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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 11, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>news station you're watching the car. good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston t g i f hello friday, it's nice to see you it's december 11th 2020 lets us start newscast with a check of your forecast. >>i heard there's some rain on the way let's check in with john and see if it's coming soon and how much you're going to get hey john hey robin yount finally looking at some rainfall in the forecast ahead of us we've been dry for multiple weeks now so this is exactly the change that we need to see now most of your daytime hours today should remain dry. we're certainly dry out there. this morning will be later on mostly past
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sunset tonight that showers begin to arrive across the bay area as for your berkeley cam skies looking nice and clear all the way out to the coastline should be a smooth drive into work this morning pretty business as usual as you are venturing outside this morning. >>definitely some noticeable cloud cover that is scooted in across the bay area you can see that here on radar that veil of clouds that sitting right across the region to our west we are seeing those showers that are beginning to encroach on the bay area mostly remaining offshore will initially start to see the long along the north coast of the state sonoma county you're going to be a region of the bay area that gets into the rainfall first possibly right around your commute time tonight. rest of the bay area going to be tracking the showers a bit later on mostly past sunset as i mentioned at all spell that out for you more in your full forecast just around the corner as for temperatures right now we're in the 40's and 50's with oakland at 46 degrees hayward at 52 pittsburgh, you're of 49
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while the north bay is back down in the 30's this morning santa rosa 35 degrees while petaluma say alina and napa each at 37 degrees currently pretty similar all in all to where we were yesterday at this time to get the jacket ready to go as you venture outside expect dry conditions this morning wake-up planner shows those 30's and 40's as i just mentioned and this afternoon even before showers get here already some changes a bit more cloud cover and temperatures on the cooler side only rising into the 50's for your afternoon highs today compared to the 70's we had just days ago this forecast finally starting to feel a little bit more like december supposed to now it's still pretty early so there shouldn't be a whole lot of us on the roads just yet i know we got early risers watching now and you got to know what it's like on the road. reyna harvey is here for that this morning and it looks up to you know, don it's pretty empty right now, but like you mentioned it's really cold i grab my really big winter jacket bundle up and head out for the community you're going want to do that as well. >>if you're driving out of his leaving east bay this morning
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pretty chilly but the commute makes up for all of that so we're going to look at the bay ridge right now if you take in the 80 westbound you can see here. traffic is nice and light your commute under 10 minutes right now from the maze to the fremont street exit and it looks really good. heading from the east into the city right now. and the san mateo bridge look at this the westbound side always very busy the commuter side. he will making their way into the peninsula right now 8.80 to one o one under 15 minutes for your commute. so the drives got to be nice for us this morning and let's get a look at your traffic across the bay area everything is in the green except for here fremont to bayfront expressway that's about 11 minutes, but still pretty swift for you. here at the j coated and they'll 12 minutes for your drive live a more you can see it 5.86 a dublin 10 minutes and 1 one to the split in san francisco, 10 minutes, we'll have a look at more of your drive times coming up in a minute the robin back to you sounds good. thank you reena. >>our top story that we're following for you this morning
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pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is a step closer to coming to the bay area. the fda could vote to approve the vaccine for emergency use as soon as today. an advisory panel of experts endorsed the pfizer a coronavirus vaccine following hours of virtual testimony or washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has details. >>and that concludes the vote we do have a table below the fda advisory panel voted in favor of approving pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. this after the fda heard hours of testimony thursday pfizer's senior vice president of clinical research and development told the fda the company hasn't found serious safety concerns was observed frequently it ensure along with others the state. she was working for the pfizer executive also said the side effects are usually mild to moderate and consistent with what's expected from a trial that involves many people who are older or have co-morbidities evan find a
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participant in the pfizer trial told the fda he believes he received the real vaccine experienced only mild side effects and has not contracted covid-19 in the 5 months since his first owes. >>after compelling reason not to authorize it. it's simply immoral and unethical to deny think the health care workers first responders who want it. >>nevada senator jacky rosen has a message for americans worrying the vaccine was developed to quickly we have to trust that the there's no ulterior motives of that's what people are thinking up the whole world we iris is attrcking all of and we have to get out of together despite emergency use authorization for the vaccine. the fda and pfizer's say they will continue to monitor and study participants in the trials and the effects of the vaccine in washington. alexandra le mon. president elect biden is thanking those responsible for the vaccine releasing a statement that reads in part quote.
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>>we are grateful to the scientists and public health experts who evaluated the safety and efficiency of this vaccine free from political influence, the integrity of science led us to this point and quote. well if the pfizer vaccine is approved that it shipped out 5,000 doses from the first batch will arrive at john muir medical center in walnut creek hospitals is already to receive those shipments of vaccine and get those shots out to the people shot in the arm, the vaccine needs to be stored at below freezing temperature and the medical center has the right freezers on hand to do just that. now the first round of doses will go to frontline healthcare workers. >>when i think about our staffing we have to think about 2 very different things the first is how do we ensure that we continue to manage the search right now are stretching is good on that front. and then the second piece is how do we get ready to wrap up our tax nation or. >>well since the pfizer vaccine requires 2 shots about
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2500 john muir medical workers will get vaccinated from the first batch. well another us pharmaceutical company awaiting fda clearance on a vaccine as modern a the agency will consider it next thursday moderna claims that its vaccine. to be more than 94% affective the biotech company expects about 20 million doses air mark for the u.s. by the end of the month side effects noted were fatigue muscle aches and injection site pain after the vaccine's so be ready for that. now that we know a coronavirus vaccine is on the way the fbi is warning people to be on the lookout for vaccine. scams. yeah, it's happening. the worry of any telemarketing emails or website advertising for early access to a vaccine. fbi officials say that no american should have to pay for the vaccine so keep that in mind the agency believes that in some cases scammers might even use counterfeit vaccines which
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would be ineffective of course and potentially even dangerous. well the state of california is expected to get 327,000 doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. bay area public health departments are expecting the first batch to arrive by next tuesday. but possibly as late as friday. the distribution order has broken down to 3 years so the first one includes health care workers. long-term care facility, residents and staff paramedics emts and others providing emergency medical services and then we have to your to immediate care facilities. home health care and supportive services community health workers and public health fill staff and then there is the last one that's 2 or 3 specialty clinics lab workers dental and oral health clinics and also pharmacy staff were not working in settings that are at higher risk for higher tiers. well supply of the vaccine will be limited at first, but now some other groups want to move up to the front line a group of getting workers including uber drivers are petitioning politicians to
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get top priority for the vaccine, some teachers in the bay area are also requesting to get the vaccine as soon as possible. so one thing is clear the plan is to have people living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities that's an 8 in along with medical workers. >>also makes sense to say well who the people who are greatest risk of dying. because we can get the save the most lives by getting them vaccinated or and we know who they are they're older people in nursing or other on terror, she's just so the. >>well first responders will be the 3rd group in line to get the vaccine after health care workers and people in nursing homes. it can now download an app on your smartphone to track covid-19 cases the state launched an out call ca notify. if you have an android phone you can just go ahead and download the ca notify app from google play the google play store. but if you have an iphone the covid tracker software it's actually
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a part of the latest ios update on your phone and all you have to do is agree to it. an opt in and boom you have it governor newsom says that the app is anonymous and will not track keith or collect your personal data. the app works by letting users know if they were near another app user who has tested positive. >>a lot of people don't know who that close contact side they don't know who they you know they being on the bus window on the names of colleagues at work. this could be a really useful tool for us to be able to love those individuals who have been in close contact. but out contact tracing team on able to reach. >>well in addition to having to opt into the service users can also change their mind. and later opt out if you choose to do so so you have to worry about that all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a stay at home order is going to affect in sonoma county tomorrow plus restaurant owners are finding a loophole in the health order to stay open. we'll talk about that after the break and the changes that are coming to the
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dmv what you need to know coming up.
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>>welcome back everyone, the times for 13 good morning t g i f thank you for waking up with us the big weather story today. rain we need it desperately it's been a while let's check in with john travel and see when that rain is heading our way do the
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girl, how you do here looks good out there this morning at some conditions that are showing signs of change we were in the 70's and sunny earlier this week. >>now what we're looking at this weekend is some shower activity finally across the bay is robin alluded to it has been too long now so even though it's not ideal for your shopping in stuff. we definitely do need this rainfall. here's the chart our view right here is looking at some clear skies low cloud cover is sitting right overhead but no fog out there so you're you as you're heading into work is just find your morning commute going to be easy peasy is later on today that things do start to get a little bit dicey low cloud cover sits across the bay area right now you can see that here in radar view and to our west since that cold front that's going to be pushing our direction giving us the shower activity we're back in the midst of cooler air today that means daytime highs in the 50's under this cloud cover too so leave the house this morning with that jacket in hand you're certainly going to
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need to be even before the rainfall gets here and making rain jacket too because after sunset tonight is when most of the showers begin to arrive, this is 05:45pm tonight, starting to see widespread light showers across the north bay showers push further deeper on into the bay area come the middle of the night tonight, she'll be going to bed listening to the pitter patter of some rainfall on into tomorrow morning more and more of that and snow up in the sierra nevada and then into tomorrow afternoon and evening we take a breather from the rain but only a short break as a second push of energy pushes on into the bay area come sunday to sunday's rain will come along with snowfall returning to the sierra nevada and cascades and last with us on into the finish of the day before we dry out into monday and tuesday of next week. how much rain are we looking at here by the finish of saturday, it's going to be around a quarter to a half an inch of rainfall for most areas definitely not a gully washer that's going to be resulting in too many issues, especially since it's over the weekend and commutes
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will be a little bit lighter. but it will still make for some wet roadways and somebody conditions out there so just take note of that you're pretty typical staff when you see a good soaking rain like we're about to see 50's for today's daytime highs and it doesn't matter whether you're at the coast or further inland we're all back down into that range of 50's now as i mentioned earlier we were in the 70's earlier this felt it you're probably like the field to monday and tuesday. well today feel a lot more like winter. so you want to be prepared for that as you venture out there mid to upper 50's across the east bay with berkeley at 55 oakland and san leandro 57 each the label also at 57 with fairfield pittsburgh in antioch each at 58 degrees for your highs. let's get a look at your next 7 days daytime highs will be just a touch warmer saturday and sunday. but we stay pretty close to seasonal averages all the way through this forecast as i just showed you we do have our best rainfall on saturday and sunday dry out briefly on monday and tuesday
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and then another slight chance of rain wednesday and thursday. rain. >>all right john take advantage of the sunshine while we have it and this nice commute while it's here before it starts to rain and slow us down later on in the day. all right, let's get a look at the bay bridge you can see here the west bound moving into from the oakland into san francisco. the city is looking great right now there is an accident that is on near 106 on the east bound 5.80 doesn't seem to be causing any traffic this morning but again you do want to know that if you're leaving that area, the drive time looks great. it's under 8 minutes here commute so it's moving along to the fremont street exit here and in the richmond bridge. this was always pretty light starting out in the early morning, you can see here westbound moving here i headed from richmond into sandra fell again from the tolls to one oh one comey looks great under 10 minutes for your drive time so it's going to look great for the next few hours until the traffic starts to pick up everybody really starts in the role. all right and a quick check at our drive times you can see here 5.80 livermore
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dublin about 10 minutes everything is green across the map 6.80 dublin fremont 13 minutes look at that 8.80 leandro to milpitas 20 minutes drive in the air pete is the sunnyvale one oh one look at that under 5 minutes for your drive, we'll have more drive times and more check of the bridge is coming up. so send it back to you nice are off to a fantastic start thank you reena. >>well a stay at home order is now in effect in the greater sacramento area and will continue for at least 3 weeks doug johnson was in sacramento yesterday as residents tried to squeeze and what is likely their final restaurant meal of 2020. >>to support our small businesses and restaurants injured dak and helen cox came out to the knowing they won't be able to dine at a restaurant again until 2021. sex, so we can't possibly come on do this, but you know i did it is what it is. >>we we do we can stay home order to ban all on site dining at restaurants allowing them to offer only pick up
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orders to go. >>it was the last day of class for all the time in order for another 30 so we figured just if be able to enjoy out my door dining steve samara says his heart just breaks for all the employees were losing their jobs just before the holidays speaking with waitress here and she's. >>it was the last patient you know, i'm like a literally kept a well on several different locations around sacramento, telling fox 40 they're booked solid all day. a rush to get haircuts before the ban goes into place. >>wineries bars breweries and distilleries also must close even more people will be out of work i just hope you know that the senate and united states quickly on a stimulus package so. >>of workers can weather this. >>ange comes after the icu capacity there dipped below 15% just days ago. well talks
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over the new covid-19 relief package are on hold again, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told negotiators gop centers, not the senators will not support a slim down liability shield for companies from any potential virus related lawsuits. well, the measure was proposed exchange for democrats proposal to add a 160 billion dollars for cash strapped states and cities. well the house has decided to until at least tuesday. temporarily suspending behind the wheel driving test for at least 2 weeks you have a little more time to study the dmv announced a series of service changes that will go into effect next monday. and of course is in light of the recent spike in covid-19 cases people who had a test scheduled will automatically receive a notice for a new time so don't worry about that motorcycle applicants are not affected. and we posted a list of services in those changes on our website. so if you like
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to take a look and see how you're going to be impacted by set over to kron 4 dot com. coming up next on rhe crop morning news east bay congressman eric swalwell faces calls to resign over his past connection to a suspected spy from china. >>which lawmaker is coming to his defense that story coming up.
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>>welcome back everyone house speaker nancy pelosi is defending east bay, congressman eric swalwell over his connection with the suspected chinese spy. so report revealed a chinese woman help swalwell's 2014 election campaign. while he served as a city council member in dublin and later helped place an intern in swalwell's office. well in response, several republicans, including house leader kevin mccarthy. are calling for swalwell to lose his seat on the house intelligence committee speaker pelosi says she does not have any concern about swalwell's ability to stay on the committee. president elect joe biden's historically challenging transition to power is even more complicated by family ties a federal investigation is now underway into the finances of biden's son hunter but as kareen wynter reports the president elect is pushing forward on building his cabinet. >>at a time when president elect joe biden's efforts have been centered around assembling his new
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administration the focus has now shifted to controversial allegations he repeatedly faced and refuted on the campaign trail his son hunter biden's financial affairs and whether he engaged in any corrupt business deals. there's no truth. >>it is charges in the taxi is me my son 0 hunter biden is now the subject of a justice department investigation looking into some of his chinese business dealings and tax affairs biden on wednesday said he's taking this matter very seriously and is confident the quote a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate. >>that he handled his affairs legally and appropriately the presidentelect confirmed more key nominations as it continues to build his cabinet susan rice has been tapped as the director of his domestic policy council rice served as a national security adviser during the obama administration. another selection announced dennis mcdonald who served as mister obama's chief of staff was nominated for secretary of veterans affairs. >>still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news we talked to an infectious disease
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specialist about possible learn long-term side effects of the covid-19 vaccine will have an update on that story coming up.
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>>welcome back everyone the times for 28 good morning t g i f we have good news rain is on the way we're excited because we need the rain we need more snow. it's been a
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while john yes, it has definitely been a man at robin i'd we definitely needed as well as you mentioned, we've been dry for so long where in the 70's on monday and tuesday kind of forgot it was the winter season right well, it's back to it today, daytime highs in the 50's we have rain in the bay area and snow arriving in the sierra nevada, which is also very well come now this morning. it is nice and calm we are off to a smooth start you'll be driving into work amid some dry conditions little bit a low cloud cover up ahead but not really looking at much fog across the bay, there is some for inland valleys, especially. >>out towards the central valley itself swatch conditions out that direction radar shows you conditions this morning on the foggier cloudy side i should say you can make out that veil of cloud cover sitting right above us on radar currently showers still sitting offshore so nothing really drifting into the bay area just yet. but i'm going to be tracking this. i wouldn't expected until after sunset tonight for the vast majority of us
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temperatures right now we're in the 40's for most of our bayside in inland east bay cities, pittsburgh and hayward are 2 warmest spots at 5052 degrees well, the north bay certainly are coolest of spots napa nevado petaluma each at 37, while santa rose at a cool 35, this is definitely cooler than yesterday was for parts of the north bay and livermore you're also down 2 degrees from where we were 24 hours ago. later on today as i mentioned it's a little bit cooler out there daytime highs only in the mid to upper 50's as compared to the 70's we had earlier this week that is going to be a much cooler feel noticeably more cloud cover and then tonight the rainfall arrives will take us to the weekend too i'll give you more about the timing of all of it still to come. reyna all right don thanks for this is actually the perfect commute to start off your weekend here if you're. >>heading from the east bay into the city you can westbound into san francisco, very nice right now the commute is looking great from the maze to the fremont street exit less than in


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