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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 26, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ve happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,... ...serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common... ...and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,... ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. the same humira, with the same effectiveness, and a better experience. ask your doctor about transitioning to humira with a thinner needle. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now at 10 it is another night without power for thousands of bay area
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residents. this is the latest outage map on pg and e's website. those pink triangles indicate areas without power because of the public safety power shut offs. thank you for joining us tonight on this monday night i'm pam moore welcome everybody, i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. >>pg and e began shutting off power over the weekend ahead of a major wind event and take a look at these wind speeds these were recorded overnight saint helene a reported wind gusts of 89 miles an hour. >>healdsburg 83 miles an hour blackhawks 68 hawkeye 61 pittsburgh, 57 miles per hour oakland, 51 miles per hour and the danger unfortunately is still not over and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking of another round of strong winds. >>yeah just a classic offshore wind event developing out there right now we've seen this play out we've seen some of the worst fire conditions and some very bad fire start
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under these exact kind of conditions right now high pressure sitting there in the pacific as a ridge builds in behind an area of low pressure the kind of rolls in over the great basin, the head south. we see the huge difference in the pressure systems that's where we get these real tight iso bars, these are these white lines. the closer they're packed together the stronger the winds they have been packed very tightly over the bay area now by tomorrow afternoon that low is finally going to start to kick to the east and the winds will begin to subside but between now and then we're talking about some very very impressive winds and yes, certainly we had those winds today so has those winds gusting almost 90 miles an hour. the tops of some of the mountains there in the north bay was just checking on saint helene and they just now had a gust over 60 miles per hour. so here we go again maybe not as strong, but certainly strong enough that of a fire were to start there could be some major problems red flag warnings going up tonight enough for the entire bay area but over the east bay hills above a 1000 feet we're expecting some strong gusty
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winds we've seen those winds now getting your 30 miles per hour that have been love some latest gust across some of the higher peaks their the oakland hills were gusting over 20 miles an hour now as well and those will continue to intensify tonight with some very low humidity now slow county. those blowing fairly strong to write to vacaville and fairfield some gusty developing again tonight with some red flag warnings posted across entire solano county. in the north bay again above a 1000 feet that are expecting the strongest gust for tonight, we're starting to see some of that some of the mountain tops are now gusting very strongly just above mill valley, mount tam you're seeing some very strong gusty winds there. and of lena above there you're seeing some of those stronger gusts that mountain peak though, just over 4,000 feet so some of that's on the higher peaks down below in some of the valley's remaining fairly calm out there so far tonight. now the winds will continue to roll on through throughout the night tonight and again the focus starts really mainly in the north bay first, but even
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in the east bay you start to see some of those winds begin to pick up as we head toward early tomorrow morning that will likely be the peak of these winds between about 4 and about 7 o'clock in the morning very blustery through that period and you start to see some of those colors again, the red some that purple begins to show up winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. of course we've already seen some gusts to 60 plus so certainly going to be a strong gust tonight, winds ahead as we head toward the middle of the day maybe one last bit wind and then all of a sudden because the switch directions coming out of the west and that means those winds are going to carry with the more moisture and that should bring an end to the fire danger here in the bay area but surely some scary times in the next 24 hours look the humidity has been dry some place down to single digits today even by tomorrow afternoon you're talking about 11% relative humidity in napa in the of 14% in the bottle certainly very dry out there which allow fire to burn very rapidly should a start and well the winds have been picking up now we can see some of that in the north bay to 22 atlas peak 24 soda
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springs, 17 in the out bill 16 the same leader right now. and stronger gust to come down below many of the urban areas though you're probably not feeling much in the way of wind most that win tonight confined to the mountain top so you're just talking about 6 mile an hour wind of the san francisco just 3 down in oklahoma all up in the hills are blown over 22 and 4 in pinole so certainly contrast tonight in those winds but down below we're going to see the winds calm down the air is very dry and the temperatures are going to get very cold for those people who don't have power. they're going to see some overnight lows in the 30's and the 40's, those 30's happening in the north bay valleys just a rough past time to through to the rainy season. thanks lawrence, thank you lawrence. well, a brush fire sparked on the north bay today and shut down highway 12 funds assume city in both directions for a while. >>breaking out just before 2 this afternoon along 12. just south of travis air force base. it burned 300 acres in less than 3 hours at one point
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the fire jumped highway 12 air force members from the base they did help respond to the fire they shared these photos in fact crews eventually put out the fire nobody was injured and the highway has reopened tonight. >>well pge any conducts those public safety power shutoff to prevent wildfires the idea is to turn off is power grid in case winds not down a power line and some dry grassy areas but going days without power that can be very tough kron four's terisa stasio reports from sonoma county. >>the wind gusts and the sustained winds certainly a concern and the wind is starting to pick up at this hour here in sonoma county and this extra burden. the temperatures are starting to drop and there are still a lot of people without power. >>as the sun went down the winds started picking up it could be another long night for residents here in the north bay who already faced the last 24 hours in the dark
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without power yesterday >>5 o'clock 05:00pm. >>and has been out since and he says that this latest round of public safety power shutoff operation by pg needs certainly comes with some challenges super hard because my wife, sandy calm. >>i well i knew it would be johnny did warn us ahead of time so that's good. so i went out and bought thing to try to power or way for internet. so she has something to do all day and she doesn't walk so. around or didn't work as comcast lost power to so she's like home which is reading books all day long with >>so anyway by you know, we're we're trying to get through doing the best we can my father he lives off of cherry ridge road and they've been without power have no idea when they're going to be with our they've given them no estimate of forced oral time. >>he's got a generator and he doesn't know how long that propane and that generator is going to last him. >>scott picking up some
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supplies of mike's fruit stand and fulton says that he's constantly checking in with this father who lives near grayton in sonoma county generator. they it's just new installed, so they're unable to keep it pretty much the whole house going they don't have heater and air conditioning. for greater and freezer that keep going and the essentials water heater in time. >>one that he is an issue supposed to get awfully cold tonight. yes, so we're going to see how well it goes and maybe we can turn off the freezer and turn on the heater will see pg and e says that they're working on getting power restored to some areas up here in the far north part of the county because we haven't started the patrols on a clear yet you're some kind of we don't know exactly what kind of damage we will start tabulating all of that of course and sending crews out there to make the repairs and remove any trees or make any wind ripped damage repairs there is some good news that pg spokesperson says that power has been restored in guerneville but they're going to have to go out and inspect the lines and that's going to take. >>some time. so that is just
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adding to some of the hardship that people are experiencing up here. here in sonoma county theresa kron 4 news. >>well parts of contra costa county remain without power tonight because of the dangerous winds and the threat of fire and parts of lafayette, businesses and residents they've had to make do without power. some of them since sunday and now they're going to have to wait even longer for the power to come back on kron 4 dan thorn is live in lafayette tonight, he joins us with the latest dan. >>well catherine up and it's definitely frustrating for people living out here in lafayette to have their power shut off but for businesses it's more than just an inconvenience. it's costly they've already been dealing with a lot so far this year because of the pandemic but for now it's simply just buckle down until this high wind event is over. >>the love by gration of generators can be heard in spots throughout lafayette. the juice is needed to help
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power up some of what's been shut off by pg any intentional outage causing headaches and confusion for residents i miss my hot coffee in the morning. i had holy. >>hot hot water out that half i'm not sure that we needed to lose our power not all that several businesses along stretches of mount diablo boulevard were forced to close signs in the windows turning customers away. >>so you be stocked up on ice to help chilton food and her gourmet burrito shop while suspects without refrigeration bill lose up to 70% of their supply. >>i was just becoming a headache for me to deal with this that happened last year we didn't have power liking almost 4 days. >>next door panache cafe it's the same story and hear if the law that blocked traffic also having to make adjustments as street lights at some intersections were out a few gas pumps were also not working those who didn't want to sit at home in the dark visited community resource
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centers. it's a good place to get a charge on your phone computer or tablet but not having power at home is a problem in a time of remote learning it's been a raft i think the worst thing is they teach music lessons from home on scene now i'm so had to cancel students some are trying to look at the bright side of being disconnected at least we get a little time to lay back in raid and the outside some kind of just embrace that. >>side of things. kind of like of course. >>a vacation and not the ideal. i want to spending my time. >>well lafayette police department will be hosting a area out in front of their station where people can bring in their tablets and their phones or whatnot that need to be charged in that will be happening tomorrow from 9 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon as for when the power is going to be coming back on out here pg any as was mentioned in teresa's report still has to do an inspection on the power lines and until that is completed. the powers is going
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to have to stay off for now. reporting live in lafayette dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>east bay, regional parks will be closed through wednesday morning at 8 o'clock the east bay park district announced the extended closures of 11 regional parks citing the extended red flag warning the close parks include tilden reinhard redwood and wildcat canyon the district says the past weekend's winds down 14 power lines in or near the closed park areas. the oakland zoo is closed today and could be closed tomorrow as well the closures because of the pg n a planned power shut offs in the area. so officials say anyone who bought tickets for the annual boo at the zoo halloween event can use those tickets on wednesday or thursday. backup generators are in place at the zoo to supply power for any animal related habitats or facilities which need it make sure to download the kron 4 mobile app and our streaming news service
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kronon for the latest weather developments in your neighborhood and for all the updates from pg and e on restoring power you can find both those apps in your app store tonight and both are free. we are now just 8 days away from the november, 3rd election kron 4 is your local election headquarters this. >>election season. contra costa county says that roughly 310,000 mail in ballots have been received to bend been sent in by registered voters that is 44% of the total ballots. and new this year for voters in contra costa county electronic poll pats. kron four's haaziq madyun explains how the new technology should speed things up on election day. >>now go ahead and go through an example of checking a voter in so we're going to enter the last name election poll workers no longer needed paper list of names to confirm voter information in contra costa county.
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>>that information is now accessed electronically on pole pads the poll pad is actually an ipad that contains all registered voters info coco county assistant registrar scott caan up asik explains how works and voter walks in the door and they go the person with the >>and then they give their name their looked up their addresses confirmed. the worker verifies that the voter has not already voted. if they have not already voted then doesn't want about to get them. and then they're issued the ballot the voter votes. >>now let's go ahead and check out a voter that has already voted now that the voter roster is electronic ballots can be cast at any polling location in contra costa county, the new technology also needs to enhance voter fraud protection in total pastic says that's a part of the deal the ipads are all talking to each continuously and by the time he got to
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another location location. >>they looked him up with see that he just few minutes previous location, he says the pope had will also expedite the in person voting experience which is good because he says this presidential elections voter enthusiasm is off the charts. i think it's going to be the biggest turnout ever. >>has made you kron 4 news. >>nationwide early voting totals for this election have already exceeded those in 2016 says 60 million people have cast their ballots here in the bay area, the local registrars are seeing large numbers of voters too and kron four's noelle bellow she has the latest on voting numbers in santa clara county. >>and how workers are trying to keep the election safe. >>voters don't let other people make your decisions for you get out and cast your ballot during a press conference monday santa clara county elections officials hoped to put voters that he's announcing the latest election security as thousands continue
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to cast their ballots ahead of the november, 3rd election in santa clara county. >>we've got a plan to making sure that everybody gets a chance to vote and that their votes are going to be secure. so far the county hasn't received any reports of voter suppression or intimidation at drop boxes and they're determined to keep it that way in this final stretch of the election assistant district attorney james shapiro reminded voters of their rights. >>no one is allowed to intimidate you while you're voting. either at drop-off box or at a vote center. no one is allowed to assemble uniformed or armed people in the vicinity. a vote center. in california. it's a crime to do these things and they will not be tolerated. similarly people who show up and vote centers are not allowed to ask you about your qualifications to vote. >>the county has so far received 388,000 ballots.
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registrar voters. shannon says that's a 38% turnout in the county which is more than double what they had at this time in the 2016 election. says she's hoping for a smooth election day you know we have no issues about official drop boxes in santa clara county we are prepared with backup plans abc and d. >>for every issue and cyber security and physical security the county will be opening a total of 100 voting centers on saturday. >>and they will stay open through november, 3rd in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. and kron four's committed to helping make sure your vote counts if you have any kind of problem casting your ballot. >>let us know about it we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. covid-19 outbreak among high school students is being traced back to a private party in the south bay as officials they say hundreds of
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students and their families might have been exposed. kron four's rob fladeboe reports from gilmore. >>students at north christopher high school here on senator risa boulevard and gilroy high school on 10th street are impacted. and it's not clear exactly how many people may have been exposed to the coronavirus but school officials in conjunction with the county health department are encouraging all students between the ages of 1418 get tested. district confirms that at least one person attending a private party has tested positive. there are approximately 200 people at the party at a private residence back on october 16th, 64 people were tested on saturday at a special test center set up to screen those who attended the party, many of those in attendance at the party participating in sports. the district says all sports conditioning has been suspended going forward. the potential exposures are especially concerning since infection in positivity rates
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are trending higher in gilroy than elsewhere in the county says the health department with many so mean this is definitely troublesome in relation to that. >>our mission our goal is to limit the transmission of covid-19. >>especially in areas so that seeing a disproportionate impact. so we we responded immediately by setting up a an additional testing resource that was communicated to all the families and of the students who attended this party. this communicated broadly to the schools of which the students came from their homes schools, whether within care or not or nearby, and we need testing that testing opportunity that testing say on sorry available students attending off schools. >>the state this is because they were charged. >>fees father had to be closed during the pandemic the lawsuit is asking the state to refund more than a 100 million dollars and look or act health permit money. also tourism assessment fees. the
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businesses say in fact they were threatened. permanent closure if they did not pay up. >>california officials have 45 days to respond this lawsuit was filed in los angeles but restaurant officials expects more lawsuits to be filed on behalf of restaurants in san francisco, as well as in fresno. well some relief for entertainment and nightlife venues in san francisco today, the city announced it is waiving fees and taxes for those businesses. the city is waiving regulatory license fees and business registration fees for 2 years is also waiving the payroll expense taxes for 2020. the city says that this is a quibble and to 2.5 million dollars in financial support for those businesses. target says it is offering shopping reservations for this holiday shopping season. the goal is to make sure people have enough space to shop safely and comfortably target stores have already
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been restricting the number of people inside the stores but soon guests will be able to check online to see if there is a line and to reserve a spot ahead of time target will then text to shoppers to let them know when it is their turn to come inside. santa clara county residents affected by recent wildfires can pre-register for disaster relief from calfresh that is the program which provides food benefits in the form of an ebt card which can be used grocery stores, free registration is available by calling or texting disaster calfresh you can find details on our website. >>kron 4 dot com. >>and early voting. an early-morning wildfire in southern california continues to explode inside tonight, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. the latest on the silverado fire burning in orange county. plus text messages from political candidates seem to be blowing up everybody's phone more than
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ever. why experts say candidates are more aggressive this year in order to get voters attention and how you can block those texts. but first governor newsome alleging racial bias in the state's criminal justice system we are following a new i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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i'm jerome gage. i'm a full-time lyft driver. when this pandemic first started, i bought my own ppe because uber and lyft didn't provide it. these companies have been exploiting drivers like me for years. now prop 22 denies us basic rights like unemployment benefits and sick time. uber and lyft are billion-dollar companies, and they still won't let drivers get access to unemployment benefits. that's just wrong. tell uber and lyft to stop exploiting their drivers. vote no on prop 22. effective with racism that's what governor newsom is saying
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about the state's death penalty process governor newsome filed a brief with the state supreme court today under the current process, the death sentence must begin us but juries do not have to unanimously agree on each aggravating factor in the case. >>the governor says that must change because it increases discrimination based on race. he made this claim in a brief in the case of dante lamont mcdaniel who was sentenced to death back in 2009 for murdering 2 people. >>in walnut creek a man is in custody tonight after police say he attacked and suv and the people in that police say a this was the scene this was friday night downtown walnut creek. police say as many as 25 people surrounded an suv some of them were trying to open the driver's side door, others for yelling at the people inside kicking the car. officers hit michael chapman with a foam baton chapman later identified as an
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agitator and counter protester at a rally supporting president trump earlier in the day at that rally police say chapman exposed a ballistic vest that he had been wearing under his jacket. >>the south bay man faces charges accused of sexually assaulting several victims while he was a house manager at hopes sober living in san jose police say 32 year-old justin abraham lopez sexually assaulted at least 4 people. officers arrested him sherman oaks he is now awaiting extradition to santa clara county. >>after a long fight on capitol hill amy coney barrett has been confirmed as a supreme court justice. >>how democrats say her confirmation should shake up the november election also president trump and joe biden both of them hitting the battleground state of pennsylvania, how each candidate is approaching the campaign during the pandemic. >>and the 27 named tropical
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storm of the atlantic making landfall now and headed toward the united states, we'll tell you when
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>>i am grateful for the confidence you have expressed in me and i pledge to you and to the american people that i will discharge my duties to the very best of my ability.
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>>amy coney barrett was confirmed to the u.s. supreme court tonight by a deeply divided senate. >>president trump's choice to fill the vacancy of the late liberal icon ruth bader ginsberg potentially is opening a a new era of rulings on abortion affordable care even his own election kelli meyer has the full recap of tonight's confirmation from capitol hill. >>the senate voted to confirm judge barrett here on capitol hill and within the hour. she was at the white house for the official swearing in >>call her justice amy coney barrett is confirmed. after weeks of rancorous debate. the senate confirm barrett to fill the supreme court seat held by justice ruth bader ginsburg until her death last month star nominee in every single respect. >>senate majority leader mitch mcconnell led the senate through the confirmation
10:31 pm
process with just days to go until the election democratic leader chuck schumer tried to block then stall the confirmation but in the end democrats didn't have the votes and the republican majority did monday. october 26, 2020. it will go down. as one of the darkest days in the 231 year history but republican lindsey graham of south carolina chairman of the senate judiciary committee says this day is simply historic she's going on to the court. because that's where she deserves to be. shortly after the vote justice barrett took the oath of office from justice clarence thomas in an outdoor white house ceremony i know you will make us all very. >>very proud. i love the constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes and i will devote myself to preserving it. >>chief justice john roberts will administer the judicial
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oath in a private ceremony at the supreme court on tuesday. reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. vp candidate california senator kamala harris who is a member of the judiciary committee released a statement on her vote against the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett she wrote quote the american people see this confirmation for what it is an illegitimate move that will set our country back 4 generations access to health care is now in jeopardy. our voting rights are now in jeopardy workers rights are now in jeopardy lgbtq equality is now in jeopardy. the right to a safe and legal abortion is now in jeopardy. the ability to address a changing climate is now in jeopardy and so much more unquote. >>democratic presidential nominee, joe biden released this statement it reads in part the rush and unprecedented confirmation of amy coney barrett as associate justice to the supreme court in the middle of an ongoing
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election should be a stark reminder to every american that your vote matters. a raging wildfire in southern california. this is forcing more than a 100,000 people. >>to leave their homes. it is the silverado fire. it grew to 70 72,000 acres since beginning this morning in orange county. at least 2 firefighters have been badly injured. mary beth mcdade brings us. the latest. >>good evening, you guys will fire officials say that the silverado fire is 0% contained tonight. they say they intend to attack this fire from the air throughout the night on less wind gusts kick up to between 4050 miles per hour. it which case, they'll need to ground the air assault once again. flames light up the night skies in orange county tonight as firefighters battled the blaze on the ground and in the air the fast-moving silverado fire has grown to more than 7200 acres.
10:34 pm
>>and more than 90,000 people have been evacuated in irvine in lake forest 2 firefighters who were working near where the fire started suffered second and third-degree burns to the majority of their bodies. the orange county fire authority chief says they're now in a fight for their lives at the hospital i was at the hospital. >>shortly after both firefighters were. brought to the hospital. they're gravely injured their and families are with them. >>fire officials say the 3126 year-old firefighters are part of the hand crew team please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. and we hope that they have a speedy recovery to fire kicked off around 7 this morning near silverado canyon. well, the air assault has resumed tonight earlier today they had to stop flying for most of the day because the wind gusts made it too dangerous to fly the wind driven fire that raced across irvine endangering people and property. resident 7 grabbing
10:35 pm
what they can and getting out tonight several mandatory evacuations remain in effect all residents north her fine boulevard. >>from jenna marie bay parkway. >>as well as from her eye boulevard south to tribute road from jeffrey road east to patrol high high school fire officials say lake forest baker and and foothill ranch are also under mandatory evacuation orders. >>a fire which one point jumped to 41 today has caused several road closures. >>easibound and westbound 91 to stay true to 41 and state route one 33. from interstate 5 to the to 41 fire officials say as long as the winds cooperate. >>they plan to fly 3 to 4 helicopters throughout the night hoping to get the upper hand on it before the winds kick up again in the morning. southern california edison released a statement tonight saying that they're investigating if it was their equipment that may have been
10:36 pm
the cause of the silverado fire. >>all schools in tustin unified will be closed tomorrow for now in irvine marybeth mcdade kron 4 news. >>and we are tracking hurricanes this is a video from can kuhn showing some of the damage people preparing for possible landfall. forecasters are predicting that zeta will be a low and turk not expected to be nearly as strong as hurricane delta. just weeks ago of course we're glad to hear that for details on where this storm is headed tonight, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence was the latest in a very long hurricane season to one. >>well, here's a the now making its way the yucatan peninsula on as it moves on shore certainly bringing some heavy rainfall in that area now likely going to begin to weaken as it moves across land and pushes out of the some open water. so certainly we're going to see a change coming our way as we see it to probably weaken overnight just a little bit but sustained winds of 80 miles per hour
10:37 pm
right now and say the looks like it's going to begin to push out over the open waters and as it does doesn't look like it's going to strengthen that much maybe just slightly as we head through the day tomorrow but by tuesday afternoon you got 75 mile an hour sustained winds and then as we watch a move further in closer to the united states by wednesday morniwg, maybe 85 mile an hour sustained winds so still a category one and then here we go again and boy just hard to believe, but once again we've got louisiana possibly in the crosshairs of yet another hurricane this one possibly coming onshore as a category one, maybe 2 maybe 4 foot storm surge to worry about as it comes on shore in the meantime though the back out west we go and you can see high pressure overhead bringing us those offshore winds very gusty out there again tonight with some red flag warnings up that ridge does weaken as we get into thursday and by this weekend. well we've got halloween coming this weekend looks like we'll stay nice and dry usually this time of year we start to worry about some rain next week we've got a cold front coming right now doesn't
10:38 pm
look too promising so yeah, those temperatures are going to heat up again we're back in the 80's as we head in towards saturday and sunday inland 70's inside the bay along the coastline. yeah we could be talking about some of those temperatures as we get toward the end of this month, the beginning of november in the 70's even along the coastline right now no rain in sight in the next 10 let's hope that all right, thanks alarms. i'm guessing a lot of you are getting text messages from political candidates and campaign so for some those alerts on their phones are a nuisance but it is possible to stop them. okay, we're see explains how. >>text after text after tax. it's a message from your local politician or that proposition that will somehow either improve or wreck for life quite. straining quite annoying either way voters like joseph r domingo in solano county say the tax just have to stop been wrapping up to 4.
10:39 pm
>>i remember. >>at the beginning of me getting my ballot used to be one every other day we know this is a political consultant who says we may be seeing more tax now more than ever due to the constraints of covid-19 you can go door to door and talk to voters face to face this year so this is. >>the best way to do it so by text messaging you're actually able to talk and possibly if the voter wants to engage have a conversation with owner's notice says the tax should have an opt out option in their legally. mandated to take your name that also that tex list as add some of the time the entity on the other end are actual volunteers legally do not have to provide an option to stop and yourself as high on liam's all cheering for you know the same jones campaign like to stop or see these text just please replace top that's the good neighbor policy, but a good neighbor
10:40 pm
and an ethical volunteer never says will stop communicating with you when asked a lot of times there is an actual person on other end of that text they're just they're doing their part for democracy as for domingo, he uses the filter on his smartphone luckily, i have a filter so it has just been hard to keep up with these text messages given the pandemic in seminole county kay recede. >>well with just 8 days left until the election president trump charging into battle ground states he held 3 different rallies. he was in 3 different parts of pennsylvania today allentown let its martinsburg at each stop he attack joe biden for mostly saying off the campaign trail. and about with people
10:41 pm
enough. we will be. >>joe biden was campaigning as well in pennsylvania, he was in chester pennsylvania, the former vice president urge. president trump to quote have just a little bit of shame because people are dying because of covid-19 joe biden also said that trump is the worst possible president to lead the country through the pandemic. >>i don't think he just study there doesn't have any idea what to do. just doesn't care. on friday. doctor tony fauci the nation's most respected infectious disease expert. publicly acknowledged that the president is not even met with his covid team for months for months, even worse saturday donald trump said the covid-19 cow wasn't really going up. was leveling out. they suggested the doctors were inflating the numbers catch this because doctors get more
10:42 pm
money. one of the hells a matter this where you might. >>joe biden has more campaign stops coming up he said today, he is adding iowa and wisconsin to his travel itinerary for the final campaign sprint before election day. and here's what donald trump said earlier. >>thank joe is down there and they said you got to get out of this basement. >>so he traveled from delaware to a little tiny corner of pennsylvania like great next of delaware. any major streets and he said that he doesn't do these kind of rallies. because of covid you now he doesn't do that because nobody shows up that's >>and take a look at this people putting their i voted today stickers and susan b anthony is headstones seeing something new there saying a plastic cover. the idea to protect the marble from the
10:43 pm
sticky glue and the cleaning process of getting it off this whole sticker thing became popular on election day, 2016 as many as 12,000 people, visiting the cemetery in rochester new york, a spring restoration effort. revealed those stickers had done a lot of damage to the to the a tombstone. still ahead like it or pandemic-era dating you know what it looks like it's all done virtually how 2 siblings now have created. >>a new platform for college students to find their special match and next in sports 49 head coach kyle shanahan, crazy money back jeff wilson junior who came out of nowhere to have a career best game yesterday. >>sports director jason dumas has that plus raiders reaction to their loss to tom brady and the bucs that's coming up.
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>>on 4 sports brought to by xfinity. >>the forty-niners road. the best defense in the nfl all the way to the super bowl last season. yesterday that unit dominated the same way they did all of last year. they held the patriots to just 3 points, they picked them off 4 times 3 off former mvp cam
10:47 pm
newton there you see fred warner getting that intercepted he might be the best linebacker in the league. it will probably be unfair to hold them to yesterday's standard for the rest of the season, but if they can play like that moving forward the niners will not lose all that often and now they are right back in the thick of things in the super competitive nfc west. now another bright spot for them yesterday was the run game. the niners ran for 197 yards and 4 touchdowns jeff wilson junior, he led the way 17 carries a 112 yards and 3 touchdowns it was definitely the best game of his young career unfortunately wilson suffered a high ankle sprain and will likely go on injured reserve later this week push everyone out. >>watch every single play the whole game. >>i mean every time he gets hit there as it looks like the goal line is right in front of them and he's doing everything he can to cross that you can see it on the field. i want to try to talk to him during the 2nd quarter barely could communicate with me as he was inlthat spot side and try to
10:48 pm
mess a mess it up. but i was very happy for him and how hard he played was extremely unfortunate got hurt. >>yesterday i spoke about this guy right here. tom brady he's been tormenting the raiders throughout his patriots career starting with the infamous tuck rule but maybe the raiders would have better luck against tampa well that was wishful thinking tampa tom had his best game as a buck against the raiders and that porous defense 4 touchdown passes one touchdown run and you could see him chirping all game long look at that beautiful over the shoulder catch was a very humbling afternoon for the raiders who now find themselves at 3 in 3, 2, and a half games behind the chiefs, the biggest issue may be that defense only one team in the nfl is giving up more points per game than the raiders is 32.8 points per game. that's the dallas cowboys on offense. the raiders had a number of issues yesterday, the offensive line had attracted all week and you
10:49 pm
can tell when you watch the game they gave up 3 sacks and derek carr was under constant pressure all game long. he also threw an interception all in all this is a raiders team with a lot of holes and the most glaring ones come on the defensive end of the ball have in your we play some really good offense just so you know. >>tom brady's a problem for a lot of people so is drew brees and certainly a lot of the guys that we've seen are very good players. we're going to stick together bond together and make some changes in the lineup possibly in the scheme that we use. >>and we're open we change the results that we're getting. >>tom brady is good, but you can't give up 35 points per game are the monday night football in 49 ers fans were interested in this rams bears at the new so 5 stadium jared goff 5 deer are from 12 yards out right there and unfortunately for niners fans. the rams win this one 24 to 3.24 to 10 that is i'm sorry they remain a game ahead of
10:50 pm
the 49 ers in the nfc west. and that is your look at sports
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>>well as you know the pandemic took a lot away from college students most freshman did not get to move into the dorm rooms they didn't get to meet their roommates and seniors had the graduate virtually and they did miss out on a chance to experience on campus for maps. but
10:53 pm
markie martin introduces us to the texas siblings or trying to help students meet their special someone. >>the traditional college experience learning to juggle it all from schoolwork to social life to dating. but a country in pandemic really took that normalcy off the table and a brother sister duo from right here in dallas was determined to create a space to help people who didn't get to find their college sweetheart before school abruptly came to a close eye does that dream of like what you have on the verge of graduation that your your perspective changes you're like oh god now i want to park their eliana valdez is a senior at yale back in march, she was home in dallas for spring break. >>glad to have some time off from studying when school called leave everything where it was just you're not allowed to come back and that's when everyone into a panic, especially about dating because nobody knew they would be able to find the love of their life before they graduated in an effort to keep covid offcampus social and
10:54 pm
romantic connections for suspended so eliana teamed up with her brother jorge for an innovative assignment. it was originally intended to be a joke. >>when she started saying, you know 500 people okay, a 1000 people oh wow. 2000 people started growing just the people signing filling out this google form the idea. >>ingenious. a dating web site for college students called ok zoom are remaining hopeful sign up log in and then answer 3 personality questions describe your style your perfect date and then you're asked to tag yourself tag yourself that's my favorite, so it's like if you're an instagram post what would be the hashtags you would put on yourself right know beauty of okc there is that unlike tinder like they're getting help he has a lot less superficial buys these truly getting to know someone because they are personally out from every saturday night your e-mail lights up your matches have come in all you see is just an email to school
10:55 pm
general age and their name the rest is up to you and then you zoom because that's what social distance dating looks like in 2020 users are calling it looking up 20,000 college students across the country are signed up and the siblings are responsible for about 40 success stories and those are just the ones they know about how does that make you feel to know that now not only are you the matchmaker for your friend group that you know personally but now for you know who knows how many couples out there it's like honestly, super because this has been looking bowl night since freshman year to get us started dating what's so exciting that there's actual evidence that this has worked for people being able to like touch people like this it's just. >>heartwarming every time sees like people talking about how something that you made is made their life better in any way you know and i think that that's something that i'm almost addicted to now this can only get better. >>it's also worth noting that it's not just romantic connections, the siblings are
10:56 pm
actually seeing an upward trend in friendships parking on the side as well and eliana tells me that after graduation come spring, she does plan to make ok zoom or a full-time gig off from something that started in jest reporting in dallas tonight marking martin news nation. >>remember when online dating was kind of considered now all let's go back to lawrence lawrence chile and stole someone's yeah going to get cold that are so dry. the temperatures are going to drop off in a hurry in the red flag warnings up tonight as we're going to see some strong gusty wind we've seen some of the gusts already in the north bay in the mountain tops above 60 miles per hour already gained over st. watching for those gusty winds blustery fire conditions not as strong as last night and you see the red flag warnings confined mainly to the mountain tops of the east bay and also the north bay above a 1000 feet except for solano county. a red flag warnings up the entire county there but we're going to see
10:57 pm
some of those strong winds again overnight tonight finally going to subside by the afternoon tomorrow. other right now we've got nice clear skies looking good out there the winds whipping up above a fairly calm down below and that air is very dry. the temperatures now in the 50's in the 60's except 48 degrees right now in half moon bay. tomorrow morning that air drying up we're likely going to see some of those temperatures in the north bay down in the 30's by day those temperatures in the 70's 80's next couple days. no rain in sight we've just got some dry weather. the next thing i know i thank you and thanks all of you for being with us have a good night everybody.
10:58 pm
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>> the mortar hornet nest was right in their backyard. inside the murder hornet extermination operation. >> what was your reaction? then, defiant mike pence, he won't quarantine. >> mike pence will not change his campaign schedule. white house halloween, it's many melania trump and the big move. just. >> four more years. >> say what? >> call me george. i don't know if i should be insulted. >> cardi b chaos. holding her bag as her husband is handcuffed


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