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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 15, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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minute apart from each other yeah we did not feel it here in the studio but we've heard that from a lot of folks around the bay area from the north bay to the east bay to the south bay a lot of folks to fill a good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us. >>on a tuesday morning what a way to wake up were sleeping in bed this morning, i'm robin winston and i'm james fletcher yeah, let's get over to the weather center with john trouble. >>john that you mentioned earlier described as nature's alarm normally it's the cold that wakes us up but today it's the cold and a little bit of a trimble out there a lot of you across the bay area reporting having felt the right at the start of the 7 o'clock hour 6.58 followed immediately. >>by another quake at 6.59 these quakes actually kind of ran together for a lot of you see it felt a little bit of shaking maybe a dip in the shaking and then a resurgence of it right after that now these quakes were both centered just east of morgan hill on the calaveras fault in santa clara county. they were felt especially for our
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residents in the south bay, but as far north as marine county we had a viewer earlier calling in san francisco, the outer richmond district saying they felt it. the east bay as lots of reports down into monterey county 2 so 2 quakes one after the next the first thing a 3.7 the second just a little bit lighter at a 3.6 occurring just before 7 o'clock this morning, i've been interacting with you guys on twitter a whole lot of you felt it all across the bay area and definitely woke a few of you up to had one viewer reporting it almost felt like a jolt of thunder at their house there too so definitely will a lot of us up this get your adrenaline going i guess for tuesday morning get you out the door so far no reports of damage but definitely a whole lot of reports on the usgs site of people feeling that we're approaching 3,000 people on that side alone saying that they felt that quake about an hour ago here across the bay keep if you
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felt with us on twitter and we'll keep you updated on if we do have another quite possibly. anymore shaking that we may be feeling in the south bay back to you guys all right, thank you john so joining us on the phone talk a bit more about what we felt this with the usgs we got keith knutson standing by keith can hear us all right. >>i can hear you fine thank perfect. so we just heard john our meteorologist talking about these 2 quakes a 3, 7, 3, 6, that's all we're seeing on our sensors how about you. >>yes, so that that's exciting news i was pleased to hear john mentioned all reports that people are sending in to the usgs we love that i more people going to the did you feel it's light and report how they experience their think that valuable information. >>yeah, we're showing on our screen right now a map kind of like. koch brings all that data together and we can see a wide variety of responses from the entire bay area a lot of it on the light to minor side
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which is i guess what you'd expect with the 3 73 6 now. >>yeah that's right we would characterize it as like shaking, but it was still pretty and you know if that's good you light it reflects the size. it's nice not to see any damage being occurring are happening. >>keith are you currently here in the bay area did you feel it this morning. >>yes, did not i am in the bay area i i i might have been walking my dog i i live. in albany park berkeley, okay and i did not feel it, but i got text from a colleague right away and finished the dog walk and have learning what i can about >>you and us, but they waited feel it either but the whole lot of folks did which is kind of itching to see getting reported so quickly this is right along the calaveras fault if i understand the map correctly have you seen much activity on that fault recently year. what's your
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take. >>well be you're right. it is caliber small though it if you look at a map weigh at the center a little bit used the calaveras fault that earthquakes of this size on for all are pretty common actually really common. there have been moderate earthquakes historically in this area in 1984. we had a magnitude 6 point to the be called him. morgan hill earthquake. the epicenter of that was just to the north of this recent event and in 1979, we are back in 2 5.7 we call that i make or break and that was just the south this about. so there are there are large earthquakes. they do occur on this probably not a whole lot larger than those are just for people who are not used to this maybe they're not born and raised here or maybe haven't been in the bay area very long. >>can we expect to get more
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aftershocks and then the big question is do these little small quakes mean there's a big quake on the way what does this mean that with this is me we are expecting nor can expect larger quake soon. >>well in general, if you live in the bay area you should be planning for larger is we live in year country along with that and we should be taking those precautions that will keep us safe during earthquakes. are these 4 shock to larger event. never say all all earthquakes have a small chance the proceeding of proceeding a larger event. and like i said there there have been larger event on this fault in the past decade ago. but the greatest likelihood is that things will quiet down. >>okay well and you mention that we should all be prepared. any bits of advice for people new to the area perhaps that are quite sure what to how to prepare what would be your advice. >>yeah, sure good question so
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we've been practicing some of them one of the one of the things we want everyone to be able to do is give shelter in place and we're all getting a lot of practice that you should be ready to be on your own and had everything why come through for 4 days after bigger baking so. are you ready to do that you have water do you have food you have close do you emergency communication plan with your family. all those all those sorts of things are important and like i said we're getting some practice with the shelter in place now. >>yeah more than we'd if you ask a lot of folks thank you very much keith for joining us this morning and giving us the official word on these quakes that we felt this morning we appreciate your time. >>we welcome having great day. you then you. >>all right, let's also get back to our big story this morning to which of course is the reason why we've got so much practice was sheltering
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in place the pandemic the coronavirus and the fact the doctors and nurses here in the bay area will soon be getting their first vaccine shots for that this morning that's ride frontline health care workers in los angeles county were among the first yesterday to get kaiser's a covid vaccine take a look. >>there you have it is just that simple. for more than 30 i should say more than 30,000 doses of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine are actually here in california they arrived. this week 2000 doses, we know have already been transferred to has occurred berg san francisco general waiting to be given out to front-line workers today kron four's will tran has more on the story for us live from out front good morning. well. >>we're getting very close because we see an official from the department of health already arriving respect a lot of local officials to be here
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to watch that front line workers get vast in vaccinated i should say so it's a big deal for san francisco. it's already here with more on the way and they need all the vaccines that they can possibly get their hands on. they also need us meeting to slow down the surge of covid-19 because at its current pace scenes, robin. they expect to run out of icu beds in 3 to 4 weeks from now in san francisco, you're still sitting at 30% icu beds which is wonderful compared to a lot of other places in california, the jumping off point is 15%. that's when it triggers a mandatory state shelter in place for that particular area in the bay area we're sitting at around 17% so above that level the vaccines will help they will go to frontline workers but according to governor gavin newsom it takes all of us and not just the vaccine to fight covid-19. >>we have to be sober and
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mindful about the moment we are which is challenging and try. today we received as many doses in the entire state of california as there were new cases in the state of california over 33,000 new cases recorded today average e 31,000 new cases. >>let's talk about the new cases and the vaccines in san francisco, they get 332 new cases every day. the vaccines will certainly help but it takes a little bit of time. they expect to have 24 new vaccinations sites throughout the state. they also hope to get about 327,000 new vaccines in california by the end of this week, additional 393,000 by the end of next week and by the end of december. 2 million. but in san francisco. the case is not just a slight uptick it almost double the amount. back in
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july it was about a 130 cases every day in san francisco right now to 32 what they would not do to get it back down to one 30 they believe it's possible but it takes all of us mask up social distance and shelter in place unless you absolutely necessary have to go outside in fact, san francisco did a voluntary shelter in place even though they're at 30% icu beds. back to you great advice. thank you will. >>and we also have some good news too on the moderna vaccine front the new york times reporting this morning. the fda is expected to prove it for distribution on friday. like pfizer's vaccine moderna's is also right there around 95% effective, but there is one very distinct and very important difference. moderna's vaccine doesn't have to be stored at such extremely cold temperatures which means a lot more hospitals and pharmacies can actually handle it and that means millions more americans could be getting that vaccine before the end of the month. so good
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news on that front. >>the south bay now santa clara county health officials expect to get the first shipment of the covid-19 vaccine today with more coming on friday close to 18,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine are currently designated for the county. now in total there are about a 130,000 health care workers across santa clara county, 70,000 so work in hospitals now the county's health officials promise that everyone will be able to get vaccinated. >>this is only the very first allocation and more vaccine will be coming over the next several weeks and months to eventually vaccinate everyone in our community. we also expect to receive 39,000 doses of the moderna vaccine. next week. >>the county also revise some of its quarantine protocol so under the new guidance, people who have been exposed to someone with covid can now quarantine for 10 days instead of 14 >>and here's a look at the
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latest numbers for the coronavirus as it pertains to california. we've got more than one 0.6 million confirmed cases over the course of this pandemic so far with more than 21,000 california has died from it for the bay area more than a 190,000 confirmed cases with more than 2000 people, dying from the virus. so far. we'll take a break in a 12 coming up there's new hope this morning that congress. >>mike's to pass a new covid-19 stimulus deal before the end of the month we'll talk more about that in a minute and we've seen some pretty clear skies this morning all the way out to the coast, half moon bay looking really nice 30's and 40's to kick off this tuesday. but later today, it's back to the upper 50's. >>for your forecast ahead.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time now is 8 15 checking in on forecast. i guess we're getting a little bit of everything today, sunshine rain on the way earthquakes little bit is this 2020 out it definitely could have been worse but a lot of us felt some yeah guys i don't think any of us felt in the studio i didn't now now i got the text message and i thought someone taking what's going on in the night we had viewers called in to let us know they felt i'm like yeah, here you are is across the bay to marin county san francisco east bay
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peninsula and then especially the south bay recording that we did have that earthquake. this morning now it was actually 2 quakes but they were occurred simultaneously one after the next 3.7 followed immediately thereafter late 3.6 just east of morgan hill in santa clara county. right around or 7 o'clock hour. so if you felt a little shaking you may have heard a little rumbling too that was why and a lot of people around 3,000 reporting on the usgs site this morning and i'm sure there's a lot more of you out there that were they be startled awake by that quake earlier on today now the rest of the forecast today should be a lot calmer we're looking at some sunshine but a little bit more cloud cover pushing in across the bay ahead of what will be some shower activity later on into tomorrow evening can see the storm system sitting to our north plotted out for you on when exactly we're going to see rain today we're going to stay dry tonight. we will as well and really tomorrow is going to be a pretty dry day wednesday. daytime hours will be nice and calm it's not until well after the sun sets that we start to see some rain
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pushing through this is 09:45pm tomorrow, north bay rain in northern sonoma county by 10:45pm showers pushing into moran and napa counties and a little bit later on towards midnight that rainfall pushes into the rest of the bay area peninsula east bay and eventually by oh 01:00am down further into the south bay you see here it's not just light showers either, but moderate and even pockets of heavier rainfall on through those overnight hours wednesday into early thursday morning. pretty convenient timing actually because a lot of us are going to be at home sleeping when those showers do eventually get here as for today, it's upper 50's to low 60's for your daytime highs pretty similar day to yesterday and as we make our way through this forecast really isn't a lot of change as far as temperatures go we remain in those upper 50's to low 60's all the way through again tune in tomorrow night into thursday morning is your best chance of rain after that we drive back out into the weekend. back to you. all right, thank you john. well
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now that the first doses of the covid-19 vaccine have arrived the real work begins to coordinate its to should the distribution and track who gets which shot and when it's going to be complicated that's right. it will require a lot of logistical organization it's a big task. >>and joining us live this morning is someone that's working on this project. >>many mech suit i've been practicing working on that in a vocally i got a writer i was pretty close. >>thank you for joining us. mister nick >>to thank you and thank you james and robin you did pretty good thank you thank you so was going say we're glad to have you on because this is going to be quite the task now. >>to not only distribute but to track all of the people who are getting the shot. >>which shot when they're going to need the second shot, there's a lot of logistics here. >>yeah, lots of mistakes just to give an example zone what our clients customers of the evening the work rate. i'm major corporate saying that
8:19 am
show corporations out there and we won it keep employees and students safe. you can imagine they now have to go from just testing people to be tracking who was activated. they also have to now i track it's those vaccinations refractive. so there's a lot of sort anti-body testing lots of tracking. tracking for and continue testing in 2021. so the landscape for a lot of university and corporate partners just got a lot more complicated and that's why. the announced this our platform to help them better manage show. all of this complexity across the population. >>well, how did you come up with this whole process this coordinating the distribution. it's a huge task is very important but what was on the top of your list of most important things to do and how did you come up with that plan.
8:20 am
>>know they've been discussing in and thinking about this edition's 4 months of the sea, our stc held. has been in the business managing vaccination tracking for their pharmacy partners for the past 20 plus years. and the discussion around as these pharmacies get the vaccine and this should be that had to be done. help bring that information back into our corporate clients universities, an help them better who has been vaccinated how many times they got vaccinated i was effectively build anti as they got vaccinated so we have a lot work ahead of us but we've been planning this for almost 9 months. >>i was going to save sort of pioneered what you describe is testing as a service. and i guess you see going forward that this is going to be a need that's going to be around for a little while like you said universities if they're going to get back at the speed they have to keep track of faculty students potentially i if they want to take on that
8:21 am
task and then pharmacies to that there's so many aspects of getting everybody properly vaccinated and then monitoring them over time. >>i just stay on top of that yeah, well i guess that's your company is is there to help kind of organize that bought under the hood i guess. >>yeah, i'm it's it's it's a great opportunity as as they always say you don't want you know a crisis which is an opportunity to innovate and build new infrastructure united's their knee in march. yeah, that needed that platform to better manage testing and really essentially bring testing to you versus this is traditional model which yet to dry said get blood drawn go to testing i mean it's a traditional fashion. so this new be bring the testing to the students and campus to prevent employees within their export are when industrial parks or
8:22 am
retail centers. i see trying to serve solve the complexity and make this that they plan manage. and you can when you're dealing with 10's of thousands of employees and you have to keep track of was been tested has been infected. it's fairly complicated and that's why there to sort of make that process a lot easier for customers and one more quick question for you and we're running out of time, but you coordinate the distribution you track the results. >>and then what comes next what do we go from there like life doesn't just go back to normal. >>no the thing could you'll get a mix people have been vaccinated in certain geographies people who have not been vaccinated so you have to continue to track those who been vaccinated and those who need to be tested. especially for those corporations that have distributed workforce like we rise june that you know, lots of corporations out there have people in different states app to know where those people have been activated and which
8:23 am
ones have to be tested for the next the coming 12 months. and i think in 2022, you guys see and as back to normal all in a sense that you will get 70 to 80% of your staff probably in a protected status. but i think going forward we're going to see a lot more diagnostic testing as a service growing this that's going to cancer testing is kind of touch all types of testing. now that the of these it's really going to be a opportunity talk medical infrastructure and to apply them. >>where they can do the most mister mid-city a thank you so much for joining us this morning, the ceo of one health. you continue to do you see berkeley proud. we appreciate your time. >>thank you robin, thank you james assure you we'll be right back stay with us.
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>>this it's not just paper. this is whole. >>in washington. there are new developments now in the push for a new covid-19 stimulus plan a bipartisan group of lawmakers unveil 2 bills aimed at ending the standoff in congress, one measure includes everything that both parties agree on including billions of dollars for businesses schools and unemployment. the other
8:27 am
bill includes a few sticking points most notably the covid-19 liability protections for companies. congress has until friday to hammer out a deal and get it to the president for his signature if they want to get something done before the end of the year. >>contra costa county supervisors are debating whether or not to increase covid health order fines. i'm live at the details coming up in creek.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time is 8.29 thanks for staying with us and good morning to you. >>we've got that live look you see over robin children, they're showing us downtown san francisco looks great. out there this morning little cold that's fine though at least it's dry for for now the mix of sun and clouds outside your door but we do have unsettled weather in the forecast we're expecting more rain but we're going to enjoy the sun for now the good morning guys, yeah unsettled little bit unsettled ground to earlier this morning we had. >>earthquake centered in santa clara county in the south bay now it was about an hour and a half ago now so a lot of us have already reported that shaking to the usgs as well as tweeted some of that shaking to us here at the station we did see those quakes right one after the just east of morgan
8:31 am
hill right around 7 o'clock at 6.59 on the dot at 3.7 and a 3.6. >>if you felt you certainly weren't the only one. we had reports of people feeling it as far north as marin county as far south as monterey county to now as far as weather is concerned has been a pretty calm start to the morning. we have seen clear skies for most of us there is some dense fog out in the central valley, though that will burn off and they'll join us with some of that sunshine that the rest of us have enjoyed 30's and 40's for your current temps with double in at 38 degrees alameda at 48 petaluma nevado beach at 43 right now robin. >>all right, thank you john we are checking in on the traffic taking a little peek at your commute not much the commute into san francisco. about an hour ago we had a big back up that spill beyond att overcrossing beyond west grand almost to the bottom of the maze. but here we are at 8.31 and it's pretty much delay free may be a minor wait couple of cars deep, that's it. a great trip for now into san francisco and we are hot spot free. all right, let's
8:32 am
check some more we have 92 the san mateo bridge which has also thinned out nicely so not a bad commute. we have a little company leaving hayward but not bad at all working away from the east bay off to the peninsula. we don't have any problems in foster city or san matteo we're off to the golden gate bridge we're checking in on one oh one and there is zipper truck that big yellow truck right there in the middle of your screen. they are switching around the lane. configuration when you see that truck you know that the commute is over we're going back to 3 lane south and 3 lanes north james. >>a 32 is the time let's get to our top story. this half hour. the fact the front line workers at san francisco general hospital will soon be getting the pfizer vaccine. >>alameda county also plans to begin vaccinating health care workers today kron four's terisa saw seal takes a closer look at the vaccination process. >>we've been planning for a couple of months now our leaders have been instrumental in helping determine whether it's acacia son ready to go lisa shelling with stanford medical center explains their
8:33 am
doses arrive friday. >>well once we receive the vaccine obviously remove it very quickly into storage and we have plans to begin vaccinating people very soon after that so there's a whole logistical plan where we well we actually have a very large atrium where we will invite people to be vaccinated based on ethically prioritize debt. a group of individuals because sequencing because where we are expecting to receive 3,900 vaccinations so with the initial shipment although historic moment in modern day medicine, she adds that the undertaking is significant. >>and we'll be an elaborate process. we have 30,000 health care workers at since stanford medicine. >>if we get almost 4,000 for the first test this weekend them more next week their offer steps. >>so that we can begin to vaccinate the workforce rapidly when people come to get vaccinated that first when they're sitting for 15 minutes will actually give the appointment for the second of stuff as for when the general public may expect to get their
8:34 am
shot. >>we understand out to about march or so that's the other part of this is we want to go as fast as we can with vaccinating the workforce, the skilled nursing facilities and first responders so that we can turn very quickly to vaccination in the community. >>and we are learning that men weigh in the week probably about wednesday. tentatively is scheduled emery county is going to receive about 2000 doses and then further north up in sonoma county. they're going to receive 4,875. doses that is going to be distributed to several of the hospitals out there. here in san francisco, theresa stasi conference. >>and we also have some great news on the moderna vaccine front new york times reporting this morning, the fda is expected to give its seal of approval for distribution on friday. like pfizer's vaccine moderna is also right around 95% effective, it's very different though in an important way it doesn't have to be stored at extremely cold
8:35 am
temperatures which means a lot more hospitals and pharmacies can actually store it handle it and distributed to people which means millions more americans could thankfully get the vaccine before the end of the month. >>and hopefully that happens in the east bank keep in mind if you break the covid-19 rules and contra costa county get ready to pay a hefty fine, yeah we still have to maintain all those health protocols until we're all vaccinated one county supervisors. a matter of fact wants to increase the fines by thousands of dollars kron 4 sarah stinson live in walnut creek with more on that a lot of money sarah. >>james robin that is a lot of money, especially when we're talking about $20,000 for violating a health order if you're a business owner that's a hefty fine and we know lot of businesses are struggling right now, but supervisors are frustrated and they want people to really take these health order seriously one supervisor brought up the possibility of that $20,000 fine but nothing is written
8:36 am
down there are already finds put in place take a look at your screen you can see what they are and see how much lower they are than what was just proposed you can see the first fined $250 the second violation would be $1000 for the 3rd violation so the new fines would be some significantly more possibly we know business is already about how they're going to survive some county board supervisors say they're upset the current administrative fines for violating health orders aren't enough to ensure compliance. >>that's when supervisor curing mitch off said she wants to see these finds quote by so that business owners will do everything they can to comply now i caught up with people here in walnut creek downtown and i asked them do you think that it should stay the same or do you think you should increase. >>i think it should stay the same not increase and maybe have. better monitoring and people on the street visiting in trying to educate and work
8:37 am
with the community i think they've been through enough already that. >>it just doesn't it just real world to go and not support the businesses in some ways it seemed little bit more positive. >>now businesses receive violations for things like for example dining indoors or outdoors when it's not allowed not enforcing social distancing customer capacity or cleaning mandates and exact fine increase hasn't been specifically written down yet, but that's why they'll be discussing it this morning at 9.30 now i have reached out to survivor supervisor, mitch cough. i wanted to talk to her just about her reasoning behind the her her idea of doing $20,000 fines haven't heard back yet i'd love to chat with their just see what her reasoning was behind that so stay tuned, we'll continue to chat with people out here walnut creek for now we'll send it back to you in the studio. >>wow $20,000 that's not a find that most people want to say thank you sir is there. a 37 is the time still ahead on
8:38 am
the kron 00:00am morning news, san francisco ban on outside dining facing some backlash we're going hear what doctors have to say. >>about whether it helps to stop the spread of covid. plus 2 warriors now back with the team after missing practice because of the coronavirus we're going hear from draymond green about the upcoming season. and today will be another dry one across the bay area but we do have rain tomorrow night so enjoy these 50's in the bit of sunshine we're going to get today. >>your forecast is ahead. bay area homeowners,
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so you can... retire better >>40 is the time let's talk about the warriors we had both draymond green and rookie james wiseman back on the court with the team after being away because of the coronavirus according to head coach steve kerr neither were able to practice in a scrimmage yesterday but they were able to participate least some of the drills the warriors medical staff will help decide when both of them will be able to play with the rest of the team in practice and here they both are talking about it. >>i just had so much energy i was going to play and i was out there just talking my energy 4 years our team just going out there and just having that he was energy and use may was cries, you know like the first prices really crazy brawl a lot you know been like june, you know for his moment so. >>you know feel excited feel
8:42 am
rejuvenated you really excited to get out there. you know just competing here. >>you can see good draymond green kitchen to get back into it. the first official game of the season will be on tuesday. december 22nd will be on the road taking on the brooklyn nets and will root him on warriors colors today. >>all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the state issues new guidelines regarding youth sports during the pandemic that story coming up next stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, everyone, the time is 8.45 or get an update on weather forecasts right all right john very busy, sporting a particularly he's had earthquakes. he's got. >>rain on the way he's been tracking as well so let's get the latest are of working so hard this is what i get for say like 4 weeks of just 70's, yeah, 60's and but yeah we have seen some rainfall this weekend. more ahead of us in this morning. even a little bit of shaking down in the south bay in fact all across the bay area we had reports of shaking from these quakes right around 07:00am as far north as marin county and you can see the upper center of the santa clara quakes just east of morgan hill earlier this we will be looking very
8:46 am
closely the usgs monitor through the rest of the day. but there's been a whole lot of you that are reported feeling that shaking earlier on this to the to us here at the station to now as far as radars concern we are looking at some very dry in calm conditions out there so at least we've had that this morning little bit of cloud cover compared to yesterday, you'll notice just a touch more clouds today than what we saw for your monday not near as much as we will see tomorrow though tomorrow more cloud cover during daytime hours setting us up for what will be a rainy evening tomorrow night. today tonight tomorrow during daytime hours all looking to remain dry. it won't be until well after you've got home from work tomorrow and of settle down in your house that we really start to see rainfall arriving, 10:15pm starting to see some showers in sonoma county pushing on into the rest of the bay area by wednesday night at 11:15pm and towards midnight is when we should see the will most widespread of shower activity some of our heaviest of rainfall possible around that time too not just light
8:47 am
moderate and even isolated pockets of heavy rainfall pushing through as you're sleeping on wednesday night thursday morning expect some wet roadways but conditions should dry out by the time you leave for work on thursday itself. temperatures in the 50's for most of our daytime highs today as i mentioned today is a dry day today is going to be an easy one to get those errands done just get out and about do what you need to get done and enjoy what will be a comfortable afternoon ahead temperatures very seasonable for this time of year upper 50's and low 60's. it is definitely right where we should be pleasanton livermore double in all 58 oakland richmond, san ramon and castro valley also right at 58 degrees each well areas like sonoma on over to petaluma in sandra fell each actually reaching 60 degrees today, here's a look ahead at the next 7 days temperatures don't change much we do see overnight showers wednesday night into thursday, but the sides that it's actually a pretty dry forecast leading through the weekend. >>robin all right. thank you john checking in on the
8:48 am
traffic. it's winding down and looking good now we have just a minor weights at the bay bridge toll plaza earlier we were stacked up all the way back to west grand sell this commutes pretty much over with no problems into san francisco. so a quick trip under 15 minutes come on and we're open. let's head over to a 92 are checking in on the san mateo bridge. also open to moving well, no problems here just a little busy but not bad at all no issues from hayward over to the peninsula all the problems that we had on the nimitz in hayward finally thinned out so even than nimitz approaching 92 is looking much much better what about the richmond sandra fell there. it is a live look at the toll plaza traffic rolling through the pay gates without a problem earlier was stocked up just a bit but now it's back at the limit. they're also checking in on the golden gate i saw the zipper truck was at like 10 minutes ago the last time we checked it. the zipper truck roll through switched around the configuration so we're back to 3 lanes north of 3, 9, south with no problems into or out of san francisco. restaurant owners in san francisco, a
8:49 am
struggling to keep their businesses running especially without outdoor dining kron 4 state of the sacking spoke to an infectious disease doctor at ucsf to find out exactly what they have to say about the band take a listen a grim sight in san francisco, quiet streets and empty outdoor dining parklets. >>after the city went under a state home order last week restaurant and bar owner ben bleiman says this will be the final nail in the coffin for many restaurants, will put. >>is this is out permanently out of this will bankrupt people we pay billions of dollars in taxes just the san francisco hospitality industry alone billions of dollars in taxes year. and right now we have been filling up the state the city's coffers with tax dollars for years and years and years and at the time that we need the most help crickets from them. >>like many other owners lyman says the frustrating part is seen no data behind the city's decision to close down outdoor dining i don't know if it's better to shut it down or. the
8:50 am
reason i don't know because i'm not seeing any data and i'm not getting any communication from the powers that be showing me that this is going to work infectious disease scientist at ucsf doctor monica gandhi says there's been no clear evidence linking outdoor dining to the spread of the virus has been a mediator that is done with ventilation was masking with handful jean and distancing smaller tables everything that people did or maybe restaurants did to keep it safe that restaurants became but spread instead. >>a couple studies were done on dining in general doctor ghani pointed to one done by the cdc that found eating at restaurants increase the risk of covid-19 but it did not differentiate between indoor and outdoor dining well it seems like san francisco took this widespread approach to make sure people stayed at home. >>obviously though san francisco restaurants aren't the only ones fighting for questioning this decision over in la county just last week, a judge ruled that the county acted arbitrarily by closing
8:51 am
down restaurants saying that the county could improve that restaurants contributed to a spike in cases in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >>well the state health department guidance on which sports are allowed in purple tier counties once the stay at home orders are lifted. when that lockdown low contact sports. apparently can resume that includes things like biking cross country golfing yoga skiing tennis basically those sports where you can be separate from the other participants. the state also released guidance on other activities that are allowed when counties move into less restrictive tears, we've actually posted that list on our website kron 4 dot com if you'd like to get a closer look. >>students in south san francisco will continue to learn from home the district's school board voted last week to keep all students in distance learning until sanford and send the tail county's covid-19 case rates return to moderate on the state's color-coded tracking system. well the district will now expand learning hubs to support struggling students.
8:52 am
the hubs are set to open up the district's 2 high schools and low surry hills elementary school pending state approval. well in the east bay oakland schools will also be sticking with distance learning the district recently announced plans to begin in person classes on january 25th, but because of a surge in covid-19 cases, the district says it will hold off on starting the phased in approach to reopening schools, it's still unclear exactly when schools will resume in person classes. >>quick break here in a 52 we'll be right back.
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>>55 is the time and it's been less than a week since california launched the ca notify app which let you know if you've been close to someone who's tested positive for covid-19 and so far nearly 7 million people have activated that app that's just a quarter of smartphone users in the state. but experts say the app is more useful than similar technology in other states since california has a higher population and it's home to google and apple which helped develop the platform. one expert with ucl of health says the apps usage offers at least a little bit of new hope now for the pandemic. >>this is a situation where something is better than nothing widespread adoption would of course be more useful than what we have but i do think it's possible that we'll get there and we're to not everybody in california as a
8:56 am
smartphone that's capable of running the software either. >>health officials are hoping the app will sway more people to isolate and get tested when necessary with much of the state's icu capacity being pushed to its limits. anything they can do to help is obviously needed. absolutely. >>coming up in the next hour, san francisco will begin distributing the covid-19 vaccine that's going to happen in just a bit we'll have details coming up in a live report and this is in the east bay could soon be facing even heftier fines for violating covid-19 guidelines so stories coming up next.
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8:59 am
>>we are just 30 minutes away from the first round of vaccinations that schedule take place at sf general. coming up, i'll tell you why according to health officials there probably won't even make a dent. one bay area county is considering increasing the fee by as much as $20,000 for businesses that break covid-19 restrictions we're live with details. >>for anyone to know before they know now. what deep in the hearts of the american people is this democracy. president-elect joe biden with a message to the nation as the electoral college formalizes his white house victory. news
9:00 am
station you're watching the car. everybody thank you for joining us for the finest hour kron 4 morning news. it is 09:00am. >>on this tuesday december 15th, i'm james fletcher we want to begin this morning with a check of the weather we've got coronavirus coverage in a moment with exciting news there. we had a couple earthquakes this morning we have rain on the way so let's get you the latest on that first good morning john yeah all the sudden mother nature decided it's time to do some staff after such a group starts of december. we saw rainfall this weekend more of it wednesday night and then of course as james mentioned we had a little bit of shaking going on earlier this morning. right before 07:00am you may have felt all across the bay area but those quakes were centered one after the next in santa clara county just east of morgan hill, the first one measuring in at a 3.7 on the richter scale of 3.6 immediately thereafter and


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