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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 22, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>and i'm james fletcher today again thursday october 22nd our top story this morning. we're following the latest with the power shut offs that are still possible in parts of the north and of course we have that red flag warning that's now in effect as well, yeah we have team coverage this morning will tran is in napa county. he's looking at a power shut offs and sarah stinson is in san mateo county with the latest there yeah, but first though we do want to start off here in the studio we have john trouble standing by in the weather center with the latest on what we need to know john yeah guys because yes we are indeed looking at another day with red flag warnings across the bay area as winds remain high and that is posing the primary threat and he sort of spark with all the dry tinder that we do have could result in a fast spreading blaze. >>looking outside this morning skies are beautiful clear center tower just as nice and pretty as it's been all week long. it's not so fun to be looking at these red flag warnings though that's the big downside of this forecast is of course the continued fire
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danger that continues to just be here with us. half moon bay other coastal areas on the peninsula and upper elevations of the santa cruz mountains all of the inland east bay, all of us a in lake county's most of napa and then upper elevations of sonoma and marin counties all these areas affected by red flag warnings now extended through tomorrow night as winds gust as high as 40 miles per hour in some of these areas and it's not just the winds, but also the very low humidity to our current temperatures right now actually looking pretty comfortable i'd say get outside enjoy this morning before another warm afternoon around the corner right now we're in the 50's 60's with one exception near santa rosa. at 49 degrees currently so your forecast today again going to be warm and again going to be windy course we need to know what traffic is looking like though still a little bit early i think for most of busy spots but where we sit right now robin the earlier folks can get out there the better job because that means they can beat the hot spots and we don't have any hot spots working right now we're checking in on the
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trip into san francisco, 80 west at the bay bridge toll plaza looking good so far so nothing to worry about heading into san francisco right now it is delay free and easy 8 minutes off to the fremont street exit up to 92, this is our busiest bridge as usual and we already have some crowding leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula but you'll notice it's only on the flat section that's going to thin out by the time you reach the high rise all 12 minutes and growing to make that trip off to one o one we're checking in on some drive times around the bay area and they look good. the is short that's a 15 minute trip if you're taking 24 out of walnut creek over to the oakland maze that's 11 minutes. no problems for 5.80 or the nimitz freeway so once again off to a great start get on out there now we'll check more drive times for you coming up darya james thanks robin, let's talk red flag warning then again it's in effect for a big part of the bay area because the high winds. >>and dry conditions look at that graph that's going to be with us for at least the next couple of days kron 4 sarah stinson live in san mateo county right now. >>where weather conditions of course prompting that worry good morning sara.
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>>good morning. yes, san mateo county now facing this red flag warning it's been extended here and it's been extended until tomorrow member it was in effect until wednesday. they extended it last night at 10 o'clock until tomorrow so be aware of that and take a look at this map you can see all of that red that is where this has extended to a lot of the bay area really other areas also in this morning are the north bay mountains east bay hills in interior valleys as well as the santa cruz mountains in san mateo county coast. we have more wins in the forecast up on mountain in mountains and ridges of 10 to 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 miles per hour. valleys could see gusts up to 35 miles per hour in the coast could see gusts up to 40 that combined with the extremely dry conditions causes potential for a fire to spark easier and spread rapidly there's also a
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fire weather watch in effect as well so this is a scary time honestly because looking at john troubles a forecast that was looking at it is pretty concerning to see that these winds just continue to get worse and worse throughout the weekend. so we do expect the national weather service to extend this red flag warning best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario make sure you have that go bag ready and make sure doing everything you can to prevent a fire from sparking in your area reporting live in san mateo county sarah stinson back to you. >>all right, thanks. a lot sarah. so the other big story we're following this morning. a course the fact that thousands of people all across the bay area are waiting to see if they'll lose power during the next round of pg e power shut-offs now we have a map that we can share with you and it shows where pg and e again is anticipating to shut power off and as we zoom in you'll see in the north bay we have a number of locations now that either have the power shut off or potentially could have their power shut off.
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later on today and for more on the story we have kron four's will tran he's standing by live in napa county with the details we need to know about will. >>well right now the power is on james and darya i'm in napa and you can see the lights right behind me you can also see the leaves of above me. this is important look at how still it is right now the winds are the big concern if the winds pick up obviously they will flip the switch and turn off the lights. not yet but they say there is a window where they could possibly do it. now yesterday they were talking about napa county facing as many as 4300 customers that could be in the dark. now that number's around 32 to 3300 customers that could have the power taken away to prevent wildfires in alameda county you're looking at about 335 customers in contra costa county about 200 the bottom line is 5 bay area counties are facing potentially being in the dark about 37,000 customers. many
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people they have been told about this for the last several days and there are bracing for it reading on getting candles new batteries for their flashlights even told you yesterday that people are actually buying generators they are tired, it is so they're running out spending a lot of money installing generators in their homes to make sure that they are never without power. then we got a chance to talk to some residents in napa county. here's what they had to say about the latest around a potential shut offs. >>without power. i have no water. don't know electricity so. it's not fun for people up there. what they're going through he just lived through when we have to live through. >>and then. hope it all goes back to normal someday. >>this is she sounds like she's almost defeated by this but this is the way it is pg need they've been blamed for wildfires before so this is a preventative measure for them.
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they are fearful that the strong winds could knock down the power lines and then light up the hillsides with flames and let's face it we have covered fires for so long now over the past 2 to 3 years historic wildfires which is why they're not going to take any chances, the danger should pass some time early friday morning and after that pg and e will inspect the lines and it probably will take within about 12 hours once the danger passes for everybody to get their lights turned back on. james darya. >>all right, thank you very much well, and don't forget you can track the very latest on these power shut off any time with the kron 4 app all you have to do is. downloaded it's free you have your full forecast interactive radar all of that available. so download it now today. >>it's 5 '07 and in the east bay alameda county is finally going allow businesses to offer more services indoors. so you won't have to use the outside tables only they're moving into a less restrictive tier allowing indoor dining
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actually they got the ok 2 weeks ago the leaders there decided they were going to wait to actually do it come for us to reese's stasio reports. >>we're here in downtown pleasanton where business owners tell me that they are feeling relieved to there has been some pretty harsh restrictions in place because of the pandemic but now there's some lifting of the loan. as the county >>a painful mike connors faa taps in downtown pleasanton 20 years ago during the pandemic there has been some rough moments laying off people. just something you just don't want to go through. and don't look forward ever having to go through it again that's for sure. >>conner says alameda county's progression to ease restrictions can certainly help matters. yes. >>we'll see if people want to come indoors. i'm and i'm a little we're starting to book a lot of reservations which is a good sign for indoors. but we'll see going forward how it how it plays out.
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>>the new measures announced wednesday include allowing restaurants like apps to offer 25% indoor dining in addition retail space and malls can operate with 50% are several other. >>businesses that can allowing people inside theaters and. >>also churches steve van doren is with the pleasanton chamber of commerce you know it's a great step i'm i i'm glad it's finally see that and the county we first lake delton he was moving a little slower than we'd like to seen. especially when we contra costa county right next to us opening thing sooner and it's confusing to people in the tri valley because we think of ourselves as one region as far as some of the other businesses that are going to be able to open those include bowling alleys climbing gyms. >>and movie theaters as well as indoor gyms they can now increase their capacity to 25% indoor pool so still off the
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list. all of these changes go into effect this coming friday. here in pleasanton theresa kron 4 news. >>5 '09 is the time still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a bay area family demanding answers after a father was killed in a hit and run. plus the senate judiciary committee is going to be taking a key vote today on president trump's pick for the supreme court and dozens of small businesses enrichment spending thousands to fix damage caused by vandals. and today really pretty similar to yesterday we're going to be looking at conditions out there cool to start 50's 60's and 70's by noontime and by the afternoon today still in the 80's for inland areas. >>big cool down for the weekend though as we remain windy, your forecast is ahead. >>and i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area live look at the bay bridge toll plaza nice since food, we're still at the limit here on 80 into san francisco, a complete traffic check coming up.
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>>time now is 5.13 and thanks for waking up with the kron 4 morning news, it looks like we have kind of the same story it's been red flag yeah going to be the warm windy side today. but there is some relief on the horizon is john's been promising us for the weekend. yes is it time to take out the air conditioning unit. >>i would say not it like this
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weekend. yeah, right if you take it out i know might have to put it point again. this year has just been thrown curve ball has left and right so i don't make any promises too much. >>but yet today one more day in the 80's and then after this we actually have a pretty nice cool down ahead of us for the rest of the forecast. as we make our way through the forecast today you're going to notice out there that daytime highs are just a touch cooler for inland areas we are going to be looking at temperatures more than a touch cooler come the weekend though so officially going to be feeling like fall here in just a matter of time winds right now not the breezy us, but as you would expect later on today we've been seeing this pretty consistently. the past week where we start calmer and the day when the wind your side that's exactly the way you're thursday's looking by the time we work our way towards 02:00pm was peak, vacaville down through conquered all looking at some pretty steady breezes tomorrow morning starts another common one before winds pick up again and your friday evening. concord livermore hayward vacaville fairfield all looking at some pretty significant winds by
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the end of your friday, even as we begin the school down now saturday, a nice cool day but look at this saturday still going to be windy 05:45pm san francisco, 25 miles per hour gusts. fairfield right there with you live or more in vacaville also in the 20 mile per hour range. then come sunday into monday which is actually going to be the most significant of winds that we have in this forecast and also one of our cooler days too. so this is the catch to the cool down is that we are looking at such strong winds, some of our models are showing oakland and calistoga winds gusting into a 50 mile per hour range, san francisco in sandra fell also very windy. so fire danger is going to remain of concern even as we do work our way out of the heat and back to some cool weather because humidity is so dry and winds remain such a factor as of right now red flag warnings remain until 10:00pm tomorrow for upper elevations of the north bay also and lake counties inland areas of the east bay and then coastal and upper elevations on the peninsula as we also saw yesterday in the midst of
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this cool down as high pressure is nudged out of the region by this d sending low, what it's going to do though is still result in a pretty steady flow working its way into the state from the north. and that's where those strong winds come from so even though we are looking at a cool down. the winds just stay with us throughout this forecast. today's daytime highs, mostly in the 80's for inland areas, although cooling into the upper 70's for areas like the in fremont at 79 degrees san francisco 77 few 60's up the coast mixed in with some 70's to as for daytime highs inland daytime highs today in the 80's but look at the rest of this forecast inland working our way back down into the 70's for our bayside areas, temperatures also cooling a little further into the 70's and 60's while at the coast remaining in the 60's after today's low 70's. those are the updates on your forecast, let's get a look at traffic with robin. thank you john traffic looks good right now we're checking in on bay area bridges and. >>your trip into san francisco is nice and smooth. here's a
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live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm noticing that it's definitely picking up, but i don't see any problems here from oakland to san francisco. you're at a very easy 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to the fremont street exit a live look at the richmond sandra fell traffic still moving at the limit so far so if you need to get into the north bay go ahead and do it now 7 minutes and growing off to one oh one and we're taking a look at more drive times around the bay area and i don't see any big trouble spots for you we have a 6.80 from danville to partake of the danville that's looking good. no problems for 84 across the dumbarton bridge i'll step out of the way so you actually see 5.80 livermore to dublin looks good and one oh one also a nice trip to northbound from brisbane to san francisco will check more coming up in a bit back to you, thanks a lot. rob is 5 17 and in san francisco, dozens of small businesses in the inner richmond neighborhood. >>they're having to spend thousands of dollars look at this paint stuff on the windows somebody vandalized, yeah crime spree happened over the weekend on well to businesses on clement street
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with kron four's taylor's sacking now with a closer look at what happened. >>businesses here on clement street are banding together the sharing surveillance video comparing notes and then sending over to the police department on wednesday, they called an sfpd and their supervisor to do a walking tour to survey all the damage he may be surprised, but they counted about 45 businesses that were affected they saw a lot of things like this a broken shattered or also a lot of businesses were tagged with harmful pain vandals hit dozens of small businesses in the enrichment over the weekend. everything from shattered glass to grow feed windows and even a burglary. >>this is surveillance video from nurse cafe on sunday morning. >>the owner tells me the thief made off with the cash register and several tablets. >>he must totaling $2500. >>san francisco police later responded guns creek was long gone a civ pd says. >>they're investigating the burglary in addition to vandalism is on clinton street over the weekend this weekend was definitely i think the
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worst. >>i look at the numbers that took a 2 month period for compstat and last a year-long among the score quarter from $15 call the way down low. it's gone from 3 to 12. but majority happen this weekend as a speedy walked clement street with business owners and the district supervisor on wednesday to survey the tom lee was one of their stops. the suspect recently shattered one of their doors after replacing it they were hit again by graffiti using a very destructive pain. it's a pain that's meant to damage the glass so you have to replace it. >>you can't, but that outcome. >>and it's just disappointing after you know ever all of the businesses on a street or small independent businesses other business owners like morgan mapes kept a record of all the damage. >>she counted 45 businesses that were affected sentiment of the whole community is really sadness and disappointment and. >>mainly deflation like people are just tired right now sfpd has an image of one of the suspects and they're reviewing surveillance footage for any
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more they're also increasing night patrols here in the neighborhood. they also asked that any businesses that are affected to file a police report and san francisco 10 the psac ii kron 4 news. >>the time is 5.19 and take a look at and jumping over counter in a downtown san francisco walgreens. >>and just taking what he wants that was an air mattress that he walked out with a crew from inside edition. >>was doing a story on van ness and eddie about shoplifting when they saw this shoplifting it's one of many cases of shoplifting that we've seen in the bay area because of the rampant problem at this location that store is closing for good this walgreens on november 11th james. >>all right time now is 5.20 coming up on the kron 4 morning news less than 2 weeks away now from the election and the fbi's accusing multiple countries of working to sway american voters. we'll explain what's going on. plus the latest on the coronavirus stimulus negotiations on capitol hill as lawmakers work closer towards a deal will
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have full story just ahead.
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>>5.23 right now and in national news congress could
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be getting closer to a new stimulus package for coronavirus relief. yeah, white house officials say they feel confident a new bill can be passed in the next few days we have our washington correspondent anna werner key with the latest. >>white house trade adviser, peter navarro says a stimulus package agreement could come as early as this weekend. we are now at a point where we might possibly get a deal within the next 24 to 48 hours white house chief of staff mark meadows was on capitol hill wednesday, working out the final details with house speaker nancy pelosi we're down now to looking at and some of the in some of the provisions to make sure that they're not poison pills there earlier this week, the white house increased its offer to a nearly 1.9 trillion dollar package still short of the 2.2 trillion dollars pelosi and house democrats are asking for if there's a deal to be it's there for her to do. >>and if it doesn't get the blame will be totally on speaker pelosi shoulders, not
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democrats who are blocking a real relief bill senate republicans feels the past they're much smaller 500 billion dollar aid package on wednesday. >>minority leader chuck schumer says they only have themselves to blame republican senators are playing political stunts. with a vitally needed economic relief time is running out for the senate to even take up another stimulus package with only days left mcconnell says confirming barrett will be the senate's top priority until election day in washington, i'm anna we're nikki. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, sunday's raiders game is in jeopardy after a handful of players were sent home due to possible exposure to coronavirus we'll be right back.
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>>28 right now, thanks for tuning in on a thursday morning in our new studio where we have all kinds of live shots, it's still dark out i can see how cold it is so we asked john i was going to say we got lots of bells and whistles and tools, especially in the weather center. so john walk us through today's forecast, yeah guys exciting new tools exciting new developments in your forecast to we're actually going to start feeling like fall in the days to come which is certainly a nice change from where we have been which has been in the 80's and 90's by the weekend only the 70's for some of our warmest of temperatures. this morning debt, definitely still dark out there you can see the
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pretty view looking from suture tower over san francisco, free of any fog, although there is some marine layer hovering right along the coastline. fire weather as we do look at red flag warnings remaining in effect for coastal and upper elevations on the peninsula that includes happen bay up to daly city. inland areas of the east bay inland valleys and your mountain tops all of us a in lake county's most to napa county and upper elevations of sonoma and marin counties so you get the picture, it's a wide swath of the bay that is still in that heightened risk of fires has winds at mountain tops gust as high as 40 miles per hour. these extended through tomorrow night as far as temperatures go right now it is a cool start most of us are in the 50's with oakland in conquered egypt 57 right now center as of the cool spot at 49. while antioch palo alto redwood city in fremont some of our more mild areas currently in the 60's. so your forecast definitely still windy and we will be looking at some cooler weather at least to come as far as traffic goes i think it's kind of come out there at least for the minute. it's calm. it's
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quite a top 5 free and that's what we like john, but i've notice that it's picking up so we have more folks on the road right now heading into san francisco. >>but no major issues, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the last time we checked it we didn't have as many folks out there rolling into san francisco, but now it's looking good so trouble free with no big problems right now easygoing at 9 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to the fremont street exit. >>coming up we'll check more bridges summer drive time same thanks a lot rob and 5.30 and this morning senators on capitol hill are going to take a crucial moving judge amy coney barrett one step closer to becoming a supreme court justice yeah, washington dc correspondent kells meyer joining us live with the latest surrounding this morning's vote. good morning kelly. >>good morning guys well at the last minute showdown between democrats and republicans with an attempt by democrats to delay judge barrett from becoming justice barrett. >>another effort to stop the
5:31 am
confirmation of president trump's supreme court pick judiciary members will boycott the markup all 10 democrats on the senate judiciary committee plan to be a no show for thursday's vote on judge amy coney barrett is nomination to the supreme court i think what the democrats are doing is correct alphonso david president of the human rights campaign is supporting the democratic senators boycott because they need to remind all of the others senators who are voting that this is the wrong decision but democrats aren't deterring republican senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham the south carolina senator tweeted about the democrats threat that is a choice they are making adding i believe it does a disservice to judge barrett who deserves a vote up or down several senate republicans met with judge barrett on wednesday ahead of the anticipated full senate vote on her nomination set for early next week, florida republican senator
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marco rubio tweeted after their meeting by this time next week she will be justice amy coney barrett. and graham promises a full senate vote even if democrats don't show up to the committee this morning gramma shores he will still get the nomination through. >>all right. thank you very much. kelly will be following the latest developments and we'll see what happens in the days to come. >>time now is 5.32 just 12 days away from the presidential election. the fbi is warning, russia and iran have tried to interfere kron four's reyna harvey is live in contra costa county with the details right, i know a lot of voters. we're threatened basically it said vote for trump or else. >>yeah, you know it is just been quite asked us to put it to you that when outside one of those early voting facilities here martinez, and they're saying those foreign actors are basically trying to suppress the vote to try
5:33 am
confuse voters before you even make it to the polls about what's actually going to happen when you arrive here to cast your ballot. so a few examples of things that they've been doing they've been giving misinformation about presidential candidates and telling voters that fraudulent ballots are being cast from overseas now they were able to get voters information and so they've been sending emails and information to people and a lot of people are concerned a lot of in addition to being able to show up at these different places they're trying to figure out if their votes are going to be compromised in some way so those top intelligence officials at that press conference basically giving out this information to people telling them do not worry these things are not happening and to be very mindful as are casting their ballot. take a listen. >>you should be confident that your vote counts. early unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.
5:34 am
we encourage everyone to seek election and voting information from reliable sources namely your state election officials. and to be thoughtful careful and discerning consumers of information online. >>right you got to be careful about things you read online so officials are urging people to be vigilant and they're saying just trust the election process that if you come and cast her ballot it's going to be safe for now reporting here martinez reyna harvey kron 4 news. yeah, i don't know rate of anybody here in california got those threatening e-mails but i know 25,000 g mail accounts were sent these e-mails with this many in alaska and in florida, thanks a lot james. >>time now is 5.34 california's republican party does not have to hand over the names and addresses of voters that use the party's ballot boxes. a sacramento superior court judge rejected the state's attorney general and secretary of state's demand
5:35 am
for that information. the legal battle stems from the unauthorized ballot box drop-off locations that you see on your screen that the state's gop party initially placed across 3 counties now the parties also set up some drop boxes in gop offices and your gun shops and churches as well. >>it will be in holiday inn help before the republican party's voluntarily handed over to secretary of state, the names of voters trusted there's out to us we believe they're entitled to privacy we do intend to respond formally in writing to discovery requests that propounded on us, but they may. they may not be able to get all the information they want but for now it's round one but what to us. >>spokesperson for the attorney general says that they will continue to review the matter to ensure every voter gets their voices heard say democratic leaders say these boxes are illegal. while republicans remain confident that they are in line in
5:36 am
compliance with state ballot collection laws, 5.35 in the bay area family is desperately searching for answers this morning after their loved one was killed in a hit and run accident that happened in san francisco. >>it was on october 14th of 42 year-old san francisco native jeffrey larry was riding his motorcycle on hayes street and masonic when a driver struck him and took off. >>we don't know just that he was hit his motorcycle was in the middle of an intersection and his body was about 60 something feet away more of that time goes by the u.s. at are. and more upset again. >>both about what happened but also the loss. jeff's family. >>the father of 2 leaves behind a 22 year-old daughter and a 7 year-old son. so far police have no description of the hit and run driver. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news another option for families to spend time
5:37 am
outside with details on a new park near the bay bridge. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area rupture pretty get started picking up here on the 70 oh bridge so getting a little crowded from hayward over to send the tail we'll check more bridges coming up.
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>>i 39 right now and if you've
5:40 am
been looking for a new spot to hang out outdoors which is the only place you can hang there's a new park open along the eastern part of the bay bridge in oakland, it's going be used part of the old bridge to create it. the judge john sutter, regional shoreline as are calling it now is the latest addition to the east bay regional park district and it's named after judge sutter retired member of the park district board looks pretty next to the bay trail and features a 600 foot long observation. pier and it is built on top of like you said james in the 6 remaining piles from the old bridge yeah overall fantastic views as you can see in the video a new option for you in the family. >>to safely spend some time outside. >>during the covid crisis. the parks have that nominal resource for our families and our residents to be able to get out. >>doors it is safe. a comfortable way. >>the park is open every day from 5 o'clock in the morning
5:41 am
until 10 o'clock at and there are plans in place to actually expand the park with land. >>being offered by the u.s. army. to the park district so it will grow over time which is little nice out there today, it's going to be so nice bird out there we saw some sunshine obviously yesterday we were getting that video today we're going to get plenty more that wake-up planner showing that oakland will be in the upper 70's. >>san jose in the low 80's, san
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>>welcome back the time now is 5.43 and you may have noticed we have a new home here we did lot bigger than the old one is that it is a lot brighter to lots of a cool things to experience in this new set that we have course it didn't happen all by itself took a lot of work by a lot of people take a look. i feel like i'm
5:45 am
we're here so the coolest thing for you is that you get to see outdoors before you put your toes out an because you know like here it started is all real bind us and so when it's sunny and nice you'll be able to tell a foggy rainy or whatever yeah that was the big complaint with our old studio said in the windows the way of seeing what was like outside least now virtually we can not only here but over in the weather center to yeah, i get a lot of views there john lovett i mean look at the skies. all over the place and it's just really nice to check up on all the corners of the bay area. >>also just to talk about what we are going to be looking at this weekend which fall weather finally things cooling off like they should this time of year. and that's exactly where we're heading as we work our way, especially into your saturday and sunday now today still going to be hanging out in the 80's for inland areas, nice view over berkeley right
5:46 am
now skies are very clear. we've had very little marine layer nor fogg this weekend that does continue for yet another morning as far as we go with winds. this is the one thing about this forecast that unfortunately we're keeping around the heat may be leaving us but the winds just going to be very steady as we work our way even into the start of next week so this morning we do have calm spots like the bayside areas or upper elevations of the north bay are very windy. this morning and only seeing increasingly windy conditions on into the close of the day with those winds gradually spreading towards the coast. why we do have red flag warnings in areas like half moon bay in coastal pacific app as for tomorrow at 07:00pm just a study of winds and even more widespread across the bay area saturday we're keeping the winds around for yet another day and look at what happens on sunday. the most significant of winds yet working its way into the forecast we could see gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. this is possibilities in areas like oakland hayward calistoga and even san francisco in
5:47 am
sandra fell so we do have quite the windy forecast ahead of us, especially looks like into the close of the weekend sunday night into monday morning, not your ideal to be talking about and of course with those winds and all the dry grass is dry vegetation and just low humidity that we do have in place fire danger is a major concern here for coastal spots spots on the peninsula like. santa cruz mountains out towards the coast red flag warnings in effect till 08:00pm friday, upper elevations, inland valleys of the east bay also affected by red flag warnings gusting as high winds as 30 miles per hour and humidity as low as 10% in these areas solano county the entire county lit up in red flag warnings gusting as high as 40 miles per hour for your winds all of lake county most of napa and then upper elevations for sonoma and marin counties also affected by the same red flag warnings straight through the evening tomorrow, so it will be an active forecast ahead of us with winds. please be mindful of that high fire danger in your area. let's
5:48 am
talk about the changes though i pressure ridge that had been built up keeping us hot is now being nudged out by in the study sending low pressure area also pushing in some cooler air with those changes comes the winds of change and only picking up as far as wind speeds go into the weekend that means even though we're out of the woods first the heat is concerned fire danger is still that concern even into the cooler weather ahead of us, 60's and 70's for san francisco today, pretty comfortable in actually in the city daly be at 72, half moon bay, breezy. but a nice 75 for you. temperatures on the bayshore in the 70's for the most part few 80's like in burlingame foster city and mountain view while palo alto be at 78 today, south bay daytime highs in a range of the low 80's with 80 degrees for your high in san jose 81 in milpitas in campbell while into the inland east bay low 80's and livermore pleasanton dublin 70's down through union city and fremont 70's continue from berkeley oakland over to richmond with 80's for valleys
5:49 am
from concord to san ramon as for temperatures in the north bay out of the 90's you were there yesterday in vacaville and fairfield so we do have a subtle cool down today mid-eighties for vacaville fairfield in sonoma each at 84 degrees while towards the coast, some 60's and you'd expect 80's from santa rosa down through sandra fell getting a look at your next 7 days will start with our inland valleys first of all these areas cooling from the 80's where they are at today down into the 70's as we make our way through the forecast very nice changes, especially for these inland spots bayside areas from the 80's today down into the 60's and 70's come the weekend keeping the sunshine around for the entire time, but also those winds unfortunately, and then for coastal spots, temperatures cool into the 60's. after a few 70's on the map today. that's a look at your forecast, let's head over to the traffic center with rob. >>thank you john let's check in on that morning commute we are starting off with 92 and it's much heavier right now from hayward over to the peninsula, lots of brake
5:50 am
lights they continue to fill in on the flat section heading toward the high rise fortune of the bridge but we're still a 12 minute. so that's really good from a tee off to one oh one here the bay bridge toll plaza we have more company heading into san francisco a live look you see the headlights filling in here at the pay gates, it's starting to stretch back toward the 80 overcrossing but no big problems there's a minor wait at the pay gates overall a great trip across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell 5 in the westbound to the tolls not as busy as the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge right only 7 minutes off to one o one once again i have not found any hot spots traveling between the north bay and san francisco, one oh one is good. so far traffic remains at the limit 18 minutes rolling south that's from highway 37 in novato to the toll plaza on the san francisco side we're looking at them, it's because we had some construction on 8.80 near 92 that's finally out of your way, but you see how it backed up traffic so 80 south lots of stop and go traffic because of that world work from 2.38 heading up to
5:51 am
92 the rest of the trip looks fantastic. so 35 minutes off to to 37 back to you, thanks a lot robin five-fifty let's talk niners as you can see the team is preparing to take on the new england patriots in foxborough they were practicing out yesterday in santa clara, nice sunny day sunday's game. >>is a sort of homecoming for jimmy g he played his first 3 seasons in new england as you know as a backup to tom brady but now it said the niners in jimmy is the leading man and brady is with the bucaneers but the patriots coach bill belichick has a former mvp quarterback cam newton now leading his team. the patriots have not won a game in 2 weeks and belichick he doesn't like to lose so it's not going to be an easy game. the niners kickoff is one 25. >>well speaking of brady and the buccaneers that game between the las vegas raiders and the bucaneers now in jeopardy after all 5 starting
5:52 am
linemen were sent home from practice because of possible exposure to the coronavirus fact trent brown was placed on the covid-19 list after testing positive. we have john treat each with the latest. >>at least we saw tom brady in his 6 glimmering super bowl rings coming. as for covid well it's far less predictable and far more dangerous and that could result in a backup plan and a whole lot of backups for the raiders this sunday trip around is not here today. >>i status is unknown we had to 5 of our starting linemen home because they i had a tracer i guess they were around trent i can't get into things any more than that trent brown, the league's most mountainous man. >>sidelined by an invisible monster and forcing a line change never seen in the history of football practice. you got to have a line in the play in. well 5 on sunday we'll be ready to go well maybe what we do know even for the franchise that brought us the michael crabtree keep
5:53 am
tlaib fight over ripped chain the marshawn lynch getting ejected and then riding the subway home and the entire in brown traveling circus this episode may take the crazy cake. >>it ranks number one in the weirdest and not. you all know we've seen a lot of where things around here in my 7 years but this is definitely up there with some of the weirdest things saying. >>well that was john treat reported the raiders are hoping to learn today which players are cleared to play and if they'll be any impact on sunday's game. >>time now is 5.53 can hear me i did not really on camera for but isn't this nice. the new spanking new set all lit up and ready to roll and there's a shot of sfo. that's why we have all these walls you can see outside so it's like before you head out that over ther
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>welcome back 5.56 on this thursday morning almost a friday and as you look outside this morning. we have beautiful clear skies to head outside and enjoy once the sun comes up at least go ahead and take this is full permission to stay inside tell that as a foe looks really nice and clear we've been looking at that all week long we're in the 50's to start by noontime today temperatures will be rising pretty quickly by the afternoon still holding on to 80's inland, robin. >>all right. thank you jon i am watching a backup that is growing right now at the
5:57 am
favorite so father this looking at the line and it's getting longer and longer heading into san francisco and across the san mateo bridge. here's a live. look and you see the traffic the brake lights filling in quickly on the flat section. so that's what you're going to be dealing with from hayward over to the peninsula get on out there early while we're hot spot free 12 minutes off to one o one we'll check more drive times coming up james. >>all right robin thank you 5.57 is the time and coming up in the next hour pg e power shut-offs are looming across the bay area with napa county being the most affected we're going to have a live report there with the latest on that also find out what countries are trying to influence the election by threatening voters to vote for trump or else. we'll have the full story.
5:58 am
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>>you're watching >>october 22nd, i'm daria full, so you got a very good right today's debate day. yeah, it is that's tonight and we'll talk more about that coming up in a little bit about the last one it's a big deal have got a lot of news headlines. this morning, nationally and locally and of course the big story. the power shots which are still possible


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