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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 7, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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estimate the san francisco will run out of intensive care unit pants on december. 26. unless something changes in the weeks to come san francisco hospitals will be out of icu beds, this is the bay area sees. >>a search in viruses. >>and that's why our lives are changing in the bay area starting today we're going to tell you about the new things that you can no longer do because of a bay area wide lockdown. >>news station you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >>thanks for waking up with us on monday on variables and i'm james fletcher let's get the morning started to pour get to the headlines with a check of the weather because you'll notice which is step outside little breezy i visit where inside but sarah's outside in her hair has it's windy that's the product of the wind right there we are looking at a very
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windy monday as you step outside it is probably the first thing you'll notice seconds will be just how mild it is outside as well so kind of anoodd start to this december monday morning. you look outside from seat hurt our shows the crystal clear skies we've been in the midst of throughout the course of your morning, no fog is these are offshore winds keeping marine layer pushed away from us sonoma petaluma half moon bay napa some of your windiest spots right now and some of the same areas in the midst of red flag warnings temperatures are mild in the 60's for oakland alameda in hayward the lay how in berkeley are in the upper 50's along with san francisco santa rosa you're at 61. and later today we've got 70's for some of these areas high fire danger as we do see strong winds paired with all the dry grasses and vegetation that we still do have red flag warnings through 05:00pm tonight. rebecca all right, thank you john yes, it is definitely been windy on the bay area roads and now we're seeing that wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge
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>>it's just been a quite blustery out there since about 4 o'clock this morning chp issued its of both hands on that steering off you're going to be driving from the east bay and then getting into downtown san francisco. no delays though on the span itself it's going to be a nice drive into the city 13 minutes and i'm clocking out of the maze and then to the fremont street exit searching over to the san mateo bridge show more folks on the roadway. but it is moving at the limit speeds are great 14 minutes coming off the nimitz freeway in hayward and then trying to make your connection over to one oh one into foster city it's going to be a just under a 15 minute commute for your westbound 92 rhyme checking things out at the richmond sandra fell bridge it is been flawless all morning long here for your west bound 5.80 run into the north bay and it remains that way only 9 minutes to connect to one oh one this morning. coming out of the north is going to be nice other than of course the wind so just be careful there's been a lot of debris in the roadway. 24 minutes from highway 37 to the tolls back to the news, thanks a lot
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8 '02 is the time and the big story this morning is the stay at home order. >>now in effect and most of the bay area everywhere you see in red san francisco. contra costa county alameda county santa clara. all going into effect tonight are in joins them in this lockdown tomorrow at noon. so let's take a look at some of the things that are now suddenly off limits things that you are used to doing you can't get your hair cut or colored anymore. >>outdoor dining is even off limits that means restaurants, you have to go and just pick up takeout food that's all they're allowed to do. no more working out in the gym. outdoor playgrounds are going to be roped off again you also can't take the kids to the zoo anymore museums, or outdoor other family entertainment venues and open air bus and boat operators have to shut down as well. >>that means san francisco's parts are now off limits their
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playgrounds are closed. no more skate parks and the zoo, there is also off limits you can still go and have a picnic or small outdoor gathering with a maximum of 12 people. in the east bay regional park district what they're doing is all the campgrounds are off limits. no more outdoor museums, the playgrounds are also closed. but the trails are still available to you so you can still go hiking if you want. and these restrictions mean that if you had a reservation to camp obviously that's been canceled everything is canceled through january 4th. for kron 4 had a chance to speak with doctor deborah birx of the white house coronavirus task force and we asked her whether. >>what are thought was about state leaders making this decision to shut things down is it the right call. here's what she had to say. >>you know i don't think california has a choice at this moment you know governors and mayors across this great country want to make sure that hospitals are available to
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every american that needs care. yes, the americans that need care from this serious virus in this pandemic. >>but also americans that need care for their other medical conditions and i think every governor and mayor recognizes that although we are moving this vaccine as fast as possible. and it will be immunizing health care workers and a limited number of vulnerable individuals that are and how long term care facilities. >>that leaves still a 100 million or so americans with comorbidities that we know. >>often resolved in hospitalizations are succumbing to this virus and so we're asking everybody to make these changes now how did we end up getting here if we had all warner mask. if we had not gathered outside of our household. your governor will not be making these recommendations at this point and i think our behaviors will determine the next 4 to 6 weeks of what americans survive and what americans
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don't survive. >>in april also determine what happens with. hospital rates in san francisco, specifically health officials there are worried that they hospital icu units are going to get overwhelmed. maybe even as early as christmas this graph kind of shows you what they think will play out the ex is that you see on the graph on the left side, those are the actual available beds right now, and it's hovering right around 100 the blue line shows us what they're projecting if the trend continues and you can see the indication there by the yellow arrow that is when the graph crosses below 0 meaning we would be out of icu beds by december 26 that's something health officials are desperate to avoid. >>let's take a look at the latest numbers of california setting a record the biggest single day in cases over the weekend more than 30,000 new covid cases on saturday. that's the most in a single day since the pandemic began more than 300 new patients went into the hospitals across
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the state. the totals now 10,000 patients hospitalized because of coronavirus that is why the bay area is locking down trying to get control of this problem kron 4 sarah stinson is live at u c s f with what they're doing they're sarah. >>we've seen some very grim productions predictions put out by our city's health department director saying hospitals like the one behind ucsf could be without hospital beds by december 26th. by december 26th, that is a scary scary prediction. health officials put out this frightening reality check to residents on sunday saying right now we're seeing the worst covid-19 surges across the city hospitals are overwhelmed and might not be able to care for those who needed. >>but unlike the surges from before like back in march every hospital in california is now under the same stress of the worries that there wouldn't even be a place to
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transfer people if feds do run out no doctor grant cool fixes that last month hospitalizations tripled last week have increased by 35%, let's listen to more of his predictions now. >>january force there will be approximately 206 people in san francisco in need of a hospital bed. and it seems continue on this trajectory by february 4 years there could be 1600. 1600 people in san francisco in need of a hospital that if this trend continues and we do not slow the spread of the virus. we will be unable to care for people in san francisco's hospitals. and it's not only because events but it's because we will not have enough nurses and doctors to adequately care for people.
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>>doctor colfax says that not only would they not be able to take care of covid patients but also patients with other health needs as well those facing emergency needs. >>and that's a scary scary thought so we're now on lockdown in most of the bay area hopefully while these are scary predictions to hear hopefully it really pushes people to stay at home as much as possible and when they leave their homes put on that mask, reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. >>let's take a look at the numbers in california then we've had well over 1.3 million positive coronavirus tests come in and approaching now 20,000 deaths in our state including 2027 people who died of covid here in the bay area. and national news president trump's personal attorney she has covid rudy giuliani tested positive and right now is being treated at a georgetown
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university medical center in d c. he was admitted there yesterday, the former new york city mayor is 76 years old so he is considered high risk and he has been maskless a lot as he's been crisscrossing the country in recent weeks, pushing trump's baseless claims of election fraud. >>governor newsome by the way will be holding a news conference later this morning on the state's response to the coronavirus it's expected to start at 9.30 we will carry it live here on our morning broadcast. and also on our kron on app as well as you get to avenues with which to watch that if you'd like to tune and meanwhile president-elect joe biden has picked california attorney general javier becerra to be his health and human services secretary. if confirmed he'll be the first latino to head the department and he'll have a big job ahead of them will be in charge of overseeing the nation's coronavirus response and vaccine distribution. as our state attorney general you remember he led the fight to defend the affordable care act from president trump's attempts to overturn it.
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>>10 is the time and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news even as we talk about the new bay area locked down there are some parents in the east bay who are pushing their school district to let the kids back in the class. also we're going to show you some video of a porch pirate and the south bay and a reward to catch on and then in the morning buzz. what should have been an easy win for the raiders against they new york jets came down to the wire and one final throw.
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with your doctor. we have the power to harness abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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>>it's 13 is the time hold on to your hat. that's my advice today and you're in need that. seriously it is windy, but it is warm out there that's like the plus at least through the 60's but you can't really enjoy it. >>when the wind is you all and not just leaves all over street when i came in and iowa. there was stuff like breeze i saw like a tarp and i didn't know was in it there's all kinds of things, i'm working series of the same down a little bit on road because there was a trash can on the embarcadero what yeah you don't want that in your car you're making your way into work. wind is definitely the first thing you're going to notice about today and the thing that is upping our fire danger more than anything else to we're in the midst of some
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late season red flag warnings right now and we're december talking sunshine 60's already and the strong winds that we do have high fire danger with red flag warnings in effect through 05:00pm tonight. >>for all of the north bay, the inland east bay and then coastal portions of san mateo county winds gusting regularly as high as 45 miles per hour peak us on our mountain tops amounting to as much as 60 miles per hour. the one good thing about these winds they've really cleaned up the air we had spare the air alerts over the weekend. those a thing of the past now that still stagnant air has been filtered out now we're back to some good conditions across the bay area futurecast shows clear and dry conditions all across the region. these are offshore wind so it's helping to push any sort of fog. a marine layer. well away from the coastline while the coast is very warm this morning in crystal clear we're going to remain that way into tomorrow morning too aside from the winds today will be likely a record breaker as far as temperatures go you notice a lot of upper 60's to low 70's
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for daytime highs across the region. temperatures for this time of year supposed to be in the low to mid 60's at our warmest so today's daytime highs in the 70's will likely be record breaking for many spots. santa clara campbell, san jose and milpitas each at low 70 today. hayward also right at 70 degrees with oakland and concord as well san leandro at 71 or 72 today, north bay temperatures in some cases even warmer than that for santa rosa in petaluma today will be 73 degrees for your daytime highs. tomorrow will be another above average one before we see temperatures falling a lot closer to normal after that point red flag warnings expire at 05:00pm today after that were much calmer tomorrow a much calmer start to your morning to actually get outside and be able to enjoy some of those 70's. rebecca all right, thank you. john yes, we're definitely seeing a windy commute this morning. so be careful make sure they have both hands on the steering wheel because it is causing some issues. >>and it has been over the last couple of hours,
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especially if you're going to be taking the bay bridge and if you're in a high profile vehicle just be real careful on the span traffic is really light it's been moving well all morning long, but we did have debris earlier on the span itself. that's kind of snagged up the drive for a little bit but everything back to normal under 15 minutes to make your way across the upper deck and into san francisco to that fremont street exit. but just a couple of drive times to take notice things look really good from your livermore valley commute trying to make it out to the dublin. interchange that's a quick 10 minute trip on west bound 5.80 and then if you're traveling on south 6.80 getting from the dublin into fremont up and over the snow great there. only 14 minutes for your southbound the ride but there has been a couple of problems on the nimitz freeway. in the southbound direction southbound 80 from stanley and redoubts milpitas 31 minutes that's because we've had a couple of spinouts and also hitting debris in the roadway. so again winds might be a factor there so just to be extra careful this morning
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as you're driving around 7 minutes though on to 37 from milpitas trying to get to sunnyvale and making that connection with one oh one on the complete bridge check coming up in just a bit back to the news. >>the buzz the forty-niners play their first home away from home game tonight in arizona. the cardinals to share state farm stadium like a good neighbor, but let's hope we do better than they did the rams destroyed the cardinals sunday 38 to 28. thanks to jared goff taking care of the cardinals and the seahawks losing help san francisco. stay alive. the raiders are alive, thanks to a long shot. they were about to become the only team the jets could be until derek carr found rookie henry ruggs with 5 seconds left. >>i needed to play and call me
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code out of the don't move in you know what's coming up the bond i kind of see that is there and i got to be different this saying silent bank is exactly what you say like the ball was an have like like you just couldn't come down and i said to and make the play. >>with that play the raiders save face 31 to 28 few to be beaten by the jets that would have been a real slap in the face. >>doesn't like the actual beating though that logan paul is in for. >>when he gets into the ring with floyd mayweather mayweather has 50 wins under his world champion belt. logan paul has had one fight with a fellow youtuber and he lost by all accounts, he's going to get. >>killed but i guess he must watch his brother jake knockout nate robinson last week and thought hey i can do that boxing looks fun.
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>>yeah, that was a retired basketball player and. >>jake had been training for a year. james if you want to see a live streaming cost 25 bucks for the first million that they sell pay per view after that the price goes up to 70 bucks as you get closer to the fight want to pay 70 bucks for it all just to hear about it the day after because you know it's going to have knows how this is going to end up if it doesn't go the way we all think about that i will be the shocker. then that will be a real circus and i guess the mayweather coming out over time or for that he came out like a 100 million doll%rs to mcgregor. >>so regular was a a real might or might are absolutely mean this is ridiculous if i was the paul's logan and jake's mother i'd ca that >>it killed for this money boys, yeah, it's not it's not worth it. the warriors start group practice today ok and if
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i were their mother i'd be saying you better social distance or else you're going to lose a lot of money. >>here's the deal. the nba is going to be policing their behavior on. and off the court and so the team facilities and even on the private time players and staff are not allowed to on their own time james go to bars clubs shows they can't go to public gyms spas. they not allowed to go to any indoor gathering with more than 15 people the fund-raisers nothing like that and when they play away, you know they stay in a hotel, they can only leave if they want to go out to eat and even then it has to be outdoor private room in a restaurant or an nba approved restaurant thinking on $0.4 well think about this they're going to enforce it with penalties and suspensions and if they break the rules and they end up having to quarantine they will be docked. the pay for the games that they miss so like let's take it again example steph curry because he makes the most this this season 43 million dollars cut you
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divide that by 72 games. that's about 600 grand a game he runs. so can you imagine like. let's say he just went somewhere on his private time he was exposed they call that wasn't allowed they trace it back and then they go now you miss this game because of quarantine and if you're courting for 14 days, you could have a number of games in those 14 madgen. >>so nobody's going to be breaking these rules there to be self-policing because they don't want to money messed with right then they don't want the season messed with, but they're not in a bubble. so this is the way they're creating their own little bubble. we'll see how goes show's that is the
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>>25 the time in the north bay, a woman has been arrested after abandoning her vehicle and walking into the middle of one oh one with her 4 month-old baby in her arms. so this happened on saturday it was during the afternoon hours on the northbound side of 1, one right near east. blythe they'll exit in mill valley. chp says that they received several reports of this woman standing in the middle of the road with several drivers slowing even swerving to try and avoid are. according to police the woman's car broke down so she decided to abandon the car. take her baby and
8:26 am
walk on the freeway to try and find help and they always say don't do that yes stay in your car. the chp says she was. >>that she was under the influence of some type of drug so clearly her judgment was impaired. she was booked into the morgan county jail on charges of dui and child endangerment. officers took care of that baby until child protective services arrived to pick her up chp is taking those our thanking those drivers who phoned in and who quickly avoided hitting the woman and her baby and took the time to call 911 to let him know what was happening. >>on the peninsula police are searching for a man who robbed a store in palo alto and there's some surveillance video here from the 7.11 was saturday night. 7.11 on colorado avenue. he went in claimed had a gun demanded money and a foam that the clerk was holding at the time. you can see pretty well hear what he looks like even though he's got a mask and a black beanie on and a black jacket if you have any information
8:27 am
call the police. for a viewer sent us video of what happened at their house and their ring camera man stealing the package right off their porch. broad daylight saturday, they live on stafford street and after this he jumped into. there was a closer look at nissan ultima put in the trunk and everything. santa clara police have been notified in the family's after actually offering a small cash reward for anybody who has information they want their stuff back. >>27 on the clock coming up after the break the while firefighters are getting ready as parts of the bay area are dealing with some dangerous fire conditions this morning.
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>>in 3 right now and we're looking at the weather all very nice oh my gosh you can see the winds look at the flags and that's what we're talking about this morning earlier about driving in seeing believes in bags was dark so it's kind hard to tell exactly what was flying around in front of the car which kind dangerous so john is right everybody needed to slow down this morning. it did see brighter now i saw the racoon again by the way they did from the he was still like vanasse and he was nibbling something on the side of the and then there was a big tarp i don't the ride was and johnny said you're coming view. these are trash can right. yeah right in the middle the embarcadero to so things are blown around out there we haven't seen wind like this in a while so the leaves is definitely something you'll be seeing in but watch
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out for other debris that may have made its way into the roadway to. >>fire danger is heightened because we're in the midst of some continued dry conditions and of course the winds on top of that we know what that does suit hurt our view shows you the clear skies that we have this is an offshore wind so it's keeping marine layer pushed well away from the coastline. current winds, the breezy estan half moon bay sonoma petaluma and santa rosa just to name a few spots now we are in the midst of our windiest of conditions right now so later today, winds will gradually come down and red flag warnings will expire at 05:00pm right now they are in effect from the inland north bay all the way to the coast inland east bay as well as coastal san mateo county. rebecca. >>thank you john yes, it is a windy monday morning and we're some bay area quite windy as well you can kind of see the right hand side of your screen there in the palm trees flying. and that the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza chp has a high wind advisory
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issued for the span it's been there. all morning long so just be real careful if you're going to be taking it into san francisco, your drive, the looks great other than the win because there's not a lot of folks on the roadway right now westbound 80 lightly traveled out of the macarthur maze, 13 minutes across the upper deck and into downtown connecting to fremont street 14 minutes for the san mateo bridge has been a perfect commute all morning long. it's going to be a from 80 in your east bay drive it's going to be a just under 15 over to the 1 one connector and trying to get over to foster city. i have a complete bridge check coming up in just a couple of minutes back to the news saying so at rebecca 8.32 on our top story back to lockdown for most of the bay area as you can see. >>today san francisco contra costa alameda santa clara. and then tomorrow moraine county joins them in a very strict. >>rolled back. what you can and can't do kind of like when we first started this pandemic the stay at home order means you can't get your hair cut or
8:33 am
colored anymore all the salons have to close restaurants have to close indoor and outdoor they can just give you a takeout food and you can't work out inside. drive-in gatherings are closed outdoor playgrounds are close to the kids can't go to a playground they can't go to entertainment centers, zoos are closed museums are off limits and no more open air buses or boat operators. they have their business is working now either. this is a huge shut down james is yeah affecting just about the entire bay area. those darya highlighted for you in the east bay for instance, restaurants and hair salons took advantage of. >>last customers that were rushing in over the weekend. before the lockdown went into effect in walnut creek restaurants have to transition away from outdoor dining indoor dining all you can do is pick up or or take out. we're delivery. barber shops hair salons they're going to have to obviously stay shut down to in fact for the rest of the month and it's a big blow to the workers and
8:34 am
owners, especially during the holiday season. >>it's dire situation to be able to keep some businesses open. in. i believe that the beauty industry in the restaurant industry are getting hit the hardest safety wise. it's a good thing that we're doing but it also that we can see your friends and family again. >>during the holidays, but we have to do the right thing at the end of the day i believe that the lockdown home it's definitely going to help. >>and these new restrictions will stay in place until monday january 4th and businesses were given not much notice as we know in some cases only 48 hours which led to a lot of people rushing in to try and get last minute appointments with crawford's taylor per second reporting now that appointments at hair salons and barbershops were a big draw thos weekend. so fast some shops had to open up on days, they were normally closed just to accommodate everybody. >>were every make an appointment and i just think
8:35 am
that you all day and all the work it out all day today over at big gyms barber shop in santa clara owner jimmy silva has a full book of appointments on sunday before he'll be forced to close his business until the new year they need to get it could add it isn't as crazy is like and you want to seniors like. >>toilet paper, but eric since friday's announcement of a stay at home order to go into effect at 10:00pm on sunday silva says he booked as many appointments as he safely could that opening up for an extra day on sunday. the day his shop is normally closed i got to be some money not going to my house me but there you know they're going to shut us down other barbershops on monroe street are also busy meanwhile in santa clara hair studio. business is a little slower stylist hannah chung says. >>their rush of appointments was on saturday. and like many other stylists she's worried about being out of work during another shutdown i have a more
8:36 am
a i have up a also take care of my house for owners like silva who already had to come back and staff in appointments this year. he's concerned about where the next rent check for his shop will come from tora i just wish the government. >>even the mayor's or they have a plan for of some in comes a couple money or something how we got up and that the number one thing is just like man we shut down we still got a ranch in santa clara taylor kron 4 news and even with this new bay area lockdown parents in berkeley. >>are demanding that schools let their kids back on campus and in class more than 300 parents signed a petition calling on the berkeley unified district to reopen the schools. they're not demanding that every kid be required to go to class. but they think it should be an option. they're stressing the emotional and educational toll that distance learning has taken on kids. >>we decided that it was time to hit the streets. we needed to show publicly to everybody out there to all of our
8:37 am
community we're here we're here for you and if you guys all want to ban together with us and try to fight to get our kids. back to his campus safely, let's do this. >>berkeley public schools is still working on a plan for hybrid learning right now and it depends on when the county gets a handle on the numbers as to when that might kick in a similar rally. like this was held in saturday in san francisco. >>there's a new breath allies are test for covid-19 dallas based company world inc along with texas anm and u.s. air force teamed up for what they called the world's. protect a person basically blows into this machine with a disposable straw and that takes the place of the nose swab this machine will then test the air that you breathe out for specific compounds that your body produces if it's fighting covid-19 if it detects those compounds it will send that results straight to your phone in a matter of seconds. at it.
8:38 am
>>you know for literally like 5 2nd boer, the system in less than minute you're going to result right and so the goal that put that on the cell phone. >>pretty interesting approach to this for now the prototype isn't being used to officially diagnose anyone with covid just yet it's being used more of a way to screen people to let them know if they should go get a more comprehensive test all the comp at the company says that this device is pretty accurate. in fact they say it's comparable to the results that you get from the swab test. >>it's a 38 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a group of bipartisan lawmakers to supporting a second stimulus package. what is included in it. and firefighters getting ready as parts of the bay area are dealing with dangerous conditions right now plus we're going hear from the few survivors of pearl harbor who are still with us as we remember the attack to push the u.s. into world war 2.79 years later.
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>>it 41 is the time to go shuns over second stimulus package are still ongoing. there is a little bit of progress in fact some of the good news is that word from congress is that there is growing bipartisan support for this bill which totals about 900 billion dollars right now. and it would provide $300 in extra unemployment benefits to
8:42 am
americans and a freeze on evictions too. the only downside is it does not include the $1200 stimulus check. that we've received over the summer senate minority leader chuck schumer those urging his colleagues to back this deal. he says he supports it. especially since the money that 13 million americans are receiving right now in unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of the month. >>bottom line is very simple. so many millions have been thrown out of work through no fault of their own. they've been living not not looked curiously and on less salary than they usually get. the pandemic unemployment insurance program we pass. on december 26. all go away unless congress acts quickly. >>now the bipartisan relief package is part of a larger spending bill that's aimed at avoiding a government shutdown and congress has until next friday to get that passed. >>well has been a very windy
8:43 am
morning red flag warning still remain in effect right now through 05:00pm today across the north bay and for the inland east bay too far as our peak wind gust go look at this bout say alina topping up at 70 miles per hour. the oakland hills in half moon bay at around 37 to
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>id 4 to 5 and happening now we are in a wildfire risky time because of we showed you
8:46 am
the gusty winds. and we also have dry conditions we're showing that year and why there's a red flag warning and a wind advisory and those are in effect in the bay area, especially in the north they and the east bay hills. this is a rare warning for december in northern california and with no relief in sight. >>most of the models have been showing very limited chance for precipitation in terms of red warnings in the month of december we had 2 other instances over the last 10 years as the previous one was actually back in 2017. and then the one before that was in 2013. so those were also particularly dry years and we had some pretty historic fires during those years as well. >>the red flag warning is all day today through 5 o'clock this evening and firefighters mention it's a good time to make sure they have an emergency plan and you know the escape route in case there's a fire in your neighborhood so we're to be talking about this in december but yeah here we are we just
8:47 am
well and you think we have some rain by now but that hasn't been the case tried to dry, i know all month long so far we've been dry. we finish november on a dry note we're going to stay dry this weekend. >>likely next week too so that does result in that heightened fire danger already with the drive. russia's. now it's warm and of course we have the strong winds too and it's back to where we were a couple months ago with these red flag warnings in very rare this late in the year. your view of the east bay right now shows clear skies there's one good thing about these winds and it's actually a surprising thing about these winds really clearing up the air quality so yesterday and over the weekend we had very stagnant conditions so a lot of that particulate matter that we put up this time of year the smoke from chimneys as well as driving to work just stayed with us. well now we've got good air quality has these winds really stirred out some of that was pollutants we are seeing high fire danger with these red flag warnings in effect through 05:00pm tonight. the good news is we're going to gradually see wind speeds coming down
8:48 am
through the day so we're in the midst of your breezy us conditions as we speak gust as high as 45 miles per hour for much of the north bay the inland east bay and at the coast in san mateo county summer mountain peaks have scenes winds gusting in excess of 60 miles per hour mount diablo an atlas peak both had 70 mile per hour gusts. now clear skies across the bay today and well into the evening tonight to could actually blame those winds for that as well as they're pushing offshore meaning any sort of fog. a marine layer is kept well away from the shoreline that's going to keep our coastal areas, pretty warm golden gate park you'll be at 68 today daly city at 70 degrees. these upper 60's to low 70's, you're seeing on the map will be close if not record breaking day time highs. so we work our way into december we usually only see highs in the low to mid 60's at our warmest. so the 70's could go down in the record books for today hayward at 70 degrees for your high today san leandro and conquered egypt 71 for your daytime highs. well temperatures in
8:49 am
the north bay also upper 60's to low 70's antioch in pittsburgh right at 70 degrees one step warmer than that in santa rosa in petaluma each at 73 degrees temperatures tomorrow will be right around the same before we see temperatures cooling down gradually for the rest of the forecast. this takes us back to average by the weekend. we still stay dry though through the weekend into the weekend with no chances of rainfall in sight just yet. rebecca. >>thank you john we're going to head over to the bay bridge toll plaza approach where things been really smooth. so far the last couple of hours traffic has been nice and light for this monday. windy morning though the chp has a high wind advisory issued though for this a span if you're going to be heading into san francisco today just make sure the of the really careful out there 12 minutes coming out of the macarthur maze and then across the upper deck to the fremont street exit that is a great drive time so far another good time drive time 115 on the san mateo bridge if you need to cross it. coming out of the east bay making your way to
8:50 am
the peninsula it's going to be nice and a problem free, no issues on the flat section the high rise looks great and it's going to be a nice a connection to one oh one trying to get into foster city so we've got a couple of in the east bay on the nimitz freeway it's going to slow down your drive a bit the good news is it's not blocking lanes anymore. everything's been pushed to the right hand shoulder, but it is still going to be slow right around whipple and then if you move ahead the auto mall. parkway exit. in fremont we're going to have a couple of looking lose and things just a slowing approaching and passing the area because of the earlier incidents but at total dr-ve time of 34 minutes as you make your way on south 8.80 coming from the san leandro to 38 splitting trying to get down to milpitas i have a check of the richmond sandra fell bridge coming up in just a bit back to the news. >>rebecca thank 50 is the timing on this day 79 years ago japan attacked. >>pearl harbor sinking a number of naval ships and killing thousands of americans and that is what's prompted
8:51 am
the u.s. is entry into world war 2 doug johnson spoke with a grass valley man who survived that attack. >>every one of did their job world there wasn't one person on a share doing job the way he was trained 99 year-old louis contar who just goes by lou. >>had been in the navy for 2 years on december 7th 1941, as he served as a quartermaster 3rd class on the battleship uss arizona burner in and out of port stirred the ship in another part. lou it just turned 20 years old 2 months earlier and says the arizona arrived in pearl harbor the afternoon of friday, the 5th today claims when he saw the first japanese planes attacking over oahu that sunday morning. he was not all that surprised and near a afternoon for that been training for for iran af. >>at the time lou was near the back of the ship when japanese bombed penetrated the arizona's forward turrets causing a massive the fire is
8:52 am
all around the ship or was that despite the flames lou stayed on board for 30 minutes after that bomb hit with other sailors to rescue crewman who are badly burned we had everybody into the more launches. gun the hospital. >>a call for far far until until i got out in the days after lou return to the arizona several times. >>diving into the wreckage to recover the bodies of 1177 sailors who died as a result of the bombing i'm no hero. i don't blair. time i saw for there are just did my job and they're over. >>had to be done protect america and american fly. >>after the attack lou stayed in the navy for the rest of the war later becoming a pilot inflated the bp 11 black cat patrol bombing squadron we're certain in the pacific theater you shot down twice well for us for 219 australian course watchers from. >>mind the lives of tribes after the war he stayed in the navy until 1967 retiring as a
8:53 am
lieutenant commander in 1991 during the 50th anniversary. >>want to whiten met then president george hw bush is going to why this year as well but covid-19 change that however he has every intention of going to pearl harbor for the 80th anniversary in 2021 or my doctors so we're keeping alive 3 or 100 next september going with their for the 80th anniversary of pearl harbor in grass valley, doug johnson fall. >>here i am. let's learn fox 40's. >>time now is a 53. we'll be right back. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow.
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>>time now is a 56 coming up in the next hour health officials are warning hospitals in san francisco will be running out of icu beds by the end of the month. more on the dire situation and much of the bay area's under stay at home warning officials are hoping this will curb the spread of the coronavirus we'll take a closer look.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>news station you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 9. >>you're just in time for the finest hour 9 o'clock, i'm darya pulse. and i'm james fletcher and it is a 9 o'clock on this monday morning. i haven't been outside yet. you'll soon discover that so that's the big weather headline. the big news headline is the bay area locked down and we are standing by for governor newsome. >>to talk live about the covid situation in california we're expecting in around 9.30 and will bring that to you live as soon as it happens so stay tuned for that in the meantime let's get forecast john the winds, the dry weather inspiring to give us a red
9:00 am
flag warning in december right, it's 2020. we were done with the red flag warnings just yet it is rare to see them this late in the year, but with winds the way they are this morning and of course the dry conditions that we've been in the midst of lately it's no surprise that fire danger still of concern now we are up to a clear start this morning these are dry offshore wind so pushing marine layer fog away from the coast so nothing impeding your view into work. >>we are seeing are breezy a spots half moon bay santa rosa petaluma sonoma just to name a few spots where winds have been well above 20 miles per hour through the morning. but it's breezy elsewhere in the bay to that's prompted these red flag warnings which remain in effect through 05:00pm today all across the north bay for the inland east bay as well as for coastal portions of san mateo county so breezy day ahead of us, but a mild one too more details in your forecast ahead rebecca, yes, john it's been a breezy morning on the road so be really care for if you're


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