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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 26, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>>welcome back everyone, the time now is for 29 good morning to you and happy monday. i'm sure you've been if you're up by now you've heard the winds out there they've been very strong and that you know equals high fire danger we're tracking a red flag warning there's a lot to talk about so let's check in with john trimble good morning john good morning, robin yeah, one of most significant wind events of the year, not necessarily hot dry wind but a cold and dry one for sure humidity is very low winds are very strong and fire danger unfortunately. >>yes, yet again very high at another time getting a look outside it's it hurts our a very clear start to the morning at least it looks nice and all it takes is getting a little closer to the window and listening to that wind outside regardless of where you're at across the bay. and yes you can hear just how strong those winds are across the region calistoga one of our windiest of spots this morning. but really not far behind that for the rest of
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the bay area, san francisco oakland livermore half moon bay petaluma all looking at winds gusting regularly into a 30 mile per hour range well even windier than that right now in danville conquered vacaville fairfield and sonoma are areas into that 40 mile per hour range this morning by 10:15am not much of a difference still very windy. so this is something that's going to impact all of our morning commute watch out for breeze on roadways like branches and garbage that's just blown around and been pushed on roadways during overnight hours by 05:00pm tonight your evening commute will be a bit calmer and into tomorrow, even calmer conditions just yet so we are looking at this wind events winding down over the next 24 hours. but certainly remaining very windy through the morning red flag warnings and wind advisories both remain in effect until 11:00am this morning. as winds continue to gust regularly as high as 50 miles per hour doesn't matter whether you're at the coast or further inland. we're all being affected by those red flag warnings temperatures right now are pretty mild 50's
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and 60's for current numbers with oakland alameda and hayward each in the low 60's, san francisco berkeley on up through petaluma and santa rosa. all in the upper 50's to start this morning. after these mild conditions to start with strong winds temperatures this afternoon will be in the 60's to 70's and a much calmer and more comfortable afternoon still will be breezy but nothing like the very windy conditions were in the midst of right now back to you robin. >>all right, thank you john wall for those of you driving early this morning, the early birds just be on the lookout for that debris jonathan talking about the winds and as he said that will knock a lot of debris around on bay area freeways and roads i saw whole lot driving to work this morning. i was actually startled couple of things blue cross the freeway so just be on the lookout drive carefully and take it easy on the bridges to you know if you're in a big rig or driving a high-profile but no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza we're looking good it's wide open. no issues there downtown san francisco so come on in and while it's nice and quiet
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under 10 minutes after fremont street. and i do want to mention the grass far that we had in san francisco's south to 80 and alameda all lanes are open but a grass fire popped up there. we also had a big one out on the dublin grain east 5.88 eating can there's a heavy presence there because of a fire that popped up but traffic is moving well on 5.80 moving well here on 92 little busy but not bad at all no issues from the east bay over to the peninsula and checking in on the richmond sandra fell less 5.80 at the toll plaza, a couple of trucks rolling through the pay gates but no big problems for you in to the north bay we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. >>well the most dangerous wind event of the year unfolded overnight across the bay area the hurricane time winds. >>triggered power shut-offs for thousands of people keep in mind that the entire bay area is under a red flag warning through today. now the video that you see behind me here this is from santa rosa and vacaville you see how windy. it is regions that already suffered from a historic wildfire season. well
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here's the current pg e power outage map. so check out those little purple triangles you see that. now that's the area that we want you to focus on pg e is turning off power because wind gusts could knocked out. your power or power lines or you know spark a fire so that's the major issue, the major concern power will be restored in phases so a little bit at a time starting tonight and that's going to continue through tuesday night. we'll keep in mind that you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime go ahead and download that kron 4 app you'll get a full forecast we have an interactive radar and you get weather alerts all that sent straight to your smart device so it's great to have go ahead and download the kron 4 app for free right now in the app store and google play. well check this out check out this a smash and grab robbery in san francisco that was caught on a neighbor's dashcam so this happened wednesday was right in the parking lot area near the world famous, you
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know cricket street. while this has been an ongoing issue for tourists and people throughout san francisco and living near lombard street. it's getting pretty frustrating. san francisco police say the thefts from vehicles are down this year, but it's still a major concern for stealing sacking explains. >>another san francisco smash-and-grab caught on camera you can see the thieves double parked next to the victim's car, one of them holding things in and out of the broken windows. this video shot on dennis signs dash cam on wednesday he relentlessly hunters cardboard to stop the thieves but they were unphased of less sick and i saw these guys a break in the one the cars. >>base much the window that was sent to that will get from the tourist. i tried to stop and i was just honking like normal stuff tried to make force them to stop. but that didn't happen they could you know grabbing a hold of the longest, anyways it all happened right next to the famous crooked lombard street sign says the victims were 2 tourist from florida who had all of their belongings taken
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if they mention their purses a wallets. >>money. couple cell phones. >>yes, and the passports while lombard street's a known hotspot for tourists and consequently for thieves by car was broken into this year. >>park here on the still see broken saw 2 people had her car broken into yesterday afternoon, i'm looking the glass over here. >>car break ins are actually down this year according to their latest reports, san francisco police say theft from a vehicle is down 38% from last year that's comparing the months of january through august police attribute this to the pandemic shelter-in-place orders and prohibitions against non essential business in non essential travel. signs who lives and works near lombard street agrees but says crooks have now moved on to new tactics with the thing is my the crease rain now has increased >>and then you probably would have right now it's funny with that the rest against something kron 4 news reported on last month.
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>>as burglaries in the city are up 43% compared to last year. >>in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>well to the east bay now to san leandro police officers are on administrative leave after shooting a man that they say raise the gun to them during a stakeout this happened saturday night in the city's assumption parish neighborhood. the officers have been looking for a different suspect. >>when a vehicle pulled up behind their unmarked car. >>thinking that this may be their suspect. they got out and the driver of the car raise the gun them. both officers opened fire striking the 43 year-old man multiple times in the upper torso he was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. well happening today, the city of oakland is expected to announce plans to resume streea sweeping and parking management yes, it's coming back. >>after a brief pause, the city resumed and forcing parking meters and regulations back in july. but as of now street sweeping and you know the pups parking restrictions,
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you know it's not being enforced oakland mayor libby schaaf and city council members will be announcing the details in a press conference that's happening later on this morning at 10:00am so we'll keep you posted. a video of a controversial arrest until larry county mother is now speaking out saying that her son who suffers from schizophrenia was been by canine she claims that the incident happened when she called the officers to get her son medical help. now we do want to warn you this video may be a little hard to watch a j keto has that story. cell phone video shows a by celia police canine biting a man in the face during an arrest tuesday afternoon. hi to keys as the one who called police the one behind the camera and the one who says she's devastated because this young man as her mentally ill son my heart broke >>when i saw the dog bite his face. and i couldn't really do anything about it. just standing there watching it happen. it's heartbreaking
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starting you off i'm sorry. >>he says her son 21 year-old jordan to tear us was having a schizophrenia episode and she called police to help get him to the hospital first one officer arrives then 2 more seen on video one with the canine partner sergeant celestin a sanchez says officers tried to communicate with gutierrez but he took off through trash cans at a patrol car and kicked at them jordan was still not cooperating in was still not complying. jordan also had one of his hands in his pockets so the officers weren't. >>sure if he had a weapon on him he says her son's hands were always visible he spoke very little and he was scared she is heard telling officers about his mental illness is a schizophrenia audits and just says at some point and for unknown reasons the canine bit pretty heiress on his hip and his face. >>they grabbed his arms and then that's when the dog attacked. so the dog attacked him while his hands were behind his back to years was taken into custody for obstructing an officer and
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resisting arrest sanchez says the entire incident is under an internal review and says 81% of officers in the department have c i s or crisis intervention training for these situations, it's not clear if these once did, but either way he says it's not enough. >>somebody that knows about mental health needs to be with an officer because this is happening. >>too much. and weight off. >>well that aj keto reporting police say that the officers involved are not on leave the mother says she's planning on taking legal action. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a dominating win for the forty-niners we'll have highlights and a recap from their game in massachusetts against the patriots. coming up after the break. >>and we are looking at some very strong winds across the region just take a look at this map right now this is at 05:00am as you're leaving the house here just a few minutes, winds still gusting into a 30 to 40 mile per hour range, i've got ou
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♪ you make my heart sing ♪ ♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>welcome back 4.43 on this monday morning very windy conditions across the bay area to kick things start as it kicked off things. this monday morning you can see outside berkeley right here some low clouds sitting over head and not really something that's going to interrupt your commute as far as visibility goes it really is the winds more than anything else that's going to interrupt you as you're getting outside because we look at strong winds under bridges got to have both hands
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on the wheel and then of course we have breeze on roadways from all those branches and even garbage that's been blowing around on roads robin and i both side as we were driving into work this morning so do be extra mindful of that winds substantial all night long and we're in the 30 to 40 miles per hour range right now for wind speeds all across the region whether you're at the coast or 2 or more when susceptible areas up in the north bay futurecast wind gust by 10:15am we're still in the midst of some of our strongest of winds. so this is something that's going to impact us all through the course of your morning commute ahead of us, not just for early risers but even if you're getting on the road a bit later. it is going to be something that all of the commuters this morning are in the midst of this very strong wind all across the bay area by 07:45pm tonight, look at this a lot calmer situation going on here. this is still breezy by any day standards but a lot calmer than the strongest of winds that we are in the midst of right now and into tomorrow morning to even calmer yet and staying that way into tomorrow afternoon.
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so it is nice to see that wind speeds at least are diminishing consistently over the course of our next 24 hours here right now until 11:00am we are in the midst of both red flag warnings as well as wind advisories as we are seeing high fire danger as a result of those winds we've had grass fires along some roads such as 2.80 earlier this morning. and we are going to be looking at that fire risk due to the strong winds really throughout much of the morning ahead of us and gust as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour regularly i've been seeing updates with peak gusts that some of our mountain tops in excess of 80 miles per hour temperatures today will be comfortable one of the nicest things about our forecast today, some 60's right along the coastline while really most of the bay area rising into the 70's today that's true for bayshore and our inland areas, upper 70's and foster city mid 70's in redwood city in palo alto well temperatures in the south bay today, mostly in the low comfortably cool one and with at least some calmer winds by
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the afternoon not going to be a calm day but just not as windy as this morning has been there is at least that opportunity of step outside and hopefully enjoy the nice mild temperatures a little bit mid 70's for fairfield napa sonoma today while looking at some 60's mixed in with those 70's right along the coastline today, a look at your next 7 days for inland spots shows daytime highs mostly in the upper 70's as for our those are for inland areas for bayside areas, mostly a range of mid 70's for today's daytime highs, not a whole lot different than most inland of areas as for coastal spots, 60's and 70's for your peak temperatures. rounding a sell on a pretty comfortable now so your next 7 days all in all not looking bad over to you. >>all right, thank you john appreciate the update. now let's check in on your morning drive for taking a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light and smooth, we're still trouble free. it's windy out there is john has been telling us just be on the lookout for debris that scattered across the roads and reduce your speed on the
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bridges, big rigs, folks driving high profile vehicles motorcycles. take it easy out there when driving under high winds like this all right the bay bridge traffic looks good. let's check in on the golden gate there it is no problems here. one oh one remain smooth and at the limit so far in both directions so a nice trip from the north bay rolling south to san francisco off to the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 hot spot free. it's very light, it's very quiet, which means it's a great time to go ahead and use a get out there early before it starts stocking up under 10 minutes here to make it into the north bay. now let's talk about the 49 ers the team is resting today after a dominating win over the new england patriots in foxborough, massachusetts. niners quarterback jimmy g he had a soul day against a former team, but it was the niners running game that really shine running back. jeffrey wilson junior rush 412 yards and scored 3 touchdowns but he was carted off. carted off the field in the 3rd quarter with an ankle injury
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that wasn't good and then we have fullback kyle use track also scored a touchdown. the niners beat the patriots 33 to 6 and head coach bill belichick suffered the worst home loss of his career with the patriots, let's hear what they had to say. >>the government fired up for this game now is our team's first experience here new we're so far to play this great football weather perfect and that that's what dream now you know you come into this house and put points on those boys and really fun for us lot emotions law memories. >>especially coming back here seeing the same stadium i hear the same songs, these players. never came back you know a lot emotions out there, but as a fun those guys play sir last play every down. >>when you can do that for an entire game and you play smart and don't turn it over. usually good things >>the forty-niners improved to a 4, 3, record but have a very tough divisional matchup ahead
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for next sunday. the flight to seattle to take on the seahawks we're rooting them on all right the raiders had another home game at their new las vegas stadium hosting tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers unfortunately the tom brady dominated the game throwing for touchdowns against the raiders defense the raiders offense just could not get anything going against the buccaneers defense only scoring 2 touchdowns but in the end the raiders lose to the bouts 45 to 20 ouch the raiders had a tough week leading into this game with multiple players on the o-line missing practice due to covid protocols. raiders quarterback derek carr still praised his team despite the loss. t e nber defense in the nfl. everyone missing practice until today, you know they get to play the game. the awesome very impressed. again that's that's me just being real it's impressive what they were able to do this game is a game of
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practice in. practicing together again. maybe in real very impress me being you know production oriented we didn't win so it's you know of an era both of those but again thoroughly impressed that they did something that no one's ever seen before in this league. >>he's just keeping it after being placed on the covid watch list for out of the 5 players on the line with clear to play yesterday. the raiders will fly to cleveland ohio next sunday to take on the browns. well we've seen the impact that the virus has had on students returning to school but some colleges universities. we're also dealing with the effects of students who you know have decided to just take the year off brian intent has details. >>18 year-old christina downey who lives just north of atlanta planned to be in college right now she graduated from high school was set to go to college in texas. but the pandemic got in the way and spend that much money to be do online classes. so weak. >>so there is a plan just to
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come home and do online and then we thought about it and send. let's take a year. it's going depend. utley, i didn't want to have to pay for school. for it to be on mine, i don't think the education is the same christie, the story is the same as thousands of high school graduates across the country freshman enrollment colleges and universities nationwide is down 16% from last year according to the national student clearinghouse research center overall were you surprised by these numbers we were very surprised by the first by the freshman number so concerned about the freshman is really mixed is is really there are now hundreds of thousands of freshman across the country who didn't show up for college at all this fall compared to last year. >>experts say there could be a long-term impact on schools financially this will definitely be a concern for many colleges and students are of course the source o college and there.
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>>mean i see all the stuff they can do with their fashion activities and sororities and it looks super fun. but i don't think i'm missing or anything because i can just do that next year. >>well that was ryan in some reporting analysts say that freshman enrollment has actually dropped by nearly 25% at community colleges all across the country. >>before we go a little peek outside we're checking in on the airport sfo will take a live look and we'll be right back stay with us.
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>>4.55 on this monday morning we're stepping back into work today amid some very windy conditions in fact some of the windiest whether a lot of the bay area's actually seen so far this year where we're sitting right now winds mostly into a 30 to 40 mile per hour range for the sustained a guess at the moment by the time we work our way late in the morning. there's really not a whole lot of change here so whether you're an early riser or later community you're going to be running into some of those stronger winds meaning both hands on the wheel, a crossing bridges are mountain passes and of course watch for breeze on roads by the evening tonight, definitely a much calmer situation and tomorrow morning will be a calmer morning. yeah. we're still in the midst of red flag warnings through
4:56 am
11:00am today and we'll be looking at those expiring as winds do eventually come down wherever peak wind gusts been will middletown up in lake county saint both among areas with 80 mile per hour gusts or more pleasant and at 60 miles per hour while near oakland, a 58 miles per hour gusts reported earlier this morning. robin. >>all right, thank you for the update john coming up in the next hour a powerful hurricane type winds hit overnight all across the bay area from the north and to the east bay we'll take a look at this morning's conditions coming up in just a bit plus pg e shut off power all all across the bay area because of those strong winds, we'll talk about the concerns over possible wildfires sparking we've already had to wait for the east bay won in san francisco. we have a full update coming up in just a bit stay with us.
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>>news station you're watching good morning and thanks for joining us on monday, we're going to do it all over again. jamie we are. >>hold on i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and literally hold on the winds were howling last night across a good bit of the bay area that is part of our top story this morning we have a high fire danger across the bay, the strong winds and the dry conditions we have team coverage this morning with our crews fanned out around the bay area we're looking at
5:00 am
about 36,000 counties. our customers that is. in a bay area counties that are going to be affected. yes, so let's show you the map we've got a 136,000 more customers now that could lose their power today and this is a pg map showing where the widespread power outages are and you want to pay attention to the areas in purple you can see along the peninsula we're talking about a lot of the communities. they're in the mountainous regions of san mateo and santa cruz counties over in the east bay you can see a lot of communities there particularly along the east bay hills down into the diablo range and then of course out blow we've got a lot of areas in purple and then in north


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