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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 25, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>the news station you're watching christmas to you season's greeting from kron 4. >>daria and john here to guide you through christmas morning. so far it's been fun, yes, so many cool pictures from families all across the bay and i love it, yes, so keep those coming to our facebook page and we'll make you famous this morning, it's kind of a way to celebrate with your friends and family if they're all watching and say see bryant's room in our little bubbles this morning the weather is dry so far but christmas day is going to end with wet. yes, increasingly wet conditions later on today so we got lucky this morning we looked at some relatively dry conditions up to this point a couple of scattered showers out there so far but nothing dampening so as you're getting outside this morning you still got a chance to get out there not worry so much about widespread rain just yet looking at radar there is definitely some stuff to talk about, but it's mostly just a
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sprinkle here there the more widespread rainfall. well that is still sitting to our north in our west and that will be making its way our direction, especially come after lunchtime today you see in future cast as we gradually advance to the day rainfall really begins to settle in post 01:00pm and up until around 5 or 06:00pm tonight, some of our most widespread of rainfall showers do continue on and off into the evening as for tomorrow a mostly dry day a sprinkle here and there but skies will really clear out nicely into the afternoon on saturday before push of rain late on into sunday now as far as temperatures go right now we're in the 40's and 50's not all that chilly to start your christmas morning. so really has been a pleasant start to the holiday. i'm talking exactly where we're heading this afternoon and for the rest of the weekend. year for that matter all still to come in your forecast. back to you darya thanks a lot john 9 oh one a lot of good things are happening right now with the salvation army in san francisco, they're distributing more than 5,000 meals. >>to those in need and
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cobblers reyna harvey is live out there with those good folks good morning. maria. >>good morning, diane you know everybody's in the holiday spirit out here you can see the volunteers working very far behind me we've already had hundreds of boxes picked up and they're being distributed to right now as we speak to the thousands of families in for a lot of the volunteers you see behind me. family's church members this is something they do every year and especially this year they want to come out because it's been hard for a lot of the seniors who are going to be receiving those meals. but we talked the first hour on here. this is a major manson right now at the salvation army. for you you've been doing this every year, but this year it is unique in so many ways it sure is covid has made us have to re imagine to re rethink everything and so we turned this into a drive-thru distribution. >>and we've added an additional folks to the list so this year we're just delivering 4800 meals directly to the homes of seniors.
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>>we also have to make changes in just good package to lock says well what happened there well normally we would do this in-house with volunteers working shoulder to shoulder but we can't do that with the covid situation so we're working with a local catering company andrews ross still and they're they've they've made these meals in a in a controlled environment and you can see behind us there in these boxes and so we're lone these boxes up into these vehicles. >>and we have a vote or volunteer army of 400 people that are making these deliveries happen you know that's beautiful one of the seniors who is receiving some of these items is in the facility behind us and she was waving from the the building smile on her face you know for you knowing that these boxes are going to arrive right on time and for a lot of these seniors. >>this is the first time they have visitors in for you how does that make you feel being able to be a part of that we're just pleased to serve and left people, especially in a situation with seniors. >>they're vulnerable population, they're very
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precious to us and we want them to know that they're loved and cared for and even if we've got to greet them with a touchless system and smile behind a face mask, they know that we love them when we make these deliveries absolutely if people want to continue to donate and help out how i would encourage your viewers to please log in to san francisco dot salvation army dot org. and from there you can learn how to volunteer for stuff like this. you can see all the great things that we're doing in the city and if you want to help help with raising funds to make these sorts of things happen. we certainly could use the help this covid is really harmed or our fundraising. so we we certainly need that thank you so much major matt thank you. >>all right so as you can see everybody in the holiday spirit and if you missed any of that will post a link to that on our website at kron 4. but a lot of volunteers and talk to here today say you know this is something they do every year and they wanted to make sure they didn't miss a year because they know the families really can use help. well for now reporting out here in san francisco reyna
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harvey kron 4 news thank you rain as i take the santa hat on. >>and put the reporter hat on i have some bad news. >>about this holiday because of the pandemic people in the bay area around the world are finding ways to celebrate coronavirus is surging forcing millions of people to. just behavior for christmas day because of the restrictions that we have so in san francisco. the saints, peter and paul church they had their christmas services outdoors you had to wear a mask and they are going to be holding 3 additional masses this morning. if you're going to be there that means it's outside so you have to bundle up because it is chilly outside the state mandated order also. prohibits as you know indoor worship that's why you're either to be outside or you can celebrate by zoom a lot of these services are doing. you know remote, but otherwise if you're outside you'll notice that the services have to be
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limited to 200 people or fewer and you have to be 6 feet apart. plus there's nothing going on past 10:00pm because that's the state curfew. there is though one church in the south bay that's defying those health orders and they did so again last night hosting indoor services and attorneys for calvary church in san jose says the church has been fined more than half a million dollars so far but that is not stopping them from allowing worshippers inside comports gayle ong has that story. dozens attended the christmas eve service at calvary church in san jose, the gathering held indoors defying held orders. >>churchgoers could be seen here without face coverings inside the building the eternity of the church had this to say when asked about people not wearing masks they have yet to prove that. >>their church services have contributed to any non covid-19 case they as in public health officials who say covid can be spread from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs sneezes or talks santa clara
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county officials sent out a dire warning wednesday. >>the county says more than 600 people have died from covid in the county and there are fewer icu beds, santa clara counties under the purple tier that does not allow indoor services so i would just say to every leader who has followers. we recognize that. >>we're not putting yourself at risk you're putting others at risk that sir mike mcclure has been public about repeatedly violating public health orders even hosting press conferences not social distancing and wearing masks we have something called the united states constitution. >>which allows people to exercise their first amendment rights or religious rights and gather in guard church and this is long been considered. one of the most important rights enshrined in our constitution but santa clara county is calling the services unconstitutional the 2 sides have been in litigation. according to church attorneys so far the county find the church more than half a million dollars and counting. >>calvary church plans to challenge those fines in court i asked the lawyer, why not
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hold services outdoors i was told the church has no place for that set up, but they have been live streaming services here in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news. >>so very news that the celeriac reality on christmas eve as i speak to you there 51 lives again lost and in people's have been torn apart. >>that's the unfortunate reality of christmas during the pandemic is the governor has to remind us how serious things are 351 more californians have died of coronavirus in our state has now become the first in the nation to surpassed 2 million infections. 39,000 infections were just reported on wednesday. it took 292 days for california to reach the 1 million mark for cases. it took just 44 days to get to 2 million you can see how fast. this virus is spreading the state's infection rate is lower than the u.s. average.
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but we have so many people have nearly 40 million residents. so that's why we are seeing our numbers bigger than other states even though the percentage of cases is pretty low. more than a million americans have already been vaccinated against covid so far and this the federal government has been tracking this in a million sounds like a lot. but it's short of the initial goal of getting 20 million people vaccinated by the end of the year. it's likely not going to happen by the end of the year because of so many factors to logistically it's very difficult to get all this going plus there's a shortage of workers in hospitals. the efforts to get the vaccines across the country to all the hospitals so they can distribute it is going well more than 9 million doses have already been shipped and they are ready to be administered. but it hasn't happened. yet. meantime california health officials are still trying to
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figure out what about the next round of vaccines after the frontline medical workers who is going to get their shots and they say that's likely include people who work in education and child care emergency services and agriculture as well as the elderly 75 years and older and then after that group it's probably going to be people that work in manufacturing industrial commercial facilities and transportation that will get their shots. the state expects to distribute around 2 to 2 and a half million doses by the first week of january. we do have some breaking news that happened just this morning and ashville tennessee, the fbi is investigating this blast that happened. a huge explosion as you can see rocked a couple of buildings there have been 3 confirmed injuries so far non life threatening. and we can see the damage. the extent of the damage has been really great you can see the inside of this building was blown
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away. they are investigating what happened there in nashville this morning. john. >>well we do have rain fall all the way here in the bay area after a relatively calm start with just a few sprinkles rainfall becomes more widespread later on 60's for your high temperatures across the region, i've got your forecast ahead. this and the relatives of our producer cat okay, liam and mia. my first christmas oh my gosh look at this. you can send us your pictures and post them on facebook and we'll make your kids famous stuff, i love first christmas pictures adorable. we'll break the ornament. get the kids in their jammies opening the presents this morning and post them to our facebook page all throughout. where is
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>>14. i have a great app for you to know about if the kids are awake even if they are it's just a cool fun way to connect with santa virtually rich demuro reports. >>santa is magic is strong this time of the year and thanks to technology connecting with saint nick is easier than ever. for starters checkout portable north pole where santa is making custom videos just for call them out by hello can or show their picture and give an update on the gift they want pictures on
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santas lap are tricky this year, but you might just see him in your own home, mom and dad can try apps like catch santa in my house from capture the magic. they can find santa in places where the christmas spirit is strong like your your tree. the high costs and half also seems to have x-ray vision for catching the big guy on film. imagine a are helps you make videos of santa dancing and singing with your kids. if you have a smart speaker is really easy to get in touch with the north calls on an amazon echo say call santa to get connected slate blitzen and i were just about to dance the sleigh bells should on your rate. >>just like the on a google speaker try asking what's happening in the north pole. >>sources tell us that set record should to work on a new
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song from his upcoming album called the critical sounds like good news to me you can also say call santa. finally when it comes to the night before christmas many kids want to see where santa is in the sky. >>and has been tracking santa for 65 years go to norad santa dot org to see his progress or play games while you wait as santa tracker dot google dot com. >>and it was very easy to we did this morning look there's santas making up his i was working and i had no i who has no idea know that's the cool thing about this tech is it detects and activities and you can see because normally you would not be able to in the wild he's invisible haha let's take a look at where you actually just get to dance with them full on, but who actually you just set up and dance and play guitar rock out your living room and then santa's magically appears centered in what know what to do with or go download that
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app or it takes a couple of minutes to set it but then it worked really well that was a lot and it's totally free which is the cool part of it also don't need to spend any extra change for this one. yeah, absolutely especially after you know, you spent a lot of money all this christmas and everything else nice and and we have dry weather christmas days worked out pretty well it's worked out way better and 2020 in general exactly i and everyone was like okay, what's christmas going hold this year's 2020 so far so good as far as christmas get a key to spend years crust we're off to a pretty solid start to the bay area we have seen a couple of sprinkles here and there but for the most part we've actually remained pretty dry across the bay this christmas morning. so far there's a little bit of cloud cover overhead nice mild start to this morning now showers do increase later in the day you can see a couple of scattered sprinkles here and there across the bay definitely nothing noteworthy just yet rainfall still to our north in our west and will be pushing
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its way gradually into the bay area, especially right in the middle of your day. >>most widespread rainfall right after lunchtime into late afternoon and early evening we'll continue to see areas of widespread rainfall before we gradually see some tapering happening for the rest of the evening after that point saturday a couple of sprinkles here and there but a really dry day ahead of us on into tomorrow with those clearing skies, especially later in the day sunday, a return of rainfall expected so plan on that to close out the weekend. our greatest rainfall totals can be expected in northern sonoma county santa rosa could see over half an inch of it a 10th to a quarter of an inch for the rest of the bay area well up in the sierra nevada looking at the potential of multiple inches of snow. kirkwood you can receive over 11 inches of snow just from truckee nearly 2 inches of it donner pass stacking up to nearly 10 inches at the highest point along i 80 right there so watch your travel if you are looking at some travel plans up there, 50's and 60's for daytime highs across the bay area today and we do see see a
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cool off happening into the last week of 2020 starting on sunday with highs falling from the 60's to the low to mid 50's as for new year's eve. we do see another chance of rainfall arriving after today and sundays chances of rain. back to you. >>thanks a lot john is i 90 done one north carolina man kick-starts a time capsule project that's been shared all over the world. it encourages families to reflect on 2020 and barry twenty-twenty i want that michelle wolf takes a look. >>if there ever was a year that needs to be passed on and lessons learned. >>this is in hand sewn masks a 3 d printed tornado and stress falls just a few of the items, joe leonard will put in his 2020 time capsule a 3 d printed pyramid from the back of a dollar bill jewel is a creator back go around the country and coach makerspace is on trying to inspire the next generation to do more
9:20 am
than just pick up cellphone after decades of coaching and inspiring others to create he had the idea to start a global time capsule initiative, joel pitched the idea months before the coronavirus pandemic but told people about it and i go lukewarm like that, but are af is not worth the effort. so when covid-19 took hold of the world, joel tells fox 8 his fellow makers change their minds and wanted to create a memento of the pandemic for the future the project is called very 2020 we've got libraries museums maker spaces. government will groups from around the world, joe provides the basic guidelines on creating a time capsule and you do the rest this should be something we should do and and enjoy and pass on it's a kick to see what we have done have souvenirs and relics from the past it says a lot of fun. again it makes you think about stuff what do you want to pass all what message is that you're dealing with right now will help somebody down the road jewels only request is
9:21 am
that you send a picture of your time capsule to him his goal is to receive at least 100 pictures of people's creations families from as far away as the philippines taking part mayor wrote a letter to their future selves and put it in a water bottle on the parents of them put it on the shelf give it home when their adult. it's kind of a cool thing others are from right here in north carolina they even see the kids but you can see their hand. so you got all different types of sizes hands. all around this giant pickle jar that they all wrote letters in and as the mount olive pickle jar north carolina and they all have all their hands all around is kind of. >>it's just funny looking and that just make them come a look at it makes there's no right or wrong way to make a time capsule in joel tells fox 8 doesn't have to be buried can sit in plain sight waiting for the future to come along this is making people think what can we do. >>to be better on that next
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time in ashboro michelle wolf. >>9.21 right now, thanks for spending your christmas morning with us take a look these in this the pet edition. the kron 4 morning news christmas 2 days felt british of how did that get so how does this stuff stay on your pet i just love it and they suffer doromal pictures and you can share that with us there's still time go to kron four's facebook page and post a picture of the pets, the kids the family this christmas morning and will make you famous and all of your friends and family can see you on tv will be right back. ♪ even the smallest surprise... can make the biggest memories... big enough to last a lifetime. ♪ kinder joy treat plus toy a little surprise goes a long way.
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glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering. >>9.24 don't turn your whoa, whoa whoa christmas day into a bah humbug that to happen fast of the chp pulls over so don't speed or drive drop kron four's will tran is live at the golden gate bridge with more on that traffic is so light right now. we don't need anything to top off what has been challenging year so to say. >>2020 has not been a good year for so many people in you don't want to make it worse by getting a ticket for speeding or even worse than that crashing into somebody and killing them because you're driving under the influence. look at the golden gate bridge right behind me plenty of space between the cars and it's all that has the chp concern which is why they have maximum enforcement that actually started on thursday
9:26 am
at 6 o'clock at night and we'll go all the way through the christmas holiday weekend because they know people will be coming in going guess we are told to shelter in place, but let's face it there will be cars on the roadway and because of all that open space they are fearful that people will drive above and beyond the speed limit they've already seen it. this year when they ticketed so many people going a 100 miles per hour 90 miles per hour and then you add on top of that dui and that's why they are fearful that that crashes this year could be catastrophic because the speeds are so much faster than previous years mean, let's face it there will be people who will ignore the warnings and we'll be drinking and driving which is why the chp they have all hands on deck just to make sure that they have the eyes the cause on the roadway to slow people down and catch people before they do anything catastrophic. 2020 has been bad just don't make it worse be careful and
9:27 am
of course you should be staying at home anyway. back to you all right, good advice. merry christmas. thanks. a lot. we'll. >>all right through quiet out there. it's
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>>9.29 and thanks for waking up with the kron 00:00am morning news on christmas day. it is try so far has been pretty nice morning. john yeah it has been pretty cooperative
9:30 am
christmas morning. so far i know a lot of us have been stepping outside to take the dog on a walk so far this morning and you're being greeted by just a couple light sprinkles most of us. >>are still nice and quiet right now there's your bay bridge cam behind me looking pretty good as you look out towards the horizon from the station here as you look out from the horizon from the east bay also look at a little cloudy but it's been a nice and pleasant morning thus far couple of sprinkles most widespread for coastal marine county at the moment, but we will be looking at uptick in rainfall later on today you see the showers at the top of the screen to the north that's what's making its way our direction and most rainfall will come in right after lunchtime today, so expect a pretty wet early afternoon mid afternoon into evening tonight, even showers are going to stay with this becoming less and less widespread and more and more spotty by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow itself you can expect a sprinkle or 2 here and there but much clear day overall for your saturday, current temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's what a mild morning has been definitely less chilly than
9:31 am
our past few mornings have been so i hope you've enjoyed it so far enjoy the rest of the day to despite the rain daria. >>thanks a lot john 9.30 right now and unfortunately most americans are really concerned with the pandemic and that's putting a damper on the holiday spirit. only 22% of people surveyed say they actually feel very festive compared to 50% last year. we talked to a medical health expert in the bay area and here's what she had to say about it. >>yeah, hi happy how the matching today, we're doing christmas colors right. yeah, i think it's it's important to acknowledge that. it's not what we we want right, i mean this is not an ideal situation so we can grieve the loss. what we may have normally done at the same time it's really important to be grateful for what we do have it shifts the perspective from you know morning greeting missing people to what what grateful
9:32 am
for what's worked for me this year. and so one of the things that i going just 4 people is to to just write that down right to share with the people you love what you are grateful it's really important to maybe do family traditions over zoom for example i have a friend who they're going to open christmas presents over my family is having a remote family reunion on december 26th. and what's wonderful is that we're going to have more people at that reunion and we've ever had any of them because we have family scattered around the world and they would have to off to jamaica and that's not possible this year because of covid so i'm usually in jamaica celebrating with my 85 year-old mom an 86 year-old dad but i don't want to bring them covid and so and we're not going to be doing the normal christmas. thing with top pakistani family is here and make a lot so places
9:33 am
around the world are are doing bad house jamaica doing by the way as far as covid goes california as you it's. >>it's been an up and down partly because of tourism and so last week they closed down most of the major beaches and rivers so people can still go to make of. if you're at a resort, you know and the resort has a beach then you're fine but not you're not going to beach is a reversal and that's thing that sort of like don't not only could you spread covid but what are you going to do when you get there anyway. so. >>so there's there's that to deal with and then they say it's so important that during the holidays, we hunker down because our icu units are full and that's another thing i think people are looking at all of this play out and they think you know should i be celebrating right now. it's a weird time it's and and know i think you say focus on being grateful. the weirdest thing was i look at that study and they actually ask people in the survey and they said that they don't feel is grateful
9:34 am
and i'm thinking well why is that like does your mind just get into a into a spiral or something. >>yes, it does and that's why you have to be really conscious and deliberate about a ground into practice and i think you for the holidays if you do so with relatives. there's a lot to be grateful for if we're still around right. it means that we survived so far in the global and whether or not you have a job if you if there are things that for you that we're good whatever that was maybe got to spend more time with your family. maybe you learned to cook better because a lot of people been cooking for it's really important to to try and do that and i always say start with 3 things and as soon as you start writing down what you're grateful for you will see more things also to share joy locally so you know if you're if you're in an apartment building where you know you're in a neighborhood where you know your neighbors. i know bake some cookies get a
9:35 am
card just reach out and where you are and spread joy where you are there's also things like somebody was telling me she was carolina, which is not something people do a lot of anymore, but they decided they were going to share some christmas joy that way than anything i suggest is a christmas movie watch party there's a lot of different christmas movies out. you can watch with your family and you know sitting your house with popcorn in your cousin, you know across the country is also doing this it. yeah, neighborhood lights there and the kids do that they want. >>these days like they watch stuff together apart. this is like a big thing i i didn't know it was his thing, but it is you have to started at the same time. >>yes if you have to start at the same time and have a plan you know maybe you're going to be your christmas pj's i was trying to do that this year started tradition my daughter have never done it, yes, what you can't buy christmas pj's know that target their boss even for little kids there's like maybe 7 is everybody's
9:36 am
got the same idea this say thanks wet. pants are gone are you wearing sweats right now you're all dressed up with cypress sheet so much you dress never us the sweat pants right through your i'm never winning dance again like they're so comfortable, i think what was i doing they can you can find those good if you're looking love and where help. >>very hard to find as leisure ok i doctor ruth white thank you so much for those tips. we're going to keep those in mine and keep all of things that we have to be thankful for mine and i'm most thankful that this year is almost over. yes, i just want play the course that say rootsy white dot com. yeah i have started a stress management costs on teaching also if you interested in reducing the stress of 2020 building resilience for 2021 you can check out my web site at route
9:37 am
see whiteout ruth see why dot com. >>yes, yes, okay, i'm going to take evan and take a little visit there too. >>while of hanging out in my pj's we'll see later and happy holiday to you for having me very happy holidays, everybody. >>just seen and ground in our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to hopefully have a better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope you stay safe at home and join us on new year's home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130. a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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>>i 40 is the time and a merry christmas to you president trump and the first lady are also wishing you a merry christmas. they are also praising the coronavirus vaccine is saying it's a christmas miracle and thanking americans for their kindness and courage in this pandemic. >>we are delivering millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will soon end this terrible pandemic and save millions and millions of lives we're grateful for all of the scientists research is manufacturing workers and service members. we have worked tirelessly to make this breakthrough possible. it is truly a christmas miracle.
9:41 am
>>and right now the trumps are spending christmas at their florida resort in mar-a-lago and and the president did leave without signing off on that covid build that everybody wanted to see so no decision yet on when those checks are going to be in your bank account. a world war 2 veteran got his christmas wish early hundreds of christmas cards from all around the country 99 year-old leroy hog says he was lonely because his wife passed away in august and christmas just doesn't have the same magic so he wrote to a tv reporter a reporter sari and indiana and said i wish people send me some christmas cards that would help she told the story and hundreds of people send him cards. >>i learned >>thank everybody for being nice to make. and saying no these cards. >>is that sweet now he's taking all the time to open them and he's going to write back to as many people as possible. it's 9.41 and still
9:42 am
ahead on this christmas day. >>what do do this whole weekend and today probably watch movies. we've got some holiday recommendations in just a few minutes and we are sharing your christmas will keep on coming look at this little guy and a pony that is next to a christmas a little kids are having a good time this morning opening their presents and we're sharing your christmas pictures guess force a facebook page to get in on the very crisp is we'll be right back. [♪]
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every time you touch a surface, bacteria is left behind. now, consider how many times your family touches the surfaces in your home in 24 hours. try microban 24. spray on hard surfaces to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria initially, including the virus that causes covid-19. once dry, microban forms a bacteria shield
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that keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours, even after multiple touches. try microban 24. this has been medifacts for microban 24. >>i 45 right now christmas morning just flew me on the air 15 more minutes, but keep those pictures coming it's adorable to see what you're doing this morning, yeah we'll get as much of a man is possible the dogs, the cats, the baby's so much fun and it's great that it's still dry look at the golden gate bridge. yeah, it looks really good out there, relatively light wind you can see the flags not blown all that much little bit of brightness try to make its way through the clouds look if you've got a skateboarder some you want to do outside this morning. a new guilty want to try it out now is the time absolutely enjoy the outside opportunity that we have right now because later on today. yeah, it does get a little bit rainy here and that is going to switch things up into the early afternoon right after lunch, especially as winter most
9:46 am
widespread rainfall is going to push in so actually pretty calm christmas morning. so far much more widespread rainfall to our north the bay area kind of in the midst of a nice little quiet period saw a couple of sprinkles earlier for you in marine county you are looking at a couple light sprinkles right now too. >>most of us are pretty quiet. even marine is pretty quiet right now later on today, especially after lunch as i noted that's where more widespread rainfall finally settles in and stays with us on and off on through the evening tonight, becoming less and less widespread as we make our way into early tomorrow morning and by tomorrow itself we actually clear up pretty nicely a sprinkle or 2 in their early in the day then skies really clear out into the afternoon sunday, a return of rainfall can be expected superbook ending this weekend with rain to start in rain to finish up in a relatively dry day in the middle as far as today's rainfall totals go it's not going to mount a too terribly much a 10th to a quarter of an inch for most of the bay as for the north bay santa rosa and north into northern sonoma county can expect the most upwards of half of an inch of rain and in
9:47 am
the sierra nevada some pretty decent snowfall also expected truckee could see 2 inches of it don or nearly 10 inches right there at the summit. well closer to lake tahoe incline village in south lake tahoe around a half an inch to an inch of rainfall kirkwood getting up towards of 11 inches of snowfall i should be saying here so it's nice to be seeing that snow in the sierra it's good to be catching up on a rain in the bay area too. just means you got to stay inside a little bit more this afternoon, 50's and 60's for highs all across the bay later today and as far as the rest of the year goes because the last 7 days of the year now in our 7 day forecast. it does look to be an unsettled and cool finished a 2020. highs will fall into the mid-fifties starting on sunday and stay that way through the week, our best chances of rain here will be this afternoon. again late on sunday and then into the end of next week towards wednesday and thursday. daria so a lot of people are going to be watching movies today and through the weekend john the good old ones like i watch
9:48 am
christmas vacation where chevy chase and i thought i was starring james fletcher. >>but there are some new ways that you can watch to dean. richards has a review. >>weigh-in journalist. my name is captain jefferson kyle kidd here tonight to read the news from across this great it's hard to imagine that in his vast film history, the tom hanks has never done a western until now his latest is called news of the world. >>based on the popular novel set just after the civil war, captain jefferson kyle kidd now travels from small town to small town and ford i'm will read newspapers for people who have no access or simply cannot read along the trail discovers and demand an orphan girl whose parents were murdered says mission becomes delivery or to surviving relatives 400 miles away. beautifully shot in new mexico in real life the bigness and beauty of news of the world is counterbalanced by the white knuckling moments of this dangerous journey and also by the intimate performances of
9:49 am
thanks. >>a young german actress selena single to strangers from different worlds unsure of what the unexpected detour will hold for them. it's also interesting to see how much things haven't changed. >>this what sort of the old west reads news to small-town folks along the way we don't like hearing some of the headlines and react the same way that some do now to today's news readers. it's nice to have a good old fashioned western that could have been made in the 1940's and hanks is the perfect western leading man courageous honorable uphold the family responsibility and compassion i give it a dean's list a. >>it's now playing only in theaters where they're open and expected to be on demand in early january. and in what might be the most covid the of the year for sequel wonder woman 1984 it's also hbo max, has matured since we last saw her in 2017. she is world warren but still fighting crime as it pops up. now in
9:50 am
the mid 1980's, a sleazy tv pitch man stumbles upon ancient artifact that gives him magic powers to grant the wish of anyone who touches it. allows you to take whatever you want from them. the teams up with a mousy museum assistant played beautifully by kristen way kuz wish is to become a predator taking on wonder woman is the nypl wonder woman is the classic good guy bad guy battle with fun interlaced and spectacular action sequences that also works. your doorstep. this time. carey mulligan's already winning awards for her performance in the powerful and oddly entertaining promising young woman. >>they don't slow leak reveals itself keeping wondering for much of what's going on she
9:51 am
goes to night spots tend to be drunk and out of control waiting for predator to take advantage of until she turns the tables on feeling that she is perfectly in control. it's a thriller suspense at the ring, but also first black comedy even greater usual and distract good feeling with serious subject of assault it's a dean's list b or and is in theaters only on christmas day and video on demand expected in january. >>and finally for the whole family, there's the disney-pixar offering soul about 4 middle school band exit minded lee falls into an open manhole and is delivered to what seems to be the waiting area for heaven all on the very day he's about to achieve his life school becoming a professional jazz musician. this great beyond little creatures that look like they're right out of 10 the show behind their jobs or to find personalities purpose
9:52 am
and spirit all done with tons of fun and unusual picks or style a story with great lessons for kids and grown-ups it's a really nice christmas gift a one is a various streaming on disney plus. >>you know what i like watching is you guys on christmas day sending us your pictures. >>that's a lot of fun to see the family celebrating opening gifts and everything else on this christmas morning. i love matching outfits you can only do that during adorable lot of fun and keep them coming go to our facebook page if you'd like to do that and we'll be back with just a few more minutes of the kron 00:00am
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9:55 am
>>just in time for christmas private first class rubin spencer able to come home for the holidays, any surprises >>he left boot camp in late march right at the start of the pandemic that's when he left for camp and because of quarantine he couldn't come home until now so what a surprise i i always get the club when i see something like it's easy to forget to when you're enjoying with you know your families that thousands of people are dealing with covid. >>and so some nurses, they're working just like we're working and they're spreading
9:56 am
the holiday cheer in the covid ward she take a look. >>seems injected. the and in addition to the caroling through the corridors also and they started a collection of snacks and treats and they donated those to all of their they're all working john and we really appreciate everybody who is working on this christmas day. who's out there. i mean you know look i'm going to walgreens after the show yeah and they're working today chp is out so many people are working so got to answer that work in the covid ward hospitals, denver and. >>they're working and so to some big thanks to all of you out there and you will see is working now people who are giving it for the 27th straight year. jo bet, the house of prime rib handed out help for the holidays, thousands of pounds of prime rib for glide memorial church
9:57 am
is christmas eve brunch. and so they did their part. we appreciate you spending your christmas day with us and we hope you have a great rest of. >>the weekend absolutely stay dry out there as you venture out, but. >>mostly just be thankful for the little things this year. and think that perhaps
9:58 am
9:59 am
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