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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 8, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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after e a false and i'm james fletcher we want to get the hour started with a check of weather we do have some things to talk about with some unseasonably warm weather yesterday. yeah as soon as the wind died, i went up for a hike and it was just beautiful tell kind of summery yeah felt like at least october they even summer yet it was so warm out there record breaker for december we had unseasonably late red flag warnings, those of all expired now and then of course these record breaking temperatures that we had yesterday. >>and that is something we're holding on to for yet another day today, skies just as crystal clear as yesterday's were you can see your berkeley cam looking free of any fog all the way out to the coastline, our current temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday in some cases, santa rosa and napa valley haute nevado as well as dublin are all down in the 30's so we are seeing with those calmer winds that we do have a bit of a drop in temperatures later on today though that all changes and we're back up into the 60's and 70's for the coast, it's mid to upper 60's even a few 70's in there. well for inland
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valleys, upper 60's to low 70's return today we've got more details and the rest of your forecast first let's get a check of traffic with rebecca. >>all right, thank you got details on the roads in fact we're seeing a lot more folks trying to get into san francisco. that's why we're little bit of a wait here behind the pay gates, it's because the meeting lights were turned on just because of a lot of folks trying to get into downtown your total drive time though still under 15 minutes that's not bad across the upper deck to the fremont street you're just going to wait just a little bit because a lot of folks trying to get over there. 12 minutes for your commute on westbound 92 the san bridge moving great. coming out of the east bay only a 13 minutes now is bumped up a minute getting over to that 1 one connector in foster city, i'll check the rest of the bridges coming up a little bit later now back to the news, thanks a lot at 6 oh one and the big news is the first shots have been put in the arms in the uk for the coronavirus. >>covid vaccine is now being given out there as you can see people are getting the vaccine
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and we have video of the very first person to get the shot, it's this 90 year-old woman name margaret keane in she didn't even went and she looks fabulous 4.90 by the way in the initial vaccine program phase they're the first 800,000 doses are going out to nursing home workers and people over 80 years old. the general public in the uk. we'll wait until the new year and that's when they'll begin distributing doses to everyone. >>and this morning. we're also getting another look at just how effective the pfizer vaccine may be in fighting covid-19 the fda issued a preliminary analysis this morning saying the vaccine is strongly protective against the virus. and then this thursday, we know the fda's review panel will meet to analyze the data and see if it meets the threshold for emergency use authorization is expected to that meeting will be live streamed for the public to see so you can check that out if you're interested pfizer as we know says its vaccine is 95% effective and a lot of people
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>>in california the governor expects the state to get 2 million little more than 2 million doses. this month between the pfizer and moderna vaccines and that's in addition to the 327,000 initial doses from pfizer that we should get as early as next week. the first round of vaccines is going to go to the facilities that will vaccinate high-risk people and frontline health care workers. tomorrow there's going to be a community vaccine advisory committee meeting to talk about the first phase of distribution to the public. >>we're working on a planning assumption of 2.1 6 million doses of the vaccine with in the calendar month of december, so remember derna and pfizer acquired 2. thanks a nation shots. each dose is one shot. so cut that number in half in terms of how you allocate police your own minds number of individuals that can
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avail themselves if they choose to the vaccine. >>state officials are working with both companies to have the infrastructure in place to safely transport the vaccines to california. >>another one of our big stories more than 30 million californians currently under a stay at home order and today marine county will join contra costa alameda santa clara and san francisco counties with their new health orders these counties taking an early approach to governor newsom's guidelines by shutting down in advance of the state mandate. kron 4 sarah stinson live in durham county with more on what folks there we'll expect good morning sara. >>james good morning. i'm live here in sausalito and for this barbershop here you can see. they are its stores like this restaurants, barber shops hair salons and businesses that are going to be sort of scrambling getting ready for these closures that will be happening starting today at noon marine county moving forward with the state home
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order despite being the only county in the red tier member of the other counties are in the purple tier. now many residents yesterday rush to stock up on supplies of places like costco and other grocery stores. most indoor activities are banned movie theaters museums bars hair salons barber shops all will be shut down indoor and outdoor playgrounds will be closed shopping centers will be limited to just 20% capacity. indoors and restaurants will only be able to offer takeout or delivery no more outdoor dining. we caught up with the hair so lawn stylus in dinos lawn she was taking as many last minute hair points as she could but she tells us this could be the final blow to the shop. >>what is the 3rd time this year so it's very upsetting and i know many friends brilliant business owners to unfortunately have enough to reopen even so hoping that that doesn't happen here, but it's very hard to keep on keeping on sometimes to be honest without paycheck.
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>>i've talked to a lot of business owners myself many telling me that there is no way understand how difficult this is until you own a business yourself. so a feel for everybody who has shut their while that happens those schools that had already resumed in person classes. they can stay. they can remain open so that is a good update for the schools and the students but business is bracing for another shutdown i expect this morning. the hours before that shut down people be scrambling again trying to get those groceries making those last minute appointments that stay at home order goes into effect here at noon reporting live in sausalito sarah stinson kron 4 news that last minute stockpiling thank you very much sara. >>in the east bay alameda county businesses and restaurants are adjusting to the new stay at home orders. look at the streets of alameda. because she can't have any more outdoor food
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service its own take-out only at restaurants now retailers can operate with a capacity limits unlike sarah was saying schools that are already open there still open they can have classes but health officials say that outdoor gatherings with anybody more than your immediate family. those are prohibited. >>he is not said in congregate group with other people, the main thing is really to limit mixing with other household. if you look at our hospital numbers, the amount of severe disease. it's just simply more now and we're seeing even younger get hospitalized and and experience severe disease. >>what about church while under the order religious worship demonstrations and protests are allowed if they're out doors. >>time now 6 '07 despite being the most restrictive purple tier of reopening san mateo counties actually one of the few bay area counties not issuing an early stay at home order county health officer doctor scott morrow reinforced
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the county's stance saying that increased restrictions might not the effective. >>and in the south bay santa clara county. they're doing terribly they set another single-day record with 1450 new covid cases, yeah and health officials say that more than 60 people are hospitalized. in one day alone because of the virus and now the county is running dangerously low on the number of icu beds that are available hospital conference will tran is live at the santa clara county health department what are they doing about this well. >>they are scrambling to get their hands on more beds right now according to the health officials at the department right behind me. they say throughout santa clara county and it is a big county. they see right now there are only about 50 icu beds throughout this whole particular county and they are running dangerously low some places some hospitals james and yuri only have about 5 beds left. one hospital is about 83% full
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capacity and they're running out of staff members as well which is why they are telling people. >>please. >>double down your efforts to slow the spread of covid-19 and there is saying it can be done it was done around march and april and into the early months of summer so they're hoping people take this very seriously and slow down the spread you might recall that the numbers lag just a little bit so as bad as it is now could be worse in a couple of days from now from a week when they look back at the numbers that number you talked about daria 1450 cases. that's twice the amount. last week and that was a record for last week so the cases are exploding let's get back to the topic of them trying to get their hands on bets. >>we are very concerned about our health care system's capacity the county is also looking at all options, including sites where people
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may be able to get care looking at our regional county partners how we may be able to expand options for treatment. >>james it's a 1, 2 punch they can get all the bads that they won, but we talked to a health official last week. that's one part the other part is staffing those beds, those hospitals because we learned last week that a lot of the nurses. they're going the traveling nurses, they're going to other hot spots throughout the country so it's hard for them to get those nurses to come to california so it is a problem that continues to get worse as far as the vaccine. santa clara county should get about 17,000 500 vaccine next week or some time in the very near future but that is going to front-line workers and even then they say james and darya that that is barely scratching the surface for the front line workers back to you yeah we're going to whole lot more. thank you very much, we'll. >>and just a look at the
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latest covid numbers shows you the extent of the situation that needs to be handled california has recorded now more than 1.3 million coronavirus cases with more than 20,000 deaths. so far for the bay area along we're looking at over a 166,000 cases and the death toll now has surpassed 2000 it currently stands at 2017. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and east bay family is demanding answers after their grandmother contracted covid at a nursing home. and just one day after the new stay at home order some businesses are already having to lay off employees. plus california attorney general javier becerra is going to be part of president elect joe biden's covid response team. how this new team could be a game changer. >>and it is another clear starts the day your view across the bay from sausalito at san francisco, no fog out there whatsoever much like yesterday except we don't have the winds this time around
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>>6.14 and we're taking a look at the weather another gorgeous day on tap absolutely john trouble with a look at
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that and a peek ahead at the possibility of maybe a few raindrops on the horizon. yeah finally breaking the trend of steady 60's and dry skies like we had been seeing yesterday it was a windy to start red flag warnings expired pretty early on and then it was just sunshine and 70's for the rest of the day. that's something we're keeping around for the day today to a record breaker day at sfo yesterday and you weren't the only spots under that sunshine daytime highs rose into the 70's, a rarity for this time of year and a historic rarity for areas like santa rosa, as cfo and half moon bay which reach those records daytime highs in the low to mid 70's can't feel the napa also tying records yesterday napa you got all the way up to 74 degrees. and today expecting more of that temperatures will be very similar come the afternoon. we're just subtracting the winds. no more when this morning at least for most of us, it's still breezy in a couple of pockets like half moon bay and then in a couple of areas in the north bay but not near as windy as yesterday was skies just as clear as
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yesterday and will stay fog free well into the afternoon it won't be until overnight hours tonight that fog starts to drift its way back into the picture and we'll look at fog pushing or riding along the coastline trying to make its way into the bay come wednesday morning so not going to be nears clear of the morning tomorrow and it can also be a much cooler afternoon for your wednesday to we're in the midst of a high pressure ridge, a passing warm front that keeps us so much warmer than average also going to keep a sunny and nice and mild today so today really is the best day to get into the backyard and so can some sunshine enjoy what certainly does not feel like december weather. areas like mission financial districts, golden gate park each up to 70 degrees in the city low 70's and al gore not a half moon bay as well as daily city while 70's 60's up and down the peninsula burlingame you'll be at 73 saying carlos redwood city each at 74 today, south bay daytime highs in the low 70's, a little bit warmer than yesterday even for the south bay. hayward 73 today, well areas like walnut creek
6:17 am
at 71 danville san ramon at 72 along with oakland at 71 degrees. temperatures in the north bay, some of our warmest spots yacht billet 75. also at 75 in petaluma likely to be record breakers a whole lot like yesterday was for a big part of the bay. tomorrow temperatures cool down to our seasonal averages that's the way we stay for the rest of the forecast so today or last unseasonably warm one we stay mild after this though sunday night into monday is your best chance of showers in this forecast. finally something to talk about. now we are looking at a better chance of rainfall the further north in the bay you get but as we inch closer to sunday and monday we'll keep you updated on that potential rebecca all right, thank you john heading over to the bay bridge show we are seeing a little bit of a backup that's >>meaning lights were turned on just before 6 o'clock so nothing's going on no problems. the meter line so we're just turn on about a 2030 minutes or so and we're just seeing a little bit of a backup just passed the 8.80 overcrossing once you get past the meaning like so it's going
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to be a nice to drive into san francisco. look at the drive time it's still pretty low 10 minutes from the maze out of fremont street across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge show more folks on the roadway here that we're seeing its bumped up your drive time by a couple of minutes, 14 minutes. for your westbound 92 commute out to the one o one interchange in foster city and then nothing really happening here. this is been a really nice smooth commute for you all morning, the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 problem free to the north bay, a 7 minute trip for you and them south 1, one looking really good if you're going to be coming out of the north bay this morning expect a problem free drive all the way to the golden gate in fact from highway 37 i'm tracking about a 90 minute commute into san francisco back to the news. >>all right rebecca, thank you 6.18 time president elect joe biden has unveiled his health team with california attorney general javier becerra set to fill a crucial role. his appointment comes as the by the administration plans to tackle the covid the pandemic and get everyone vaccinated
6:19 am
gene kang with the story. >>but sarah doesn't have a medical background that comes with substantial government experience if confirmed he'd be an integral part of biden's coronavirus response team as they create a program to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people the fact that it's our own. >>this era is a game changer for the state of california biden also named 2 more members to his health team which includes doctor vivek murthy. >>for surgeon general infectious disease expert doctor rochelle walensky to oversee the centers for disease control. and doctor anthony fauci to be chief medical adviser to the president on covid-19 biden's team will be meeting with trump administration's advisors this week heuvel worked with developing a vaccine but the president elect says he hasn't seen a distribution strategy with less than 50 days to the inauguration, the president continues to make claims of voter fraud. the election was totally rigged. it's a disgrace to our country in
6:20 am
georgia, the president lost the election by almost 12,000 votes. now the president contacted georgia's governor on saturday in hopes that he would influence the state legislature to stop biden's victory which he responded no as it would be against the law. they're secretary of state says misinformation about this election should be condemned continuing to make the claims of a stolen election. is hurting our state because it's not a voter fraud in one state sunday, the president tweeted that his personal attorney rudy giuliani tested positive for covid the 76 year-old was admitted to georgetown university medical center doing well as just a he's doing very know temperature arizona's legislature announced that he may have exposed republican lawmakers to the virus during a multi-state tour and will close for a week out of abundant caution attorney general william barr who has been very close to the president says he may quit some time soon according to the new york times. his
6:21 am
justice department found no evidence behind malicious claims of a stolen presidential election. those gene kang reporting biden says that all these leaders will reflect the diversity of america and will help plan what he says will be a safe inauguration that reflects our nations. >>shared values. >>retired general lloyd austin is on a path to be the next secretary of defense. present like joe biden is nominating austin to head the pentagon. >>he served for 41 years in uniform and lead us and coalition troops in iraq during the obama administration before retiring in 2016. if confirmed by the senate. he will be the first black man to serve as secretary of defense. former san francisco police chief and district attorney george gascon is now in charge of the biggest prosecutor's office in the country. he was sworn in yesterday as la county's district attorney ernie was live streamed gassed on promised to end the cash bail
6:22 am
system and to stop prosecuting teenagers as adults. >>we'll take quick break or 6.21 coming up next a look at how people and businesses in the south bay are adjusting to the stricter health order that's gone into effect now santa clara county. and after the break how inmates in a california prison came together to help the students in need. is a quick live look outside our camera at the san mateo bridge showing us what it's like a 92 is folks stream to work and wherever else they're headed this morning, we'll get another other update from her back in the traffic ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52 satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77
6:23 am
john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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>>a bay area college freshman got a scholarship from an unlikely source prisoners in california. 19 year-old scion green is going to the academy of art university in san francisco. because of an opportunity that was made possible to him in high school he volunteered to be part of palma highs. prison ministry program. jason brian and inmate at soledad correctional facility learned that green needed help for paying for school so brian and his fellow inmate pitched in to send green to college by earning $0.8 an hour at their prison jobs. >>took us approximately 3 years to raise a little over $30,000 size the first of many young men and women who we owe 10 affording the opportunity to kind of get and start in life than a you have never
6:26 am
like to see more. the side of happened without the prince's i mean is greed. >>sign help them and they held him in earlier this year governor newsome commuted the sentences of brian and his co-defendant ed gray. and scion green is the scholarships first recipient. >>county is moving forward with the sand home order today and live with the details in sausalito coming up. ladies... check it out. so strong. so... not ripped. what're we talkin about... that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty!
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>>it's 6.28 and we're taking a look at weather and traffic for you here at the approach to the bay pretty clear although the coast isn't clear is a little traffic there no. >>it's got a little brighter though we can sort of make out the outline their the east bay hills so as the sun comes up you're going to want to get out get on with your day and what kind of weather we have that's the case. i'm so used to commuting in the dark and that the few times in my life ever going to work in that that this right should we are and everybody i feel like people can see everybody else like we're in the cover of darkness or night walker. it's like i'm transported to work out some sort of dark and that soon it will be light out that like i was that driving home
6:30 am
from work, we'll find out but it is definitely a nice seeing these commuters actually driving to work. >>in the light of day and if you're watching right now you're one of those commuters, so i hope you enjoy we're looking outside at some clear skies over san francisco for mercy church hour as we all know i love the shot show as much as possible sales force tower chris been crystal clear and a whole lot calmer than we were yesterday winds of dramatically cool down or calm down we are still seeing some breezy spots like kathleen day and then a couple pockets in the north bay but really most of us at this point are set up for a calm day from start to finish this time around. >>in a calm and warm day too will be back to the 70's later on as of right now most of us are in the 40's 50's. couple 30's dublin as well as in the north bay and then you notice that 70 in half moon bay. that's not a temperature anomaly that's for real at half moon bay right now you're a bit breezy was kept temperatures really warm there at the coast and you're in for more 70's later on. rebecca.
6:31 am
>>all right, thank you heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza approach yep it's starting to get really packed here the line of cars back to pass the overcrossing now there's no way issues on the span itself as the meaner lights were turned on just before 6 o'clock and a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco. once you get past the meter lights though speeds are at the limit it's going to be a nice ride across the upper deck into san francisco, the drive time still looks great very low at this hour 11 minutes coming out of the maze and over to downtown a couple of a bay area drive times, let's check amount looking good coming out of your livermore valley commute to the dublin interchange will be 10 minutes on west bound 5.80 and then if you're traveling throughout said the south bay northbound 85 coming from a downtown san jose and trying to get into mountain view clocking in a nice 20 minute drive times so far i'll be back with more bridge checks and drive times in just a bit back to the news, thanks a lot at 6.31 and a big break overnight in the fight against
6:32 am
covid the first shots. >>are now being given in the united kingdom and these are some of the first people to receive the vaccine but the very first person was an older woman named margaret keane and she is 90 years old doesn't she look great and she said no problem you should do it the vaccine is going to go to 800,000 the first doses going to nursing. a worker and nursing home. >>and workers health care workers. the general public in the uk. just like here they're going to have to wait until january for everybody to get it. and new this morning we're getting another look at just how effective that vaccine is the pfizer vaccine. the fda issued a preliminary analysis. >>saying the vaccine is strongly protective against the virus. and this thursday, the fda's review panel will meet to analyze the data and see that it meets the threshold for emergency use authorization. that meeting is
6:33 am
going to be live streamed for the public to see pfizer says the vaccine is 95% effective. >>well more than 30 million californians that we have contracted i should share currently impacted by the stay at home order today marin county actually joins. the other bay area counties that are outlined in red in joining san francisco contra costa alameda and santa clara counties. these new health orders are going to be new for residents there starting today they're all taking an early jump on the governor's guidelines kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live from the north bay with what mary county residents will need to starting today, sarah. >>james that's right. well what people need to know in county is you only have a few more hours to get a haircut live hearings of slido at a barbershop where we've seen a lot of different salons and barbershops really just cramming in as many appointments as they can before they can no longer know marine county, they're doing the stay at home order very
6:34 am
prudent preemptively they're doing it before the state is telling them to and they're still the only county in the red tier that substantial tier so they're jumping the gun but they're doing in they're really just to prevent things from getting worse as we've seen in other counties that have gone just out of control them are again though remains in that red tier good to hear that many residents rushed to stock up on supplies at costco in grocery stores yesterday you can see. >>in the video most indoor activities are banned though movie theaters museums bars hair salons barber shops all will be shut down indoor and outdoor playgrounds will be closed shopping centers will be limited to just 20% capacity. indoors and restaurants will be able to offer takeout and delivery only no more outdoor dining. we caught up with the hair salon stylists what you heard from her last half hour she's telling us how this is really going to be a big and maybe final blow to the shops york
6:35 am
said a lot of the people working there are just worried because they don't know how they're going to survive when have to shut their doors now. although most indoor activities will be ended are limited during this new state home order had already resumed in person classes will be allowed to remain open now this stay at home order begins today at noon so if you live in marin county definitely want to prepare for this if you're a small business owner you are prepared for this and it is not easy you've heard overwhelmingly from small business owners and business owners in total saying that is just an extremely hard situation and you don't know until you actually own a business so i feel for everybody involved. but we'll be live all morning long to show you kind of the last minute scramble before the noon stay at home order live in sausalito sarah stinson kron 4 news, okay, very good. thank you sarah. >>time now is 6.35 in the east bay, a family is calling for an investigation into a hayward nursing home where
6:36 am
their grandmother got covid the family says the grandmother deborah evans was infected at hayward convalescent hospital. a frightening situation as evans is a high-risk medical conditions like diabetes and of the cma and family claims that they're being kept in the dark about what's happening in the nursing home. >>it's just been pretty impossible to get information out of them since we began to question mike. how many people were infected how that happened it seems like we're just getting resistance, we can't talk door. we can get her account of how she's feeling we're just by what the nurses and hospital are telling us which hours next to nothing. >>kron 4 reached out to hayward convalescent but we didn't get any information about the possible outbreak there. >>let's go to the south bay now where people in san jose are easing into new stricter health orders that are in effect down santa clara county on lincoln avenue in the willow glen neighborhood signs are up letting shoppers know
6:37 am
that there's going to be a maximum capacity when they go inside kept a 20%. bars of course, not open an eye there are those sidewalk and parking lot tense that had once allowed bars and restaurants to serve food outdoors already hard-hit restaurants have to now rely on takeout orders and delivery orders only. >>if you want to order something to go take twice as long to because everyone else is trying to order something else to go you can't just simply coming here to down need anymore. >>and gyms and hair salons are also closed once again playgrounds are also supposed to be off limits. although enforcement of that will be based on the honor system. the first day under the new stay at home orders is already costing hundreds of people their jobs across the bay area. four's dan kerman takes a closer look at the devastating impact this order is having on businesses in san francisco. >>it's easy to spot impacts of the new covid restrictions in san francisco playgrounds are empty barber shops are closed.
6:38 am
so we're nail salons parklets have had their chairs and tables removed and outdoor dining areas are empty because that too has been shut down. and that's led to a dramatic impact on workers we had to lay off 52 >>indefinitely effective this morning. just just my 2 restaurants laurie thomas is president of the golden gate restaurant association and owns 2 restaurants in the city. >>one she's closing in till the new restrictions are lifted. the other will be open for takeout and delivery if they can do enough business. >>we're causing such financial pain and hardship that it is very hard for people to understand why we're doing this in the bottom line is that. >>we're trying cut down the interactions between people who are from different households who. who might be infected. remember that 60% of the transmission. this virus goes on when people have no symptoms. >>you see san francisco infectious disease for allah
6:39 am
just doctor george rutherford says keeping people from different households apart has proven successful in places like france. he says doing it now will slow transmission which will keep hospitals in icy use from being overrun and that will reduce the death toll. >>we saw what happened in new york. you know in march when the icy is we're saturated. people who had treatable say bubble conditions myocardial infarction strokes traffic accidents. diabetic you know acid us all the sorts of things you see and i see is when there was no room at the inn you know that's when the mortality when i went through the roof, so you know that's what we're trying to do business on only covid mortality but understands everything else mortality as well as to the hospital system. these new restrictions run through january 4th restaurant tour say the federal government must step in not only to help small businesses. >>but to help employees many of whom are now out of work.
6:40 am
in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>3 new measures are in place to help small businesses in san francisco. the city is going to defer again the unify license fees until october 31st of next year. provide up to 1 million dollars in support for operators of shared spaces and release an additional 3.2 million dollars in 0 interest loans for latino owned businesses. are parents gym-goers and business owners across california who don't agree that california should have these shutdowns ucsf infectious disease. specialist doctor peter, chin-hong says he understands it's tough situation. you've got to balance the businesses with the health concerns. >>a tough situation. but if we look at the example in france, so france is hugely different place wade was than it is
6:41 am
today about a month or 6 weeks ago. then the did all these things that we're trying to do now and within 2 weeks. they cut they cases new cases by 50% and then within a month i was pretty much down to flatline so i think it works the exact details i tough because in france, they kept the schools open. so any talking elliott like losing on all of the public schools. i think that's really and again. you're meeting people where they are is probably the best thing the other thing in france, they did which i think why not as good at here in the u.s. is give a lot of assistance to small businesses including restaurants like. you know thousands of at a time while this was going on so. i think you know meeting at halfway is probably not the best situation this many months into the pandemic. >>so he's kind of saying it is a bitter pill to swallow, but that did it does work and that
6:42 am
they saw this kind of thing these lockdowns have an effect within as little as 2 weeks. we'll see if these grand sacrifices panning out james. >>a gym owner is defying the new state home order and continuing to allow people to workout inside craig howard is the owner of the crossfit in pleasant hill and he says he can't make ends meet by only operating outdoors he also claims he's made the indoors there at the gm just as safe as working out outdoor, he's got high ceilings he's got role of doors. he has commercial fans for ventilation he says what more can you do. >>i have mortgage i want to pay my boys, especially the holidays. i to pay my landlord all of those things don't go away. >>and howard has been fined 3 times so far by the county for violating health orders since november. the first fine was about $250 then it went to $500 and last week had to pay a $1000.
6:43 am
>>it's 6.42 and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. estate is introducing a high tech tool to better track covid we'll show you how you can make it work. and the forty-niners struggling in their new home away from home. and it looks like their playoff hopes are all but dead. >>and today and warm one will be back into the 70's this afternoon a much calmer starts this morning in addition to that all in all a beautiful tuesday talking big changes in your forecast though still to come. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area taking a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza approach a lot of folks
6:44 am
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>>welcome back it is 6.46 right now we're looking another gorgeous day i guess looks like we've got john in the weather center with a closer look at that and what we have on tap for the rest of the week hey john hey guys, yeah, another beautiful one out there again today. >>a very weirdly beautiful one for this time of year normally we do have nice days in the 60's but yesterday was a record breaker in the 70's. we have those red flag warnings which have long since expired as winds have calmed down. but we're keeping the warmth around sfo looking at beautiful clear skies to kick off this morning. much as you were yesterday and yesterday in fact at sfo we saw a record breaking temperatures up to 73 that was a record high santa rosa in half moon bay also
6:47 am
setting records will nap and canfield tying former records today likely to be shattering even more records across the bay area as daytime highs push on upwards into the 70's under the abundant sunshine that were already under and future cast shows that we're going to stay in clear skies well into the afternoon today now overnight hours tonight will come along with fog pushing right against the coastline likely trying to make its way into the bay come wednesday morning so not quite as crystal clear of a morning just around the corner come tomorrow. yesterday warm air pushed an hour in the midst of this warm air mass that is still sitting with us for one more day. if you like the 70's in the sunshine today is certainly are day to enjoy because temperatures tomorrow will drop back down a lot closer to our seasonal averages. golden gate park mission in financial districts all up to 70 degrees for your highs today daly city elder not as well as half moon bay, each in the low 70's. well 70's continue for much of the peninsula along the bay to burlingame 73 san carlos redwood city at 74 and even in
6:48 am
the south a little bit warmer than yesterday was san jose you'll be at a nice 72. with temperatures in the east bay also solidly in the low 70's, oakland, 71 for diranda fewer spots holding on to the upper 60's as you also see from the lake over to pittsburgh in antioch napa and sonoma at 72 each well youngsville in petaluma or 2 warmest of spots today at 75. likely record breakers all over again tomorrow thursday friday temperatures gradually cooling down this will take us to our seasonal averages with a little bit more cloud cover come the weekend sunday and monday a chance of showers finally in this forecast, it's looking just as an chancel as of right now as we get closer to the weekend i'll keep you updated on those latest conditions. rebecca. >>thank you john heading outside right now and the bridges around the bay area, the bay bridge here it's a pretty crowded a little bit so we're looking at a backup just past the atv overcrossing there's no problems just a lot
6:49 am
of folks trying to get into san francisco. use your westbound 80 approach here once you get past, those meaning like return on just before 6 which is why you're seeing a little bit of a backup here it's going to be a straight shot across the upper deck into san francisco drive time still very low 11 minutes to the fremont street exit westbound 92 looking good, it looks like the drive time bumped up about a minute or 2 versus our last check but it still looks really nice speeds are at the limit all the way over to that one o one interchange in foster city things are looking good at the richmond center fell bridge this morning and this is going to your commute into the north bay i'm not tracking any problems no hot spots a nine-minute drive time up to the north connecting with 1, one there that south 1, 1, has been a great all morning long nice and smooth out of the north bay across of the golden gate bridge a 90 minute commute from highway 37 that i'm tracking a check a couple of the east bay drive times and south the drive times coming up in just a bit back to the news, thanks a lot back it's 6.49 governor newsom announced a new app.
6:50 am
>>to track covid it's called ca notified, and it will alert you if and when you've been exposed to someone with covid all you do is download the app and then if somebody test positive. they'll have a code that they enter in that app and that will notify the other app users who were within 6 feet of that person for at least 15 minutes. so they'll know that they might have an expo state leaders promised this ap does not share your identity or collect any location data. >>100% private. one percent secure. 100% voluntary you opt in or you choose not to and there's no tracking personally i think it's a great use of technology because we should be leveraging technology to alert people especially if they. >>possibly have been risk exposure go to public place. >>apple and google help the state designed the app it goes live. what's the day today december 10th 2 after all.
6:51 am
>>6.50 is the time san francisco's health officer thomas aragon is the governor's pick to lead the state's department of public health. governor gavin newsom announced the appointment of aragon as the new cd ph director saying that thomas has been very active in the fight against eliminating the pandemic if confirmed by the state senate he'll replace sandra truly who'd been serving as the health department's interim director after sonia angell unexpectedly stepped down this past august. swim schools across the state are now considered essential businesses. this comes after many swim school owners fought for them to be deemed essential. initially california only allowed infant swim classes to be a central since children ages one to 4 are most likely to drown but the cdc says that there is at this point no evidence that covid-19 can be spread through swimming pools and so they've reconsidered however covid-19 guidelines still have to be followed any time you're around the pool. owners of the
6:52 am
kings win academy in san carlos laid out their covid-19 guidelines which include not sharing towels or goggles or snorkels instructors have to wear clear face shields when they're interacting with students and showers at the facility will not be allowed. >>time now 6.52 and the forty-niners well they're on life support now. they lost their first game in their new home away from home in arizona to the bills just things didn't go as planned, let's jump straight to the 3rd quarter niners trying to make a comeback as they drive down the field. and they light up the scoreboard when mullins hits fullback kyle, you shaq for a touchdown but the niners defense could not stop the bills, the bills took advantage of the mismatches against the niners defense that kept the game out of reach and coasted to the win niners quarterback nick mullens threw interceptions in the loss in the final score 34 to 24. the niners fall to 5, 7, now it's all but over james,
6:53 am
>>well hayward needs volunteers to help distribute food to people in need the city hosts community food distribution at chabot college every thursday serving some 500 families each week. if you'd like to help we've posted a link to the city's website on our website at kron 4 dot com. and kron 4 by the way partnered with the super bowl of caring little play on words there to help people in need our goal is to raise a million meals as we countdown to 20 21 live in las vegas. if you'd like to donate to scan the qr code on your screen or text and why eat donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, to give now to a bay area food charity of your choice. >>we'll take quick break here at 6.53, we'll be right back.
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>>when i got to see >>i'm seeing the like a yeah, i should explain that. >>this is a young toddler and this was his reaction was mom caught him messing with the christmas tree to call his name several times. >>and then he did that turn
6:57 am
which is going to become a view 29 million times a tiktok taunted posted for like a little more than a day how many 29 million well in the music is what i like >>okay that just made my morning 6.57 is the time break. >>when we come back next hour more restrictions coming to marin county this afternoon a stay at home orders go into effect lot of residents making that very same face. >>plus santa clara county also running out of icu beds to we'll talk more about the dire situation that officials are worried about coming up in a live report.
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>>news station you're watching the car. thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the scene outside get lot brighter now that we're in the 7 o'clock hour is that i think we've got more sunshine in store guys yeah we do we're looking at another sunny day. >>more 70's today as well yesterday we saw a record breaking day time highs and


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