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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 24, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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folsom and i'm james fletcher and it looks like the weather is going to be on your side this week if you look creek help and a little bit of but also a lot of sunshine on what else we're going to get today. yeah the fog has in and out of the sunshine across the bay area it's been pretty spotty all morning long, but yeah, if you're looking outside at our center tower cam it's actually cleared out well our view towards the golden gate bridge has only fogged up so depends on where you're at. we're seeing the fog right now let's get a look at the tower cam lots of sunshine out there currently wasn't this clear just moments ago so fog has drifted elsewhere across the bay at this point you can see that blanket of fog right in the core of the day in a couple spots right along the coastline, we're gradually seeing less and less of it through the morning and as we make our way later in the day you're going to see less of a even yet sunshine is piercing through even those more cloudy of areas in temperatures are beginning to rise oakland, you're at 53 degrees berkeley at 53 as well say towing an hour old the spots still
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holding on to the 30's. areas like santa rosa nevado petaluma and napa were down there this morning. now you're back to the mid to upper 40's. i'm talking more about what to expect today as well as thanksgiving still to come all right. thank you john we're checking in on the traffic which is looking really got a huge improvement compared to the early morning hours we're off to the golden gate where we never had any problems are major issues and it looks really good here we'll get a little bit of fog coming from the north bay but. >>across the span refined so 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza we're checking on the bay bridge with the traffic is thinning out nicely it was solid about 30 minutes ago, so it's breaking up we could see a little more space between the cars, it's very quiet heading into san francisco. so we're at 13 minutes for your drive to make it in and slow traffic on the nimitz northbound from to 38 today this after a fatal accident at the davis street overcrossing at 8.80 back to you. >>all right, thank you very much rob and so our big story this morning comes from the north bay where solano county now seeing a huge spike in
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fact the highest number of reported covid-19 cases since the beginning of the outbreak and what we have here is solano county public health departments dashboard this is how you can at a glance see the situation right now for covid-19 in that county, the large number that you see there 121,000 plus that's the total number of people are residents have been tested so far and of that number we've had 9,745 people confirmed to be positive with covid-19 that's across the entire pandemic from february till now 778 are currently being treated for it. the sad number there 81, that's the number of people who have died from covid-19 in solano county and 12.2 represents the say a 7 day positivity rate, 12.2 is extremely high and local doctors are worried that the numbers will continue to get worse as we head into thanksgiving. that's why we have kron 4 sarah stinson on the story for us live in solano county with what we need to know.
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>>just said james cases are rising rapidly and thanksgiving 2 days away. >>people are doing different things either way it's looking a lot different than previous years, but some people are deciding to spend time with family members and invite them over and gather in groups or others are deciding not to do that. now people are shopping here in fairfield now to get the stuff they need for their feast. health officials in solano county are worried about gatherings this holiday season, especially with the concern that multiple generations will gather putting older relatives more at risk coronavirus cases are currently on the rise here due to halloween parties. they say. >>what they had groups of 20 to 30 people gathering together indoors in this county in that caused a peak now the previous spike in solano county was in mid july with a 100 cases reported in a day and this past week. there was even more than that the number of hospitalizations have also tripled from below
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20 to over 60 if you do attend a holiday gathering the county health officer says wear a mask, when you're not eating in maintain distance now we heard from a woman last hour she said she's going to do that she has hand sanitizer she's going to be distancing. all of her relatives have a total of 8 people at her house but i talked to another woman who says she's going to avoid the gatherings altogether which is going to make her thanksgiving look a lot different this year. >>because of the pandemic and everything does doing so should this unseen in. you know just like small. the people that i live with that said that it is usually the family and has like big gathering in everything and they need. you know in my family and they come from everywhere for thanksgiving and everything so this year by social distancing at home. >>in by big gathering. she means 20 to 30 relatives usually get together so it's going to look very different this year with about 4 people
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instead. whatever you do show gratitude to your family members by protecting each other that's the best thing you can do. remember here in solano county it's in the state's purple tier so that curfew is in effect and you have to be at home. indoors. safely by 10 o'clock reporting live in fairfield sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you very much sara. >>again about who's getting infected in california it's young adults for the most part more than half of new coronavirus cases across the state or younger people the governor made the announcement of who it is ages, 18 to 49 they account for 60% of new cases statewide and to curb the spread of the virus. the governor has mandated that curfew surges told us about 10:00pm to 05:00am and that's for any county that's in the purple which is all the bay area except san francisco marin and san mateo and they too could be in it by the end of the week.
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>>i think i'm actually it seems like. >>this might be people that are going out a little bit more and acting a little bit riskier. really scary out there right now so it's hard. >>it's hard to tell anyone what to do right now, but you can only you know take care of yourself, let's put our heads on right. >>and think about it and let us get out of this we're almost there we're right at the summit let's just let's just make it happen now. >>listen up kids you can hear what all the experts are saying they're saying wear a mask a stick with your bubble in your family don't for thanksgiving and if you do by the way leave the state or the bay area they would like they strongly urge you to quarantine for 14 days when you return. if you look at the numbers in california now with more than 1 million 100 thousand cases and approaching now 19,000 deaths in the bay area we've had 1928 people die of covid and hospitalizations are also up. they went up 77% in the
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last 2 weeks and icu admissions are up 55%. >>9 '06 a quick update on governor newsom and his family they are still in quarantine this morning after the governor's children, we're exposed to a chp officer who had covid-19 the chp provide security for the governor's family. so there, interacting with them a lot. no one in the family has tested positive but during a news conference yesterday. the governor says that he now has a much better understanding of what families are going through. >>it is a very challenging in trying time and it something is now been brought home quite literally in terms of my own experience just over the course last couple days that said i did respect for people they don't have the support of people that are in my position that don't have the resources of people in my position and those that are struggling. >>well the quarantine also comes after one of his children was exposed to a classmate who tested positive. the governor is expected to be tested regularly now in the days to come.
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>>there's also in the days to come cheaper faster covid testing coming to the bay area kron four's dan kerman takes a look at it. >>those getting tested the top the 24th and mission bart station this week are getting 2 types of covid tests the more complex unreliable pcr test and the quicker cheaper by next rapid test it 2 ways to detect infection. one is to look the genetic material. >>of the virus. and the others to look for proteins of the virus. the coach of the virus. the infrastructure of the virus while the protein rapid test was previously believed to be less reliable. >>a small, ucsf study conducted during similar testing back in september found they were accurate in 14 out of 15 people who are infected what they're saying is on a one time. >>basis they were able to detect 14 out of 15 specimens that were that were positive by the more standard. method is that's substantial advance
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which i don't think anybody. what was was predicting. >>ucsf infectious disease for allah just doctor george rutherford says because the protein tests are so much cheaper and the results can be determined so much quicker. it could really make a difference in slowing the spread of covid-19 we want to find people who are the most infectious we want to get them isolated. >>as quickly as possible. the fact that this is far less expensive then standard genetic tests. and that it's didn't get results back. too much more quickly typically. i think brings it as a sort of an added added tool. >>now doctor rutherford was not part of the ucsf study but he says he's encouraged by it. though he agrees additional testing will have to be done to determine just how robust this testing method is a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well happening today in
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oakland, the alameda county public health department is going to be hosting a free covid-19 testing pop-up site and face mask giveaway the event starts at 10 this morning. it will end at 4 in the afternoon out on macarthur boulevard organizers say the testing is available to adults and children aged one or older. no insurance is needed. no questions will be asked about immigration status. >>9.10 at the time right now and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news you heard the travel warnings may be a listen to fauci when he tells you not to go outside your bubble for thanksgiving and as far as thanksgiving and the holidays that are upcoming tourism is way down we'll tell you what the bay area specifically san francisco is doing to survive, but first the morning buzz. the guy who was hired to help the warriors turned out he punched klay thompson in the face what he has with that baggage will explain. >>and today a plus of one we're in the 60's for daytime highs later today after such a cool start having been in the 30's for much of the bay and sunshine later on your
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forecast is ahead. i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area most of our bridges have thinned out nicely but here at the richmond sandra fell the fog is now an issue chp just issuing a special fog advisory for 5 in the west across the span to be careful out there we'll check more bridges coming up.
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>>shunning okay, it's 9.13 i cannot hold this last piece of pie any long go ahead. okay because lot winston robin's mother and robin made this fabulous sweet potato pie she did and i don't know we had the first piece and you can see here but there's we don't know one piece of mystery that will >>so thanksgiving, you know you have to celebrate at home in your bubble and everything and says we've got like a word mobile going this is our deals is not a good as it's going to get yeah all right, let's get over to the weather center john i think you do it so you are to finish his it feels like to think i'm in the fu all it took was a sweet potato but yes, it is definitely a nice morning to munch on something indoors with your family because it's kind of a cold morning out there, but at least it is clearing up and under that sunshine temperatures are starting to rise now just a little bit of fog remaining out right over the bay, it's actually sitting right over some of our bridges which has made some dense fog
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and a few other bridges, what robin i'll tell you about here in a second. but overall most of our area's little clearer than that gray we started with yesterday radar very quiet picture across the region and we're going to remain that way for the bay area into tomorrow too. we do have an advancing cold front sitting right to our north and west right now already resulting in showers in the pacific northwest as it steers our direction any sort of precipitation really was the steam by reached by the time it would reach the bay area so not to worry bay area remains dry tomorrow. it will be areas to our north like north of redding up to the oregon border that not just see some rain but some rain snow mix. so if you're heading that way specially early on tomorrow watch out for some slick spots on i 5 as you cross especially towards oregon. these showers start to fizzle out by the time they reach lake tahoe to some rain snow mix in the sierra but not a lot of it will bring a brief bit of it towards the middle of the day tomorrow. again notice how the bay area stays dry during this entire time.
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the rest of the region joins us by thanksgiving with dry conditions returning to northern parts of the state as well as the sierra for thursday as well as into friday and into the following weekend after the holiday itself. so it's actually pretty calm forecast for us as we work our way through the holiday. good news for those of you that may be planning a thanksgiving lunch outside instead of in the kitchen, 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline today well elsewhere in the bay area. it will be daytime highs just a touch warmer than yesterday mostly mid to upper 60's today saying carlos at 67 south bay temperatures in the mid 60's while the east bay, a solid range of low 60's mid 60's to even upper 60's in walnut creek in concord each at 68 today, north bay temperatures mid to upper 60's for you this is a touch warmer than we were yesterday and also a little warmer than we will be tomorrow as that cold front pushes through the biggest impact it has on us is a slight cool down taking us from those mid to upper 60's today into the low 60's tomorrow, thanksgiving and
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friday. rob, thank you john checking in on the bridges, some have out nicely some are a little foggy we have a late fog advisory coming in for richmond sandra fell we can see it here off in the distance but. >>apparently it's dense enough to issue one for the span as well according to chp standard so just be careful. the the commute traffic has stand out so no delays at the toll plaza, but a little foggy there for you in to the north bay here the bay bridge 80 west are doing fine and easy trip into san francisco. no problems a huge improvement for the early hours 10 minutes for that commute off to fremont street we're checking out san francisco, northbound one oh one and north to 80 from the peninsula to san francisco are looking fantastic. i see someone coming into the take a lot of these come over here this is this is what's left of your pie is this from your but thank you i did an awesome that high 2 at home.
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>>hugh thank you so much and thank you mom that's a look back to the deaths now back to you. >>thank you robin. time now for winners and losers on wall street joining us live this morning as financial expert, rob black to help us understand what we're seeing on wall street this morning good morning, rob. good morning. james. my favorite pie well that will still try and save a piece for but it's going to kind of hard though because i have a feeling darzi the last one when an event we've got big news on wall street, the dow up above 30,000 is i would think this is just because we've got some resolution on the presidential transition front or what. >>i know you're going to hate me for saying this, but this is what wall street does it look 6 months in that resolution with the biden transition has already priced now are looking at stimulus before the end of the year life lee we're still look at the senate races which could throw a curve ball in the markets at all time highs if
9:19 am
democrats take control of the senate probably would mean higher taxes. then you also get 3 vaccines all time highs now 30 k janet yellen is even known become a treasury secretary. what i mean by that is we know that she likes to fight inflation good for employment. she's not really progressive. so those who are worried on wall street of all i may be much for progressive agenda, not a sigh of release. thanksgiving we're close friday's me a half-day black friday's you weird. best buy had a great quarter, but there what's happening great 9 months the stock selling off. even though they had a great quarter expect another great quarter 2021 to be a transition year took good economy. 2022 is to be a very good economy like that's what it looks like it's all streets tell us ok so if they're looking at 6 months they're optimistic that 6 months from now things should be a little bit. yes, i'll take it all right we'll see where it home prices those have also going
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up it looks like the pandemic has helped that sector out as well. >>in 2 pandemic has forced us to find second homes are bigger homes maybe leave some of our. >>smaller homes in metro cities. mortgage rates dropped to 2.7 5% which is knots but i think one of 3.2 5 minutes and i don't think people are 3 2, 7, 5, that's how demand with covid and low interest rates to their back economy. phoenix up 11% year-over-year that feels like la and san francisco moving there saddle up 10.1% san diego up 9 and a half percent that feels like la trying to find more space little south. we're up 23% only from the peak of 2006 real estate prices james, so even the real estate have a great time of it it pales compared to theanasdaq up 30% this year. again 14 years real estate up 23% one year
9:21 am
nasdaq's up percent also kee. my there's no supply yeah we're not building fast we should so we're going to see it better but to start getting tailwind are are now about 2 years when interest rates start to move higher as the economy started continued on for so interesting graduations going home i own so there you go all right and then finally we've got to talk about a tesla stock. >>we have with the stock price continue climb now tesla's market cap. now valued at half a trillion. dollars this is incredible he lawns elon is well it's got to go through the roof. yeah again that's 8 teslas shown and proven that auto industry is a growth industry to say the least again a favorite pie chart just basis, it's got the biggest pot far as billionaires to our east and the world bill gates moves from number 2 slice item number 3 slice thanksgiving pie as you on must has taken over musk has a wealth of a 120 billion dollars that's some of that mark zuckerberg
9:22 am
slips to number 4. >>it's not lost on me that jeff basis and you on must or the new billionaires bill gates and warren buffett slept representing kind of late 20th century per se. one of the tricks about tesla's they got software updates say it has 30,000 ludacris modes it could be 20,000 and auto driving which is an early rate on a driving yet another $10. sarah software upgrade company a lot like apple us as far services so i still see upside musk still has that satellite thing. he's got space x. he's got solar which has a really rolled out. yeah i think he's become the richest man and we're up may purchase end of world 2 years, yeah, it boggles the mind how tesla is disrupted not just in the auto sector but in all these other sectors to that they're stretching into its pretty incredible and yeah. >>we'll how high tesla can go we'll be tracking that rob thank you as always. >>how good thanksgiving case of missing tomorrow. yeah,
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absolutely and don't forget send rob your thanksgiving wishes and well wishes, or just a question or 2 he'd love to talk to you you can find him on facebook twitter you can e-mail him directly and you can always connect with them on our website at kron 4 make your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot to the ones who mean the most. you've got the holidays, and we've got you, with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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>>9.28 is the time where where where over sorry camera social distance, i mean, i'm not even sure we're here. now it's intimate so let's talk about weather as we're heading into thanksgiving. this is very important forecast to blow it john good morning vote for everybody right well after that hammer like the pressures of at least 7 front of the right now we are looking out there at some nice clear skies right now you do have a touch of fog sitting across some of
9:29 am
our bridges robins been telling you about that this morning. >>but it has been a clear morning overall than yesterday was that look at your center tower of you gotta like this one, nice and bright out there right above san francisco right now there's that stream of fog in the by the inner part of the bay right there itself and right along the golden gate to we've seen some fog ebbing and flowing as we make our way into the latter part of the day it's going to be sunshine and warmest temperatures of the forecast ahead of us before a bit of a cool down tomorrow. 40's 50's for current temps we're definitely starting to see that climb occurring under the sunshine berkeley, one of our warmer spots currently at 54. san mateo at 55 santa rosa and napa fell into the 30's this morning, you're climbing well into the 40's to not a bad start to your tuesday. i've gotten even better tuesday afternoon still to come. robin traffic's improving as well so not a bad start to the weather or the traffic right we're checking the drive into san francisco and this is the point where you head into san francisco. and you don't have to deal with delays so if
9:30 am
you've been holding off it looks great right now we are delay free and no one has a look this good throughout the morning drive so we're putting in a 10 minutes for your commute time off to fremont street i want to take you over to the east shore freeway it's winding down just a little bit of congestion 80 west el serino albany, berkeley and down toward emeryville and the maze the upper east shore crockett and hercules that portion looks really good. so only 17 minutes to make your way from crockett down to the maze and we don't have any other trouble 6 8024 to 40 to the nimitz all doing just fine. >>in national news president elect joe biden is set to formally introduce his national security team to the nation. he's expected to make that announcement this afternoon. >>the move comes finally as the trump administration comes to terms with the fec that the president president trump has lost reelection and it's time to move on. >>let's talk more about this with our political analyst michael yaki good morning michael. >>good morning happy almost
9:31 am
thanksgiving i you to things you can almost start to happen here. absolutely now the transition letter from gsa is gone. they can get office space they can actually start talking to people most importantly being searched finding out. what's been going on for the past 4 years in the inner bowels of all of that all these agencies if you're preparing to govern on day one that's really what the importance of the transition is it's unfortunate or 2 weeks to get going. going to be a long thanksgiving weekend for a lot of these folks because they're going to be working very very hard to make up for now the president this morning on twitter still says he's not conceding anything he's still fighting this in the courts but. >>effectively though that phase is pretty much past us right now that the government has acknowledged a job and we next president the transition is happening whether the with the trump wants it or not. >>isn't and you know whatever the trip the president needs to do to go through is. stages of grief or or outrage when
9:32 am
everyone to call it. it will continue, but at least orderly transition of power has finally begun and that's the important part going forward, you know i don't believe he's ever going to concede. i think is going to go the white house kicking and screaming about the fact that this i rigged election was stolen from him, but the transfer power will occur on january 20th, 2021. well all say the 47 minutes ago, he in part the gsa does not determine who the next president of the united states will be so defiant. >>even within the last but as for joe biden moving forward. >>absolut absolutely and he's doing what he said was going to do is going to create a cabinet that looks like america, the first 3 appointment, first 5 appointments so far 3 have been women to have been men these are formal cabinet. you have the first woman head of the dea director of national intelligence. first woman of the dip. secretary of
9:33 am
treasury. yellen said was very associated with our area here at u c berkeley 100 majorca a dhs a former callum so it's go bears time you know you i the one out the one thing that saw standing before us national security team is secretary of defense and i'm wondering if he's going to have that done by today. >>what about all the stuff that biden has to do when trump leaves because i've heard this word that trump is hollowing out administration like does that mean he can fire get rid of so many people that when biden gets in he's got it's overwhelmed with you know high empty offices. >>well if that's one of things i mean there's there's there's actually there's personnel hollowing out and there's policy you're going to see the president i think continue to to acting. what i think are pretty irresponsible ways whether train option off the atlanta, the arctic national wildlife refuge to oil. whether it's the way that he
9:34 am
terminated the open skies treaty which is big part of our security blanket in in western europe or it's by firing people he just doesn't like because they're they're people who didn't give him, you know the tanks parades that he wanted when he was president. this is going to go on a lot of the stuff can be undone so that is going to be hard to unwind quite frankly like the oil leases in alaska, but even the people who are who are going to be fired. i think can be taken back the interesting things that the republicans are already saying they're not going they're going to be. difficult to confirm anyone who resigned from the trump administration because in protests and spoke out against trump may have a hard time getting position that needs a confirmation from the senate and that's unfortunate and i think is something that actually quite unreasonable given the fact that there speaking out behalf of the country many of the people. those republicans your
9:35 am
out there on the one hand saying they support the president of the other hand if you believe her burn seen just wrote the other day, 21 senators were based basically trashing the president behind his back for the last 4 years. >>but basically they're still a couple of you're saying is he can still continue to do things. he had started work like with iran for example if there's the there's there's there's more than 10 weeks left there's a lot of. >>a lot of things the heat. she can't do and the warner and that he would that he would ask his advisers if you can start that's a concern. there any number of multilateral security treaty. inadvertently revealed inadvertently i say you know secret sent to other countries this is the stuff of nightmares of a transition and no one's ever encountered before with any president. >>you know one of the things the president did early on was pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accords and i notice that on are on the list of of what's expected to be his
9:36 am
announcements is john kerry coming back this time though not as secretary of state, but as the climate czar and i guess leading america back to engaging with other countries in in what reentering the paris climate accord you think. >>i think that for one of his first trips will be carried a binder with that with that signature. the new president back on the accords on the paris climate accords but this security he's been pretty to get international team is putting together is important because it's sending a message of stability, america's back to business as usual as america is going to the name of the game. and what that does is it gives him the freedom, quite frankly the time to focus on the 2 things that the most important things he has to do coming out of the gate, one of the pandemic and the vaccine and to getting the economy back on track. so having a stable foreign policy national security team is essential to allowing him the freedom to do what you need to do to get the vaccine to the
9:37 am
people who need we need first, rolled out to the rest of the population. it started bringing the economy back and bring those small businesses that we all know in the bay area that loss and could be lost forever. >>all right so we'll see who else is named to his cabinet positions as he expected to do that this afternoon we'll chat with you more about that in the days to come. thank this holiday season, wake up in a winter slumberland with a cozy casper mattress and pillows, soft percale sheets, even glow, our magical light for better sleep
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thinking about your are we... prudential helps 25 million people with their financial needs. with over 90 years' of investment experience, our thousands of financial professionals can help. go to or talk to an advisor. >>i'm 39 and san francisco,
9:40 am
the bay area we're seeing holiday hotels are empty and this is when they would think the visitors would be flocking to san francisco, but because of the pandemic that is not happening and it's hurting everybody in the city people who learn work and live in in san francisco. >>with thanksgiving coming out we should be having a lot of families a lot connecting rooms being booked out. the sweet spoke towns. you know at this time of year when out in the 30's it's it's been a very different scene tell some of the largest contributor of. >>revenue to the city through both what we call dot tax occupancy taxes. sales taxes. so i think when you look at thing off so significantly from a hotel point of view that impacts revenue that's coming into the city that used for everything the city would do. >>when will traveling come back that's really the question and the answer maybe not until a vaccine. >>it will take quick break coming up though john is going
9:41 am
to another check of your thanksgiving holiday forecast.
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>>was 09:43am take a look at this wow with the clout that you know i think what i see that what's up. i'm really old heaven can wait anyone dealer having to wait for the movie, yes that was warren beatty was
9:44 am
it. i think there's a live cloud city. is lines 78 were you born i just checked having to weigh that move it now not not yeah it reminded me of star another 70's know that's an 80's movie right but pretty enough pretty but yes, very pretty all across the city this morning little less cloudy of the view over berkeley right now we are seeing blue skies even piercing through some of those cloudier areas certainly a lot less grave than yesterday was at this time now as we make our way through the rest of the day less and less of that cloudy blanket more and more the sunshine. it's a very quiet picture on radar and for us in the day it's going to stay pretty quiet there's a cold front eyeing the region that's going to cool us down a few degrees as soon as tomorrow and will result in rainfall to our north that's
9:45 am
going to fizzle out before it reaches the bay though. >>this is middle of the night tonight. there's your cold front pushing on into the region. rainfall fizzles as i mentioned before it reaches the bay watch out for some rain snow mix north of redding if you're heading up i-five towards oregon and really even that snowfall fizzling out before it reaches much of lake tahoe, not going to receive much of a dose of it into tomorrow but for the middle of the day tomorrow enough of it to possibly make for some slick conditions up 80. now we stay dry all through the day tomorrow rest of the region joins us into thursday for your thanksgiving, a nice mild thanksgiving just around the corner friday also looks to be nice and clear saturday and sunday too so really not a whole lot to talk about as far as weather interruptions go for the rest of the week ahead, good news for any sort of traveling you may be doing i know most of us though going to keep it local right here in the bay and as you do so you can expect the 60's that we have today to hang on through thanksgiving itself. here's your thanksgiving day. planner the best times to be outside
9:46 am
with the family will be but between one to 03:00pm. that's when we'll be in the low 60's. it will be just a touch cooler on thanksgiving then we're about to be today. so jackets and sweaters will definitely come in handy as you get out there. wednesday thursday and friday will be those coolest days of this forecast with highs mostly in the low 60's. our evening lows will be quite chilly, especially if you're inland dropping regularly into the 30's. robin all right, thank you bad news to report that this time around. >>the traffic on bay area bridges has a fund out nicely no problems here for 92 east or west into and out of hayward only 13 minutes for that connection there we're checking in on the bay bridge early this morning we had a crowd here at the pay gates, it spilled all the way back to west grand now it's just wide open so come on in 9 minutes, not only clear here at the pay gates with all the way across the upper deck in the skyway as well richmond center fell bridge. i can see some sunshine now, but earlier it was a bit foggy foggy enough to issue a dense fog advisory that came from chp but now
9:47 am
we're looking at 8 minutes for you in to the north bay just a little pocket of slow traffic on the nimitz just getting word of a new crash in hayward to the south at whipple, so it's a little slow from 92 that puts you at 25 minutes into 38 up to 2.37 back to you. in the buzz, a historic all black referee crew blows the whistle on a desperate play. >>by tom brady and the bucks loss to the rams check it out brady tried to pass a note is pulling in bounces off or rams lyman and right back to his own and he tries to a fast one there shows that again like hot and this time 13 watch again catches it and gained 8 yards. if you look sound effects again, let's let's hold on and it seems like it the bank that was flagged on that play for an illegal passed since you cannot throw the ball twice like that come on man. these guys have a
9:48 am
combined 89 seasons and 6 super bowls under the belt you think they don't know magic johnson said it was about time we see an all-black crew look at his tweet what a proud day for the entire sports world i never thought i'd see the day this would happen in the nfl. kelly probably thought he'd never see the day that he be a worry or otherwise he probably wind up punch klay thompson and the face. but now that fight is coming back to haunt him. it was 2017 it over it was with the wizards when a fight broke out between draymond green and bradley beal turned into a full on tangle staff was pulled out look at that. and the areas look at on. >>i'm was almost. right off of which lighthizer out. >>also some full on punches watch slowly. and you could great is holding clay with one hand and punching him with the other. the first time at age
9:49 am
22 he called that a graze to the head now he's almost 25 any calls it just being a stupid kid. >>and honestly, you know i would want to say you know and smartest that i put them in a day i am and i will continue to grow and i will show you each and every one of growth should have you that i'm in this league, so just a you know have a conversation i definitely still think about things like that you know, i'm very remorseful for just the in all but not an asset is that i back to the day but we're forward, you know we grow learned so well. >>you trash talk today because they could be your teammate tomorrow, but that is not stopping steph curry and peyton manning from taking aim at phil mickelson and charles barkley ahead of their big golf showdown this friday. >>yeah i just can't wait to friday because i've got to play we have a part to go to
9:50 am
him we're going to play fantastic. i want these guys to go to the dictionary and look up the word or me. the use of that word don't me. >>you get that big were uses we're not even going to be able to dressed up from the czech to use those same side even going to make a difference we like can hear of thing we're going to see what james i did look up door me you got handed a guy can't but door me is when you're as many holes. >>up as there are remaining. so let's say you're on your pushes 60's, whole ok so if you're on the 16 to 3 to go on till you're gone and your 3 up at that point. >>then the next all your to up because you have to go so you go like that ok so basically says we're going to win by that are going to have an egg have we're going all right takes a while where that tip tigers not hit this he's not
9:51 am
that but he is busy practicing with his kid. >>for the pnc father son championship in december looks like this one is pretty darned good right shock tiger woods it never let his kid swing like that this is 11 year-old charlie's first time in the bigs but he has done well in the juniors. do you remember charlie one of us kids golf event i covered that. i back in member tiger was his caddie yes, how can you lose right when you got tiger tell are telling you what to do well i could still lose to be in the shadow of a great like that we've seen in basketball. >>some sons of. >>famous stars not being able to do it as well as dad did yeah oh he looks like pretty good swing. and you know it's cool that this father son event to is what about the daughters. they i was looking at the roster 5 last year, yeah, annika sorenstam got to be that sun because there is no father daughter event right
9:52 am
what gives man to change that. yes they should because in custody because he just have charlie has a daughter too so watch out. that's the vibe. charlie's my sidekick when it comes to projects around the house.
9:53 am
but every once in a while, she disappears on me. dad! dad! you are so fast! i discovered a new land! with magical creatures! was it under the porch? yup! ugh. i'll never see everything she sees. that's why we use new tide hygienic clean. it gets between fibers to remove visible and invisible dirt. hey dad! i discovered an aquatic kingdom! ugh. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide
9:54 am
>>for the guy yesterday we show you was day before and he pulled his puppy out of the miles of the the jaws of alligator yes, well now he's talking about it so the guy it has a cigar in one hand, the
9:55 am
jaws of the gator in his other and he's pulling his little puppy out square little the way is going look at the puppies find was what he said. >>i didn't have time to be scared of a nervous. it was just to read reaction. i went in the water. yeah governor at the i didn't know how big a or it was just and it wouldn't matter far say which taking fate long it wouldn't matter what will be warm going to give them up without a fight. >>is that the swiss thing 74 years old i thought i was good shape, right and the little pup is in good shape to yet seen real gun missed a gunner was just sitting on up there during that interview. >>so both of them look like they're going to be just fine there sweet well. >>monkey's that this pianist in thailand, but hey if i play
9:56 am
nice classical musical they the one on him kind of mesmerized other taking his music and then their natural instincts take over are taking that's a sign if they start taking away sheet they want look at all over him. yeah and it just gets worse and worse from here so that's a show for today world will be back here >>i think rob is run out of high. it's all gone, i think the last locate would see the thanksgiving shows good weather and thanksgiving, not the we need more pie we'll see what i can do i know a if you missed it and we to pieces. like that and now an app we'll see later so that the treasury on doing a walk us through this real get this is thanksgiving what to expect as
9:57 am
you recall the pie hopefully so eat up just a war seem it's.
9:58 am
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