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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 10, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>>local news station. now with breaking news. >>breaking news to start kron 4 news at 3 one step forward in the fight against coronavirus in the last 30 minutes an fda panel has endorsed pfizer's covid-19 vaccine goody afternoon and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman just moments ago, a u.s. government advisory panel voted that the pfizer covid-19 vaccines that the benefits outweigh its risks for use in individuals were 16 years of age and older 17 members voted, yes for members voted against dead, one person abstained from
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voting. a final fda decision is expected within days and here is what we know so far about pfizer's vaccine is given in 2 doses weeks apart. results show that it is 95% effective against coronavirus there are some side effects which include sore arms and minor aches and pains. doctors in the uk reported to vaccine recipients who both suffer from severe allergic reactions did have allergic reactions to the vaccine. british regulators now advising those with severe allergic reactions to avoid being vaccinated the pfizer vaccine was also be stored. at -94 degrees. kron 4 tahernia is following the breaking news she is live for us now in the newsroom with more on today's hearing this is huge a final at fda approval could be coming in days was shipments coming shortly after and shots going into people's arms right after that. that's right just in a lot of people have been waiting for it and others not
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so much now this morning. the fda began their review of the fires are. >>bio and tech data to see if vaccine actually meets the threshold for emergency use authorization after hours of presentation. the agency voted 17 to 4 as you mentioned just seen to approve the vaccine, 17 said yes for said no one abstained seeing the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any risks associated with it. now the study involved more than 43,000 participants aged 16 years and older. it included healthy participants and those with chronic diseases, including hiv hepatitis b and c infections in addition to people who are obese and have other co-morbidities the participants were given 2 doses of the vaccine space to 21 days apart. the women in the study were screened for pregnancy before each dose was given and if they were in fact pregnant. they were either excluded from treatment or it was discontinued and participants. they were
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monitored 30 minutes one month and 6 months after last dose now researchers or looking for any serious adverse reactions or side effects of the vaccine during that monitoring period. now the 7 days of the first and some common side effects include redness swelling and pain at the injection site in addition of the common side effects participants also experienced adverse side effects within 7 days after the first experience new or worsening joint pain diarrhea and vomiting. within 7 days after the second dose some developed a fever fatigue headaches, chills, new or worsening muscle pain. other reactions, researchers say may possibly be related to the vaccine include swollen lymph nodes which is typically what happens when your body is fighting an illness and shoulder injury that could be due to the vaccine itself or the way the vaccine was administered a small number of participants also developed the bell's palsy after
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receiving the vaccine. but there wasn't enough data to link the vaccine to that so the fda has recommended further surveillance of those people now that it's been authorized for widespread use. some serious adverse reactions also include death and appendicitis however, neither of those reactions were considered related to the covid-19 so it is important to know that again the fda has approved the 2 dose vaccine under emergency use authorization saying the benefits outweigh the risks involved and the vaccine is 95% effective against covid-19 infection. we'll have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon which you can download for free in your app store just seen. thank you so much. another pharmaceutical company is awaiting fda clearance that is moderna next thursday december 17th the fda will consider moderna's covid-19 vaccine. >>it says that that vaccine
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appears to be 94.5% effective they can be shipped at -20 degrees and can be kept stable at a temperature found inside a standard home refrigerator pfizer and its german partner biontech expect to have about 50 million doses globally by the end of the year side effects that have been noted include fatigue muscle aches and injection site pain after the vaccine, second dose. the state of california is expected to gain 327,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine which will then be divvied up and shipped to county health departments and hospitals, the first people to get the shots include health care personnel working at hospitals and skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. the bay area public health departments are expecting the first batch to arrive by next tuesday. but possibly as late as next friday. alameda county is expecting to receive almost 14,000 doses. contra costa 10,000. both were and and napa counties have been slated to
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get under just under 2000 doses of peace, san francisco is expecting its first allocation to be about 12,000 shots while san mateo county is expecting to get about 6,000. santa clara county is expected to get over just 17,000 sonoma county just under 5,000 and solano county estimates it will get nearly 8,000 doses it is a 2 dose vaccine. but health departments are being told not to hold back any for the second round of shots but rather give them all out for first time recipients santa clara county health officials said the moderna could have its vaccine approved by the fda a week from today which would mean close to 700,000 more doses could be headed for california of which roughly 40,000 go to santa clara county and then if all goes well, they said they're expecting to be getting shipments of vaccines on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. now coming up at 5.30 and 06:30pm tonight we're going to be speaking
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live with the ucsf doctor to answer your questions your concerns we want to hear your comments on the covid-19 vaccines you can go to our facebook or twitter pages post your questions we're going to try to get as many answers as possible live on air. so again that's at 5 36 30 tonight right here on kron 4 but at 3.45. we are interviewing a doctor and so if you want we need some questions about news about the vaccine will be happy to ask them for you now, but big stuff coming up tonight. let's go now to the south bay where santa clara county hospitals are inching towards a grim scenario hospitals in santa clara county are nearing icu bed capacity kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with a look at the counties numbers this afternoon rob, this is not a good scenario. >>no it isn't just in time here at san jose's good samaritan hospital you can no doubt see behind me they're setting up surge. tense in the parking lot here just as they a mid-june with that one of the earlier surges now it's important to point out here
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that a good samaritan a private hospital has one of the lowest number of covid-19 patients at 37, but that number is expected to increase overall the county is at about 10% of capacity. yesterday we learned that jet 2 more hospitals were completely out of icu beds originally it was just regional medical center in east san jose now to county run hospitals are also at capacity. o'connor hospital here in san jose and saint louise hospital in gilroy now we have a graphic here to show you just how fast these numbers have come up here at the county-run hospital suspect graphic this first one here shows you the numbers have gone from a 29 patients with covid-19 in the icu and the county run hospitals in the past month to 113 now. that's quite an increase in that keeps going up every day a second graphic shows the breakup between covid and non covid patients about the take away here is that are just 5.7% of icu beds are now still
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empty at the county run hospitals even though 2 thirds of those beds are occupied by non covid patients at regional a spokesman tells us that the numbers continue to rise even though they are fluctuating just about every day now here's more from spokesperson sarah sherwood. >>it's a pendulum swinging from patients released into patients coming in patients released into patients coming in. and again we are. we are seeing patients at a younger age. they are not they're not obeying county rules and not staying safe and they're coming they're coming in in droves. and so our message is that they need to they need to obey the rules and lighting up the >>back here at good samaritan hospital as these new tests are going up, but we're told that these are primarily going to be a for augmenting the waiting area and for triage but also other going to be ramping up but covid-19
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testing here at good samaritan that will take place in these tents, as of right now we know that there are 403 across the santa clara county hospital system with a those numbers will be updated updated some time this afternoon live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you so much rob, here's the latest now in hospital icu bed capacity in our region as of right now northern california and the bay area regions remain above the 15% threshold. the greater sacramento region fell below that threshold and is now at 13.3% san joaquin valley and southern california are both now under 10% capacity, so they now go into that states. stay at home order. the u.s. saw its deadliest day yesterday in the number of covid-19 deaths so far so let's now put that into perspective. the galveston hurricane in 1900 killed a 1000 people still considered the single deadliest event in u.s. history. during the civil
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war, the killed 3,675 people the battle of gettysburg killed 3,100 and 55 people. then comes the covid-19 deaths reported just yesterday that's followed by the 19 '06 earthquake in san francisco. and the september 11th attacks that killed 2000 900 and 77 people. we'll switch it up now and talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside over downtown san francisco, there is rain on the way a promising chance so let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for all the details have a recent high just seen yet looks like the storm will arrive earlier than expected with higher rain totals so 2 great news stories right there on the weather front. let's take a look though at what we can expect from now until then gusty winds this afternoon through the early evening hours in fact we do have a wind advisory currently in effect for the north bay coast and mountains and when tracker
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for right now tracking a sea breeze 20 mile per hour sustained winds for downtown san francisco could see gusts throughout the san francisco peninsula and most of the north bay valleys in khost upwards of 35 miles per hour or less and we're going to continue to see those winds pretty gusty mainly for those of you in the north bay tonight. >>and then calmer conditions by early friday morning. so just keep that in mind. but our latest drought outlook monitor has just been released today and we're tracking worsening drought conditions for parts of the bay area extreme drought for the northeast portion of the bay area. everyone else under that orange extreme to severe category so this is something that is certainly concerning because so far we've only got about 4 to 18% of rain. now we should have gotten so far for this wet season, but the good news is we do have a storm now set to arrive friday night starting for those of you in the north bay tracking this weekend storm hour by hour because we're going to get 2 rounds of wet weather this
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weekend justine back to you thank you so much for greece and coming up here at 3 o'clock some restaurants in the east bay are defying the stay at home order and refusing to shut down. >>why they are staying open and if police are taking action. >>plus people will they be expected to wear masks after they get the covid vaccine. what experts are recommending as millions of americans wait for a vaccination and after the break it is launched a california rolls out its new covid-19 tracking tool. what you need to know about ca notify how it works on your phone. you love your pet...but hate wearing their hair.
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>>well the state of california officially launched a new covid tracking digital tool that lets everyday citizens use their smartphones to help in the battle against the pandemic it's called ca notify. and once it's downloaded it will alert you if you might have been exposed to someone who has covid-19 kron four's when kelly joins us now live in san francisco with how this works this is so twenty-twenty marine. >>21st century justine that is right starting today if you have an android phone you will be able from the google play store. but if you have an iphone likely that you have
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this technology your phone but still make turning off. >>if you have a current operating system on your iphone you can find the exposure notification in your settings and turn it on and after clicking just a few more buttons you join but public health experts hope will become an army of users that will help contain the spread of this pandemic hits 100% private. one percent secure. >>100% voluntary you opt in or you choose not to and there's no tracking the governor earlier this week promising that this will not share identities. >>or collection location data. here's an example of how it works if 2 people both have opted into ca notify and they get within 6 feet of each other for more than 15 minutes, the phones send each other code and then if one of those people get a positive result and agrees to anonymously alert others who have likely been exposed then that other person will get a message from the department of
3:18 pm
public health with an alert and information about what to do next and so will anyone else with the technology downloaded that the infected person has possibly exposed. i spoke to use infectious disease doctor who has been involved in the contact tracing effort. >>he says the more people who use this technology. the bigger difference it will make if we get 50% of the population's c t t to download and use it. >>then it could lead to something like a 15% reduction in in covid transmission and 10% reduction in index. if we get. 60% of the population to to use it and upload onto their phones than that those numbers could be much higher nearly 60% reduction in transmission. infections and 55% reduction in mortality that's what the modeling shows us and said this is why we think it's really important to try to get as many people as possible to use that.
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>>so obviously a very doctor hot hot tray state is very possibilities of this now the app is free of course and available in 15 languages and in addition to having to choose to opt the psychology users can also choose to opt out. >>reporting from francisco in college on 40 thank you so much marine. >>let's go to the east bay because restaurants in contra costa county are struggling to follow the new stay at home order that requires only takeout or delivery kron four's charles clifford joins us now live from danville he is following the story for us why our restaurants following the rules joc. >>you know it's been a very tough year for the restaurant industry this time of year the holidays as usually a great time for them with lots holiday parties and catering events but this year it was already going to be slow and
3:20 pm
now we have this new stay at home order which is limiting restaurants to takeout delivery only and they are struggling here in danville where i'm at restaurants have really been trying to figure out how to stay afloat. >>it's terrible laying off people you work with every day. rugby worth is the owner of the peasant the pair in downtown danville he says that since the beginning of the pandemic he's had to close 5 of his restaurants around the bay area and lay off hundreds of people just moved his danville restaurant into this new building which has a large patio he wanted to be able to serve customers outside but due to the new stay at home order it's it's empty just losing money hand over fest. >>it's it's it's a jedinak you don't know what we're going to do one day to the other a few other restaurants and danville have chosen to defy the new health order and served people outside anyway that has provoked a response from law it's got to the point where we've got some businesses that are not following the order. >>if we see people that are in
3:21 pm
outright defiance of the order we will be issuing citations but the police chief says that they are walking a fine line technically they can issue citations to any business that breaks the rules, the restaurant's their customers are the heart of danville's downtown the chief says that he would prefer that everyone find a way to make the situation work safely there is a huge network of people that work hard to make danville such a great place and were. we do recognize that and we we we empathize a great deal with the people that are suffering as a result of. >>the covid virus and the response back at the present the pair romney says that for now they will only offer take-out service what people do with their food is up to them and you know just places that are. >>people get together. but it's just it's not a restaurant, you know can do in the restaurant right now. all right back live contra costa county stay at home orders expected to last. >>through at least january but
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for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>thank you charles and still ahead here at 3.45 will be speaking with a local doctor who has looked at covid at the pfizer covid-19 vaccine data let us what he thinks of it really works and find out when mass amounts of the vaccine will arrive in the bay area and also we wear them all the time we should be anyway. but will mass become a thing of the past will they be needed after people get the covid vaccine. i am robert strickler.
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>>experts will still be recommending masks and social distancing once vaccinations get underway in the u.s.. they say the effect of of the vaccine. likely won't kick in for a couple of weeks with full protection expected weeks after the second shot. experts also warn that vaccinated people could still get infected and spread the virus but at a much lower rate. the country could reach herd immunity as early as may. happening right now free covid-19 testing is expanding in west oakland, starting today and every thursday until the end of the month. there will be free testing at mount sinai missionary baptist church this is in partnership with the west oakland health center testing starts at 11:00am and ends at 3.30 results will be given between one to 3 days later drive-thru testing is available along
3:26 pm
with walk-up testing no appointments are necessary. also a free food distribution will be taking place at noon. to north bay now in free covid-19 testing also opened up today in petaluma it's located at the sonoma marin fair grounds the testing site will run from 07:00am until 07:00pm and also be open on. week days. the tests are free and people do not need an id. >>next here at 3.30 different groups pushing to be first in line to receive the covid-19 vaccine, what bay area based company sent its request to the cdc today and why they're saying that they need to be first in line. also the fda, an emergency and the u.s.. a government advisory panel has just endorsed pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. what we know about it and how that we'll turn into shots getting into people's arms. that's right after the break. and tracking dry and clear conditions for us here in the
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>>all right breaking news here at 3 one step forward in the fight against coronavirus that has already killed about 300,000 people in the united states in the last 30 minutes. an fda us government advisory panel has endorsed pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. this
3:30 pm
happened just before we came on air or 3 o'clock and this panel voted that pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the benefits outweigh its risks for use in individuals, 16 years of age and older 17 members voted yes for voted against and one person abstained from voting. a final fda decision is expected within days they're going to look at what this advisory panel discovered and what they have approved and recommended and endorsed and then make a final decision but here's what we know about the vaccine, let's go through some of the key points right now it is given in 2 doses. weeks apart and result show it is 95% effective there are some side effects which includes sore arms and minor aches and pains. doctors in the uk reported that 2 vaccine recipients who both suffer from severe allergies did have allergic reactions to the vaccine. british regulators are now advising those with severe allergic reactions to
3:31 pm
avoid being vaccinated at this time. the pfizer vaccine must also be stored -94. degrees. now the state of california is expected to get 327,000 doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine which we divvied up and shipped to county health departments and hospitals. the first people to get the shots health care personnel working at hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, the bay area health departments are all expected to be getting some of the first batches to arriving maybe by tuesday possibly as late as next friday. alameda county is expected to receive almost 14,000 doses contra costa 10,000. moran and napa counties have been slated to get just under 2000 doses of peace, san francisco is expected to get about 12,000 shots, san mateo county is expected to get nearly 6,000 shots and santa clara counties also expecting to get just over 17,000 sonoma county
3:32 pm
thinks it will be getting about 5,000 in solano county estimates it will get nearly 8,000. but it's a 2 dose vaccine and health departments are being told not to hold back any shots for that second round but just give them all out to first time recipients. santa clara county health officials said that moderna that vaccine could get approval from this advisory panel a week from today which means that close to 700,000 more doses could be headed to california right after that with about 40,000 going to santa clara county and if all goes well, they said they're expecting to be getting shipments of vaccines on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future again, a final fda decision though is expected to be coming within days and millions of shots would then be shipping out so those vaccinations for health care workers and nursing home residents can start. i should add that widespread access to
3:33 pm
the general public is not expected. until the spring. now today uber wrote a letter to the cdc asking them to zed does designate it's ride-hail and delivery drivers as non health essential workers who would be entitled to an early covid-19 vaccine distribution the company said its drivers continue to provide critical transportation for essential workers and allowed others to stay home in order food. the letter comes as several industry groups, including the food production agriculture consumer goods and trucking industries are also asking officials to prioritize their workers for early vaccine distribution. and our coverage of today's vaccine announcement will continue online. there you can find more stories including a breakdown of all the different covid-19 vaccine candidates as well as essential workers could be a priority to receive the shots, it's all right there on our website kron 4 dot com. and with a covid-19 vaccine on the way in the
3:34 pm
u.s., the fbi is now warning people to be on the lookout for coronavirus vaccine scams. they say you should be wary of any telemarketing email or website advertising early access to a vaccine. fbi officials say no american should have to pay for the vaccine and anyone telling them that they have to is wrong. they believe in some cases scammers may use counterfeit vaccines which would be ineffective and potentially toxic for those who take the shots. and the fda has also approved the first non prescription at home a covid-19 test. the agency has granted emergency use authorization for lab corps pixel coronavirus kit anyone, 18 and older can buy one and collect nasal swab samples at home samples are then sent to a lab core facility in positive or inconclusive results are delivered by phone or through your healthcare provider. if the results are negative note users will be notified by email or through an online portal the pixel
3:35 pm
caps have been in use for months but only now is it available over the counter and you can get one on lab corps website. governor gavin newsom's businesses got 3 million dollars in relief loans during the pandemic that is more than 8 times the amount that was originally reported governor newsom is tied to 9 businesses in the plump jack group a collection of wineries bars that are shops and restaurants. the 3 million dollars in loans was split among the businesses through the small business paycheck protection program. however, the coven or put his businesses into a blind trust before he took office last year so he would not have participated in the decisions to obtain the loans. governor newsom though is already facing some criticism for violating his own health orders by dining with a large group at the french laundry restaurant in napa last month. house speaker nancy pelosi publicly defended representative eric swalwell today after it was revealed
3:36 pm
that he had connections to a suspected chinese spy. the woman at the center of the operation. christine fang took part in fund raising activities for swalwell's 2014 reelection campaign and later helped place and in turn in swalwell's office. while another congressional leaders, including pelosi were informed of before in connection by the fbi in 2015. when squabble immediately cut off contact with fang who was no longer in the country. the revelations were released on tuesday and that caused an uproar within the republican leadership with house minority leader kevin mccarthy calling for swalwell to lose his seat on the house intelligence committee swalwell has not been accused of any improper dealings by the fbi. all right there is some rain moving our way we want to get all the details right now so take a quick live look outside here along the golden gate bridge. it's been about a month since our first serious rainfall so let's get the details now from our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez what's the timing look like hey they're just seeing it looks like we're
3:37 pm
some light bands of rain for those of you in the north bay as early as friday night right now we're tracking our radar and we are seeing very dry clear conditions but we're going to wake up to a lot of high cloud cover and then by friday night going to start to notice those light bands of rain arriving by around 9 o'clock in the evening for those of you in the north bay. >>this overnight storm is going to bring us some light rain widespread showers for most of the bay area through saturday morning but by saturday afternoon we're going to dry out not clear out still tracking that cloud cover because of storm number 2 right behind that one this one is set to arrive during the overnight hours very early sunday morning for those of you in the north bay expect light to moderate showers with this storm as it becomes widespread by sunday afternoon and even sticking around through sunday night and then shortly after midnight that's when we're going to notice drier and clear conditions so just how much rain are we expected to get for us here in the bay area pretty impressive
3:38 pm
rain totals, especially for those of you in the north bay when it's all said and done you could easily get about an inch and a quarter of rain everyone else in the bay area getting a little more than half of an inch of rain or less lesser amounts for those of you in parts of the south bay and even that southern end of the san francisco peninsula with mountain view also. >>getting slightly less than half an inch of rain but we're all expecting to notice those showers. details ahead on your microclimate friday outlook because we're going to continue with the cooling trend as well coming up in your full forecast back to you just in thank you so much for recent. >>now coming up what chinese flight attendants are being advised to wear when they're on flights so they don't catch covid-19. and calling all parents and kids at heart there are some changes coming to mcdonald's, happy meals. caused by bad bacteria in food?
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>>it's time when we check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight marni hughes is joining us live from chicago with the preview. hi marty. hey there thank you we're going to take talking with a lawyer tonight representing more than 100 minneapolis police officers who have left a job following the death of george floyd in may why some are citing symptoms of ptsd and what he feels is needed to mend a fractured relationship between the community and police. >>also my colleague joe donlon will be speaking with a doctor who was part of the 3rd phase of the pfizer vaccine study
3:42 pm
what he says it was like to see the first people receiving that vaccine. and just we've got my interview tonight with adam angle. he's from the chicago white sox how he is helping thousands of kids and families in need one stadium seat at a time along with other professional athletes and coaches, his personal experience as well plane and some empty stadiums throughout the pandemic we'll see you for all of that tonight on news nation looking forward to it thank you so much morning. news nation airs on wgn america 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the channel's listed right here more details are available on our website kron 4 dot com and we'll be right back. still ahead following today's hearing an fda panel has approved. >>the pfizer vaccines we're going to be talking live with a stanford infectious disease expert sunday and see if
3:43 pm
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3:45 pm
>>our top story right now is that the fda. an advisory panel has just endorsed. the new pfizer covid-19 vaccine. there are a lot of questions about the side effects is effectiveness we want to check in with the stanford doctor who has looked at all the data to get his thoughts right now we're joined by doctor dean winslow the infectious disease
3:46 pm
specialist at stanford. thank you for joining us here. thank you for having me a scale of one to 10. how excited are you 10 being the most excited that this pfizer vaccine got this endorsement today. >>i would honestly say i'm a probably about 10 9.5 or so on a on a 10 point scale. this really is good news and again i all of us are are hoping the vaccine will be really one of the key elements in truly controlling this terrible pandemic. >>so a final fda decision is expected within days do you think that they'll go with what the advisory committee is recommending. >>i believe they will it's actually very unusual that there. the you know just not take the recommendation of their advisory committee in the end this is a real excellent advisory committee that that they put together. so i would be very very surprised if a the pushes back at all. >>ok so then what the fda says
3:47 pm
yes we're in they already have these shots like in viles with needles and syringes ready to go and then the shipments starts. >>exactly correct and that of course again you have the distribution of the vaccine is fairly complicated. there you know are some policies into certain medical center sending them already accepted to terms to receive some of the very first doses of the vaccine, still a little bit unclear from my perspective that you know the exact priority of you know who will actually get the limited supplies of vaccine first. the rollout to what i've been told is that stand for will actually be receiving its first supplies. a vaccine as early as the 16th of december. >>and would you be first in line to to get them. >>well i will i will you know gain just wait in line all wait my turn like everyone else, but i speaking for
3:48 pm
probably just about every infectious disease specialist in the country you know we believe these 2 messenger rna vaccines that closest to approval right now and probably the the end of our respective vaccine has been studied extensively in europe. all 3 of these vaccines more than 70% effective in preventing infection from covid-19 and are very safe. so i think there very health care workers are going to pushing back about they're getting the getting the vaccine. >>so is this a a big step today in putting an end to this virus and when would some like me just kind of an everyday person be be getting a shot you think. >>again i think it depends again how many doses of vaccine that we can get you know in the united states is is you know you know this has to go through you know regular contracting and purchasing sorts of agreements again priority will be to get this
3:49 pm
to really as many americans as possible in the shortest time possible. so you know my my guess is that a majority of americans will have the opportunity to get. one of these vaccines by the middle of 2021. and that's really good again you know we've all heard the term herd immunity and what this means is that when you get above a certain percentage of the population it's to to infection that doesn't stop immediately, but it falls pretty quickly. so i think this is really great news for the u.s. and for the world. >>and what percentage of people do you want to see get the shot in order to achieve that herd immunity. >>yes, so the epidemiologist all say you know based on what's called a or not or those sort of reproductive for this said this particular virus that it's estimated that in the 60 to 70% of the population needs to be immune
3:50 pm
before transmission drops off you know the significant rate. so again that would be my hope it again at least 6070% of the u.s. population takes the vaccine. you know develops immunity to it. of course you know in the meantime it just needs is so so important that people continue to do the things they should be doing with the social distancing a rigorous wearing of masks and avoiding the crowded indoor events. >>so with the this advisory panel endorsing pfizer's vaccine. moderna's next does this sort of set the framework for moderna to get the green light or they're just you know apples and oranges. >>no i believe so you have the vaccines are somewhat similar they're both it will be called messenger rna vaccines. express these spike protein which is the major a protein on the surface of the virus that binds to the receptors sign that the effort all sounds of human beings. and
3:51 pm
again they work by an identical the the and the pfizer vaccine showed greater than 95% effectiveness in preventing symptomatic covid-19 infection and we're very very safe in the clinical trials that were done so i think this bodes well for emergency use application as well. >>and do you think this fight hopefully, 70% herd immunity how long are we going to be wearing masks for is that just like a thing that's going to be a thing from here on out. >>well i might my sense is it will probably be a good idea, you know for people really to wear masks and do all the things that we know work to reduce transmission of these fires at least the latter part next year. again you know the virus is not going to go away immediately and you still have a small percentage of people where you know you you have potentially transmission from person to person even with 70%
3:52 pm
of the population you know again i i strongly recommend people wear you know at at least 4. so they had to live for the next year based the s now bowl. >>while doctor dean lindh's with winslow an infectious disease specialist the stanford thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 this afternoon, a big day we're we're a step closer to having a vaccine here in the united states. this man, thank you thank you. meanwhile, chinese airline officials are warning their flight attendants to wear diapers to ward off covid-19 infections by avoiding the plane's bathroom. new guidelines that were listed say that disposable undergarments work as personal protective equipment just like mask goggles shoe covers that are all recommended for flight crews. this advice is coming after the cdc study in august found that coronavirus can
3:53 pm
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charity of your choice really quickly mcdonald's is increasing the price of its happy meals starting next month for decades, the company has been paying a $300 subsidy to franchises to cover the cost of toys included in happy meals and they're going to stop doing that. in january happy meals sell for roughly $3 and $0.76 nationwide and with that subsidy gone that price could increase about $0.20 or more with donald says it does not set the prices of its menu items but rather let sit franchisees decide to spending on the location but what's a happy meal without a toy. and what is kron 4 news at 3 without brees and the just in that sub s transition over thank so much we'll take a live look outside and the east bay over berkeley clear skies temperatures as you head out the door. >>50's along the coast and even through the east bay shoreline with widespread low to mid 60's as you make your way inland and overnight lows tonight in the low to mid
3:57 pm
40's, especially around the bay area shoreline but upper 30's for most of our valley's including napa conquered and livermore near freezing temperatures for santa rosa cooling down to 32 degrees the cooling trend will continue for your friday afternoon widespread upper 50's for your daytime highs which is average for this time of year we've been spoiled with the mild weather but then finally rain returns this weekend to >>part of that for sure thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3. >>we'll see you back here tonight at 5, 6 and in prime i'm just in love and have a great afternoon. aaaah! nooooo nooooo quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. bounty, the quicker picker upper. diddeodorants onlysome alumask odor? secret aluminum free helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it.
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