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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 30, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>effective immediately if you travel outside of santa clara county for more than 150 miles you are told head straight to your home and stay there for 2 weeks. coming up, i'll tell you why in a live. and new health orders have left the 49 ers without a home to play for practice in we'll have these stories and more. >>coming up. news station. >>you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >>welcome to the kron 00:00am morning news you made it for the finest hour 9 o'clock, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher happy month of november because after today, we say goodbye to november and hello to december so december 1st is tomorrow so that's what you're saying and say and the weather will be nice for us and it's a little chilly but yeah if only we can now get to january first unscathed it will be a win for only one
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more month of this 2020 saga guys, let's killer fingers. crust i mean it is the month of course where we get all the lights up in typically good feelings abound so i hope that's absolutely what we do have it's also a month that we get some chilly weather and we're going to be starting off the month that way some chilly conditions this morning and tomorrow morning will be much the same you can see all the sunshine that we have up above in san francisco or stitcher tower you always looks good even in those foggy morning, sometimes you get the blanket down below. >>radar shows rain and snow up to our north up in washington and oregon. but we stay dry that's the way we've been for over a week now the for the week ahead of us too as we begin december temperatures today eventually rise into the 60's. we're out of the 30's for most of the inland east bay where we spent the morning even san jose dropped into the upper 30's. santa rosa, you're still at 38 saint helene at 34 early elsewhere in the bay area expect the 40's and 50's now i'm tracking what's next telling you all what to expect
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as we make our way into the new month still to come. robin. >>and i'm tracking that morning drive this is looking so much better compared to the early morning hours of commutes pretty much over and so if you've been holding out and waiting for traffic to improve check this out a live look at 92 is it going here east and west on 92 as you make your way into and out of hayward 2 no problems for the san mateo bridge. that's in great shape. a little bit a crowd in san francisco, the bay bridge looks good. no problems on the skyway when you make it to the northbound central you see that crowd in right there from 80 all the way out to city streets on over to octavia it's a little busy, but no big problems and then one o one north to 80 also look great from the peninsula heading to san francisco will check more bridges coming up in a bit back to you thank you robin, it's 9 '02 and breaking news moderna now says it's applying today for emergency use authorization for their covid vaccine which they say they have the data that show the fda that its 94% affective my now is the second company to apply for the emergency use authorization. remember pfizer
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did the same thing and now the fda will look over those applications and the first vaccines are expected to be distributed by the end of december. >>well it can't come soon enough, especially for places like santa clara county where new health order restrictions are in place now because of the spike that we've seen in coronavirus cases and it's impacting all sectors of life from sports to business to travel. this is a look at santa clara county health departments dashboard which gives us a snapshot of where things stand right now to date more than 34,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus there with the seven-day rolling average of new cases at 417 that's an average of 417 new cases each and every day. and you can see what that translates to hear on the graph below over time as we've been dealing with this pandemic most recently a spike a major spike in the numbers and that is why we have these new health orders in place which will require people to quarantine when they come back to santa clara county across four's will tran
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is live in san jose at the airport to explain at first glance will lot of people are thinking wait so across the county line and come back i got a quarantine what if i work in another county and come back. >>if you say you work in san mateo county you're good to go if you leave santa clara county. they did draw the line at 150 miles or more so if you go to los angeles and you come back then you have to quarantine so there is a price to pay if you want to have some fun, they're not slamming the door on people traveling to say hawaii, but they say when you get back, you might be carrying covid-19 nobody truly knows until you quarantine yourself for 14 days. so that's what's going to happen affective immediately. you can see here is the airport very empty for a monday morning usually mondays are very busy, especially with people taking back going home from thanksgiving vacation, instead you can see how empty it is right now, and that probably makes santa clara county health officials a little
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happy. this morning as they try to wrestle with covid-19 cases to bring it down. so what they're saying is if you travel by plane by train by car or by bus it doesn't matter if you leave this little area you come back go straight to your house for 14 days and stay there with you're traveling group or your immediate family because they don't want you to come back with covid-19 especially if you go to a place that might be even hotter. santa clara county in the bay area when it comes to coronavirus cases got a chance to talk to some people some people were aware of it and others were not but they say they are flexible with what's going on. >>i think it's think in general we shouldn't be moving around anyways. so i think it's great to quarantine. >>wasn't aware that but we're already planning on. quarantine for 2 weeks after we got back really so you're ready for him to way to go yet try to be responsible here. what do you think about the rising cases that you already
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took this step before the county even imposed. well i think about the rise in cases. is scary man but you know we've got to do we've got to do. >>he said that he's his own boss so he's good to go. but for other people who don't know about this and you're just hearing it you might want to tell your boss that when i get back that i can still work i just can't do it physically inside the building as far as when this will expire. well, we looked at the santa clara county health department their website and it says indefinite like until they get this handled it will continue possibly maybe through christmas. maybe through the new year it all depends on what happens with covid-19 cases and keep in mind they watch it from every 2 weeks or so south. more than likely based on my experience james and darya it will last at least for about 2 weeks based on the scientific data that they look at. >>back to you and then we'll see what the numbers show then thank you will was 14 day quarantine for travelers isn't
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the only restriction in santa clara county by the way. there's also been a cap on retail shops and stores, they can't have any more than 10% capacity. grocery stores have to limit their capacity to 25% and then we've heard recently that all professional collegiate and youth sports also temporarily prohibited and james that rule. >>has left the 49 ers homeless at least 4 3 weeks and they have 2 home games that they've got to figure out where they're going to play where they're going to practice because all sports are now banned for at least 3 weeks and the niners are just coming off a divisional win yesterday against the rams head coach kyle shanahan says the team was blindsided by these new restrictions. >>we understand how big of a deal this virus we're so still committed and we feel that's why. so we feel like we've done it as good as we can not only protect ourselves, but also really protecting our community we would love to stay in her home where fans want us and. plane in levi's
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with no people there and only people that have been tested every single day for the last 5 months son. i get it they made that decision we got to deal with it. >>so now they're in a pickle and they're going to find a place to play in the bay area so the families can be with you know players can you their families or maybe i have heard some insiders say they could go to arizona for a couple of weeks. either way let's take a look at the numbers california breaking a grim record 8,000 plus covid patients in the hospital across the street. and that's double from what it was 3 weeks ago, when there are about 4,000 patients hospitalized. the previous record for hospitalizations was back in july with 7,000 covid patients. health experts are still james expecting that spike and the surge could come in the coming days or weeks because of all the gatherings over thanksgiving, let's take a look at the numbers they stand right now in california. more than one 0.2 million people infected. they have tested positive more than 19,000 californians have died and that includes 1963 covid
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deaths in the bay area and as the numbers continue to climb barry white we've got more more counties now dropping into that purple tier. >>and that of course means now limited stay at home orders curfews all going into effect the 2 most recent counties to join the list san francisco and san mateo counties. moran, the only one not included yet, but that could very well change. but san francisco, san mateo counties following the trend that the rest of the state is you can see the vast majority of california in that purple most restrictive tier so let's remind everybody what that means for san francisco and san mateo counties cropper sara stinson live for us in the city with more on that good morning sara. >>good morning. james i'm live on polk street where people are waking up to a cold morning morning with more restrictions and a curfew that goes into effect tonight at 10 o'clock so far people telling me that they don't really have an opinion on the curfew so that's something people feel indifferent about but the restrictions people say i'm sad about the gyms closing no
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more indoor gym use only outdoor so that's going to be a huge impact. take a look at your screen you can see what else is changing here in san francisco and san mateo counties in the purple tier that means not only just gyms but churches and movie theaters have to now be outdoors retail stores must limit capacity to 25%. restaurants may continue with outdoor operations only and the state is saying it's necessary to do all this based on the data that has been coming in. specifically san francisco mayor london breed said this is the most aggressive search san francisco has seen to date. we're currently averaging 118 new cases per day compared to 73 in the first week of november. so it's an alarming rate and it's something we knew was coming we talked with a ucsf doctor about this new curfew going into effect from 10 o'clock until 5 in the morning through december for 21st is this going to be affective let's hear what the doctor has to say. >>i think it's a good idea as a test because it a voice, a
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full shutdown and avoid some economy to so go on but whether or not it will work will be up to the day to the public health authorities can't really avoid and ignore this risk in the community is more widespread now you have to move back before you can move forward unfortunately. >>and restaurants and businesses have expressed some worry because they have been going back to normal and now they say with this curfew they're going to have to cut hours for employees they're going to have to cut employees and it's going to be definitely an impact to their incomes. so we'll have to see the ramifications of that but for now people surprisingly saying you know this isn't going to really affect me and i kind of expected that because most people i know they're at home by then especially with these colder temperatures but is this going to cause people to gather in groups indoors which could hurt this and spread the coronavirus worse that could be a factor for porting live in san francisco sarah stinson
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kron 4 news all right, thank you very much sara wow this just and sarah admits to be like the rest of us old and all but nothing to stay safe at home and stay good on the go with our kron 4 app the kron 4 app the kron on app you go com for com you get all the very latest information. >>that you need on the go if you go anywhere anymore. 9.12 right now still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the biden administration is making history will tell you about the big appointments to a big important positions in the transition, but first. >>the salvation army has a problem how are they going to help millions of people if they still need from you and we'll tell you exactly what they needed just a few minutes. >>and it may be a chilly start but look at what we have to look forward to later today, it's going to be 60's yet again across the bay. no big surprise there. i've got more on your forecast ahead.
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>>15 right now and we're checking out the weather beautiful live shots all around it looks good and a lot warmer on tv go inside looking out what you step outside though you're going to be thankful to john remind you to where you are. koch and your scarf and john he adds these crystal clear morning is that often our coldest and this is a prime example of that. >>we were in the 30's for a lot of the bay area to start now we've worked our way back up into the 40's. definitely
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still cool enough for the jacket though timber on one of our sunny spots really the whole bay area's sunny though even right along the coastline, not seeing much fog or marine layer evidence so we're going to work our way through today with ample sunshine much like we did over the weekend you can see radar it's a quiet picture right now futurecast shows quiet skies and clear skies. well into the afternoon now advancing 3 evening hours tonight, there will be some fog that skirt some very much though just that coastal spot, right there along san down in the santa cruz counties but besides that it's another crystal clear start to the morning tomorrow. one of the reasons we've been so dry for so long dow is this high-pressure ridge that set up shop across california setting any chance of rain or snow further to the north across california washington and oregon. this is keeping us dry all the way further north in the state to so it's not just in the bay area either today's daytime highs, it's familiar territory, we've been here for a while now 50's and 60's right along the
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coastline, pretty seasonable weather right at the coast, lots of sunshine today well elsewhere in the bay area back to the 60's we go low to mid 60's for the south bay with morgan hill what are your warmer spots in the south bay at 65. same for you over into the tri valley. well union city holds on to the upper 50's oakland berkeley richmond low 60's for you walnut creek in concord each at 66 degrees. well temperatures in the north bay looking at daytime highs anywhere from the low to mid 60's today out at the coast those 50's but from a mill valley on up through santa rosa expect low to mid 60's. here's a look ahead at your next 7 days daytime highs, not changing much at all skies remaining clear and definitely on the drier side than we'd like to see inland areas will be seeing lows continually dropping into the 30's so expect continued chilly evenings inland while 40's near the bay and the coast over to you rob all right, thank you for the update john we're checking back in on the traffic this time we're off to one o one we're taking a look at the commute across the golden gate bridge looking
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good so far the drive into san francisco for the southbound trip here doing just fine so under 25 minutes nevado to the toll plaza we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 west the commute is over during 6 o'clock 7 o'clock. we have lots of stop and go traffic spilling back be on west grand. >>and now here we are in the 9 o'clock hour and it's going to be smooth for you late risers under 10 minutes from the bottom of the mesa fremont street once you make it in the sky lanes wide open the central freeway looks much better right at the end as we head towards city streets. it looks a little crowded, but at one point it was backed up to 80 so the central freeways, including improving of 6.80 looks great here to wanted creek alamo. san ramon, no problems for 5.80 or the nimitz between oakland and san leandro and you're also good on 24 and the east shore heading toward the oakland maze back to you. >>time now for winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us as always to decipher what's going on with the markets, rob good morning. thanks for joining us.
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>>it's good to be here in the market does not want remember no yeah it's struggling a bit this morning. but you say it's still on track to be one of the better what sessions that we've seen and a number of years. >>there's something in december called the claus rally. we may not get it this year because november was so glorious dow is up 11.9% energy was up 33% all on the reopening what worked in the past the growth stay at home stocks the microsoft's he activision's the video you know general court of the companies that did great apple google amazon stay at home stocks start transition to the value of what's open back up the economy. and they've been big winners bitcoins above 19,000 last week hit 19,000 $3,000 show you the volatility but a trip back to mike on top of it doordash is going to like you're 32 billion if they did an ipo in june of 2020
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would've been about 16 billion say they doubled it they've done very very well with covid and congress is kind of being puts by trump and my biden to get some stimulus done. that's probably the next leg up for wall street is when stimulus has done its big costs 500 billion not big enough to too much somewhere in between us all streets looking for. >>have curious as we look back on 2020 with all of the craziness issue does it surprise you that the markets have done as well as they've done or does it make sense to you. >>on a personal level, yes, it's surprising to me on a business level no because the markets don't work for war one world war 2 nuclear bomb site recessions depressions dictators high oil low oil markets all it works in my favor because there's a lot of but i would was doubting thomases like you like this doesn't make sense just invest every 2 weeks capitalism will take care of itself and we will through go through much worse than covid in teacher with that said retired and you have one month last. you've
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got to be really careful. yeah, but if your time frames over 3 years you got to go >>okay, good enough good enough and then let's talk a bit about thanksgiving travel now that we see the numbers we know it's. it was probably a strong you know strong travel day for this year but compared to last year not so much this is in your loser give your thoughts. >>yeah, it's pretty interesting know some the commentary come out jetblue says traffic down 70% year-over-year 1.2 million people went through sunday that's down 2.9 million a year ago obviously covid. by what that's also telling is some the projections of the airlines they're saying you know it's going to be bumpy getting back to mike don't out a new 6 going come in and then having a what they need the cash flow in i think the story, here's the airlines need state has just as much as you and i do james said they would be a us to get checks that we are willing to fly come summer 2021. that's what that's what it's looking like
9:22 am
the best chance for flights to get back to build until that and it will improve but the airline companies like jump other they're not running out of money they're struggling pretty hardcore now that do you think next summer there's going to such an explosion of people that just want to go. >>and do things finally now that the vaccine would have been out by then and everybody's feeling better do you think we're going to see this explosion in economic prosperity at that point. >>i do i think we've been saving a lot of money during the current times referred to them. and we as consumers american consumers when we have money we tend to spend it i put off vacation xy plane to go bigger. in 2021 that i would have gone in 2020 so i do think there will be something to up to matt let's not use the word explosion when talking rights that this is true thank you very much, very sensible. thank you, rob ashley we have under armour i know they work with curry for a while, but this week are saying they're launching a whole new. >>brand with staff. >>under armour is so
9:23 am
irrelevant at this point in teenage boys morning where there if they find that their dissolution so under armour's panic time they come up with curry brand dot com obviously during the long weekend. i hope you got a chance to watch golf with steph curry charles barkley to mychal said one of the manning brothers i can't tell which one is but it was staff placed outrage is the worst shirt. andre iguodala said something along the lines easy for ted and i saw that my dear to you it's on sale today, her ear and it's going cost 60 fast ball in the future that women's line running shoes. >>they're going to try to be a baker michael jordan. the jordan brand pulls in about 2.5 billion a year for nike. i don't see curry as having that much and with loss of klay thompson, this is for under armour but they're trying to get product out get this before basketball starts on christmas day teams like that's how close we are to
9:24 am
school season and under school season and under armour's wants to be ready for i all right rob, thank you as always we appreciate your time you had a happy thanksgiving. >>thanks i had a great thanksgiving have a good day to james. thank you to and don't forget reach out to rob you can find him on facebook twitter e-mail correctly and connect with them on our website at kron 4 do
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>>26 president elect joe biden has hired an all female
9:27 am
communications team for his administration. it's the first time in history all of the top aides will be women kate bedingfield is going to be the communications director she held the same title during the presidential campaign and jennifer psaki we'll be biden's white house press secretary. you can call the >>and coming up after the break your phone can now tell you if you've been in contact with somebody who has covid we'll show you how it works after the break.
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>>9.29 right now and we're looking at the weather things are looking sunny and great over there in a cell phone up. but don't go anywhere savior for 2021, and yeah, so looking forward to next year being able to do all the things we could do this. i my bets are on summer at earliest i think i would imagine though looks like summer outside right now until you step out into. >>place john. >>guys i'm okay with hibernian for a few more months to you as it is cold out there indeed and we're starting december tomorrow so i guess appropriate way to start off such a frigid time of year. this afternoon though it's going to be really nice. we may have started the morning in the 30's, but temperatures are already climbing now under all the sunshine that you're seeing across the bay area sunshine stays with us all across the state you have to head up to the pacific northwest to see any rain or
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snow. we're not seeing that here in our own backyard, we've just got sunshine and cool mornings, but nice mild afternoons we've definitely work our way out of the 30's for almost all the bay now santa rosa you're still hanging on to 38 degrees though oakland alameda san mateo each in the 50's right now berkeley you're at 53. while san francisco at a cool 49, tracking where we're headed next and into the new month to still to come over to you rob all right. thank you john we're checking back in on the traffic which is holding up well. >>we have not seen a second wave of heavy traffic into san francisco. so if you need to use 80 you'll be fine here wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze over to fremont street, no hot spots 92 looks good to earlier it was stocked up all the way out of hayward along the flat section into the high 13 minutes to make it over to one on one and all lanes open at the richmond sandra fell traffic recovered from a stall nicely that was out it spanned that's gone. >>now we're at 7 minutes to make it to the north bay just a really quick mention of a
9:32 am
strange a strange still behind schedule, a one in 3 2 hours late because of an earlier medical emergency a one and 3 so make sure you plan ahead back to you, thanks a lot robin. >>so happening right now millions of people across the u.s. are returning home after traveling for the thanksgiving holiday we just said i don't call there is a live look at showing those planes bringing people back yeah and this is why health experts are afraid that at those there was covid you could bring it back to your hometown kron four's gayle ong caught up with some bay area travelers and asked them. why they took the risk. travelers i spoke to say they went to go see family over the thanksgiving holiday. >>but took extra safety precautions at their destinations. >>obviously we have our masks. >>you wherever we there was cleaning. >>sanitizing zones. dan gilmartin went to palm springs for thanksgiving. what made you want to travel despite the cdc's recommendations not to. >>you know we already planned
9:33 am
a vacation before the recommendation. felt very safe, actually feel you know like right now. >>not very many people in saw no large crowds on the sunday after thanksgiving which is usually one of the busiest travel days. but health experts are more concerned about where people are going to potentially super spreading events to see family which was on dani molina's mind he spent the holiday in las vegas. we do have a lot of family over for thanksgiving. >>we try to keep it small. you know, but i mean we've seen family members that we need to see you know and that we just face time for an apparent travel was necessary and flew up to see my mother in oregon who's not doing very well she doesn't have covid that elderly. >>and she needed some help. >>despite the cdc's dire warning to stay home millions of americans travel for thanksgiving as of those of the busiest days since the pandemic began are you feeling come in regulation 15 absolutely but just as
9:34 am
socially still was really nice tv you know to get out of town it probably a little bit i think don't think about it too much but. >>i think we all have to be feeling a little bit. but i mean history make the best of it in. so you know i think it's essential. >>i i really wish people would wear the masks most of the time and doctors next concern the upcoming winter holidays, what effect will those gatherings have on covid-19. >>the travelers i spoke with say they will get tested for covid it is recommended you get tested 3 to 5 days after you've potentially been exposed to the virus to avoid a bulls negative test result in the meantime doctors say it may be some time until we know the full effect of these thanksgiving gatherings that data could take 2 to 3 weeks reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >>that's what everybody is bracing for in national news is the possibility that we're going to see a surge of covid cases and the u.s. is already average during a million new cases a week. >>there were more than a
9:35 am
155,000 cases just in the past 24 hours. and doctors anthony fauci and deborah that what you can do and what you should do is keep wearing a mask stay away from people and if you traveled get tested. we know. >>people may have made mistakes over the hospital over that thanksgiving time period. so if you're young and you gathered you need to be tested about 5 to 10 days later, but you need to assume that you're and the travel that has been done has been done right now as people go back we want to urge them. >>if they've been in situations outside of the family setting in which they really don't know the level of exposure t- be really careful when you either returned from the place to do end or other people come back into your house. >>doctor fauci says that we can all look forward to that vaccine that's the light at the end of the tunnel and it's moving along his today moderna asked for the emergency approval from the fda and we know is pfizer already asked
9:36 am
so we could be seeing the first shots happening. in december and then be able to get him by spring or summer. >>united airlines helping out whatever it is available they've partnered up now as part of the distribution plan. according to the wall street journal the company is planning to fly charter flights between brussels in chicago to help get pfizer's covid-19 vaccine distributed worldwide once it's approved by the fda. the journal says that united will be allowed to carry 5 times the amount of dry ice that it's usually permitted to carry because this vaccine needs to be kept at extremely low temperatures. meanwhile pharmacies across the country are also gearing up to help distribute the vaccine as well the department of health and human services is working right now with dozens of grocery stores and pharmacy chains. we don't have much in the way of guidance on how they're going to do it, but we know that they're preparing a lot of the stores by getting freezers getting thermometers delivered and collecting necessary supplies so that they can administer
9:37 am
the shots the pharmacist themselves are learning how to give out this vaccine. again there are several different each one comes with its own instructions. online scheduling systems are also being developed right now so that you can make an appointment to get your vaccine once it's available. congress by the way returning to washington today for a lame-duck session, however, senate minority leader chuck schumer is once again calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to call the latest stimulus act to be voted on. call it for a vote schumer says the heroes act would provide the needed funds for states to distribute covid-19 vaccines once they are available. here to make it clear. getting to this point. a vaccine was hard enough and we commend the work. >>that was done to bring us here. but it's only half the work that needs to be done. a successful covid rollout it will require about 30 billion dollars in federal funds to make sure the vaccine gets into people's arms that it's distributed appropriately and.
9:38 am
>>and the heroes act passed the house back in may but it received no attention by the republican led senate. majority mitch mcconnell made little effort really to try to get any covid-19 relief passed before the election. >>there is a new way to trace of you've been exposed to covid from your phone especially given iphone then it's pretty much automatic at california launched a pilot program, it's called california notify, and it does contract tracing and all you have to do is go to the settings and then it says right there exposure exposure. notifications you click it you turn it on and you're good to go. now if you have an android like james, you got to go through a little bit more but you can download an app yes you just go to the and there's a special link. >>for your android phone you can click on it will download right to your device, okay, but i got the iphone for dummies but it was really easy i just did it yesterday because it popped up there you go and by the way we should point out it does not share any of your personal information, it keeps
9:39 am
everything anonymous it works with gps and bluetooth so all it knows is that your phone was near the phone of somebody who is registered so at least you know, you know right and knowing is the most important thing. >>and we also want know the weather >>simple definitely this time around guys it is cold to start sunshine mild the finish that's the way we're staying clock back to the 60's we go today, your forecast is ahead. >>and your morning commute is looking good. here's a live look at the richmond center fell it's 7 minutes and delay free to make it into the north bay we'll check more bridges coming up.
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>>9.42 right now and during the holidays, lot of people need help a lot more actually. >>because of the pandemic yeah, the salvation army as we know has been helping people for years and years and years 30 million americans so far that they've been able to help each year. but this year's will be a little tougher for them on a couple fronts yeah, they need more donations they also need more bell their kettle bell campaign. >>has very few volunteers at this point so that so they're appealing for yeah so the salvation army right now dissipating the national red kettle campaign is going to bring in. >>they think maybe half of what they brought in last year so we've got june jones he's actually with the salvation army in concord nice as they desperately need your help in volunteering. >>by now where averaging about 6 to 10 and i we have 20 to
9:43 am
per day. so it's a lot less an auto last might be as many as a 100. so we really sure his aunt has been a few dive and but for people out that many folks come in that wouldn't be people that would typically help some folks have come quite emotional. have never come to a food pantry before. >>we'll see any canned goods. yes, you also need their christmas, you know graham they or they want to 1200 kids gifts. so that's going to take a lot of donations so help out if you can 9.43 right now we'll be back of course few minutes.
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>>check out the forecast today and is looking beautiful sure it was a chilly start but that's not going to last for long now it's going to be sunshine and warmer temperatures for the rest of the day had timber on obviously looks really good lots of sunshine up above you can see the golden gate bridge out in the distance too that's something that we're going to hold on to into the afternoon really no fog. no cloud cover today and that's the way the forecast stays not just today but through the week ahead futurecast shows that by 05:00pm today you'll be driving home from work amid some pretty clear skies. tonight watch out for a couple of spots of fog just right there on the coastline in san mateo county aside from that though is another clear start to your morning tomorrow for tuesday. high pressure sitting in place is going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future
9:47 am
so a lot like last week. when we saw sunshine from start to finish that's exactly what we're going to have again this week, good travel weather, good weather for errands or maybe just getting outside and working off all the last week, 60's for today's daytime highs all across the bay, sure a few 50's right along the coastline, but all the spots on this map are back to that familiar range of 60's that we've been holding on to and as you can see will continue to hold on to all the way through the week and eventually into the weekend to now inland lows continue to fall into the 30's so will be next few evening as of really cool weather for inland cities. bayside in coastal cities in the 40's. robin all right, thank you john we're checking back in on the traffic and no complaints right now it has been down nicely here. >>on the 70 oh bridge we're checking on westbound 92 and you see the traffic is moving well leaving hayward's only 13 minutes to make it off to one oh one here at the bay bridge toll plaza you're back up at the pay gates, it disappeared about an hour ago so you get to go here on 18 to san
9:48 am
francisco in 8 minutes for your drive off to fremont street we're just getting some freeways around the bay area checking in on your commute livermore to dublin, 5.80 westbound that's looking good. no issues for the nimitz freeway. we're fine through the south bay's 1787 1 o 1, 6, 80 to 37. all smooth and that the limits so far so no major hot spots to report back to you. a 42 yard field goal is the cherry on top of a sunday for the forty-niners no matter how they tried. the niners just could not give that game away because the rams were that intent on losing. it was like a game hot potato with san francisco in la combining for 7 turnovers. and 14 ponce both teams also scored defensive touchdown in the end
9:49 am
the niners win it 23 to 20 and remain in the nfc playoff picture. their biggest problem this morning is where to play now that levi's is off limits santa clara county just announced a ban on all sports for the next 3 weeks at least, but it sounds shanahan doesn't think the rules should apply to them. >>we understand how big of a deal this virus we're so we're still committed and we feel that's why. so we feel like we've done it as good as we can to not only protect ourselves, but also really protecting our community we would love to stay in her home where fans want us and. plane and levi's with no people there and only people that have been tested every single day for the last 5 months son. i get it they made that decision we got to deal with it. >>now they have to deal with that they thought they had their own little bubble and now the niners have 2 home games at least that are affected by this they're going to try to figure out if there's somewhere else in the bay area otherwise arizona might be an option. >>as messed up as the nfl has
9:50 am
been covid has filed up college football way more they have had to cancel or postpone a 106 games across all conferences. van der bill was down so many specialist because of covid it was the first time that anybody has proudly played like a girl in the power 5. >>columbia missouri. >>and she's off it was great sarah fuller. she got to kick off in the 2nd half and they successfully on fortunately the team was so bad that she didn't have the opportunity to have any field goals or any extra points nothing van de 41 to 0 but it was a victory for women and girls in sports. >>i would love to get out there and score a field goal want to out there and you know extra point everything i would
9:51 am
be happy to know how cell i love the team, they're amazing the entire staff has been so incredible in this transition and. >>i could not ask for like a better team behind needed to get me prepared and honestly i'm having so much fun and i want learn more about how to kick and how to do things because i think i really can refine and get better from here so i'm really excited. >>what a yeah, i mean one about the differences between the types of that you have to do the little nuances. i mean it's she's no stranger to being able to kick a ball a long way do i feel like this just slight different technique differences, but hey. >>should get that in the end the thing about this week. i mean it was all in the same week where vanderbilt's women for her soccer team won the sec championship. 6 days later she put on a football helmet and she's taken in the power how cool is that kind of doors
9:52 am
these open so yeah unfortunately, the door was open because the team was so bad so yeah, she couldn't practice in a any other right everybody seth curry knows all athletes know you can't win them all know stephon payton they lost to phil and charles barkley we talked about the part 3 the nba legend and pro golf championship. winner. they out did the dynamic duo but 7 payton they talked a better game member the holy the whole world was joint we are joining in with the trash talking to chuck's jerky and then he goes and wins the big bad checks embarrassing it is this was the first edition that didn't feature tiger sure we check office this see how this one goes this little i what >>we got it on the green are you kidding me i want to get now suing ball when i would call that all i want to see but it was a she was a swing, okay.
9:53 am
>>and he hasn't fixed it he can't fix it is to you too late, you can't you have to keep it the way it's always you're you can look at the swing into the pipe, i yeah it's not the same areas if you had a similar swing for no it's really it's the whole wind up in the we're sure week which we tried to show you so many times my back doing that and whatever works for you you don't want to mess it up i guess he's proof. with that and they raise money for historically black colleges and so it was a it was a win-win for everybody and again for women kind as well with that vendor don't kick. >>and that's us.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>we are back time now 9 56 and in case you didn't know dictionary dot com has released their word of the year for 2012 guesses well between panda pandemic and pandemonium i think i know which 1 one yeah 1000%. her searches of that word pretty incredible yeah compared to last year went up. >>13,500% on march 11th alone which was the day that the w h o co declared a covid-19 global pandemics a lot of people running what does that mean so hence a spike in searches much easier to sear the weather very nice outside we're going to have pretty much the same thing all week long. >>does dick weatherman to tell you that
9:57 am
>>this is easy well that's it we'll see you back here tomorrow have a good one we'll leave you with these beautiful. >>every a - time to get up, sweetie.
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