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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 2, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and assisted living facilities. >>so vaccine is available distributing it to this population will be paramount what goes into making that actually happened. >>plus as cases rise dramatically state leaders are working out a new statewide stay at home order about what. with this new version look like. >>good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 i'm justine waldman vicki is off tonight and i'm grant lotus california set a single-day record for confirmed covid infections more than 20,000 cases. but we begin tonight in the east bay and that is where our top story is a covid outbreak at a classroom in danville san ramon valley unified school district confirming today that
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a total of 8 people from one classroom at delany go high school contracted covid last month it happened right as the school was welcoming students back and staff for phase 2 of its reopening process which was on november 17th. kron four's while bella joins us now live from des legal high school with the very latest noel. what happened. >>just seen and grant you know it's it's been a tough go for the kids and the staff members here at della me go actually all afternoon and evening i've watched as janitors have been sanitizing and cleaning the rooms here let me go high school this is a high school that actually holds transitional classes for special education students and it was inside one of those classrooms that 5 staff members and 3 students contracted covid-19 i spoke with one of those staff members. she says she is has a tent to go back. >>but not positive about it
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for the last 31 years, jan jimenez has worked as an autism specialist paraprofessional with san ramon valley unified school district back on november 17th the district began phase 2 of its reopening and she and her fellow paraprofessionals returned to the della me go high school campus. she says she knew the risks of going back we knew some of the students want to be mask they could not tolerate it. >>we know we would have to be within 6 feet of these students so we were given a plastic rubber gloves very flimsy face shield. and just told well we have to do the best that sit on that first day back she recorded fevers on to students and contacted the certificate teacher associated with their class. >>but carried on as normal by saturday though jimenez started to feel feverish herself and over the next couple of days she along with her fellow staff members in that classroom and 3 of the
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students tested positive for covid-19 i take responsibility is the superintendent for all kids being safe. all staff being safe, however, our protocols are meant also to keep people safe and in this circumstance. the protocols weren't superintendent john malloy says the district had instructed staff to escort any student with symptoms to the nurse's office immediately. he says the district is now working to create clear communication with staff about the protocols and we'll be providing staff with n 95 masks on top of the other ppe winner families do the screening before kids come to school and keep their kids at home that's going to help us when our staff worked closely together collaboratively to be sure we're staying in front of these issues that's going to help us jimenez says she's felt a bit like a guinea pig and is concerned the enhanced measures still won't be enough. we would not do this job if we didn't love. >>and you know deeply care.
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and want to be with these students that's not the issue the issue is how can we keep our people safe. >>san ramon valley unified school district is planning to move into phase 3 of its reopening and that should be on january 5th, but they say they're working closely with the contra costa health officials to make sure that that is still something they can go forward with as for staff members and the students. their 14 day technical quarantine ended yesterday. so they are expected to be back in classes. this coming monday for now live in danville noelle bellow kron 4 news thank you know. well now california saw a massive single-day increase in covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours. 20,759 cases that's more than 8500 infections higher than the previous day. >>and the first time the state has now broke the 20,000 cases
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in a single day. the death toll also rose by 113 people bringing our state's total to 119,324 people that's how many have died. california's test positivity rate has now increased over the past 2 weeks. it's now at 6.9%. and hospitalizations have risen to their highest levels since the pandemic began. here in the bay area every county except for moran is still in that most restrictive tier you can see the map here purple means widespread covid-19 cases more in staying there in the substantial red tier. this means though for purple tears gyms churches and movie theaters must operate outdoors or clothes and also limit overnight that limited overnight curfew is still in effect until at least december 21st warren county remains and that red substantial tier but the county could be moving into the purple tier as soon as the end of this week if infections don't slow down. that's according to health
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officer doctor matt willis and in the south bay, there are fears that hospitals in the area hit hardest by the virus are running low on icu beds and could reach capacity by mid december. >>as of december 1st icu occupancy among hospitals traditionally serving the south county and the east part of san jose. i see occupancy was at 93%. >>hospitals serving those areas have no more than 5 icu beds available in the hope is the newly imposed restrictions in santa clara county will help stem the tide of infections. health officials there reported progress today in planning for the arrival and distribution of a coronavirus vaccine, but they say it could take many months before the county has significant quantities of a vaccine for everyone who may need it. >>since the majority of covid deaths are occurring at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the federal government has determined that people there will be in the first group to be offered the
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vaccine. but it's called force theresa reports now the logistics behind helping some of the most vulnerable are daunting. >>the numbers of deaths due to covid-19 affecting those living at skilled nursing homes or assisted living facilities is both sad and staggering for nursing homes account for about 40% of covid deaths in california mike dark is with california advocates for nursing home reform he says reports showing the vaccine is weeks away for those in these vulnerable facilities is encouraging this is a huge development for residents of long-term care in california and their families however, dark quickly adds getting the vaccine into facilities will be no easy matter. but now crucially we have to figure out how to get the vaccines into the arms of the most vulnerable people in california in nursing homes and there's going to be 2 huge challenges to that one is they can't go to the pharmacy to pharmacy has to go to that
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also crucially the people inside nursing homes are going to get the same kind of public information campaigns and that the rest of us outside can get so they're not going to have all the facts that we have about the risks and benefits of these vaccines. he says spearheading the science surrounding the vaccine will be vital as well as educating family members. >>often in charge of making decisions for their loved ones living at care homes. so we had a 160 deaths in sonoma county. >>but those 160 75% of them have been for people living long-term care all hands on deck right now christa burnett to nelson is executive director of senior advocacy services of sonoma county. she says the logistics including making sure care facilities and staff get not just one but 2 shots is complex. >>it is taking experts in their field. this is you have to have it for this first one that's coming up from pfizer has to be frozen asked to be kept to an optimum temperature
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there has to be a certain number of people for each mile here, there is a lot better wiring expertise and they again have all hands on deck trying to make sure that this is done in the best way possible nelson says these have been exceptionally dark times for those in facilities, the fact. >>vaccinations could be weeks away can't come soon enough. it's been devastating. how about that one of the most impactful things besides the health. parts of it we don't really is the obvious part is the mental health. these individuals have been isolated for 9 months to recess stasio kron 4 news. >>the uk has become the first country to approve pfizer's vaccine for emergency use great britain's national medicines regulator gave approval this morning pfizer and competitor moderna are waiting for emergency approval here in the u.s. the fda is meeting next week for pfizer's vaccine and the weeks after for modern us. >>and just because a vaccine gets approved for distribution
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does not mean it is time to resume life as we knew it pre pandemic that is the advice tonight from the ceo of pfizer he's urging governments around the world, not to reopen economies too quickly because of the optimism created thanks to the vaccine saying it would be a mistake to do so as local leaders working on the logistics of distributing a vaccine. the state is also working on the particulars of a potential new stay at home or yeah, there's a lot of speculation about what those restrictions will look like kron four's dan kerman spoke to medical experts tonight about that. >>and how this might help slow the search. the abandoned streets. we saw back in the spring is one version of a stay at home order and while affective its economic impacts could prevent the state from repeating it. >>more likely is something similar to santa clara county's latest order which reduces capacity limits to 10% for non essential indoor stores and limits gatherings to a maximum of a 100 people and only outdoors and requires people who travel more than a
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150 miles from home to quarantine upon their return. >>further increasing restrictions on people's movements. you know it will be helpful doctor dean winslow is an infectious disease specialist at stanford. >>he says whatever type of ordered the comes out must re emphasize not socializing outside your own household. >>families getting together indoors and individuals houses is another way the virus has probably taken off over the last several weeks. so again just some type of a modified order that would at limit people going to other people's houses, a modified stay at home order is designed to keep california hospitals from getting overwhelmed. what we're seeing today reflects what happened 2 weeks ago. and so we know by looking at the case positivity rate in by the trends. >>that if you shut things down or pull back some today that will influence what we see in mid december.
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>>that's why medical experts say the time to do it is now and they say the prospect of a vaccine is no reason to wait because the majority of people won't get it for at least a couple of months that period of time. >>we could see 10's of thousands of people die and literally thousands of people in the bay area. if we're not careful again. we don't know what the state's stay at home order will look like or when it will go into effect. >>but medical experts seem to agree some type of role back. could be effective. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>still to come on the news today, the state of hawaii has been allowing travelers to avoid a mandatory quarantine with free travel testing. but tonight what island there is pausing its participation in the program also winter warning why experts this year are concerned about california's water reservoirs and it's been 4 years now since the deadliest fire in oakland's history. we're remembering the lives lost in the go ship tragedy and what is being done to try to
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prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. and we are not seeing much in the way of rain but storms out of the civic generates a big time swells we'll talk about that weather coming up next.
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>>it is the deadliest fire in the history of oakland on december second 2016, 36 people attending an electronic music event at the ghost ship
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warehouse lost their lives trying to escape a fast moving fire in that building lights went out there was thick smoke that filled the 2 story structure and made impossible for anyone to find an exit kron four's haaziq madyun takes us back. >>the ghost ship warehouse and illegally converted home for oakland artists, the site of a horrific fire killing 36 people attending a party back december second 2064 years later, there are concerns the city has not done enough to prevent another tragedy. >>are you concerned something like this could happen again. absolutely the mast attended of the ghost ship derick almena and go ship resident matt harris stood trial for the incident. curtis briggs was the lead defense attorney for max harris. >>so i'm very concerned the leadership allowed this condition term just 4. almost 2 decades. and i don't think that same leadership absent being public we accountable. can affect any type of
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meaningful change oakland paid them millions in terms of legal suits. >>although the converted warehouse was considered artists collective by those who lived there during the trial prosecutors described it as a death trap filled with flammable materials, a hazard as may's powered by dangerous electric wiring with no we little bit dated at sits city councilmember noel guile talks about what oakland has done in the wake of the tragedy to strengthen the city's ability to spot and permitted uses of warehouses, well, you know for what done. >>additional at the fire department of fire marshal. so what inspect their validate your permit. if there's more visitation of the sites. >>you may have taken further steps i think there's more to be done mary alexander is one of the attorneys representing 13 families among the 36 victims. >>it is just like yesterday for these parents. some of
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young people still lived at thanksgiving is always hard because that is one last time some of the parents saw their child in september 2019 max harris was acquitted on all 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the jury was deadlocked on the same counts for derick almena. >>he is facing a retrial the oakland fire department official investigation classified the cause of the fire and determined. 4 years later as we reflect on the 36 people who lost their lives. we see the tragedy has led to some changes but most agree. there is more to be done. has it made kron 4 news. >>oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement about the solemn anniversary writing this the 4th anniversary of the go ship tragedy is a moment of profound grief and reflection for oaklanders our hearts are with the families friends and loved ones of those who lost their lives.
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our city will never stop working for the safety and security of our beloved creative community who calls oakland home. the san francisco sheriff's office is mourning one of their own tonight officials say deputy linton martin senior scene here was on duty last night when he suddenly collapsed at the county jail in san bruno. >>he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the 56 year-old a san francisco native started his career with the sheriff's office in 2001. in a statement sheriff paul miyamoto said martin was known for his infectious laugh, positive attitude and memorable pancake breakfasts. he is survived by his wife and several children. experts are warning northern california could be on the brink of a very dry winter and many are concerned about what this could mean for the state's reservoirs. we are in a year of a weather pattern in which a high-pressure system sets up off the west coast. >>blocking storms from entering northern california and that could potentially mean less snow for the sierra.
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>>if we were to get december and january both dry and that's when it really becomes a problem, it's very hard for us to catch up. if we have both a december and january. you know since trying his you know running, you know running out of wet months at that point in time. >>water agencies that are part of the state's water project expect to receive 10% of the water that they've requested for 2021 the water year then but experts say it's too early to worry about were in another trap for not well you may want to stay out of the ocean for the next couple days, the national weather service is warning of dangerous sneaker waves arriving along the coast from sonoma. >>all the way down to big sur officials say from now until tomorrow the entire coast in that area will be impacted by us well. >>that has the potential to bring with the dangerous waves stronger whip currents and moderate to large breaking waves. let's find out all the details right now they're chief meteorologist lawrence
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karnow yeah guy somewhat deceiving we see all that sunshine outside has been very nice very warm. >>we've got storms off the coastline that are generating some big time swell out there that's well likely going to start to move in tonight and it's tomorrow school start out fairly small tomorrow about 3 to 7 feet that's decent swelled not that big by the afternoon member talking maybe 40 maybe some 18 footers rolling along the coastline. so certainly you want to be aware of that surfers of you're headed out toward the beaches. those waves are really going to be picking up throughout the day so coastal sections really those west northwest facing beaches that's where you see some of those biggest waves ocean beach watch outs coming your way for tomorrow. the continue to roll off the coastline of fortune, the run in that ridge of high pressure they fall apart before they get here so this what we're left with very dry conditions in fact we've only had a half an inch of rain in san francisco usually had about 4 and a half inches on that percent of normal only 5% of normal in san jose 4% normal in oakland and 21% of normal in santa rosa,
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unusually dry start to the season we can make that up in hurry. but we've got a moderate la nina developing. we'll have to wait and see we've got to get the systems rolling on in that doesn't look like it could happen to the middle a month. concerning concerning still time now to like the beginning of the game right. so 1st quarter, thanks like this. >>we act we have been expecting these charges to be made. >>still ahead at stockton mom says she feels like justice will become a reality soon after a federal grand jury indicted the captain of that conception dive boat. plus a selfish decision to board a flight out of
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>>the hawaiian island of kawhi is temporarily withdrawing from the state's pre travel testing program this moratorium went into effect today. the mayor of kawhi requested this pause and participation due to the surge in coronavirus cases on island with this moratorium travelers arriving in kawhi are subject to that 14 day quarantine regardless of testing. all other counties in hawaii are still taking part in the testing program which allows travelers. arriving in a white to skip that mandatory 14 day quarantine if they have an approved negative test result within 72 hours of arrival. also why couple that has now been arrested for boarding a
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plane despite testing positive for covid-19 the couple traveling with a child boarded the flight at sfo and was arrested for reckless endangerment after landing in hawaii, they have already bailed out of jail. >>next today this may look wonderland but a powerful storm is leaving 10's of thousands tonight in the dark and they may not have power for days plus what lawmakers prioritize in the next covid relief package will the treasury secretary and the fed chair, and answer that question today and contra costa county here cracking down on health guidelines. why one gym has been fined 3 times despite having no coronavirus cases there.
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>>in these fake covid health order violations are resulting in people getting fined in contra costa county quite for us to to all reports 3 gyms and indoor pool establishment have now been fined a total of $2500. >>owns diablo and says he is doing his best to keep his members safe. social distancing constand sanitation and prohibiting since mid september he's been operating indoors against county and state health orders. he says
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in that time the gym has reported more than 10,000 unique visits with no reported cases of covid-19 it's better. >>indoors and it is outdoors with a tent. primarily because i can keep fans going air circulating in and fresh air pumping through the facility still is in violation and as a result has been fined 3 times in the past 2 weeks but the contra costa county district attorney's covid-19 task force. >>the fines >>us 19 in danville and in fined $250 each on november 24th has been fined $250 for operating without consent. the da's office is notices of violation on behalf of county health services and i expect to be back in it in and it on evaluating in on a day-to-day basis. so i'm going to try and stay open as long as i can. >>because the longer i stay
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>>the more money, my employees can make to prepare to get them through the holidays and through the winter the healthier my my members can be the da's office says it has received more than 900 public complaints since march about businesses violating health orders folks are upset they want people to follow the guidance. they want people to wear masks. >>because when they go out they want to feel safe and right now the county says most operations in doors are not safe with groups of people in pleasant hill felipe all kron 4 news. tonight, california is asking the u.s. supreme court to keep or involving church services in place, the request comes. >>as the harvest rock church awaits word from the supreme court on an emergency injunction against state imposed restrictions on worship activities. harvest rock is based in pasedena but also has locations in downtown l a santa ana and corona. california argues church gatherings can spread the
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virus last week new york state lost a similar case as we wait to hear the state's plan for distributing a coronavirus vaccine. some republican lawmakers are calling on state leaders. >>to put teachers and school staff near the top of that priority list governor gavin newsom's office has been preparing a phase vaccination schedule while frontline health care workers and nursing home staff and residents will likely be in the first phase, some are arguing that teachers and school staff should come right afterwards sighting, the rising mental health issues and learning loss among students. >>i think we need to do everything we possibly can to protect our workforce within the education system. prioritize them the way they should be for vaccinations and make sure that we can get our schools as soon as possible in terms of safety. back into the classroom setting i think our kids need it. i think our teachers deserve. >>california is expected to
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receive 327,000 doses of the vaccine in the coming weeks. lawmakers are scheduled to have a vaccine briefing with the newsom administration tomorrow morning and while lawmakers remain stuck over the next covid relief package members of congress want to know what needs to get done in order to help the american people there who are struggling so many of them treasury secretary steve mnuchin scene there in front and federal reserve chair jerome powell appeared at a house hearing today. >>says he plans to end some emergency lending programs at the end of the year. >>if congress wants to extend this money for federal purposes for these facilities congress can add that to new legislation the outlook for the economy is extraordinarily uncertain and will depend in large part on the success of efforts to keep the virus in check. >>both shannon powell say congress needs to set their sights on passing more stimulus.
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>>did you hear that as a big boom that was heard and felt from southern ontario to virginia. this is video from upstate new york it was they're saying that that sound was likely caused by a disintegrating meteor those ripping through the atmosphere according to an organization western new york that keeps track of such cool things like this. witnesses across the area reported hearing the boom or seeing a fireball in the sky shortly after noon today. >>more than 34,000 people ohio remained without power today after a winter storm dumped more than 2 feet of snow on some parts of that state. yesterday one person recording this drive it is pretty through charging false where nearly 20 inches of snow fell. the roads. clear that's impressive. the national weather service said some areas saw more than 25 inches of snow. the storm downed tree limbs and power lines prompting the power outages
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for thousands of folks. and at a rochester airport here in new york. that fedex plane you see it come down really vanishes at least to the naked eye that jet disappearing into a cloud of snow right after landing. snow snow here in the bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has details cold here at night but nothing like that yeah we've got high pressure overhead we get that ridge, they get the trough and they're getting all that cold arctic air that is pouring in across that part of the united states you can see right here rolling on through all that coal stormy weather sliding on by some gusty winds. >>of 3040 miles per hour. as grant mentioned thousands of people losing a lot of power but things are completely different here we've got a ridge of high pressure along the west coast. you got that weak system trying to break through but boy that energy just not enough to bring us any rain just a few clouds here locally in the bay area and that's the way it's going
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to stay in fact high pressure going to slide in a little further east but we're going to remain on the dry side now and it looks like we're going to stay there for quite some time and that's not what we want to hear as stay in december so numbers tonight, you're looking at 30's and some 40's flow down the freezing marks in concord n livermore 40's inside the bay, it's going to be a chilly start the day again tomorrow and then a nice warm afternoon. some of these temperatures pushing closer to 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon about 68 san jose 67 degrees in mount view 68 livermore 67. in the napa valley, 60 degrees in santa rosa, new get the idea. nice weather unusually warm temperatures continuing, staying nice through the weekend effect next week. i think we may see these temperatures pop into the 70's on tuesday. and right now other than a few passing clouds there is no certain rain inside guys back to you.
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>>a newborn nightmare for northern california family when their 3 week-old baby stops breathing and service animal guidelines for air travel it is changing big time details on what animals will be allowed to fly. plus some east bay elementary school students will be happy to see a new pray playground when they finally returned to school how steph and ayesha curry helped make it happen.
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>>when students at one elementary school in oakland return from distance learning they will be greeted by a very nice a new playground, yeah they're going to be really happy happy to be done with zoom and happy to have this playground. you recognize these folks right the first family of the bay area. stephan i said well they're really helping to make it happen for the students and as our his iq mud yoon reports kron 4 actually played a small part in getting the ball rolling too. >>one of the most hazardous school playground in oakland franklin elementary school is about to undergo a major makeover. >>so it is a massive project we one of the biggest playgrounds in the hole opening at 5 school districts. and it is been neglected for over 30 years i came here check it out for myself. >>i have to say first that i do agree. these improvements that we can do better than golden state warriors point guard steph curry and his wife
8:41 pm
are lending their star power to help fuel the project among others involved in the collaborative effort or you learn play foundation. >>is teaming up with carmax foundation oakland unified school district and frankly around entry to ensure that when you're back in school. if you have an amazing new playground in the schoolyard to return to i mean we want to ensure that we're limiting injuries on the player and we know that those are very common when there's maintenance issues on site. >>and so with a new safe playground we hope to limit those franklin elementary school students will also play a role in designing their own playground, they actually get to. >>write out different designs color different things that they think would be fine. he told me i have to be because he was bleeding so bad i had to be shirt back in 2019 concerned parents from franklin elementary school contacted kron 4 about the hazardous playground for jill doe really it's an ongoing problem, you scratches bruises
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the kron 4 about hour on the state playground was huge it got the word out there as you can see these photos the playground has since been paid that is just the beginning just asked death. >>franklin elementary school is getting a brand new playground court and school guard. >>school officials estimate the new playground will be completed during the 2021 school year has it made you kron 4 news. >>speaking of the dubs team held the preseason workout today but. couldn't work out together. staff only individual stuff. jason dumas says steps thoughts on training and playing in the age of covid that's coming up. plus a stockton mother is hopeful justice will be served after the captain of a dive boat that caught fire and killed. >>34 people w
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>>stockton mother says she feels like justice will become a reality soon after a federal judge. excuse me a federal grand jury indicted the captain of the conception dive boat and that boat you may recall caught fire off the santa barbara coast last year killing 34 people on board. kay recede has reaction now from one victim's family. >>trapped on board 34 people died on the conception boat in 2019 when a fire broke out.
8:46 pm
more than a year later a federal jury has indicted the boat's captain captain jerry boylan now faces 34 counts of manslaughter we've have been anxiously awaiting. for someone to be held accountable for the loss of 34 people to sign a solano rosas and her husband chris tell us over zoom. this is a step in the right direction feels like maybe just s s. it's happening. suzanne 3 daughters evan nicole and angela her ex husband michael quit us all and his wife forney says he saw on we're all on ford celebrating michael's birthday when the tragedy unfolded. the ntsb has been unable to pinpoint the exact cause and ended up being. horrible tragedy that's our lives forever. federal jury was able to hone in on certain issues for instance, not having a rolling night patrol failure to conduct fire drills and failure to sufficiently train.
8:47 pm
the staff the family would like to see these changes made if they're not responsible and who who will be on the next watch. what would happen to another double the roses say they will continue to fight for safer passenger boats and the memory of their loving family changes be made. so that no other family have to. go on but some with a loss like ours. that was kay recede reporting tonight. >>a newborn nightmare caught on camera when a 3 week-old baby stops. breathing deputies arrived at the stanislaus county home within one minute of the 911 call. a deputy flipped over the infant patting him on the back that's the sound that we were hearing there. that deputy doing it
8:48 pm
there several times until the baby started crying the newborn is said to be doing well. >>today the u.s. department of transportation announced new rules with air travel and service animals, the rules, we'll give airlines now more authority to be stricter about the animals they allow on flights, including the option for airlines to recognize emotional support animals as pets. not service animals which get more privileges. service animals are now to find only as a dog that is individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of a qualified individual who has a disability. people may also be required to submit a form to the airline attesting to the animals training behavior and good health. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>it's been a while since the warriors have played a competitive basketball games
8:49 pm
even longer since they played a game that truly mattered in the standings in fact the last time they played meaningful basketball was the 2019 nba finals steph curry remembers it vividly by space great there. i remember 2 hours in toronto also watching all the basketball being played since then mainly from the sidelines of his frankly has started to annoy steph the warriors superstar is ready to get back on the court. he doesn't pay too much mind to what is being said about him in his team's chances, but he definitely hears it and he definitely reads it. this year's edition of the dove will be full of new faces and new challenges and staff is ready to embrace them all. >>plus in the bubble is was was nice to be a fan for a little bit but i want know we played competitive, basketball lying in games that matter in love the challenges that face you know every year this is a different narrative that's something need to focus on
8:50 pm
interest has this and everything. new life so whenever we do get the whole group together for training camp and start preseason games to none to keep building. >>and one of those new faces can't bays more he spent the first year and a half of his career in golden state. it was a fan favorite 2 and since then he's spent time with the lakers hawks blazers and kings it's become a pretty good role model in the process. he reflected today about his career coming home and it being full circle. >>things that i learned here my first you know year and a half. kind of helped me throughout you took the. locker room stuff, the change in mission a room off the court and a kind of carry that with me wherever i went so go to state has always been a part of you know my my my dna as a basketball player. >>several stanford programs are still scrambling to adjust plans after santa clara county announced new covid-19
8:51 pm
restrictions. the men's basketball team will stay in north carolina following the camping world maui invitational the team's 3 nonconference home games scheduled in december have all been canceled the coaching staff is working to add a couple of more games in the carolinas. the women's basketball team is still trying to find somewhere else to play their 3 home games. coming up in the next few weeks. meanwhile, the football team arrived in washington this week. they will stay on the road through next week's game at oregon state. >>and this pandemic is relentless it's brutal. >>the dedication and effort of these young academically athletically socially. >>for us to be in the middle of the pandemic and we haven't had a single positive knock on wood. team in months. means that our our our student athletes are working really hard because they want to play. so i think we need to work just as hard to give them that opportunity.
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>>so that a whole lot of moving pieces with stanford and one thing of note tara vanderveer has 4 wins away from becoming the woman's all time wins leader. so you know we're hoping to be there at stanford to cover that game because it's such a crazy honor but i. you know, so we'll know where it's going to be one is going to happen if they're going to have any games this is just make it happen. will happen. she will be etched in history sooner or later hopefully we can be there. but you know it is just crazy that's the only thing i can say general of the debt with the funds a lesson of 2020 exact like you just yet. >>coming up it's the season for porch pirates in a south florida police department is sending a message before all those holiday presents
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>>so this time of year everyone needs to be a ware of porch pirates, those thieves who swiped delivery packages right from your front door and they need to go away the miami. dade police department wants to kind of remind everybody that that is still a threat and the folks there in south florida put together. a pretty cute silent movie style psa. you know remind people that these pirates are on the prowl specially here during the holiday season. the message is the same around the country certainly here in the bay area. pretty good but that
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doesn't blame himself yeah try to keep your away from guys like that who hopefully learn the lessons right. that wraps up kron 4 news today. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. despite the worst covid surge that we've seen this. >>the pandemic began a bay area lawmakers are pushing schools to get kids back into classrooms. how ucsf covid response director says that can be done safely and more murray county residents have been calling a suicide hotline for a lifeline how covid and the holidays may be a
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. if your children can go to school. i think the first to stay cool. >>now at 9 bay area school districts are being pushed in many cases to get kids back in classrooms despite our current surge of covid cases and hospitalizations good evening,


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