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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 8, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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weeks of dry weather and we have a few more days of get all that stuff down that you need to get out, i know it's a busy time of year. rainfall does look likely to be on the way at least for a couple spots in the bay area come sunday so there's still a good amount of time between the u.s. and that it's going to be another really warm day today with daytime highs rising well into the 70's, crystal clear start to the morning suture tower just as crisp and clear as it was yesterday, whole lot calmer though half moon bay sonoma calistoga or some of your breezy spots this morning still even at our breezy us to lot calmer than yesterday was temperatures are a bit cooler than yesterday exception being half moon bay in berkeley at 5668 degrees right now double in fairfield napa nevado in san anselmo in the meantime only in the 30's so pretty chilly start for these spots. i'm talking 70's again for daytime highs this afternoon still to come for becca all right. thank you hit the roads outside right now we're traffic. >>moving well here at the bay bridge toll plaza if you're going to be heading into san
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francisco this morning. >>not a whole lot of weight in fact it's going to be a quick seven-minute drive time for your westbound 80 right over to the fremont street exit the san mateo bridge moving well more folks on the roadway but nothing to snag of your drive coming out of the east bay is going to be a breeze 12 minutes for your westbound 92 commute over to one o one on the peninsula. i'll have a check of the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate coming up james starry thanks a lot 5 oh one and breaking news from overnight. a big step in the global fight against coronavirus the first doses of the covid vaccine. >>have now been given in the uk. yeah we've got video of a check it out in the initial phase, the vaccine program, the first 800,000 doses are going to be going to a nursing home workers and people over the age of 80. but the general public in the uk will have to wait till next year what you're seeing on your screen right now is a 90 year-old woman who was the very first recipient of the vaccine outside of the clinical trial. and she example who was willing to have it done on tv
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so that the rest of the population could see finally should be fantastic looks great she's 90 and she said it was easy it's great miles why not after i can do it you can do it here in the u.s. of course the fda is expected to grant emergency use authorization by the end of the week thursday is the day we're expecting to hear from the fda and once they give that authorization. we should start to see distribution local regions here in the u.s. rolling out maybe in the next week or california governor newsome expects the state to get a little more than 2 million doses. >>of the vaccine. this month between distributions from pfizer and moderna this is in addition to the 327,000 additional doses from pfizer that california expects to get as early as next week. the initial round of vaccines will go to facilities that will vaccinate high risk health care workers. tomorrow there will be a community vaccine advisory committee meeting to talk about the first phase of
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distribution to the public. >>we're working on a planning assumption of 2.1 6 million doses of the vaccine with in the calendar month of december, so remember your net and pfizer acquired 2 vaccination shots each dose is one shot. so cut that number in half in terms of how you allocate your own minds number of individuals that can avail themselves if they choose to the vaccine. >>state officials are working with both companies to have the infrastructure in place to safely transport. the vaccines once they are approved and in california. >>course the other big story that we're continuing to follow for you is the fact that more than 30 million californians are currently under a stay at home order and today marine county will join san francisco contra costa santa clara and alameda counties under these new health orders these the county is taking an early approach now to governor gavin newsom's
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guidelines, we pro 4 sarah stinson live in marin county with the latest on the story, good morning sara. >>james that's right marin county heading into a stay-at-home order before the state even asked them to and keep in mind marin county is still the only county in in the bay area that remains in the red tier, so they're still ahead of everybody but they're saying we're going to join the rest the bay area we're going join in on this stay at home order just to get ahead of the curve because as we've seen the the surges across the bay have been alarming so health officials here say we're going to you know go above and beyond make sure this doesn't happen to us make sure we stay ahead of that curve, but it's going to be an impact take a look at video you can see people yesterday shopping getting all stocked up for the stay at home order people rush to stock up on supplies say costco and other grocery stores yesterday most indoor activities are bands movie
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theaters museums bars course hair salons barber shops all shut down indoor and outdoor playgrounds will be closed shopping centers limited to just 20% capacity, indoors and restaurants will only be able to offer takeout or delivery no more outdoor dining that's going to be a big hit we caught up with the hairs tell us though in strawberry at dino's along who is taking up as many clients as last minute hair appointments as she could she tells us this could be the final blow for the shop. >>what is the 3rd time this year so it's very upsetting and i know many friends brilliant business owners who unfortunately haven't been out to reopen even so hoping that that doesn't happen here, but it's very hard to keep on keeping on sometimes to be honest without paycheck. >>although most indoor activities will be ended are limited during the stay at home order schools that already resumed in person classes will be able to remain
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open but in terms of retail and businesses and restaurants, it's going to be a big impact right here in county and all across the bay area a few hours left again that stay at home order goes into effect at noon. so we'll be live this morning showing you some of the last minute scrambles before it does go into effect reporting live in sausalito sarah stinson back to you ok, thank you very much sara. >>in the east bay alameda county businesses and restaurants are adjusting to the new stay at home orders, the streets of l a media were empty yesterday, businesses closed up 10 restaurants have transition to take out only stay at home order allows retailers to operate with capacity limits and like sarah said same thing with this county and all the bay area schools that are already open they continue classes, but health officials say any sort of outdoor gatherings with people other than those who are in your immediate household. that's prohibited.
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>>he has not said in congregate group with other people, the main thing is really to limit mixing with other household. if you look at our hospital numbers, the amount of severe disease. it's just simply more now and we're seeing even younger get hospitalized and and experience severe disease. >>under the new orders religious worship demonstrations and protests are only allowed if they're outdoors and with protocols in place. >>might be in the most restrictive purple tier of the reopening san mateo county is one of the few bay area counties not issuing an early stay at home order county health officer doctor scott morrow reinforce the county's stance saying that increased restrictions might not be effective. >>in the south bay santa clara county set another single-day record with 1450 new covid cases and health officials say that more than 60 people were hospitalized in the last 24 hours alone because of the
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virus and now the county is running dangerously low on icu beds at hospitals kron four's will tran is live at the santa clara county health department with the details so will what are they going to do. >>if they are asking people please redouble your efforts to slow down the spread of covid-19 because they are dangerously reading low on icu beds just to piggyback on what you said area, but the number 1450 cases yesterday that's twice the amount and the record was set last week so it is exploding and right now they are dangerously running out of not just in can intensive care unit beds, but beds all together throughout santa clara county. many hospitals are at 83% full some hospitals only have 5 beds and that is why they are scrambling this morning to try to talk to other agencies other places to get their hands on beds you might recall this whole thing started the shelter in place based on
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numbers because they did not want to overrun the hospital system and the staff and that's exactly what is happening right now many hospitals they are just so low that they said yes last week we did the story that is not even just the bad says the staff members they can not handle the amount of covid-19 patients coming into their facilities so they are making calls themselves in the meantime the health department there spearheading this. here's what they had to say about this dire situation. >>we are very concerned about our health care system's capacity the county is also looking at all options, including sites where people may be able to get there. looking at our regional county partners how we may be able to do expand options for treatment. >>let's talk about the vaccine you and james are talking about that just a couple of minutes ago as far as santa clara county they should get
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about 17,500 vaccines next week or some time in the very near future, but we all know that will go to the front line workers but that number james and darya barely scratching the surface for this front line workers because a lot of those times the covid-19 cases, it's running through them a lot faster than the general community, not to mention running out of beds that situation. >>back to you not good at all thank you very much well. and here are the latest covid numbers as you can see on your screen california has recorded more than 1.3 million coronavirus cases more than 28,000 deaths so far so it crossed. the 20,000 mark as for the bay area we have more than a 166,000 cases now with now more than 2000 deaths here locally. >>5.10 is a time right now still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and east bay family is demanding answers after their grandmother got covid at a nursing home. plus just one day after the new
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stay at home order some businesses are already starting to have to lay off employees and after the break how inmates in the california prison system hair coming together to help a student in and today will be another warm one daytime highs yesterday we're breaking records and we're right back to those 70's today. >>from the coast to our inland areas, your forecast is ahead. >>and no hot spots and no delays but i'm tracking so far traffic is light everywhere you look especially here getting in the san francisco westbound 80 your bay bridge toll plaza approach looks good in the san francisco on the complete traffic check coming up after the break stay with us. ♪
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instwith vicks sinex saline congnasal mist. for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. >>5.14 right now checking out the weather it sure was nice yesterday that a hike who. it was into income down feet in the yes, it did i was out from about noon to 2 and it was fine, okay, yeah, we thought as much early john did anyway was predicted was going to calm down. >>what's on tap for today job that pretty much the same just with less wind which is to make it even nicer of the day this afternoon weird december weather so weird yesterday was a record breaker sfo was one of those spots that got up to a record breaking day time high in the 70's. >>another clear day ahead for all of us across the bay, no fog this morning and although
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we are a little chillier to start this morning will be just as warm come the afternoon and like i said more records to be broken here's the records that we broke yesterday, santa rosa you got up to 75 degrees sf' up to 73. half moon bay 72, right there at the coast well can feel the napa both tying records at 7274 degrees. what a warm monday. it was to start your second week of december today we're keeping that going for yet another day, i'm expecting a few mid 70's in your 4 zone forecast that will show you here in just a second radars nice and quiet right now futurecast shows you those clear skies we have all the way the coastline this morning. now tonight there will be a foggy blanket the starts to shroud the coastline yet again it's going to try to make its way into the bay to so just expect that potential come your wednesday morning tomorrow will be near as crystal clear as this morning has been tomorrow's not also also not going to be as warm as today is about to be we just saw a warm front passing through so we're still in the midst of this warmer air mass that's going to keep us so far above average today. tomorrow
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we see a return to average daytime highs begin to fall back into the 60's. so if you like the 70's i think a lot of us have loved that yesterday well today is your last day to enjoy so get out there for sure half moon bay at 73 elder not a daly city each in the low 70's, well, upper 60's to low 70's on the bay side of the peninsula seeing carlos in redwood city egypt 74 today to your warmer spots well in the south bay also a range of low to even mid 70's down in los gatos east bay daytime highs solid 70's dublin, 70 to hayward 73 oakland, 71, well richmond and berkeley each at 72 north bay temperatures just as warm as they were yesterday a few 60's hang on right through the car from the lake over to antioch while sonoma and napa at 72. each and look at petaluma up to 75 today, so just as warm as yesterday was tomorrow, there's your 60's returning and that's the way we're going to stay for much of the rest of the forecast a
5:17 am
lot closer to our seasonal averages and we're talking about that chance of rainfall looks like we could see some showers from sunday night into monday now as we get closer to that will keep you updated on where those showers are most likely to be seen, but it is nice to see a break in the dry conditions rebecca all right, thank you john we're going to take a look on bay area bridges starting off with the bay bridge getting into san francisco coming out of the macarthur maze. >>no backup behind the tolls things are moving very well very light into downtown in fact your total drive time only 8 minutes out of the east bay. >>getting into that fremont street exit across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge moving well right now the flat section looks good speeds are at the limit only 12 minutes. coming out of the hayward area getting off the nimitz freeway and then getting on the west the 92 and making that connection with one oh one in foster city, the richmond sandra fell bridge very lightly traveled this morning just a couple of going to be sharing lanes with you at this early hour 7 minutes from the tolls out to one o one in the
5:18 am
north bay on west bound coming out of the north this morning so far no problems to report all the way from highway 37 in novato they're center fell moran getting the span itself is going to be a 90 minute trip into the city all have a couple of east bay drive times coming up in just a bit thank you. >>for a back at 5.18 of barry college freshman is able attend the academy of art university in san francisco after getting a scholarship from an unlikely source. california prisoners from forces has the story. >>i got involved in the prison ministry fy sophomore year. >>19 year-old scion green is experiencing his freshman year at the academy of art university in san francisco. the opportunity was made possible after he volunteered to be a part of public high schools, prison ministry program during the program jason bryant an inmate who at the time was serving his 20th year at soledad correctional facility found out that the student needed help pigs
5:19 am
private catholic schools, tuition. my my coat and is now my colleague out here actually and the idea that we need to find a way to support a young man who didn't have financial means to attend the school my family we're going to some hard times with the. >>the things the stuff from health reasons. ryan says it was a collective effort on the part of he and his fellow inmates who each earned $0.8 an hour for their prison labor took us approximately 3 years to raise a little over $30,000 not on the proverbial doors of the cell doors are incarcerated brother. asking to get what they could. >>earlier this year california governor gavin newsome commuted the sentences of both brian and his co-defendant ed gray for creating a scholarship through their creative restored of opportunities and programs organization syan greed is the scholarships first recipient. >>he had never like to see more. happened without the
5:20 am
prince's army is very you know size the first of many young men and women who we owe 10 14 opportunity to kind of get and start my and a zing education haaziq kron 4 news. >>retired general lloyd austin is on the past to be the next secretary of defense president elect joe biden is expected to nominate austin to head the pentagon. >>he served for 41 years in uniform and lead the u.s. and coalition troops in iraq during the obama administration. >>before he retired in 2016 if confirmed by the senate. he would be the first black man to serve as secretary of defense. former san francisco police chief and district attorney george gascon is now in charge of the largest prosecutor's office in the country. he was sworn in yesterday as la county's district attorney, the ceremony was live streamed gas
5:21 am
gone traumas to end the cash bail system and to stop prosecuting teens as adults. >>san francisco police officer has been charged now connection with a shooting from last year officer christopher flores's indictment stems from this burglary call in the mission district that was captured on body camera footage last year. police say the suspect jamaica hampton was armed with a glass bottle. the camera captured flores and other officers shooting happened 3 times during that confrontation. hampton suffered serious injuries and had to have one his legs amputated. he was also indicted yesterday. the details of his charges though were not released. coming up after the break some california restaurants are voluntarily closing as more stay at home orders could be just around the corner. we'll have more on the story.
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>>5.24 is the time restaurants in sacramento, don't have to shut down their outdoor dining. yeah, yet anyway, however several restaurants are choosing to close down anyway. the owners say they'd rather shut their businesses down temporarily on their own terms rather than wait for the state to tell them to do it. doug johnson has more. >>i guess maybe in some ways gives us a little bit of control in a world that out of
5:25 am
mulvaney says it was not an easy decision to close down is building in lone restaurant for the 3rd time this year did sure hard though right to lay off. 25 people again right to we're just going to we're going to call it right now the pandemic began in march moving handle it with the 7 people go. he says in a typical year this would be the busy season. we do about 25% of of our business between the those 4 weeks between thanksgiving and christmas. >>ultimately the pandemic in the looming stay at home order for the greater sacramento region made him decide it was time to close the doors. >>it's truth is that what we did on friday. this week is going to happen to every restaurant sector every restaurant in the six-county region. >>mulvaney's plans to reopen sometime in 2021 the restaurant owners are calling it quits for good i didn't want to what could be more on this specific does it will be working just to pay bills and the rain employees now i was not willing to keep doing that. norma sign has been
5:26 am
running 3 sisters, mexican kitchen cantina on wilson boulevard east sacramento for 21 years. >>this month she decide to close down i have to fuss customers in i want to. >>thank them for all the support his 21 years while her sister's restaurant racer manas in midtown is still operating the sign says since april the work with covid restrictions has been too hard i want so long so many hours so high, so i just want to enjoy. >>we're even though 3 sisters will be gun, former employees may still one day come back to work here signs longtime employer maria munoz is still a tells us she plans to reopen another mexican restaurant here with a different name, but in the same location. he says it will be hard. she's doing it for her employees in the customers that in this from them and this deal posed to make time. >>and that really ny a focused doug johnson. >>time now is 5.26 coming up
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>>5.29 is the time and we're checking out the weather this morning nice lights. i like the little heart always seeing that. >>the bridge is looking good as a steady stream traffic there. yeah i have a and the work on tuesday morning got to do what you gotta do right, yes, you people are with the shut down and everything people are happy to head to work if you still are able to stay open it's going to be outside. its funding from john what kind of weather we have on tap for today i know yesterday you were saying we actually reach some warm temperature yeah, santa rosa guys got up to 75 yesterday a record for sfo broke a record we're seeing records all across the bay area. >>and today likely to repeat that yet again with daytime highs well back into the 70's across the region now it to nice day ahead of us we are seeing much calmer winds and yesterday which was. >>kind of your catch early on yesterday, even though winds did come down later in the day. this morning, your sitter to our view it is crisp in crystal clear you can
5:31 am
certainly see all those people coming into the city. maybe everyone just other forecast and you know one step at least get outside for a minute or 2 futurecast a wind gust shows you that we do still have some breezy spots afternoon day sonoma calistoga a bit on the breezy side but not near as windy as yesterday and pretty calm elsewhere in the bay right now our bayside in coastal cities are 40's and 50's half moon bay. you're at degrees right now that is an accurate measurement it's breezy for you it's keeping the layer mixed and that's why you're so warm there right now novato saint napa and fairfield each in the 30's much different that that 70 you've got half moon bay. so quite the variety of weather going on this morning. we are all out the east looking at clear skies overhead which helps you with your commute into work. it's tuesday morning lot of people out there already bay bridge moving along fine but there is decent amount of traffic on it yet there is and thank goodness. there's no winds like we saw yesterday say some calm out there this morning. >>for your drive, but yeah, a lot more fun of folks on the
5:32 am
road now and you can see that all the headlights heading in our direction but still traffic moving very well speeds are at the limb and i'm not tracking any hot spots, no delays in the san francisco in fact it's going to take you under 10 minutes as you make your way out of the macarthur maze in across the upper deck into san francisco. checking out to your east bay drive time through the livermore valley speeds are at the limit as well nice and green that's where we like to see 10 minutes if you're traveling out of livermore and through the vasco area out to the dublin interchange on a west bound 5.80 i'm tracking 10 minutes in fact, i'll have a couple more just a bit back to the news daria thanks a lot of 5.32 in east bay family is calling for an investigation into a nursing home after their grandmother. >>got coronavirus there. yeah, grandmother. >>is staying at the hayward convalescent hospital her family says that there. been kept in the dark about what's going on kron four's dan thorn takes a closer look. >>deborah evans is a beloved hayward grandmother and
5:33 am
resident at hayward convalescent hospital her family recently learned she's tested positive for covid-19 a frightening call to get because of her age and high-risk medical conditions such as diabetes and emphysema, even worse she might not be the only one recently infected at the facility. it's despicable i can't think of a better way to describe it. anthony cassar a says he was informed of his grandmother's infection. almost a week after she tested positive. he claims the nursing home has put her and others in isolation. inquiries by the family about how this exposure happened have not been returned just been pretty impossible to get information out of them since we began to question mike. >>how many people were infected how that happened it seems like we're just getting resistance families like the castle rays have been unable to visit their loved ones in the nursing home since march. >>their usual phone conversations with evans have been cut off following the positive test. >>the cancer is believed the nursing home is trying to hide
5:34 am
information we can't see or we can't talk door. >>we can't get her account of how she's feeling we're just by what the nurses and hospital are telling us which hours next to nothing. >>kron 4 reached out to hayward convalescent monday via phone and email in did not get confirmation nor denial about a possible outbreak. says investigation needs to happen before patients like his grandmother. >>di i really think that we're going to listen has to step up and alert their families and they can keep things in the dark for something of this caliber reporting in hayward dan thorn kron 4 news. >>it's 5.34 in san francisco, the new stay at home orders already costing hundreds of people their jobs looking around the city barber shops hair and nail salons. they're all shut down restaurants had to shut down outdoor dining as well after one day the stay at home orders forced one business owner to lay off employees in fact, one restaurant owner that we spoke with closed her business until restrictions are lifted altogether.
5:35 am
>>i we had to jump had to jump, what seemed like a logical criteria from the state. why we had to go ahead of that it's very frustrating and it doesn't make sense to a lot of people. >>yeah the new restrictions are in place until january 4th restaurant owners say the federal government has to step in and help small businesses and their employees many of whom are now out of work. >>time now is 5.35 that there are parents gym owners and business owners across california that don't agree with the latest shutdown orders ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter, chin-hong says it's a tough decision he doesn't agree with the entire approach either as saying that some of these restriction measures have helped in other countries but more can be done to help businesses that are suffering as a result. >>a tough situation, but if we look at the example in france so france is hugely different
5:36 am
place wade was than it is today about a month or 6 weeks ago. then the did all these things that we're trying to do now and within 2 weeks. they cut they cases new cases fight 50% and then within a month i was pretty much down to flatline so i think it works the exact details i tough because in france, it kept the schools open. so any talking elliott like losing on all of the public schools. i think that's really and against. you know meeting people where they are is probably the best thing the other thing in france, they did which i think why not as good at here in the u.s. is give a lot of assistance to small businesses including restaurants like. you know thousands of at a time while this was going on so. i think you know meeting at halfway is probably not the best situation this many months into the pandemic. >>the doctor adds said take away for the outdoor that's a
5:37 am
and option and you know if doing outdoor dining that can lead to gatherings and more spread of disease so take away. he says is a better option. the state is pushing. the brakes because it seems that there's no other choice and that is why they have started the stay at home order. >>people in san jose are easing into these newer stricter health orders that's been in now in santa clara county one lincoln avenue or on lincoln avenue in the willow glen neighborhood signs are up to inform shoppers that retail stores have to limit capacity to just 20%. the bars are not open. i there are those sidewalk and parking lot tents that had allowed bars and restaurants to serve people outdoors so that can't happen anymore. already hard-hit restaurants have to now get on with just takeout orders on way. if you want to order something to go take twice as long to because everyone else is trying to order something else to go you can't just simply coming here sit down eat anymore. >>gyms and hair salons also closed once again. playgrounds
5:38 am
are supposed to be off-limits but enforcement is based on the honor system. >>time now is 5.37 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the state is introducing a new high-tech tool to track covid cases we'll show you how it works if you'd like to start using it. and next we're going to go to an east bay gym that is defying the stay at home order. why they won't close down. ♪ gillette proglide and proglide gel. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, while washing away dirt and oil.
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>>i 40 and east bay jim refuses to close even though there's a stay at home order that says that people aren't allowed to work out outside you can see they're letting know, yeah, the owner of diablo crossfit in pleasant hill says that he well he can't make ends meet by operating outdoors only he also claims that he made indoors as safe as it is outdoors with high ceilings with roll-up doors. >>a lot of ventilation as you can see their commercial fans as well. >>i have mortgage i want to pay my boys, especially the holidays. i to pay my landlord all of those things don't go away. >>we've talked him before and he said the same thing even though he's been fined 3 times now for the county. since november. first it was 250 bucks 500 last week it was a $1000 but he still open. >>all right still ahead here
5:42 am
to 5.41 we're looking at more news coming your way we're going to tell you what made state lawmakers change their mind and decide that swim schools all across the state are now essential businesses will take a look. what happens to your body language when your underarms are cared for? ♪ it shows! our new dove advanced care formula is effective... and kind to skin, leaving underarms cared for and you... more confident and carefree. ♪ ♪ the calming scent of lavender by downy infusions calm. laundry isn't done until it's done with downy. diddeodorants onlysome alumask odor? secret aluminum free helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it. and is made with 3x more odor fighters.
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5:45 am
checking out the weather for you on a tuesday i'm remarkable not see the there was and stuff in my to where it was and how so should be all right for you as you head outside john in the weather center with a more detailed look at morning, joe it's good that the squirrels were not your christmas shoulder and hanging by a in threat at this point that's my favorite of your wild. my the. >>why are eating squirrels i mean yeah all the things you got to watch out for as you're making your way to work as early as we do for early risers it's still dark out there right now it is a much calmer start to the day all across the bay area as cfo pretty calm start for you just as crystal clear as it was yesterday. >>something that we're seeing that is going to be very similar to yesterday this afternoon it's going to be our very warm daytime highs yesterday in fact sfo you reached a record breaker you are up into the mid 70's at 73 that breaking a former record
5:46 am
santa rosa also record breaker for your high yesterday on monday at 75. half moon bay warm one to 4 you can feel the napa each tiger records and today, i'm anticipating even more of these records to be broken across the bay area as we look at the 70's returning in some cases under all that sunshine that we've gotten calmer winds can be even a little bit warmer certainly going to be feeling warmer with those calmer winds futurecast shows the crystal clear conditions from the coast all the way inland that we're seeing this morning on into the afternoon we'll stay nice and clear but tonight a foggy push right along the coast and some of that fog is going to try to make its way into the bay so not as crystal clear of a start to your wednesday just around the corner. we saw passing warm front yesterday that warm this right on up today, we're still in the midst of this warm air mass which is bringing us or above average conditions and also the ample sunshine that we do have it's our last day with temperatures that will be record breaking in well above average after today, the 70's that we do have back in your 4 zone forecast even out the
5:47 am
coast. we'll make their way back down into the 60's a much more seasonable rest of the week after today, but still of record breaker likely for areas like san carlos in redwood city each at 74 today, south bay temperatures back into the low 70's with santa clara at 71 los gatos at a warm 74 degrees east bay temperatures. it's consistently low to mid 70's for you with hayward at 73 oakland, 71, richmond and berkeley chat 72. well the north bay we will see a range of 60's from boyhood to antioch to 70's from vacaville youngsville sunnova on over to santa rosa petaluma one of our warmest of spots at 75 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures not nears warm. we do stay seasonable though with highs falling into the 60's. we will stay for really most of the rest of the forecast. we do have our first chance of rainfall in a while that's looking likely to come sunday night into monday, the showers looking spotty and possibly limited to the north bay. but as we get closer to the weekend. we'll let you know
5:48 am
how those showers pan out rebecca all right john thank you traffic moving well across a bay area freeways and bridges so far not tracking any hot spots. no slowdowns. >>so that is the good news, hopefully it'll stay that way over the next couple of hours you might want to take advantage of you said the bay bridge toll plaza approach traffic is so light here and then no backup here behind the pay gates coming out of the macarthur maze, it's going to be a quick trip for you. in fact 11 minutes for your westbound 80 commute said to the fremont street exit in downtown the cemetery bridge more folks on the roadway there but to speeds are still at the limit we're still in the green 12 minutes coming out of the east bay. it's going to you're westbound 92 commute out to one oh one. so under 15 minute drive time the certainly an hour in the that's a very good commute and taking a peek at some other drive times across the bay area right now you're livermore valley commute out to the dublin interchange 10 minutes on west bound 5.80. and then trying to get it from dublin to fremont up and over this no great 13 minutes on
5:49 am
south 6.80 the nimitz freeway moving very well at this early hour. coming from san leandro out to the milpitas interchange 21 minutes, i'm tracking on south 8.80 and to 37 moving very well 6 minutes. coming out of milpitas getting over to sonny bill daria. >>5.49 you want to know if you might have been exposed to covid there's an app for that capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala takes a look at how it works. >>as covid-19 continues to spread in california state leaders monday unveiled siya notify a new app that will alert users when they've been exposed to someone with the virus is 100% private. one percent secure. >>100% voluntary you opt in or you choose not to and there's no tracking news was administration says once downloaded those who test positive for the virus will be provided to code from the department of public health it will be up to the user to plug in the code into the app which would then notify other app users using bluetooth technology. >>who are within 6 feet of the person for at least 15 minutes
5:50 am
state leaders promised this does not share identities or collect any location data apple and google help the state designed the app it goes live december 10th. i'm. >>very very. sober about the adoption rates and i don't expect 10's of millions of people quite the contrary. the announcement came just hours before state lawmakers met here at the golden one center to kick off the new legislative session. personally i think it's a great use of technology because we should be leveraging technology to alert people especially if they. >>possibly have been risk exposure go to public place the app is the latest effort by the newsom administration to slow the spread of the virus following a new stay at home order implemented in more than half of the state starting session socially distant and without the usual friends and family, some lawmakers in the assembly say the legislature should have more involvement in the states pandemic response kids are still out of school you know by the million. >>we have too many businesses that are still shut down. we have an edd and unemployment department has hundreds 100's
5:51 am
of thousands case is still in its backlog and these are basic issues of government performance that have really hurt people throughout the state of california and the legislature's just kind of let it happen and stood by legislative leaders say confronting the coronavirus and its fallout in the economy and education remains a top priority in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well 5.51 swim schools across the state are now considered essential businesses this comes after many swim school owners thought. >>for them to be deemed is central initially california only allowed infant swim classes to be a central since children ages one to 4 most likely to drown the cdc says that there's no evidence of covid-19 can be spread through swimming pools and so they went ahead with this reclassification covid-19 guidelines though have to be followed any time you're around the pool. well the owners of king swim academy in san carlos laid out their covid-19 guidelines which include not sharing towels not shrink goggles or snorkels instructors have to wear face
5:52 am
shields clear face shields anytime they're interacting with people showers at the facility also will not the allowed. >>it's 5.51 and hayward needs volunteers to help give out food to people in need and the city hosts community food distribution chabot college every thursday, the server about 500 families each week and if you'd like to help we have a link on kron 4 dot com. kron 4 is partnering with the super bowl of caring. super like soup eat. our goal is to raise 1 million meals as we countdown to 20 21 live in las vegas. if you'd like to donate scan the qr code that you see on your screen or you can text the word. and y e and donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, bus more difficult this week at the guy the coach there any way you
5:53 am
can give to a charity of your choice. >>time now is 5.52. we'll be right back. you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's powerwash dish spray it's the faster way to clean as you go just spray, wipe and rinse it cleans grease five times faster dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse.
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>>5.35 right now and the niners they tried to keep hope alive hit that didn't work out
5:56 am
at their temporary new home in arizona know they were taking all the buffalo last night, let's jump straight to the 3rd quarter niners trying to come back as they drive down the field. >>niners lighting up the scoreboard with mullins hitting fullback kyle you use check. use check. it broken use check for a touchdown, but the niners defense could not stop the high-flying bills offense bills taking advantage of the mismatches against the niners defense and they scored multiple times niners quarterback nick mullens also threw interceptions 2. in this last the bill's final score was 34 to 24. a flow with the wind niners falling 5 to 7 on the season. >>all right coming up the next hour more restrictions are coming to marine county. this afternoon stay at home order goes into effect explore that more and santa clara county running out of icu beds, dire warning from officials ahead in a live report. ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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>>you're watching the kron. it's 6 o'clock on a tuesday
6:00 am
after e a false and i'm james fletcher we want to get the hour started with a check of weather we do have some things to talk about with some unseasonably warm weather yesterday. yeah as soon as the wind died, i went up for a hike and it was just beautiful tell kind of summery yeah felt like at least october they even summer yet it was so warm out there record breaker for december we had unseasonably late red flag warnings, those of all expired now and then of course these record breaking temperatures that we had yesterday. >>and that is something we're holding on to for yet another day today, skies just as crystal clear as yesterday's were you can see your berkeley cam looking free of any fog all the way out to the coastline, our current temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday in some cases, santa rosa and napa valley haute nevado as well as dublin are all down in the 30's so we are seeing with those calmer winds that we do have a bit of a drop in temperatures later on today though that all changes and we're back up into the 60's and 70's for the coast, it's mid to upper 60's even a few 70's in there. well for inland


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