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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 30, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>for waking up with us on a friday, the sun is shining beautiful shot here of the bay area today we're wondering about the weekend yeah we've got halloween we've got the clocks rolling back we've got cooler weather fog. lots of things at play john trouble in the weather center keeping an eye on it all down. yeah, i love these mornings where you get the fog and the sunshine too because sometimes it's just gray when you see the marine layer but not so much this morning it sure is beautiful there at the bay bridge and that view and also really nice in your center tower view looking down at the city of san francisco, really just complimented by a little stream of fog in the city and some low lying cloud cover right up above as for conditions, they will remain a little bit on the cloudy side for some this morning but that fog in that very thin marine layer isn't going to last for long and we do get a good dose of sunshine through much your day today, current temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's, although we have had some 30's returning for parts of the north bay like sentence elmo santa rosa and fairfield each in the
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upper 30's right now not quite as chilly as we had been the past couple of days, but definitely cool enough for that extra layer if you're outside for more than just a few minutes, sun shining down in walnut creek and as we make our way into the afternoon areas like walnut creek holding on to the low 80's just barely most of our inland areas backing off the 80's, falling into the 70's to kick off the weekend on a cooler note. robin thank you john major residual slowing on highway 4 after an accident in concord was tying up traffic blocking several lanes so the crash is gone, but the drive time is still very high, especially for friday, a whopping 42 minutes for west for from antioch over to concord because of that crash which is right before they 6.80 looks good the nimitz trouble free and one oh one easy 31 minutes from san jose heading to menlo park. >>the bay bridge commute into san francisco fantastic for friday delay free we haven't had any major issues so far 9 minutes for you average to fremont street that's right on time we'll check more purchase
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and more drive times coming up back to you, thanks a lot one just 4 days to go to the election bay area city stepping up to help people cast their vote and that includes the city of oakland we've got joining us on zoom call this morning, oakland. >>mayor libby shaft madam air always great to have you joining us. the election week absolutely and and first off tell us about the coliseum because starting what tomorrow it turns into a giant voting center. >>that's right. i mean this is a great year for sports fans and voting because the oakland coliseum is going to be in makeup boating center you can't drive by and drop off your mail ballot. you can even vote from your car if you know someone who is worried about standing in line are being exposed to other people there will be curbside voting drive through democracy, it's going to be course socially distance polling places inside the
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arena, it all opens tomorrow, you can vote all day saturday all day sunday monday and then of course on election day tuesday. >>what about preparing for the results, i know that a lot of cities are very nervous. whichever way it goes that there could be some destruction and at least demonstrations. what is oakland doing. >>well we have everyone all staff is on call we've been running different scenario some been planning for this for months so we are prepared and we are committed to safeguard the vote and also create safe places for people because you know it may be a few days before we know the final results of this election so we're prepared we're here to facilitate oaklanders celebrating their democracy their hopes and dreams this country and also for local community there's a lot on the local ballot. i know i'm going
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to be a stumping for derrick johnson this weekend one of my favorite local candidates for city council i hope you get it all with an election this year. >>well a lot of people appreciate the steps the efforts that oakland and alameda county have done to you know make it easier to vote which is you know stands stark contrast to other places like texas forest is where the governor limited the drop-off low drop box locations just one per county alameda guys we've got like more than 60 so you know kudos on that front. >>that's right and if you didn't get around to registering to vote but you still want to vote you can actually show up at any of these polling places register and cast a ballot on the same day so we are making it as easy as possible for you to lift your voice that is your mote that's our democracy we have got to exercise it this year very important. >>let me ask you a quick while we have you i know it was maybe about a month ago little last that the governor made available but was a 20 million dollars for this home key fund where you guys are going to be
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taking homeless people and putting them into properties that were maybe former hotels are dorms and converting that into more permanent housing, how's that going. >>oh it's going great we've actually already started moving some of our now formless formerly homeless neighbors into permanent we've purchased 20 single family homes or converting an old college dormitory in rockbridge and then we just got an additional award 17 million more dollars so a total of almost 40 million dollars and this time we're going to be converting the in at 10 the and a downtown hotel with a special focus on our that is the way to end homelessness with permanent affordable housing as mayor also going into halloween weekend. what do you have to say about partying i know san francisco has a big area of concern which is the castor they're telling people to stay away. what about in oakland
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took to limit people's exposure to covid. well you know, i'm sure i'm like a lot of families holloway has been our family's favorite holiday. but we are not celebrating it in the same way this year we're not going to have trick or treaters and that's just what we have to do to get through this pandemic together and oakland your sacrifices are paying off you've seen we've moved into orange that here were allowed to now reopen some of our churches and weddings and indoor recreation in a limited capacity and that's because we have been making those sacrifices so wear a mask every day not just on halloween i like looking past halloween the holiday season coming up. >>in december it your annual 12 toy drives already getting underway or soon will be how are you guys doing things differently now with the pandemic and people just concerned about that. >>if you have any spare money
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we need some more donations to make the holiday special for so many families that are struggling this year last year the mayor's toy drive, certain 9,000 families in need this year the need is even greater but instead of actually buying toys wrapping them and giving them to people we're going to be handing out gift cards last transfer of germs a safer more sanitary and we're going to allow those families to do their own shopping but we are behind in our contributions so please go to oakland ca dot gov slash toy drive make a donation, whatever you can afford and on monday we will start registering families who need that little help during this holiday season to keep that spirit alive for their children that's a great idea of my all of these you know measures that are taken because of covid and that's a way to save the holidays. all right, thanks a lot there. all right. thank you have the
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election happy halloween, we'll be right back.
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>>all 10 is the time right now john here take a look at the weather and we've been seeing will to shots beautiful that one, but she said there is some fog right even though it's a foggy morning get sort of we do have the return of
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some fog so not quite as crystal clear, but i actually think it looks kind of pretty year with a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of sunshine to that we've been holding onto you can see from timber on right here if you look really close there's that line of fog that streaming into the golden gate. so you are driving through it this morning at the bridges and on a couple spots along the coastline, but more so the knot yeah we're getting a good dose of sunshine on this friday morning as we work our way through friday you're going to notice calm winds much like we had wednesday much like we had yesterday to we're going hold on to these calm winds as we work our way through today into halloween tomorrow in the sunday early into next week too. >>you're going to find that the next forecast ahead of us is more or less just a holding pattern of the same stuff as this ridge of high pressure sets up shop across the region. we're not going to see a whole lot of changes here it's keeping any chance of rain out of the region that's the downside, the good side is we don't have any major heat waves ahead of us nor any major wind events ahead of us to which obviously sparked up the red flag warnings that we
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had earlier this week. daytime highs today a little cooler than they have been mostly back into the 60's for san francisco, another coastal spots overnight at 62 today while daly city at a cool comfortable 65. good doses of sunshine between fog that will ebb and flow right along the coastline 70's and 60's from san bruno through burlingame up to brisbane well 70's from foster city through mountain view san mateo and i 74 today while temperatures in the south bay just a couple of degrees down from where we were yesterday sonny bill and 73, san jose at 76 east a daytime highs a little cooler than yesterday as well no 80's in the tri valley, although you do still have an 80 or 2 in danville walnut creek up to concord berkeley you're at 68 richmond oakland in the low 70's today while on the north bay back into the low to upper 70's temperatures cooler than yesterday's low 80's were in these spots, santa rosa in petaluma as well as nevado all at 76 today, let's get a
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breakdown of your next 7 days of course we have halloween tomorrow going to be a different halloween this year. i don't know how you're celebrating it. but i'm sure it will be social distanced, maybe enjoying some of the sunshine in the backyard, those 80's inland and 70's by the bay 60's near the coastline as for sunday you'll get that extra hour's sleep as we fall back an hour. 02:00am on sunday morning. so don't forget to adjust your clock saturday night. robin i'll try to remember thank you john. >>we're checking in on the traffic around the bay area looking good for our friday. we don't have any because spots but we do have some foggy spots a dense fog advisory remains in place here for the golden gate bridge so keep that in mind if you take a one on one, it's a little fog, especially on the north bay side but no big problems into or out of san francisco. so far we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. it's been quiet and smooth throughout the morning drive so come you don't have to worry about any problems or issues or an 8 minute. so that's pretty quick right that's your average from the bottom of the maze across
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the span and over to the fremont street exit, i'll give you one more we're checking in on the drive times and take a look the highway for so remember earlier we had an accident and concord west for right before the 2.42 sweat that's what backed up the traffic it's out of your way, but it has not recovered it's better, but it hasn't completely recovered so we're down to 33 minutes west for any out to conquer livermore to dublin looks good for 5 1 is trouble free heading for morgan hill off to san jose and then no big issues for the east shore freeway little busy but just under 20 minutes now from crockett down to the maze back to you. in the buzz, the biggest star in college football has covid clemson quarterback trevor lawrence, he's supposed to be the number one overall draft pick if he enters the nfl but the bigger is now is will he be out of isolation in time for clemson's big game with notre dame november 7th as a mom. i'm more worried about his health because they say that
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river is experiencing. mild symptoms and james, as you know probably you don't know my son got covid well away in college and. let me tell you it can go from bad to worse yes, second mile does a pretty wide spectrum right right first of all yeah like you know that hits you like a ton of bricks that then. >>before i knew it thor was in the yard with complications. now he's all better but i can not convey how afraid. i was so football is the last thing that i would be worried about. all we all have a long and productive life like tony la russa he just turned 76. >>and he was rehired as the white sox manager so now he is the oldest mlb manager. he was the youngest with the sox 1975. before we had color film just kidding i like black and white liberals was 34 years old when he started there and
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now 34 years after he left the white sox he's back for more needless to say the game has changed a lot even from when he was leading the oakland a's. back in 1986 and through a triumphant but turbulent 89 earthquake world series with the giants and right up until he left oakland in 1995 opens kind of famous for comeback kids jon gruden was 35 when he first coached the raiders in 1998. they fired him one and then they brought him back in 2018 17 years later, who says grandpas don't got game. as an old foe myself i like to keep up with the trends but this one might be too much even for me crocs crocs taking ugly comfort to the next level. you can buy platform balas iago crocs. too high and too expensive for me, and they're about to release a new collaboration with country singer luke combs his last
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version this is the new ones that are going to is sold out in seconds very very popular justin bieber had a pair of customs, you know these are collaboration partnership is is drew because that his middle name. a fever can wear the cool right. hope not know know what about the kentucky fried chicken was member those yeah might also ridiculous their tidy there's all kinds of you know it and here's the thing is the more i see him. and they can i don't know james they grow on me and before you know it, but i say i swear i will never buy them they're the other what we do. you that's what ended up happening with the sneakers. remember so ally and you are with me when i was shopping ally with that you're with shopping i started look at me now look at look at me now little taste what it's called in go to begin for the okay so i i started air look at look
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at these are little plow. >>i started by seekers and then help you know than the debt, the big ones became got in and then i got those that i got chinese and and before i knew it like i lost all concept. and the ugly sense of shoe i swear i've sworn off i. kyle looking better and they have free in size. now no. those hot form ones almost interrupted you to say is that what is what is it what is that i i don't county attorney who could use a little i don't know people actually buying to wear them or the despite to collect and he's put them up. >>these shows okay how about halloween you can wear for halloween for that you might want to dress up even i got no place to go this i have a wonderful suggestion what. >>you can i this is for everybody but it's happening in new york city they have the village has the big in new york city, but it still has
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biggest a halloween parade every year. it's so elaborate cooled costumes are amazing the kit right, you don't have this really but you we've never been able to go because you live in new york city and they can't go now because of covid this is a video of what it's like it's fey and alec a halloween mardi gras looks really s so here's here's the thing. they are creating and they're creating a with all of these you know the out of work set design and costume designer so so many in the in the entertainment industry guy and so what they're doing is they're creating a miniature virtual pull a parade that will be streaming online and tomorrow night okay your 7 o'clock now i got to admit, i'm not sure if that's eastern time we've got to just go to the internet you go to the home page search for the village halloween parade. what i found that out. >>all all to an end. we'll talk but going to try all i
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >>we're just talking about halloween and the big story which is that you can't celebrate like you did before because it had that no yeah so we've got a lot of local
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officials primarily in the story we're talking about san francisco health department officials are obviously don't congregate in large groups we talk about the castro. >>that's a no-go this year and the sort of put together some do's and don'ts guidelines for everybody that they can follow and kron 4 sarah stinson has been following that from san francisco live this morning. >>with a mask probably not the same wanted wear on i like on for there. >>mean i still have a spooky mass grave, but i mean most people are probably just going to be staying home anyways right that's the best way to stay safe. there's so many things you can do at home to stay safe on live right now in the castro and i've been talking to people about what they're going to do because as we know city leaders are saying don't come here don't even think a parting here. people are saying i have no clue, what i'm going to do it's the weirdest halloween we've ever seen take a look at this screen right now you can see exactly what city leaders are saying is not allowed and that includes indoor private
8:24 am
gatherings with different households that means don't invite a bunch of friends over and thankful we're staying in so that must be safe right. organizing group gatherings other indoor the spaces that are indoor outdoor unauthorized street fairs or festivals that have been created from those close streets, you know those close so the people can walk and enjoy the outdoors will don't use that as an advantage to have a block party that's not what we want to see and let's talk about what is discouraged traditional door to door trick or treating those so said some kids will not get to be doing that some of them for the first time ever trunk or treating between cars has also discouraged because of the very hard to not and to be able to keep that 6 feet of distance, i mean if you're handing people, candy you're already breaking that rule right there unless you're going to throw it or something traveling to earl fall festival. that's not going to work either because traveling can spread the spread coronavirus way more now
8:25 am
gatherings longer than 2 hours can also create a risk of coronavirus transmission. we caught up with mayor london breed happens to be one of her favorite holidays, but she's still saying we've got to play it safe. >>what i'm concerned about right now is that as we go into the whole halloween weekend and people may feel good that san francisco's in a good place but we're not and it's going to put us in a situation where we may have to make some adjustments and as much as halloween is like my favorite holiday ever to celebrate even i have to take a step back from what i traditionally would want to do to do what is in the best interest of the people of the city because if we'd all and we're talking about future holidays where we won't be able to celebrate in the ways that we enjoy. >>see our sacrificing now so that we don't have to sacrifice more later, but we don't have to sacrifice some fun, you can still have fun you can you can eat as much candy as you want you can big
8:26 am
some pumpkin shaped cookies you can watch scary movies. you can still dress up. a video chat. i know we're all getting tired of it, but you can still dress up and then get on a zoom call with your buddies. i mean that's fun. there's so many things you can do we rode out the things you can do and the things you can do all on our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up in the 9 o'clock hour we'll hear from some of the people here in the castro about what they plan on doing, reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks sarah and one more thing to do that i just was telling you about the buzz is go online. you can watch the streaming. >>new york city village halloween parade their versions covid-safe. >>something to do with the kids, it's fun little tip right up. >>all right in the golden state warriors stepping up in a big way here live city be able to drop off your ballot we'll tell you where when all that happens coming up after the game.
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>>29 right now we are talking weather traffic. halloween yes, fashion really covering it all james all has sports. realized forgot to tell you in my looking at the crux of all my secrets. i decided what at my age i've never again
8:30 am
wearing heels so that's why you always see me in a different era singer there you go. >>we'll have fun finding really wearing on let's get to the weather center. john standing by with a look at the forecast job. yeah guys we are definitely looking at some changes come the weekend ahead of us it involves a little bit of fog across the bay area not enough to necessarily make for a great morning. if you look at the bay bridge behind me. >>it's actually still rather bright right now, but we are seeing the return of at least some fog and you can make that out former senator tower cam looking down at san francisco, most of this cloud cover sitting right above us and it's very patchy so you're still getting the bits of brightness the sunshine getting through it. but you're also definitely noticing that's not the most crystal clear mornings like we had been seeing 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures alameda at 52, oakland and berkeley 51 right now while for fairfield santa rosa and san anselmo it's back to the 30's you go this morning after such a cool
8:31 am
morning. we do look at 60's 70's later on today now we do have fog in areas like san francisco and oakland that will quickly depart the picture setting us up for some sunshine this afternoon really all in all a pretty gorgeous friday ahead of us and a nice and comfortable halloween weekend for your different kind of celebration that you may be having with the close family as for today on the roads it's been pretty calm out there have enjoyed seeing not as much traffic in your calves and also that sunshine right center fell nice combination right actually think it started yesterday job because i started noticing easy traffic just everywhere we never had much of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza on thursday something yet friday is going to get to and that's exactly what's happening. here's a live look at the richmond center fell all that sunshine the john just mentioned beaming down on the traffic here. >>but not much right into the north bay and easy 7 minutes for your drive time here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays into san francisco, a steady stream of traffic coming through, but no stopping so that's good 8
8:32 am
minutes off to the fremont street exit and they were checking in on some drive times here taking a look at some numbers check out the east shore it's recovering from a roughly 20 minutes for the drive, not bad at all 6 80's at the limit no problems for the guadalupe parkway through san jose so james and darya things are looking up with no major trouble spots. we'll check some more bridges and drive times coming up back to you, thanks problems. >>i met a 32, let's talk about the election that is the big story we're just 4 days away now from. well it's going to say casting your vote but millions already have both nationally and here in the bay area as well they're almost calling election day. like the deadline the last bit that's the deadline. >>we have team coverage we've got rain harvey in san francisco and will tran in san mateo talking about how you can cast your vote, let's start with you well. >>early votes are just coming in fast and furious, they have a ballot box right behind me you can clearly see that the office is open they have been processing mail in ballots for
8:33 am
the past couple of weeks and they are still doing it keep in mind they cannot count. the ballots until election day but they are coming in by the millions across the country on a daily basis and of course right here in the bay area if you're waking up these are the numbers starting off this friday. so take a look at your screen here. i can't possibly tell you that in san mateo county. you're doing really fast and furious as well 209,000 ballots have returned in santa clara county. 410,000 contra costa county 340, san francisco 221,000. alameda county 408,000 let's go to the north bay couple of counties to hit. there's napa county right in middle your screen we're almost at 32,000 ballots and sonoma county 143,000. so many people showing up. personally dropping off their ballots like nancy we get why
8:34 am
was it so important you could have dropped it off technically still you have time to drop it off in the mail that you came here why was it so important for you. >>it's important that i my voice is heard in that eye. and counted. i really want to c. all the propositions passed that i voted for and that my president. you could have. >>still dropped off in your ballot, but you're telling me a little bit really trust the mail system so to speak not yet. >>well i think it's just important to be here in person i really do. and. i want to be counted. have you seen such enthusiasm before i just read off the numbers, it's fabulous i think it's wonderful that everybody. i appreciate it is wonderful, i've never seen such enthusiasm before thank you so much, thank you have a
8:35 am
great game according to elections officials we could be for a record year that when it's all said and done about 90% of registered voters across the country. >>could turn out and vote so if you are voting by mail invalid make sure that you post market before election day and make sure that they have it in their hands. no later than 17 days after neil the election november 20th because on the 21st if they grab it, doesn't mean anything because that's the deadline 17 days after the election. you want to be safe. i have a couple of boxes just like this outside inside ready for you. back to you, yeah i just rolled up yesterday and did develop box was very easy you can even pull right up and keep your car there and. >>pop it right and thank you will. >>and we're similar stories to in san francisco where the warriors now are offering up the chase center as well turning it into a voting drop-off location we've got kron four's reyna harvey following that story for us this morning live from the
8:36 am
city right now. >>good morning, you know the golden state borders lawyers do not play about their basketball and they certainly don't play about their civic duty. that's why they have these 3 locations set up right behind me you can see that big dome air that's where they're going to have the drought, the ballot drop-off location and sign there that says ballot drop-off so we were confused general area where you're going to come to cast your ballot. they also have one clinton one out in santa cruz, so they are spreading. the vote far and wide throughout the bay area if you're coming out here tomorrow because that's when it starts someone was telling me so people are getting confused they already started coming down here and cast her ballot, but it happens tomorrow so you arrive here at thrive city that's at 10:00am to 04:00pm those specific hours you need to make sure you have those down sunday, they're doing the same thing 10:00am to 04:00pm now monday and tuesday those hours change look at that 08:00am to
8:37 am
05:00pm 07:00am to 08:00pm now heading over to oakland 1011 broadway. that's the other ballot drop-off this will also be a polling site at that location so not just a ballot. drop-off that's going to saturday and sunday 09:00am to 05:00pm monday 09:00am to 05:00pm and tuesday 07:00am to 08:00pm they're also out in. >>santa cruz like i mentioned that address one 40 front street that starting tomorrow we have all those hours posted on our website at kron 4 so there's no confusion for you if you are going to come out we have been seen sports teams across the united states stepping up in this way, especially yesterday is that the levi stadium we saw they're going to be turning that also into a polling facility so the sports teams are really putting us at the forefront of their initiative we heard the boy has been very outspoken about how important this election is in so we're going to see how many people show up over the next few days i've also been told by a lot
8:38 am
of the shop owners in the area and people already coming out to vote. >>the polling doesn't start until tomorrow, so we're going to be talking to be will in the upcoming days before election bringing you all more coverage, but for now reporting on here in san francisco reyna harvey kron 4 news right good to see they're making it as easy as possible to vote between now and election day thank you right now. >>a 38 is the time and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're talking about ballot counting. >>well, dozens of ballots are missing in the east bay, we'll tell contra costa county officials are doing to solve the problem there. and one bay area county has confirmed its first case of both the regular flu and covid and now there's a new warning from health officials. i'm jerome gage. i'm a full-time lyft driver.
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floors for toddlers. let'floors for toys.ors. floors for stories. floors for screams. book now and have yours installed by the holidays. >>8 41 and in the east bay, dozens of ballots have gone missing, they were dropped in this drop box outside a richmond city hall the contra costa county elections offices. they're trying to find them but so far have come up empty handed. the county was made aware of this through complaints from people who say that their ballot was not accounted for online. however, elections officials do not believe that the ballot box or the ballots were tampered with. >>we've eliminated a few possibilities to include a malicious act activity and there's no of that happening at all stuff always happens
8:42 am
and this is a thing that we don't know exactly what happened yet. >>the voters who had their ballots misplaced have been given new ones so they have the option of using those. if the missing ballots are found and still only one ballot will count. >>know halloween this year is going to be looking very different for pretty much everyone across the bay area as you do plan maybe something with a close family outside in the backyard, do expect a nice afternoon. the whole weeknight dropping pretty quickly into the 50's with some fog pushing it, i've got more on your forecast about the entirety of the weekend still to come. and the traffic is moving well around the bay area this morning. it's been pretty nice with the exception of just a couple of minor issues but check out the bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look great a smooth trip into san francisco will update more bridges after the break.
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as a nurse, i've faced the fear
8:44 am
of being stretched too thin to do my job right.
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and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15. >>a 45 right now and we're taking a look at the weather kind of like warm stuff when i'm sometimes i drink water and sometimes i hear really does help yeah but i think i don't know how much help are going to need to how high we get this weekend for temperatures to so today 70's tomorrow and sunday more so in the 80's inland 70's by the bay. so i mean we're going to stay pretty comfortable. i'd say keep that cup of tea close
8:46 am
especially during these morning hours because it has been kind of chilly and this morning we've seen a touch of fog along with still ample sunshine. timber on you're getting both right now fog through the golden gate and then sunshine right above you in to run as we work our way through the forecast this weekend we are going to be looking at conditions out there staying foggy during your evening and morning hours and then sting sunny during our daytime hours which is pretty typical stuff for the bay area. actually quite a holding pattern ahead of us in this forecast as we keep the calm winds around for a few more days you're going to be seeing calm winds today tomorrow for halloween sunday's you get that extra hour's sleep and then monday as you go back to work. so no changes. they're also not a whole lot of changes in temperature and that all has to do with this high-pressure ridge that's in place. this is sending any chance of rainfall rainfall that we do need now. well to our north across the pacific northwest. this is actually a pretty standard lynnea pattern what we work our way back into which usually brings cooler and wetter conditions for the
8:47 am
northern tier, the u.s. and then drier and slightly warmer conditions for the southern tier. and of course that's exactly what we've been seeing this fall season has been some generally warmer conditions even though today is a little cooler we're still going to be on the warm side for some areas, 60's for your highs and san francisco as well as ride up and down the coastline. half moon bay at 68 degrees for the high today with a mix of 60's and 70's from brisbane down through burlingame today will be solid 70's from san mateo through mountain view at 73. redwood city at 74 well foster city at 75 today. temperatures in the south bay backing off yesterday's warmer daytime highs a bit down into the low to mid 70's for most areas, no 80's left in the tri valley today, it's back to the upper 70's in dublin pleasanton livermore low 70's in union city hayward and fremont well upper 60's in berkeley or 3 spots holding on to the 80's danville walnut creek in concord today. temperatures in the north bay also out of the 80's fairfield vacaville into the upper 70's
8:48 am
at 79 degrees. each while a few 60's right along the coastline for areas like point raise in stinson beach. here's a look ahead at your next 7 days. i mentioned this is more or less a holding pattern of not a lot of changes and you can see that playing out here pretty clearly in your forecast. today inland are only day with inland temperatures averaging out in the upper 70's for bayside areas, it's solid 70's and coastal areas in the 60's 80's do return for inland spots saturday for halloween and sunday you get that extra hour of sleep. so i know this year looking a lot different for you in the family's far as halloween goes. but at least we've got some nice weather to celebrate. robin and some nice traffic too because we don't have any major hot spots working right now, but it is a little foggy for some of you, especially our traveling from the north bay to san francisco here at the golden gate we do have a dense fog advisory that was issued by chp the traffic continues to move well right no major issues 20 minutes for your drive time that's really quick. the richmond sandra fell west 5.80 winding down
8:49 am
trouble free to the north bay at 7 great time to commute even into san francisco yesterday was a slight throughout the morning drive so. >>i think a lot of folks are off they took off yesterday they took off friday today. so we're looking at 9 minutes for the trip in just not the usual jam up out there around the bay heading from the south bay to the east bay looks good with no 80's, san jose milpitas union city hayward one oh one is a great trip from san jose to menlo park that's going north and even to check-in trouble free so commuting from the south bay to the peninsula northbound 2.80 doing just fine. no complaints here 11 minutes to make it up to the 85 flip back to you. >>thank you robert time now is 8.49, let's talk about the latest with coronavirus the u.s. now has recorded more than 78,000 new coronavirus c ses. yesterday alone pushing the national count of cases to almost 9 million. so this is a map that shows you where the hot spots are where we're
8:50 am
seeing cases really explode in number southern california is one such spot we've got around the great lakes states like illinois and indiana to the south we have texas into the northeast of course we have the new england region where they're seeing numbers also on the rise. so far 228,000 deaths have been attributed to covid-19 and that is more than any country has recorded around the world now we're also tracking. the local numbers to for california and the bay area and you can see on the screen the california now has recorded 924,000 plus cases of coronavirus with more than 17,000 deaths locally for the bay area more than a 114,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 1700 plus deaths. >>if you're going to be a vaccine on the way anytime soon health experts say it could take a while even though the president suggested it would be quicker after initially suggesting a vaccine would be ready by election day. now president trump is saying it's right around the corner doctor. fauci however
8:51 am
says it won't be until december that we know at the earliest if there's something that is safe and effective. a handful of companies have been working on vaccines. 2 studies had to be put on hold because of safety issues and that is why an infectious disease specialist at ucsf bullies. the timeline is earlier the earlier one is overly optimistic. >>they maybe did string that this effort, cnn vaccine by the end of this calendar year. but in terms of someone sticking their arm out to get the vaccine probably not until spring of 2021. >>so you spring, he would say as a realistic timeline for that to happen there just you know you think about all of the complications, not just with the study and with the development but then the making of it and then getting millions of this out for distribution to populations around the world. that is why ucsf experts in general don't think we're going to have access to the shot in the arm until summer or fall.
8:52 am
>>let's go to the north bay solano county has confirmed its first case of both the flu and coronavirus in one patient, it's called a co infection, this is what they're worried about now because of medical privacy rules all we've been told about this very of this patient is that they are under the age of 65. health officials say the should be a warning though for all of us that now is the time to ramp up safety precaution, starting of course with getting that flu shot and wearing a mask, whenever you're outside. >>and here's the irony in our county most of our cases are occuring they're being exposed when they get together with family and friends and they let their guard down they're not being exposed at work and not being exposed out there and then in the general public sector in the community when they go to the store at center. they have the incorrect assumption that family and friends are saints. >>the doctor also stresses that if you are sick with flulike symptoms then it's imperative that you get tested for coronavirus immediately and self quarantine while
8:53 am
you're waiting for those results, the nation's top infectious disease doctor anthony fauci says that he has major concerns about the upcoming holidays, thanksgiving coming first and that families might get together and spread covid he says there's been an uptick in cases averaging 70,000 a day and the country is headed in the wrong direction. so his advice is to really think about whether it's worth the risk of getting the extended family around the same table. >>i want to be the person. you know the grinch that stole thanksgiving to 79 years old. i mean i feel less worried about myself with my daughters feel that they don't want to put their daddy at risk. >>doctor fauci says for him he's going to be joining virtually with his family for thanksgiving and maybe you should do that to lori says if you are getting together everybody should wear a mask and open the windows to increase ventilation. >>james i'm keeping it small and we're doing it outside looking california. we can do in the backyard now to get
8:54 am
enough all right we'll take a quick break a 53 is the time coming up in the 9 o'clock hour a dramatic spike in gun violence in the city of alameda. it's a disturbing trend. the police department working to control it we'll have the very latest on that story in just a moment.
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>>coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news
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starting tomorrow thrive byron outdoor district surrounding chase center is going to serve as a drop or ballot. drop-off location for san francisco county voters will be live there with the latest on the story and halloween celebrations will look a lot different this year because of the pandemic will go over the do's and don'ts that local health officials want you to remember. woman: after covid, my hours got cut. so we can't pay our bills. and now our family budget is gonna be hit hard with prop 15. the yes on 15 ads say it only raises taxes on big corporations. that's not true - we're all going to pay. $11 billion in new property taxes will get passed on to small businesses and farms. they'll raise prices... ...higher gas, health care, food...even day care. we can't make ends meet now. families can't afford 15. no on prop 15.
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious.
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>>news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 9. >>and thanks for joining us for the finest hour 9 o'clock you're that much quicker closer to the weekend we're happy you're spending it with us on every a false and i'm james fletcher hope you have something exciting today that says get you in the mood to get out there tackle friday, right away or maybe something for halloween as soon it's safe, we hope maybe a mask. dress up your read while, where's my mask, i have some fancy that's one way to celebrate john there is such a cool and at the grocery store that's a boo-boo on at rei c. >>and forth that out on a basket brought to but yeah to be creative with their first sure you got full permission on halloween to have fun with the face masks and. >>hopefully to say inside and just take a bit of a different approach the celebration


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