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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 11, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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john things are looking pretty nice out >>well that let me take my yeah, it's definitely a nice start to the morning. we are going to be looking at a nice afternoon to it certainly is a less cold start to the morning to we were in the 20's and 30's to kick off your monday and your tuesday. this morning, it's only been 40's and 50's so easygoing as you're getting out there just a light jacket you'll be ready to go skies a little bit cloudy over san francisco can see the top sales force tower as those low clouds pushing right over financial district and really the rest of the bay too. it will be tell you get to the top of her hillsides that you run into any sort of fog or low clouds see your bridges are doing just fine with visibility, 50's and 60's for our current temperatures oakland you've been mild all morning long in your first spot at 60 degrees. hayward at 57 while hanging out in the 40's for fairfield in santa rosa as well saint helene and cloverdale their cooler spots look at these numbers and then look at how much warmer we are
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than yesterday at the same time livermore a full 10 degrees warmer and the differences were even greater earlier this morning. now this afternoon we're still going to be in the 60's and comfortably cool one yet again to expect. we're also going to be staying a dry a lot like yesterday was that's good news as you're driving into work this morning as we are going to be looking at any water on the roads and robin is here to talk about what it's looking like as you are getting out there this morning. i love this view of the bay bridge. this is what i want to see at 06:00am every board right exactly we don't need any hot spots issues it's would call it's been quiet and you know it's veterans day. >>people are off john they did not show up not into san francisco. it's been nice and light and quiet here at the bay bridge toll plaza throughout the morning. so if you have some work to do some errands to run you need to get into san francisco you'll be fine 8 minutes for the drive off to fremont street we're checking in on some more numbers and they look good just all around the e sure trouble free if you take 24 out of one tree to the caldecott no problems 5.80 and the nimitz both nice and light
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so far all the way into downtown oakland, we'll check more coming up in a bit back to you. james started thanks a lot rob. >>so let's get to breaking news this morning. we're following out of the north bay, a pedestrian hit and killed by police officer happen in benicia this morning kron 4 sarah stinson is live on the scene as they're investigating what happened sarah. >>that investigation is very much ongoing this happened around 2 this morning right here on east second street, the scene is clear now a police officer patrolling in the area struck and killed a pedestrian. take a look at this maps you can get a good idea of where we're standing here in benicia right also this 7.80 west on ramp and east second street paramedics they arrived on scene and tried to save the man's life but unfortunately he died on scene here. he is believed to be in his 30's or 40's the solano county district attorney's office in california highway patrol began investigating immediately, there's a heavy police presence surrounding
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the patrol car seen with the windshield all smashed in the intersection at the 7.80 west ramp and east second street all cleared around 8 this morning after the corner left the scene and the patrol car was towed i talked with the police department again they're not investigating this they're out of it because of course they're involved. >>want to check in with them to see how the officer is doing. >>i mean he was uninjured physically i mean obviously he's shaken up. he was immediately removed from the scene and appropriate protocols for taken this is a very tragic event for everyone involved and our deepest condolences go out to the pedestrians family and loved ones even though we are haven't identified the person yet. >>the coroner has not identified the pedestrian yet as she said looking at video you see the patrol car being towed off into the distance. i reached out to see hpd an update on the investigation. i
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haven't heard back quite yet for now reporting live in benicia sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thank you very much sara 9 '03 is the time. >>and the top story this morning is coronavirus forcing counties. >>to curb what you're allowed to do because cases are on the the map looks a little different today than when we showed it to yesterday namely san francisco which is still in yellow. >>is also going start rolling things back as they had an uptick but you'll notice solano contra costa county no longer in the orange moderate. it's now been downgraded to the red substantial level that means places like walnut creek are going to have to change what they're allowing you to do kron four's will tran is live there. >>with a look at the rollbacks that are planned well. >>what is old is new what is new is old so they are familiar with the red because they were in the red just a couple of weeks ago and then they went into the orange a less restrictive guy line, but unfortunately the covid-19 cases back up so when the stores open on friday morning james and area they will have
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to tell the customers and if they have a lot of them. they will have to wait outside because it's a limited capacity to take a look at your screen. these are some of the bullet points come friday. that's going to happen to contra costa county. we're talking the malls at 50% capacity retail stores at 50% capacity, the malls, the food courts, 25% gyms a lot of people aching to go back to the gym all of the bay area across the country as well in contra costa county you're back down to 10% know concerts. the schools that were set to open in contra costa county that looks like it's still going to happen, but they're not going to look at new school openings during the red tier, the bottom line is it's going to be a yo-yo effect because they had a feeling once they started to loosen things up that the cases would probably go back up again we get a chance to talk to someone the creek residents. here's what they had to say about rolling back.
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i'm not totally surprised that we're having to restrict back a little bit only because i think this is going to part of the process right where. >>we open up and there's more exposure to more people right when we're doing that and so unfortunately i think this is going to kind of continue being part of the process as we try to navigate through this whole thing. i don't think jeans and area, anybody is surprised by this that they even said that human nature a lot of people started to get too relaxed fact, one man that we talked to east from europe, he said he saw a lot of europeans over there started to get relax as well, but they say this is the lesser of 2 evils better do it now with gradual rolling back. >>instead of keeping it in the orange or even moving forward and all of a sudden you have another lockdown. >>all right, thanks a lot. well. well 9 '06, let's head to the peninsula where san mateo counties also seeing an uptick in the number of covid-19 cases as well and doctors are urging with the
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holidays coming up you got to be cautious covers reyna harvey is live there with a look at things and how they stand morning rana. >>good morning and are still in the orange here right now so for the most part all the businesses around here open the parking lot directly there's packs of people are out and about and like you mentioned the holidays around the corner a lot of people want to see their loved ones it's been so long health experts are cautioning families just kind of continue doing what they were doing before we saw this uptick in that social distancing wearing mask and making sure you wash your hands, so if you are i mean any activities over the next few weeks with your loved ones. they're telling people to have your thanksgiving meals outdoors now we know he can be very cold but they're saying if you do that and limit your amount of time together so they're saying about 2 hours is the max and they're also telling people not to go from house to house to house to try to keep that spread at a very low rain i've been talking to residents who live in the area who say you
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know what they don't know about going to celebrate with their family this year take a listen. i mean if you're going. >>get to get outdoors and limit your time you might as well just hang out inside because. you need to so were you can bag the champs you touching my you know so doubt the cooler i'll be i'll be at home. i'm a i'm a stale. >>and so people not taking any chances i do want to show you though some numbers and the county right now this is on their dashboard they're saying that between october 25th and the 31st there were an average of 43 cases now here we are november 1st to november, 7 that average went up to 66 new cases per day and so they're saying that if people. >>get together over the next few days and a virus continues to spread. they're expecting those numbers to go way higher than that which means is county can no longer be in
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orange will be back up and the red and maybe purple so they're trying to get this message out here now so people can already have that very difficult conversation with their loved ones and say hey maybe we just have to face time each other this year for now reporting out here in daly city reyna harvey kron 00:00am night i went to break it to easy but reyna. >>you can't come. i'm sorry. >>i know you thought you not 9 is the time we'll take a quick break coming up though san francisco putting school reopening on hold so we'll talk more about that more incoming lgbtq elected officials across america than any other time in history. so we're going to delve deeper into that and then that hole at the golden gate bridge about to go up by $2. we'll tell you why. and looking outside you can see the cloud cover that's helped take moderate temperatures overnight keeping us in the
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40's and 50's for your evening lows by the afternoon ahead of us will level out pretty similar to where we were yesterday back to the 60's for yet another day. >>your forecast is ahead. >>and i'm tracking your commute it's pretty calm and quiet out there taking a live look at 6.80 nice and smooth here north and south into and out of walnut creek passing the 24 split, we'll check more freeways coming up.
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>>7.12 right now and we want to take you outside take a peek at the weather just from the looks in here it's a bad yeah we got a little more cloud cover today which probably notice most we as a reduction in the chill factor in the air yeah, yeah it's much mile out there. yeah, yeah we need to chill factor meter what was what were the sound effects i don't have one for the >>we'll come up with the u.s. a little sound effect meter of but yeah this morning, not all that chilly, especially as compared to where we were monday and tuesday you remember those 20's and 30's. we're in the midst of. >>didn't see those this morning we had one 38 degree and that was up in cloverdale aside from that it's been 40's and 50's but this cloud cover sitting over head. keeping us pretty mild as far as temperatures go. now into the afternoon we're going to be pretty much the same as we were yesterday, we are going to be seeing a switch up later
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this week in the form of a yet another storm system that will be pushing on into the bay area resulting in some continued in much needed rainfall at this point after such a dry fall. this rain is welcome especially since we haven't seen any. washouts as far as the showers have gone. this is thursday tomorrow at 09:15pm showers just barely at the northern california oregon border right there pushing further southward through the day on friday by noontime, northern portions of sonoma county starting to see a couple of showers possible. and then evening hours from friday night into saturday morning singer best chance of rainfall across the bay area. the rest of saturday sunday and monday drive back out and then another system eyeing the bay come tuesday night into wednesday so multiple chances of rainfall ahead of us. this first round of showers what's it going to be offering up for us well not too high amount of rain fall areas like santa rosa could see half an inch of it with anywhere from a 10th to a quarter of an inch for
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most other spots in the bay area today's daytime highs will remain mild just as we've gotten used to this past weekend and yesterday and monday too. today's will be in the 50's and 60's just a few degrees cooler than yesterday was most of us in the low 60's for highs today, redwood city at 62 san mateo right there with you south bay, also looking at a spread of low 60's with san jose at 62 as well hayward why not share that same number well, dublin at 61. oakland at 62 as well well berkeley holding on to the upper 50's 60's for the north bay a few mid 60's mixed in there for just a couple of spots. well santa rosa down through nevado also at 62 degrees that's the most common number on the map today as for temperatures these next 7 days. we're going to remain pretty steady all the way through saturday after that you do see a brief bump in temperatures sunday and monday that will take a few of us back in the 70's by monday. in monday evening lows, not quite as cold as they were yesterday morning normandy morning so we
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can be thankful for that they cited coastal lows, mostly in the 40's. >>robin all right, thank you john we're checking back in on the bay bridge and nothing has changed so you're still good to go heading into san francisco this morning, here's a live look at it's nice and smooth a tally like it 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street now heading out of san francisco. we do have some heavy traffic on the skyway approaching the entrance to the lower deck. we have a stalled car right after that first street on-ramp there blocking one lane so crews are running traffic breaks to get it cleared for you, but it's busy on the skyway almost backing up to the central freeway split but once you're on the lower deck. it's a smooth trip over to oakland to little hiccup in your commute and one more problem for the south bay just getting word of a new accident here in san jose northbound 2.80 at 7th street injuries at least one lane blocking see a backing up right so a little small maybe just north of the one oh one split approaching the scene at 7th by the time you reach 87, you're right back at the limit and the rest
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of the looks really good. so that one problem northbound 2.80 at 7th street slowing you down back to you. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us with his expert insights, good morning, rob. good day james. so let's talk about the out of the gate it looks like you know early in the week with tech stocks getting hammered but wherever stock stumbles i guess some will call it a buying opportunity that was happening right now. >>kind of what's happening or seen tech is back and we're not talking top tech we're talking back up which is microsoft and amazon. >>google. >>apple probably throwing netflix that in there as well today. it's been a strange energy stocks are up 17% all tight shorts, the covid vaccine that we announced on monday for pfizer bank stocks up 9%. so there's a lot of work sector rotation going on i believe is real for reopening trade in 2021. so look at it look at things at
9:18 am
the beach up with maybe cruise lines. if that's your thing maybe hotels. that's what oils tell us is that we'll start travel said. >>it's going to be sure to see how the markets react and which ones come back a little stronger which once pulled back there's going to be opportunities. i guess no matter how you look at as you can make an argument. that now is the time to hold now is the time to buy in just about any scenario right. >>i'm a i'm a long-term accumulate kind of guy always have been always will be made my name on that and i invest in stocks every 2 weeks or my 4 k and it's just other people do that. but of course you are going to work pfizer for take any action there you go anything comes out of a mouse as right let's talk about boeing because i thought i in the headlines are they put they're pretty close to getting the max. >>back up and running again right that's going to get to the stock. it looks like it could happen before the end of november and we're going way back to beginning of 2018 with their 7.37 max was grounded. that's not a good thing then
9:19 am
covid hits and that's not a good thing. >>those 2 issues it's really. the financial performance by boeing to predict town. it's gone from reported 63 billion dollars back on the 393 billion. they're not really making a lot of planes right now they're not getting a lot of orders for planes right now stocks down 40% for the year down 60% grounding of the max. so i think you could probably say double whammy is over for them. vaccine looks like it's promising and then the 7.37 max is an eerie certified to fly. it probably have to change the name of the plane that you're never gone the case to get a chance that one of 7.37 max, we'll look at each other go wasn't this the times now but don't see us going on vacation anytime soon. but 2021 should be a better year for boeing stock. >>i will say yeah when covid over united to mexico will we'll talk more stocks there over some might eyes or something. we also have restaurant speaking my ties local restaurants just talking today about how we roll backs
9:20 am
on some of the reopenings lot of these local restaurants getting hit even harder. it's going to be a tough road really no matter how you look at least 4 months right. >>since the restaurant recession started i would say probably secretary of 2019. we've lost about 2 million jobs that have come back to the restaurant industry we've adapted with doordash we've adopted carry out anthony fauci say he feels it's moral obligation to support local restaurants of carry out. i feel the same way. a lot of the relationships i have in my community are tied towards restaurants little bit sad, mcdonald's and folate parts live in because they have the quick service restaurant angle in some of drive throughs. where's the sit-down local restaurants, the mom and pops the bar restaurant. so what if you want to call they're still structure. 50% of the jobs have been lost still have come back 19,500 restaurants in the united states close their doors permanently. so covid for really take action on
9:21 am
these guys i guess my plea to people as porch or local eatery he can. >>absolutely and hopefully we'll get through this and we can all get back to a normal life eating out enjoying each other's company rob, thank you as always we'll talk again soon fact send in the questions we always enjoy answering them on air. so if you have a question for rob connect with them on facebook or twitter you can e-mail him directly robber or a black dot com or you can always connect with thanks to our website. kron 4 dot com.
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>>23 and another major bay area sporting event has fallen victim to the pandemic it's figure skating us figure skating national championships have been relocated, they're not going to be in san jose now they're going to be in vegas kron four's rob fladeboe reports. >>thousands of fans attending the january 2021 us figure skating championships here it is a piece at are in san jose as they get in 2018 was just not going to happen amid the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic health orders says the san jose's porsche authorities, john's coach and we can only hear the guidelines are currently in place. >>now so that we can really project out one week 2 weeks 2 months so the figure skating nationals will be held as scheduled the week of january 11th but at orleans arena in las vegas. which is better suited to meet safety protocols says poach.
9:25 am
>>the center greater rate environments to create the ball that's really needed. i think it would be is the hotel. you can see no the arena they're all connected all hotbed of figure skating the bay area has produced several champions over the years. >>among those expressing disappointment here as solar for america ice in san jose was peninsula scape club board member linda price. it's a huge disappointment i bought my tickets my whole group of friends. we bought our tickets a year ago. >>and so in and and it's it's it's almost a party for the skating community in terms of economic impact the change of venue means a loss of 3 to 5,000 hotel rooms alone. there's that whole on sporting events wrought by the pandemic may be far from over. >>we've lost 13 sporting events that we brought to the south bay just since march. take 2 to 3 years to plan and delivered to the south and it
9:26 am
would cost you to the end and while the relocation of the event was seen as inevitable amid the south bay's recent rise in new covid-19 cases. >>many bay area fans will no doubt headed for las vegas in january others like aspiring skater landon really enjoy the competition from the distance looking forward to 2023 win it. >>returns better than watching on tv and supporting my friends are skating and is san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>it's 9.26 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news parents of students at an east bay school district are demanding that classes restart in person will tell you what the district has to say about that. (garage door opening) it is my father's love...
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get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. >>take a look at how the day is shaping up on wednesday. so far pretty good. i mean we're not dealing with any rain no real strong winds temperatures weren't that bad. so the could be worse could be worse all when will it be worse light and her id nights. >>guys it was last weekend to remember us last thursday friday about the cooldown is on its way just in time for the weekend. we're looking at another weekend a lot like that not so much a cooldown but rain working its way back into the forecast come friday
9:30 am
evening. so if you did have plans of maybe getting on the road somewhere do anticipate the possibility of some slick conditions today. we do remain dry though just a little bit cloudier than we have been cloud cover over timber on one of the reasons that we have seen such mild temperatures throughout the course of the evening really not looking at too much visibility. impacts as this blanket of cloud cover sitting right above the bay by 11:00am most of it is all said and done by that point right now most of us are in the 50's oakland, our first spot back at 60 degrees. well to her on fairfield santa rosa in cloverdale stilling on to the mid to upper 40's. it was a much more mild morning and we're keeping that trend going right now this afternoon bringing temperatures back into the 60's now as far as we go on the roads we are looking at some overall pretty favorable conditions at this point obviously it wasn't that way earlier this morning when there is so much more traffic right sandra fell bridge looking pretty nice yeah, it's nice and smooth. we started off with hot spots and lots of problems but that's all gone,
9:31 am
it's behind us now now we're looking at smooth sailing all of our checking in on the richmond sandra fell, here's a live. look you see the traffic moving through the toll plaza so it has not stocked up within the last few hours so you're good to go into the north bay at 7 minutes off to highway one oh one same story at the bay bridge 80 west leading into san francisco delay free it's veterans day a lot of folks out the day off they never really showed up here much at the bay bridge toll plaza leaving san francisco or stall at the entrance to the lower deck. >>finally cleared so was a little heavy eastbound westbound looks good and then one more little problem this is down in san jose an accident north to 80 right at 7 street with at least one lane blocked, so you see it backing up to one on one so 2.80 souls from one oh one to the scene by the time you reach 87 traffic is back at the limits will be watching this story and james just one little trouble spot there on northbound 2.80 in san jose, but the rest of the bay area's doing just fine and has thinned out nicely, i'm glad to hear yeah, i know we have a
9:32 am
list of a bunch of different like veterans day memorial plans and celebrations there so it's nice to see. >>the traffic's nice unlike for everybody and no worry so robin. and this morning, the reopening of in person classes in san francisco. currently private schools got the ok but now things are going to change because covid is spiking that's right. yes so high school students who were looking for were perhaps are returning to class next week. well they're going to have to wait kron four's jonathan mccall has more now on the new timeline. >>in returning to school. >>right now in san francisco only private schools have been given the all-clear to return back to class for in person learning. but starting next week high school students that were set to return to class will have to wait a little while longer. tuesday mayor london breed announcing plans to roll back certain sectors as covid cases have spiked more than 250% in the city in more than a month. since august students with san francisco unified schools have been learning virtually tuesday night as a few sd
9:33 am
abating students and parents on its reopening plan. they say progress is being made to move students back into the classroom, but still needs plenty of work. >>14 in what would happen if a student does come down with covid if the storms is the schools do open. what is the protocol that will be followed it would be great to have it was something 100% worked on before schools are open. what would happen individual school facilities working on agreements with teachers and other union members. >>the district's plan calls for bringing back students in waves with hopes of returning the most vulnerable by january. but 3 commissioners have a plan of their own overall, it's >>really goes into think to gain presenting what that longer term. district white system looks like with that time frame. with its safety measures that need to be in place in order for our students and our educators in
9:34 am
our staff to be back on site during tuesday night's school board meeting the unveiled that resolution. >>that would provide specific guidelines end date for students to return back to the classroom. >>the resolution would also give the district a long-term strategy on testing in protections for students and staff. it would also require superintendent doctor vincent matthews to present a plan for reopening elementary schools by december in middle and high schools by january. the first round of returns would take place no later than january jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>its 9 34 and in the east bay, some parents in livermore are calling on the school district reopen in person the district has chosen to continue with distance learning. even though alameda county gave the green light to schools about a month ago, but the livermore valley joint school district decided to keep the campus is closed until at least january 19th. now they're discussing 2 options moving forward, the
9:35 am
first is a transition like a hybrid model where some students would stay home and others would go into class and then the second option is to remain everybody distance learning. with these in person support hubs available until schools can fully reopen one mother of 2 dozen think that parents should have the choice. >>they are asking for a 67% majority vote from the community before they would even consider opening for a hybrid which to me is the most ludicrous thing i've ever heard when has children's education become a democracy. >>the sole school district has sent out surveys asking for parents to choose the hybrid or the distance plan by monday. >>in oakland housing activist who was willing to break the law to bring attention to the housing problems. now has a new job. she's been elected one of the lawmakers now in oakland. back in november. you may remember open city council member. elect carol 5 was among a group of housing
9:36 am
activists called moms for housing who are illegally occupying a private home. in west oakland. well 5 beat the incumbent lynette gibson mcelhaney by a significant margin. she says that this win shows the grassroots activism on the street can be converted to a seat at the table of political power. >>i've been successful because of the organizing not in spite of that i never saw myself as being someone that would be on the inside of city hall. legislating for some of the things that we care about. 5 campaigned on housing. >>is a human right and defunding the police to use city money instead to invest in the community. >>from incumbents to newcomers there are more incoming lgbtq elected officials than in any other time in our nation's history. let's take a look at some of those who showed up to the polls in 2020 and talk about the candidates, 308 lgbt candidates were on the ballot across the u.s.. and so far 200 have won their races, san
9:37 am
franciscans have long pave the way for the community to represent their own in the political sphere. >>he is from the nestle important proper honors and haitian in our elected officials and i think. >>you know levels discrimination and bias and inequities that transgender people days particularly trans-gender people of color is just phenomenal. we're like everyone else basically want the same things in life we're just just as you know americans and just individuals who are living our lives and hoping not to have government work against us. >>both say that elected officials are crucial to bring more perspectives to leadership roles. >>we'll take a break here at 9.37 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the toll on the golden gate bridge is about to go up again. it's an effort to save jobs, we'll talk more about how much more can do it. >>and this morning has been a whole lot more mild than yesterday and monday mornings
9:38 am
were we only dropped into the 40's and 50's for most areas later today, mostly low 60's, your forecast ahead. there's no bad time to start at amazon... ♪
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>>back at 9.40 just weeks before thanksgiving a bay area transportation agency now considering layoffs the golden gate bridge district will decide on friday whether to start cutting jobs. now the district board of directors
9:41 am
has 3 options one is to cut 205 positions mostly bus drivers and ferry employees. the second option to avoid layoffs. they can temporarily raise bridge tolls by $2 and then thirdly temporarily raise tolls by one $1.25 and avoid layoffs, but require employees to take one unpaid furlough day each week now if the district does decide to try to raise tolls they would have to be a public comment period and then the board would have to vote on it. if the toll increases were to fail than the district district would be forced to move forward with layoffs. >>9.41 is the time and as we go break, let's take a peek at some of the events happening around the bay to mark veterans day we have a full list on kron 4 dot com.
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>>welcome back 9.44 on this wednesday morning we saw some very cold mornings monday and tuesday, but this one has not been one of them. we started this morning in the 40's and 50's and that's thanks to some cloud cover that push in helping to keep temperatures pretty moderated during your
9:45 am
overnight hours we're still hanging out under those clouds as we speak and they are gradually letting in some more and more sunshine to the region but do expect a bit more of noticeable cloud cover even into the afternoon today we are seeing a chance of rainfall come the weekend yet again we stay dry today tomorrow even into most of the day on friday but showers will begin to drop into oregon california border as soon as thursday night pushing a bit further south through california and by noontime into 01:00pm on friday. parts of the north bay are starting to see some light showers this is just after noon on friday right here then into the evening friday night into saturday morning better chance of rainfall showers continue to press through into your early morning hours on saturday after that we drive back out saturday sunday monday into tuesday ahead of what will be our next weather maker tuesday night into wednesday, so pretty active forecast ahead of us all in all rainfall totals by the time we work our way into saturday morning looking at around a half an inch for areas like santa rosa,
9:46 am
anywhere from a 10th to a quarter of an inch for most of the rest of the bay area. today's daytime highs a little cooler than yesterday's but not a huge difference will be back into the low 60's for most of the region a set of numbers you're going to have to get comfortable with these next few days because we are not changing much into thursday friday nor into saturday as we see those morning showers sunday and monday will be year warmer ones of the forecast up into the upper 60's and low 70's lows conce consistently dropping inland into the upper 30's and low 40's, which will be nice and comfortable compared to where we had been to start the week and some 40's for your lows along the bay and coast. >>robin all right. thank you john not much to complain about on the roads right now because the bridges look really good so if you're crossing the bay this morning. this is your trip on 92 both eastbound and westbound traffic look great with no major issues so uneasy 12 minutes off to the peninsula heading into san francisco refine and never backed up a
9:47 am
lot of folks out the day off normally we see a lot of heavy traffic off and on for 8.80 it just didn't happen today. so a quick 8 minutes off to the fremont street exit under one little problem that i was tracking down in san jose it's gone it was northbound 2 80 right at 7 street. we had an accident working there with 2 lanes blocked, so it is out of your way and look at that we're back at the north to 80 in north one oh one looking fantastic from the south bay to the peninsula back to you. in the buzz was it a freak accident or the san francisco giants fall that a player got a concussion that he says. >>and is his career in twenty-eighteen mac williamson was trying to catch a foul ball when he tripped over a bullpen mound. now he's suing the operator of oracle park. >>my injuries could have been avoided but for the park's failure to relocate the bullpen's to where they belonged in the first place and filing this lawsuit is. is the hole the par counter small
9:48 am
park owners accountable for not only taking away my career, but. >>but carelessly risking every other great players career. by needlessly placing the will come out on the field. >>too late for him, but just before this season, the giants actually did move the bullpen's to behind the outfield wall. the start of the new basketball season is set december 22nd and the warriors can't wait, it wasn't easy watching lebron play in the bubble while. >>staff was at home practicing his golf swing. i'm sure you she's had enough of curry says that family quarantine has been lots of fun but he is ready to get back to business. >>this is going funny actually. do you care if the seas stars honestly of care of course i want play basketball. so i love do one of those. they're my teammates the fans obviously want to see basketball team. a very was of
9:49 am
play was actually going to start but of course want to play basketball with the season, start. this has been a long it's like 7 months of you know just waiting of all time watching them over. it was tough so desperate to get back out there. >>can you hear the kids behind of these kids are driving me, crazy everybody saying same thing that you are the curtailed 72 game season starts december 22nd 2 months late. but just in time for the holidays if coronavirus cancels any nfl games, the league has a plan they're going to expand the postseason from 14 to 16 teams meantime the covid last is also expanding to double what it has been with 15 players and 41 staff members tested positive. in the last week. quarterback turned commentator tony romo will make as much
9:50 am
money to not talk about football. this sunday as he did when he had to play about a million bucks per game. and cbs is giving him a by why because of the masters. he still gets his paycheck. but he's not going to this weekend because his on air partner jim nantz is busy working the masters james. that's like the next time you're off on refuse to work with anyone else and insist that can pay me a million dollars i already get a million dollars yeah so or how about this how this guy if i personally ever make it to a i will give you the day off okay, i will pay you 1 million dollars. i am in the family ever if you ever ever getting i am i am so bad that i willing to bet a million dollars but i will never that would be like hitting a shot off the tee that skips on the water 3 times bounces onto the green. >>takes a sharp turn. >>and rolls right into the
9:51 am
hole on my birthday. that actually happened. yeah it did let's watch again. jon rahm at the masters practice round yesterday on the 16th hole. the golfers like to do this they try to skip the ball and yeah it happened not only did happen, but it just kept on rolling and it really did take. >>in the extreme watch the turn. and lands right in the hole. >>that's pretty it and really was his 26 birthday go buy lottery ticket lacks the day to buy a lottery ticket if you're high don't know, but i wish that i had been a million dollars that that would never happen wow i guarantee i i guarantee you i box because this is a very common spot. the 16th hole for them to try to do this it's it's just sort of fun and games but then to have it i do have a million dollar drink shot, i'll i'll give you a million dollars if i land in the water. well, it's coming you'll give me a million dollars if you put in the take that but really i
9:52 am
can't get in the drink are you kidding me you have to pay me a million dollars. >>it's >>i don't want see i i just got rid, i need to bet when i found out . . . . . . i had hiv, it was difficult for . . . . . . me to accept. i decided . . . . . . hiv doesn't define me. my name's dimitri. and i'm on biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment . . . . . . used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill . . . . . . biktarvy fights hiv to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low . . . . . . it cannot be measured by a lab test. serious side effects can occur,
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>>all right we're back at 9.54 check this out. with disney
9:55 am
shut down nobody can go. but yeah this a man in napa found a way to be productive during the pandemic he built the matterhorn yard way in napa are you can't this is bad or on the road. his name look. >>complete the yeti. how awesome is this, i don't know how he did it you must be an engineer but he says he started building it might of march finished in july didn't debut to the world on youtube until this weekend. he says he got a lot of help from his brother. >>what about his kids they must be buildup for grown adult size doesn't have kids, i'm looking at the video i think i saw some kids in the for gratz cruz's brother is the one with the mechanical mind to help them figure out all the math that goes into making sure you don't flip off the rails but that's a little much, i mean allies in napa is not my neighbor, i don't i want that next all right lot of people are out of work, it's looks a little need money yes to the question is do you think it's worth it to sell your face to a mask company in
9:56 am
japan, so they're asking for digital rights for people's faces because they want to make realistic looking masks and you can beat you can you can get a cut of it if your mast becomes popular and sells a lot. >>then you get up percentage of the profits otherwise okay like 440 bucks up front. for the digital rights to your is there any risk to are you asking that rhetorically that worst idea ever somebodys got to take that mask in another country rob, a bank you're going to be on a list but look the technology isn't this and any made possibly go wrong what's the worst that could happen okay if you if you're thinking that you can give your credit card and there's a security number and we'll see per day in florida on all right, here's a quick look at the revenue forecast before we go. >>we do have cool weather still with us for the week ahead and still the possibility of showers. >>come this weekend. so that's what john's been talking about keep the keep the light jacket handy to get through the right that's right. the umbrella by
9:57 am
the door because you may need to come this week is there anything it was your mother's maiden name. >>i don't give away to sensitive information until we meet again tomorrow and don't sign away the right to your face you don't know what's going to happen. well you'll us hope.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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the same humira you trust with less pain immediately following injection. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >> announcer: today, on an all new "dr. phil," he pled guilty to sexual battery. >> i'm not a rapist, i'm not a ted bundy. >> you have all family members who tell a very consistent story about you being abusive. you plead guilty to charges. you say none of this is true? >> i wasn't swinging bats at them, i wasn't hitting my kids. i wasn't kicking my dog. i wasn't doing any of that stuff. i got backed into a corner by a prosecutor. >> you backed yourself into this corner. >> come on. if you're innocent, you're accused of being dumber than a box of rocks. >> i never did that. i was diagnosed with ptsd. >> i don't get how you have such bad ptsd, because you never fought in the war. >> let's do it. >> have a great show, everybody. he


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