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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 18, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>now in a fire weather in the forecast kron 4 is tracking the threat across the bay area folks just starting to recover from the glass fire. once again be watching and waiting to see what happens. that's where we begin this sunday here on kron 4 news at a good evening. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waltman that fire weather watch goes into effect tomorrow night and it could lead to wildfires. >>it's going to be windy and it's going to be hot and so far pg and e has not issued any warnings about turning off the power. but tonight there's a new revealing report that has just come out. and it's detailing why the utility was not ready for last year's
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power shut-offs. >>we'll have those details and more coming up in just a few moments, but first we want to bring in meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with more on the fire weather watch. and the impact it will have later on this week risa either jonathan and just seeing and it will primarily impact our north bay mountains specifically those of you in napa county. >>could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour less starting monday night for wednesday morning dropping relative humidity into the teens as low as 12% at times the same for the northeastern mountains were those of you in sonoma county so. >>we are tracking this fire weather watch because it does go into effect tomorrow night we're getting a little bit of a break from mother nature though, thanks to that cool sea breeze noticing some marine layer along the coast and that's really going to help with moisture content even for inland valleys as well for your monday because that cool sea breeze finally going to extend to our inland spots and that is going to help bring us some much needed relief from our heat wave
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fortunately, no records broken today, but for your monday night. we are tracking with those northerly winds another dry night for your monday evening where we could see relative humidity as low as 30 to 40% by around 8 o'clock monday night with even lower and drier conditions by around midnight when that fire weather watch goes into effect current wind speeds out there right now getting that cool sea breeze that blew in some more of that westerly flow but still tracking some northerly winds for those of you in the north and let's take a look at future winds by around our monday morning and monday night over all our valley's going to be calm around 20 miles per hour less with gusts throughout the day. but it's the highest peaks of the north bay mountains that could see gusts upwards of 40 and that is going to continue all day tuesday. even into your wednesday morning but the other big weather story today, the return of our marine layer so carla out there in full force for golden gate bridge make sure to drive safely visibility already at or near
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0 details on our cool down to start your work week monday in just a few minutes to cnn jonathan back to thank you so a breeze and now back to that new report that says pg and e workers lacked the proper training before last year's emergency power shot office the workers were task. >>with cutting the power to prevent wildfires during high wind events and millions across the state including a lot of people here in the bay area. >>we're left in the dark for days that new report from the associated press says only a handful of people who handled the planned blackouts. >>we're actually trained in the usual disaster-response playbook kron four's dan thorn line tonight in the newsroom breaking down the disturbing details of this report. yeah jonathan and just seen pg e's public safety power shutoffs last year where a massive headache for millions who are forced to go without electricity utility doing this to prevent its aging power lines from possibly sparking more wildfires. >>but the shut offs also caused lots of problems such as electronics becoming unusable, and essentials like gas pumps and traffic lights,
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they just weren't working. thankfully. this year the power shut offs have gone much smoother but the report shows a need for improvement within pg and e. >>as pg any works to repair its image following deadly wildfires a new a p report shows the company did not properly train its workers before planned power shut-offs the october 2019 psps event left millions in the dark and the report reveals only a handful of people handling the blackouts were prepared to do the job. the shut offs not only covered a large area. but also caused computers, phones medical devices and water systems to stop working the company's website also crashed as people sought outage updates and information. this year. the company has only had a few psps events affecting just over 40,000 people and those have lasted just a couple of days. pg and told the associated press they've been undergoing the proper training throughout 2020 90% of their workers and emergency centers have completed the
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initial requirement. the utility meanwhile continues to face scrutiny over its failure to follow basic protocols. >>public officials expressed their frustrations with last year's situation of the associated press saying pg and e was like a team showing up to a game without knowing the rules or a pilot who doesn't know how to communicate with air traffic control right now an investigation into what happened is being done by the california public utilities commission reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much sand now court and deadline that's coming with the election just 16 days away. >>tomorrow monday is the last day to register to vote in california kron four's gayle ong live tonight in san francisco with all the information you need to know to make sure that your vote counts at the ballot box yeah. >>jonathan and justine election offices say they have seen a higher turnout in registered voters in this year than ever if you have not yet registered to vote. you still have time.
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>>come november, california voters will have to choose so much is on the ballot this time this is my has our ability areas on the ballot. health care is on the ballot. the economy is on the ballot race and ability to tell them in a country where we can be. >>been in all included is on the ballot from propositions local and state races and of course the president of the united states president trump for 4 more years or democratic nominee joe biden turned voters dropped off their ballots at the bill graham civic auditorium on grove street in san francisco sunday afternoon. we just wanted to make sure we took any variable out i'm grateful that there are volunteers that help i mean normally in the past have been a little more comfortable with mailing bed. >>i decided to drop it off this time around to the a 100% sure of the vote was going to be properly counted before you can cast your ballot you need to register to vote in california and time is almost up. >>that deadline monday october 19th the quickest way right now is online you have to be a
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u.s. citizen. a california resident in at least 18 years old you can pre-register to vote if you're 16 you can't be deemed a mentally ill or be currently in state prison or federal prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony. >>and you also need your current id or driver's license. it only takes a few minutes to make sure your voice is heard this is the most important election in lifetime so get out and register to vote. >>online portals close at midnight tomorrow, and you can mail your registration if you want to you just have to post market for tomorrow. october 19 reporting live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle now tonight, california voting officials are reporting close to 3 million vote by mail ballots have already been returned. >>and kron 4 is your headquarters for this election season. our voter guide us posted up on our website right now and needs there you can find frequently asked questions also a link to
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register to vote remember that deadline is tomorrow plus a list of early voting locations so one of the questions that we've received here at kron 4 is about. >>what to do if you receive 2 ballots in the mail we've entered this for you several times will answer again. election officials say it is not uncommon for folks to receive duplicated mail in ballots. usually if this does happen is is someone has moved or has re registered to vote through the dmv however for santa clara county voters. teen of miranda. neither of those applied to him and yet he says he still received to balance 10 days apart from each other. >>anything is a sony got to do get better as my life just got lot. the other thing is in the in next solar and facebook accounts people talking about not getting the benefits. so you know all this leads to a lot of confusion on the one hand people are not getting the ballots and on the other
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hand you're getting do to get some this is confusing rated least one i should use actually willing to use the one that doing is the second one person bought into so many open questions. >>indeed it is election officials say if you do find yourself the team there with to balance just use the most recent one that ynu've received with the remaining ballot. you can either do one of 2 things you can ride void on the outside of the on the low end return into your elections office or seconding you can just shredded it is important to note that signature verification does not allow anyone to vote twice. if someone tries the ballot will be flagged and you could face consequences. >>here kron 4 we're committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you experience any problems casting your ballot. let us know we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com and we are your local election headquarters. we are just 16 days away now from the november, 3rd election.
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>>with more to get to tonight here on kron 4 news at 8 including a coronavirus crackdown will show you how one bay area county. now upping the ante for repeat violators of health orders. much businesses could be forced to pay out. >>and remembering a fallen firefighter, the events planned for this week for hero gone too soon plus a story that has everyone talking tonight to french bulldog puppies stolen from their home the update on their search. >>and
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>>in the past 24 hours, california has reported nearly 3,000 new coronavirus cases. more than 107,000 cases have been reported here in the bay area alone. the map on your screen breaks down where each the erie county, currently stands on the state's reopening tear system, san francisco alameda and santa clara counties are in the orange here which allows some indoor businesses to reopen but with modifications san mateo contra costa and solano napa and moran are in the red here which allows some nonessential indoor businesses to reopen but with modifications sonoma county remains the long bay area county in the purple tier, which is the most restrictive level. >>starting monday san mateo county will crackdown of businesses violating coronavirus health orders the county formed a new covid-19 compliance task force we're a
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team now will respond to reports of businesses not following local or state health orders from force taylor the psac ii has the steep price tag that repeat offenders could be forced to shell out. >>for businesses not following health orders in san mateo county. >>they'll likely receive a visit from the newly formed covid-19 compliance team we've seen that there are people out there. >>businesses who are not compliant. and so we would we're going to go out there again through a team a person team. they're going to go to these businesses. >>before that people want to call 2, 1, 1, they don't have to leave their first name or lasting. they can report these businesses anonymously and people living in san mateo county will also be able to report violations using an online portal on the county's website businesses will receive a notification and warning if there's been a report of noncompliance and their subsequent complaints supervisor david campos says the compliance team will
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complete an on-site investigation businesses can be fined anywhere from 250 to $3,000. >>and may face criminal prosecution boost too. >>more operating illegally. now there's really going to be a penalty. >>businesses like pacific beach yoga are already on the team's raid on the first told you about the hot yoga studio last week. we learned it was violating health orders by holding maskless in what classes since then pacifica police gave the business a warning. meanwhile other business owners like adam shell say the task force helps maintain fairness for those complying with health orders. it's important to prevent by the spreads to health the communities. i think it's important to. >>follow that so that you don't impact others negatively. because of everyone following it only takes one. especially people are to have that spread the county says the task force has a running list of alleged violators will begin contact
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and businesses on monday. >>taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow, a vigil and celebration of life will be held for the san francisco firefighter and paramedic who died during a training accident earlier this month. jason cortez was 42 years old when he died and he leaves behind a wife and 2 children. we learned from a preliminary report that cortez was knocked over a third-floor railing by a water blast move of als that he inadvertently opened during training back on october 7th, there was only one engine company training instead of 2 and that's because of covid safety concerns. they will now be a private vigil that will be held tomorrow at 4 o'clock at saint ignatius church followed by an honor salute at the san francisco fire department on tuesday morning there will be a private celebration of court as his life that will be held at oracle park that celebration is for family and invited guests only but it will be
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live streamed cortez will then be buried at holy cross cemetery in culture. >>in the north bay now a little police looking for a person who they say shot and killed a man early this morning. just before 4 officers say they found a 28 year-old man with a gunshot wound near ascot parkway in columbus parkway the man later died from his injuries so far his name has not yet been released. the murder now the city's 23rd of 2020. anyone with urged to call police. >>we're going to the east bay now where oakland police are investigating a pair of early morning, deadly shootings, the first one happened just before 01:00am near 99th avenue and macarthur boulevard when officers arrived they found a wounded woman she later died from her injuries about an hour later police were notified of another shooting near 83rd avenue and international boulevard. when officers arrived there, they found a wounded man and he later died from his injuries. police have not released the identities of the victims or any information about suspects
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some good news to tell you about tonight, this is a story that had everyone talking all day long to french bulldog puppy stolen from a san francisco apartment. >>have been found and are back home safe and sound tonight. >>vet checked them, but they're here. >>look look at those faces right there. their owner says that someone broke into his house through the kitchen window, some time yesterday afternoon. the owner adds that the suspect get this left behind a meth pipe and a shirt. the suspect has been found by police in now is in custody. you saw the 10 month-old pup is their their names indigo and leila they went to the vet today just to get checked out once again back home safe and sound tonight with their >>doug is so happy and relieved when he set me that video after the puppies have been found he was just you could hear it in his voice, he's thrilled. they tweeted the whole thing if you want to check and i want to f i think you are a live look outside
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right now here in downtown san francisco, a beautiful weekend it has been warm weather though is continuing into our workweek meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at how hot it's going to get. >>yeah unfortunately we didn't break any records today. jonathan in just steam, but we were still pretty toasty especially for inland valleys, widespread low to mid-nineties conquered warming up to 93 degrees and santa rosa in the low 90's but overall we saw about 5 to nearly 20 degrees of cooling today. thanks to the return that cool sea breeze biggest cool down those of you in downtown san francisco, double digit cooling cooling down to 76 degrees after yesterday reaching a high of 93 degrees so much needed relief there. thanks to the return of that marine layer on live look outside for those of you in the east bay over berkeley overall clear skies, but we are going to notice that shallow marine le are hanging tight right along the immediate coastline during the overnight hours. temperatures as you head out the door widespread 60's and 70's or
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noticing the cooldown what a difference a day makes right now san mateo 67 degrees low 70's for those of you in san jose widespread mid 60's for the east bay shoreline oakland 67 degrees with a low to mid 70's as you make your way inland conquered 76 degrees and tracking widespread mid 60's for those of you in the north bay napa 68 degrees in santa rose at 66 degrees with novato currently at 64 degrees in stormtracker 4 overall not really tracking any high cloud cover so clear skies out there but we are noticing that low cloud and fog hanging tight along the immediate coastline reducing visibility at or near 0 and that will impact your monday morning commute. specifically those of you right along the bay area coastline. but overall it is going to be a mostly sunny day to start your work week monday with cooler temperatures even during the overnight hours widespread low to mid 50's tonight right about where we should be for this time of year as far as our overnight temperatures go and tomorrow's daytime highs expect an additional 5 degrees of
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cooling from today low 70's for downtown san francisco, mid 70's for the east bay shoreline with widespread 70's and mid 80's as you make your way inland so out of the 90's back in the 80's nearing closer to where we should be for average daytime highs but then we are going to notice a slight bump in temperatures mid week with below average temperatures arriving by friday of this upcoming week even continuing all next weekend with plenty of sunshine as well back to you jonathan and just seen. >>thank you so much debris and coming up it was a modern day exorcism why the san francisco archbishop says needed to
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>>paris, hundreds of demonstrators taking to the streets to honor a history teacher killed just days ago. police say that samuel patty was beheaded friday by an 18 year-old russian-born chechen refugee earlier this month. investigators say that patty showed caricature ys of the islamic prophet mohammad to his class as part of a lesson in free speech that move angered many muslims who find depictions of the prophet to be offensive. the team behind the attack later killed by police. police now have as many as 9 people in connection to that attack in custody. >>the archbishop of san francisco performed an exorcism this weekend following the vandal is a shun of the saint you know pero serra statue in sandra fell only the feet remain after the statue was vandalized back on october 12th. the exorcism was
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conducted by the archbishop salvatore cordileone saturday afternoon. the archbishop was already planning to do an exorcism at a local planned parenthood saying abortion is the work of the devil and there's this is a rare. >>house speaker nancy pelosi setting a deadline to get another covid relief package through congress before the election. what democrats are now asking for. >>and we're just 16 days away from the general election president trump and his rival joe biden on the campaign trail this weekend trying to flip states in their favor. we'll have joe biden's message to black voters after the break and find ou
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>>donald trump who started his day with a rare church visit to church in las vegas before hopping on a plane for a private fundraiser near los angeles for the president whose a return to the church she had visited as a candidate back in 2016. >>in california, thousands of american flag-waving trump supporters went to newport beach and the anticipation of the president's arrival red mega hats for president in the crowd and masks were not really. trump made in approximately 2 and a half hour visit to orange county earlier today for a private
8:29 pm
fundraiser at tech mogul parnell lucky's newport beach state meanwhile democratic presidential candidate joe biden went on the offense during a campaign stop today in the key battleground state of north carolina. >>during a drive in raleigh biden focused on promoting criminal justice changes that he says would help combat institutional racism. biden also promised to help build wealth among the african-american community. >>so i know this nation is strong enough to do both honestly face systemic racism and provide safe trees street for families small businesses that too often bear the brunt. >>alluding to bernie. >>we have no need for our militias roaming america's streets chris united states of america. we should have no tolerance for streams white-supremacist group marching in our medicine, our communities. >>both candidates spending the weekend crisscrossing a number
8:30 pm
of battleground states that they will both need to help secure a victory on election night. right now most national polls show biden leading trump in many of those battleground states house speaker nancy pelosi says she and treasury secretary steve mnuchin must reach an agreement within 48 hours if they want to pass a coronavirus stimulus relief bill. >>before election day. pelosi made the announcement on abc's this week. the house speaker is putting pressure on the administration to cut a deal by tuesday because the legislative process in the house and the senate takes time senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced yesterday that there would be votes on stimulus measures this week but democrats are expected to block those efforts. democrats are pushing for a larger deal to the tune of 2 trillion dollars coronavirus cases continuing to climb across the united states tonight. the country now has more than 8 million cases right now only 2 states missouri in vermont. >>seeing a downward trend in the number of cases here are
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the top 4 states reporting those the most cases in the united states. california continues to lead with more than 875,000. texas coming in second with more than 850,000 cases followed by florida in new york. >>today twitter blocked day post from a trump adviser suggesting that masks do not work to stop the spread of the coronavirus scott atlas originally. posted a tweet that read masks work question mark now. the post went on to say that widespread mask use is not supported a twitter spokesperson says the tweet violated a company policy that prohibits sharing false or misleading misinformation about covid-19 in such cases twitter disables the account until the owner delete the post in question at was called twitter's action censorship. now check this out drones could be seen delivering free covid-19 tests in some parts of las vegas, the kids for
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made possible by a partnership between walmart quest diagnostic and a drone company. a team of licensed pilots kept the order attaches a kick to the drone then flies the kit to its destination so people can pick it up. from the comfort of their own home getting a test kit is completely free but right now that drone is only making drops in about a one mile radius. health experts are concerned that fewer people are getting their vaccinations especially children and health officials say there could be consequences for students who are not up to date on their immunizations. kareen vargas has the story now from texas. >>this is something that parent-teacher we should recognize that they need to get vaccinated so that they can be compliant with the world's cameron county health administrator has now that will have those says they're seeing a trend of students not getting their immunizations and even through remote learning will have those says it's a requirement for students to be up to date on their vaccines if not they can be removed from school any
8:33 pm
given time. >>that a child is enrolled in school remote or not. and there don't have the vaccines they can be withdrawn from from the school system. >>that's that's those are the rules in a way to written up. >>we'll have gusts as a reason why parents are putting off getting their kids vaccinated is due to the fear of going into a doctor's office and school nurses are also seeing this trend to ihop in some parts of is that you know i'm not going get my car back forces that ok. >>which are which we don't want we want him get the vaccine did but we do understand that concerns us part well covid-19 is a concern health experts are urging that parents and children get the flu there's concern that all night that her bed and that was guess it's better to get back in it with against the flu. that's not how it is what i'm hearing the flu vaccine is not on the list of required vaccines for students to be enrolled in school but it is being highly recommended. >>working for you in harlingen not going about school.
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>>all right, let's switch gears tonight, let's talk weather a live look outside at. if you can make it out there as the golden gate bridge which would be a good set up for halloween in a few weeks. creepy yes arms races that looks creepy. >>and looks beautiful. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at our forecast for this coming week, we have some fire weather watch. on the way. >>yeah that's right that will be monday night mainly for the north bay mountains but for the rest of us we're going to notice the cool down. thanks to the return of karla the fog. so let's take a look right now live conditions at san francisco international airport not tracking high cloud cover just the dense thick low clouds and fog that we saw hugging the immediate coastline of the bay area specifically golden gate bridge temperatures out there right now 64 degrees but nearly a 25 degree difference between half moon bay. currently in the low 50's things to that fog and also that cool sea breeze but still
8:35 pm
relatively warm, especially for those of you in the tri valley has conquered in livermore 76 degrees so nearly 25 degrees warmer than half moon bay. getting some northerly winds but overall lot calmer then they have been and we are going to see overnight lows tonight cooling down as well out of the 60's and back into the low to mid 50's to outliers tonight, the will be santa rosa, cooling down to 48 degrees in antioch 63 degrees for your overnight let's take a look at your microclimate monday outlook because we're going to continue that cooling trend expected additional 5 degrees of cooling to start your work week monday, near average highs for downtown san francisco in the low 70's, mid 60's for those of you would happen basal finally getting relief from the heat burlingame and millbrae in the mid 70's, upper 70's for those of you in san mateo and mountain view in the low 80's with widespread low to mid 80's for most of the south bay, san jose 81 degrees and milpitas 82 degrees for your monday afternoon highs in out
8:36 pm
of the 90's and back in the 80's even for inland valleys of the east bay livermore 87 degrees widespread 70's throughout the east bay shoreline with oakland and richmond in the mid 70's, conquered and walnut creek 87 degrees napa in the low 80 so enjoy the cool down there in santa rosa 85 degrees and we're going to have a slight bump in temperatures as we take a look at our 7 day outlook through midweek and then below average temperatures starting friday and even continuing all next weekend so expect 70's inland with widespread 60's along the coast and east bay shoreline back to you jonathan in just 3 said if you're looking for some safe and spooky fun this halloween. we have details on the hunt and drive-thru. >>what you can see if you
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>>so we are 13 days away from halloween and that is obviously going to be a little bit different this year because we're in that scary age of covid-19 on like the scary laugh you had going into the weather bad for gary it wasn't but i write new. no that's all right. so in so much additional on that house what about a 100 drive-thru there is actual evil lurking in the shadows. >>at the pirates of emerson attraction in pleasanton you might be safe from the virus inside the car. but you won't be safe from the goals that are chasing the vehicles whether it's a brain eating zombie or a maniac with a
8:40 pm
chainsaw there are plenty reasons to screen. >>they're not driving past things and looking what you're doing as well but you're driving through the 100 houses we have trick or treat townsend hillbillies and pirates in counts in prisons and zombies and cemeteries in it's all >>this is a larger space out by at least 30 seconds so guests can get their own individual experience. pirates of emerson runs until november first and it costs $94 per car. >>i feel like that's an anchor field trip that needs to happen need to get the bosses on that. >>we can expense that we'll see what a little gas money. you and we research and for making sure we're staying on top of what's happened. this isn't crime for weekend we can
8:41 pm
make sure that all that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 an excellent to 9 but for sports night live is up next and of course all eyes on forty-niners qb jimmy garoppolo body bounce back from the worst game of his career and is he still feeling the impacts of that high ankle sprain. >>across for sports director this loss will break it down plus an interview with the san francisco giants gm. all that coming up and more on sports nig
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>>it's been a long couple of weeks for the niners, no need to go into detail, what's understood doesn't need to be explained. but the good thing about the nfl you can turn things around in just a week and on this night, the niners look like that team that went to the super bowl back in february. the niners trying to get their groove back and to do so we'll have to block this guy that's aaron donald easier said than done he's not small. first drive of the game jimmy garoppolo flip pass to deebo samuel looks like ebola is tackle but disney never touches the tariff. he breaks out and runs for 35 more yards in that direction great second effort by samuel the winning football place in just 4 plays later jimmy g with another flip to samuel in the other
8:45 pm
direction this time we get to the ad hits the pie alone. >>good guys go up 7 to nothing. >>early in the 2nd quarter now groppa low over the middle to a wide open george kittle he goes 44 yards for a touchdown to leave george kittle that open. >>and a little beyond sanders bit before going into the end zone. jimmy g completed 10 of his first 11 passes 14 nothing niners but here comes the rams jared goff. >>the bay area native cal product marine catholic shot out masimo at great pass on 3rd down to robert woods for a touchdown. extra point no good 14 6 the jimmy g remains hot. >>brandon for the new york for i use first touchdown catch of his career 21 6, 9, is at the half. >>3rd quarter 21 i'm with graham's looking to make it a game for from global got that kicked off in the end zone by jason correct. nice to see him on the field brands turned away 4th quarter still 21 9 groppa lo looking to get
8:46 pm
within field goal range tucks it. >>look at him jimmy g lowering that shoulder to shoulder on he gets it into field goal range for robbie's goal cut the play by jimmy g they warned him right here. this gives the niners a 15 point lead garoppolo likes it brands need 2 touchdowns and a two-point that tied angeles did score to cut the lead to 8 and suing drive 3rd down for the forty-niners go back to that flick pass samuel converts it the game essentially clock runs out game over and the second the forty-niners win 24 to 16 groppa loaded most of his damage in the 1st half. >>he went 23 for 33 for 268 yards and 3 touchdowns. and if we take one more look at some jimmy g. it was good today obviously that ankle look pretty good, you know with the ankle sprain really it's all
8:47 pm
about pain tolerance at this point jimmy g played a great game. the niners get the win in a much needed win. >>all righty there's another and if you guys are interested in but they enjoyed the day off the raiders they'll be back on the field next week against tom brady and the bucks but while they were off gamblers have stayed busy route for shell has more. >>so here we go week 6 of the nfl season all is quiet here to allegiance stadium the raiders have a bye but it's not quite at the sports books here in town but a 3rd of the way through the nfl season. and results have been mixed so far. >>i want that 5 3 weeks of down for the better as 2 weeks for the last week best week of the season that's been a little bit rough for the the book so far i business we win every time know he's gonna come back. >>yeah, it's hard to argue with that now one of the big changes in the industry right now is the sports betting app that in gm has one. one of the
8:48 pm
advantages you can bet at home during the game that big the the about the app has been the in-game betting so in-game betting is that becoming very popular now it's something that's catching on been big in over the years and it's catching on here in the united >>even if you come home from and in a football and you come home in the cml the 2nd quarter you can still get some action ins so next up for the raiders the tampa bay buccaneers come to town here to legion stated it's a sunday night football game. so that means. >>tom brady is coming to town in las vegas. i'm ron futrell reporting. >>and speaking of tom brady bucks packers brady versus aaron rodgers, this one was no contest rogers picked off by jim eldean he takes it 34 yards for the touchdown. the packers were actually up 10 nothing. this was the first of 4 turnovers on the day for the packers rodgers threw 2 picks on other side brady threw couple of touchdown passes including this one the guess who gronk at the 91st time
8:49 pm
these 2 have hooked up for 6 points great to see brady to gronk but to run away with it 38 to 10 green bay first loss of the season for into tampa bay's now goes to vegas next week early sunday night rockets here. a few weeks to digest the san francisco giants this season and earlier this week i got a chance to sit down virtually with general manager scott harris, the full interview is over on kron 4 dot com but. >>here's a snippet of our conversation. >>this year is the year of for lack of a better phrase obviously covid-19 threw a wrench in everyone's plans and you had go for your first season with an attack it head on. you know what challenges did you know this pandemic resent for you on the job and then maybe what did you learn about yourself in the process because obviously like in society right now i'm sure was an ideal. >>yeah there are challenge
8:50 pm
this certainly doesn't feel like the job i signed up but you know we tried to stay as adoptable as as possible throughout the season. what they learned throughout the season is people responded disruption in many different ways. one thing that really impressed me was how are players to seem to take everything in stride. you know if we had it. asked him to show later in the ballpark, they still were able to cram there are teens into a tight window. if we asked them to wear masks in that, dugout they were ready and willing to do that if we asked them to get tested, you know every day every you know they got up early and. >>they met every challenge head and i think that's one of the reasons why we surprised people and exceeded some expectations. this year because we had a highly resilient crew was ready for anything every day they just want to play some baseball and surprise that people will certainly get. >>you kind of walk me right
8:51 pm
into my next question now you guys played meaningful baseball literally up into the last pitch of the season now i know the media and the fan base probably have separate expectations, then what you guys have inside the building. how do you guys think to fared this season based on your expectations, you guys and the decision-makers in the players inside of the headquarters. >>you're absolutely right. our goal. this year was the playing meaningful baseball as deep into the season as we possibly and it turns out we played meaningful baseball down to the 27th out of the final game of the season, so in that i think we certainly achieved that goal of playing meaningful baseball, the of the season. but we're a highly ambitious we have bigger plans for this organization and this team moving forward. >>to talk about the farm system expectations for next year and a lot of the good
8:52 pm
stuff so going over to kron 4 dot com. if you want to hear rest of our conversation out in the meantime we're not with my life coming up with the best does it again for the dodgers another packers game 7 of the nl the we'll
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
we made usaa insurance for this season. and the veterans that never quit on their team. when being a fan gets tough, and stretching your budget gets even tougher... ...our agents put in the time and legwork for you, saving on auto insurance is easy. because saving a little extra goes a long way. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. >>time for our lexus play of the week after making a great catch last night the dodgers
8:55 pm
mookie betts himself one better tonight in game 7 of the nlcs in the same spot he scaled the wall again and this rain. >>the ball back from over the fence to take away a home run couple or looks this is why la paid him all that money it does not get much bigger than this and guess what both that really mattered because that game just went final. the dodgers knew they had be in the fall. before the fence man i'm going for man beaten a brave guy with a place for a second 43 they came back 3 games to one to win this series they will take on the tampa bay rays in new year old syrian raids dodgers just like everyone group everyone drew it up. >>before the season started so there you have it the dodgers the san francisco giants arch rivals could finally get past the hole and win a world series they'll be taking on tampa and of course, we'll have those highlights at 10 we
8:56 pm
can aaron tonight for the game wasn't over when we went on air so we'll check those highlights out at 10 that wraps up sports night live kron 4 news at 9 is after the break. when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am. >>now at 9. we are 16 days away from the election, but an important deadline is coming up tomorrow california voters will have until monday night to register online or by mail in order to receive a mail in ballot. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waldman i'm jonathan mccall voters will still be able to register to vote in person on election day. >>but if you'd like to vote by mail than you have to sign up by monday. kron four's gayle, ong has all the details you need to know to make sure your vote counts at the ballot box. >>election offices say they have seen a higher turnout of registered voters in this year more than ever if you have not yet registered to vote. there's still time come november, california voters will have to choose so much is on the ballot this ti


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