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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 20, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>nowadays the check is not in the mail just yet but congress has a deal on the new stimulus package that includes another check for most americans and it cannot come soon enough as cases surge across the nation and the economy slows less than a week before christmas. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news, i'm justine waldman jonathan mccall it is the second largest stimulus bill ever approved by the american congress. >>and as john fund reports for us tonight, the deal set to pump some 900 billion dollars into the american economy.
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>>extend jobless benefits and give most americans about half the federal cash payment that they received earlier this year. >>it's the financial relief millions of americans have been waiting for. >>our purpose has always been. to crash the virus. money in the pockets of the american people which we do in this legislation. >>congressional leaders reaching a deal on a 900 billion dollar coronavirus aid package that will include a second round of direct payments to eligible individuals and families. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made the announcement late sunday, the latest euless bill will provide hundreds of billions in emergency aid for the unemployed and small businesses funding for vaccine distribution and another round of stimulus checks in the amount of $600 that's half the amount approved by congress in last spring's cares act the measure is not expected to include liability protections for businesses or financial aid to state and local governments. >>help is on the way. so this
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bill is certainly not everything we wanted. a republican friends stood in the way of so much. it is a strong strong shot in the arm to get things going. >>does john reporting for us tonight in the full details of the bill have not been made public yet but lawmakers say a family of 4 could get up to $2400. the measure would also provide 25 billion dollars in rental assistance and extend a federal ban on evictions the measure also includes a 14 billion dollars in there for transit a portion of that will flow 2 bay area transit systems like bart and caltrain congress is expected to vote on the spending package monday before it heads to president trump for final approval trucks tonight are rolling out carry the covid-19 vaccine. >>the fda given the green light for the emergency use of the vaccine on friday.
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>>the cdc's director is expected to sign off on the panel's recommendations some time today. >>and this comes can as california reports a new record of hospitalizations tonight close to 18,000 covid-19 patients are currently hospitalized across the state. that is the most number of people in the hospital since the start of the pandemic they want this all comes as the golden state is quickly running out of icu beds. >>tonight hospitals in southern california in the san joaquin valley regions have completely run out of icu beds. here in the bay area the icu bed capacity, a little more than 12%. more than 98% of the golden state is under a stay at home order tonight, the bay area is eligible to leave the stay at home order on january 8th, but only if icu bed capacities improve. >>area hospitals and counties are getting ready for the arrival of the moderna vaccine. those much needed shots are expected to be given out. >>starting on monday kron
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four's dan thorn live tonight in san francisco very lates >>well jonathan and just seen the new vaccines are good news. there are exciting news. but in the meantime there are still a fierce battle that is going on in terms of getting this current surge under control. the cdc today recommending that adult 75 and older and also essential front-line workers should be the next in line to get the vaccine but local health experts tell us. this new role out is another big step in the right direction. >>a second round of hope begins shipping out across the country hundreds of thousands of doses of the new moderna covid-19 vaccine are now on their way to california, thanks to report that our western states scientific safety review committee reviewed. >>the moderna trials and unanimously supported safety and efficacy this clears the way for upwards of 672,000 doses to be distributed next
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week here in the state locally ucsf is expected to get 7901st doses of the moderna vaccine and doctors are also excited about the news i'm so full of when think about it because. >>you know thank god we live in 2020 and not you know even 5 or 10 years ago because this would not have been able to take place infectious disease specialist ucsf professor doctor, peter chin-hong says just like the pfizer biontech vaccine. this vaccine will require 2 injections. >>one difference, however is how the moderna vaccine is stored. the pfizer vaccine requires ultra cold refrigeration the magenta is kind of like an m nm pfizer's like a singer's right it is just a little bit it it's not as easily stored. >>so that because it's not it's easy to start a majority you can use it in more rural communities. it can see in the fridge from an with just a few days, but no rollout comes as
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icu bed capacity across the bay area remains below 15%. the situation is much more dire in other parts of california. >>but doctor chan hong says that does not mean the bay area will not be affected by the low numbers, it's a really before time to we not only take care of our own people but take some of the from other counties. pharmaceutical company astrazeneca and major us corporation johnson and johnson are working on the next possible rounds of the vaccine. >>both of those could get approval by early 2021. johnson johnson's vaccine trials right now we're getting some help from stanford medicine and one big advantage of the johnson johnson vaccine would be that it would only require one injection. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much tahman the christmas travel season has begun this weekend more than 2 million people passed
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through airport checkpoints. >>this despite a plea from the cdc for people to stay home meanwhile here at home anyone coming into san francisco from outside of the bay area. >>will be required to quarantine for 2 days, the new travel order issued friday as covid cases continue to surge across the golden state. this restriction will be lifted would last at least until january 7th kron four's gayle ong joins us now live from san francisco's international airport where she spoke to travelers. >>headed out gayle how are they feeling about traveling. >>and travelers i spoke with say they support the travel order and plan to follow the rules. but overall travel is down here at sfo. but officials say is this weekend the weekend before christmas was the busiest they've seen before since thanksgiving. >>a reminder to travelers at san francisco international
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airport anyone heading to san francisco and the south bay, san francisco following santa clara county adopting the 10 day quarantine rule that applies to anyone coming into the city from outside the bay area, including locals who leave and return this as covid cases rise nationwide we need to do what ever we need to do to get back to normal and if it means we have to. >>a quarantine and wear the masks then we have to quarantine and wear the mask. aaron kay and her family flew in from palm springs sunday afternoon. >>they are staying in pacifica plan to isolate there. even though the new travel order does not apply to san mateo county were our own little bubble does to >>mom dad, my husband and the kids and that's it we got an air bnb and we're just going to hang out of the air bnb and just kind quarantine i sell san francisco resident david valasquez just learned about the quarantine order as he was on his way to catch his flight to colombia luckily, i work from home, so that's not going
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to be much of a problem, although i do go out to the. >>one other locations to film and everything. now that you've told me that i get to quarantine i guess i'm just going to have to cancel those chutes and just say a home airport officials projected 21,000 passengers flew out of sfo sunday steps down from around 85 to 92,000 passengers during what is typically the busiest holiday travel season before the pandemic. >>and as more enforcement as apd says they're using the common sense approach education is key and they're hoping people use the honor system and continue to follow health orders. but this order is enforceable it could be a misdemeanor that is the last resort officials don't want to see here at us about gayle ong kron 40's gayle, thank several european countries have now banned flights from the united kingdom. >>this is all part of an effort to block a new strain of the covid-19 virus that is
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currently sweeping across southern england. france, germany, italy, the netherlands, belgium, ireland in bulgaria all announcing restrictions on travel from britain. the move comes after british prime minister boris johnson announced that christmas shopping and gatherings in southern england must now be canceled. >>looking at our 4 zone forecast to rain for the start of the christmas week across 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here look at what we can expect for monday. >>yeah that's right jonathan and just seen we're tracking mild temperatures chilly nights once again for the bay area also going to have a spare the air alert going into effect for your monday. so that means wood burning is not allowed in the bay area for your monday and we are going to notice some of the poorest air that we've been tracking within the last month impacting mainly those of you in the north bay and east bay unhealthy air particles moderate amounts along the coast and along the south bay. so just keep that in mind live look outside though from the east bay over berkeley not
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tracking any marine layer influence. temperatures pretty mild along the coast and east bay shoreline, mid 50's right now for oakland and alameda 52 degrees for downtown san francisco. but the warmest city out there right now, half moon bay, currently at 54 degrees, san jose in the low 50's with widespread 40's for most of our east bay valleys conquered 44 degrees not be in the mid 40's and santa rosa 49 degrees and we just have a few hours left to fall because winter will arrive at 2 o'clock in the morning and we are going to notice also some changes in our extended forecast a dry outlook through christmas eve, but christmas day rain returns to the bay area details ahead on updated rain totals because it's going to continue through next weekend as well wore my full forecast in just a few minutes just cnn jonathan back to you thank bree sun coming up right here on kron 4 news the new covid relief package could not come soon enough. >>we'll take a look at how many evictions have already been filed since the start of
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the pandemic. >>an update to breaking news that we had last night of the shooting at the great mall in milpitas tonight. what we're now learning from police what caused that shooting cause of all to go into lockdown. >>plus some iconic bar in the east bay is at risk of closing how the community is now helping to keep the doors open. that's next.
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>>like everyone oakland's historic in last standing piano bar, the alley. now on the brink of closing because of the pandemic. >>the alley on grand avenue originally opened in 1933 shortly after the end of prohibition it has since created a legacy in oakland from being honored in 2016 as a local historic property and becoming a stopping point for many famous performers as kron 4 still second reports the alleys doors have been closed since march. >>but now the community is fighting to save the bar. >>it's a familiar sound in oakland piano keys, needing a variety of voices, anyone from to fema's performance its adam levine from maroon most precious and jacqueline simpkins his own the alley since 2009, but it's been in her family since 1950 everything. it's like.
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>>it's like >>of course so much into it the alley originally opened in 1933 shortly after the end of the prohibition and is now the last inning piano bar in the city, however, it may not stand for much longer because of the pandemic. >>need some kind of help small businesses because. i don't know what do after this. post so very close to closing its not funny simkin says the alleys doors have been closed since mid-march. >>without any income she's drowning in bills all building my upstairs as apartments in the downstairs is the i can't open because i know i can't do it and just to go and i don't i would hope that this last time that one of island. >>and think it is. the tenets of stairs can't pay their rent to try and save the historic property. one of the pianist
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brain seat along with community members are raising funds through a go fund me as a last ditch effort to save the bar restaurant, not just be a place that's. >>to survive 9 years so far which would be a tragedy in itself, but thinking of the community senate around you know getting together at this place that that kind of is is this it except in place of acceptance and diversity. the kind of reflects the variance sell to keep the bar alive in its community together seat also host virtual, you know bar nights each week are regulars tune in sing along and make song requests. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >>new covid relief package could not have come soon enough the bill does extend the national eviction moratorium, but no additional information has been released as to when the latest data from the eviction lab show some landlords have filed more than 162,000 evictions across the country during the covid-19 pandemic and eviction
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lab tracks data from 27 cities nationwide, new york city tops the chart with more than 33,000 evictions since march landlords in phoenix arizona have filed close to 20,000 evictions in houston texas more than 18,000 evictions have been filed. now bay area cities were mentioned in the day to californoa's eviction moratorium though is expected to expire on january 31st of next year. >>rising covid-19 cases in california now forcing the rose bowl to be played out of the golden state. the game will be played in texas on new year's day. leaders declining a special request for an exemption from restrictions that would have allowed just a few 100 fans to attend the game. those fans would have been primarily family members of the teams playing normally the game played on new year's day at the rose bowl in pasadena, but this year the game will be played at the home of the cowboys that's atnt stadium in arlington. and don't forget you can watch the rose parade right here on new
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year's day here on kron 4. >>this is viewer video of a sideshow in hunters point from earlier this morning. the viewer whose share this with us says this is just one of many side shows that have happened recently in the bayview hunters point area. people there say they're frustrated and angered that san francisco police and city supervisors have done nothing they say to stop this from happening. police were called and officers did dispersed the side show last night and that's fpd says multiple shots were fired. and shell casings were found in the area tonight we're learning new details about that shooting at great mall in milpitas from last night. >>police now say it all started with a man who shot himself. the scene from milpitas breaking news for you last night here on kron 4 news at 8. police say the 22 year-old man from san francisco was not a victim of
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violence. the shooting happening yesterday evening around 5 o'clock prompting a lockdown at the mall as shoppers and customers and workers sheltered in place. police went every store clearing them to make sure that no one was hurt or injured so far the name of that man has not been released. >>check this out firefighters in had to rescue santa from a power pole this afternoon metro fire of sacramento shared this video. saying that santa was uninjured and he's still will be ready for christmas this week. but they add though he might need a new sleigh just visit s front that's all it was his just you know trying to work out the kinks before. >>friday night. thursday night. >>all right take a live look now over san francisco. there's a christmas star that's posed to light up the sky tomorrow night and we want to find out all the details about if we'll be able to see
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it because as meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tells us it. one in an 800 year chance to check it out yeah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity just cnn jonathan and tomorrow night tracking partly cloudy skies. so we will be able to see it from the southwest but make sure to take advantage of after sunset sunset in the bay area going arrived at 04:55pm and we're going to notice jupiter and saturn almost form a double planet. they're going to look so close together with this once in a lifetime opportunity that is going to peak at around 5.40 in the evening so make sure to check out the skies. we are tracking overall partly cloudy skies but we are expected to view this amazing event so take advantage of it it sounds so cool and i'm definitely going to watch it so please send me any videos or pictures that you happened to catch is well let's take a look at today's daytime highs though, because we were either at or slightly above average. most cities
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about 5 to 10 degrees above normal in the winner today oakland you should be at 56 degrees. but today you warmed up at 66 degrees 10 degrees above average so very pleasant temperatures for you last day of fall 2020 in fact we're noticing the last hours here right now in the bay area with temperatures out there right now 50's along the coast and east bay shoreline and widespread low to mid 40's for most of our inland valleys, santa rosa, the 49 degrees with half moon bay at 54 degrees the warmest city out there right now in the bay area but overnight lows tonight very little change from last night so we're going to stay freezing for those of you in santa rosa. patchy frost will be possible napa 35 degrees with widespread mid 30's for conquered in livermore little bit milder around the bay area shoreline oakland in hayward in the low 40's with downtown san francisco 43 degrees so slightly cooler forecast tomorrow still tracking low 60's inland, upper 50's for downtown san francisco. low 60's for oakland and hayward
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63 degrees though for those of you in santa rosa, and the lay hole in the low 60's and taking a look ahead at the extended outlook, very dry forecast all of that on christmas day coming up in my next full forecast, i'm going to track that christmas storm hour by hour with a look at updated rain totals though just to get a good idea of what to expect because it is going to continue through our christmas weekend as well so stay tuned for that yeah we're going to need to see when that rain is coming yet hour by hour i'm tracking it all thanks to >>meanwhile the coronavirus pandemic has for holiday plans for many americans so exactly what does it mean for santa let you know what america's top infectious disease doctors now saying about and saint nick prepared for covid-19. >>just seen and ground in our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the
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pandemic isn't going stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to hopefully have a better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope that you stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130. if there's anything that this year has taught us, it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enroll now at
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health insurance... is understanding health insurance in another language. pero ahora es mucho más fácil. covered california offers free, expert assistance in multiple languages and financial help for people who need it. enroll now at >>so there's a looming questions that a lot of kids have for christmas is that is
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it safe for santa to come inside their homes course everyone wants to know especially with the age of covid-19 but america's top infectious disease expert. >>that's doctor anthony fauci while he has the answers. >>well a mean corona in bay ridge says he's line and he can go any lines already year his >>i have to say i took care of that for you because i was worried that you know be upset. so what i hear a little while ago i took a trip up there to the north pole. i went there and i vaccinated santa claus myself. i measured is level of immunity and he's good to go. >>thank goodness doctor fauci gave santa the green light to slide down the chimney and leave presence. doctor fauci it been to the people right that's a fear, nice not
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naughty that's true got to listen to your parents that's true. all right. >>still to come next at 8.30 you're on kron 4 there are demands for kamala harris's replacement in the senate to become more diverse let you know who's now on the short list of being considered cases and hospitalization surge here in california. >>there's new efforts now to have governor gavin newsome recall and the very last film with actor chadwick boseman released on netflix this weekend. we'll let you know
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>>president donald trump continues his unprecedented effort to overturn the election results today trump's campaign says it has filed a new petition with the supreme court to reverse a trio of pennsylvania supreme court cases having to do with mail in ballots. legal experts say it is unlikely the high court will change the results there based on unfounded charges of voter fraud. it also would not change the outcome of the election anyway. president elect joe biden would still be the winner even without pennsylvania because of wide margin of victory in the electoral college meanwhile governor gavin, newsome now facing pressure to name a latino or black woman to fill. >>vice president elect kamala harris's senate seat without here as there would be no black women in the 100 member chamber, many political analysts say that 2 black women though are on the short list to replace sir. those are
8:32 pm
california representative karen bass and representative barbara lee from oakland secretary of state alex a mexican native is also on that list. the situation has some observers frustrated with what they say is the persistent lack of racial diversity in the senate and what they view as both parties failure to do much about it. >>plus than 2 years office california governor gavin, newsome is now being forced to defend his job a petition to oust now has more than half the signatures needed to trigger a special election. volunteers have collected more than 844,000 signatures. the recall campaign must gather one and a half million signatures by mid-march in order to force an election. the governor has been battered by several crises, including the coronavirus pandemic unemployment wildfires and also poorly timed dinner. newsome faces a recall effort that is now showing no signs
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of slowing down. >>so to tell us talk whether this sunday night with our 4 zone forecast meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is now going to time out the rain that is we having our way come christmas yeah could see it arrive as early as christmas morning just seen in jonathan, so let's track this storm our by our satellite and radar. >>barely dry clear calm conditions out there right now all of that though is going to change by friday morning going to see some bands of rain arriving first in the north bay and even along the coast as early as 8 o'clock friday morning becoming more widespread by later into the afternoon and early evening hours but then by saturday morning. that's when we're going to clear out and dry out for the most part but those of you in the north bay still tracking some light scattered showers saturday night but overall it is going to be a drier forecast for your saturday until more rain arrives starting early sunday morning light to moderate downpours thanks to that
8:34 pm
atmospheric river bringing us quite a lot of moisture with this second go ahead on sunday, so we are going to notice drier weather by sunday night into early monday morning we could see about 3 quarters of an inch of rain or less just cnn jonathan back to you. thank you so much for brace and there are some new movies out there this weekend including the netflix original musical ma rainey's black bottom dave richard reviews that movie and gives us a preview of other movies now streaming this weekend. >>miss him you understand what you say is what to go man, i'm says we're ready to go and this week over out >>new this weekend maybe one of the most significant movies of the year for several reasons. first it's the adaptation of pulitzer prize winner august wilson's play ma rainey's black bottom won a tony award for best play wilson's plays including this one share the experiences and heritage of the 20th century
8:35 pm
african american experience, the beautiful poetic stories that mesmerize ma rainey's black bottom tells the story of a 1927 recording session by blues legend ma doesn't take anything from anyone, especially the white men who own the studio who try to intimidate her. she wants things her way or no way viola davis will be nominated for an academy award for her visceral performance here but oddly her performance isn't the one that will be best remembered, turns out that this was the final film performance by the late chadwick boseman who died of colon cancer earlier this year and even more than his stunning performance is jackie robinson thurgood marshall james brown, even to charla in black panther boseman's performance here is tour de force as he poured his immense talent and every drop of emotion into the role of the trumpet player who dared to defy mariani to set out for future for himself. it's also
8:36 pm
hard not to think about the cancer treatment that he was going through while he was making this movie august wilson's poetic tone takes a little getting used to in the dialogue here but the supporting cast the gritty cinematography in the final product, his all top notch. it's a dean's list a streaming now on netflix and if you were one of the many people who took a pass on seeing christopher nolan's tenet in a theater last fall this weekend it's available on demand. and blue ray and on dvd it's an incredibly beautiful movie with mindblowing affects. but the story of a spy who journey through a world that goes both forward and backwards. it's hard to follow not to mention hard to hear at least in its original form maybe they fix the audio for home viewers. john david washington stars in this dean's list b -0 and after several weeks in theaters, the croods a new wage also debuts on demand the sequel to its 2013 predecessor revisits the crude family
8:37 pm
taking on new adventures with the story and look that are good for the kids, it's neither a lump of coal nor the gift of a lifetime, a given a dean's list c you don't want them reaching for something that they care about there's a cost for >>one of the most inspiring sports movies in a long time check out the grizzlies set in a small arctic town struggling with the highest suicide rate in north america. it's a group of students lives are transformed when they're introduced to lacrosse check it out on netflix >>following the death of charley pride last weekend pbs is showing the american masters documentary charley pride, i'm just me for free through december, 26 catch it on the pbs video app and and also in music that >>if you missed its debut earlier this week, i cannot recommend highly enough the
8:38 pm
documentary. the bee gee's how can you mend a broken heart, the chronicles their roots in australia and england there early hits. the saturday night fever era and its aftermath. the songs will take you back as you learn how deep their love was for their songs, it's playing now on hbo max. >>those dean richard reporting for us tonight and much more ahead here because the show must go on how one bay area like show that special commission shine bright and spread some holiday che our new house is amazing.
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>>after receiving special permission to continue operating 6 flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is giving the bay area a holiday light show to remember when initially opened in early december, the late show with something visitors to the park could walk through but now it's a drive-thru only display it features over a mile of festive lights and classic holiday characters including obviously santa. the park offers a completely contactless experience for families. >>we certainly with what was happening in the world. >>there is a need the community to to be able. >>feel like you can celebrate the holidays safely and get out the least 4. and our 2 so we're happy to do it and art
8:42 pm
staff is happy to be able to continue to keep working as in this modified for. >>tickets start as low as 15 bucks depending on the day you choose to visit holiday in the park will be open through january 3rd and visitors are asked to make reservations online ahead of time. >>that does it for us here on kron 4 news today. >>that's sports night live with jason dumas is up next don't
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>>for the past week i've been saying the niners technically still have a chance well folks the fat lady saying after today's loss coupled with a cardinals win. the playoffs are now officially out of the picture. nick played like a backup today, some good moments some moments that explain why he went undrafted bad nick mullens and bad niners offensive line. right there 9 is already down 7 nothing mullins is sacked. he fumbles cowboys hop on it. the replay official review to fumble and the play was upheld the ruling on the field stands. the turnover it sets up this play great play call andy don't face the pitch. he finds michael gallup in the back of the end zone. the cowboys go up 14 to nothing 77 now in the niners tight in the game of this play was technically ruled a forward pass that was rookie
8:46 pm
sensation, brandon aiyuk he now has the niners rookie catch record with 59 of them on the season. late 3rd now has 2417 cowboys. niners knocking on the door and mama answered it. jeff wilson ties the game on that run. we have a good one jerry's world, but here comes buzz killington on the ensuing possession. molins gets picked off by donovan wilson. at the 28 yard line that led to a cowboys field goal. not good moment, same score you on guess what mullins was not finished this time he is picked off by anthony brown at the 40 yard line, a 14 yard return by brown molins 3rd turnover of the game kyle shanahan is not happy that turnover led to this which was really the back breaker. tony pollard with the 40 yard touchdown run. that made it 34 to 24 all right the niners did make it a one possession game. so here's the
8:47 pm
on-side kick receiver ceedee lamb. hello. that's the house call right there 9 is lose the game 41 to 33. they are now 5 in 9 in officially eliminated from playoff contention. they had 4 turnovers on the day that's been an issue for season can't blame turnovers on injuries. here's what the head coach had to say after the game. >>extremely frustrating, you know i really when the guys come out and play good football. and i think. offensively defense and special teams guys and a lot of good things. we have 4 turnovers doesn't matter what you do, especially at and scored a 0 and they get 24 points that we've had turnovers. regardless of what you do on the field any aspect to get you very little chance to when i was going to have to make some big time plays for us to finish that game out. and we couldn't just run them depend run the ball every play go all the way down the field, you know i had to make some plays. i didn't you know it's
8:48 pm
it's my job to make plays in. in the offense and in the 4th didn't capitalize on opportunities here at hearts for patients this year. >>you know where you're going to have been difficult, you know been injury after injury you know got stay positive you know best care you know you can do is keep fighting, i think got right guard and we'll keep fighting, you we've >>all right, here's the game that officially ended san francisco season cards hosting the eagles check out that crazy catch by deondre hopkins, he's the best receiver in the nfl, 9 catches for a 169 yards and at t d last chance for the eagle had a chance to tied up. but jalen hurts his pass is broken up, but jalen hurts had a good game cards win 3326 our producer cav. >>love showing when the eagles lose for some reason. all right go to the hardwood the past year and a half haven't been easy for warriors fans. granite i think you'd be hard
8:49 pm
pressed to find anyone outside the bay area who feels bad for them, but still there's been a lot of losses on and unfortunate breaks both literally and figuratively you can see right here we all remember that and one person who has suffered through most of that is steph curry but now the face of the franchise is back and filling as healthy as ever and chomping at the bit for tipoff on tuesday october 30th, 2019. that was basically the beginning to the end of steph curry season combine that with the pandemic that has basically thrown off everyone's concept of time. >>and it feels like forever since we've seen vintage steph but in the background thousands of miles away from the nba bubble. steph curry was working the entire time did he want to go a little bit harder than maybe we needed to a certain time anyone was ready to get out you know, there's there are things that
8:50 pm
we take into account things that we work with the warriors on in terms of pacing his workouts to make sure that we're not putting too much load on his body steph is going into his 12th season in the league were both media and fans alike usually employ a what have you done for me lately mentality. >>this season feels like the perfect time for a remind now there's just the altar and you know in what every. >>every sports franchises looking for is somebody with amazing talent. an amazing character. so we're we're lucky to have it on staff and we want him to be a warrior for life to staff as always let his play do most of the talking so expect more of the same on the 20 seconds, i'm excited about where i feel. >>a body is i can build from here and. hit the ground running this season. >>and as staff to on trees, i know he's excited to suit up in a couple of days, i d the sharks finally have a season to prepare for we have more on
8:51 pm
that. plus some news about be in san jose state football team don't go anywhere we'll
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>>the nhl has finally confirmed the plan when it comes to a season this year. the san jose sharks will be back in the game action come the new year the nhl and its players completed a deal today
8:54 pm
for a 56 game season beginning on january 13th training camp for teams that played in the summer playoffs begins on january 3rd non-playoff teams like the sharks can start on december 31st. they will have training camp at the ice den in scottsdale arizona, the team is hoping to get back into san jose for the start of the season and play up to sapd center, although they will probably start off the year on the road. >>it's just one of those those challenges that maybe being on the road of sight for training camp and probably starting the road a season on the road will probably be good for our group it's an you know every team has to go through that. but we're we are really excited we get everybody back together and. you know whatever work needs to be done will be done can't get here soon enough that we can see all guys together. >>fans at sapd sports in 2020
8:55 pm
all right, our lexus play of the week great great story all year long. how about the san jose state spartans san jose state spartans they improved to 7 o their best season since 1939. they beat boise state 34 to 20 in the mountain west championship game that was on saturday. quarterback nick starkel broke derek carr is conference record with 453 passing yards s conference championship record remembered their car was over at fresno state the spartans will now play ball state on new year's eve in the arizona ball, head coach brent brennan said it's been one magical season these players that have been with us, you know the last you know 2, 3, 4 years i've just been through this really really incredible ride in. >>you know i i think it's an awesome lesson that they work and we learned that if you will just work hard and and stick together. it's incredible things can happen.
8:56 pm
>>all right a couple of things of note before we go we'll start with football. so like we said the 49 a season. all but over to play the cardinals and the seahawks in the last 2 weeks of the season. a guest coach shanahan will give everyone a chance to look at some guys who he expects to be on the roster next year. now the las vegas. raiders i was about to say oakland the las vegas. raiders. >>they still have a minute chance they have to have they have to win out and they have to have a lot a lot of other things. >>go their way but it's safe to say they probably won't make the playoffs. espn has him at a 4% chance of making the playoffs. now on the hardwood. the warriors play tuesday, they open up their season in brooklyn against kevin durrant and the brooklyn nets. we'll have a preview of that game tomorrow and we'll also have a nice story on brooklyn's new head coach steve kerr who steve kerr steve nash, i'm sorry who has his own bay area ties will bring you that in all more
8:57 pm
that's tomorrow but in the meantime that's all we have for sports night live hang tight kron 4 news at 9 with justine waltman and jonathan call comes up next.
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>the trucks are rolling out with the covid-19 vaccine from moderna the fda authorized the use of the vaccine on friday and that vaccine should be arriving in california in the next few days. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall this all comes as california sees record hospitalizations. >>tonight nearly 18,000 covid-19 patients are packed in the hospitals across the golden state. >>that's the largest number of hospitalizations from the vi


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