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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 8, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. feels like you're bullets. >>now at 9 business owners are increasingly frustrated as more bay area counties come under stay at home orders which may's more restrictions on them good evening, everybody i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne right now solano county along with several others in the bay area are on track to be under a stay at home order as early as next week, something the governor gavin newsome predicted
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earlier this month today, california's top health officials said that he is seeing significant increases in covid cases all across the state and warned things are likely to get even worse doctor mark galli says hospitalizations increased 71% in the last 2 weeks tonight more than 11,000 people are currently in the hospital because of covid-19 complications that is the most the state has seen since the pandemic started back in march admissions to intensive care units have also increased by nearly 70% compared to 2 weeks ago state leaders defended the latest regional stay at home order policy today saying they expect the numbers to only get worse. right now icu bed capacity here in the bay area's around 25%. only this owl king valley and southern california are required to be under regional stay at home order because their icu capacities have fallen below the state's 15% threshold to help curb the spread of the
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virus and keep a local hospitals for running out of beds. these 5 bay area counties that you see on your screen are currently under and early stay at home order moraine county went into that stay at home order today at noon and as marin county went into the say at home order today it also moved into the purple tier on the state's covid tier system so tonight every bay area county is now in the most restrictive tier, here's a look at icu bed capacity in some bay area counties, san francisco's currently near 79% capacity. ren counties at 63%. alameda county is at 69% and in the south bay santa clara county is more than 87% capacity solano county's health officer says the county has seen is the largest rise in cases and hospitalizations which well quickly lead to more icu patients our 4 state of the sacking joins us now live. she explains why the county has not gone under a stay at home order early like other bay area counties despite the surge taylor.
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>>well here in solano county outdoor dining in personal care services are still allowed and health officer here doctor balan much just says that's the reason why they chose not to follow some of the other bay area counties to go under that early stay at home order. he says the order would have huge economic impacts on businesses that have been linked to outbreaks in the county. >>numbers of people hospitalized of jumped up from the teens up to over 70. so these proportionately very big increases and our percent positivity jumped from 4% up to 12% solano county health officer balan much as says. >>the county will likely be under a state home order next week. the county is now reporting about 130 coronavirus cases per day compared to the 25 to 30 cases per day in the late summer as expected doctor might guess believes gatherings with family and friends are to blame and we're seeing the impact thanksgiving at this point and i suspect it's going
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to get worse before it gets better because you know we're still early in the thanksgiving bump. >>and then we have the holidays for december and new years so i'm concerned that we're going to continue to see this rise in cases you know this high level of illness and hospitalization probably into does fears the surge in cases will continue he says. >>the county chose to not participate with other bay area counties in the early stay at home order because of the economic impacts the stay-at-home order will force the closure of a large number of small businesses that we know are not contributing to the outbreak. we don't want to impose that on the sector's any earlier than necessary restaurants like then it shows in benicia say they're thankful to still be offering outdoor dining unlike most restaurants in the bay area i really respect their point of view they're the experts and i >>i trust them, however, chef owner remiro cortes says he's ready to close down when health experts say it's
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necessary if it needs to be done. >>so that we can get back on track faster and i think it will be good idea. >>while solano county still open it looks like it won't be long until they are also under a stay at home order again the number to look out and watch for is at 15% icu capacity across the bay area region once we fall under that well the whole bay area region will have to go into that shelter in place live in benicia taylor kron 4 news. thank you taylor sonoma napa solano and san mateo counties are currently not in an early stay at home order san mateo county's health officer says that county is holding off on the lockdown because quote. >>basing such extreme decisions on not standardized and poorly understood metrics seems fraught to me unquote that this got morrow went on to say that he believes the county's hospitals are equipped to deal with any surge icu beds and capacity there currently stands at 35%
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the pastor of a south bay church was in court on a contempt charge today. >>he faced a judge for defying health orders to stop gatherings at the calvary chapel in san jose kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now with that story to explain why he is standing his ground tell a dad he says it battling coronavirus takes more than just maintaining your physical health. >>pastor mike mcclure explains that these church services are necessary for the mind and the spirit, a separation depression has set in for many americans leading to thoughts of suicide. the cavalry chapel, san jose has been holding weekly indoor services with an estimated 600 people some who did not wear masks and that violates the county's coronavirus prevention orders. so far the church has been fined more than half a million dollars according to their lawyer and he argues that this is all a violation of their first amendment rights. >>i want to help people it's honestly. the truth. and i'm not a policeman on not to get in the way of your freedom you
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have the freedom to worship god that's what the gospel is it's a choice to get the receive it or you can reject it. >>for those who want to come and worship that's what we're opening our doors for because we recognize the needs here are not just a physical body. >>the church's attorneys says that they plan to appeal they also filed an emergency motion to take this case out of california and into a federal court in the meantime it seems the service may go on the judge today denied their arguments and tacked on another $2500 in fines for every day that they remain open and have people there. pastor mccourt could have been sent to jail by the judge today for his contempt charge, but his attorneys says that it wasn't even brought up live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news thank you our coverage continues on our website kron 4 dot com there we're keeping track of the latest restrictions and. >>when they go into effect broken down by county. can also download the kron 4 and kron on apps to have alerts sent straight to your smart device. the pfizer vaccine is
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one step closer to getting approval in the united states today, the fda issued a preliminary the pfizer vaccine is strongly protective against the virus. >>this thursday, the fda will meet to analyze the data and see if it meets the threshold for emergency use authorization pfizer says its vaccine is 95% effective this comes as the first doses of the pfizer vaccine were administered in the united kingdom, this is video of the very first person getting the shot she was in her 90's. the initial phase of the vaccine program, the first 800,000 doses are going to nursing home workers. >>and people over 80 years old, but the general public in the uk. we'll have to wait until next year when there are enough doses for everyone. >>meanwhile new results suggest the astrazeneca vaccine is safe and 70% effective, however, some experts warn the results of this study are confusing because of a mistake that allowed some drug trial
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participants not getting a full dose. researchers claim the vaccine protected against disease and 62% of those given 2 full doses and in 90% of those initially given the half-dose however independent experts have said the second group was too small to judge and more testing is needed this trial was not conducted on people in the united states. but experts say even with the mistakes the vaccine is still likely to be approved in the uk a south bay family who took part in the covid vaccine trials is now sharing their story about the experience on forest jonathan mccall learned about their side effects and whether they would recommend that people take the vaccine. you know so many folks on the fence ken and pam about whether they should or whether they shouldn't take this vaccine. this family in the south bay says the people should as part of the trials this family says. >>they had no idea if they were actually given the actual pfizer covid-19 vaccine or a placebo. but the eyes and family says they volunteered in this process to help folks
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get back to their normal lives. >>soon hundreds of millions of covid-19 vaccines will begin to flow to states across the country and into the arms of americans looking to protect themselves from coronavirus vaccine will be given in 2 doses but jeff eisenman and his family were among thousands of volunteers who took part in the trials for the pfizer covid-19 vaccine have had a flu shot for and this turned out really to be like a flu shot. >>going twice eisenman says that he's not sure if he and his daughter and his wife received the actual vaccine or a placebo but did have side effects that work like flu shot. >>i did you have any acts the like soreness in my arm but nothing like i handle. i didn't have any side effects like that they last for a day like entirely. >>i would be surprised if there minor side effects like that and there certainly were in the trials. but i you know i mean we have all the data in
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front of us from the trials. its online you could look at what pfizer sent to the fda and we'll also do continue to follow this forward. overtime to make sure that it's absolutely safe. some of the same side effects that eisenman says that he and his family went through after those trials. >>eisenman says he knows that folks are skeptical about taking the vaccine, but hopes when they look at him that they're encouraged to take it his wife a nurse who also participated in the trial is on the front lines of the pandemic she says without that vaccine more lives will continue to be impacted. i think all of us we want our lives back right we want our lives back to our kids we won our neighbors to be up to go back to work we want our kids to get back to can't want all of those without participating in doing our part. >>because the long-term impacts all the vaccine still remain unknown. eisenman says that he and his family are still in constant contact with pfizer officials to make sure
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that any effect that they could be receiving were feeling or noted. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>the gold standard vaccine. has been done in less than 9 months. >>a covid vaccine has yet to be approved but president trump is already celebrating. trump hosted a summit at the white house today to praise his administration's rapid development of a coronavirus vaccine. president trump also sign an executive order to prioritize americans over foreign countries for the vaccine. and u.s. health and human services secretary alex azar defended the trump administration's decision not to purchase all of the vaccine doses offered by pfizer earlier this year but that decision to leave millions of vaccine doses on the table has a lot of people wondering what effect that will ultimately have in getting americans vaccinated in a timely fashion from force and herman has more on that possible delay. >>this is one of the greatest miracles in the history of modern day.
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>>medicine has the president celebrated the coming distribution of a covid-19 vaccine. questions are being raised about the administration's failure to lock in a chance to buy millions of additional doses of the pfizer vaccine. when it had the chance it doesn't seem like of the world's best move to turn down a 100 million doses of that. >>the pfizer vaccine at this point in time, but it may all will work out. >>medical experts say the question becomes will the decision delayed delivery of a second batch of doses keeping many americans waiting. >>i think we basically have to wait and i can't really predict right now at this point in time i would certainly hope not and i hope that it slow it down you see san francisco infectious disease for allah just doctor george rutherford points out pfizer isn't the only game in town. vaccine will also come online this month. and plans call for distributing and administering an initial supply, a 40 million doses for 20 million americans by the end of the year. >>that leaves about
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310 million americans to be vaccinated. >>i would suspect that we're going to get pretty much be able to get most people vaccinated to want to be vaccinated in the second and 3rd quarters so they needed from say spring and summer the goal is to get at least 70% of americans vaccinated. >>that would create herd immunity invest big in the return to normal. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>another big story tonight, the u.s. supreme court today denied president trump's latest attempt to try to overturn pennsylvania's certification of president elect joe biden the court refused to call into question the certification process in pennsylvania. the governor there tom wolf already certified biden's victory and the state's 20 electors will meet on december 14th to cast their votes for biden pennsylvania certified its election results on november 24th with biden winning by more than 80,000 votes meanwhile president elect
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biden unveiled his plan for his first 100 days and he introduced his health team and while he did the war the nation that things may get worse before they get better president-elect biden today unveil what he called a plan of action to combat the pandemic dean reynolds reports. >>so many of you staring at the ceiling and i were in my god, what happens. what happens. the strikes my family. what happens if i lose my insurance. what happens my going to be ok my family and be okay. all i can tell you is the truth. we're in a very dark winter. mister biden said his pandemic plan for the first 100 days of his administration has 3 primary parts. >>the first wear a mask. he said he will order mask-wearing where he can for federal buildings and for interstate travel trains planes and buses. he said he will work with mayors and governors to order something similar in their locales even though a number of republican
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state executives have resisted such calls so far and he asked for his countryman to cooperate we need your help. >>wear a mask for just 100 days. >>it's easy thing you can do to reduce covid cases hospitalizations and debt. help yourself, your family and your community. whatever your politics, your point of view. mascot for 100 days want take office. 100 days to make a difference. it's not a political statement, it's a patriotic act the second part of his plan involves distributing a 100 million doses of vaccine in the first 100 days of his administration. >>frontline health care workers people in long-term care facilities and educators are to be among the first recipients this would be one of the hardest the most costly operational challenges in our nation's history. renee congress to fully fund vaccine
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distribution to all corners of the country thirdly mr. biden said he wants to reopen most schools by the end of his first 100 days which would be the end of april calling it a national priority mister biden again implored congress to provide funding for public health measures needed to protect students, teachers and staff as for his health care advisers, they included california attorney general javier becerra to leave the department of health and human services. the son of mexican immigrants. the sarah would be the first latino to hold that job. doctor vivek murthy the grandson of a farmer in india has been asked to reprise his role as surgeon general, a job he had during the obama administration and doctor rochelle walensky an infectious disease expert from massachusetts general hospital and harvard medical school as director of the center for disease control and prevention to the american people and to each and every one of you at
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the cdc. >>i promise to work for you to harness the power of american science to fight this virus and prevent unnecessary illness and death. so that we can all get back to our lives. >>that was dean reynolds, reporting tonight president-elect biden also selected ohio representative marcia is housing and urban development secretary as a former chair of the congressional black caucus. he also tapped former agriculture secretary tom vilsack to reprise his role in his administration bill say spent 8 years as head of the u.s. department of agriculture during the obama administration and served 2 terms as governor of iowa. all right, let's come back home and take a look at this or first taking on some big waves at mavericks speech in half moon bay. if you look really close you can see pam out there passed out the casual as monster waves area beaches were under a high surf
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advisory this afternoon is sir first definitely took advantage national weather service says swells were expected to peak at 25 feet and while experienced surfers at the waves. the national weather service is warning people to stay away from the water and especially keep your eyes on your pets agate area. wish i did know how to sir that would be but i would definitely met the out there we would all right, let's check on the 4 zone forecast i would you tomorrow, maybe your day the waves really come down just a little bit we're still talking maybe some 1720 foot or so some big time swells out there right now along the coastline. >>well we have the storms out there in the pacific we have been able to generate the rain here but certainly they're generating this well as all those blowing over the open waters that has the build those waves and that's what we've been seeing happening so instead of a warning becoming more of an advisory along the coastline as we're still going to see some big waves 17 to 20 feet up toward the coastline until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon there will be
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decreasing throughout the day but something to watch out for don't turn back. the waves along the coast. they're mostly clear skies we're seeing some changes to 9 competitive fog likely to form along the coastline but what a day it was today a record breaking highs, 72 degrees that was a record redwood city 72. at the san francisco international airport also record happel bay right at the coast 72 degrees a record richmond set a record 71 then we tied records a little more 72 tied another record in oakland. at 74 degrees right in the downtown but things begin to change now you see some clouds begin to rotate into california now more that on the way winds are going to become more of a concern we've got a cold front that's going to swing through tomorrow, not going to be so windy tomorrow but watch what happens off the front moves by as we get into thursday here come all the winds look at the colors popping up around the bay area 2030 mile an hour gusts out there. and certainly some blustery conditions but after that things begin to change. i think this next weekend we're talking about the potential for some rain moving in actually moved up the timing on that rain. we'll tell you
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when we expect the showers to come visit the bay area minutes. i thank you lawrence. our news continues with an east bay restaurant owner refusing to follow the stay at home order. >>why he says the new restrictions on restaurants are unfair a covid outbreak in the east bay is getting worse why the situation at golden gate fields is not improving just yet and covid relief negotiations continue on capitol hill what could be in the next relief package. that's coming up.
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>>and this just into our newsroom. a person was fatally struck tonight by a northbound caltrain in san francisco. it happened shortly after 7 o'clock tonight on the tracks at the mission bay drive. there were about 12 passengers on board the train at the time of the crash no other injuries were reported the southbound track was clear just before 08:00pm 4 trays to continue through at a reduced speed. this is the 10th caltrain fatality this year. no other details have been released at this time. >>as congress forced to compromise on a new covid relief bill direct stimulus payments apparently are not included our washington dc correspondent john reports on whether lawmakers see those payments as a possible last minute addition to the bill. >>congress appears to be closer to bringing a covid relief bill to a vote in the house and senate but direct
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stimulus checks are so far absent from the compromise plan there's continued conversation around rick stimulus checks which i think is important virginia democratic congresswoman abigail spanberger fears, including direct payments in the bill could prevent the plan from crossing the finish line i'm focused on getting relief over the finish line and finish line means a bill passed in the house and the senate and signed on the president's desk. so that we can ensure that. >>extended rent support and food assistance among other things are delivered american people pennsylvania republican congressman fred keller says another round of $1200 checks is not the answer the stimulus payment is going to run out once that's gone what are they going to do next keller says instead congress needs to focus on jobs. the best stimulus as a job. >>and we love what we need to do going forward to support our small businesses are working families. many republican lawmakers say the u.s. can't afford another round of direct payments for
9:26 pm
every penny that we spend borrowed kentucky. republican congressman brett guthrie hundreds of billions of dollars is far from our children and grandchildren is stimulus checks are not included in the compromise. some lawmakers say they will work on a stand-alone bill. >>although that would be unlikely to pass until after the first of the year we're putting in washington, i'm basil job. coming up next on kron 4 news at 9.30 unemployment fraud in california could cost the state billions of dollars. >>how many accounts have been linked to suspicious activity. sonoma county is expanding covid-19 test saying where you can get tested for free and one of the largest cyber security companies in the country has been hacked what
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>>tonight 5 bay area counties are under a stay at home order which means more restrictions on business in contra costa county a danville restaurant owner is deciding not to shut down his restaurant to outdoor dining as kron four's terisa stasio explains the owner says it's not fair to force restaurants to close when retail, especially large chain stores are allowed to operate. >>on tuesday people sent crumbs restaurant in danville eating even though they were not supposed to and contra costa county outdoor dining is now not allowed anymore. the county making that decision along with other bay area public health departments to try and deal with they say the
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rapid rise in covid cases. but owner jimmy heliopolis says that he didn't feel that closing was the right step to take right now. >>no this is survival this is not. or we can just handle this now we can get through no, i don't know when we're going to reopen. you know the expenses are are such that you you're not going to make you're going to go in the hole. >>crumbs closed down in march when the shelter-in-place went into effect and then slowly but surely it followed the california blueprint for a safer economy and opened back up. jimmy adds that he does not want to see anyone harmed, and he doesn't want to see anyone get sick and he adds that the latest announcement is asking too much from small businesses doing everything supposed to do. >>we understand you can't see inside because inside some restaurants are smaller some bigger you don't have the ventilation. but outside. you're out you're outside you got there that's pushing currents around is you know you're. they're safe out there. you know and then you
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go to places like costco and target. and it's inside and years. tons of people in there. you feel that all right with to get a free pass in. and you heard in the little guys as you can as for his patrons, they say that they are in support. >>we've been eating outdoors you're pretty much business since they opened restaurants back in may. and i'd like to continue to do i think it's safe. >>and jimmy says he's not alone in fact on tuesday. he met with several other business owners restaurant owners and tells me that they plan to reopen their outdoor dining sometime this week. theresa kron 4 >>in the north bay sonoma county will be opening a new covid testing center in petaluma on thursday it will be located and herzog call that the petaluma fairgrounds and testing will be free. the center will be open monday through friday from 7 in the morning until 7 at night
9:32 pm
except on opening day the center will open at 8 o'clock in the morning in the south bay santa clara county self-administered covid-19 testing center. it is located at emmanuel baptist church in san jose. police are giving a brief tutorial first and then they swabbed their own know noses and put the swab into a solution for. >>later testing its that simple. the county says self-testing cuts down on the number of nurses that are needed to be on site. >>in the east bay concerned that the covid-19 outbreak at golden gate fields in berkeley is getting worse not forcefully to call reports the horse track will remain closed until health officials say the quick spread of the virus is finally under control. >>the number of employees allowed on and off property at golden gate fields bordering albany and the city of berkeley has been reduced to just 71. workers authorized to carry out essential work like herring for the tracks, 1300 horses while the venues operator first racing.
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>>in the city of berkeley attempt to rein in a growing covid-19 outbreak. more than 300 of the more than 500 people work here have tested positive for covid-19 since last month in at least one person has died. i do want to express my condolences to the family and friends of bob hess, senior. >>who was a horse trainer and golden gate fields and i understand that he passed away on saturday morning. after being diagnosed with covid-19 in mid november, initially on november 20th. >>the berkeley public health department reported at least 200 positive tests at the track. and weeks later that number increased by one country everybody was testing positive is being moved outside. >>everybody who susceptible to
9:34 pm
the close quarters and durham style housing for workers live on site contributed to the quick spread of the virus about 3 quarters of the. >>people testing positive live at golden gate fields are currently residents employees are being tested twice a week. >>and berkeley council member rushing cancer one he says that will continue for the near future, a vast majority. >>of people who tested positive were in other words they were silent spreaders of the virus for now live racing has been suspended until december 26th. >>phillipe all kron 4 news. >>new tonight at 9 a major data breach has hit one of the largest cyber security companies in the united states, the ceo of fire. i says that they were hacked in a highly sophisticated operation likely by another government. the breeze led to
9:35 pm
the theft of a massive amount of internal hacking tools reserved the privately test cyber defenses of his clients. >>the hackers appear to be interested mainly in clients that were u.s. agencies fire i is not sure whether the thieves intend to use the stolen material or make it public the fbi is now investigating 2 million californians could be forced out of their rental homes early next year and that could trigger a rise in. >>covid-19 cases, many people are struggling financially amid the pandemic and almost a million californians have reported that they're behind on their rent. california's eviction moratorium expires february 1st and landlords can take tennis to court a month after that a recent study published by the social science research network found that evictions during the pandemic led to more than 430,000 covid cases and more than 10,000 coronavirus deaths nationwide unemployment fraud in california during the
9:36 pm
pandemic may ultimately cost the state more than 2 billion dollars the bank of america was distributes the edd cars says it has identified 640,000 accounts which could be linked to suspicious activity. >>bank investigators say bogus accounts have been filed in the names of infants children and even people who live out of state. >>was seemingly everyone buying their holiday gifts online experts are forecasting a shipping night mare over the next few weeks. how amazon is trying to get ahead of the holiday rush. and a lot of sunshine today but could we soon see a couple raindrops return, we'll talk about that next and as far as as the boys continue training camp with 2 players out due to covid head coach steve kerr talks about how his team is preparing to deal with the pandemic sports director jason
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>>for sports. the dubs were back on the practice court together for group activities. it still remains a work in progress as the organization looks to get back to the postseason after one-year absence, they'll have their first tuneup of the season. this saturday at chase center against the denver nuggets but when they do so though be without draymond green and james wiseman dream, i'm still isn't with the team. he was absent from practice on monday and steve kerr couldn't
9:40 pm
comment on the reason why the warriors hope to work him back into the fold as soon as possible. james wiseman like i said won't be available on saturday but he was able to practice today from the balcony above the practice court at chase center. he sat mass was on op which will who broke down practice in real time for him losing to likely starters early in camp is not ideal the steve kerr is leaning on the team doctors to harp on player safety and good judgment. >>we've got our medical staff address our multiple her team >>we we've been loading the players with information on everything. and urging them every day to to be smart and to be solid with the protocols and that's all we can do. >>forty-niners severely hurt their playoff chances last night with a home loss to the bills. the defense struggled for really the first time all
9:41 pm
season. bills quarterback josh allen had his way with the 9 a secondary it 4 touchdown passes. the offense and nick mullens actually played pretty well outside of a few turnovers. here's one right here pretty sure yet nick mullens picked off by today the u.s. white. but really the game came down that alley in the bill simply have more of that right now there are unquestionably better then the 49 ers now the niners have to look forward to their next 4 games 2 of these games are very winnable next week against washington in 2 weeks from now against dallas. we'll take it one day at a time. >>we have 4 more games that we can account for how they were in charge of we've got to win all and i know with our team right now only thing that we can count on and control is making sure we win the rest of and that starts washington next week understand that that this is a. >>folk the focus has to be high that we don't really have a lot of around >>you know we. condit control
9:42 pm
our own destiny, but we still need some guys to fall short. >>a lot of football left to be played. we have more ready to get back to work for those opportunities. team is stuff tough as it gets so we're not going back we embrace the challenge we love the challenge and that's where we're going to work and shop for. >>all right those 4 games that they really have to win. washington football team next week, the dallas cowboys the week after that then the arizona cardinals who stadium they've been playing in. and finally last game a season the seattle you make your guess on how many games of those they can when they have to win a wall you would think to make a playoff run. but that is your look at spor
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>>online shopping quickly becoming the preferred choice for many more families during the pandemic the demand for shipping has only increased since the start of the holiday shopping season. as nichole berlie tells us that acceleration in online business. could mean a shipping nightmare over the next few weeks. >>the holiday shopping season is upon us right in the middle of a global pandemic. in the past 5 years e-commerce has grown around 15% each year. but not this year says david morris with fortune magazine this year the growth is more
9:46 pm
into 20% or above. so there's way more than than people expected a big part of that the 5 days between thanksgiving and cyber monday when us shoppers spent nearly 35 billion dollars with online retailers. the pandemic surge is definitely real is huge and it's going to be i think a long-term transformation. >>and that transformation means shipping is a key component to success for many of those retailers almost all of us are shopping online professor michael cusumano with mit sloan school of management says amazon which employs more than 1 million people is known for offering one to 2 day deliveries and has hundreds of facilities around the country is expanding even more the online retail giant is taking over space currently left empty by former multipart munt stores around the country taking over shopping malls sears buildings
9:47 pm
and turning them into distribution centers and warehouses in is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger amazon, also least 12 additional boeing airplanes adding to its fleet of more than 75 aircraft further strengthening of shipping logistics system for holiday deliveries. the bigger. >>it gets the more effective it gets had it actually delivering products and services because it has everything. >>amazon's fulfillment capacity expansion could give the company an important advantage this season, an increase in volume means an increase in pressure on delivery companies fedex ups and u.s. p s. >>which are all currently operating 7 days a week ups has hired something like a 100,000 new people on a temporary visas to big surge here in ups imposed temporary shipping restrictions on 6 large retailers last week according to the wall street journal, those retailers including macy's ll bean and
9:48 pm
gap meaning if their retailers exceed their allocated space packages will only be picked up one space is available yes. there's going to clarify that they already negotiated allotments for those retailers that are based on informed projections of what was already happening with the pandemic so the limitations are on unplanned >>as a remedy some retailers are using multiple carriers for example, macy's website lists ups u.s. p s and doordash but in all this would ultimately matters to most consumers. that packages arrive on time here are some important deadlines to remember. yesterday was the cut off from any usps international shipments. next tuesday december 15th is the ground shipping deadline for usps ups and fedex december 19th is the deadline for usps priority mail december 21st is
9:49 pm
the deadline for ups 3 day select and fedex express saver and three-day freight december 23rd is the deadline for usps priority mail express ups next-day air and fedex overnight shipping guarantees in particular ubs in fedex normally have. >>cash back if you if they break their deadline. those are in effect this year is suspended their is the endemic which gives you a sense of how much >>that wasn't called burly reporting tonight some delivery companies such as fedex do offer limited services on christmas day but of course you will pay a premium for that and don't forget any major weather events over the next few weeks could up unexpectedly slow down all the delivery companies. >>elon musk has apparently moved out of california tesla's ceo says he's moved to texas because california has taken innovators for granted. it could also be moving to texas because the state has no
9:50 pm
income tax musk has not said where in texas he's going but it could be close to his new tesla factory in austin the move comes after must threatened to relocate tesla's fremont plant after a spat with bay area officials on whether or not the tesla factory should stay closed during coronavirus restrictions. the same day musk announced his move tesla announced he wants to raise 5 billion dollars in capital through a stock offering. all right now to our 4 zone forecast and we could use some of these beautiful out there pan but we could use some radio a good lauren says we might get some. >>yeah, i like how the timing on this storm system is actually moving up a little bit that usually a good sign that we might actually get that rain to move in so. >>i want to show you that more in just a moment right now outside yeah you've got clear skies we had record breaking heat around the bay area today. and now it looks like we're in for kind of a quiet night tonight, temperatures kind of all over the place a little bit of a offshore component still but i think as we head through time here we're going to see this cold front moving through the bay
9:51 pm
area tomorrow and you can see it's kind of fall apart right up in the pacific northwest, nothing for us. lusher and some changes says that's going break down that ridge a little bit so but we've got mostly clear skies, couple patches of fog likely to form up toward the coast. tomorrow, a mixture of some sunshine as well as high clouds moving through and it's going to be a little bit cooler and then a much cooler weather as we head in toward the weekend with a chance of some of those raindrops out the door right now we've got the temperatures running in the 50's and much of the bay right now 52 in san mateo 58 san francisco start to see the 40's popping up in the north bay right now so cool off around the bay area but things get a little more active now in the pacific got to get rid of that ridge of high pressure really that's kind of the key tomorrow, it's going kind of flatten out a little bit but not enough to bring us rain. this is where it gets interesting to watch the long-range forecast. we have a front moved through tomorrow behind that some gusty winds on thursday now we get into the weekend here we go that looks a little more impressive in see that long band of rain all the way down the tropics that's what we call the good old pineapple express the atmospheric river may be tapping some moisture moving into the bay area another
9:52 pm
round rain comes away possibly the middle of next week so that's a significant change in the weather pattern, let's enjoy it if it all happens it comes together timing still a little bit difficult on that so far but tomorrow enjoyed a lot temperatures up in the 60's. i think everything changes though as we get into the weekend cooler temperatures and a chance of rain starting on sunday now instead of monday. then another chance of another storm possibly in next wednesday, all right bring it, yeah. thank you thank you lawrence. >>well the this new year's eve con for will be counting down to 20 21 live in las vegas and we're doing it all for a good cause we partnered with the super bowl of caring to ways money for 1 million meals to help people in need if you would like to donate scan the qr code on your screen or techs and why a donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, to give now at a bay area food charity of your choice coming up next, good news if you're looking for a new pet how many new dogs will
9:53 pm
soon be available for adoption. >>here in the area.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>this is really world war 2 veteran battling covid was released from a hospital in
9:56 pm
alabama last week just in time to celebrate his 100 and 4th birthday as he was discharged as you see here majorly wooten received a special sendoff from the staff madison hospital, health care workers lined the lobbyist saying happy birthday to him a 104 staff their nickname wound birthday was last thursday, happy birthday, yeah. well, good news if you are looking to adopt a new furry friend, the east bay spca into other northern california shelters are partnering with the humane society of tulsa to transfer some pups here to find forever homes several oklahoma shelters, currently have too many dogs and not enough room for them, but since the pandemic hit earlier this year. >>many bay area shelters have a lot of extra space which is good news, 80 dogs have now been transferred to northern california from shelters in tulsa all of the animals receive a medical and behavioral. behavioral evaluation before becoming available for adoption, you'd
9:57 pm
like to learn more about which dogs will be available you can find them. online right there sounds like a flying tails segment that's a long trip that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but we have another hour of primetime coverage straight ahead, yeah i had a 10 tonight, a south bay pastor remains defiant after to find help wonder why he says he will continue to hold indoor service in a small victory for some restaurant owners in california where a judge overturned a ban on outdoor cloud for working to answer your questions about the covid-19 vaccine, a south bay family shares its experience in taking part in the vaccine trial properties at 10 starts
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>counties are under a stay at home order that seem to try to curb the spread of coronavirus and keep local hospitals from running out of beds moraine county became the latest county to begin restrictions with its order going into effect at noon today. thanks for joining us tonight at 10 i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore tonight, we are learning solano county is also on track to issue a stay at home order as early as next week solano county's health officer says


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