot robin and speaking of cars don't getting upset with the driver in san francisco of some cars because there won't be a driver their gm says they are they're going to have those self-driving cars that you've seen around town with the driver just for safety. >>no more to get rid of the hands behind the wheel altogether that crews program is going to be fully autonomous. >>in san francisco by the end of the year, no more backup humans. the company got a
6:52 am
permit yesterday from the california dmv to allow this gm plans to go neighborhood by neighborhood in san francisco, launching the driverless vehicles slowly before eventually spreading them out to the entire city. coming to a stop sign near you new hope and hopefully to a stop new this morning about 8,000 people flew to hawaii yesterday taking advantage of the state's new pre travel coronavirus screening testing program that means that travelers who test negative get to go to hawaii and go about their business and have a great time without that 2 week quarantine for more information how you can do that go to kron 4 dot com and search the hawaii travel. and you'll be able to find the story with all the information you need. >>well several bay area mayors are calling on governor gavin newsome now in the state's superintendent to safely reopen schools. mayors of the state's 30 largest cities which includes san jose, san francisco and oakland make up
6:53 am
the more partly make up the big city mayors coalition. they say that low income families in k through 12 children throughout the state have been the most vulnerable to digital learning. in fact they added quote black latino and low income students students with special needs newcomer students, homeless and foster youth are particularly at risk of falling further behind their peers simply put we are facing the greatest education equity crisis in most of our lifetimes end quote. now this morning a new poll though shows that most california parents aren't as comfortable getting their kids back into the classroom for in person instruction. the poll was released yesterday by the california teachers association, and it asked parents about the pandemic and their views on it. and the results showed that 62% of parents are not comfortable sending their kids back to school just yet a similar percentage said that they're not even sure that schools will be safe by november and 80% of parents believe the public schools do not have enough money to handle a problem like this pandemic.
6:54 am
take a quick break here at 6.53. live look outside san francisco international airport, the camera there shows. >>flights beginning to gear up as the airport gets underway. on this friday october, 16.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>over the next hour, the kron 4 morning news well pj nate has started restoring power to some bay area neighborhoods, thousands are still waking up without electricity. we'll be live in the north bay with the
6:57 am
latest there. and good news maki the lemur who went missing from the san francisco zoo this week has been found. we'll tell you where he was spotted before taking back to the zoo. and instead of a second presidential debate with president trump and his rival joe biden addressing the nation in dua
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>you're watching morning news at 7.
7:00 am
>>and happy friday to you i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we do want to begin this hour with the latest on the big story of course the power shut offs. the high fire danger the red flag warnings all of that still in play today. boy was i glad that i still had a little fan going last night and the window unit john. >>yeah that window unit came in clutch, i'm sure anyone that had a fan. you appreciated that all the way to this morning because guess what temperatures dinner only cool down a whole lot last night for a lot of areas a couple of us are still in the 80's right now a very warm but beautiful start to the morning love that clear view from see chart our a sign that there is no marine layer pushing in yet across the bay. still offshore winds pushing dry hot air our direction and some of our warmer areas are also our driest and red flag warnings they were set to expire at 11:00am today now extended through 06:00pm even the winds will still come down this afternoon. we still do have high fire daerin


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