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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>from the area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>we begin with the fire threat thousands of people in the bay area are dealing with tonight dangerous high winds have triggered a red flag warning that is now in effect for much of the bay area and thousands of people are in the dark right now because pg and e has turned off the power to hundreds of thousands of customers. they say in order to prevent a wildfire. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 i'm justine waldman and i'm dan thorn in for jonathan mccall tonight, the red flag warning for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. >>has been extended through tuesday at 05:00pm this map right here from the national weather service showing the areas that are right now under red flag warning you could see
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that all cities from santa rosa down to santa cruz and gilroy are under a red flag warning tonight, coastal regions, santa cruz mountains and lower valleys are also under a red-flag warning but that runs through 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. >>pg e has already turned off the power to 225,000 customers across the state with 136,000 more expected to lose power at some point tonight and the power is already off in the north bay. the areas marked here in purple that with that triangle that's the places that have already lost power pg e is turning off the power because the wind gusts could knock over a power line and start another devastating fire. once this wind event is over power will be restored in phases. starting monday night through tuesday night. and we have team coverage of tonight's events kron four's gayle ong is live for us now in the east bay, where the
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winds have just started to pick up. we'll have the latest from her in just a few moments. but first want to check in with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she is monitoring the areas that are under wind advisories. >>a bay area tonight at the winds are really going start whipping later this evening, yeah, they're already starting to whip out there right now justine and and in fact mount lena. >>just a half hour ago already reported a wind gust of 75 miles per hour. that's equivalent to a category one hurricane and we're already seeing those northerly winds for those of you in the north bay specifically the valleys now extending into the east bay so the gusty as wind storm that we've seen all year long happening right now in the bay area for the north bay, it is underway right now through 4 o'clock monday morning. and for the east bay, it will arrive by around midnight through 8 o'clock in the morning for the rest of the bay area shortly after midnight through mid morning at 9 o'clock so we're starting
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to notice the change in wind direction out of the north and east textbook example of those offshore winds with future wind gusts overnight so elevated fire danger concern stream lea critical fire danger conditions, not just for hills, but also for valleys as well justine and dam and future wind gusts will show that when the red flag warning expires for the bay area early monday morning. we're still going to have that red flag warning in effect for the north bay mountains and east bay hills that has been extended as we mentioned through tuesday evening and relative humidity out there right now already in the single digits little to no moisture already in the valleys of the north bay because of those double digit, northerly wind speeds out there and that is going to continue on monday even into tuesday as we're still going to see a very dry air mass even as the winds have calmed down so right now we are all
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under wind advisories and red flag warnings in the bay area could see gusts upwards of 70 miles per hour for most of the north bay mountains in the east bay hills including the diablo range and even along the valleys and coast of the bay area gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour less tracking it all from the kron 4 weather center here primetime news just in and and back to you. >>thank you so much debris so we will go not to the east bay where people are on high alert tonight because of the red flag warnings the wind advisories and those pending power shut offs from for long joining us now from berkeley gayle, how are people preparing tonight. >>damage is seen it is a wait and see situation especially in the berkeley hills i was just up there today where residents are on standby. they're still undecided if they're going to leave the area to avoid the wind event. here downhill we're starting to feel a light breeze but that of course can change in hours. berkeley residents are bracing for yet another power shut dunn.
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>>prepared to lose power last year pga need to shut off power a couple times. fortunately my neighborhood, my particular the neighborhood did not get affected. but the campus and a lot of a lot of my friends in the area to get affected. bob's though is one of roughly 16,000 pg e customers in alameda county who may lose power. he knows the risks living near the berkeley hills, he remembers a brush fire that broke out 2 years ago there's a spark in the hills and it caused a little fire. >>remember correctly the fire department able to put out within the day. but definitely i'm little concerned, but jon mannah lived through the devastating 1991 tunnel fire in the berkeley and oakland hills that spread to homes right now is when the berkeley fire department showed up and said. >>get the how out of here man lives in the panoramic hill neighborhood, the city of berkeley issued a pre evacuation warning over the weekend ahead of the high wind event expected sunday evening through monday morning. anticipating powerful winds strong enough to knock down power lines and trees that can block an evacuation route man
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is staying home because he lives downhill. it's a straight shot off the hill for us but the people live up here. they're really in danger. it's an area of concern because cars can only access a neighborhood by one narrow windy road in the area compounded by mountainous terrain has limited water supply making it the most vulnerable to a wind driven fire. >>so i last checked genie is expected to shut the power off and that panoramic neighborhood some time now 8 o'clock between 10 o'clock and they should get their power back monday night we're live in berkeley gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle and now update on the pope fire that is burning in napa county we've just learned it is 100% contained and the reins at 61 acres cal fire says firefighters made good progress on containment overnight and there have been no injuries or structures damaged. in petaluma now police arrested a man after he
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allegedly hit an on-duty petaluma police firefighter with this car. but just to back up here second you can always get updates on breaking news by downloading the kron 4 news app. back now to the story in petaluma where police have arrested a man. this morning after he allegedly hit. an off-duty petaluma firefighter with his car firefighter was hit while tending to a patient in the parking lot of a shopping center north mcdowell boulevard the firefighter told officers that the suspect named everal thompson approached him and began to ask questions. thompson was asked to leave and that is when the suspect allegedly then got into his vehicle and intentionally drove his car straight at the firefighter, it's unclear how that firefighter is doing tonight. the suspect was taken to the sonoma county jail and booked for assault with a deadly weapon down a firefighter, and
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also being a felon in possession. of a loaded firearm. the senate advanced judge amy coney barrett supreme court nomination in a key procedural vote on sunday paving the way for a final confirmation vote to take place on monday. reporter anna were tacky is in washington with more. >>and it will come to order in an unusual sunday session, the senate voted 51 to 48 to end a beat and schedule a final vote on judge amy coney barrett nomination to the u.s. supreme court is something to really. >>be prou- of and feel good about senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called the procedural vote a victory republicans are on track to confirm barrett before election day i oppose her nomination senator dianne feinstein says barrett will allow the court to a race many of the rights justice ruth bader ginsburg fought to
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protect its a travesty a travesty senate minority leader chuck schumer says the senate should wait until after the election to fill the supreme court vacancy confirming a lifetime appointment this late into a presidential election season is outrageous schumer has repeatedly tried to slow berreth's confirmation process, including forcing a rare closed session on friday. >>illinois democrat dick durbin says the senate should be focusing on other issues, the republican leader mitch mcconnell says we have no time to discuss covid-19. >>but we have all the time we need to make sure we have our supreme court justice on the bench, but mcconnell says a full nine-member high court must be a priority because it's a lasting impact long beyond election day. the senate is doing the >>we're moving. >>this nomination forward this senate now has 30 hours to beat berets nomination before the final senate confirmation vote. which mcconnell says will take place late monday in washington, i'm anna warning
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key. >>president trump make campaign stops in new england today as election day creeps closer the president holding rallies in new hampshire and maine. >>in the granite state the president is currently trailing democratic nominee joe biden at the event that was held at an airfield in london very the president rallied against socialism and said that the country is again rounding the turn on the pandemic. >>many of our greatest companies and labs coming out very quickly with the vaccines are doing great very shortly very quickly it's going to be delivered fast that will quickly end the pandemic and sending anyway we're rounding the turn but the vaccine will get it down fast. >>because we want normal life to resume normal life. we just want. >>meanwhile vice president mike pence says that he'll continue campaigning. despite being exposed to coronavirus at least 5 people within the v p's inner circle of recently tested positive pence's chief of staff mark mark short was one of those people. vice president did test negative today and after consulting
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with white house doctors. he's decided to keep traveling. >>kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season and now we're just 9 days away from the november, 3rd election which is the last day to vote. >>and kron four's committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know and we will investigate you can also e-mail us at voting kron 4 dot com. meanwhile taurus continue to be the target of smash and grabs in san francisco take a look at this video that was caught on dash cam video earlier this week in the world famous lombard street. well, this has been an ongoing issue for visitors and people living near the popular spot. sfpd says overall smash and grabs are down in the city this year. kron 4 s taylor bisacky has more on what some thieves are turning to instead. >>another san francisco smash-and-grab caught on camera you can see the thieves
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double parked next to the victim's car, one of them holding things in and out of the broken windows. this video shot on dennis signs dash cam on wednesday he relentlessly hunters cardboard to stop the thieves but they were unphased of less sick and i saw these guys a break in the one the cars. >>base much the window that was sent to that will get from the tourist. i tried to stop and i was just honking like normal stuff tried to make force them to stop. but that didn't happen they could you know grabbing a hold of the longest, anyways it all happened right next to the famous crooked lombard street sign says the victims were 2 tourist from florida who had all of their belongings they mention their purses and wallets. >>money. couple cell phones. >>yes, and the passports while lombard street's a known hotspot for tourists and consequently for thieves by car was broken into this year. >>i park here on the still see broken saw 2 people had car broken into yesterday
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afternoon, i'm looking the glass over here. >>car break ins are actually down this year according to the latest reports, san francisco police say theft from a vehicle is down 38% from last year that's comparing the months of january through august police attribute this to the pandemic shelter-in-place orders and prohibitions against non essential business in nonessential travel signs who lives and works near lombard street agrees but says crooks have now moved on to new tactics with the thing is my the crease rain now has increased >>and then you probably would have right now it's funny with that the rest against something kron 4 news reported on last month. >>as burglaries in the city are up 43% compared to last year. >>in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>here tonight on kron 4 news today, doctors helping in the coronavirus fight now have another thing to worry about what the trump administration is now proposing that's next plus a surging number of new cases forces italy to issue
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new restrictions and on national cu
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>>now to our 4 zone forecast much cooler temperatures out there, but we still have to worry about this fire danger the extreme weather out there kron 4 meteorologist risa rodriguez joining us now with a look at what we can expect. >>yeah that's right dan and just teen right now we're under wind advisories and red flag warnings for all of the
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bay area, current wind speeds out there right now already gusty and most of the valley's dropping relative humidity in the single digits out there right now so critical an elevated fire danger concerns for your sunday night and it's because of these northerly winds right now over nap and fairfield sustained at 20 to 25 miles per hour with gusts in the 30 mile per hour range and we're noticing those northerly winds extending into the east bay but along the coast of the san francisco peninsula coastline in the bay area still tracking a little bit of a sea breeze, but those winds also going to shift out of the north in about an hour or so in today's daytime highs. we were either at or slightly below normal and temperatures out there right now pretty toasty for those of you in the north bay like of marine layer, though right now because of those northerly winds pushing that fog bank away from the bay area coastline and tracking near double digit warming for those of you in santa rosa and napa because you're starting to notice the peak of the winds
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right now out there for your sunday night temperatures for the most part 50's along the coast you can see right along the immediate coastline from novato all the way to happen than the mid 50's but in the upper 60's for those of you and the label because of those double digit, northerly winds widespread low to mid 60's everywhere else and overnight lows tonight will dip into the 40's for most of the north and along the coast with the low to mid 50's for everyone else and daytime highs tomorrow warming up 5 to 10 degrees because of those warm dry offshore winds so widespread low to mid and even upper 70's as we take a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. the warming trend will continue with some of our valleys cooling down into the 30's so near freezing temperatures all the way through thursday morning and along the bay and along the coast we're going to be in the 40's for overnight lows, but temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees above average and as you can see just end and as we take a look at saturday for your halloween it
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is looking like a very dry outlook and warm as well for all of you trick or treaters if you do have any plans for this covid time the right now critical for those winds out there this evening at tonight's night to be watching for sure yeah. thank you for reason. >>all right britta thank you. well. pope francis is name 13 new cardinals including washington dc archbishop wilton gregory the announcement comes. gregory would now be the first african american cardinal gregory was picked to to lead the dcr shine diocese last year. >>and he served 3 times as the head of the u.s. conference of bishops kelley hoskins explain it's to us now what this historic appointment means going forward. >>said it in a speedo pope francis said sunday he would elevate archbishop wilton gregory to cardinal next month, making him the first african-american to hold the title the bishop wilton gregory is one of 13 cardinals in the new class amount by france's currently serves as
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archbishop of washington dc and appointment that was made last year after 14 years as archbishop of atlanta. he served as the 70 bishop of bellville from 1993 to 2004. bishop michael mcgovern with the bellville diocese and current bishop issued a statement early sunday congratulating gregory and it reads in part on behalf of the clergy and faithful of the diocese of bellville i think our holy father pope francis for the wonderful news of his appointment. archbishop wilton gregory as a member of the college of cardinals parishioners say while gregory's appointment as archbishop of atlanta, happened 16 years ago the priest and the people of bellville continue expressing their affection for him want to congratulate him he did or i think an excellent job while he was here in bellville. >>it will do a great even doing a great job there in and i'm happy to see that the pope for selected him and you know
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what he's doing his work and we're really pleased that he was appointed cardinal. >>when he was here is just a very down to earth priest he was so intelligent but he would talk on terms that we understood we just loved him very warm, good man prize winners so that in the news on my cell phone. early this morning as because i had a vision of was enacted a good you know. >>the ceremony to induct new cardinals is set for november, the 28th and the vatican has not provided details of how will be conducted in bellville i'm kelley hoskins. >>italy's covid-19 surges forcing leaders to impose new coronavirus restrictions. this includes a 06:00pm curfew for in person eating at bars and restaurants, shutting down gyms and movie theaters and banning large gatherings like weddings and funerals 75% of the country's kids will now return to remote learning. italian leaders say they want to avert a full lockdown like the one that was in the spring
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and we'll provide economic support for businesses this time around the new measures will stay in place until november 24th. >>new immigration restrictions may make it harder for foreign doctors to stay in the u.s., a new trump administration proposal would require doctors scholars and others living in the country temporarily to apply for their j one exchange visitor visa through us customs and immigration the process could take over a year, interrupting doctors ability to continue working the department of homeland security says the change will allow federal officials to more closely monitor potential national security risks, medical organizations are asking the dhs to make an exception for doctors who are needed during the pandemic. >>as extreme fire danger threatens our region tonight, we're hearing from fire officials in the east bay on what we can expect a live interview is straight ahead. >>still ahead early voting numbers, surging as millions have already cast their ballots. what this could mean for the presidential
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>>your local election headquarters this election season just a friendly reminder we are about 9 days away from the november, 3rd election but for many americans that will not mean heading to the polls they've already voted in so far more than 58 million people have already filled out their ballots surpassing the 2018 early voting numbers,
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catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics talk to one of our analysts about what this could mean for the presidential candidates. >>yes you know we're at record numbers more democrats and republicans are pressing ballots therefore more democrats returning those ballots continually telling us that they're going to vote late on election day there and but looking at number that's 15 million plus 51 52 million us with 85 million ballots requested nose or record setting numbers these are numbers that maybe don't hit 19 oh 8 6464 and a half percent but they get much closer above 60% in to that 60 low 60's. category 4 participation that is a number that benefits the challengers not the incumbent. so as turnout grows as the early vote continues to come in. that is coming in at a higher rate for joe biden then for donald trump so anything's going to happen the last 8.10 or 11 days. it has to be
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substantial dramatic. it led to what's called negative mobilization where all of these republicans plus a few swing voters come out for donald trump. we're not saying that we're not seeing that because this early vote is so historically huge. >>kron four's commiting to making sure that your vote counts if you experience any problems casting your ballot. let us know and we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>and i'm tracking the dry and windy conditions out there in the bay area, the wind storm sweeps through tonight impacting your monday morning commute. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 we're continuing to track the dangerous fire weather conditions across the bay area tonight, a red flag warning has now been extended into the north bay mountains and the east bay hills, yeah, we just learned that parts of contra costa county have started to lose power because of pg e's planned power shut-offs. >>so we are joined now on the phone by steve hill who is with khan fire because we want to talk about some of the issues that contra costa county is going to be going through he has some advice on how we can stay safe now you did put out a warning steve for people in contra costa county to consider. evacuating ahead of this high wind and high fire danger a vent. >>that's exactly right and it
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was a suggestion especially people who are in particularly dangerous areas of the county one lane to lane roads in and out of hilly terrain that sort of people may need to assistance in evacuating, we did want to get that out early and it's just that those people in particular might give some thought okay to out of the most dangerous areas. the this afternoon ahead of what's going to start here in the next hour or steve then typically is in the areas where there's no high vegetation closer to the mountains hillside so on and so forth. >>so people are living a lot in those areas at how do they prepare themselves and take to get out what should they do. >>how how should they go about parade for going. >>well those residents that are in those high-risk but you're exactly right and those are areas that tend to be a chilly they tend to be heavily and heavily typically there is only one way in and canyons
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for oftentimes just a very narrow one the act in those areas at this point they should probably but staying put and they should heed the advice that we gave earlier in the day and that is a huge if you prepare to evacuate at a moment's notice given thought about plan for doing to make sure their cell phones or charged all of them to make sure that they've signed up for the seat of we're that's best to county alerting system which will use of arizona and our evacuation orders. the issue tonight, and generally that they should be prepared that you think how they expect to leave the air. their what they will take might be a different they typically take every day to go to work or school so we asked that they've given thought to a possible need to evacuate. >>so you're talking about communities and the hillside portions of el sobrante san pablo kensington eat richmond
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heights, the el serino hills and the west hills and the city of richmond even parts of martinez and lafayette these are the communities that you're most concerned about. do you see expanding are changing. >>will just mean i wouldn't say it would expand those happen to be the highest risk areas wildfires in the need to evacuate in our county however i quick i should quickly note that this year is a little different than years gone by and we have a mix exceptionally high fuel load unburned fuel that on the ground and it's very very dry. starting here the next hour or so we're expecting the winds pick up considerably. and also should made is to drop into single digits. so all of that combined means that there's fired wildfire danger across this county in effect across the region of the areas that were course most concerned about where we might need conduct emergency evacuations
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where they're difficult and that's why the this morning and that's why the concern tonight that people be prepared. >>see how difficult is it to prepare and fire crews for these kinds of situations in order to help people that are obviously stressed or thinking about having having to leave. >>well the good news, i guess and the bad news to from the fire crew perspective is that we seem to get lots of this evening, we stood up a considerable additional. resources we have an entire task force and the entire strike team that adds up to about 10 additional engines in crews, we have to water tender standing by that we don't normally have on duty on a night like tonight are con air one ariel fire suppression helicopter, standing by as is or or hand crew crew of fire control workers. so we're well for what may come our way tonight. and into tomorrow the next couple of days actually look a little bit risky as
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we're well prepared we asked that the residents are residents. do the same take it seriously we don't want to alarm anyone, but we do want to get their attention. we've had a pretty good track record this season of keeping the small fire small was what we always try to tonight the conditions are a little bit different there are a lot like they were a year ago tomorrow when we had a wild fire siege of major wildfires in 15 hours. burning all across the county that could happen again today, but i think it's going to we hope it doesn't. we of what we would like all the resident in your viewers first to be aware of the possibility of wildfires tonight. the possibility of the need to evacuate and to give it a thought ahead of time. >>unfortunately we do have some experience with this steve hill with calm fire. thank you so much for your time tonight, we're know you're busy but our viewers really appreciate hearing from you. >>thanks all right we'll be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast into
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consideration. everything that's going on right now meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is now tracking the winds detail just told us. he expects him to pick up in the next hour. yeah, right now there are already picking up for those of you in the north bay with mount saint already seeing gusts upwards of 75 miles per hour just about a half hour ago. >>and when tracker for is showing sustained winds. 20 to 30 miles per hour for most of the north bay valleys with a gust and that 30 to 35 mile per hour range and it is extending now into the east bay hills and the valleys as well so right now we're noticing the peak of the winds in the north bay that will continue through 4 o'clock in your monday morning and then by the east bay we're going to notice the peak of those wind gusts around midnight through 8 o'clock in the morning with everyone else in the bay area seeing the peak of the winds between one to 9 o'clock monday morning relative humidity already in the single digits for napa yacht bill and
8:37 pm
fairfield because of those warm dry northerly winds well into the double digits. that's going to have an impact on your microclimate monday outlook temperatures warming up 5 to 10 degrees from today, mid 70's for downtown san francisco low 70's for those of you at half moon bay. same for those of you from brisbane to burlingame widespread low 70's there so we're all going to be above average mid 60's for foster city, but san mateo also in the low 70's with widespread 70's for most of the south bay, san jose in the mid 70's. calmer conditions for most of our valleys and cities by monday afternoon winds still out of the north 20 miles per hour less 77 degrees for livermore and hayward 78 for oakland and for those of you in napa also in the mid 70's, but novato 80 degrees just dean and dan back to you so much debris, so we'll continue to follow the weather conditions and still ahead a heartwarming reunion between a father who came home. >>from battling wildfires and
8:38 pm
his daughter. we have this on our social media pages he won't want to miss this. i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple.
8:39 pm
for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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>>i'm >>not crying, you're firefighter returned home early from a wild fire. deployment and he surprised his 10 year-old daughter in this very emotional reunion. josh pardon spent 27 days battling the august complex and the north complex fires his family said that his daughter alaina would cry to her mother while he was gone about how much she missed her dad how much she went to see him and he surprised her and they're now back together again. >>well that was a chaotic scene that was happening at a trump rally this yesterday in beverly hills police were called out multiple times including this incident involving the rapper offset. this was live streamed video as the cops dragged him out of his car. >>and then they put him in handcuffs 28 year-old grammy-nominated star was detained as he drove through the rally in beverly hills, his wife cardi b was also there. police said in the video they were looking for
8:42 pm
someone who was waving guns at people. they later let off set go once they arrested a man reported to be cardi b's cousin for the offense. obviously looks like it was live streamed strange event is somebody had a gun good well as a big sports. stay for sure and sports night live is next yeah the forty-niners in new england on homecoming for quarterback jimmy garoppolo in jimmy g. >>we had to be smiling after this one jason has the extended highlights and reaction plus. >>the raiders hosting tom brady in the box that's coming up.
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>>hello welcome to sports night live foxborough massachusetts the home of gillette stadium in the 6 time super bowl winning new england patriots is an extremely tough place to win. but i guess no one called the forty-niners that because what we saw in new england on this day was an old fashion but with it. we pick things up in the 1st quarter. this guy jeff wilson junior was the star of the game he gets in the end zone from 3 yards out or from wilson a little bit later in the highlight 2nd quarter, it's 7, 3, 9, ers look at the beautifully drawn a play by kyle shanahan, that's the rookie brandon aiyuk with the 20 yard game that play set up a field goal to make it 10 to
8:46 pm
3, 9, ers kyle shanahan, loving it right there. all right later in the quarter, it was a long long day for cam newton niners defense drove him crazy here fred it's the interception warner might just be the best linebacker in the nfl the turnover many it would lead to this folks first down so will we got to see the celebration first, here's what it led to collier's just hold his way into the end zone. the extra point was no good so the niners go up 16 to 3 already a promise more jeff wilson junior earlier in the highlight. wolf here you go wilson junior gets in from 16 yards out. nice little shrug there. for the family still at stadiums is 23 to 3, 9, years at the half and niners kept pouring it on in the 3rd another great play design by caution hand this time jimmy g hits. i u for 23 yards. same drive. it's our bore wilson. again speak he had 17 carries for uh oh i'm sorry this is
8:47 pm
still brandon aiyuk. it's nice catch there and that led to this wilson, 17 carries a 112 yards. 3 touchdowns he left the game early with a sprained ankle but clearly the best game of his young career get this this was the worst home loss of the bill belicheck air with the same way and the niners going to win 33 to 6. they've now won 2 straight after the embarrassing loss to the dolphins a few weeks ago, jimmy g had another solid day in office 2425 for 277 yards. he did have a pair of picks let's hear from the good guys after the win. every play it seems like the last play for guys and i'm just very impressed with the character of our guys individually as up collectively because. >>those guys play sir last play every down. when you can do that for an entire game and you play smart and don't turn it over. usually good things happen. nina spots on supposed
8:48 pm
be the gym expect me to be in the ball came to me when i did so. >>i was i was excited to have the first 100 yard but still a lot more improved fun and a lot more to build. >>i think everyone is fired up for this game now is our team's first experience here new we're so far to play this great football weather perfect and that that's what dream now you know you come into this house and put points on those boys and really fun for us a lot of motions law memories. >>especially coming back here seeing the same stadium i hear the same songs, these players. never came back you know a lot emotions out there, but as a fun night. >>win for 49 ers tom brady has been delivering nightmares to raiders fans for 2 decades who can forget the tough rule game as you see right, know raiders fans are still very much remembering that it still is by others charles woodson to
8:49 pm
this day. well now brady is in a different uniform, maybe the raiders have more luck against tampa top. now you all can forget all of that tampa com showed no mercy on the raiders he sneaks in for the score here. we have a 77 game in the first 2nd quarter now brady 5 his boy rob gronkowski for the score those 2 have cooked up 4 more touchdowns than anyone in the nfl history, the size of montana and rice 1410 pat right before the half brady with another touchdown, this time a dime to scotty miller. what a throw their bucks go up 2110 at the half like i told you tom brady showed no mercy 3rd quarter raiders trying to stay their car. finds nelson agular that's definitely his new favorite target that's a 44 yard pitch in cats. also in aguilar could play great and that play set of this car to waller for 6. the pa tea is good and it is 24 to 17 tampa.
8:50 pm
but like i told you tampa just disrespectful the raiders fans just as much as new england tom this time 5 chris godwin look at him talking trash and all that raiders trying to keep up, but it's you can if you're going to turn the ball over like right here card picked off by antwaun winfield he returns it 16 yards and the bucks back in business. let's take another look car got hit where the sun does not shine let me tell you folks that very painful. he would be ok. but it was a long day for him and here's the finishing touches on this one we're going to get to in a second. the bucks so we still see their car suffering. here we go. this time is ronald jones. he gets in the end zone and the bucks go on to win this game, 45 to 20 tampa tom threw for 369 yards and 4 touchdown passes. he also ran for that one as you saw in the highlights, let's hear from the raiders after the game. as
8:51 pm
a production oriented business care about is winning by same time i'm a realist. >>and the job that we were able to do against the number one defense in the nfl. everyone missing practice until today, you know they get to play the game. the awesome very impressed. again that's that's me just being real it's impressive what they were able to do it really it makes it them and make very tough on you'll pass off the games and doing all those things live in practice and you know the stance and communication. the wraps on the conditioning and all those kind things all take into account of what this game is a game of practice in. practicing together again. maybe in real very impress me being you know production oriented we didn't win so it's. you know of an era both of those but again thoroughly impressed that they did something that no one's ever seen before in this league.
8:52 pm
>>all right one thing i think we can all agree on pretty much everyone in the bay area hates the dodgers, including 100 pets find out how pence
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>all righty welcome back a dodgers loss is a win for all of us here in the bay area and for a few lucky giants fans they got a shot courtesy of former giant hunter pence
8:55 pm
pence who was eating at eating dinner at a north beach italian spot. paid for around of lemon cello shots to toe stories come from behind victory on saturday night. pence cheered san francisco at sea lift his glasses. and got a group of locals eating outdoors you've got to love it. i wish i was at that bar with them taking a lemon cello shot 100 pence pretty cool. anyway. the dodgers had a chance to redeem themselves tonight. they start off up to nothing in the second jock peterson the palo alto native you want to palo alto high school with a moon shot right here for the dodgers to make it 3 to nothing bottom of the 8th now raise down 42 with 2 runners on could make things interesting but the dodgers put out the fire. and they get themselves out of trouble right here final score 4 to 2 dodgers. la leads the series 3 to 2 they will try to wrap it up. on on tuesday i think i think they're off tomorrow for their first world series title since and our lexus we game 4
8:56 pm
of the world series last night what a crazy finish. right here, the rays brett phillips with the base hit aj pollack bob loves it. they try running the scores the relay home looks like it will be in time but. throw doesn't make it he put the brakes on. that's the catcher dropping to relay throw and they eventually score the game winning one race win on a walk-off they tied it obviously the loss tonight, but that is your lexus play of the week. and that is all we have for sports night live stay tuned, ♪
8:57 pm
with triple cheese and bacon or chili cheese. try my sauced and loaded fries. it's pretty delicious.
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seasoned curly fries, with triple cheese and bacon or chili cheese. try my sauced and loaded fries. it's pretty delicious.
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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. we begin with that fire threat for thousands of people in the bay area we are all dealing with the tonight there are dangerous high winds that have triggered. >>a red flag warning that is now in effect for much of the bay area and thousands of people are in the dark as pg knee has turned off the power to hundreds of thousands of customers in order to prevent a wildfire much of the north bay and now parts of the east bay in the dark right now good evening. thanks so much joining us here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waldman and i'm dan thorn in for jonathan mccall tonight, the red flag warning for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. >>has been extended through
9:00 pm
tuesday at 05:00pm this map from the national weather service. >>shows the areas that are under a red flag warning you could see that all of the city's from santa rosa down to santa cruz in gilroy are under that red flag warning tonight, coastal regions, santa cruz mountains and lower valleys also under that red flag warning but that runs through 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. >>pg has turned off the power to already to 225,000 customers across the state with 136,000 more expected to lose power tonight. the power d power is already off in the north bay we're taking look now. pg e's outage map, those purple triangles are where the power is out right now because of this public safety power shutoff you can see a huge chunk of the north bay is in the dark right now followed by another big portion of the east bay pg e is turning off the power because the wind gusts could knocked over a


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