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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 7, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>down the interactions between people who are from different households who. who might be infected. >>now it's 6 thousands of bay area residents are now under another stay at home order. 4 counties doing it right now soon to be 5 after local leaders decided to preemptively put stricter restrictions in place. thanks for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis start take a look at this map here those. >>4 counties or san francisco santa clara contra costa. and alameda counties marine county will go into effect tomorrow at noon meanwhile sonoma napa solano and san mateo counties they are not planning to go
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into an early stay at home order all these new restrictions come as california once again set a new record for covid cases in a single day over the weekend. more than 30,000 new cases were reported on saturday. that is the most recorded in a single day since the pandemic started 24,000 new cases were reported today. more than 300 new patients have been admitted to hospitals across the state bringing the total to more than 10,000 patients who are currently in the hospital with the coronavirus and of course the news stay at home orders having a devastating impact on businesses already hit hard by this pandemic our current for dan kerman he's live on san francisco's union street with more on that part of the story dan. >>we know medical experts say 60% of those who have covid don't have any symptoms and they are still passing it on to others so the only way to get this under control is to keep people from different households apart, and dust that is why you see outdoor
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dining is one of the casualties being close to get to this end. a san francisco signs of the new covid restrictions are evident playgrounds are closed barber shops are closed. so we're nail salons parklets have had their chairs and tables removed. >>and outdoor dining areas are empty because that too has been shut down. and that's led to layoffs, we laid all of them off so 21 employees at hertz so. >>we moved our head shots over to rosa's cafe. we laid off 30 31 employees at rosa's cafe restaurant owner laurie thomas is president of the golden gate restaurant association. >>she's closing one of her 2 restaurants until the new restrictions are lifted. the other will be open for takeout and delivery if they can do enough business i we had to jump. >>had to jump, what seemed like a logical criteria from the state. why we had to go ahead of that it's very frustrating and it doesn't make sense to a lot of people
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what we're trying to do here is to is to reduce transmission of the virus, the way to stop transmission is to cut down on the probability. >>that you that you being an infected person comes into contact with someone who is infected and infectious. and the way the way we think that's what we're seeing a lot of transmission going on is from households, mixing together you see san francisco infectious disease for allah just doctor george rutherford says. >>the closures will keep people from different households from interacting. he says that's proven successful in places like france and must be done now to succeed it's going to help by stopping transmission by stopping transmission. we stop hospitalizations by stopping hospitalizations. >>we stopped by sea is being saturated by stopping i see is being saturated we cut down on mortality. >>now these new restrictions stay in effect until january 4th restaurant owners say what
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has to happen if that's going to be the case is the federal government must step in and help small businesses as well as their employees, many of whom are now out of work live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan well we are heading into the week now with grim predictions from san francisco's health department director doctor grant colfax who says if these trends continue hospitals in the city will run out of icu beds by december 26 health officials gave the frightening reality check last night saying right now we're seeing the worst covid surges in the city since the pandemic started in hospitals are overwhelmed and might not be able to care for people who need it. but unlike other searches we've seen since the pandemic started almost every county in california is under the same or similar stress. so there is real worry that their might not be any place to transfer people if the hospital beds right out here doctor colfax says in the last month hospitalizations have tripled and in the last week they've
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increased by 35%. if this trend continues and we do not slow the spread of the virus. >>we will be unable to care for people in san francisco's hospitals. and it's not only because events but it's because we will not have enough nurses and doctors to adequately care for people. if this trend continues, and we do not all do our part to slow the spread of the virus and it. hurts me to say this, but there may not be a nurse or doctor. her hospital available to care for you. >>he says not only would they not be able to help every covid patient. but also patients with other different health needs or even emergencies could be in danger of not receiving the care they need because of the stay at home order san francisco's parks have new restrictions in place. >>all city playgrounds all
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skate parks and the city zoo are closed people can still have picnics and small outdoor gatherings but with a maximum of just 12 people. the east bay regional park district has shut down under the new stay at home order all campgrounds outdoor museums and children's playgrounds are closed down. but the trail's they are still open. all campground reservations through january 4th though will be canceled in marin county people spent the day preparing for that stay at home order nevada residents. they rush to stock up on supplies at costco today before restrictions begin at noon tomorrow. and most out indoor activities such as movie theaters museums, bars hair salons and barbershops those will be shut down indoor and outdoor playgrounds must be closed. shopping centers are going to be limited to just 20% capacity. indoors and then out and restaurants will only be able to offer take out or delivery in strawberry one salon took last minute hair appointment stylists julie cassidy worries that the
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shutdown could be the final blow for the shop. >>it's the time this year so it's very upsetting and i know many friends brilliant business owners who unfortunately haven't been out to reopen even so hoping that that doesn't happen here, but it's very hard to keep on keeping on sometimes to be honest without paychecks. >>although most indoor activities will be suspended or limited during this new stay at home order schools that have already resumed in person classes will be allowed to remain open. >>sunshine and temperatures above 70 help folks ease into these new covid lockdown orders in the south bay today kron four's rob fladeboe has a look at the early effect. it's having on shopping restaurants and playgrounds. >>traffic was noticeably light here in downtown san jose monday with the new stricter health order now in effect quiet best described lincoln avenue here in willow glen parking is plentiful. and
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there's no traffic on the sidewalk either. signs like this one inform shoppers at retail stores must now limit capacity inside to 20%, playing it safe by ordering online and taking advantage of curbside pickup was sylvia to ron still a little cautious about the situation in general like i'm not. >>super anxious or over the top, but i think we all have to be really careful. >>the bars are not open and neither are those sidewalk and parking lot tent that had allowed bars and restaurants to serve outdoors already hard-hit restaurants must now get by on takeout orders only expecting to pay a bit more and wait a bit longer for his takeout food is carlos crispy she'll if you want to order something to go take twice as long to because everyone else is trying to order something else to go you can't just simply coming here to down need anymore. >>goodness centers and hair salons are closed once again too. but unseasonably warm weather found people out and
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about today. >>walking pets or shooting baskets here at frank graeme hall park. playgrounds like this one are also supposed to be off limits. but enforcement appears to be based on the honor system, closing playgrounds to children is well intentioned. but misguided says regular visitor marks and with social distancing and parents supervision. >>i don't think that would much of a problem >>indoors but outdoors like this i don't see much of a some level of official enforcement is expected to continue with regard to restaurants retail and other indoor activities. >>but the rules regarding playgrounds, the wearing of masks and social distancing outdoors. >>well that we're told is for the most part a matter of personal responsibility san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>strong winds you see here knocking over christmas trees and contra costa counties blackhawk neighborhood over
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the weekend. red flag warning was issued yesterday due to gusty offshore winds low humidity. that looks like they all took a tumble. the winds though have died down the red flag warning expiring at 5 o'clock tonight. and we need those winds to die down because dry dodged a bullet there are far as up. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. >>to tell us if those winds are going back. >>yeah we may very well see him again attacked red warnings december. very unusually voice see that happen a couple of times since 2006, but here we sit now those red flag warnings coming down the winds begin to subside that dry air though are already in boy. it was gusty around the bay area overnight look in mount saint lena, 70 mile an hour gusts. there healdsburg 67 mile hour gusts. mount diablo you can see why some look trees getting knocked down the east bay 66 mile an hour gust. the oakland hills almost 50 miles per out 28 miles per hour so mainly over the mountain tops
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we have those gusty winds. but certainly we have brief periods of a blustery conditions even down below. now those winds 12 hours ago you can see kind of blustery all around the bay area with them start to calm down as we head in toward lot of part of the evening and then things look like they'll begin to pick up again, but right now it looks like we're going to calm things down overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but we may not be done with these winds just yet back looks like we've got another another round of some gusty winds, maybe red flag warnings again developing as we see another weak cold front come by then here comes a gusty winds possibly late wednesday in the thursday guys something to watch out for. i san francisco police officers facing charges for e non-fatal shooting it happened one year ago. indeed maybe remember this one officer christopher flores in the man he shot jamaica hampton were indicted by a grand jury friday for the 2019 shooting. >>hampton is accused of attacking the officers who later shot him. while officer flores is being investigated for his use of force hampton
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suffered several injuries from the shooting as seen here on body camera footage and i do have one of his legs amputated. district attorney jason burdine says he hopes both men will voluntarily surrender the san francisco police officers association released a statement in response and said quote chase teens decision is absolutely appalling. he south bay kron 4 viewer from santa clara sent us. this ring video it shows a man stealing packages from their front porch happened on saturday on stafford street the viewer tells us that this grinch was driving a nissan the santa clara police they've been notified the family is currently offering a small cash reward for anybody with information. coming up a college freshman now able to attend the school of his dreams, thanks to california prisoners, how they help the bay area native pay for classes ahead plus a business defying stay-at-home orders we speak to one gym owner who
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says. >>he's not closing the inside of his gym which she claims is just as safe. as outside his gym. >>and governor newsome unveils a new app that tracks covid-19 exposure details on how it works ahead.
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>>the leaders rolled out a new act. get on your phone here to
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alert people in california when they have been exposed to someone who has covid announcement comes as state lawmakers start a new legislative session that's going to focus on the economic fallout from this virus. >>our kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>as covid-19 continues to spread in california state leaders monday unveiled ca notify a new app that will alert users when they've been exposed to someone with the virus 100% private. one percent secure. >>100% voluntary you opt in or you choose not to and there's no tracking noose was administration says once downloaded those who test positive for the virus will be provided to code from the department of public health it will be up to the user to plug in the code into the app which would then notify other app users using bluetooth technology. >>who are within 6 feet of the person for at least 15 minutes state leaders promised this does not share identities or
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collect any location data apple and google help the state design the app it goes live december 10th. i'm. >>very very. sober about the adoption rates and i don't expect 10's of millions of people quite the contrary. the announcement came just hours before state lawmakers met here at the golden one center to kick off the new legislative session. personally i think it's a great use of technology because we should be leveraging technology to alert people especially if they. >>possibly have been risk exposure go to public place the app is the latest effort by the newsom administration to slow the spread of the virus following a new stay at home order implemented in more than half of the state starting session socially distant and without the usual friends and family, some lawmakers in the assembly say the legislature should have more involvement in the states pandemic response kids are still out of school you know by the million. >>we have too many businesses that are still shut down. we have an edd and unemployment department that has hundreds 100's of thousands case is still in its backlog and these
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are basic issues of government performance that have really hurt people throughout the state of california and the legislature's just kind of let it happen and stood by legislative leaders say confronting the coronavirus and its fallout in the economy and education remains a top priority in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news more than 300,000 vaccines from pfizer are on their way to california right now during a press conference today governor newsom also said the state ordered the vaccines from. >>pfizer on friday and the initial 327,000 vaccines will go to facilities that will then be able to vaccinate high-risk health care workers on wednesday. there's going to be a community vaccine advisory committee meeting to discuss the first phase of distribution to the public. fda approval of pfizer's vaccine is expected as early as thursday. it's december 10th are then expected to discuss vaccine on the 17th. >>we're working on a planning assumption of 2.1 6 million
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doses of the vaccine with in the calendar month of december, so remember derna and pfizer acquired 2 vaccination shots each dose is one shot. so cut that number in half in terms of how you allocate police your own minds number of individuals that can avail themselves if they choose to the vaccine. >>governor says there is a different process of requesting ordering vaccines from both pfizer and moderna said they say they're working with both companies said have infrastructure in place to safely transport the vaccines which have to be can't really cold in the case of pfizer's that is after approval is granted of course. >>let's go ahead and take a look outside right now is a live shot of the golden gate bridge share basically traffic light. >>because of the stay at home order stay at home orders yet not ton of cars but remember back in march there were virtually 0 cause so certainly
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things are different. we know how to deal with the virus have been better then and it was a beach day looking at the bridge there may be thank it was clear no fog chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us it was windy in some spots lawrence, but certainly gorgeous sunny temperatures well above the average record breaking heat, settling in around the bay area we're going to be talking about that certainly for those clear skies out there right now the winds still blustery in spots especially over the mountain tops but those winds begin to calm down tonight that's gonna lead to some cold temperatures over at the dry conditions out there but what a day it was today, gorgeous weather around the bay area, it's looking that way now on the temperatures they sort 75 degrees that was a record in santa rosa, san francisco international airport 73 that was a record 72 right at the coast. the beach there in half moon bay that was a record then we tied a record 74 degrees in napa and also tied a record in campfield so certainly impressive all around the bay area, the temperatures well above the average usually we're in the 50's they were moving well in the 70's look at oakland 79
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degrees for a high that's impressive. now grant talk about the beach is one thing you want to watch out for its going to be another nice day tomorrow but we're looking at some very high surf there maybe some breakers as high as 25 feet along the coastline so high surf warning in effect through tomorrow afternoon right now nothing but sunshine first you see a storm system moving well to the north but we're staying dry here and that's the way it's going to be temperatures give tomorrow. i think many folks up in the 70's again by tomorrow afternoon. there's a hint some changes coming our way i think we may see a return to some winds maybe some high fire danger again as we get to wednesday and thursday after that partly cloudy over the weekend then maybe by next monday. we talk about a chance of some rain bring it vulnerable americans are being hit pretty hard by this said pandemic. >>and many are wondering where their next meal is coming from according to the foodbank network feeding america. the number of people seeking assistance is up 60% since the pandemic began feeding america
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now says it is distributing some 1.6 billion pounds of food every quarter up from 1 billion pounds just a year ago. >>and speaking of this new year's eve kron 4 will be counting down. 2 2021. we'll do a live a good show before we do our show here and this year there a good costs in mind we've partnered with the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals to help folks in need if you'd like to help out you can scan the qr code on your screen or text the word. and why you don't 822-6989 to give now to a bay area food charity of your choice. and coming up at 6.45 we look at the fallout surrounding what's been called the most magical place on earth thousands of walt disney world employees laid off leaving. >>families with few options that story ahead. plus a heartwarming story you don't want to miss how inmates in a california prison. >>came together to help the students pa
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>>or is there always always good to me on the something that you can you from your parents are. it takes son is just so wrong on any. so i'm just so grateful >>barry a college freshman says she is grateful tonight after getting financial help from california prisoners a 19
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year-old sits eye on green he spoke to prefers has it that about the life changing experience. >>of all of the prison ministry my sophomore year. >>19 year-old scion green is experiencing his freshman year at the academy of art university in san francisco. the opportunity was made possible after he volunteered to be a part of public high schools, prison ministry program during the program jason bryant an inmate who at the time was serving his 20th year at soledad correctional facility found out that the student needed help pigs private catholic schools, tuition. my my coat and is now my colleague out here actually had the idea that we need to find a way to support a young man who didn't have the financial means to attend the school my family were going through some hard times with the. >>the they miss the stuff are health reasons ryan says it was a collective effort on the part of he and his fellow inmates who each earned $0.8 an hour for their prison labor took us approximately 3 years
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to raise a little over $30,000 not on the proverbial doors of the cell doors are incarcerated brother. asked him to give what they could. >>earlier this year california governor gavin newsome commuted the sentences of both brian and his co-defendant ed gray for creating a scholarship through their creative restored of opportunities and programs organization syan greed is the scholarships first recipient. >>he had never like to see more. the side of happened without the prince's i mean is gree in a size the first of many young men and women who we owe 10 14 opportunity to kind of get and start my and a zing education haaziq kron 4 news. >>up next president-elect joe biden tapping california and specifically los angeles leaders for his covid response team and inauguration. why he chose them and how this could be a game changer in the pandemic.
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>>plus the federal government has laid out its plan to distribute the covid-19 vaccine too. nursing home residents, the plan they have to do so quickly and safely those are good things one gym owner. being defiant says he's not shutting down despite the new stay at home order we hear from this we have the power to harness california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.


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