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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 8, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>big story we're following for you tonight the multiple covid-19 vaccines in the process of becoming available and then what happens when we finally do get them another issue here encouraging
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americans to actually get the vaccine. when they have the chance to do so and joining us now is doctor george rutherford with ucsf thank you for being with us. doctor rutherford. i have a friend a nurse. she says she would the first in line to get the pfizer or the moderna but not so much astrazeneca is that theory steeped in science or knowledge and we'll regular people who live here in the bay area be able to choose the manufacture of their covid vaccine. >>i think it's i think the answer steeped in timing. the astors and a comeback see it is is couple of months off i would guess. i don't think side and i think you're either going to get you're going to get what's what but your provider has if you're a kaiser member for instance, it's going to be what kaiser has we'll just have to go from there. >>here in person you are first in line. i understand to get what would you be reticent at
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all to get the jab. no not i now believe it. >>it's 68 i i don't have that that much live in left, but i want to make sure i can do it the way i want to do it. >>but there are folks as you the survey i maybe about 60% of people saying they would get it that still doesn't get us to the 70% so-called magic number of herd immunity. what do you say to that 10% or so who might be on the fence area wanting to see others get it first how do you convince them that they should do it asap. well i think that the the british or 10 days ahead of us so go to school on their experience. >>you know that they have 6070% 80%. herd immunity that's not a no number. we have a we have an impression of where it lies i can tell you what it was at san quentin i can tell you what it was a tap and all i can tell you what it was on cruise ships but those are somewhat
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artificial environments and you know it's not how people behave out and about in sort of normal everyday life so i think that you know the herd immunity if we get to 60% of people vaccinated i'd be really happy. >>doctor we are hearing there, you know there are some side effects for some people, there's an are some who it reported fever of a 105. should we be telling people they should anticipate just like a flu shot, you know. some symptoms. >>i as i understand we don't know whether that lady got to placebo or the vaccine but be that as it may. you there are minor side effects to expect with pretty much any. any objection be a placebo or be be at the vaccine itself. but i wouldn't at all surprised if people have sore arms. they may have fever, i mean after all we're trying to kick off your immune system and fevers part of the immune response so
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i would be surprised if there are minor side effects like that and there certainly were in the trials. but i you know i mean we have all the data in front of us from the trials its online you could look at what pfizer sent to the fda and we'll also do i continue to follow this forward. overtime to make sure that it's absolutely safe. >>you've seen the issue with the white house rejecting the second batch of pfizer vaccines. do you think that will slow down the process of getting folks vaccinated in are you still of the belief that we're looking you know spring to summer time line to give everyone the opportunity to get it. >>i certainly hope it doesn't slow it down and i don't know what exactly was. was going on whether people are playing that let's make a deal or they just wanted to create that they thought they might have a deal already with mud and i just don't know. i would hope it would use a letdown but i'm thinking we're pretty much looking at the spring summer time line we're getting as many people vaccinated to want to be vaccinated as possible.
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>>president elect biden was announcing his 100 day plan. he was talking about you know that vaccinating bass numbers of people. it right now it doesn't seem that we have the and enough to cover the country. is do you foresee some kind of hodgepodge of. not just pfizer astrazeneca coming up johnson and johnson i think they have another one that the late comers will also add to the stockpile. >>i i i believe so but i think we're really banking right now on the pfizer in the moderna vaccines. tomorrow at the fda does approve the pfizer vaccine. it will go to these to cdc to be approved by the immunization practices advisory committee on friday and probably hopefully be approved in california because we have a separate review process on on saturday and be ready to roll on on monday. i think down the line. people are going to we're going to get pfizer vaccine we're going
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get a lot of but they're in a vaccine. sometime in the spring will probably start getting astrazeneca vaccine and then somewhat later in the johnson johnson vaccine that they're all they're all approved, but i think we're going to have you know all the vaccines are going to have high efficacy and if they don't have high efficacy they're not going to they're not going to go for it they're going to be sidelined for these other vaccines. now the nice thing about messenger rna vaccines. the mrna vaccine you've been hearing about like pfizer moderna's their relatives of production is relatively straightforward as they can ramp up at the pentagon demand. so i think you know i i'm pretty confident that we're going to have enough and they're going to have enough going for it and it's you know it's it's not going to be a question of not having enough vaccine. it's going to have question of how many backs and knees we can we can now. we have to leave it there appreciate your time that's infectious disease
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expert doctor george rutherford. >>at ucsf have a good night, thanks information as sea just mentioned there the first doses of the vaccine have now been given out in the uk. we have images here some of the first folks to actually receive the celebrate tory, a stance right there. this is the actual first person to get the shot 90 year-old margaret initially from northern ireland lives in the uk in this initial phase of the program, the first 800,000 doses are given to nursing home workers and people over the age of 80. but the general public in the uk will have to wait until 2021. before there are enough doses for everybody to get the shot and tonight at 5.30 kron 4 of course always tracking local stories so here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now and we'll start night in san francisco where police are
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searching for 2 men involved in a home invasion robbery happened last night near 3rd street and key avenue in the bayview not too far from one oh one police say around 7.32 armed men broke into a home and held a 45 year-old woman at gunpoint they say the men made off with jewelry the victim's wallet. her cell phone and other items police were not able to locate the suspects and did not have a detailed description of the pair. anyone with information here is asked to call police to the east bay now and unfortunately a common sight around the holiday season a package thief areas caught on camera. >>happening conquer this is video from our car kron 4 of you are there of the theft happened about 10 o'clock this morning. you can see the man wearing a black champion top and then a gray had walks up and takes the box right off the front porch residents say that the package was a gift. it's not clear if the man targeted other homes in that neighborhood been a violent week in oakland, 3 people have
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been shot in less than a week in different incidents, the most recent was around 5 o'clock monday morning near the lake merritt bart station. >>police actually found the victim on the alameda side of the webster tube. and last thursday 2 shootings near west grand in san pablo avenue is one around 04:30pm in the afternoon. the other about 8 thursday night all victims were taken to hospitals. no reported deaths, it is unclear. if the shootings are connected. >>to the south bay now starting new year's day the minimum wage in the city of santa clara's going up on monday city officials announced that companies that pay the business license tax or have a facility in santa clara must pay each employee who works at least 2 hours a week in the city at least $15.65 an hour. the current rate is $15.40 per hour city officials say that the minimum wages adjusted each year based on the region's consumer price index which measures inflation. >>the north bay, the multicultural center of marine needs volunteers to help
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distribute food to people in need the organization hosts community food distribution every saturday in the canal neighborhood of sandra fell and with christmas right around the corner, they also are looking for volunteers to donate and wrap christmas presents that will be handed out to kids their goal is to collect 500 toys and wrap them next week, if you'd like to help we've posted a link to do so on our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up covid relief negotiations continue on capitol hill where lawmakers are tonight. >>and a new study says worry about the side effects of the drug may actually cause you to feel them. what we know about the so-called know see bo effect plus dress a woman feel pregnancy can directly impact. her unborn baby the problems cortisol can
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>>for your health tonight, the stress a woman feels during pregnancy can actually affect the developing brain of her unborn child this is according to a new study published in the medical journal jama open network mothers with quote, toxic levels of stress hormone cortisol can pass the stress to their child through the placenta stress can cause premature birth and other social or emotional behavioral problems later in life of course the pandemic has increased stress levels and so many people so many women of course included in that
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researchers encouraging pregnant women to try to think more about their mental health and to get professional help if they can tonight a new study fines of about the working side effects associated with a drug. was that can you go back christian i i want to get this right. a new study finds worrying about side effects associated with the drug may actually cause them the no see bo affects we've been teasing researchers at imperial college london call this. cbo effect they say it's similar to the placebo effect and that's when the belief that appeal will help you feel better leads to patients actually feeling better even if it's just a sugar pill. researchers say the most evil effect is if we expect a tablet to make us feel ill and cause side effects it may well do so even if it's only a fake bill. they say the evil affects can actually cause some patients to stop taking medication
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because of concerns over side effects. still ahead tonight covid relief negotiations continue. but right now direct payments are not part of the plan
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>>as congress works to compromise around a new covid relief bill direct stimulus payments or to include kron
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four's washington dc correspondent basil john reports on whether lawmakers see this as a possible. last minute addition. congress appears to be closer to bringing a covid relief bill to a vote in the house and senate. >>but direct stimulus checks are so far absent from the compromise plan there's continued conversation around rick stimulus checks which i think is important virginia democratic congresswoman abigail spanberger fears, including direct payments in the bill could prevent the plan from crossing the finish line i'm focused on getting relief over the finish line and finish line means a bill passed in the house and the senate and signed on the president's desk. so that we can ensure that. >>extended rent support and food assistance among other things are delivered american people pennsylvania republican congressman fred keller says another round of $1200 checks is not the answer the stimulus payment is going to run out once that's gone what are they going to do next keller says
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instead congress needs to focus on jobs. the best stimulus as a job. >>and we love what we need to do going forward to support our small businesses are working families. many republican lawmakers say the u.s. can't afford another round of direct payments every penny that we spend borrowed kentucky. republican congressman brett guthrie hundreds of billions of dollars is far from our children and grandchildren is stimulus checks are not included in the compromise. some lawmakers say they will work on a stand-alone bill. >>although that would be unlikely to pass until after the first of the year, reporting in washington, i'm basil job. >>could take a look at this surfers taking on big waves at mavericks said beach in half moon bay. barry beaches were under a high surf advisory this afternoon and the surfers out there sure took advantage of it. the national weather service says that swells were expected to peak at 25 feet. and while experienced surfers hit the waves, the national weather service warning up everybody to stay away from the water don't turn your back
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to to it and certainly keep your eyes on your pets. that are 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow had big eyes looking at those waves quite a sight out there yeah there something in coal fired water right on those 25 footers but they are amazing mountains water just rolling in along the coastline tonight. >>yeah we're still seeing some of those big waves out there we've got clear skies and spring-like temperatures around the bay area again today we had record highs up in the 70's much of the bay area just whether usually don't see here in december there you go mostly clear skies we do see him some high clouds out there there's a weak cold front that's going to approach the bay area that's a stark change whether is early as tomorrow. temperatures today though 71 downtown san francisco oakland at 7374 in san jose 72 for a high in livermore concord checking in 68 and 74 degrees in santa rosa all these numbers really good 10 as much as 17 degrees above the average but high pressure starting to break down now and
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you can begin to see some of these clouds start to move a little bit closer we'll see more that overnight tonight, mostly clear skies and maybe couple patches of fog begin to roll in along the coastline tomorrow. yeah, you're going to see some sunshine. some clouds temperatures going to be a little bit cooler but this is the most important part cool weather expected as we round out the week and then maybe you start talk about some rain as early as this weekend all right, let's keep our fingers crossed for that temperatures outside right now 55. in half moon bay 66 degrees in oakland still in very wild 68 in san francisco and then you get some 50's 60's around parts of the north bay wave still very large along the coastline you mentioned some of 25 footers possibly rolling along the coast that continues until 9 o'clock tonight looks like those waters will begin to subside now on the pacific we've got a couple cold fronts out there high pressure to weaken a little bit still be left some mild warm conditions around much of the bay area tomorrow but then everything begins to change as we watch a rich start to break down a few more clouds coming our way we get into the weekend and then here we go that right there. yeah that could be a little
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rain moving into the bay area's we get into sunday that could be the good old pineapple express begin that happened to a little tropical moisture that happens depending on where it lines up we could see a significant amount of rain that was very river as it were there we go wow, yeah that we use it during that there's a lot of the forecast. so we'll be fine tune that throughout the week i learned all right will get you dancing shoes, ready >>break dancing is now officially an olympic sport. it will debut as a lawrence is showing us at the paris 20 to 24 games. sport climbing and surfing there also set to make their debuts at next summer's olympics in tokyo, none. we'll stay in the program for paris and organizers say they want to showcase events that will attract a new and younger audience and this is actually live video of lawrence right by way as have a little fun during these weird times we're living in new year's eve will be counting down.
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>>live to 2021 in vegas will start in sin city and we're all doing it for a good cause this year partnering with the super bowl of carrying to raise 1 million meals help folks in need if you'd like to donate you can scan the qr code on your screen or text the word n y e don't 822-6989 to give now to a bay area food charity of your choice. >>next up good news if you're looking for a new path how many new dog will soon
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>>finally some good news if you're looking to adopt a a new furry friend the east bay spca into other northern california shelters. they are partnering with the humane society of tulsa to transfer some of the pops out west to find their forever home see several oklahoma shelters, currently have too many dogs and not enough room but since the pandemic hit earlier this year. so many bay area shelters. actually have plenty of extra 80 dogs have now been transferred. 2 northern california shelters, one in the east bay one in sacramento. another elsewhere all animals will receive a medical and behavioral evaluation before becoming available for adoption. and if you'd like to learn more about which dogs will be available. you can check it out online here look at all those pups yan our producer april says she just keeps that page open just counter to fresh look
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that wraps kron 4 news at 5 but tonight at 6 a grim prediction from the state's top health official. >>as covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rapidly accelerating says it's likely to get worse. details on where the state is in the fight against the virus is most of the bay area is under a stay at home order as we speak plus bars and restaurants, some of them in the east bay defying contra costa county stay at home order. >>valley to continue outdoor dining as long as customers are still showing up. well the live report from downtown danville keep it here the news at 6 is next. we have the power to harness california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm
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and we can protect california for generations to come. >>you know the slope of increase that we've seen now we are worried about a rapidly accelerating increase and pressure on our hospitals. >>it's not good now it's 6 california's top health official doctor mark galli saying the state is consistently seeing significant increases in covid cases and hospitalizations across california. thank you for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis doctor ghali is warning covid cases are likely to get even worse. california is now handling the most hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic our capitol bureau reporter ashley has more now on this a


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