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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 23, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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administration has formally designated joe biden now as president elect about 3 weeks after election day johnson oil has the latest on the biden transition. >>more than 2 weeks after joe biden won the presidential election, the head of the gsa, the general services administration emily murphy says the biden transition can formally begin. murphy who was appointed by president trump has come under fire for delaying the transition by withholding the funding and information needed for the presidentelect to hit the ground running once he takes office in january the president is still refusing to concede the election tweeting rk strongly continues, we will keep up the good fight and i believe we will prevail nevertheless in the best interest of our country, i'm recommending that emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols and told my team to do the same this as president elect biden names his top cabinet members for foreign policy former federal reserve
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chairwoman janet yellen selected as treasury secretary if confirmed by the senate should be the first woman named to the post. john kerry, former secretary of state has been tapped as a special presidential envoy for climate, a move reflecting biden's promised to make climate change a major focus of his administration. it's the first time the national security council has included in official dedicated to the climate crisis. other cabinet placements include ellie 100 my orcas secretary of the department of homeland security, the first latino and an immigrant to head the dhs. biden's foreign policy team also includes anthony blinken for secretary of state, jake sullivan who will become national security adviser and linda thomas greenfield will be the next ambassador to the u n meantime the president's attempts to subvert the election results in several states continue to sputter out. >>thank you madam chair, you have for idol. that does michigan election officials certifying the results monday officially recognizing biden's
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154,000 vote victory. >>a similar scene in pennsylvania where numerous counties have certified the results for biden the state supreme court ruled against the trump campaign effort to halt the certification, a verdict, the president's legal team says they'll appeal. team trump has failed to produce any evidence of widespread voter fraud and it's clear even some of mister trump's strongest supporters arden defending his baseless claims if you've got the evidence of fraud presented. >>and what's happened here is quite frankly the conflict, the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment. >>and it was john reporting for us tonight, the trump campaign has requested a second recount now in georgia. the secretary of state they're certified the first recount last week showing biden beating trump by more than 12,000 votes, roughly a quarter of one percent. georgia law allows a candidate to request a recount if the margin is less then half of one percentage point. >>south bay now high ranking
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member of the santa clara county sheriff's office is facing new bribery allegations apple and san jose sharks are also caught up in this now broadening investigation kron four's charles clifford reports. >>well here in santa clara county, the district attorney's office has been investigating bribery allegations at the santa clara county sheriff's office for the past 2 years. we have already charged 7 people 3 people have pled guilty and now there are new charges being filed. >>in the first indictment santa clara county. undersheriff rick song and sheriff's captain james jensen are accused of asking for or receiving a bribe from apple's chief of global security thomas moyer moyers accused of offering to give the sheriff's office, $70,000 worth of ipads in exchange for for concealed weapons permits which are issued by the sheriff's office the district attorney's says the exchange was never made because the bribery investigation had become public before the swap went through in the second case under sheriff song is accused
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of receiving a bribe from insurance broker harp reit china in exchange for a concealed weapon permit china gave the sheriff's office $6,000 worth of luxury box seat tickets. >>to a san jose sharks game at the sa peace center on valentine's day 2019. the da's office says those tickets were used by sheriff laurie smith, family and supporters to celebrate smith's reelection in announcing the new indictments district attorney jeff rosen said the bribery allegations are casting a shadow on all of law enforcement when high ranking members of the law enforcement agency. >>are at the heart of a bribery scheme. it tarnishes the badge. the honor. and the reputations. and tragically the effectiveness of all law enforcement agencies. >>so far sheriff laurie smith has not been accused of any wrongdoing when asked if smith could be named in future indictments rosen was noncommittal so our investigation is continuing and i can't comment on.
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individuals who have not been indicted or charged on monday the sheriff's office also released a brief statement saying this is a difficult time for our organization, however, our goal remains to provide the highest level of public safety to the residents of santa clara county. and finally the district attorneys says that he expects the people who have been charged in these new indictments to self surrender to authorities in the near future they will be arraigned in early january but for now in the south bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>right now for 4 zone forecast. yeah kron four's rebecca strom joining us now with a look ahead back a hold on to your hats, yeah, it's getting a little bit windy guys, especially as we get towards the middle of the week but the good news is things are looking to be dry though no umbrellas. in your forecast for the holiday week out the door right now clear conditions. the cold a nice shot of the golden gate bridge, no clouds no fog in near way. but temperatures mostly in the 50's across the
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bay area, 58 oakland, 54 right now in downtown san francisco. currently at 55 in san jose futurecast for showing us that a weak cold front is on the way to the bay area. and it looks like it's going to arrive here on wednesday bringing us some much cooler temperatures around the bay area that we'll be seeing. during the morning hours that afternoon and especially overnight. we could see temperatures in the 30's it could be a pop-up shower maybe we might see it touch the ground if anything on wednesday. but it looks like at this entire week going to be a mostly dry for you and especially on thanksgiving and into black friday as well just make sure you want to bundle up, and it is going to get a little bit windy because the temperatures are going to be cold but it's going to feel even cooler though as of these winds start to peak, especially on tuesday night into wednesday as that cold front starts to approach the bay area we could see those gusts of anywhere from 1520, maybe even 25 miles per hour, especially a late tuesday night into your wednesday
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afternoon. so keep that in mind it is going to be when a very windy, especially on wednesday and then it looks like things are going to start to mellow out on thanksgiving overnight lows tonight though getting into the 30's, i'm tracking 30's in the north bay pretty much 40's everywhere else. let you know what your weekend holds coming up in my seven-day around of a forecast back to the news, the key. >>the traditional white house christmas tree arrived in dc this morning it was taken to the white house by horse drawn carriage first lady melania trump was there inspect the tree which is an 18 foot frazier fir, a military band have played a medley of christmas tunes helped get everybody in the holiday spirit. the first lady also posed for pictures with the tree farmers. the tree will ultimately be displayed in the blue room. 2 turkeys from a farm in iowa have arrived in washington dc is well ahead of the annual white house parking ceremony. the turkeys checked into the willard hotel. this where they're going to spend the night before visiting white house tomorrow, the man
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who raised the bird says that they have been pampered. since they hatched in early july, the pair were chosen from a flock of 30 after the ceremony, the turkeys will return to iowa live out the rest of their days at iowa state university. >>all right up next nominations for the grammy awards are coming soon experts say it's likely to come out on top plus in sports, jason talks to one of the new warriors who's expected to. well staff out of the the point guard position that plus a look at us men's basketball that's coming up. and the risk that has led tm to recall millions of vehicles, including some of its pickup trucks.
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>>for your money tonight there's been a massive recall of general motors trucks and suvs involving nearly 7 million vehicles. it's the latest in a series of recalls involving the toccata brand airbags government regulators ordered gm to fix trucks from model year 2007 to 2014 4. potentially dangerous air bag inflators it includes the cadillac escalate the chevy silverado suburban. that tahoe and gmc sierra and uconn the recall will cost the auto giant over a billion dollars in total at least 17 deaths here in the u.s. have been tied to the dakota air bags. although none from gm vehicles.
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>>still ahead stocks climbing after promising news on a covid vaccine yet again we'll hear from our financial expert. rob black on this trend and other financi ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. >>the fda has approved the use of the drug regeneron for treating coronavirus patients regeneron is one of the drugs used by president trump when he was being treated for the
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virus. at walter reed medical center. emergency authorization allows use of the drug to start well studies are continuing to establish safety and effectiveness the initial doses will be made available to roughly 300,000 patients through a federal government allocation program. >>for sports. so much has changed since we last saw the warriors take the court and if we take it back to the last time the warriors played a full season. >>things get even crazier but here we are coming in on the closing stretch of 2020 and the dubs are prepping for a new season which certainly could have its miss global pandemic there will be plenty of new faces on the roster we introduced you to one of those new faces kelly who bray on sunday night tonight i sat down with another newbie guard bradley wanamaker we spoke at length, but mainly about what sold him on the warriors check it out.
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>>the currents of the an organization, you best was fun, you know, but sometimes the people around and people with the police and what you place a mix even but you know just nothing but great things about people people reach out and he want to any team, you know it goes forward for the casual nba fan, not the guys who have been following you send your at roman catholic may be here who have been got to see many celtics games. what do you bring to this team what kind of player you just some toughness, you know it's got to the same and just making the right others can during a ball up to a shot of making the best you know, i'm a pretty much all around player go out there and just give his all. philly debris, tough guards, we to philly guard over there on the anchor catch the full braley on kron 4 dot com now to the college
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level all 6 bay area division, one men's basketball teams. >>tip off their seasons all wednesday, including the usf dons sports reporter kate rooney has the story from the hilltop. >>there's no shortage of talent on uss men's hoops team, but one to watch this year is redshirt junior transferred to mari milstead them ari was young man that we actually you know rate was able to watch as he finished high school and just someone that we always knew was a good player and so when when he decided to transfer a couple years ago. we've got to make a lot of sense to try to bring him here to san francisco. it didn't make sense milstead grew up just across the bay in oakland and played a you hoops under his father with the oakland rebels oakland soldiers at moreau catholic high school in hayward he started to catch the eye of some d one college is the crazy thing about the mars we see you don't think he's good. >>and that's the biggest thing of that that's coldest trap about tomorrow because he's going to come and worries that
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debris is hammer. it is far ahead his lunch every day and you know if you're not if you don't bring that same intensity as gets. >>milstead chose to take that intensity to grand canyon university in phoenix his sophomore year he averaged 10.3 points per game while leading the team in assists and steals but after 2 seasons milstead felt ready for something new like you know talented players and. >>it's the culture the use of the coldest at by the great job with the culture. we have great guys by each other this is a family atmosphere. >>and the family is ready to show what they can do on the court. the dogs were picked to finish 5th in the west coast conference giving them extra motivation to prove they belong closer to the top will be we're going to be exciting. >>but i would always had that good great that usf is known to have. >>usf season starts wednesday, they'll play tauson as part of a tournament in connecticut in san francisco, kate rooney kron 4 sports. >>yeah, we're looking forward to that season opener against
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housing kate will also bring us a preview of the women's. tomorrow but back to the bradley wanamaker a nice addition probably backup steph curry and klay some time at the 2 yard to the combo guard. you can plan either spot but with clay hurt maybe yeah to exactly bring some toughness terror to the team should remind will appreciate thanks isn't to taze well for your money tonight this stocks closing higher today on wall street after investors got several. >>bits of encouraging news on covid vaccines and treatments. this is lead to. >>reduce concerns about these rising virus cases hospitalizations and the subsequent business restrictions. yeah, the latest vaccine development to really helping raise hopes that some normalcy will eventually restored to everyday life. >>and the economy so here to talk about our financial rob
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black rob, great news does this you know that the market enthusiastically today, especially certain types of it does this mean it's just a light at the end of the tunnel for everybody. >>light at the end the title is a great way of saying it but look at the year we had nasdaq up 32% near of covid s and p 500 up 10.7% much higher than historically normal. the dow has been little bit of a lacquered up only 3.7%. little bit of vaccine enthusiasm. but like you mentioned next to 4 to 6 weeks will be about covid deaths fear so i'm worried only about the next 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks maybe and then we have it's an issue in georgia where if democrats are able to get both seats. wall street all like think higher state taxes higher taxes. now back to the markets. in the short term but not making a political statement there. but yeah it's we to got to the election and i got certified today. the market will take to open
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higher tomorrow. i think markets will be higher this time next year. if democrats don't win both seats in the senate in georgia. it's split. i think we're higher so there's a lot of favorable to look for 2 degree opening in 2021. and then normalcy in 2022. robert i'm worried about is i guess you could call it the disconnect between. >>the stock market almost at 30,000. the dow and then what you see on the ground with all these lines for food banks getting longer and longer again, it doesn't seem like the people who really need help who are struggling to survive or it seems like they're doing worse and worse as this pandemic drags on is there going to come a point in your mind where that sort of catches up with us. great question and the answer is yes if the senate is not able to get a stimulus bill done by the end of the year or sometime early next year. >>that's kind of 3rd piece election was the first the
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second was. covid vaccine. the 3rd going to be set of stimulus in the 4th will be earnings resumption late in 2021, so i hear you anecdotally it looks awful lot there. but you throw a couple trillion dollars of government money into our taxpayers money into the system it's just like having jobs of no 10% of americans don't have jobs at this point in time. >>all right rob, we got to you know everyone is hoping for better times for sure good to good to speak with you thank we'll be fine on wall street socially got to get there but yeah, there's a gap all right thanks a coming up taylor swift could be primed to have a record breaking grammy night. we'll have the
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>>many were ceremonies have been moving forward during the pandemic even and up next, it's the grammys yeah, the nominations are coming up tomorrow morning and a lot of people think that taylor swift we'll have reason to celebrate say entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has the story. grant vicki that is right the 2021 grammy nominations are coming in 80 has all your predictions. let me just tell you this freshly crowned am artist of the year taylor. >>is looking like she's going to add to her 10 grammy wins. >>so why are taylors grammy chances, so good, it's a simple numbers game her single cardigan could be up for record of the year some of the year and best pop solo
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performance i love it or netflix not miss americana could earn her a best music film not and her hit album folklore is a prime candidate for album of the year. but 3 time grammy winner, the weekend is currently a slight front runner in that category oddsmakers have after hours as a 92 best new artist category could belong to the women with hip-hop star, megan the stallion doshi cat in indie rocker phoebe bridgers all holding great odds. >>and is harry styles prime for a big year the grammys don't often award boy bands so with his one direction days behind he could be headed towards a justin timberlake style break out. it wouldn't be the grammys without gaga she's hoping her album chromatica will add to her 11 grammy wins and tonight on e t will have our am a round of our interviews with the winners. >>the fashion and the show
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stopping performances. you saw jayla wright okay don't miss it. i'm kevin frazier back to you. >>pretty exciting. he got any predictions you know what i think they're all fantastic, okay. i would give awards every diplomatic as you can with my money's on megan the stallion to be that she see the big winners on snl yes she's all over the place by the way entertainment tonight. it comes on right after kron 4 that's at 7.30 and then we're back here in prime time for news at >>well our news is that nice night.
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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we can do this. ♪ >> announcer: thanksgiving pandemic travel crushed. >> the super bowl of super-spreader events. >> in the rush is not over yet. >> announcer: then melania's christmas party indoors. >> what kind of message is this sending? >> announcer: and can you believe this knucklehead? in the new pandemic. swiping so many packages he can't carry them all. wait till you see what happened to our package. >> why did you take our package? >> announcer: plus last-minute thanksgiving shopping tips. >> how to get in and out and get everything you need while staying safe. >> have a list, be


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