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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 7, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >>good morning and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news at 04:00am it's monday december 7th, i'm rebecca strom in for robin winston. well the bay area will not be impacted by possible public safety power shutoffs today. >>initially pg e said nearly 3,000 customers in napa and sonoma counties were part of the possible shops. but now they say the counties will not be impacted. instead the shut offs will include counties in the central valley, including fresno because of the high winds in the area. let's check in now with meteorologist john travel for a look at the forecast hey john. >>yeah, rebecca that is
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definitely a bit of good news that we're not affected by those power shut-offs this morning, the kick off the new week we are still in the midst of some breezy conditions though despite the fact that we are going to remain in power all across the bay area. so as you're venturing outside you'll notice, those trees blowing around we've got her palm trees at the embarcadero camera right there also noticeably swaying that steady breeze that's working its way across the bay at the moment. souter tower view is nice and clear we certainly do not have any fog that's part of the reason that we are seeing such a low humidity is because of the strong winds that are pushing across the region and you can see that the north bay is definitely seeing some of our strongest of winds this morning, sonoma calistoga looking at winds currently in excess of 20 to 25 miles per hour also quite breezy for areas like napa atlas peak santa rosa and petaluma throughout the course of the morning we're going to remain in the midst of some of the strongest of winds, especially for the north bay, but also
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other areas like the coast even bayside city's going to be noticing a steady wind throughout the course of your morning winds will gradually come down into the afternoon today and by the time we work our way into the afternoon you'll notice a noticeable drop in that wind speed and into the evening tonight, even calmer conditions to be expected red flag warnings are in effect right now and will last till 05:00pm this includes coastal portions of san mateo county the inland yeas pay portions of alameda and contra costa counties affected by these red flag warnings all of solano county in the north bay and then the rest of the north bay all the way up towards the coastline and marine and sonoma counties as well as napa county affected by these red red flag warnings and wind advisories. winds gusting in excess of 45 miles per hour for some of these areas gus regularly 15 to 25 miles per hour this morning. now as far as temperatures go winds have contributed to a much more mild start to the morning right now we're in a range of 30's, 40's and 50's dublin,
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you're one of our cooler spots at 39 while santa rosa look at that 51 to kick off the morning. nevada when napa each at 59 degrees much warmer start to the north bay, especially as we do see these winds whipping across the region napa 21 miles per hour winds right now now into the afternoon expect some of our warmest of temperatures in a while it's back to the 70's we go so it's warm it's windy and it is dry to kick off this new week. i'm talking the rest of your forecast all still to come. rebecca all right john thank you so much, let's a hit the roads now and check out your commute. >>on the bay bridge toll plaza approach looks great nice and smooth out of the macarthur maze and across the suspension span, no problems to report there. it's going to be an easy 10 minute trip is you make your way into downtown looking at conditions for the san mateo bridge. the right hand side of your screen that is the commute side westbound 92. very lightly traveled right now this hour. no delays on the flat section the high rise looks good and it's going
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to be about a 15 minute drive time out of the east bay over to the peninsula. the golden gate it's going to be a no problems here for your south 1, one commute coming out of the north bay across the golden gate. and then into san francisco, a total drive time from nevada of about 20 minutes. >>well the shutdown is here sweeping new restrictions are in effect for for bay area counties right now and 2 more are one more at least is to follow very soon. it's all in the effort to slow the spread of covid-19 as the hospitalizations skyrocket in our state. the lockdown went into effect in san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties on sunday and then the stay at home order and alameda county went into effect just after midnight just a couple of hours ago. marin county stay at home order will go into effect at noon tomorrow. the stay at home order means personal services such as hair salons barber shops can no longer operate. restaurants can only
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offer take-out or delivery outdoor dining is completely out of the picture and it's also affecting indoor gyms drive-in gatherings outdoor playgrounds entertainment center zoos museums. open airbus's and boat operators all of these businesses must now close. well the stay at home order is an earlier approach to governor newsom's recent order that requires counties into lockdown one available icu beds capacities fall below 15% in the region. and so far this has not happened yet here in the bay area but health leaders say they wanted to be prepared. san francisco's top doctor grant colfax says the city will likely run out of icu beds in the coming weeks. >>we estimate the san francisco. san francisco. across our ny hospital systems we'll run out of intensive care unit on december, 26. >>doctor colfax predicts that
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some bay area counties, including santa clara county will run out of icu beds in the next week. meanwhile, the 4 counties not pictured on this map sonoma napa solano and san mateo counties are not planning to go into an early stay at home order. well in the east bay restaurants and hair salons took advantage of a last minute rush of customers before they're forced to shut down kron four's dan thorn talked to some of those business owners and customers in walnut creek. >>the time is up for outdoor dining at restaurants or getting a haircut in contra costa county the stay at home order to curb a winter surge and lower icu capacity at hospitals is under way until 2021 it's dire situation to be able to keep some businesses open. in. >>i believe that the beauty industry in the restaurant industry are getting hit the hardest businesses like insignia hair salon in walnut
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creek worried no work for the next month will continue to crush their profession. >>manager ashley flowers argues salons like hers have been more than sanitary and they strictly follow covid-19 protocols we can everything. temperatures of people when they walk are very streaming. careful because we also had. >>families as well so we don't want to bring that home with us restaurant parklets were already cleared out in some spots sunday diners trying to get their last few bites outdoors before they'll have to only take food to go the stay at home order bringing about some mixed opinions i think for safety wise it's a good thing that we're doing but it also that we can see your friends and family again. >>during the holidays, but we have to do the right thing at the end of the day i believe that the lockdown home it's definitely going to hold a one year anniversary celebration at d afghan on had a lot less pomp as the new restrictions went into effect has a
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business owners and for the customers for everybody else. the hope is the order will not drag out much longer than january 4th, but for now some residents say. >>it will be manageable people want to go out and you know they need that. >>that social interaction. haven't had a phone call. you can do it it's less than this less time than we've already been. >>reporting in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news. >>roughly 2 million people living in santa clara county are also now under this new stay at home order the county has been one of the hardest hit by covid-19 since the pandemic began. and right now the available icu capacity there is just hovering around 15%. in the next half hour we'll take a closer look at how the looming lockdown triggered a frenzy of customers getting in some last minute appointments before businesses shut down. well all these new restrictions come as california once again set a new record for new covid-19 cases in a single day over the
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weekend. more than 30,000 new covid-19 cases were reported on saturday. that is the most recorded cases in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 300 new patients have been admitted to hospitals across the state bringing the total to more than 10,000 patients, currently hospitalized due to the virus. and here are the numbers across the u.s. more than 14.7 million confirmed cases in more than 282,000 people have died. >>well coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the covid-19 surges soaring at every level as hospitalization and deaths reach record highs and outlook the pandemic is having on the state and the u.s. up ahead. we hase much more on that red flag warning that is in effect why fire crews are even asking people to take down their holiday lights that's all coming up
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stay with us.
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>>and welcome back happening now some of the bay area's facing the risk of wildfires this gusty offshore winds are returning. those winds coupled with the dry brush makes for dangerous conditions. a red flag warning and wind advisories in effect for much of the region particularly and
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the north bay and the east bay hills this is incredibly rare for december in northern california. kron four's gayle ong is in santa rosa with more on how fire crews are preparing. >>here in santa rosa firefighters are worried about the high winds mixed with the dry conditions. residents are asked to secure or take down their holiday decorations a potential hazard that could turn even the most festive of times into a fast-moving fire. >>i don't think we would ever thought that would be telling people to prepare for a red flag warning and take down their you know their holiday decorations at the same time so. >>what we'll see a red flag warning in december due to diablo winds expected to return to the bay area sunday night. >>coupled with dry conditions and low humidity polo and all assistant fire marshal with the santa rosa fire department knows all too well, how not only here in sonoma county but across the bay area as additional departments continue to ramp up red flag warning that's it was quiet in the east bay hills sunday
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afternoon. but that is expected to change. the national weather service also issued a wind advisory anticipating gust up to 45 miles per hour above a 1000 feet. >>60 miles per hour in the higher peaks meteorologist jerry diaz with the national weather service bay area office says it's rare for northern california to deal with dangerous fire conditions during this time terms of red flag warnings in the month of december we had 2 other instances over the last 10 years. >>as the previous one was actually back in 2017. and the one before that was in 2013. so those were also particularly dry years and we had a pretty historic fires during those years as well dia says while the north and east bay receive light showers last month. >>it wasn't enough and there appears to be no relief in sight for most of the models have been showing. >>very limited chance for precipitation. there are a couple of moisture plans that we've noticed on some of the longer-range models but really for the next at least through not seeing any i precipitation
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possibilities, normally this would be a time when we will transition to wet weather by now. >>as strong winds are expected through the night firefighters want you to have a plan have a go bag have an escape route. in case of fire apps here in santa gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well for more details on the red flag warning and the fire danger, let's check in now with john trayvon good mornrng john good morning or yeah, definitely we're to be talking about this kind of weather this time of year right. we're looking at some strong winds out of the direction we don't typically see this time of year and then of course we haven't seen rain in a while now so we still do have all that dry fuel out there to work with. >>so fire danger indeed still a concern especially for the north bay. now here's the good news. we're in the midst of the strongest winds right now they are going to be coming down gradually throughout the rest of your day ahead of us looking outside at your berkeley cam right here skies are definitely nice and clear we are looking at mostly in offshore winds that's pushing
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any sort of marine layer away from the coast right now in keeping us very dry. so definitely no fog as you're working your way on into the office this morning that's not something you have to worry about this monday morning of course it's the winds that you'll notice as you're crossing your bridges and especially your mountain passes now most of our peak wind gust around 45 miles per hour for your morning, but some of our upper elevations more exposed hillsides could see winds topping off at around 60 miles per hour today, red flag warnings include the entirety of the north bay inland east bay and then coastal portions of san mateo county these areas, especially subject to those strongest of winds throughout the morning, one good thing about the wind is that has helped to clean up air quality a bit we saw spare the air alerts through the weekend with that stagnant air in place and a lot of wood burning going on you get all that particulate matter that smog that collects in the bay area we're not looking at that so much today so we can actually think some of the winds for helping result a noticeably clear conditions as you look at the horizon today
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futurecast shows you dry skies as we work our way through your monday tuesday wednesday on through the rest of the week really futurecast not going to be showing much it's going to be very quiet picture out there for the foreseeable future we're staying dry likely not just this week. all the way into next week or 3rd week of december 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs today, it's not just a windy day but also an unseasonably warm day. daytime highs in the 70's are likely to be breaking temperature records today or normally not this warm for this time of year. so all the 70's you're seeing on the map seasonable san jose at 70 degrees pleasant henson oli chant 68 while hayward at 70 degrees today as well oakland, a warm 72. well conquered and san leandro each at 71 degrees for your highs today. also at 72 for fairfield sonoma napa and youngsville well looking at low 70's in the 73 degree range in petaluma and santa rosa, so some very warm
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temperatures for sure today. temperatures tomorrow will likely be a bit above average as well after that we start to cool back to some more seasonable conditions taking us into the 60's by the remainder of the weekend into your upcoming weekend. still remaining dry by sunday with lows in the 30's, inland and bay side in coastal lows falling into the 40's. >>rebecca all right, thank you john and checking outside right now your bay bridge toll plaza approached his looks great. it's lightly traveled here westbound 80. it's going to be a nice ride into downtown san francisco just about 10 minutes to get you out of the macarthur maze and to the fremont street exit over the san mateo bridge now checking your a life can you hear west end 92. no delays on the flat section the high rises lightly traveled it's going to be about 15 minutes. coming out of the east bay and connecting over to one on one in foster city. well in the north woman has been arrested after abandoning her vehicle and walking into the middle of one on one with her 4
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month-old baby in her arms. this happened on saturday afternoon on northbound one oh one near east blight deal exit in mill valley chp says they received some reports of a woman standing in the middle of the road with several drivers slowing and swerving to avoid or according to the chp the woman's car broke down so she decided to abandon the car. take her baby and walk on the freeway to try to get help chp says the woman was under the influence of some type of drug. she was booked into the marion county jail on charges of dui and child endangerment. officers took care of the baby until child protective services arrived to pick her up chp is thanking those drivers who avoided hitting the woman and her baby and took the time to call 911. well on the peninsula police are searching for this man who robbed a store in palo alto there's this photo right there it happened on saturday night at the 7.11 along colorado
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avenue. police say the man claimed to have a gun and demanded money and a phone that the clerk was holding at the time. the man was last seen wearing a black beanie and a black face covering with the raiders logo on the left cheek. anyone with information is asked to call police. well in the south kron 4 viewer from santa clara sent us this ring video showing a man stealing packages from their front porch in broad daylight. it happened on saturday on stafford street. the viewer tells us the grinch was driving a nissan altima the santa clara police have not have been notified rather and the family is cutrently offering a small cash reward for anyone with information. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news learning from the past will take a look at the rush for coronavirus vaccine. how it compares to the h one n one vaccine in just a few years ago stay with
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>>this isn't the first time states across the u.s. have had to quickly roll out a brand new vaccine. the process has some doctors looking back at the swine flu pandemic back
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in 2009 and the challenges they face back then and trying to get people vaccinated rachel has the details. >>the idea that history repeats itself lots of similarities to we're dealing with now is an often applied to a global pandemic laughing about that is so strange strange that around this time in 2009 people like doctor michelle barron we're navigating the h one n one flu vaccine. people lined up to get the limited number of doses and this guy was on your screen is a gap between supply and demand initial supplies for the h one n one vaccine were limited so only high-risk populations like kids and young people received that first according to a 2010 brief from the state legislature, colorado initially got about 250,000 doses of the vaccine. but by the end of 2009 distributed over 1 million to county health departments and other providers that was nearly 3 months after the first doses became available by the time the vaccine was widely
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available case numbers were declining doctor barron an infectious disease specialist at u c house remembers the challenges they faced and didn't know what we were going to get it we didn't know how much fear and against. >>and then we didn't know who would actually take it actually receive the ship she says it was a combination of those things that led to public distrust in the vaccines still because of the timeframe in which it was done a lot of skepticism about whether corners have whether they were really following through all the normal process is a big difference from what we're facing now h one n one didn't throw off our entire way of life the way covid-19 house for nearly 9 months that's a nation for h one n one just to help sort of lowered the but it wasn't meant to be like ok we can start living her life again kind of meaning and so this is just going to be much longer process to get there. >>that was rachel skyler reporting doctor barron says one of the biggest lessons
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learned from 2009 is figuring out what patients are concerned about and what their preferences are and also being as transparent as possible about the vaccine. and on the kron 4 morning news president elect joe biden has picked california general javier becerra as health secretary why this is a historic nomination. that's all coming up stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get another check on the weather which i'm sure you will he's live in the weather center hey john hey rebecca is a windy and warm start to the new week this morning we are in the midst of some unseasonably late red flag warnings right now has some dry winds kick up across the bay area you look outside shows you some windy conditions at the embarcadero we do have those palm trees blowing in the wind out there it our view is showing clear skies. that's because these are some offshore winds pushing any sort of marine layer well away from the coastline, so no fog that's not going to be the issue we have today it's going to be both hands on the wheel as you're sticking your way across our bridges as those winds will be noticeably gusty all across the bay area but especially so for the north bay, the inland east bay and then those more exposed areas
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like our bridges that are high mountain passes. so be mindful of this and of course it is resulting in breezy conditions that's something that you want to take care of his you maybe leave the garbage out for trash to hit this monday morning. we are going to be looking at conditions out there that are unseasonably windy. good news is winds gradually come down and by the end of the day today we're actually looking at much calmer conditions to close out the day red flag warnings that we do have an effect right now will expire at 05:00pm notably red flag warningf affecting all of the north bay, the inland east bay and then coastal portions of san mateo county as well we are going to be seeing breezy conditions in these areas through the morning winds are peaking right now though in will gradually come later on as for temperatures we're off to


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