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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 22, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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dark 8 months ago, some shows are returning to the mgm grand in las vegas.
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>>morning so not until tomorrow that they're having a start that you can track the latest on the power shut off any time when you have the kron 4 app and you also find the forecast an interactive radar there just check that out it's free. >>our check this out a man seen jumping over a counter at a downtown staff just walgreens store taking off with an air mattress you can see here all caught on camera a crew from inside edition was actually at that store along
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van ness and eddie for a story on shoplifting when this actually happened this is one of many excessive shoplifting case is happening in the bay area because of that rapid shoplifting at this particular location. the store will close now for good on november. 11th. this is the 3rd store in san francisco closed because of shoplifting crawford jonathan mccall has the story. caught on camera a wild scene that's being played out at retail chain drug stores across the bay area. >>scores of shoplifters swarming stores ransacking racks and pilfering thousands of dollars in products off the shelves. this walgreens at van ness and eddie has been hit so many times the walgreens now plans to close the doors for good on november. 11th this video courtesy of inside edition shows a man just days ago, jumping over a counter at the store and taking off from it with stolen merchandise. inside the store, the shelves are bare with very few products for sell the store no among at least half a dozen
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walgreens locations here in the bay area now closing this year because of excessive shoplifting wednesday afternoon kron 4 reaching out to supervisor matt haney who represents the area for comment. but so far we've yet to hear back kron 4 also reaching out to the san francisco police department to see how they're tackling the troubling trend. in a statement sfpd says quote it's working closely with all members of the public we serve including businesses, we're always assessing crime trends in addressing staffing to accommodate for fluctuations in crime as of pd also said it does have officers on foot patrolling the area kron 4 cameras caught 2 officers at that store wednesday afternoon for a call. this is who didn't want to go on camera so for months they've seen groups of people walk in and walk out with garbage bags, full of merchandise. they say they understand why the decision was made not of them a call kron 4 news. >>time now is 4 '06 and dozens
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of small businesses in richmond are spending thousands of dollars to fix damage done by vandals this crime spree happened over the weekend businesses along clement street in the total 45 businesses were affected. by this as you can see its surveillance video that we're showing you from nourish cafe on sunday morning, the thieves stole a cash register. and several tablets from the store was about why you $500 loss for nourish, but let me tell you i love this place, it's a little tiny cafes for vegan so awesome man it's really sad because this is a big loss to them san francisco police responded to break in. but you know by then the crooks foregone sfpd says they're now investigating and this and other vandalism is that it happened along comment. >>this weekend was definitely i think the worst i look at the numbers at a 2 month period park on set. and last a year-long among the score quarter from $15 call the way down or blow. it's gone from 3 to 12. but majority happen this weekend.
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>>sfpd says they are now increasing patrols on clement street at night and the urging any business owners affected to file a police report. family is desperately searching for answers this morning after their loved one was killed in a hit and run in san francisco. >>jeffrey larry leaves behind 2 children with kron four's ella sogomonian now with the latest on the search for the person who hit him. >>was a loving person. he was a good father. he was funny, he was very silly. he had a very good heart and he just sat over out that person. >>born and raised in the city by the bay jeffrey larry also took his last breath in san francisco. >>we don't know just that he was hit his motorcycle was in the middle of an intersection and his body was about 60 something feet away. >>the 42 year-old was riding his motorcycle at hays street and the sonic a driver struck him and took off at around
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04:00am october 14th, a neighbor nearby saw emergency lights and came down to the chaotic scene that has haunted her ever sense. what stuck with me. and i think about it every day. >>and the more that time goes by the u.s. at are. and more upset again. both about what happened but also the loss. >>jeff's family so far there are no known witnesses who might have seen the hit and run driver, so police have no description of who to look out for i want people imagine that this was their family member that this was there sun kuz and brother nephew just imagine it being your family member left on the streets of guy you want someone to come forward the father of 2 leaves behind a 22 year-old daughter and 7 year-old son, anyone with information is asked to call sfpd for kron 4 news, i'm ella sogomonian. >>to the peninsula now where human remains were found that san bruno mountain san mateo county sheriff's office says
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the bones were spotted wednesday. apparently been there for some time an investigation now under way to determine who that person was and how they died. no other details have been released and the oakland city council unanimously approved a measure banning homeless people from setting up tents in parks or near homes. businesses schools and some churches, more than a 100 community members have voiced their thoughts against the rules that also allow homeless encampments in certain areas of the city long as they follow certain safety and sanitation rules. the new rules will go into effect in january. >>time now is 4.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news more businesses are being allowed to reopen indoor service in alameda county. so you don't just at the outside now we're going to tell you though about the safety measures that you have to follow and a big win for california's republican party, the major court ruling and how it is impacting the november election. plus after the break president trump and democratic nominee joe biden are going to square off and a debate
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tonight is the final and last one we'll tell you what to expect. >>and winds will be a president yet again all across the bay area today day planner for coastal areas shows ties in the 60's. winds, strong red flag warnings in effect i've got your forecast ahead. this morning, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic nice since moving to san check coming up.
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>>for 13 right now and let's check out the weather so it's going to get any better out there like yes, let's find out just really in the weather center with a closer look good morning john good morning guys, yeah unfortunately fire danger still definitely a factor in this forecast. one that we've talked about a lot so far this week in a factor that really hasn't changed much because winds remaining the big issue here skies are nice and clear and temperatures actually even a little bit cooler than they have been which is certainly been a nice change from where we have been which has been a little bit on the warmer side as you remember to start the week looking out there this morning conditions will be nice and dry throughout the course of the day as we will remain through the remainder of the week ahead of us so let's break down the winds because this really is the big factor here and the consistent factor moving ahead in our forecast. this is right now into the afternoon today. you notice how wind speeds really pick up across our inland areas atlas peak in vacaville areas down through fairfield
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in concord all looking at steady winds gusting into a 20 to 30 miles per hour range. tomorrow afternoon winds staying with us this is your friday right here a slightly cooler day, but winds remaining steady in this forecast saturday, another windy, one winds picking back up into the afternoon almost like clockwork each and every day and then come sunday and look at this we could have some very strong gust of wind to close out the weekend for areas like oakland, some model runs are showing 50 mile per hour gusts, right now sonoma in calistoga also significant so the good news temperatures by this time will be a lot cooler that helps with fire danger but with winds as high as they will be and humidity remaining very low some bone dry conditions i'm afraid we are going to see very strong fire conditions all the way through this forecast red flag warnings at this time remaining through 08:00pm on friday for upper elevations on the peninsula, including our coastal areas like half moon bay. as for spay areas also looking at inland spots
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affected by red flag warnings all the way through friday humidity as low as 10 to 15% all of solano county also affected and upper elevations of marine sonoma and napa counties also affected by these consistent red flag warnings as i mentioned in effect at this point until 08:00pm tomorrow. dip in the jet stream that's pushing its way in is resulting in the cooler temperatures we have around the corner so at least we have that to hold onto winds may not be coming down, but temperatures will indeed be cooling down and today already a little bit cooler than what we had been seeing daytime highs in the mid 80's for areas like conquered 70's and oakland as well as san francisco, san jose in the low 80's today. here's look ahead at the next 7 days inland areas, that's your top row right here on the map and what we're going to be seeing out their daytime highs consistently in the 70's for inland spots beyond today which is our last day in the low 80's bayside areas 70's, 60's for you in just a lone
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day holding on to those 80's that's today and then of course those coastal areas looking at 60's 70's which will be our cooler spots but really all in all all of us are going to enjoy a nice cool down in the works ahead. let's get a look at traffic right now with rob. >>all right. thank you john we're checking in on the bridges and we remain hot spot free a live look at the richmond sandra fell where traffic is moving well this morning, no issues or problems into the north bay, here's the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. it is still nice and light and quiet so we're off to a fantastic start the oakland side coming from the east shore 5.80. the meme it's no big trouble spots only 7 minutes into san francisco and we're checking out 92 it's already picking up, but i don't see any big problems out there right now so from the net it's across the span off to foster city and san mateo traffic remains nice and smooth darya and james were still clocking in at 12 minutes for that trip to the peninsula back to you thanks a lot rob and 5.17 and stage is set for the final presidential
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debate between the president president trump and the man who would like to be. >>joe biden this is inside belmont university. it's a national texas and you can see there was a lot done to get ready for the in fact it's the only venue in tennessee that's ever hosted. >>a presidential debate. it tough. well, it's first one was back in 2008. when they attempted to do a recap raquel martin with the story. >>knowles she w what happened in the previous debate, unacceptable american people to deserve better lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they host the final presidential debate delivered more than just an argument. i hope we will have a this is the most important election of our lifetimes i would democratic congresswoman cindy axne ease says voters want discussion focused on solutions it's always kitchen table which states like iowa is putting money in people's pockets, it's addressing health care people are anxious. they are worried michigan democrat debbie dingell says after a failed
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plot to kidnap michigan's governor civility is more important than ever dial down the temperature leaders need to help bring us together not tear us apart in an effort to limit interruptions the commission on presidential debates says it will move to mike's during the first 2 minutes of each candidate's response. i in this iowa republican chuck grassley says he expects president trump to be more focused shorts and on try things need to accomplish missouri republican josh hawley who called the debate itself outdated hasn't been changed in 60 years, it's just it's crazy just hold moderators don't interfere about the candidates actually debate this debate to become more and more and more. >>the panelists moderators and less and less about discussing any salute leadership in washington raquel and we will be airing tonight's final presidential debate right here on kron 4 it starts at 06:00pm
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followed by analysis from our political experts at 7.30 and that will be hosted by inside the area politics host catherine heenan. >>during a rally in gas stony in north carolina, the president painted a dystopian picture of what the u.s. would be under joe biden's leadership take a listen. >>which businesses can exists. >>and which will be outlawed. they will decide which right you can keep and what you're going to be revoked they will re educate your children which they tried and we stopped, but they will do it. >>and then on the other hand you had. >>former president barack obama hitting the campaign trail with a big vote on his mask there to drive in raleigh in philadelphia. his message was the opposite he said that did the trump does has been a disaster. his handling of the coronavirus was horrible and lead to social unrest and his
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is fundamentally unfit for the job obama really on the attack. >>we've got to work. i get that this president wants full credit for the economy. he inherited. and 0 blame for the pandemic that he ignored. but you know what the job doesn't work that way. tweeting up the television doesn't fix things. making stuff up doesn't make people's lives better. you've got to have a plan you got to put in the work. and along with the experience to get things done joe biden has concrete plans and policies. now we'll turn our vision of a better fairer stronger country into a reality. >>a well that was obama's first speech for the biden campaign his next stop will be in florida on saturday it's 4.21 and still ahead democrats on the senate judiciary committee are set to boycott the vote on supreme court nominee amy coney barry today,
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we'll tell you why in a live report.
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>>4.23 right now and if you've been looking for a new spot to hang out. there's a new park open at the bay bridge in oakland, yeah so here we have a live picture of the western
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span, but this parks on the eastern side has been decades in the making. and it has quite the view crop forcefully triggle takes us there. >>the judge john sutter, regional shoreline is the latest addition to the east bay regional park district senator is a retired member of the park district board when vision the creation of this project decades ago judge slugger. >>started talking about access to the waterfront. the year i was born 1965. well that is some oakland grits and oakland persisted center was able to watch the dedication virtually on wednesday. >>caltrans and other transportation agencies teamed up to make the park a reality it is located at the eastern touchdown of the bay bridge where we are preserving protecting him and repurposing a piece of history. on the story of transportation revolution, the puppy jake is a 600 foot long public
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observation party still on top of 6 remaining piles from the old bay bridge. it connects to the bay trail which now extends to the richmond sandra fell bridge. plans are also in place to expand the park with land the u.s. army has offered to the park district during the covid crisis. the parks have that nominal resource for our families and our residents to be able to get out. >>doors, it is safe. a comfortable way you now have another option to take in the breathtaking views the san francisco bay has to offer and you can walk run drive or ride a bike to get here. >>the park will open daily from 5 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock at night you know clinton deleted all >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news less than 2 weeks from election day and the fbi is accusing multiple countries of working to sway american voters will explain.
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>>news we want to take a peek at the weather we do. we're expecting the cool down but not quite yeah, yeah in fact we're still in a red flag warning type environment john trouble in the weather center with more on that john yeah guys would love to say we're out of those red flag warning still there though, and that's something that is going to be of concern until tomorrow evening at least as these are.
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>>as long as red flag warnings have now been extended looking outside this morning. jurors a beautiful start your life can of suture tower showing you those clear skies overhead and fire weather warnings, otherwise known as of course red flag warnings do remain in effect for. >>coastal areas on the peninsula up into the santa cruz mountains all of the inland east bay all of solano and lake counties and then upper elevations elsewhere in the north bay extended through friday. so we do have fire weather to talk about are we talking about any hot spots traffic forecast though that is the question for robin who is right here tell us the details they don't even mention dog spots right now phone and so quiet. i like what i see john no big problems right now working their way into san francisco, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it's smooth. it's quiet we're hot spot free so no major incidents or accidents to worry about which means now your chance to come on in we don't have any problems any trouble spots and it's going to stay smooth like this. >>all the way across the upper deck to downtown


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