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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 15, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>in our efforts to combat covid-19 in the city in the state in the country in the world. >>now it's 6 was more than a 195,000 cases of coronavirus in the bay area. hospitals began distributing the first doses of the covid-19 vaccine to front-line workers. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i pale more the first person in san francisco to get the shot today was doctor antonio gomez doctor gomez serves as medical director of critical care services at san francisco general hospital and while this is a huge step in the right direction. we do have a long road ahead before the general public will be vaccinated want to go now to kron four's dan kerman who is live in san francisco with more on this big day in the bay area there. >>that's right a big day a lot of hope in that the vaccine is here, but it is a long road getting through the entire population of the united states a lot of people not
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getting this until spring possibly even summer. >>and right now we're in the midst of a big surge in san francisco and that is why health officials are saying we must keep doing what been doing all along mask wearing and social distancing. >>it really encourage you all to take it. >>a strong word of endorsement for the vaccine front critical care physician doctor antonio gomez the first person to receive the covid-19 vaccine at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital gomez was among 5 health care providers to get the first of 2000 doses, beginning wednesday, they hope to begin vaccinating 100 to 150 people a day. >>to anyone out there is having any reservations about taking the vaccine. please it's a safe. and from the data we have available effective. a way protecting everybody protecting your loved ones protecting ourselves more than 12,500 doses of the pfizer vaccine are expected in san francisco this week. >>and this first allotment will be spread among acute
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care hospitals to vaccinate frontline medical workers if okayed by federal regulators a vaccine could arrive next week. >>so there is light at the end of the tunnel. i wanted people to have hope. >>but excitement about the vaccine was tempered with a word of warning there will not be sufficient quantities of vaccine to protect us as a community against this 3rd search san francisco health director doctor grant colfax says that means the only way to beat back the current surge is by social distancing not traveling over the holidays and wearing those masks, even if you're one of the lucky ones to get this initial dose of vaccine. even though we know the vaccine has remarkable protective effects after the second dose remember just giving the first u.s. today. >>we also do not know. at this time whether the vaccine keeps people from transmitting the virus so it's very important that even if people received the vaccine that they continue with the masking and social
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distancing practices. >>and as things stand it will be health care providers as well as essential workers and first responders those in long-term care facilities that's the first batch of people who will be getting this vaccine. the general population, those not at high risk will likely not see it until late spring or early summer. live at san francisco general dan kerman kron 4 news and thank you the same day the covid-19 vaccine was administered at sf general san francisco's board of supervisors. >>will vote on a resolution that could lead to mark zuckerberg's name being removed from the city's public hospital zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan gave 75 million dollars back in 2015 for a new acute care and trauma center. this new resolution would establish standards for naming public institutions and properties. the resolution comes in response to hospital employees demanding zuckerberg's name be removed. employees say supporting there to support
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removal say the hospital should not be named for the head of a social media platform that spreads this information. >>a new fda report is now backing moderna's covid-19 vaccine. fda staff members endorsed the moderna vaccine. this morning marking a critical step forward next up the agency's vaccines and related biological products advisory committee reviews the vaccine on thursday but donna is asking the fda to approve its use for people 18 and over while pfizer's vaccine has been clear for people 16 and over if the committee does approve this new vaccine for emergency use authorization, it could be distributed and administered to health care workers and those in long-term care facilities as early as next week. and our coronavirus vaccine coverage continues on our website kron 4 dot com. download the kron 4 and kron on apps to get the latest alerts, the news sent right to your devices, the apps are free in the apple and google
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play stores. governor gavin newsome has pledged to distribute the vaccine to all 58 counties in california. >>with health care workers getting the first round of doses. this comes as icu beds quickly fill up in hospitals across the state. tonight's close to 15% of total icu beds in the bay area region are available to patients, however, if the region falls below that 15% threshold, a stay at home order would be implemented currently 6 bay area counties are under an early stay at home order and have been for close to 3 weeks tonight more than 15,000 patients in california are currently in the hospital because of covid-19 in the past 24 hours more than 32,000 new cases were reported and 142 people in california died yesterday because of covid complications. >>well for ashley zavala has more on how the state is responding to this spike in covid deaths. >>this is a deadly disease. a deadly pandemic and when the
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middle of governor gavin newsome giving a grim update to california's covid-19 situation tuesday. the state is averaging more than 160 deaths per day over the last week prompting the state to activate its corner mutual aid and mass fatality program we just had to order 5,000 additional body bags, they just purchased for the state and we just distributor. >>down to san diego, los angeles and you know counties. >>that should be sobering california is now averaging more than 32,500 new covid-19 cases per day with about 12% of those expected to be hospitalized in a matter of weeks as regional available intensive care unit capacities dwindle state leaders say putting together surge. staffing is a priority california is distributing an extra 500 medical professionals throughout 20 counties, 50 of them from the california national guard. in the state is also working to vaccinate frontline essential workers in every county 29 jurisdictions in california are slated to receive doses of
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pfizer's vaccine between tuesday and wednesday the state hoping to have more than 2 million people vaccinated within the next month or so, but we have work to do again in the tunnel. though there's like at the end of the tunnel the state's vaccine advisory committee this week will begin public discussions on who will get the next round of vaccines in this following phase phase one b. >>newsom says farmworkers grocery store workers and teachers are in the discussion reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the fda has authorized the first at home rapid covid-19 test the agency's action allows the test to be sold in places such as drugstores without a prescription it's done entirely at home by swabbing the nose with results taking as little as 20 minutes. australian manufacturer aluma expects to produce 3 million of these at home tests next month before ramping up production over the 1st half of 2021. the test will be priced around $30 and will be available for purchase in stores and online.
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>>over the next several days and weeks pharmacies will start to receive the first doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. they will play a big role in administering the shots to those in long-term care facilities kron four's noelle bellow has more from walgreens and cvs about their plans. we feel very comfortable about our staffing model this is not something that's new to touting years of experience administering vaccines to the public walgreens chief medical officer doctor kevin van says they're ready to start vaccinating as soon as they receive their doses of the covid-19 the states are the ones who are responsible for allocating that vaccine so they will be giving us the vaccine as soon as they received from pfizer so that we can then enter into these long-term care facility since the beginning of the pandemic both walgreens and cvs have been working with the cdc and hhs to develop distribution plans. >>they should start getting their first doses to those
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included in phase, one as early as next week and by spring both say they'll be ready to start administering to the general public we think that we are able to get through the vaccination of that first phase by the end of february. let's call it the beginning of march such that we will start the vaccination of the american population by the end of march the beginning of april in a statement, cbs says when vaccines are available for wider distribution, they'll offer them at all cvs pharmacy locations. >>and have the capacity to administer 20 to 25 million shots every month. both cvs and walgreens say because they conduct thousands of seasonal flu clinics every year. they already have infrastructure and technology in place that we rely heavily on the public making appointments for the vaccine. either online or through their apps that is not like turning on a light switch, this is going to be a dimmer switch and as we get more product we're going to be able to make it available. >>to people across the country. the general public can to make appointments for their vaccine just yet both
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pharmacies say those functions will be available as soon as they get confirmation about who was included in phase 2 in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>now to our 4 zone forecast lawrence is standing by with a look at rain. yet another storm looks like it's headed our way right now, partly cloudy skies out the door kind of nice evening, it's going to dry tonight. i think tomorrow night that's a whole different story as that storm system starts to move a little bit closer so. >>up there right now you can see some of those clouds floating on by and to have some cool temperatures to out the civic yeah we're getting active out there you see another little swirl out there that is the developing storm. that will soon pay a visit to the bay area right now around the states can in your skies with the doppler radar we're keeping things dry out there now and should stay dry throughout the night and maybe early tomorrow morning, but well things are changing in a hurry after that in fact the murder start to feel some of the effects a large swells have moved along the coastline so high surf advisory in effect expecting some of those
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waves 70, maybe 20 feet high out toward the beaches. all right that storm system want to start to move a little bit closer i think the better part of the day is staying dry specially the south of us certainly a chance of some showers in the north bay, some that may move in across the central bay too as we head toward the middle of day in the afternoon and then the main event looks like that will come in by tomorrow night and you see right here the model start to pick up on the clouds start to move in tomorrow get 38 am or so or 05:00pm tomorrow afternoon and those clouds really kind of thinking up with a chance showers in the north bay. >>and then overnight tomorrow night there you go as we head in toward about 1011 o'clock tomorrow night, the front just kind of drapes itself across the entire bay area bringing a nice soakers it moves on by and then headed up in the sierra nevada where will bring a whole lot of snow in fact, maybe a foot of snow the higher and then after that we start to dry things out a lot of part of thursday, but certainly looks like another nice storm coming our way and we're not done there just yet we've got some more storms on the way winter begins next week. i think we've got some more storms after that guys back to you. honestly the
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process was really simple that was the least painful vaccine. i've ever had i don't even know that i got >>quick and easy coming up we're going to hear more from this doctor who got the first dose of coronavirus vaccine in the east bay and leaders in san francisco flaunts new essential services who will be served by this new of. >>coming up. >>and how much one contra costa supervisor wants businesses which violate health orders to pay. ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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for a cleaner california.
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>>more than 75,000 doses of covid-19 vaccine are expected to be distributed throughout the bay area in this first round of vaccination more than 9,000 doses arrive in contra costa county today. kron four's terisa stasio is in martinez tonight where those first doses of the vaccine were distributed theresa. >>and ken i'm out here at the contra costa regional medical center and this is where some of these front-line workers have been dealing with the pandemic sense. it first on this day. now those frontline line workers getting a lifeline it started around 4 o'clock and they lined up over on the 5th floor to get the vaccination of course is vaccination on the heels of the fda passing the emergency authorization for the pfizer vaccine. a hospital mothers giving the public this direct
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look at the vaccination to help us age concerns over the safety of the vaccine now they're hoping that once the public sees but their own eyes workers getting the shot the feel better when it becomes available for the general public. back in 2021 the spring as one they are medical workers who lined up talked about why getting the vaccine is so important to them. >>we've never done anything in 11 nothing like this a lot the fastest vaccine has ever made his 4 years this to me marks the beginning of the end of the of the pandemic in a lot of ways because this is widespread vaccination is the key to essentially allowing people to get back to their normal lives or the more normal >>and of course all of this happening as. people and places like this in the
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hospital facing that influx of people into icy years and those positivity cases going up so these workers very grateful and they are hoping that the next round of vaccine comes in and even more and more health care workers can get vaccinated reporting live in martinez theresa back to you guys. >>and trees said today, san francisco city leaders announced the opening of a new essential services hub. the site is part of maryland and brees 28.5 million dollar commitment to support the city's latino covid-19 response force has has details. >>san francisco's bayview district. >>is the location of the city's new essential i just how residents in the community access to food and other basic goods, they need san francisco mayor london breed says the bayview location will also serve as a covid-19 lifeline for communities of color disproportionately impacted by
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the pandemic to honor city's response to covid we focused on equity. we wanted to make sure we're reaching the communities that have been hardest hit. >>san francisco populated has been hit the hardest by covid-19 in all of the neighborhoods in san francisco, the bayview hunters point has the highest rate of covid cases we're in touch regularly with organizations like mission neighborhood center to hear what they need what else. the city can do to support them. one important aspect the mayor says she needs support from the hubs organizers is convincing people of color the bay view that the government approved covid-19 vaccine is safe. >>because of the experiments that took place. many of us remember and we read about the tuskegee experiment and using black people. unfortunately infecting them with diseases and and and and people are very leery of what this means for them today absolutely i think there's feel that some people might want to get it.
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>>i'll be honest i i still have a lot of questions i want to ensure answered for i myself go do it. and before i myself tell people this is a good idea in addition to finding information about covid-19 residents will find help with food insecurity housing health services and work for stabilization during the pandemic. >>has made you kron 4 news. >>well the holidays are upon us and health officials are asking people not to travel but if you must they say get tested, it is suggested to get tested at least one to 3 days before you depart in san francisco all city-run testing sites are booked up until after christmas so health officials say if you want to get tested you have to contact your doctor. the cdc also recommends as you get another covid test 5 to 7 days when you get back from traveling and it is also recommended people quarantine for at least 10 days when they get back a
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lot of trouble if you want to travel they got to go through so i checking the weather forecast now all right lawrence is joining us now with more of a major storm back yeah you are traveling you're in for a big storm coming our way tomorrow that once the really wall of much of the eastern seaboard maybe 45, maybe 60 million people going to be affected by the storm system. >>going to see some very heavy snow maybe some blizzard conditions as maybe a foot maybe a couple feet of snow across parts of new york boston area you're going to be socked in with all kinds of snow to looking at sfo right now you've got some partly cloudy skies people getting ready to depart, but this is what i'm watching right down here watch this storm system making its way right now across the country's midsection picking up some of the moisture out of the gulf of mexico now that's going to start to mix with some of the cold air to the north and then here we go we put it into motion you can see a combined right along the east coast and there you go what a mess. we're going to see see the areas in pink there that has some sleet some freezing rain behind that cold enough that we're talking about all of
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that snow upwards of 2 feet of snow and then a lot of heavy rains of stormy weather, the throne, some gusty winds we're talking about some messy conditions over the next 24 to 48 hours back out west. we go we've got our storm system nothing like they're having to worry about tomorrow, those clouds kind of roll on in this model starts to pick up on a chance some showers as we head on and off into the middle of the day in the afternoon little more aggressive than some of the other models but certainly a possibility, so we'll watch very closely chance showers on the way for us especially by tomorrow night i think turning more toward a steady rain chance of lingering showers early on thursday morning back to some dry weather looks like though for the weekend, but what a mess that's going to be along the east coast. all right, thanks for all right well in the east bay we have just learned that contra costa county supervisors have decided not to impose a larger fines on businesses which violate the health order. it was a discussion on the meeting agenda today but the supervisors did not vote on it after receiving backlash from business owners. >>still ahead bar owners
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calling on san francisco's board of supervisors not to go on vacation this holiday season. what they are asking the supervisors to do instead that's coming up.
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>>the iconic cliff house restaurant in san francisco has announced that it will close permanently at the end of the year, the owners say the pandemic has devastated the business has grown for charles clifford reports at
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this time, the future of that landmark building is unknown. >>well here in san francisco, the historic cliff house which sits at the north end of ocean beach is set to close its stores, starting on january first now the building is actually owned by the national park service and they lease it out to a family that has been running the restaurant for decades that family says they are now in the process of cleaning up the building selling a lot of the memorabilia and working on just closing it down. now the family says that they did receive some funding over the summer through the cares act but that that money has now run out and they had hoped the national park service could help them but that doesn't appear to be happening now we're sitting here. >>for 8 months we've maintained the building we've kept it insured we have a 180 employees that have lost their jobs. what would be the simplest thing for them to do. as they would just extend this another year and tell us to keep take care of the property now the current lease holders have to be out by december 31st beyond that no one sure what will happen with the
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building. >>we understand they're going to boarded up we understand it's going to be fenced off. >>we don't know what they're going to do is as far as continuing maintenance. this is an extremely high maintenance building. it's exposed to the marine influences and everything rests out. >>kron 4 received a statement from the national park service in which they acknowledge that the cliff house is closing an ad that we too are disappointed by this temporary suspension of services. however we remain committed to providing an exceptional experience for residents and visitors to the bay area and look forward to welcoming the public back in the future in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>san francisco bar alliance says it wants the city's board of supervisors to not go on vacation to help struggling businesses stay alive. the alliance is asking for the city to hold a hearing to provide data on why businesses cannot have outdoor dining the alliance says with the ban set to extend until january. a hearing should be scheduled soon and supervisors should
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forgo their 3 and a half week vacation. supervisor matt haney is calling for a special meeting to address the effects the pandemic has had on small businesses immediately. >>next on kron 4 news at 6.30 the covid-19 vaccine has arrived at the fight is far from over when we may be able to reach herd immunity senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has congratulated joe biden on his victory over president trump. how presidentelect biden says he plans to work with mcconnell and joe biden has tapped more people for his administration we a drink with friends can turn into a few. stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into a few. stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go.
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go safely, california. >>staff at boston medical center in massachusetts busted out some moves upon arrival of a coronavirus vaccine yesterday health care workers across the nation started rolling up their sleeves to get the vaccine. many have marked the distribution of this vaccine as the light at the end of the tunnel cool video tonight kron 4 continues a deep dive into the covid-19 vaccines. >>in hopes of answering many of the questions we're getting kron four's dan kerman looks at how the vaccine will allow us to return to normal and why that could be affected if you are people then needed get the vaccine. >>the hope is that vaccines will allow us to return to a day when mask-wearing and social distancing are no longer needed and that requires reaching


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