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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 7, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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not going to be the issue we have today it's going to be both hands on the wheel as you're sticking your way across our bridges as those winds will be noticeably gusty all across the bay area but especially so for the north bay, the inland east bay and then those more exposed areas like our bridges that are high mountain passes. so be mindful of this and of course it is resulting in breezy conditions that's something that you want to take care of his you maybe leave the garbage out for trash to hit this monday morning. we are going to be looking at conditions out there that are unseasonably windy. good news is winds gradually come down and by the end of the day today we're actually looking at much calmer conditions to close out the day red flag warnings that we do have an effect right now will expire at 05:00pm notably red flag warningf affecting all of the north bay, the inland east bay and then coastal portions of san mateo county as well we are going to be seeing breezy conditions in these areas through the morning winds are peaking right now though in will gradually come later on as for temperatures we're off to a
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warm start it is in the 30's for only a couple of spots most of us are 40's 50's and alametos case even 60 degrees currently it is quite the warm way to start this monday morning, a whole lot warmer than yesterday, especially for north bay cities. napa solid 21 degrees warmer than we were at the same point yesterday later on today expect daytime highs to be unseasonably warm back into the low 70's for a lot of us i'm talking are warm conditions more about the wind and what else to expect for the week ahead still to come rebecca all right, thank you john we'll take peek outside at traffic in the bay bridge really no traffic here just a few cars, a handful. >>we'll be sharing on the roadway 4 westbound 80 your commute into downtown san francisco across the upper deck. >>under 10 minutes out of the macarthur maze and then looking the san mateo bridge this morning we're going to be seeing it so still pretty lightly traveled at this early hour west bay 92, nice and smooth over to the foster city. 1 one connector that will be about a 15 minute
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drive time on the westbound side and then checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge show hardly any folks we're going to be sharing it with us this early hour west bound 5.80 moves well, and very lightly traveled into the north bay it's going to be about an eight-minute drive time for you on the west bound 5.80 commute. >>you know if we just do it once it's a lot better to a holiday. the slime time rather then you know it's the holidays for ever. if our loved ones die. and it's just so much so we need to stop this. >>a majority of the bay area now falls under a new stricter stay at home order it's a move bay area nurses say is necessary to avoid even more an unnecessary death from covid-19. the lockdown has officially begun in san francisco santa clara contra costa and alameda counties marine county will soon to follow him. businesses were given just a few days notice
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before the stay at home order began and that led to a lot of people rushing to get last minute appointment son as kron 4 taylor reports appointments that hair salons and barbershops and booked up fast over the weekend. so fast that some shops open and days they're normally closed. >>are every make an appointment and i just think that you all day and all the work it out all day today over at big gyms barber shop in santa clara owner jimmy silva has a full book of appointments on sunday before he'll be forced to close his business until the new year they need to get it could add is crazy like and you want to seniors like. >>the toilet paper but erik since friday's announcement of a stay at home order to go into effect at 10:00pm on sunday silva says he booked as many appointments as he safely could that man opening up for an extra day on sunday. the day his shop is normally closed i got to be some money
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and i got my also on i mean, but there you know they're going to shut us down other barbershops on monroe street also busy meanwhile in santa clara hair studio. business is a little slower stylist hannah chung says. >>their rush of appointments was on saturday. and like many other stylists she's worried about being out of work during another shutdown i have a more a i have up a also take care of my house for owners like silva who already had to come back and staff in appointments this year. he's concerned about where the next rent check for his shop will come from horrible i just wish the government. >>even the mayor's or if they have a plan for of some in comes a couple money or something how we got a that the number one thing you just like man was shut down we still got to pay rent in santa clara taylor kron 4 news. >>well here's a the timeline and how the new lockdown is going into effect the stay at home order started on sunday
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night for san francisco contra costa and santa clara counties, the order went into effect just after midnight just a few hours ago for alameda county and marion county will be shut down tomorrow at noon. the 4 counties not listed here san mateo solano napa and sonoma are not adopting the stay at home order earlier than is necessary. and with so many things closing here is what will be allowed to continue operating during the stay at home order retail stores including grocery stores will remain open but only a 20% capacity after gyms will be limited to just 12 people youth sports can continue, but with strict social distancing and face masks. we have more details at kron 4 dot com. well the surge is soaring at every level local state and nationally according to john hopkins university. the u.s. is now averaging 1 million new cases every 5 days. hospitalizations and deaths are also reaching record highs, public health officials
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say the number will get even worse if we don't change our behavior slow the spread. john finnie leo reports. >>california reporting a record high of more than 30,000 new coronavirus infections and at least 85 deaths intensive care units from the san joaquin valley to san diego reaching critical capacity with fewer than 15% of the region's icu beds available. >>asking every american to make these behavioral changes to take these personal sacrifices seriously white house coronavirus coordinator doctor deborah birx echoing the california department of public health saying the state is just weeks away from running out of icu space you know i don't think california has a choice at this moment you know governors and mayors across this great country want to make sure that hospitals are available to every american that needs care across the country. the numbers are soaring more than 100,000 people are hospitalized from coast to
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coast. the u.s. now averaging more than 200,000 new cases and 2100 deaths each day. that's one american dying from covid-19 almost every 38 seconds so how did we end up getting here if we had all warner mask. >>if we had not gathered outside of our household. your governor will not be making these recommendations at this point and i think our behaviors will determine the next 4 to 6 weeks of what americans survive and what americans don't survive johnson kron 4 news. >>we has >>one national news rudy giuliani president trump's personal attorney ernie has tested positive for the coronavirus he is reportedly being treated at georgetown university medical center in washington dc after being admitted on sunday. it's unclear whether giuliani received a positive test. the former new york city mayor is
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76 years old so he's considered at high risk of course. he's traveled extensively recently to several battleground states. ago she shuns over a second stimulus package are still ongoing and they're a bit of a mixed bag, the good news though congress is close to a bill and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are behind it. the 900 billion dollar package would provide $300 in extra unemployment benefits and also put a freeze on evictions but another round of $1200 stimulus package checks will not be included senate minority leader chuck schumer is urging his colleagues in congress to get a deal done as the money 13 million americans are receiving unemployment benefits through the cares act is set to expire this month. >>bottom line is very simple. so many millions have been thrown out of work through no fault of their own. they've been living not vote not
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luxuriously and on less salary than they usually get. the pandemic unemployment insurance program we pass. on december 26. unless congress acts quickly. >>the bipartisan relief package is part of a larger spending bill aimed at avoiding a government shutdown congress has until next friday to pass a bill. well the new california legislative session starts today and it will look a bit different state assembly members will meet at sacramento's golden one center. officials say the move is to keep everyone safe and this comes after multiple state lawmakers tested positive for covid-19 at the state capitol earlier this year. however, state senators will still be meeting in the capital chambers. there will be strict face mask and social distancing rules of course all members and staff are required to get tested beforehand. and the session comes as the sacramento region inches
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closer to a possible stay at home order but officials say today's meeting is required under the state's constitution. well president elect joe biden has picked california attorney general javier basara to be is health and human services secretary if confirmed by the senate the sarah will be the first latino to head the department as our state attorney general the sarah has led the fight to defend obamacare from trump administrative attempts to overturn the law. his biggest job would start on day one overseeing the nation's coronavirus response as well as vaccine distribution. under the new by administration. >>well coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news should universities and colleges require students get the covid-19 vaccine once it's approved one college administrator has to say about this that's coming up just ahead.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news firefighters in orange county are gaining ground on the bonfire. it is now 50% contained and has burned more than 7300 acres, 28 structures have been destroyed 19 have been damaged and nearly 5800 are still
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threatened. several communities are still under mandatory evacuation orders. remember how earlier this year, los angeles enjoyed 3 weeks of its cleanest air in decades, well those days are now over according to the data from the south coast air quality management district the 2020 year will go down as one of the region's worst smog ever the region suffered intense heat waves and the worst air pollution since the mid 90's after march's whether cleanse the air. california's record setting fire season also contributed to the poor air quality closer to home counties in the central valley, including fresno we'll be dealing with those high winds today and speaking meteorologist john joins us more for the details good morning. john what a way to start the week we're back and we're looking at warm temperatures strong winds and. >>it definitely high fire danger still part of the pictures is as a result of both of those things and the
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dry skies we've seen now for multiple >>that's where we're starting this monday morning off at least we are crystal clear out there, no fog as you make your way into work this morning you'll be driving into work under some clear skies and with no fog on the horizon sunset a driving through low visibility under bridges, he'll just be feeling that steady breeze tugging on your car as you make your way across the bridges and across the mountain passes strongest of winds this morning, definitely up in the north bay where all across the entirety of the north bay were under red flag warnings and wind advisories both until 05:00pm tonight, the inland east bay also affected by these red flag warnings as is the san mateo coastline, including areas like pacifica half moon bay. so these areas right here exposed to some of the strongest of winds gusting regularly up to 45 miles per hour. peak, wind gusts and more exposed areas mountaintops as high as 60 miles per hour speaking of air quality though, at least we have seen the past couple of days in that regard we had a
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spare the air alert on saturday, some of our worst air quality we've seen in a while those winds are starting to mix out some of those por smoggy conditions that we had been seeing so there is improvement in that regard this morning and we will be looking at a much better day ahead of us to as far as air quality conditions are concerned forecast shows that today we remain sunny and dry we're going to stay that way in future cast all the way through this week, lots of sunshine temperatures well above average for this time of year. and conditions certainly drier than average for this time of year too which is why we do have that heightened fire danger, especially this morning with those stronger winds temperatures today are likely to shatter daytime high records well into the 70's for a lot of the bay area south san francisco up at 70 degrees foster city redwood city in woodside also each at 70 as will be much of the south bay, including santa clara and san jose right at 70 degrees today temperatures in the east bay showing a similar range of
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upper 60's to low 70's with oakland at 72, san leandro and conquer teach at 71 for your highs today. well fairfield napa sonoma and youngsville each at 72. our warmest spots will actually be santa rosa in petaluma at 73 degrees each today now tomorrow's temperatures will remain above average back into the low 70's before we descend closer to seasonable conditions. the rest of the week taking us back into the 60's sunshine and dry conditions remain all the way through this week and into the upcoming weekend and looking likely to stick around for much of next week as well. rebecca all right, thank you john check in traffic outside right now the bay bridge toll plaza looks great coming out of the macarthur maze, you're westbound 80 right. >>into downtown san francisco should take about 10 minutes so far at this early hour, switching over to the golden gate coming out of the north bay and no issues to report on south 1, one coming from a highway 37 in novato through moran and then across the span into san francisco ron time of about 20 minutes right now on
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the southbound side and checking things out at the richmond sandra fell bridge ships said i see a car quite yet one headlight coming to her right now looking good on west bound 5.80 it's going to be a pretty much a solar ride for you getting up to the north bay about 8 minutes. well despite cases spiking and the stay at home order parents in berkeley are demanding schools to resume in person learning more than 300 parents signed a petition calling on the berkeley unified school district to reopen schools. parents are not demanding everyone to be required to go to class pit think that it should be an option. they stress the emotional and educational told distance learning has on their own children. >>we're a group of parents of really concerned parents that have been. coming together in email trying to figure out. what has been happening with our school district and what the delays have been in getting our kids back to
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campus. we decided that it was time to hit the streets. we needed to show publicly to everybody out there to all of our community we're here we're here for you and if you guys all want to ban together with us and try to fight to get our kids. back to his campus safely, let's do this. >>berkeley public schools is working on a plan for hybrid learning but it depends on when the county starts getting a handle on cases again. a rally was held saturday in san francisco as well. well there are nearly 20 million college students here in the united states, a key question for parents with kids in school is whether or not universities will require vaccines. one college administrator and pennsylvania told us the school rely on guidance from the state health department. >>we are pacing ourselves to continue to the way we have successfully with our masks on keep your social distancing.
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pretty much for the spring and if of the distribution and the implementation of the vaccine comes faster and we so hope it does. of course we'll make some adjustments. >>like all businesses colleges can legally required vaccines but there haven't been any recommendations yet many public colleges across the nation's required students to show proof they were vaccinated for measles and the months. well getting tested for coronavirus with an uncomfortable nose swab could be a thing of the past thanks to a state of the art device called the world's protect. it's a collaboration with the dallas based company world's inc texas am university and the u.s. air force. here's how it works. a person blows into the machine with the disposable straw machine test for specific a specific or other compounds of the body generates one fighting covid-19 and the results are sent to a patients phone in seconds.
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>>at it. you know for literally like 5 2nd boer, the system in less than minute you're going to result right and so the goal that put that on the cell phone. >>for now the prototype isn't being to diagnose anyone with covid but it's acting more as a screening system to let you know if you should go get tested. so far the company says the device is accurate. and is comparable to results from a swab test. well here's a live look at conditions at san francisco international airport will be right back.
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>>come back for 54 on this monday morning. we're looking at a warm windy and clear start to the new week we are going to be seeing windy conditions, especially throughout the rest of your morning before gradually coming down into the afternoon today. this is your look outside at the golden gate bridge, currently it is clear out there, no fog that's for sure you will notice a steady breeze as you're getting out there and a warmer feel to the air. the napa san francisco nevado areas at 59 degrees for your current temperatures just one degree below that 60 degree mark already that 05:00am to kick off this morning, one of the reasons it's so windy is because of a well mixed windy layer that is pushing in across the bay area we're seeing high fire danger
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and red flag warnings through 05:00pm tonight for coastal san mateo county all of the north bay and then the inland east bay as well as for conditions later on today we are going to be seeing an unusually warm afternoon at the coast that will take us into the upper 60's inland areas, rising into the 70's in many cases. rebecca. >>john we'll time magazine has named a kid of the year for the first time ever. the g 20 jolly ra. well, a 15 year-old from colorado she has created apps to detect of lead in drinking water prevent cyber bulling also diagnosed opioid-addiction at an early age, wow, she is one of the 5,000 students students rather nominated. rob wow is already on to a new project that involves detecting parasite compounds in the water. time said ron lau stood out for inspiring other young inventors are innovators rather to pursue their goals pretty impressive our
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generation is growing up in this place were seen problems that have never. >>existed before like the global warming crisis but then again we're also seeing problems that still exist like the pandemic that we're all sitting at home and he and things like that or what. >>motivates me to come up with solutions is we're facing problems more than ever right now, and it's time for us to come together to make a difference and innovation isn't an option anymore and city. >>tyler gordon a 12 year-old boy from san jose was the runner-up he painted a portrait of vice president-elect kamala harris and then tweeted a time lapse video of his work. harris called to thank him for the picture. pretty impressive. well coming up in the next hour health officials warn hospitals in san francisco that will run out of icu beds by the end of the month. the warning that they're giving. and much of the bay area is under a stay at home warning officials are hoping this will put an end to further spread
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of the coronavirus. and on top of the stay at home order the bay area's also facing the risk of wildfires has a red flag warning and wind advisory is in effect all of that coming up in the next hour stay with us. - oh. - what's going on?
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. >>we are extremely volatile
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position for health care system. we estimate the san francisco run out an intensive monday i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to talk about on the coronavirus front things going to be changing for a lot of folks as we head into this week's we'll get into that in detail here in just a few minutes there's also kind breaking news in the weather isis stuff all over the streets mostly leaves but how that has a wind out there guys very windy evening and we're


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