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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 23, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the map does a red flag warnings only remaining in solano county now and then out into the central valley and up into lake and portions of mendocino counties further to the north. these are set to expire tonight on the other hand, those golden areas, you're seeing on the screen will those are high wind watches that take effect late sunday and last through monday as we will be looking at our strongest winds really whipping up across the bay at those times and resulting in not just fire danger, but also concern of just knocking over trees or branches onto roadways. so that's going to be a whole new concern as we make our way into the start of next week as far as their quality goes that's something that is good to talk about that we are good to go across the bay today we are looking at good conditions as we have all week long and temperatures all this morning, not all that bad double in san anselmo nevado saint helene and cloverdale each in the 40's. well berkeley oakland, san francisco and alameda in a range of upper 50's to kick off the day that's a look at your forecast robin i'll send it back your way all right,
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thank you sir, let's check in on the traffic taking a peek at the morning commute around the bay area looking good moving well with no big trouble spots working. >>around the bay area right now we are hot spot free. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the trip into san francisco remains nice and smooth and that's how we like it right you don't have to worry about any issues so now's your chance to come on in since we're on hot spot free it's going to be roughly a 6 to 10 minutes to make it off to the fremont street exit all right over to 92 always are bza ce most crowded bridge a lot of stop and go traffic westbound on the right leaving hayward working your way over to the peninsula but i don't see any problems and that's good news. it's just a little sluggish on the flat section but you can handle that no problems into foster city or send the tail we have one more to look at and that's the richmond sandra fell west bound 5.80 few cars there rolling through the pay gates an easy trip here, nice and smooth across the span making your way into the north bay we'll check more bridges and drive times coming up a little bit later. well
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rideshare drivers in san francisco are now considered employees a new court ruling upholds the bill that went into effect at the start of the year that rideshare companies have been fighting kron four's ella sogomonian reports. >>the san francisco city attorney made a big announcement thursday that affects rideshare drivers writing in a tweet we just won a unanimous victory for workers in our case against uber and lyft in the court of appeals drivers are employees. this is the latest update and a contentious battle between rideshare companies and the state of california that has been ongoing ever be 5 went into effect in january of this year. the law mandates are drivers be treated as employees. but a war was waged in court and drivers say they've been caught in the middle. >>if you break down the numbers, the majority of drivers are part-time, it seems like drivers. for the most part we're kind of ponds in this. when it comes to big tax being uber and lyft versus the state of california could be something that you're
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trying to throw a wrench into this 200 million dollar ballot initiative. at least in some way shape or form. being that it's only 12 days before the election. >>this news comes just days before california voters will cast their remaining ballots npto decide on proposition 22, which is a direct response to ab 5 and would continue to allow rideshare drivers to work as independent contractors. a statement from uber reads today's ruling means that if the voters don't say yes on proposition, 22. rideshare drivers will be prevented from continuing to work as independent contractors, putting hundreds of thousands of californians out of work and likely shutting down ride sharing throughout much of the state we're considering our appeal options, but the stakes couldn't be higher for drivers, 72% of whom support prop 22 and for the california economy for millions of people are jobless and another 158,000 just saw unemployment support this week i would do
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like the prop 22 decision a little bit better. >>and being employee but i do think that there could be more improvement and i think that they should have had. >>some more representation of drivers at least helping to make the decisions to help kind of make it a win-win for both uber and lyft and the drivers. >>for kron 4 news, i'm ella sogomonian. >>the santa clara county district attorney's dismissing more than a dozen criminal charges filed against 5 san jose police officers. the officers posted racist comments on a private facebook group over the summer the post mocked the black lives matter movement and targeted members of the muslim community. the county's district attorney jeff rosen says his office dismissed the charges so the officers get a fair trial. >>the community has a right for the convictions that we seek and the da's office to be untainted by prejudice and it's my obligation to make
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sure that the convictions that we receive that we obtain are not tainted by prejudice. >>well some community leaders say the da's decision does not go far enough. the president of the union that represents san jose police thinks the da made a political decision. district attorneys who get campaign contributions from police could be barred from investigating police misconduct. oakland assemblyman rob bonta revealed a new proposed measure just yesterday botta says that the bill is in its current form in its current form does not punish punish prosecutors. it will leave it up to the state. the state bar to determine if they violated ethical standards state officials say about 95% of california prosecutors have taken campaign contributions from police bonta says that he wants to hold prosecutors accountable when investigating police misconduct. >>to make sure that
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prosecutors are in their independence and their service and their ability to follow the facts and do their job which to do justice. >>well, some police unions are already speaking out against the bill the oakland police officers association called it a violation of free speech saying that this would silence the voices of the men and women who risk their lives protecting our communities. will formally introduce the bill on the first day of the new legislative session in december. well a murder suspect is in custody this morning after leading oakland police on an hours standoff, the scene unfolded at a business on high street at around 1130 thursday morning. police say an armed supsect just stormed an office building and held a man hostage specialty teams were called in including negotiators to try and defuse the situation. the suspect eventually release the hostage and surrendered nearly 5 hours later. police say the suspect is wanted last week's shooting that killed 2 people. to the
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east bay now the homeless population is growing in pleasanton it's been called you know a case even before the pandemic so recently the city had to remove a homeless encampment that was right beneath an overpass because of environmental concerns. now the pleasanton police departments, homeless outreach team is helping people who live there find housing. >>they don't trust you they're not going to communicate with you. and they're not going to accept the resources people living in their vehicles that's a really unseen population. they blend in. but they need help as well. >>well moving forward the department will continue focusing on addressing housing and mental health so far they've helped least 20 people people find permanent or temporary housing. well happening today in the east bay alameda county is set to allow indoor church services to resume officials say that services are limited to 25% of capacity or 100 people whichever is less there will also be social distancing
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requirements, including wearing a mask saying at least 6 feet apart don't forget that. across contra costa county indoor church services resumed on october first offering a preview of what churchgoers in alameda county can expect. well one church leader woman creek says that some people were reluctant to come back, but. now for folks are starting to show up. >>but each week we've notice that there's been a growing number of people attending. we have them pre-register so we know how many people we can have. >>well father fred says after the uncertainty of the past few months returning to indoor services is just a big relief. with san francisco now in the least restrictive tier for reopenings the oldest restaurant in both the city and the state is getting ready to serve again to not to grill is cloe was closed for several months because of the pandemic from force marine kelly shows us what's on the menu. opening back in 1849 touch grill is
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considered the oldest continuously operating restaurant in california and the 3rd oldest in the u.s.. >>but that streak was stalled by the coronavirus pandemic now the seafood restaurant famous sports to pino and sand dabs served by white jacket and wait staff has announced they will reopen november 9th. this happened just a few days after the city will begin allowing for indoor dining at 50% capacity and importantly for financial district restaurants, not long after non essential workers will be able to start coming back to their offices at reduced capacity lorrie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says for some establishments opening before being allowed to operate at least at have capacity. just isn't financially feasible reopening the restaurant that's been completely closed is super expensive you have to restock your your whole walk ins your refrigerators. >>you have to bring its staff back early to get everything going and does a lot of started the expenses and so to open at 25% capacity downtown
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for example, particularly when there's no office workers that doesn't make any sense it's just like taking a wheel barrel money and throwing it out the door. it's not the only old-school spot reopening tommy's joynt will be serving up turkey barbecue brisket. >>and pastrami starting next thursday. those who work in the neighborhood say they're glad to see them coming back. >>the city beginning to recover. and this is a secret places to an old neighborhood stand by dinner for 50 years 7 and the food is good. >>good wholesome food that tommy's joynt is pretty famous for serving up to a big crowd on thanksgiving day. this year, however they say they are not going to do that will only serve. because they say they don't want to have a super spreader events maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>that israel is right around the corner we got to check it out all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news
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giving goal old dogs a new chance, our senior dog sanctuary in the north bay is leading a national effort to spread awareness and getting outside today will anticipate some cooler temperatures daytime highs only in the 60's for san francisco and oakland. >>well 70's in
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>>welcome back everyone today is the start of saving senior dogs week it's a social media
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campaign made to spread awareness about older dogs, although more than a million dogs are adopted from us shelters each year. many senior dogs are just left behind this morning's flying tails from kron four's ken when can wane talk to the founder of the campaign about their mission. >>rich and juliet are here to meet their potential new family member came. >>the picture of him from. and said you have to check out this. >>hank is 11 years old and was given up by his family in washington state. while some surrenders are unavoidable often over covid related finances. there are plenty of older dogs are a given up because they're just old. >>a lot of people just get to a point where they think you know the older dog can keep up with family in into they traded in for new it's not just you know that's really hard to deal
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>>alice main founded lilies legacy senior dog sanctuary in sonoma county about 2 years ago to give the senior dogs a second chance would you treat your grandmother that way would you kick her out because she can you know us can't keep up can't go on hikes and more know you and i mean hopefully would >>there are thousands of animal rescue organizations across the country. but only a small fraction of them focus on senior dogs there probably are more than 5040 or 50 in the united states and you're like 14,000 rescues. >>so it's a very small percentage very small percentage. >>saving senior dogs week is a national campaign to raise awareness about homeless senior dogs in the u.s.. estimated about 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year in this country and with senior dogs often the last choice for adoption they can be the first to be put down. >>see your dogs are perceived to be very difficult to opt out which in fact they're not. >>alice has a stable jobs or
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living happy lives despite some with medical conditions even life threatening illnesses. she says that shouldn't be a reason to give up on them. she points to a dog named faraday that was adopted out. >>that said he would be probably lived for maybe 2 to 3 months that was a year ago september and he's been a phenomenal hospice home he's getting very good medical treatment and he's just a happy >>the proceeds from saving senior dogs week will be divided among participating rescue organizations to support their efforts and to help establish new senior rescues they are incredibly grateful. i think this thing that i have learned the most from these talks over the years is gratitude. >>every single one of them just exhibits incredible gratitude. which brings us back to hank he looks like he's strong and healthy and in good shape. >>and we're happy to take care of him and his later years. he wasted no time in getting a the next
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>>going home by >>so happy for having found a home and that just makes the weekend a little bit sweeter as we make our way into this weekend something else that might just top it off on a nice way we're looking at some fall-like weather temperatures really falling. these next couple of days and as we make our way through the forecast we're going to be looking at conditions out there gradually only getting cooler into your saturday and sunday too so this is definitely some good news for us after what has been such warm weather so far this fall looking out there at our live camera in san francisco. yeah we do have a little bit of low lying cloud cover not sure clearest of mornings but this cool marine layer is actually spared us are highest a fire danger most of the bay area is now out of red flag warning territory even though we will be looking at a few breezy days ahead of us were pretty calm right now for bayside cities inland areas, definitely a bit breezy
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winds become more widespread later on today into tomorrow morning we come down yet again winds pick back up into tomorrow afternoon though then come sunday and this is the day that has a lot of us concerned especially sunday night into monday morning as winds will pick up even more so resulting in what could be one of the most significant wind event of the year so far we are going to see winds gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour at times across the bay, not just for upper elevations, inland too but also towards the coast in the bay shore. could result in not just heighten the fire danger but also potential of downed branches down trees loss of power for some so we have multiple advisories to talk about the first is our loan red flag warning hanging out here in the bay and that is for solano county and then lake and mendocino county as well to the north elsewhere in the bay area, those red flag warnings have now since expired what is left on the map now is high wind watches in the more golden hue that you're looking at for upper elevations of the peninsula, most of the north bay and then
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and east bay to these will take effect from sunday into monday during that uptick in wind speeds that we are going to be seeing later on in the weekend which will result in that for some damage on some trees as well as also looking at some of the just the stronger winds resulting in higher fire danger. high pressure now out of the region we are seeing this low entering the picture and resulting in those cooler conditions, i'll be is still steady as far as wind speeds go we're not out of the woods just yet as far as that is concerned 50's and 60's for coastal spots for daytime highs today feeling a lot more like fall at the coast as well as for bayshore in inland areas, daytime highs for the bayshore mostly back into the 70's today was saying carlos at 76. redwood city, san mateo mountain view at 74 degrees each temperatures in the south bay in the mid 70's with santa clara and san jose at 75 degrees. each. the east bay, mostly 70's for you a few 60's right along the bay shore in oakland berkeley and richmond while walnut creek up to 80
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degrees today along with you in walnut creek at 80 vacaville right up to 80 degree mark upper 70's for most of the rest of the north bay and then temperatures down into this coast. mostly in the 50's to 60's 70's and sandra fell on up to santa rosa. here's a breakdown of your next 7 days will start with our inland areas, upper 70's for your daytime highs today down from the 80's where we had been look at where we're heading into saturday sunday and monday low 70's for these same areas. temperatures next week to gradually increase back up into the low 80's for these inland spots. bayside areas, 60's today and tomorrow then 70's return into the rest of the forecast and coastal spots remaining pretty steady in the 60's as i mentioned for you or greatest of winds are expected from sunday into monday. these days right here the ones to watch out for concerning the strongest of winds. robin hey like that forecast wrong with the exception of the winds but 70's look really good much more comfortable. >>all right, let's go outside and take a peek at the bay
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area bridges we're checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza your trip into san francisco is picking up more folks are rolling in. >>but i don't see any big problems right now so you're in pretty good shape. it's quiet under 10 minutes off to the fremont street exit we're heading over to the golden gate bridge we're checking in on one oh one sometimes it's just covered in fog, sometimes it's not. this is one of those good mornings where traffic is looking good. we don't have any fog across the span and so far we're at the limit into san francisco. all right one more and that's the richmond sandra fell think also hot spot free. it's going take a couple of hours for traffic to really pick up here so you have time to beat the rush just get on out there. no problems into the north bay and the san mateo bridge. our busiest bridge as usual already crowded here west of the toll plaza, the salt pack up and roll out early on west 92, it's always the first one to start stacking up at least we don't have any problem so all is well up and over the high rise into foster city. well for your health this morning, a local expert says that poor sleep may decrease
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flu shot effectiveness. i didn't know that well according to a cal berkeley sleep specialists insufficient sleep the week before getting your flu shot can actually reduce the body's normal antibody response by up to 50%. now if those levels the flu shot would be highly ineffective experts are encouraging everyone to get the influenza vaccine. this year because the symptoms are very similar to covid-19 so don't forget to do that and are you watch. and often enough that's a big question. well according to a you gov poll as many as 85% are not washing or of fabric face coverings properly between uses that's very important. more than half of those using disposable mask, aren't throwing them out likely, you know like they should after a single you said i want to do that. well experts suggest that washing your usual boss after every use you have to do that hand washing it some very good detergent is fine and
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then if you're on the go you can spray about 70% alcohol on it you can do that to spread right on the mass and then let it sit there and let it dry out, it's also recommended the store fabric mask, you know make sure it's clean make sure it's 3 in a resealable plastic bag between your uses don't just leave it, you know laying around anywhere because going to 30 again so that's important. all right looks like a little peek outside we're checking in on conditions outside your door. there's a live look at the airport sfo. no reports of any major ice by daria i spy james over there at the anchor desks are getting ready for the kron 4 morning news at 5 so we'll be right back stay with us. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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>>coming up in the next hour, the scott peterson case will return to the courtroom today when a judge in stanislaw county will be determining coming up in a live report. plus more businesses can now resume indoor services in alameda county. and kids can now go to playgrounds in san jose after nearly 7 months, the 7 month high as we're live with the reopening coming up in a report stay with us we'll be right back.
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>>happening today, scott peterson's case will be back in court as a judge decides who will represent him in a new hearing we're live at the courtroom. in alameda county is making progress in the coronavirus fight as a result of that orange or businesses are opening. >>hundreds of playgrounds in san jose will finally reopened after months of being close i live with all the guidelines coming up. news station you're watching
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>>ari a pulse and i'm james fletcher and yes. it is friday. feels good like was enjoying the wheel longest week of the really was probably felt like it, i know weather wise. we've had a rollercoaster week with red flag warnings and power shut offs all because of the temperatures in the when hopefully things will calm down this weekend. john yeah, least temporarily coming down and my roommate yesterday were saying oh feels so cool in the house today and i was like don't complain about it. i love this i think a lot of us have been waiting for this lie, cooldown that we do have yesterday was the slightest of cool downs today, we're really going to be working our way into what will be an even cooler rest of the weekend ahead of us now today we are seeing a little bit of fog hanging out right above berkeley, it's mostly just some low cloud cover that's moving into those camera views this morning. we do have


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