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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  December 14, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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going to come out and begin our 5 o'clock newscast stand by. news station. thanks for joining us here at 5 o'clock i'm ken wayne and i'm tahernia in for pam moore. >>as we just heard from the presidentelect just moments ago the elec ago the electoral college voted and confirmed joe biden take office in january our washington correspondent kelli meyer has a look at this tradition and what it means for president trump. the 3rd congressional district. blake in state capitols across the country monday members of the electoral college took the next step in finalizing the 2020 presidential election. we have now cast 16 electoral college votes on behalf of the state of georgia. >>for joseph or biden as president of the united states stacey abrams former democratic candidate for governor of georgia was one of 16 electors in georgia to cast
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her ballot for joe biden and kamala harris former utah republican house speaker greg hughes was one of 6 electors to cast his ballot for donald trump, one of those election years all eyes are on this process despite several legal setbacks president trump continues to contest the outcome and still hasn't conceded to presidentelect biden abrams says after monday it won't matter regardless of his internal feelings about the outcome. i believe that we will have a transition of power in less than 40 days and that transition of power will include making certain that joe biden become. >>the 46 president the united states. >>republicans in congress have told me they will accept the results of the election after today. others may wait until january 6th that's when congress counts the ballots here on capitol hill, reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>a major shakeup in the trump administration tonight, president trump says attorney general william barr is resigning. >>he made the announcement on twitter today, the attorney
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general will leave just before christmas to spend the holidays with his family. deputy attorney general jeff rosen will become acting attorney general until the biden administration takes office. >>in other big election news early in person voting began today in the runoff elections for georgia's us senate seats with lines reported to be shorter in the first days of early voting, then for the general election last month. more than half of the record 5 million votes in the november, 3rd general election were cast during its 3 week early voting period. early in person voting could be even more important in the january 5th runoff because of the short period of voters for voters at a rather to request and returned ballots by mail. the 2 races in which democrats raphael warnock and soft try to oust republican senators kelly leffler and david perdue respectively we decide which party controls the u.s. senate. >>another big story we're following tonight is the state's shrinking icu capacity is the pfizer vaccine is on
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its way to the hospital. the vaccine is arriving as more than 13,000 people are hospitalized with covid here in california and here in the bay area. the number of available icu beds is hovering just under 17%. >>you can see the breakdown by region on your screen, the bay area region is at 16.7% that's close to the 15% threshold that would trigger the state's mandatory stay at home order. the greater sacramento, san joaquin valley and southern california regions are already under the state's stay at home order. and on the same day health workers finally started receiving the covid-19 vaccine. the united states has hit another grim milestone. >>more than 300,000 people have now died from the coronavirus in the united states. that's according to johns hopkins university, new york state has been hit the hardest with more than 35,000 deaths in california has the 3rd highest number of deaths with more than 21,000. >>as excited as many people are about the vaccine to medical experts in the bay
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area are unified in one belief. this vaccine is not going help us get out of our current surge of cases, mainly because this point there just aren't enough vaccines to go around. it's a point san francisco's health director emphasized during an update today kron four's dan kerman is live at san francisco city hall with more. >>citizen can we can tell you that that is exactly the case not enough doses to go around for this to really have an impact the san francisco's health director indicating that not only have cases gone up 50% since thanksgiving, but hospitalizations have doubled. this search. continues. >>with no signs of slowing during an online briefing monday, san francisco health director doctor grant colfax said covid cases in san francisco have ticked up 50% since thanksgiving with nearly 2900 now diagnosed and hospitalizations have doubled during the same period from 73 to a 148.
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>>if the hospital census keeps rising at the current rate, san francisco will run out intensive care unit beds within the next 3 to 4 weeks. >>while graham that's better than the initial projections which had san francisco, running out of icu beds a day or 2 after christmas colfax also made it clear the new vaccine is not going to help with the current search. >>the hope of this vaccine will not crush this curve. and was limited supply vaccine will not save us from this current increase searching hospitalizations well icu capacity in the bay area region stands at just above 17%. >>san francisco data reflects a better situation with icu capacity at 30%. but colfax says hospitalizations run 2 weeks behind cases meaning san franciscans must stay vigilant. >>police don't travel for the holidays, protect your loved ones. >>do your part sacrifice this
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year. so that we can all be together next year. stay home. do not gather wear a mask. our actions to save lives. >>and colfax says those actions. the one san franciscans take over the next week or 2 or 3. well really tell us what things are going to be like come january and february live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. all right dan thank you for that. >>health officials know how much vaccine is coming but they aren't exactly saying when it will arrive officials shared a few new details about the distribution plan today kron four's rob fladeboe has the details now live from san jose rob. >>that's right ken and late word from the county health department today that first shipment of covid-19 vaccine now will arrive here in the county sometime tomorrow, they'll be another shipment on friday and still more next
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week then it's a matter of getting out to hospitals, let's take a closer look. >>determined by the cdc and the state clark county health officials announcing monday that the first shipment of covid-19 vaccine will arrive here sometime tuesday with more due to arrive on friday. the county is expecting 17,550 doses of the pfizer vaccine. the first to receive the vaccine will be people and caregivers associated with the long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, followed by other health care workers all hospitals will get some vaccine from that first shipment says doctor marty fenstersheib. >>this is only the very first allocation and more vaccine will be coming over the next several weeks and months to eventually vaccinite everyone in our community. we also expect to receive 39,000 doses of the moderna vaccine. next week the county on monday also announcing it is revising some
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of its quarantine protocols. >>the revised guidelines consistent with those announced by the cdc and the california department of public health call for reducing from 14 to 10 days. the number of time for employees to stay away from work. after they have become exposed to someone who has tested positive for covid-19. >>however, because somebody can still get sick as far out as 14 days after their last exposure. we still recommend that everyone monitor themselves for symptoms through the full 14 days from the last time they were exposed or from when they returned from traveling as for how far the first vaccine will go. >>there are about 130,000 health care workers across the county. 70,000 or so work in hospitals so that first shipment of action will be enough for a little more than half of those individuals. >>this vaccine, arriving not a minute too santa clara county posted another 800 new covid-19 cases on saturday
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alone. hospitalizations now up to 491 just 45 icu beds available with capacity now down to just under 13% live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news rob. thank you for that in the east bay hospitals are ready to execute their plans to receive the covid-19 vaccine. >>today 2 of the bay area's major health care providers released information about their vaccine distribution plans. kron four's haaziq madyun has that part of our coverage. >>you're looking at video of a covid-19 vaccine storage freezer being installed at a kaiser permanente medical center in northern california kaiser officials say they anticipate the delivery of the first doses of the vaccine beginning as early as wednesday and thursday and have preparations in place to begin vaccinating frontline health care workers. the state of california is expected to get more than 300,000 vials of the vaccine officials at kaiser say their goal is to vaccinate people as quickly as
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possible following the criteria set forth by the national and state public health officials kaiser sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote we expect the initial allocations to be very limited and we're working to ensure an equitable distribution baseball. those health care workers in areas with higher risk for exposure. it goes on to say as supplies become more plentiful we will vaccinate more health care workers prioritized by their roles patient facing end employee facing activities and risk of exposure. unquote and we've also built the teams that will deploy those vaccines. the vice president of pharmacy at sutter health ryan stays says center has 300 people that have been working in preparation for the arrival of the vaccine in the more than 20 counties in which center is located in northern california he talks about their internal distribution plan we will do everything we can to make the does the vaccine you know those 14 members again regardless of role. everyone on the really
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correlated to their exposure to patients. here's what's going to drive that access while we're waiting for the vaccine to be made available to the general public which is estimated to be in the spring of 2021. >>health care professionals remind us that it is critical for everyone to keep using all available methods to reduce the spread of covid-19 including wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and social distancing. haaziq kron 4 news. >>time now for our 4 zone forecast a little break in the wet weather out there a break because we are expecting some rain across 4 meteorologist erica caturay joining us with what we can expect erica we're seeing some rain this week we are i'll talk more about that later on, but i want to recap what we saw over the weekend because it was good that we actually had that rain we really needed here in the bay area, san francisco, oakland hills and half moon bay saw over an inch of rain santa rosa as well and now pious
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actually had over 3 inches of rain over the weekend. here's a live look over temper on seeing clear skies. we saw some more of the series clouds out there and you can see that in the distance are current temperatures, 53 degrees there. winds are looking very light throughout the bay area at the moment so here's our satellite and radar right now you can see the whole state overall dry so different compared to what we saw over the weekend to the north of us 30 still getting some light rain should arrive here in the bay area late wednesday night i'll talk more about that later on in the newscast for now i'm going to send it back over to you >>erica thank you very much coming up, san francisco saying goodbye to a landmark restaurant why the cliff house is permanently shutting its doors. >>and california's attorney general is taking legal action against amazon. why the state's department of justice is requesting details on the
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company's covid-19 prevention roles plus history was made today in southern california with 5 icu nurses receiving the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine when and where the bay area could see its first round. >>vaccinations.
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>>really this year the vaccine is here those were the words of a southern california supervisor. after intensive care unit nurse has received the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine today.
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those first shots were given a kaiser permanente los angeles county this afternoon though it's an exciting turn of events. >>as kron four's noelle bellow reports the fight isn't over. >>i meant to suck asian in the fight against covid-19. more than 30,000 doses of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine arrived in california monday. frontline health care workers like kaiser permanente emergency room nurse, kim taylor were among the first to receive the what i want you guys to know is that help is on the way today is just first step for different health centers across the state of california received those doses of the vaccine. 17,000 doses went to kaiser permanente sunset in la county. in the bay area 2000 doses arrived at zuckerberg san francisco general come tuesday 24 additional sites across the state will receive their viles by week's end more than 327,000 doses will be available across the state. >>a proud to part of the
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vaccine studies. will be at the forefront of the national vaccine distribution for frontline health care workers and first responders will continue to be the first to receive the vaccine. >>and 21 days from now they'll get their second shots we have to be sober and my full. >>about the moment we are which is challenging and tried know this is a light at the end of a very long tunnel officials say we can't stop social distancing or wearing our masks because the situation remains dire in california. >>today we received as many doses in the entire state of california as there were new cases in the state of california over 33,000 new cases reported today more help is on the way as officials expect the moderna vaccine to be approved sometime this week. >>by the end of the month governor newsom expects the state to receive more than 2 million doses of covid-19 vaccines in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news.
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tonight california's attorney general is suing amazon claiming the company isn't cooperating with an investigation into workplace safety amid the pandemic. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>california attorney general have the best set announced monday he seeking a court order urging amazon to comply with subpoenas. the state has apparently been sending the company for months if amazon can deliver. >>85 inch tv should be able to deliver to the department of justice the straightforward information we officially requested of them nearly 4 months ago. >>the state's department of justice wants details on the company's covid-19 prevention protocols and sick leave policies along with information and data on infections and covid-19 related deaths at amazon facilities across california. the did not mention specific incidents or say how many complaints the department has received about the marketplace and shipping giant want to stress. >>investigation is ongoing and
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no determination has been made regarding the company's coronavirus protocols particularly amazon's limited responsiveness to date. i also want to stress. we don't have time to drag our feet in response an amazon spokesperson sent us a statement saying in part quote. >>we're puzzled by the attorney general sudden rush to court because we've been working cooperatively for months and their claims of noncompliance with their demands don't line up with the facts, the bottom line is that we're a leader in providing covid-19 safety measures for our employees we've invested billions of dollars in equipment and technology, including building on site testing for employees. >>and providing personal protective equipment california's occupational safety and health division has also launched an investigation into the company. the agency monday did not say how many complaints it's received about amazon either the attorney general's office monday set a court date has not yet been set in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>governor gavin newsome could face a recall organizers say
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they've collected more than half the nearly one 0.5 million petition signatures that are needed to place a recall on the ballot. state records show just less than 300,000 signatures have been filed but organizers say another 500,000 are in the pipeline. the recall effort appears to be gaining momentum. after news was seen dining at the upscale french laundry restaurant while telling the state's residents to stay home. the group efforting the recall started gathering signatures in june and have about 3 more months to hit the required one 0.5 million signatures. >>and now to our 4 zone forecast, yeah, we have a little erica is here to tell us said more rain is headed our way which is good news, yeah i am more rain in the middle of this week, i'll talk more about that later on right now, let's take a look outside san francisco, the golden gate bridge you can see winds are actually a very light if you look out at the flag in the distance, it's not even moving the current temperature here in the city is about 52
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degrees seeing mostly clear skies out in the south bay. we're also in the lower 50's 54 in alameda, 58 in valais ho currently in the sun numbers are exactly where we're supposed to be this time of the year. so the reason why it's 2 days because of this high pressure that is building. but of course we will be seeing some changes. we do have a coastal flood advisory that will be in effect through tomorrow about 1 o'clock because of those king tides. these are the highest tides of the year so be careful we could see some minor flooding along the coast. so a look at our overnight low temperatures 39 in mountain view, 42 in napa 31 degrees so we will be a little below freezing so you could see some patchy frost out there in the morning, here's a look at our temperatures tomorrow around 7 will be in the mid 40's on the bay and inland areas will be chilly so have those extra layers on by 9 o'clock will be up to about 50 degrees along the coast. so high
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temperatures tomorrow here in the city pretty similar to what we saw today for our daytime highs along the coast are looking at 50's 58 in half moon bay 60 in south san francisco 61 in burlingame out in san 61 degrees a powwow to 58 the south bay. we're looking at upper 50's we will see an increase in our cloud cover tomorrow sun all we're looking 58 degrees 59 in walnut creek vacaville daytime highs, 57 degrees and out in the north bay temperatures pretty normal for this time of the year so in a bit we'll tell you more about that rain we can expect to see wednesday night. it's nice to see rain again here in the bay area we need it all right. thank you erica. >>still ahead on an almost a century old restaurant in san francisco permanently closing its doors. we'll take a look at just how hard the pandemic is hitting restaurants here in the bay area.
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>>the san francisco landmark restaurant, the cliff house announced that they're going to permanently shutter the 157 year-old establishment on december 31st kron four's maureen kelly reports on the latest loss to the city's dining scene. >>the current proprietors close the cliff house temporarily back in july but now they're shuttering for good at the end of the month. they say the pandemic is only partially to blame. but news of this venerable local
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institution folding is casting a chill on the city's dining scene gates have been pulled shut and for lease signs are up all over downtown san francisco. the san francisco chamber of commerce got their hands on some sobering spending trend data from mastercard at the end of november just based on zip codes and other financial district >>85% of bars and restaurants were closed and was an increase from the month around again this is data based on. you actually get a spending some of those could be holiday closures due to thanksgiving. >>and the chamber does not have an exact list a permanent closures at this time. the owner of delhi board on folsom street decided after a staff member tested positive to start their holiday closure now reopening january 2nd. but hearing the news about the cliff house, he's concerned about what the city's dining scene will look like once this pandemic is over you know eventually when people start to really move around again i
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think though really feel the u.s. >>kind of what has happened over the last 12 months here in san francisco, one knocks in the obituary column that makes my heart hurt that scored and drysdale the culinary director at us it's another old-school san francisco restaurant that's hanging on with takeout cocktails to go and are now offering a chippy no meal kit for the holidays. but he says their customers need to come anybody that cares about little independent restaurants, mom and pop the middle tier of the segment. >>anybody that is a fan of that really needs to get out and and show their support especially if they don't want to see their favorite institutions go away forever. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>coming up next doctors are cautioning people who have had covid-19 to be careful when they exercise tell you about the links the virus has shown to muscle inflammation. a
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major concern tonight over distrust for the covid vaccine especially in the black community where these anxieties are coming from. plus exactly how how
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>>kron 4 begins a deep dive into the covid-19 vaccines in hopes of answering some of the questions that we've been getting. >>in part one of our


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