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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 17, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>>health care workers in santa clara county will be receiving the vaccine this morning and live in san jose with all the details. >>and happening today an fda panel is meeting right now to discuss approving moderna's coronavirus vaccine will tell you how it differs from pfizer's. news station you're watching the car. some variable so and i'm james fletcher get a little brighter outside on this thursday december, 7 it but you know the runways wet and then that means. >>usually the with these days, you know the covid there so few people traveling and we've got a so that's probably not have been found but on the roads could be a problem for could let's talk to john first off in the weather center get that perspective. good morning. john good morning guys, yeah we are seeing improving conditions for sfo but still. >>obviously super wet out there which will interrupt your travel and well if you are doing driving to work or
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maybe a little shopping this morning to watch out for a few those slick spots on roadways too. now the good news is you are getting brighter and brighter look at san francisco. this view has really missed the earlier on has since cleared out really nicely and you actually are starting to see some sunshine wanting to peek through those clouds. the further south you get in the bay. well the better chance you haven't seen any sort of rainfall right now the bay is really dried out very nicely over the course of the past hour you're still holding on to a few showers just south of san jose and east of los gatos and 17. so if you are traveling on routes in the south bay such as one oh one or even 85 that's where you're running into the slickest of spots and still some active rain. morgan hill you're still in the midst of rain to let's zoom out across the region and what we have here well drier conditions for the bay area for sure south of the bay areas where we're starting to see that rainfall moving and up into the sierra nevada we're still looking at some snow out that direction. i'm talking the rest of the day and what to expect for the weekend ahead of us too. still
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to come robin, hey don't forget those headlights and wipers and remember if the wipers are on the headlights must be on to that is california law. >>so do not forget checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza, where the drive into san francisco is slow this morning but completely normal it's very quiet. i don't see any problems here the problem is that it flow, it's backed up beyond 8.84 get out there early and when you do watch your speed the bay bridge 80 under a special high wind advisory so take it easy a little busy here on 90 to another soggy commute from the east bay to the no problems the usual crowd west of the toll plaza 60 minutes that's a really quick drive time to make it off to one o one in san mateo richmond sandra fell bridge. we have a little bit of a backup earlier now much of nothing right delay free 9 minutes into the north bay with no major issues and a shot of one oh one across the golden gate trouble free rolling southbound 20 minutes nevado to san francisco darya james. thank you robin. >>7 '02 let's get to some breaking news from overnight los angeles county officials
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say that 2 people are dying of covid-19 every single hour. this is happening at hospitals are struggling to keep up with the surge of patients on wednesday, california set daily records for newly reported cases and deaths with 295 people dying in the state yesterday. most of california's 40 million residents are under stay-at-home orders because of dwindling intensive care units. the massive rise in infections began in october and is being blamed largely on people ignoring safety measures and socializing with others especially over the thanksgiving holiday and that's why starting tomorrow the entire bay area is going to be under a stay at home order. >>the stay at home order was issued mostly in the bay area earlier but now it's also the rest of the county's they have been swept up there by a state mandate. >>to lock down. that's in san mateo naps lot of santa cruz and monterey counties those have been added to this day at home or so we're all in this now until at least january 7th, yes so starting tomorrow morning counties are going to shut everything down from outdoor dining to hair salons
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personal care services. >>museums will shut down zoos wineries bars, all of them, retail stores will also have to cap. they're in store capacity of just 20% and this change comes after the region's icu capacity drop below that 15% threshold. business owners once again left devastated and worried not only for their own businesses but for their employees too. >>i knew it was going to come at some point but i'm just hoping maybe we would get one more weekend because the weather supposed to be nice this weekend then. you just a few more dollars for all the employees to celebrate the holidays with i don't charge independent headdresses then well with close but i stopped to pay my landlord. you know i did it for 4 months that way. i don't know how much longer i can keep doing it and i realized what i'm asking is difficult and asking people to not get together for christmas or hanukkah or kwanzaa not get together for a new year's eve and new year's >>but but if we can do that we can we can make a huge
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difference in the end they shape of this outbreak. >>the order also prevents people one household from interacting with anybody and other household. and the idea is to slow the spread because you reduce your interactions, especially over the holidays. so if you're families knots most meet with somebody else's or james, you can't even cover my place that is stay in your bubble. kron four's will tran has followed this news 4 san mateo county let's go out live now with more on what businesses are preparing to do as of what that tonight into tomorrow morning right well. >>essence friday morning that will not take place anymore you see those tents right behind me, yes, legally they can stay here and they've state or even though other counties in the bay area remove their tents because up until yesterday the icu beds they were above 15%. now the state they were hoping that some a tail county voluntarily. shelter in place, but they could not make them.
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now it's below 15% we're not even going to ask you we're telling you come friday morning remove those tense turn off the lights. for a lot of businesses like hair salons and then for those particular locations, no more outdoor dining you will have to do take out similar to what we saw earlier in the year that gyms the movie theaters. the museums by now you get the drill is going to be pretty much. a shelter-in-place lockdown for the next 3 weeks the state will look at it twice every week to see how things are going, but it's going to be in place for at least 3 weeks to slow down the surge of covid-19 they want to get the number of beds up above 15% san joaquin valley region. we saw their numbers drastically go down to one point. >>they literally ran out of beds and that's what they don't want to happen to the bay area and that is why i'm sure sooner than later today, public works crews in san mateo county. they will have to come out here remove the
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barriers, those tense the umbrellas. they will have to be folded. but back into storage because that will not be allowed. a lot of people over the weekend in surrounding counties that were voluntarily shut down. they came to san mateo county to experience outdoor dining. well the clock is ticking james and darya come technically at 11:59pm tonight. that is not going to happen. >>all right, thanks a lot. we'll thanks for that update. >>now underway a panel of experts at the fda will begin reviewing actually already have you can see the live stream right now they are picking apart moderna's covid-19 vaccine making sure it is safe and affective it's a similar process to what we saw them do with pfizer's last week. and if it follows the same pattern the fda is expected to approve moderna's vaccine at some point perhaps maybe even on friday. and that could mean we'll have doses start being distributed next week moderna says this vaccine is also 95% effective, although it's different in one
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key aspect to pfizer's moderna's vaccine doesn't have to be stored at such extreme lee cold temperatures just normal freezers can handle it, which means a lot more hospitals and pharmacies especially in rural areas can handle the vaccine and distributed to people. the fda again expected to allow distribution perhaps as early as monday. so fingers crossed the come next week we'll have to manufacturers pushing out effective vaccine, happening today by the way and say in the south but we have santa clara county beginning to administer its stock of covid-19 vaccines to front-line workers. we have kron 4 sarah stinson on the story for us live from san jose good morning sara. >>yeah here at the santa clara county fairgrounds health care workers at skilled nursing facilities will be the first to receive the early doses of the pfizer vaccine in this county. it's going to be happening here at 9 o'clock and this is the first of many doses that will be heading to
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santa clara county take a look at video we've seen this happening in san francisco at ucsf in walnut creek at john muir medical center and yesterday today, it's santa clara county's turn. they get their chance at getting their first doses of the vaccine. the first batch of over 5,000 was received in a second batch will be coming tomorrow, giving santa clara county a total of 17,550 doses all be distributed to hospitals county wide a little and stanford health care says they're going be receiving nearly 4,000 doses and plans to begin vaccinating its work force on saturday. >>now county health officer officials they also expect to receive 39,000 doses of moderna vaccine. next tuesday, if it gets approved these early doses are first being given to people who work in the highest risk categories it will be months before the vaccine is available to the general public. the goal will be eventually to have everyone vaccinated anybody who wants
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it at least for free health care workers first getting the vaccine want to encourage people to get the shot in the arm by giving the public transparent information about the vaccine and showing them on the news. >>how it's being done to show them that they're getting it so others get it to now today santa clara county they will begin their distribution of the vaccine starts at 9 here in san jose the health officer santa clara county doctor sara cody she'll be here and hopefully we can get a bit more information about the distribution to the general public for now live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news very good. thank you sarah. >>in the north bay, the first doses of pfizer's vaccine arrived yesterday and run county they've got 2000 doses that they're going to give out its 3 hospitals and more than a dozen skilled nursing facilities. 2 workers from kaiser permanente sandra fell we're the first to get shots in the arm and they both said they felt good and say that more needs to be done though
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still to fight the facts that to fight the virus. >>i think it's a mess to get a share in a vaccine you got to start somewhere. you know we are just learning process for you know, well, it means a lot it really we i've been a nurse for 26 years and this is the toughest year ever is a nurse and a step for all of us for nurses, doctors >>environmental service people for bottom it's been really nerve racking. >>the hospital plans to continue vaccinating employees the days and weeks to come. >>well coming up on the kron 4 morning news, our coronavirus coverage continues u.s. officials are negotiating for additional purchases of pfizer's covid vaccine after passing up on the chance to lock that in. earlier this summer we'll tell you how much more they're hoping to get by next year. >>i'm alexandra le mon in washington lawmakers on capitol hill say they're close to reaching a deal on a coronavirus relief package, but one
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>>14 and we're checking the weather for your tracking the rain that is moving out as we speak slowly, but surely we've got john trouble in the weather center right now with a look at what is stormtracker 4 showing you john yeah, it's looking a little quieter out there guys which is good news because that traffic is certainly picked up more and more of us are about to get outside and as you do so roadways are still wet. but a lot less rain falling across the day and in fact your
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temper on the right here getting a little bit clear some low clouds there in the distance but starting to see some sunshine overhead for a whole lot of the bay at this point so we are seeing improving conditions right now, and it's only going to get better and better as we work our way through the day. this is your set up right now drier conditions for the bay that line of showers that have been with us about an hour ago for much of the bay has pushed further to the south. the heavier showers has pushed well to the south and east where has resulted in some good snow up in the sierra nevada quieting down conditions here in the bay couple of sprinkles had remain just moments ago in the south bay. those of really quieted down now and a little bit further south san jose sonny bill saratoga you need stride out. there is still a line of showers just north of morgan hill, but even that is starting to die down and move out so from this point on it looks like we're quieting and only getting sunnier as we make our way into the afternoon, lots of sunshine for your late morning noontime into the afternoon today will be a touch cooler than yesterday though as we saw a cold front pushed through last
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night along with that heavier line of showers that arrived after midnight into 02:00am now we're cool and we're about to be increasingly dry as high pressure builds across the region. this is going to keep you nice dry and pretty sunny overall through your last weekend before christmas which is this upcoming weekend has just to buy this month so far south san francisco, 59 for your high today only a few 60's hanging on across the bay today. yesterday all the south bay was in the low 60's today, another viewer, it's upper 50's for your highs. union city in fremont in the mid 50's today while 59 for san leandro oakland and richmond as for the north bay, mostly upper 50's as well with pittsburgh an app that 59 in the meantime santa rosa nevado that 58 degrees. here's your look ahead at the next 7 days conditions, definitely on the drier side. we will see some unsettled weather come the middle of next week, but it looks like monday and tuesday are going to be pretty dry at least for most of us the
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weekend ahead certainly looks that way with lots of sunshine and cool temperatures in the upper 50's robin all right, thank you john we're tracking another hot spot this time in the oakland maze we brought up a caltrans camera so you can see that action sorry, it's cutting out, this is 5.80 west. >>and 80 east so coming from oakland heading into emeryville you see crews on scene there's a tow truck on the right-hand side they're removing up a truck that flipped over it's an overturn accident right at that connector, where you only have 2 lanes blocked. so let's switch over to traffic tracker since his cameras it out here's a still shot of what's going on once again 5.80 west, leaving oakland to 80 east emeryville it's a 2 lane connector, this lane blocked off this is overturned truck, they're loading it onto a tow truck right now you're only squeezing by in the left lane only trying to get into emeryville this is right near ikea curve so do expect to see heavy traffic, it's backing you up on to 5.80 here you go coming from 5.80 heading west
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you're backed up here's a crash right here leaving the maze before you get to powell street. so you have that slow traffic as you try and merge over to the east shore freeway, a traffic alert remains in place for that heading west on 80 into san francisco, a long line a normal line heading, it's very quiet on the upper deck 13 minutes to make it in over to fremont street not all of our bridges are packed check out the richmond sandra fell bridge delay free looking good 8 minutes into the north bay i'll check back in on that hot spot coming up a little bit later darya james thanks a lot rob, and it's 7.18 for your money this morning, a majority of small business owners are afraid the pandemic's worst is yet to come and the fda authorizes a $25 covid test for at-home use. jane king is live in new york at those stories and more hi jane. >>heidari a good morning. yes, this is the abbott labs rapid covid tests that you can now use a tone now the only thing is the doctor does have to prescribe it so you can't just go pick it up at the drugstore it is the 3rd test authorized
7:19 am
enough for household use in the home abbott says patients collect a sample with a nasal swab themselves and then an app will guide them through the testing process and provide results in about 15 minutes, holiday shoppers are pulling back on impulse buys this year and paul shopping usually drives about 25% of overall holiday spending according to the npd group but because we're not going to the store as much it's expected only about 18 to 20%. so that's a 5 to 7 billion dollar potential loss in sales. well most of a small business owners in the u.s. believe the worst of the pandemic is still ahead with half saying their operations will permanently close within the year unless things improve now the u.s. chamber of commerce survey found 74% of small business owners said they do need further federal assistance democrats and republicans in congress still talking and looks like they are making progress of the bill that we're hearing does have help for small businesses so maybe that will help them out as
7:20 am
well as some unemployment compensation and direct payments as well to americans in companies are fighting an opportunity for growth in the remote learning environment, many parents worry their kids are missing out on the full education, because they're learning at home so to bring a major factor in ensuring students remain at grade level once they return to school in person full time live from new york, jane king that you thanks a lot j. >>time now 7.20 national headlines this morning. we have lawmakers on the brink of reaching a deal for another round of covid relief we have washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon with a look at what's in the package and what's probably not. >>the latest version of the coronavirus relief package proposes leaving out both money for state and local governments and covid related lawsuit protections for businesses completely unacceptable oregon senator jeff merkley says that's a bad compromise and blames majority leader mitch mcconnell and what he has done to try to blackmail congress in 2. >>accepting corporate
7:21 am
impunity. that is the ability to crush the rights of ordinary americans. it's the center will be no state or local assistance unless he succeeds in stripping americans of this fundamental liberty instead of providing more money to help states lawmakers are now leaning toward shifting those funds to the popular stimulus checks for americans the aid package is expected to extend unemployment benefits include money for vaccine distribution and help struggling businesses and schools, southern california, congressman p aguilar says there's an urgent need for people are suffering. >>mourning the loss of loved ones. suffering economically. or community knows that congress needs to act we agreed we will not leave town. >>ago we've made law senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he hopes lawmakers will strike a deal in time to attach it to the budget which must be passed by friday. in washington. alexandra le mon. >>at 7.21, we'll take a break
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coming up on the kron 4 morning news pfizer and moderna made headlines over the last couple of weeks with their covid-19 vaccines. but there are more vaccine trials currently underway in the bay area and we'll tell you why it's crucial that these trials continue we'll be right back. by harnessing california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm
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to keep california golden. >>7.24 pfizer and moderna have been making headlines in last
7:25 am
couple of weeks because of their vaccines but they're not the only ones still we've got several other vaccines in trials right now some currently in their phase 3 trial which means a real close to being done and they need to continue right now astrazeneca and johnson and johnson are in phase 3. >>doctor hyman scott with u c s f says that they are currently enrolling more participants for astrazeneca's trials and johnson and johnson has 45,000 people enrolled in there's including some at stanford university doctor philip grant is the principal investigator for that trial. and he says that there are some questions that are going to be answered by doing these trials. >>i think the big question is like how much of that vaccines do we have available and how much do we need. and we have more need than we have vaccines available that are currently under how frequently is a question.
7:26 am
>>they'll be answered in the next next couple years you also are not fully sure what was the best answer when everything's done will be the most effective will be the best tolerated will be best in specific populations like pregnant women and children. >>neither of those 2 vaccines would require the ultra-cold storage that pfizer moderna need and that is something doctors say is critical for global distribution and ease. >>we'll take a quick break here at 7.26 coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, there is major distrust though when it comes to the covid-19 vaccine will tell you why one city council person says that some of the latin x community. or a little hesitance about rolling up their sleeves to tell you why.
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>>and the rain was really heavy earlier this morning maybe it will maybe your alarm clock walk out the now you're going where may be delayed some flights early this morning we've got a live look there at the airport daryn it looks like things are ok for now, but looks like the clouds are pretty low too. john in the weather center has got a better look good morning good morning guys we are seeing showers really clearing out now but roadways are definitely still wet so you're still encountering the remnants of those showers at least what they left behind which are those wet conditions that you'll be venturing out onto. >>bay bridge looking a whole
7:30 am
lot brighter than it was earlier conditions have definitely come down now, but i'd say still give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work, let's get you a look outside you can see from our north bay camp situated looking down at san francisco skies are a whole lot clear than they were earlier and conditions way calmer on radar than they were earlier to to our south. there's your rainfall is pushing out into the central valley. so i 5 in the midst of some of that heavier rain right now just north of west of los santos let's zoom out a little bit further still snow up in the sierra nevada and that's going to stay around for much of the morning into early afternoon as for us in the bay we're just drying out now we're going to be looking at highs back into the 50's and not much different from where we're at currently oakland right now at 56 degrees while petaluma and santa rosa. each in the 40's. robin. >>all right, thank you john still tracking a major hot spot. it was coming from the maze heading into emeryville here's a little snapshot. i took from the caltrans camera that shows you the connector
7:31 am
ramp from 5.80 west over to 80 east. it's a two-lane wrap the left lane is open the right lane is blocked, here's an overturned pickup truck and there's your tow truck on scene working to get it out of the way so a special traffic alert remains in place. this is impacting those of you who come from 5.80 this is 5.80 it's backed up to 24 and now it's backing up onto the 90 connector, the 24 connector as you merge onto 5.80 west trying to squeeze into emeryville because of that accident just before the ikea so heads up for that still blocking still slow. i'll let you know when it's out of the way we do have a backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza very busy into san francisco. it is slow. it is soggy. so watch your speed we're looking at 13 minutes to make it then we'll check more bridges coming up back to you. >>all right, thank you very much robin at 7.31 the bay area regions icu capacity has dropped under 13% which is triggered now the regional stay at home order so starting tomorrow morning the entire bay area will be shut down. most counties as we know
7:32 am
already issued the stay at home orders early but now the others will have to comply that includes san mateo napa solano santa cruz and monterey counties. they'll have to implement the order and it will stay in effect until january 7 th's which means 4 out of 5 regions across the state now are under the state's mandatory order and we're pretty much all in this together now it's getting worse day by day i see user near. >>capacity at most hospitals in l a they less than 2% of their icu beds available and the population is more than 10 million people nancy loo has more. >>it's the situation health officials had warned about but the reality is hitting hard now california reported another massive new record of nearly 54,000 covid cases and 293 deaths in just the past 24 hours. according to la county some ambulance crews have had to wait up to 6 hours to offload patients were going through perhaps the most intense. an urgent moment, the
7:33 am
governor is implemented the state's mass fatality program dispersing 60 refrigerated storage units to handle emergency overflow for march. he stressed another sobering fact and urging californians to stay home. >>we just had to order 5,000 additional body bags, they just purchased for the state and we just the state is bringing in hundreds of additional medical workers including 50 from the california national guard. >>and the strain on hospitals is expected to get even worse unfortunately. >>people are not really adjusting to the fact that this virus has spread and spread significantly more than it has in the past 9 months it's helped up to 2 million californians will be vaccinated in the next 2 months first and foremost the state's front-line workers but on another front union nurses are pushing back against a state program which allows hospitals to seek waivers on patient ratios forcing nurses to care for more patients. the
7:34 am
california nurses association claims it's a recipe for more deaths, the roll back those standards now means we are running from patient to patient. >>it means we do not have the time to respond to each patient's rapidly changing care condition to monitor their subtle changes that may mean living to see another day or dying on that day. >>right now the who should be next to get the covid vaccine. the state's vaccine advisory committee met yesterday to determine that new phase governor newsome. >>says about 8 million people are expected to be in that phase, including teachers. >>farm workers in grocery store employees. the committee's moderator says the group got more than a 100 pages of public comment from workers around the state wanting to be included. >>well u.s. officials are actively negotiating for additional supplies of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine after passing up the chance to buy them. this past summer they decided against doing it
7:35 am
because they said it was unclear at the time how well the shots would work, although there was a clause that said they would have to purchase it if the fda didn't authorize it. this is the situation we're in the federal government originally bought a 100 million doses from pfizer the government's now hoping to purchase that same amount and get it by at least the middle of next year there was no immediate comment from pfizer whose ceo said that it is working very collaboratively with the governor right now to deliver those additional vaccines. they're working through the federal government's operation warp speed program to try to get it done. it suggests to many people in the latin x community are less likely to trust the vaccine and that's why one san jose city council woman is out there right now trying to dispel dis-information. >>one of our biggest jobs is going to make sure to if the education out make sure that we inform people we have to be. >>very mindful that we're in a community that hasn't always trust what government says.
7:36 am
>>language literacy levels anti immigration rhetoric all some of the reasons why some of the community just don't trust the government when people don't have access to accurate information that's when they tend to rely on word of mouth which isn't always reliable and inaccurate social media platforms to which are fraught with this information media campaigns are being prepared right now not just to convince people that the vaccine is safe, but also to educate them about the possible side effects and other concerns. >>the fda is telling pharmacists not to throw away extra doses of the pfizer vaccine that are ending up and the viles one vile was supposed to hold 5 doses. that's according to the label but pharmacists are actually and given the shots in the arm they're saying hey there's some leftover in there they get 6 or even 7 doses out of that vile so the fda is saying use as much as you can don't throw it away and let it go as
7:37 am
far as it can. twitter is going to begin removing misinformation about the covid vaccine from their site. post that include false claims about the virus and debunked claims about the effects of the vaccine. and he claims the suggests that immunizations are used to harm or control people that's all going to be removed. twitter is going to be enforcing that new policy next week. facebook and youtube have also announced they are going to remove misinformation about vaccines. >>still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news a bay area woman who relies on unemployment during this pandemic after bank account wiped out by a scammer we'll tell you how you can prevent this from happening to you. and after the break a troubling trend in the east bay, we'll tell you what we know about a group of children suspected in a violent crime spree. and skies may have dried back out the roadway still certainly wet from our overnight and early morning showers. here's your camera view in walnut creek this morning. >>conditions just going to continue to dry out for the rest of the day will be in the
7:38 am
50's by the afternoon. your forecast ahead. >>and as conditions are dry out you still need to watch your speed so be careful out there i was sliding all over the place this morning even driving at a reduced speed here at the bay bridge toll plaza we still have a line into san francisco stocking up for west grand and a crash in the maze, i'll have details coming up. hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson! why choose one when you can have two? my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches. learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments why choose one when you can have two? and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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>>now 7.40 in the east bay oakland police have arrested several kids some as young as 11 for being involved in a crime investigators say the kids are believe involved in robberies in the city's webster highland terrace melrose in east lake neighborhoods. >>in some cases, they had a gun even a knife city leaders say it's saddening to see such young people committing violent crimes like this. >>it's really disturbing alarming said action here in the city of oakland the older hoodies sent the younger kids do. robberies and used those same know that. there's not going to be a criminal activity charge son said if i'm a teen robber 1816 15. and i'm not going to be arrested. i'm just going to send home to mom and dad is certainly today. juvenile system is broke over the last week or so. >>we've taken 11 people into
7:42 am
custody robberies carjackings so fortunate to see because these are very they're kids. >>and so far no one's been seriously injured during these crimes, local police are working right now with the city's office of violence prevention. alameda county probation and the da's office to try come up with some way to detour. this disturbing trend. >>time now 7.42 we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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>>7.44 is the time and >>it's looking ok but see these are raindrops it is warm, it's going make things a little icy when that kind of freezes overnight but at least they got some natural snow from mother nature. a about a foot actually at last report so that's at least some good news don't forget. you're actually not encourage should go and do things right now because we are in a lockdown the stay at home order goes into effect so. businesses are not encouraging you to calm actually they can't really benefit from this snow at the moment shad ix takes a closer look. >>crews have just been getting equipment so we've been replacing played on our graders making sure are standing in brining trucks are all filled and ready to go.
7:46 am
>>they don't expect a big storm just about 8 to 12 inches of snow. but caltrans is ready. further up the mountain from king bale traffic on the freeway was clear so our crews are going to be out there on the road in the middle of the night while most people are sleeping. >>and making sure that those roadways are staying open at boreal where we're usually welcome we were asked to leave only ticket holders were allowed part of the new covid restrictions to limit the number of people. in downtown truckee there were those who braved the cold weather under the comfort of the heat or in makeshift pocket parks, this is what we do live in town we live in chuck e. >>its nose and. what is make sure that we keep all the sidewalks clean we'll make sure that we keep the snow off the structure and. just do what we do we're used to it.
7:47 am
>>snowplows cleared the way for new snowfall we are counting on the community to support all the restaurants just like they did last time >>it's what helps us get to the inside of a growing chantix fox 40 news. >>so you know rain still it's all nice to see. >>and even for on the middle of a lockdown least makes it feel like winter it's kind of nice to enjoy we've got john trouble in the weather center with more on and it just keeps you indoors. it from people that helps on that front morning definitely does do that i was inside all weekend. and i mean it was easy to be inside for us last night on a wednesday night so it was conveniently timed for a lot of areas. we saw half an inch of rainfall for areas like san francisco mill valley, dublin in vallejo. promise to around a quarter of an inch to half an inch as we're checking in yesterday so this storm actually really did come through for us for the sierra
7:48 am
nevada, it is a wet dense snowfall, some of that sierra cement and you can see that traffic is still moving along on 80 out there and it is definitely a slick start to the morning for travelers up in the sierra so if for some reason you're heading up that way please note you will be running into some slick spots and even here in the bay as things start to come down now we are still looking at wet roadways and some slick conditions for ourselves really dry across the bay now showers the spread further to the south and east snow still remains in the sierra very quiet picture for the bay area, definitely still some low clouds a couple of drizzly spots in there that rainfall is pushing further southward right along i 5 in route such as 99. so if you are doing some central valley traveling today watch out for those range showers that are still holding on futurecast just those dry skies from this point onward now will be nice and dry on into the afternoon with abundant sunshine to be expected to close out the day ahead of us on into tomorrow more dry skies for your first day of the weekend. and your last weekend before christmas
7:49 am
looks to be a nice and dry one for everything in may need to get done. last night the heaviest line of showers came along a passing cold front that is now cleared the bay behind it a cool but dry air mass with high pressure builds up and that's what's going to keep conditions so favorable these next few days after such a wet night we just finished up with 50's and just a barely a couple low 60's for your daytime highs across the bay today will be a pleasant but slightly cooler one than where we were yesterday when i was showing you a lot of 60's on your 4 zone forecast today and they're the rarity santa clara campbell and san jose 58 while the east bay looking at mid to upper 50's for your daytime highs today, oakland at 59 or raga 57 conquered as well as fairfield 2 of our spots still hanging on to the 60 degree mark but just barely doing so some low 50's right along the coastline. here's your look ahead at the next 7 days the weekend ahead, looks nice and dry we will be seeing some unsettled weather towards christmas of next week though
7:50 am
so keep that in mind for you as we plan out your forecast getting closer to the holiday itself. robin thank you john are checking in on the traffic and there's some good news or accident right in the oakland maze is finally out of the way this is an overturned pickup truck. >>at the 5.80 west connector to 80 east that takes you into emeryville this is that ran right before a big ikea furniture store in the shopping center. so we have the left lane the right lane was closed to traffic alert was canceled and we're looking better right. you was backed up heavily on to 5.80 west, but it's already thinning out so that whole connector from 5.80 to the east shore looking better in to emeryville after an overturned we also had one in the santa cruz mountains on 17. that's why i've been saying float down roads are very slick out there here at the bay bridge toll plaza it's a full house, this is normal, it's stacked up for west graham, but it's very quiet. so folks are doing well here come on in we're at 14 minutes into san francisco. don't leave you with the foggy view of the famine bridge traffic a
7:51 am
little busy here but not bad at all this is really good for rainy day i was expecting so many problems and trouble spots but we haven't had too many hot spots that's good 60 minutes to make your way over to the peninsula back to you. thanks a lot of 7.51 in california's employment development department has been the target of a lot of fraud since the pandemic started. >>a woman in marion county. >>and her e d d debit card. >>and the money was wiped out she didn't find out until she went to the grocery store on tuesday. and the card was declined somebody had drained her account stealing nearly a $1000. a certified fraud examiner says that those cards they don't have chips and that makes them easier to hack. >>information that's on the on the chip is encrypted on the magnetic strip where that information and not encrypted in it goes right through you can just just read it been a really rough year. and you know a couple $100 may not seem like a whole lot to one but me and literally everything it not.
7:52 am
>>it's not about christmas present that about food and you know i have a dog about okay like fever and be and pay rent and all my bill. >>security experts say this kind of thing can happen yes, but it's not widespread. they say if you really want to protect the money in your ebt debit card account. you should transfer it to your bank account. >>cross is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise a million meals for families in need if you'd like to donate just use your phone to scan the qr code that you see there on the lower left side of your screen or if it's easier for you can just text and why eat donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, and then lastly you can also visit tackle hunger dot org. take a local charity and donate as much as you'd like. >>7.52 back with more.
7:53 am
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>>that the 5 and a big question around the covid vaccine is could it be compromised by different mutations of the virus. researchers in the uk have identified 17 different mutations so far and they found many of the changes occur in the viruses spike protein that's the same protein targeted by most coronavirus vaccines being developed, however, scientists
7:56 am
say as of now there is no evidence that the mutations will have any impact on the vaccines so far these mutated strains have not appeared in the united states. >>the trump administration is cutting 200 million dollars in federal health care funding to california over abortions. the administration cites the state's requirement that insurance providers. cover abortions. the u.s. department of health and human services says it will withhold funding from medicaid starting in january. back in 2014 california, required employers and private insurance plans to pay for abortions and if the state does not reverse this requirement. then an additional 200 million dollars. we'll also be cut again those policy is expected to go into place in january. coming up in the next hour. regional stay-at-home orders go into effect tomorrow for the entire bay area look details on what triggered. >>this latest change will have that in a live report and santa clara health workers will start getting their
7:57 am
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>>outdoor dining in san mateo county allowed for the next few hours come tomorrow that is no longer allowed by the
8:00 am
state as this location will have to shelter in left the report coming up. if you can. >>about one hour santa clara county will distribute its first doses of the vaccine to healthcare workers some live with the details coming up. >>and happening today an fda panel meets to discuss approving the turn as coronavirus vaccine will tell you how it differs from pfizer's. news station you're watching the car. pulse and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to talk about this hour, especially when it comes to the moderna vaccine and in the south bay. >>frontline workers start get their shots today, it's just you know such great news at the same such terrible news. >>with the numbers of covid cases and deaths in lockdown so a real mixed bag today and in


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