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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 26, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>welcome back forth course is your local election headquarters this election season hard to believe we're now just 8 days away from the
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november, 3rd election. and tonight judge amy coney barrett has officially been sworn in to the supreme court and our washington dc correspondent kelli meyer joins us now live with the >>kelly, the seems like it all happened pretty quickly. >>good evening. grant vicki yeah, it did we just wrapped up with the official swearing in at the white house just moments ago and just 30 minutes before that she had the final confirmation vote here on capitol hill in that building just behind me and it went as expected republicans knew they had the votes to get this through democrats continued to oppose this until the very last second. senator schumer the democrat from new york trying to push this off again until after the election but was unsuccessful in that in the end all democrats opposed the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett and one republican side with democrats on that that was republican maine senator susan collins, but all other
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republicans voted. for judge barrett to become the next justice and she just was confirmed and sworn in at the white house with president trump there by her side and smiling and waving to those at the white house including some senators who rushed over from capitol hill to be at the white house for the swearing-in so like you said, yes, happening very quickly here in washington. >>kelly the president now has 3 supreme court justices that he has appointed and when you think of the the supreme court as a whole. you know it's now 6, 3 conservative majority, but sometimes john roberts will vote with the democrats but even if roberts does that you know have a conservative working majority of 5, 4, even if you know roberts goes with the democrats and you have the trump appointees and then alito and samuel thomas are staunch conservatives how impactful is this move now. >>yeah i mean president trump has 3 justices now from his
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administration his first term or potentially maybe only term as we'll find out next that he has gotten through here and that's what democrats were concerned about of having more conservatives on the court but in her speech that she just gave moments ago now justice barrett says she will listen to the constitution she made clear again in her speech that she will let whoever put her into a position or any kind of election sway her on her position she says she will listen to the constitution and believes in but democrats are definitely very concerned about justice barrett will fare on the court, especially in the weeks to come as the affordable care act comes up in the supreme court the week after the election. >>so kelly if it did just very quickly what is going to be on her starting out. >>yes we have the affordable care act case coming up just a week after the election and possible any election lawsuits that may arise following this,
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we know election day is 8 days away, but will we know the results right away or not that remains to be seen and will any. decisions have to be made by the supreme court following that she will be seated on the court for these decisions. >>all right kelli meyer live for us tonight in washington appreciate it kelly. well nationwide early voting totals for this election have already exceeded what we saw in 2016. you would think the pandemic would play some kind of role in that. but here in the bay area our local registrar offices, they say they're really feeling the influx gas people are really turning out coast to coast guard corps oil bellow she has the latest now on voting numbers in santa clara county and how they're working to keep our election safe. >>voters don't let other people make your decisions for you get out and cast your ballot during a press conference monday santa clara county elections officials hoped to put voters that he's announcing the latest election security as thousands continue to cast their ballots ahead of
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the november, 3rd election in santa clara county. >>we've got a plan to making sure that everybody gets a chance to vote and that their votes are going to be secure. so far the county hasn't received any reports of voter suppression or intimidation at drop boxes and they're determined to keep it that way in this final stretch of the election assistant district attorney james shapiro reminded voters of their rights. >>no one is allowed to intimidate you while you're voting. either at drop-off box or at a vote center. no one is allowed to assemble uniformed or armed people in the vicinity. a vote center. in california. it's a crime to do these things and they will not be tolerated. similarly people who show up and vote centers are not allowed to ask you about your qualifications to vote. >>the county has so far received 388,000 ballots. registrar voters. shannon says
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that's a 38% turnout in the county which is more than double what they had at this time in the 2016 election. says she's hoping for a smooth election day you know we have no issues about official drop boxes in santa clara county we are prepared with backup plans abc and d. >>for every issue and cyber security and physical security the county will be opening a total of 100 voting centers on saturday and they will stay open through november, 3rd. >>in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. thank you know well kron 4 is committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you happen to experience a problem casting your ballot do let us know and we'll investigate. >>you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>want to bring you an update now on that silverado fire burning in orange county in southern california 90,000 people now have been ordered to evacuate that number just went up by some 30,000 this wildfire is moving fast. the
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winds are whipping it. it started shortly after dawn this morning just outside or vine and it is already scorch 7200 acres and that update was an hour or so ago, so it's clearly the number is greater 0% containment. 2 firefighters are intubated right now critically injured today to ground crew young guys, 2630 i think they. say suffered burns across half their body second and 3rd degree burns, so. clearly this fire has already taken a toll on firefighters, they don't know how it started but they know it is spreading fast and we'll bring you the latest as we learn new details on this fire in orange county and a little closer to home thousands here in the bay area remain. >>in the dark without power this evening after pg and e had to shut off the power to avoid wildfires sparking from dangerous winds. the came
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howling last night those did cause some destruction in parts of the east bay. trees fell on homes and cars and blew into the middle of the street as well all right weather is the story want to check in with our meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the latest on where things stand now. what's ahead tonight, arts still whipping out there across the mountain tops not as strong as it was earlier. >>but it's likely to pick up one more time before bring in and the fire conditions around the bay area, so red flag warnings going up not for the entire barrier but over the mountain tops the east bay hills some of those gusty winds again 2035 mile hour gusts. probably some 40 plus mile hour the diablo range and the oakland hills seminole county also expecting some gusty winds there and very very low humidity. we have seen some places today drop to less than 10% relative humidity outside to extremely dry out there the fire conditions remaining high tonight. does not look like it's going to be as gusty as it was last night but that
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being said it is still very dry out there in dangerous fire conditions continue. in the north bay, here's a look at some of the winds of the last few hours you can see the out there some those winds blowing over 20 plus miles an hour and over the mountain tops certainly we've seen above saint helene and we had a gust there overnight of 1289 miles per hour and there seeing gusts of 70 plus there for several hours in a row around the rest the bay area, some spots remain fairly calm in the pacifica 6 miles per hour when there 8 in the san francisco. but the general trend is some more gusty offshore winds and you'll see right here those winds overnight tonight expected to intensify one more time around as we head toward 1030 midnight tonight, the winds begin to how especially over the north bay hills, but you can see over the diablo range of these may gusty winds developing there. and certainly tonight another night of some very scary weather fire danger running high. tomorrow afternoon. all right lawrence. governor gavin newsome is being criticized over his strict covid-19
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guidelines. >>for thanksgiving. the governor and the department of public health really safety guidelines for all private gatherings of a state the gatherings have to be held outside a maximum of 3 households can participate in one celebration guess may only go inside use the bathroom if it's sanitized. guests must wear masks when not eating and then remain 6 feet apart, while they are eating and singing and shouting. strongly discouraged and people should spend no more than 2 hours together several celebrities, including former nbc news and fox news host. megan kelly there among the critics calling these restrictions insanity. >>up next an unforgettable birthday surprise for one little boy how an entire community came together for an epic reunion months in the making. plus 9 ers head coach kyle shanahan races, running back jeff wilson junior who came out of nowhere to have a career best game yesterday sports director jason dumas us
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has that plus raiders reaction to their loss tom brady in the box coming up. and his covid killing the flu. what experts say about a nosedive in flu cases around the globe.
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>>your health tonight experts are saying that the flu actually appears to be vanishing amid the coronavirus
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pandemic the disappearing act began when covid-19 rolled in toward the end of last flu season back in march, according to data that is collected by the world health organization there's a trend of flu cases actually dropping all across the globe, especially in regions that have already started their flu season. australia for instance has experienced a 96% drop in influenza cases, chilly side just 12 flu cases between april and october compared to thousands during the same time frame last year now one theory for the decline is the so-called viral interference with coronavirus running rampant just crowding out the flu virus. still ahead how young is too young to vote you know about all these props will dig into prop a team. >>which is a hot
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don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at >>17 year-old sav the right to vote that's the question behind prop 18 which would allow just that but there is a caveat. >>christina pascucci explains and she talks to both supporters and opponents of prop 18. >>proposition 18 would give 17 year olds are right to vote in primaries and special elections if they are turning 18 by the general election. secretary of state alex the dia says vote yes probably this 18 is not about lowering the voting age. it's simply about. >>allowing any young voters
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who is eligible to vote in a general election to be able to have their voice heard in a primary election proposition a team. would frankly just bring us some migrants but 18 other states already do hideous as its the energy of young people that's been the catalyst for change when fighting against climate change demanding gun control calling for social justice activism amongst young citizens throughout our nation's history is been one of the most important forces and moving our nation forward and in california more than 600,000 youth under 18 have pre-register to vote to huge indicator of there willingness their preparedness their eagerness to participate in the electoral process when they turn 18 those who oppose prop 18 say 17 year-old are not ready to make big decisions on ballot topics like taxes proposition 18 would let high school students vote on tax increases in primaries and special elections and that could be
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the margin that raises taxes and maybe they're not seeing all the information and maybe they don't remember how many times texas have already been raised for the same purpose, the howard jarvis taxpayers association taxes are too high says vote no on prop 18 there are millions of registered voters in los angeles county taxes for a specific purpose, special purpose. >>such as a tax that will be used only for schools must receive a 2 thirds vote of the electorate. and sometimes that's very narrow margin in terms of the number of voters and a small number of voters can make a big difference governor newsom and the california school boards association also support prop 18 days young citizens are literally just months away from being able to serve in the being able to serve in a jury. >>being able to run for office themselves. >>that was christina pascucci reporting for us in kron 4 has you covered this election for details on where you can drop off your ballot. head to our
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website at kron 4 dot com there you can find a map of ballot box locations as well as times for when your ballot can be dropped off. >>for sports. >>the niners road, the best defense in the nfl all the way to the super bowl last season yesterday that unit dominated the same way they did all of last year they held the patriots to just 3 points. they picked him off 4 times 3 of them coming off former mvp cam newton it would probably be unfair to hold them to yesterday standard for the rest of the season, but if they can play like that moving forward the niners will not lose all that often and right now they are right back in the thick of things in the super competitive nfc west. another bright spot from yesterday's win was the run game. the niners ran for a 197 yards and 4 touchdowns jeff wilson junior led the way he had 17
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carries for 112 yards and 3 touchdowns it was a career day for him, but unfortunately. wilson suffered a high ankle sprain will likely have to go on the injured reserve later this week where they watch every single play on the whole game. >>i mean every time he gets hit, there's it looks like the goal line is right in front of them and he's doing everything you can to cross that you can see it on the field i want to try to talk to him during the 2nd quarter barely could communicate with me because he was in that spot side and try to mess a mess it up. but i was very happy for him and how hard he played in this extremely unfortunate got hurt. >>yesterday i spoke about tom brady tormenting the raiders throughout his patriots career starting with the infamous tough rule, but maybe the raiders would have better luck against tampa time. wishful thinking tampa time had his best game as a bump as you can see him talking trash and he killed that raiders team and their porous defense 4
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touchdown passes. and a touchdown run and you could see him chirping all game long. it was a humble humbling afternoon for the raiders who won who have now find themselves at 3 in 3. 2 and a half games behind the chiefs. the biggest issue may be that defense only one team in the nfl is giving up more points snag then raiders are per game. 32.8. you hate to see it on offense. the raiders aria problems yesterday. the offensive line hatton practice all week and it showed they gave up 3 sacks and their car was under constant pressure. he also threw an interception all in all this is a team with a lot of holes with the most glaring ones coming on defense. >>we play some really good offense just so you know, tom brady's a problem for a lot of people so is drew brees and certainly a lot of the guys players. we're going to stick together bond together and make some changes in the lineup possibly in the scheme that we use and we're open we
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change the results that we're getting. >>yeah the raiders just getting killed on the defensive end 2 teams trending in the opposite direction. you have the raiders trending down and the forty-niners ever sense that blowout loss a couple weeks ago to the dolphins. they've looked like that team that won the suit went to the super bowl last year yeah i can't get too sad about it the raiders are no longer bay area teams and not going to get many people yeah a lot of raiders fans still that's going to remain the case goes first in line yeah, all right still to come this evening, a heart tugging surprise a young boy celebrates his birthday with the best gift could possibly imagine. >>and certainly gusty winds around the bay area now and a cold night ahead we'll talk ab
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>>a young boy in upstate new york was given the surprise of his lifetime for his birthday he said it was better than any gift he could on rock yeah young daniel turned 9 recently the only thing you wanted for his birthday but to spend time with his grandfather who had been diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor during the pandemic but in the days leading up to daniels birthday a miracle happened in the doctors said that they can operate in the tumor and stay them. his grandpa got out of surgery just in time for daniels big day. waited at his house to surprise him complete
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with happy birthday balloon. so it's a great story love that now final check of the forecast with larks i guys nice and clear out there around the bay area tonight, the winds and the gusty in spots but boy down the lonesome of allies it's going to get pretty chilly out there for tonight in fact we're expecting the skies. stay mostly clear tonight all night long those offshore winds kicking in. >>the temperatures dropping off outside some lows going to be in the 30's in some of the north bay impacts on those chilly temperatures developing overnight tonight. but those gusty winds will continue looks like we're going to see that happen to be the case is we're going to see those gusty winds tomorrow on looks like things subside by the afternoon by. (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage.
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>> the mortar hornet nest was right in their backyard. inside the murder hornet extermination operation. >> what was your reaction? then, defiant mike pence, he won't quarantine. >> mike pence will not change his campaign schedule. white house halloween, it's many melania trump and the big move. just. >> four more years. >> say what? >> call me george. i don't know if i should be insulted. >> cardi b chaos. holding her bag as her husband is


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