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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  December 2, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

5:00 pm and click "be part of the audience." >>huge jump in the number of covid-19 cases reported in california today and growing concern that the surge is far from over. thank you for joining us tonight at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. this surge coming just days after thanksgiving in just a few weeks before christmas. >>in the last 24 hours, california is reporting more than 20,000 new cases in total there are more than one 0.2 million recorded cases and in the last 24 hours. there are more than 113 deaths in total
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more than 19,000 californians have lost their lives to coronavirus and in the south bay there are new fears that hospitals in areas hit hardest by the virus are running low on icu beds and could reach capacity by mid december at same time officials reported some progress in planning for the arrival in distribution of the vaccine. >>kron four's rob fladeboe has more on this live from san jose rob. >>and that's right ken and pam a county health officials at a briefing here at the government center today offered very few specifics, but they did say that they now have submitted their a vaccination protocol, the distribution plan to the state of california has required at the same time though they say they are quote extremely worried about the rising tide of hospitalizations and they are encouraging people to more fully cooperate with the new restrictions imposed this last weekend. here's more. >>the answer i have for you today is that that that number is evolving santa clara county
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health officials on wednesday reporting progress in setting up distribution plans for covid-19 vaccine but could not say which vaccine might arrive first or how much will be available. >>many countries and states and counties want access to vaccines and like everyone else. we will receive a limited supply at first. more will be coming over time doctor tong said health care and other front-line workers would be the first to get vaccinated. >>officials said it could take many months before the county has sufficient quantities of vaccine for all who may need it. in the meantime they say they are extremely worried about running out of hospital beds amid rising infections as of december 1st. >>icu occupancy among hospitals traditionally serving the south county and the east part of san jose. i see occupancy was at 93% hospital serving those areas have no more than 5 icu beds available right now.
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>>it's hoped newly imposed restrictions such as reducing retail store capacity. a ban on contact sports that forced the 49 ers and collegiate teams out of the county for 3 weeks and a 14 day quarantine order impacting people who traveled more than 150 miles away for thanksgiving, will help stem the tide of infection as we know that that. >>volume of mixing of households in the surge in cases across united states could really be an accelerant in leading to much additional growth in cases and therefore serious illnesses and hospitalizations. >>now as for that of action nation distribution plan the county it will be available on the county's website very soon live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you rob. >>well, those cases continue to surge and local leaders work on the logistics of distributing a vaccine. the state is also working on the particulars of a new stay at home order and there's a flurry of speculation about
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what those restrictions will look like for us dan kerman talk to medical experts tonight about how that's in how about that and how it might help slow the search and he joins us now live from the city with more dan. well as rob mentioned the whole idea of modified stay at home order is to reduce that overcrowding of hospitals which they're expecting in the next 2 to 3 weeks remember. >>cases come first hospitalizations come a couple of weeks after that various ideas about a stay at home order could be very draconian like we saw back in the spring or a little bit more limited similar to what they're doing in santa clara county. in streets we saw back in the spring is one version of a stay at home order and while affective its economic impacts could prevent the state from repeating it. more likely is something similar to santa clara county's latest order which reduces capacity limits to 10% for non essential indoor stores and limits gatherings to a maximum of a 100 people and only outdoors
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and requires people who travel more than a 150 miles from home. >>to quarantine upon their return. >>further increasing restrictions on people's movements. you know it will be helpful doctor dean winslow is an infectious disease specialist at stanford. >>he says whatever type of ordered the comes out must re emphasize not socializing outside your own household. >>families getting together indoors individuals houses is another way the virus has probably taken off over the last several weeks. so again just some type of a modified order that would at when it got people going to other people's houses, a modified stay at home order is designed to keep california hospitals from getting overwhelmed. what we're seeing today reflects what happened 2 weeks ago. and so we know by looking at the case positivity rate and by the trends. >>that if you shut things down or pull back some today that
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will influence what we see in mid december. >>that's why medical experts say the time to do it is now and they say the prospect of a vaccine is no reason to wait because the majority of people won't get it for at least a couple of months that period of time. >>we could see 10's of thousands of people die and literally thousands of people in the bay area. if we're not careful. >>again we don't know exactly what that state or double look like or when they will announce it but we will keep an eye on it and let you know when they do live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you in the east bay covid-19 health order violations are resulting in fines in contra costa county. kron 4 sleep to reports 3 jim sent an indoor pool establishment. >>have been fined a total of $2500 diablo crossfit in pleasant hill closed down for 3 months during the pandemic and resumed welcoming members back september. >>what's made exercising
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outdoors unhealthy and owner trade howard says so far and that decision has worked out since september 15th. we've had more than 10,000 business charge and unique visits for people come in and take a class. in 10,000 visits. we've had 0 cases of covid reported to us still operating indoors against state and county health orders comes at a cost blow has been fine 3 times so far and it's escalated each time 3 notices of violation have been issued by the contra costa county district attorney's office covid-19 task force in the past 2 weeks totaling $1750 in fines. >>this 19 in danville and in concord were fined $250 each on november 24th pool has also been fined $250 for operating without consent powder says his it screens social
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distancing. constant sanitation and prohibiting shared equipment, we have fresh air circulating through our gym regularly we have large 2 large roll-up garage doors. >>that are 15 feet wide 20 feet high we have 20 foot ceilings. and negative pressure air ventilation so everything in this gym goes up and now the district attorney's office says it is just enforcing the law we've received over 900 complaints since march. >>for for shelter in place. certainly a lot even in the month of november. which you know a lot of folks are are concerned all in all howard says he's doing his best to keep all visitors, safe and healthy. >>and his employees employed in the meantime he intends to maintain his current operations and is expecting more fines in pleasant hill felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>all your health. the cdc has issued new guidelines to reduce quarantine times the
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new policy reduces the length of self isolation required after somebody is exposed to covid to 7 to 10 days instead of 14 days. people who get a negative test to quarantine for 7 days people who do not get tested must isolate for 10 days studies show the average incubation period is 5 days officials say the number of cases miss would be minimal compared to the number of people who are unwilling to isolate for 2 weeks. >>tonight, some california lawmakers are calling on the governor to prioritize teachers and school staff in the states vaccine distribution schedule. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>as state leaders prepare to release california's covid-19 vaccine distribution schedule, some republican lawmakers are calling on state leaders to put teachers and school staff near the top of the priority list assemblyman jordan cunningham says he has serious concerns with the rising mental health issues and learning loss among students i think we need to do everything we possibly can. >>to protect our workforce within the education system.
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prioritize them the way they should be for vaccinations and make sure that we can get our schools as soon as practicable as soon as possible in terms of safety. back into the classroom setting i think our kids need it. i think our teachers deserve someone cunningham and assemblyman patrick o'donnell sent a letter with the request to health and human services secretary doctor mark galli wednesday state leaders have been preparing a phased vaccination schedule with likely frontline health care workers and congregate care staff and residents in the first phase the lawmakers want teachers and school support staff to be prioritized in the phase right after california is expected to receive 327,001st round doses of the vaccine in mid december. how do you break that down even more detail more specificity that plan detailed plan. >>we'll be out this week the governor's office has not said exactly when this week the plan will be released lawmakers are scheduled to have a vaccine briefing with the administration thursday
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morning in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up the cdc is warning americans not to travel to mexico, what you need to know if you already booked a ticket. >>san francisco becomes the largest city in the nation to ban cigarette smoking in apartments like marijuana smoke is still allowed to force the area political leaders apologizing for breaking the rules going to take a closer look at how and when some of their rock some of them violated their own public health orders. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow you may have noticed a few high clouds begin to move in our sky it doesn't mean a sign of a bigger change in the weather pattern. the answer that question coming up few minutes.
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>>i'ts and francisco is a city administrator naomi kelly says that she is taking a voluntary leave of absence, this comes after kelly's husband was recently charged with wire fraud in connection with the scandal involving former public works director mohammed nuru today. kelly released a statement that reads in part in light of recent events i've decided to take a voluntary leave to focus on my family and especially my 2 children. i will eat my work in the hands of my excellent staff during this critical period. as much as it breaks my heart not to continue helping our community navigate the pandemic kelly went on to say she has spent her career fighting corruption and that she plans to fight the allegations against her family and mayor london breed
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released a statement on kelly's voluntary leave it reads in part while naomi has not been charged with any crimes managing our covid response while still delivering basic city services requires the full focus of all of our departments, including the city administrator's office which has been central to many of our efforts to mitigate the spread of this disease unquote. >>deputy city administrator can house key will now serve as acting city administrator. another big story we've been following this week covid numbers as we've been saying increasing restrictions are tightening but local leaders and lawmakers have not been practicing what they preach not always kron 4 sanaz tahernia takes a closer look at how some prominent bay area figures have violated their own public health orders. >>a classic case of do as i say not as i do. amid a global pandemic and another spike in covid cases, san francisco mayor london breed of san jose mayor sam liccardo governor gavin newsome and house
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speaker nancy pelosi, urging residents to follow state and local rules wear masks and socially distance. all while failing to do so themselves. it all started on august 31st when speaker pelosi was caught on camera getting her hair done indoors at a san francisco salon while improperly wearing a mask under her chin, the kicker. the video was taken the day before san francisco is set to reopen indoor business operations. meaning she clearly violated local rules despite not here's what she had to say i take responsibility for trusting. >>the word of the neighborhood so long that i over the years. many times as it turns out it was a setup. so i take responsibility 4 falling for a set up. >>and i've been sabal from covid-19 quite the contrary. this is a disease that easily spreads very easily spreads please just be thoughtful and in so doing.
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>>you'll set an example governor newsome asking californians to follow health guidelines guidelines. he chose to violate himself on november 6th when he and his wife attended a birthday dinner at the swanky and pricey yachts hill restaurant, the french laundry photos of the dinner surfaced a week later leading him to apologize for making a bad mistake saying that he quote needs to preach and practice, not just preach please. >>for all of us. >>make smart decisions avoid crowds don't gather with people outside your household. >>keep your distance from one another. >>wear a oddly enough mayor london breed was seen with 7 other people at the french laundry, the next night attending a birthday celebration there as well mayor breed has yet to address the issue however her office released this statement saying in part quote on november 7th while taking a few days off after the election. she attended a small family
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birthday dinner for a friend in an open air table at the french laundry there are 8 people in total including herself at the time san francisco was in the yellow tier in napa county was in the orange here both allowed outdoor and indoor dining and quote. >>and finally san jose mayor sam liccardo the latest bay area lawmaker to violate public health orders. the day after he tweeted about covid cases spiking nearly cargo and his wife got together at his parents home. when people from 5 different household, thanksgiving dinner. despite saying that everyone wear their masks when not eating mayor liccardo did apologize for violating state rules sauce to her now reporting kron 4 news. >>your health this evening, researchers at canada's mcmaster university found that reducing daily steps to less than 1500 over 2 week period could drop a person's insulin sensitivity by as much as a 3rd. they also discovered people over the age of 65.
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last up to 4% of their leg muscle ache for experts say it's hard for older individuals to regain muscle and stress the importance of maintaining physical activity. they suggest doing strength training and resistance exercises on top of having a healthy protein packed diet. well tonight city officials in san francisco have banned all tobacco smoking inside apartments, but they did not ban marijuana smoking. >>yesterday, the board of supervisors voted to approve the ordinance making san francisco, the largest city in the nation to ban tobacco smoking inside apartments. the original proposal sought to ban residents from smoking marijuana in their apartments as well. but supervisors later voted to exclude marijuana after cannabis activists said that the law will take away their only legal place to smoke, it is currently illegal under state law to smoke cannabis in public spaces and as we get closer to christmas the better business bureau is warning everybody to keep an
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eye out for scams here are a few of the scams to watch out for this season, one type of scam is look-alike websites which mimic real websites the bbb says real websites will start with http s also watch out for social media gift exchange is because most of those or pyramid schemes. there are also those of fake shipping notifications which contain attachments to try and steal your identity and the bee bee bee bee bee bee also says look out for letters from santa scams where the hackers may try to steal your personal information santa himself is not involved in these not at all take it or not it also means using his good name that's just wrong as wrong or right see what's going on with the weather. >>that's or folks around the bay area today you may have begun to see some changes in the atmosphere a few high clouds beginning to creep in across our skies come nice to see that because it's been
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just so clear and dry for so long, but here we go you can see those clouds out there right now some high clouds begin to move in overhead now a weak cold front is actually sitting off the coast line that's good move a little bit closer as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. look for the golden gate bridge, some of those high clouds up above there an nice evening temperatures cooling off though 54 degrees in palo alto. >>it is 59 in hayward 60 to berkeley. it's 59 degrees right now in san francisco, 54 in petaluma some partly cloudy skies now overnight lows. they're going to chilly again you're back down in the 30's in many spots, freezing in places like conquered in livermore lot of 40's even inside the another cold night off the coastline there it is you can see the front there it is most that energy though is running right into that strong ridge of high pressure that ridge. it's going to shred the system apart so we're left with a few more clouds coming our way and that is about its southern california on the other hand they've got the santa ana winds blowing guess what fire danger going to be in effect for them right
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through friday, expecting some gusts their 3040 miles an hour. you think has been dry year down there they had next to nothing as far as rain so their fire season continues. >>i want to hear that. yeah all right, thank still ahead. the cdc wants americans to stop traveling to mexico. what you should know if you have a trip planned already.
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>>tonight we now know a
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hawaiian couple was arrested after boarding a flight from sfo despite having tested positive for covid-19 the couple who are from kauai were arrested sunday night for reckless endangerment police said the man and woman both 46 years old knew they had tested positive for the virus. and placed other passengers on the flight in quote danger of death. they're also reportedly traveling with a child the couple has since posted bail after they kawhi bail was set at $1000 each. >>well for weeks health officials have been advising people not to travel over the holidays, but as we know millions of people ignore that advice and travel for thanksgiving in the days and weeks ahead the nation we'll see if that results in a surgeon more covid cases. now the cdc has issued a travel advisory asking people to avoid visiting mexico. well for charles clifford has details on that. >>well a lot of people like to travel to mexico over the holidays when kids are out of school and the weather is cold here in the u.s. they like to
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get away. but the cdc is saying that right now don't do it. the centers for disease control says that covid-19 levels in mexico are very high. they're advising that travelers should avoid all travel to mexico and the travel may increase your chances of getting and spreading covid-19 at sfo on wednesday, there were a handful of flights going to and from mexico. but for the most part the airport it was very quiet for anyone who chooses to ignore the cdc's advice and fly to mexico anyway, health officials would like to make a few suggestions. first get a coronavirus test one to 3 days before departure travel into your test results come back negative next fall all suggested health precautions while traveling wear masks maintain social distance of at least 6 feet. >>wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and before returning to the u.s.. the cdc suggest getting tested again and once you're back home get yet another test 3 to 5 days after traveling and reduce nonessential activities for at least a week to 10 days and finally if you travel to
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mexico and you suspect that you may have been exposed to coronavirus delay your return trip home self quarantine get tested and watch for any symptoms of the disease. sfo charles clifford kron 4 news. >>coming up next, it's been 4 years since the deadliest fire in oakland history. we're going reflect on the lives lost in the go ship tragedy and what's being done to prevent it from happening again and more americans are charging their ranch to credit cards why financial experts say this could be a problem for the economy. plus united kingdom is the first country to approve pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. but
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>>big story. we're following tonight united kingdom is now the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine. this is a big moment in the fight with the pandemic the first doses are expected to be rolled out in the uk next week. the united states and the european union also are betting the pfizer shots along with the summer vaccine made by competitor. moderna this vaccine approval is a huge step in the fight to end this pandemic and as americans wait for fda approval, many are wondering how long it will take to get a majority of the people here vaccinated joining us now via zoom is doctor george rutherford with ucsf doctor thanks for joining us. so that is the big question. >>a lot of people kind of don't understand is an american company pfizer comes out with the vaccine but we're not the first ones to get it and it's going to th


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